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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw Empty The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 3:14 pm
In the next few pages you will be reading a very raw Role Play that Myself and a Good friend started back in the early part of 2015. This role play is still going on but we wanted to show the fullness of it all. So sit back relax and enjoy the story you are about to ready.

1. We do not own the following, Inuyasha Characters, Yu Yu Hakusho characters.
2. There WILL be spelling issues and mistakes, this is the raw format of it.
3. There are no designated chapters so just remember where you left off.
4. If you Run into what looks like commentary it probably is cause this was done in a messenger.

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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 3:17 pm
"Times seem dark my Emperor"an old man said as he float atop a small white nimbus cloud his long beard flowing slightly in the wind as he and another man stood on a balcony overlooking the lands "Your troops and my monks cannot withstand the numbers they are assaulting us with on the front lines. We can not sustain this kinds of heavy loses for long"he said turning to look at the Emperor
The Emperor sighed as he sat down a moment letting his head reel in this new information "We have been friends since before we could walk Master Sheng. Your monastery have devoted your lives to my families name and crests for hundreds of years. But I fear it may all end with me." He said as he turned to his wife "I am sorry". The empress would turn to look over at him, and would slowly raise her hand to gently take his "you do not need to be sorry, our people fought well and there is still a chance...
"Indeed there is" the Emperor said boldly as he raised his fist "We shall fight with all of our might against the Dark Cloud and we will prevail! Under the Steel Wings of the Yuan clan we will not lose to evil on this day “he said proudly

Master Sheng nodded his head deeply "I shall summon my protégé. He will stand watch over the palace and guard the Princess and the Empress. I sense a powerful dark evil approaching the monastery evil that must be met head on. My Empress, I promise you will be left in excellent hands."

She would look over to Master Sheng and bowed her head, "thank you Master Sheng, you truly are a remarkable monk" she said, before looking to her husband. "If anything is to happen my husband we shall escape into the tunnels and head to my mother’s lands...we could find shelter there if needed"
"You are ever prepared my lotus flower “he said kissing her deeply "Stay here and keep her safe. I must go lead my people to victory “he said as he turned looking over at Sheng who nodded before floating towards the gates as the Emperor followed behind him
She would smile at him, "as you are ever the warrior" she said warmly at him, "come back to us safely....and bring our home to peace" she said as she watched him, though in her heart she feared she would never see her husband alive. She would then turn to the servants "fetch my daughter, and make sure the palace is secure"
"Yes milady" the servant said as he rushed off down the halls soon coming to the Princess's door as he knocked softly "Princess? Are you still awake in there? “He asked gently as he opened the door slowly

As they left the palace and descended down the long path of stairs to the monastery below, awaiting them at the bottom gate into the monastery was a young man. His long black hair was flung around his body and his clothes where slightly ripped and burned in different locations from earlier battles though it was his steely blue gaze that was most terrifying "Master Sheng, Emperor Yuan" he bowed as Master Sheng then spoke "There is no time for such formalities now Wudong-chi. The enemy is knocking at our gates. The Emperor and I will handle this situation. It is imperative that you ascend to the palace and protect the Empress and the Princess at all costs. Also...there is something I wish to bestow upon you my dearest Wu." he said as Emperor Yuan smiled laying his hand on Wu's shoulder "I am going to go start the fighting ahead, but congratulations in advance “he said with a smile before quickly moving off adorning his armor and his sword. Master Sheng led Wu down a side hallway and soon found themselves in the Master's area of the dojo "Master Wudong-Chi, The Swift Winds of the Steel Dragon Monks. It is my great privilege to bestow upon you the dragon scroll, and the prophecy. “He said as he produced a scroll bound by two steel dragon claws

The princess was still but a child a girl no older than 8 perhaps, as she would rub at her eyes slightly and would nod her head as she heard the servant asking if she was still awake. "I'm....awake..." she said yawning, she had been kept away from what had been going on, usually even moved to the inner sanctuaries to avoid any sounds of fighting.
"It's time to come with me, let's get dressed so I can take you and your mommy to the throne room “he said

Wu's jaw dropped in astonishment as he looked at his Master before shaking his head "What prophecy?" he asked as Sheng began to explain "Whenever a master dies, his monastery falls with him. An evil force has spread a plague across our lands, killing life everywhere it touches. And now it has reached our doorstep. You are descended from a long line of monks that have guarded the royal family for as long as the Steel Dragons have circled the skies high in the mountains we pass our trials among. You are to stake out a new monastery, and restore our Order and the Heaven's Mandate. A Yuan is to always sit on the Golden Throne and a Steel Monk is sworn and devout to always guard them."

"I understand what is expected of me." Wu said as he bowed deeply as he then felt something around his neck and felt a talisman with the monastery's symbol on it as he looked up and saw the eyes of Master Sheng directly in front of his "I know you do Wudong, which is why I am bestowing you the new Grandmaster of the Steel Dragon Monks. With that talisman knowledge from generations of grandmasters will be passed down unto you. And it is now that I must go help my friend conquer evil. Go now Wudong, protect them."

The princess would just nod her head, as she would slid from her bed and still hold onto a doll that she clung to at night. She didn't seem phased by the urgency in the servant’s voice, or the look of fear and sadness. Though it would not take too long, as she was dressed as they would head to the inner chambers, the empress turning as she looked to the servant. "thank you, now go make sure the other servants and staff are safe we do not need any more...losses" she said as she looked at her daughter, "Ayame, you must stay with mommy at all times do you understand?" "Yes momma"
Before Wu could speak again his Master was gone as he grabbed his hat and staff putting it on his head as he quickly ran up the steps entering the palace and heading straight for the throne room finding the two of them "Hello milady, and my princess. I am....Grandmaster Wedong-Chi. I am here to protect you both."

As Master Sheng arrived outside with Emperor Yuan the fighting seemed to stop momentarily as the dark warriors seemed to part as a shadowy figure began approaching them slowly

The empress would turn looking over to Wu, she would bow her head "Grandmaster thank you for giving us your aid and protection." she said as she had her daughter in her arms gently, the young girl looking up at him as she would tilt her head "what happened to Master Sheng and Papa?" she asked confused.
"They are taking care of the evil that is troubling us. There is nothing to fear “he said smiling gently down at the child as he turned looking at the door

Through the path of demons a man approached, he was tall with long silver hair and glowing red eyes as his 9 tails waved in the air behind him "It's been a long time since I've been able to lay eyes on this amazing monastery “he said smiling sarcastically as Master Sheng frowned "The Kyuubi. I should have known you were behind this. I should have sealed you away many years ago. I granted mercy before. Allow for me to atone for my mistakes today “he said as he put two fingers together and pulled them apart as an ancient blade appeared in his hands as the Kyuubi laughed "Straight to the point ah? Even in your old age you're as brash as ever huh Sheng? And if it isn't the golden boy himself. Qiquan Yuan. The Teeth of the Steel Dragon himself. Maybe you can make this easy for all of us, by telling me, where is the Heart of the Steel Dragon?" he said as Yuan laughed as he raised his sword "My blade speaks my answer. “He replied as Kyuubi sighed shaking his head "You all never want to do things the easy way him? Fine. Allow me to teach you this lesson in piety and etiquette myself"

The empress would look at him, as she would gently cover her child’s ears, "she does not know of what is going on...and I plan on keeping it that way till she is old enough to handle what is going I would like for all children to remain naive and innocent of the world till they are ready" Ayame would reach up to pull at her mother’s hands, "momma...I’m tried did I have to wake up so early?" "I’m sorry my dear, come let’s go find some place quiet and maybe play a game?"

Wu frowned slightly but nodded as he sat down nearby and began to meditate to sense what was going on the battlefield as he could see the battle that was ensuing

The Kyuubi had produced two blades from his robes and was currently engaged in a deep battle in front of all the soldiers with the Grandmaster Monk and the Emperor of Steel Dragons holding the two of them at bay as his tails spun around them knocking the both of them back slightly as Master Sheng then put his hands together as he began chanting as 4 seals appeared at the ground below his feet "Open, Gate of the Flaming Tiger “he said as the ground opened up behind him and arose a large tiger of flames that quickly bounded forward at the Kyuubi smashing into him sending him flying backwards as Emperor Yuan was quickly in pursuit as he raised his sword in the air "Steel Dragon's Roar “he said lowering it as a large blast of grey energy fired from the tip directly into the Kyuubi sending him into the ground as he landed next to Master Sheng both men panting heavily though from the dust it was seen that the fox demon had already risen once more "That was fun...don't tell me you're already tired hoshi-sama...we just started playing for real"

The empress would sit with her daughter, gently running her fingers through the child’s hair and trying all she could to stay calm. Though she did keep looking towards the windows faintly hearing the sound of battle and she could feel the tension in the air from the other guards and servants. Ayame would glance at her mother, before speaking "momma...can you sing that song for me?" "Hmm what song is that dear?" "The song of the grey dragons....please you sing it really well" "well I suppose and its steal dear...they are called the Steal Dragons"

Kyuubi crossed his blades behind him as he rushed forward landing in front of Master Sheng as the old man balled up his fist as a blue energy surrounded him "Purifying Wave! “he said as the energy shot forth as the Kyuubi's 9 tails wrapped around him in a cocoon as Sheng attempted to push him back, the back spray from the blast destroying the dark demons the wave came into contact with as the Emperor then rushed forward through the blast though stopped as one of the tails suddenly wrapped around his neck hoisting him high into the air "Long Live the King “he said before taking his two blades and throwing them through the Emperor's chest before letting him fall to the ground

Wu soon opened his eyes as he could feel a dark cloud suddenly loom over the palace as he stood up grabbing his staff "We need to go...the Emperor has fallen, evil marches upon the castle “he said urgently
The empress was humming softly which would cause Ayame to lean against her mother, closing her eyes to sleep just when the Empress would feel it. She could sense her husband’s passing and her eyes closed tightly just as she heard Wu speaking, before nodding "Ayame its time to go" she whispered as she helped the sleepy child who protested in a high whinny voice.
It was then that the Palace doors burst open and a defeated Master Sheng was thrown onto the ground as the Kyuubi stepped through as Wu quickly ushered the women off to the secret tunnels "Go quickly, and I shall be right behind you. “He said closing the entrance behind him and running back to face the demon who looked on with his same foxy smile "Oh we have a new baby? It seems the fool named you his heir so the Order's seals and protection didn't fade with his death. No matter, I have you now and I shall get what I have been searching for."

"Not on this day demon. I will avenge my master and the Mandate of Heaven” Wudong said as his fists began to glow slightly before he stomped on the ground as the palace began to shake and collapse as the ceilings began caving down around them as Wu fled back into the tunnel entrance as they quickly began making their way down the mountain underneath
The empress would nod her head as she would move to the tunnels "Ayame come now, we must leave" "but what about papa..." the child asked but the empress would pick up the child and moved quickly. Just as the doors opened and she could hear the stomping feet of the invading army, she knew these tunnels well as below a group of guards would be waiting to hold off any that where coming.
They made their way quickly down the mountain soon reaching the base as Wu barked out orders "Take the Empress and get them into a cart and get them out of here! “He ordered as he let out a wave of fire blowing away a few advancing troops "There are too many of them!"
The guards turned as the empress would climb into the cart holding her child close as Ayame was now scared, hearing the charging army as the guards. "We will hold them off as long as we can Grand Master, let us buy you and the royal family time!"
Wudong jumped onto the back of the cart as he took off as a wall of flaming arrows came flying towards them as he jumped into the air letting out a large gale of wind blowing them away landing on the car just as ahead in the road a large demonic beast could be seen rushing towards them as the monk quickly leapt forward into action, he quickly grabbed the beast around the neck, though it roared and swatted, knocking the cart into the air and having it land sideways on the ground knocked off the path on the road as enemy soldiers could be seen advancing on it
Ayame would scream loudly in fear when she’s suddenly saw the large beast coming at them, as the empress would hold her tightly "keep your head down Ayame!" she said, pressing herself down over the child and keeping her against the cart.
Wu quickly disengaged from the beast rushing the cart kicking everything out of his way as he pried the door open looking down at them "Are you both alright?" he asked seeing blood inside the cart
Ayame was clinching her mother tightly, who had slightly gotten trapped in the damage. The empress looked up, her arm cut by the wood "we...we are fine..." she said wincing as she looked at Ayame 'so long as Ayame is fine...t...that’s all that matters"
"There are more enemy soldiers coming this way. We need to get you out of here and take to the forest for protection" Wu said as he attempted to pull the cart out of the way and free the Empress
The empress would wince as she felt it against her body, and she would shake her head as she gently pushed Ayame forward some. "Talk...take my daughter, they'll follow the scent of my blood...I can at least run in another direction to lure them from you"
"Empress I cannot allow that. My job is to keep you both safe. I will do that. Even if I have to fight off wave after wave until the sun rises I will keep you safe “he said frowning though he held the little girl against him
Ayame struggled to get to her mother, "momma!!" the Empress would shake her head as she managed to pull herself free, limping a bit. "I am in...No state to survive the trip to my mother’s lands Grand Master....I'd die of blood loss before then" she held her arm, taking a deep breath. "I am still your empress and the fate of our people rest in our hands I order you...take my daughter and run"
Wu took in a deep breath but knew she was right and that he couldn’t disobey a direct order as he picked up the little girl taking a deep breath say a prayer over the Empress before dashing off with the young princess at his side
Ayame would scream loudly, trying to reach out to her mother "momma!!" she screamed as the Empress would watch them before turning back at the advancing army. She would take a deep breath, "I maybe an empress....but I am also a mother" she stated as a fan slid from her sleeve as I snapped open. "Protect the heart....protect my Ayame..." she whispered, before she swung the fan as a blast of wind rippled from it. Ayame would continue to yell as she looked at him "we have to go back!! Momma!! She’s hurt!"
He continued running with the girl in his arms as a nimbus cloud soon formed underneath his feet carrying them off through the forest trees quickly putting space between the Empress and themselves "We cannot save her now. We must run."
She kept struggling, crying out as the rush of the wind could almost be felt being pulled. The empress had once been a rather skilled fighter, and she was fighting though losing. Ayame screamed loudly as she yelled out for her mother, "put...put me down!! I want my momma!!"
"Princess you need to stop struggling so much “he snapped at her as they continued flying forward before coming to a stop in a large clearing deep in the forest as they then rested on the ground
Ayame wasn't having any of that, she after all had been kept from these horrors all her life and having watched what happened wasn't easy. "Take me back to momma!! She’s hurt momma can't fight them!!"
"Princess you heard your mother. We were told to leave. And that is what we are doing.” he said as he sat down cross legged taking a deep breath "Just sit down for a second"
The 8 year old looked at him, wanting to tell him no but she had heard her mother call him grand master, she knew that title was higher than was almost equal to that of the emperor and she would sniffle a bit trying not to cry but instead she nodded and moved over to sit down.
"Princess Ayame. Today we have suffered a great tragedy. Our lives have been torn apart. But we must not let it break us. "However, from this moment on, we must protect ourselves. We are the only way to light the darkness for the future. So we can no longer go by your real name"
She would look over at him, as she raised her hand to wipe at her face and she would try again not to start crying. She was a princess after all, but as he spoke she would soon answer "then...what am I to go by...."
"Aya will work. And under no circumstances do you ever mention the Yuan r
She would just nod her head to him, before looking at the ground some "I understand...wh...What do I call you then grand master?" she asked softly.
Or the Steel Dragons unless you are talking about me. It is likely they will assume all of the royal family is dead, we are to keep it that way until the time is right" Wu said "And you are not to call me Wudong-chi. Or Grandmaster. Wu or Master Wu. And I'm simply your uncle that took you in when my sister died. Understand prin---Aya?"
Aya nodded her head sitting there, "yes...uncle..." she said simply, and would shift a bit wiping her face on her sleeve some. The once grand silk kimono dirtied with blood, and dirt "who....who is doing this ma.....uncle?"
"Have you ever heard the legend of the 9 tailed fox Kurama?” he asked her pulling her into his lap to let her rest "He is an ancient evil who once ruled as the Demon King, but the ancient Order of the Monks banished him but it seems he has been storing energy these last hundred of years and has returned...and Master Sheng was no match for him..."he said sighing deeply
She looked up at him, as she settled into his lap she had sat in his lap before when she had watched her father and master sheng spar together. Though she would speak "but....why did he attack now...." she asked confused, "he could have just had his own land...and people"
"That is not how evil works unfortunately. They do not need a reason to cause chaos. And Kurama has hated humans for as long as he has been alive. His evil magic is written in many ancient scrolls” he said "I do not know why he chose now to attack"
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 3:18 pm
She nodded she wasn't sure either, though she wondered why it was just them now. "Why did....momma leave us? She...she’s strong and I know she lied about...being injured badly...”
"Your mother was bleeding very badly. She is a very tough woman though. Perhaps she will meet us in your grandmother's lands." Wu said "She fought so that you may live. Always honor her sacrifice. She loved you very much” he said "Love is not something I understand, but it seems to be a very powerful force in the universe"
Aya sat there still not really understanding, but she would nod her head, though in the distance the sound of an explosion could be heard as the small child jumped. Turning her head, and would soon reach up to grab onto his shirt some "I’m scared..."
"There is no reason to be scared young one. I will make sure no harm will come your way. It is the least I can do” he said holding onto her
The child would nod her head again, but she was still scared wondering what could possibly happen to them now. "Can...we come back here one day uncle? we have to leave forever?"
"One day, when you are the true Empress of these lands, you may be allowed to go wherever you want to. But for now, we must leave the corrupted lands"
She nodded again though she didn't like that idea of leaving, she would slowly slid from his lap and stand up "how far do we have to run?"
"As far as we need to get away from the evil following us” he said as they walked on in the darkness
She would reach up to hold onto his shirt some as she walked with him, jumping slightly at the small sounds this was her first timer early out of the palace like this. At least without armed guards or her father and mother to keep her calm.
Wu walked on in silence with the girl as he ran the day’s events over in his head *I am one of the few surviving members of my order....Master Sheng....this is all too unreal*he thought before finally speaking "We need to find camp and get a few hours of sleep before the sun rises"
Aya kept walking doing her best to stay up with him and his much longer stride. The outfit she was in though didn't exactly help things either, as she stumbled from time to time. When he finally broke the silence she looked up at him, then around them some "you mean sleep outside?"
"Yes Aya. We don’t have a house or a palace to return to right now
"...right now. Once we get to your grandmother's lands she can take care of you while I continue my journey"
She didn't like the idea of sleeping in the dark woods, though when he said her grandmother could watch her she glanced at him. "What if....that bad man got to grandmamma?"
"It is highly unlikely that Kurama stopped by another lands first. It is told that the fox spirit is that of a lazy trickster." Wu said "But I pray he has not gotten to her"
She tilted her head some, listening and wondering just what to do before she would soon tug on his shirt "when we get there....why you can’t stay?"
"I have q journey of my own to go on young one. I must find a new temple and restore the order of the steel dragon monks. I am afraid I am the last one left” he explained
She looked at him, but would speak "can't...I help?" she asked softly
"I don't think so. There are many perils and dangerous beasts that lay ahead for me to conquer. I may be appointed Grandmaster, but I have not earned the title yet"
"But you'll be alone...and aren't the monks...suppose to stay with the Yua......royal family" she said quickly remembering she wasn't ever to mention them.
"We are” he said nodding "And I would never leave you, young one. I would return to you and guard and protect you as soon as the monastery is reborn" Wu said as he knelt down to her level mow to look her in the eyes "You will never truly be alone"
She paused when he knelt down to look at her, and she would speak "but how do I become strong to help protect you like papa and mama?"
"Well first you need to live long enough to become an adult. But you will learn where your power will come from in time" he said "Perhaps stronger than all of us"
"But how when you’re not there!!...momma said that a Monk is always supposed to be there to train the heir...since momma didn't have any other kids and you’re the last supposed to stay till I’m trained!"
Wu frowned as he continued looking at her "You have a point.....that is what the mandate need to meditate on this” he said standing up again "You're pretty smart for a child"
She really just didn't want to be left alone, she liked her grandmother but she didn't want Wu to leave her. Call it selfishness or what not, but Aya nodded before speaking "I’m supposed to be....I’ll be empress one day" she said with a smile
"Indeed you will be young one indeed you will. And just any empress, it's time to get some sleep"
"But...the grounds hard..." she said pouting a little at him.
He looked down at her and sighed as he took off his haori and shirt making a pillow and blanket for here "there. Now sleep"
She watched him blinking, and would then look away feeling a bit foolish now that he had done that but she would not moving over being careful not to get to much dirt on it. "Good night...uncle...” she said softly before laying down and closing her eyes.
Wu let out a deep sigh as he crossed his legs leaning against his staff as he closed his eyes meditating deeply though very aware of any sounds around him as he guarded over the girl until the sun was high in the sky the next morning. "Aya, it's time to wake up. We need to put more distance between us and our enemies"
Aya slept as any child could beneath the circumstances, when morning came she opened her eyes with a small groan wishing to sleep a bit longer. But she would push herself up and began to dust off his hiori and shirt he had allowed her to sleep on. Aya would then hand them to him rubbing the sleep from her eyes some, "I’m ready.....uncle" she said fighting back a yawn.
She would rub her eyes still trying to wake herself up as best she could, and nodded at his words. So they were still walking to her grandmothers lands, she had been there a few times though with the war having happened she hadn't gotten to go there. "So I am still to call you uncle"
"Yes, we just talked about that yesterday. It is for your own safety Aya” he said "We cannot let you get caught"
She didn’t really understand why she couldn’t be caught, she was just a princess granted the last member of the Yuan house but to her, that didn't seem to matter. "Why am I not to get caught Uncle....there are many other princess's" she asked tilting her head as they started their walk to the village.
"Yes. There are many other princesses across these lands. But you are a special type of princess. You have something inside you no one else in this life has had for hundreds of years” he explained to her as they walked "And that thing you possess, a lot of people want"
She would look down at her stomach, poking it through her clothing some then looked at him. "Well why do people want it?" she asked still not really following, "is that why momma and papa and Master Shang where killed?"
He frowned as they walked but he nodded "You are still too smart for your own good. People want it because it will give them great power. A great power that they will use for evil, but you will use to bring peace"
Aya couldn’t help but smile a bit as he said she was 'too smart' of course any child would take that as a bit of praise as she giggled. "I did have one of the best teachers in the kingdom" she said rather proud, almost to boast about it, though as he explained that some would use it for evil she would use it for peace. "What if I don't want to use it?"
"You will eventually use it. It's who you are. It's part of your family's name. You are Ayame Yuan, the Heart of the Steel Dragon.” he said as he stopped walking looking down at her "You possess the ability to summon the steel dragons"
She paused when he stopped and she looked up at him, "but dragons haven’t been around in a long time..." she said, at least that’s what she had been told as she stood there. Then looked once again at her stomach, "how is it in me? I don't remember swallowing anything...”
"You were born with it Aya" Wu said "Each member of the Yuan family is born with a title and defining strength. Your father was the teeth of the dragon and his fists in combat were unmatched. His father was the tongue of the dragon and he could breathe fire and talk to dragons"
Looking back up at him, she listened still not really following. "But how do I summon dragons....hearts can' do that they help life" she said still a bit confused.
"You possess a dragons heart and with it all the abilities of the steel dragons. You are the most powerful heir to the Yuan clan that has been born thus far” he said "You cannot do it yet, for you are but a young dragon, but when you are mature, you will hold great power"
She was a dragon? but she didn't look like a dragon "but I wasn't born from an egg like momma said dragons are...." she stated still not sure though she was but a child, explaining all this probably was to soon after all her father the emperor had said once she would not know till she was at least of age to take on the responsibility.
"Metaphorically you are a'll understand later. For now no more talking about it." he said "Remember no one is to ever know you are a Yuan.” he said
Again Aya would nod her understanding, they were both running for their lives right now and the safest place for them that they knew, was her grandmother’s kingdom. "Uncle, when we get to the village....should we get new clothing?" she asked as she would look at him, "common people do not have this type of silk available to them..." she said holding up the sleeve of her kimono some.
"Yes that was my first plan. Remove your old clothing and get supplies for our journey" Wu said nodding "That is our first priority"
"Could we sell it perhaps?" she asked wondering if they could get something for it as they kept walking, looking it over. It wasn't damaged just a little dirty but some cleaning and they could get a pretty penny.
"We may be able to. We have to be very selective with who we share interactions with" Wu commented "Though the money could help"
She nodded, he was right though she wasn't sure what to do from there. "Should....I hide some place while you get the money?" she asked
"No you should be fine. But if I ever tell you to run, then immediately find someplace to hide" he said shaking his head
"yes Uncle” Aya said quickly, still following beside him as they neared the village. The war had reached several parts of the kingdom, but this place seemed to be unscathed but lacking in some resources. Word probably had not hit them yet that the Royal family was just down to one person, or that the Empire had fallen to the enemy.
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 3:18 pm
"Remember Aya, don’t do anything to give away who we are" She said as they entered the village and began walking through the busy market place as Wu reached down taking her hand
Aya looked around the village she had ever really been in one considering it wasn't necessary for a member of the royal family to go to places like this. When she felt him take her hand she knew to stay close but the excitement and awe still was on her face.
"I believe I have an old friend who became a merchant in this village” he said as they walked up and down the rows of shops before finding a small tucked away shop by an alley as he walked inside looking around the dimly lit room "Jura?" he asked aloud as there was a shuffling from the back
Aya kept her hand in his, looking as if he was merely her parent making sure his child did not wonder off and get into trouble. "But won’t...he alert others of us/" she asked softly, as they moved through the shops and rows, till coming to the tucked away one. She paused standing close to him, as she gazed around till her eyes went back to where the noise came from.
"Not quite" Wu said as there was a shuffling from the back again as a tall broad man with broad shoulders smoking on a pipe came out from the back "Well well what have we here? If it isn’t Wudong-chi, the swift winds of the dragon. Kind of far from the temp----is that the crowned princess?"
Aya tilted her head some as she looked at Wu then let her eyes travel back to the man, he was rather large almost like a mountain but she stayed silent till he spotted her. She would slightly move behind Wu when he said crowned princess after all she was to not draw attention.
"Wu...don’t tell me you've gone rogue and kidnapped the princess...that's pretty badass...even more so than myself, and I slept with the Emperor's sister" Jura said laughing as Wu rolled his eyes "Do not be a fool Jura. The empire is in peril and the last remaining light lies with the princess. We are on our way into the Iron Valley to seek refuge with the Steel dragons...they may be our only hope. Darkness is spreading, nowhere shall remain untouched"
Aya looked around the shop some, as she listened to the man. However, when he brought up her aunt she would look at him "so you are the reason my aunt and her husband lost their marriage?" she asked, she knew what the term 'slept' with was as she had proven before with Wu...she was a bright child.
Jura paused looking down at her "Well aren’t you a smart little one hm?"He asked

Wu shook his head "I should not have come here. You are a horrible influence on the child"
She would eye the man then looked back at Wu, she would speak "you said we needed money Uncle....maybe he can sell my kimono for us?
"Indeed" Wu said getting back to business "I do need money, so you are going to buy these from us" "Woah woah, you want me to sell royal clothing and jewelry and not have someone report me to the Imperial Guard for theft, yeah right" Jura commented shaking his head "Not going to happen"
Aya would look up at him before speaking "without normal cloths I cannot travel safely with wouldn't want something to happen to your princess and future empress do you?"
"You'd be held in contempt of the Royal Court once this is all over you know" Wu added as Jura gritted his teeth looking at them "Fine! Fine. But don’t say I didn’t do you any favors, the royal family owes me!” he snapped

"Oh and one more thing...the sacres sword you stole from Master Sheng when you left the enclave....where did you put it?"
Aya would nod her head with a smile as she stood there, glancing around then to Wu "Uncle does this shop sell kimonos a commoner would wear?" She asked since she was very much out of place in the garb she had on.
"Jura sells whatever he can get his grimy hands on" Wu said as Jura spoke up "Kimonos are off to that side” he said motioning "And as for the sword, I no longer have it...I sold it, but just recently, like a day or two ago"
Aya nodded as she would move to the side where he pointed and went to look them over, she knew Wu probably had no clue how a female child dressed so she would look.
""I'll put you in contact with the man I sold it to. Apparently he worked for the chief from a village a few hours east of here." Jura said

"Hurry Aya, we need to get ready to the road"
"Yes Uncle" she said quickly, as she would find a simple kimono and would quickly move to the side to hide as she changed into it. She even would pull her hair back some, since not many commoners had hair as long as she did. Once that was done she came back around the corner and looked up at Jura holding the very expensive child kimono she wore, "this should pay for all that I took Mr. Jura"
"Even more than you know" Jura said grinning as he took the kimono as Wu laid his hand on her back "Grab anything else you think you'll need"
She looked at Wu but would step away doing as he asked, she found a few things here and there. A cloak, a small pack, better shoes, and just a few other minor things after all with her kimono alone she paid for practically everything in this shop.
"Alright Aya. Let us get something to eat and rest for the night. Tomorrow we head east. I must recover that sword" Wu said
"yes Uncle" she said and looked back at Jura, "thank you for your assistance" she said, bowing her head to him before turning to leave with Wu holding her bag looking as if she had simply helped Wu pick out some groceries.
Wu and Aya moved on while Jura shook his head "To think Wu would be responsible for a child. I think this will be good for both of them..."he said shaking his head "Definitely glad I stopped being a monk when I did"
"Uncle...who was that man?" she asked as they were far enough way that it did not matter if she said anything about him.
"That man used to be a rather powerful, yet shady monk. He stole the Sacred Sword of chi when he defected from the temple though." Wu said "But he is still my friend"
"Is that the sword you were asking for?" she asked trailing beside him, and glancing at a few people like a curious child would.
"Yes. The sword is an ancient chi bladed that when wielded by the right hands can slice through any darkness no matter how deep. Conventional weapons will not work on Kurama"
"I wonder who he sold it to..." she said softly, as they kept walking, though unlike most children she was a bit too well behaved that a few people where giving them looks.
"That is an excellent question. Apparently it was purchased for a prince in another village. We are going to see if we can get it back" Wu said "We need it rather badly"
"Well I'm still the princess....can't I just order it returned?" she asked
"Except you are thought to be dead. In case you forgot. So it isn’t that easy"
She would bit her lip as she looked down, he had a point she wasn't supposed to even be here so how where they going to get a weapon they needed so badly. "Then what can we do?"
"I will find a way to procure it. Do not worry young princess” he said softly with a smile
She nodded and kept walking, doing her best to stay as unnoticed as she could while they headed to the next village. Thankfully in the new outfit not many people took notice, of her anymore but as they walked her stomach soon growled loudly and she blinked "uncle....why does my stomach make that sound? Am I ill?"
"I forget you have never wanted for anything in your life. Your stomach is telling you that you are hungry” he said as he reached into his bag pulling out a small piece of bread "Here, this will help fill you up until we stop for the night"
She looked at the piece of bread, she took the small bite from it already feeling the pains of hunger starting to fade as she just walked along. "Thank you...Uncle" she said
"Just let me know if you need water” he said as the continued along the dirt path towards the next village though Wu had an uneasy feeling about him "Climb onto my back, we will be able to travel faster that way"
Looking at him she watched him kneel down as she would not understand, but she would move to place her hands in his shoulders then felt him pick her up. "Do commoner children do this?"
"Yes they do. Most children ride on their parents backs from the time they are born. Royal children however do not get that comfort” he said as he began walking again, though this time a bit faster
She held onto his shoulders watching him till she felt him starting to speed up. "Is something wrong Uncle?" She asked and couldn't help but look back
"Nothing wrong. I just need to cover more ground. We may still be followed and we want to make sure we are not" he said "Tell me if you see anything" (feel free to insert plot and ideas lol)
She nodded her head as she sat against his back, feeling his body moving beneath hers some but she didn't seem to notice too much. Though she never saw anyone outright following them, as she glanced back at him "I don’t see anyone"
She kept glancing back but also tried not to draw attention to herself, it was almost hard to do both seeing as she didn't know what she was looking for. The person could be following them and she would just think it was nothing
After a few more hours of travel they finally saw the wooden pillars of the gate enclosing the town as Wu let her down off of his back to walk "We made it"
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She had almost fallen asleep on his back a few times, the rocking motion was like a carriage but she didn't say anything till he set her down. Rubbing her eyes she yawned softly, taking his hand and walking towards the village's entrance
As they walked forward Wu tensed up suddenly as he spun his staff knocking away two knives flying towards him as he pushed Aya behind him as a cloaked figure ran towards them from the bushes
Aya would not seem to notice, to tired and even exhausted from all the walking and running. When he suddenly pushed her behind him, she stumbled forward almost falling into the dirt as she looked back to see the cloaked figure. "Uncle..." she’s aid in fear
"Stay behind me” he said as he rushed forward as the man swiped at him with deadly claws causing Wu to spin sideways quickly as he looked down at his slightly scratched arm
She would move back a bit more, almost stumbling over her feet as she watched the fight transpire before her. Fear on her face, as she stood there shaking "Wu..." she muttered softly, seeing the cuts forming as she held her hands together tighter.
Wu took into a low crouch as the cloaked man then got down into the same stance as Wu narrowed his eyes "How do you know this dragon stance?” he questioned aloud as he then vanished into thin air as did the man as they reappeared exchanging rapid blows

While the two were fighting a slimer cloaked figure darted out of the shadows straight for Aya as the girl was grabbed quickly
Aya blinked watching as Wu just vanished, she had only seen a few times him practicing his abilities. Her mother told her she would one day learn herself, but from her father...but those dreams and wishes would never happen now. But as she stood there, she soon felt the arms of the second man grab her as she opened her mouth and screamed, "Wu!!" she stated struggling into the man’s arms. "Wu!!" she cried again
Wudong-chi frowned deeply as he turned his head seeing Aya being grabbed as he switched his stance as a large gale of wind began to whip around him while the man he was fighting took that opportunity delivering a hard kick to the side of Wu's head knocking him out
Aya would scream louder, watching Wu's body suddenly drop as she cried out for him. She didn't want to loss anyone else, she reached out for him yelling only to feel a sharp pain as the man holding her, pressed one of the pressure points against her neck causing her to pass out

The first man pulled back his cloak revealing the bald headed Jura as he frowned deeply "Sorry Wu, but I can’t let you get your hands on that sword. And Dark Lord Kurama will pay a pretty price for the last surviving member of the royal family” he said as he began following after the other man
Aya remained unconscious the whole time, tears running down her cheeks as she muttered Wu's name...along with softly calling for her parents. After all she was but a girl thrown into a dark twisted reality
"So when do you think I'll be able to collect my money?" Jura asked the smaller man who pulled his hood off revealing fox ears "Lord Kurama will pay you once he has the princess in his possession"
Aya groaned softly as her eyes began to open, she had been leaned against a tree for now. Her eyes where blurry some before she would soon notice it was Jura. She blinked slightly a few times.

"Well hopefully the sooner the better. Wu won’t be asleep for long. I never expected him of all people to be charged with the princess's care" Jura said
She sat there sitting in silence for now they weren't really paying attention to her as she started to slowly attempt to move and slip away. She had to find Wu and get back to him.

"Little girl I wouldn't do that if I was you" Jura said his back still facing her "If you run, we would be forced to hurt you. And we don’t want to do that Princess, you are so valuable"
She gulped as she had gotten to her feet just as Jura said something to her, she was scared but she had to get away. Though soon even as he warned her the child soon turned and bolted into the trees.
"Ah fuck" Jura said as he quickly stood up to chase after her as did the smaller fox demon "How is she this fast!?"He exclaimed noticing she had already made it to the trees "No child should be faster than a youkai"
She kept running breathing heavily, looking around trying to get an idea where she could hide, though hearing them she would turn quickly leaving the mud and trying to stick to the overgrown bushes and weeds. Using her small body to her advantage.
Jura frowned as he reached the mud and looked at the bushes "There is no way I'm going to be able to fit through go little fox thing” he said "The money isn’t worth it to me, but you have orders dontcha?" He said as the fox demon narrowed his eyes before jumping through the bushes after her "Princess Ayame where are you?"
She kept crawling quickly and moving as fast as she could till she found what looked like a little hidden cave as she quickly slid herself into it, pulling the weeds and branches over it for cover her hand sliding over her mouth. ' me' she thought as she pushed herself deeper into it looking out as best she could to see if they would pass her.
The fox demon stopped just in front of her cave and paused looking around sniffing the air for a moment before running off again

Wu was still laying on the ground when he heard the Princess's voice pierce through the darkness * me* he heard loudly as his eyes snapped opened and he took a deep breath as he picked up his staff and vanished speeding off into the trees quickly
She hid there for several moments looking out slightly and would then start to push herself out of her hiding spot to try and move off in the direction she thought she was taken from.
Aya kept moving looking back every so often as she pushed herself from the bush and weeds, her hair full of twigs and her kimono damp from mud, she didn't see Jura or that other creature so she would start moving following the river.
Soon there was a sharp rustling from the trees as the fox demon made a beeline towards the river and cut her off "I knew it was a matter of time until you came out of hiding. Come here princess, or I’ll have to hurt you"
She would yell loudly when the demon cut her off, her eyes widened and she moved back "St...Stay away from me!" She said quickly
"That's it. You're mine” he growled as he then rushed forward at her extending his claws

From the trees Wu broke through the trees at the same time as Jura as they were on opposite sides of the river further down behind Aya watching the small fox charge her
She would move back her eyes wide before she would close her eyes and held her hands out to protect herself, but as she did her body would suddenly start glowing before a blast of wind came rushing down from the trees and slammed hard into the fox demon, the wind sliced at the flesh and clothing like talons from a dragon.
The little demon screamed as he was blown backwards and laid on the ground before turning all black and becoming ashes, clearly an extension of Kurama's dark magic as Wu looked over at Jura then "Repent Jura. It isn't too late to find the light of the dragon again Jura. We have no more monastery. No more master. I am the last one of our order left. I need my brothers wherever they are” he said as Jura sighed "It's too late for me. Once Kurama finds out I had the girl and she got away I'm done for. Just take her and go while you still can. I sold the sword to some ancient sword collecting blacksmith in this town. He has some shrine or temple or something out here where he takes care of legendary blades on their master’s show up to claim them or something. I figured the sword would be going to good hands until someone like you showed up Wudong-chi. Go make us proud and keep us alive kid."
Ayame stood there, hearing the body hit the ground before her eyes opened checking to see. She watched the fox demon suddenly become ash, the rest of the wind picking it up and caring it away. Did she do that? She just wanted him to go away, but she would soon turn to hear Wu talking and she glanced to see him taking towards Jura. Without hesitation she ran over towards Wu, pausing slightly as they were now talking about the sword.
"That little fox thing was a part of Kurama's magic. That means he must know everything. Hurry up and get out of here. I'll buy you some time" Jura said with a smile as he turned around "Don’t die” he said walking away

Wu frowned deeply as he bowed his head saying a prayer as his eyes flashed blue for a moment as he turned to Aya holding out his hand "Get on my back” he said
Aya moved up to him as she looked at Jura some, she felt bad before speaking "please come visit us at the new monastery someday" she said, even after what he did...she still showed kindness towards him, as she soon climbed onto Wu's back placing her hands on his shoulders.
Wu then focused his chi around him as it glow a dark blue color before forming into wings as he took off quickly racing just above the tops of the trees as he scanned the area
She couldn't help but let out a small yell but she just clung to him slightly. Eyes closed as she would feel the leaves and sticks being pulled from her hair as they raced along
Wu soon found what he was looking for as he dove into a small clearing in the trees landing next to a small hut and koi pond with one black and one white fish in it
Aya stayed silent as best she could, but once they landed she would slid off his back, shaking her head but looked at the small hut as she turned to look at him. "Uncle...who’s hut is this?"
Apparently the hut of a legendary swordsmith" Wu said as his chi faded to normal "The sword seems to be here, I can feel its presence. Hear its voice"
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on Fri Mar 18, 2016 3:20 pm
She looked around, as she wondered what he was listening to though she would look to the koi pond. Moving over towards it she looked down at the fish and smiled, "Look Uncle...they have the ying yang koi" she said
"This man must be some sort of soothsayer" Wu said as he approached the sliding door and knocked before pulling it open
Aya wasn't really paying attention to what he was doing she smiled some before gently placing her fingers in the water. They reminded her of the koi pond back at the palace.
As he slid the door open an old man was sitting there gently sharping a blade as he looked up "I've been expecting you. Your sword has been calling out for you"
She would soon stand up after some time before sliding over to the door watching Wu walk in and she would peek in to look at the older man. She stayed outside the door, not sure if she should even go inside...was it even safe?
"I do not know who you are young monk.” the man said "But I do know that I have come into possession of a blade that deems you worthy to wield it." he said as Wu looked at the many blades upon the wall "You have quite the collection” he said as he looked back at Aya "Come inside. Never leave my side child"
Aya would look up at Wu and nod her head as she moved up to him quickly. Though she wasn't exactly sure about the old man so she stood slightly behind Wu, holding onto his shirt some.
"You may recover your blade, if you figure out which one it is” the old man said as Wu walked over to the sword all staring at it "So many choices"
Aya would look around, at the swords and would slightly move up with Wu before she would look up at him. " said you heard it calling you...can't you focus on that?"
"That is easier said than done child” he said as he kept looking before a dark black and golden sword caught his eye as he reached out picking it up as it began to rattle loudly in his hands "This is the one"
Aya would tilt her head some at him, she then just slightly stood back looking around. She couldn't help but drift to the side to look at some of the other weapons. Wondering how an object talked to people.
"It would seem you are in fact the monk of legend” the wordsmith said as Wu looked over at him "You are the young monk that will be destined for greatness. The sword has told me many stories about you"
Aya would look over to Wu and to the old man, as she walked over to them and would speak softly "Uncle. Is he talking about the monk who rides with dragons?" she asked softly trying not to give away who she was.
"Indeed I am. The legend has foretold the arrival of a Grandmaster who will have the ability to ride upon the Steel Dragons, and bear the fangs of the vampire's curse” the smith said "Though you do not look like a vampire yet"
She tilted her head some "vampires.....curse....what is that?" she asked having not heard of that considering she was still too young
"The legend of this sword and our first master. Our founder was in a world changing battle with the evil shaolin witch Quan-yin. She had dabbled in dark magic and lost her soul to its power. During their struggle the vampire witch managed to draw our master's blood. But where she thought he would be weak, due to our style he grew stronger than ever and imprisoned the witch in an hourglass for all of eternity. As such each Grandmaster also becomes a vampire in secret to augment his power and the teachings of our order. But I was never bitten...I have not overcome the I do not possess a Grandmaster's true power yet" Wu said “Though now O have the sword that slayed the witch"
She looked at him and would speak "so you just have to be bitten?" She asked looking at his hand wondering if she could do it but decided not to go through with it. "So if you have the sword does that mean we can continue to grandmas now?"
"Yes, it means we can finally get you to safety and figure out what to do next" Wu said as he bowed to the swordsmith "I am forever in your debt wise one"

"Think nothing of it, just one less sword for me to care for and another blade reunited with master” he smiled "Now go"
Aya would look at the older man and nod her head to him showing her thanks before stepping outside with Wu she shifted a bit, and would look at him. "So is it...bad that you don't become a vampire like the grandmasters?"
"It wouldn't be in line with tradition. Though it is honestly one thing I feared. You must be bitten and survive the bloodlust. But if it wins you may die"
"So do we go and find a vampire uncle?" she asked walking alongside him, as they left the old man’s hut.
"No, we aren't going to find a vampire. Vampires have strict rules that they adhere to. Plus the idea of sucking blood is not that appealing to me"
She nodded her head as they kept walking but she wondered what was going to come of them before she looked at him. "So are we heading to grandma's kingdom now?"
"Yes. My goal is to safely get you to your grandmother's castle so she and her forces can guard you. They can do a much better job than I could on my own" Wu said
She nodded as she would walk with him “so...when I’m older...then we will go again Kurama right?"
He paused as he looked down at her "You want to go against Kurama?” he asked raising his eyebrows
She looked up at him and nodded "he...he killed my mother and father....I...I want to not let their sacrifice go to many where hurt...because of him" she said as she looked ahead.
"That is very noble of you princess” he said with a nod "Then when the time comes we will face him together"
"Will train me so I can become stronger? I know it’s a lot to ask...since you’re doing so much already"
"It is my job as a Grandmaster to advice the Empress. Of course I will train you. But only when you are ready” he said "it is very hard, and very dangerous"
"When do you think that would be?" she asked as she walked along with him, wondering how she could become stronger when she never trained much before.
"When you show that you are ready" Wu said "That depends upon you"
She looked at him wondering how she would know she was ready for something like that, "oh...” she said simply, before speaking "how do I know when I’m ready?"
"When you are ready child, you will know. You will feel it. You are not ready just yet” he said "The monks are the elite military force of the empire. You must be ready to wield our steel might"
She nodded as she walked along with him, before looking at him "what about...what happened at the did...i hurt that man...”
"It seems your powers are beginning to manifest themselves it seems. You were in danger and your powers protected you" Wu said
She looked at her hands some she had just wanted the man to go away, she didn't notice she had done anything though she looked at him. "Why did your friend try and kidnap me as well Uncle? Then let us go?"
"My friends make mistakes. He gave into evil ways and then repented" Wu said "He saved our lives"
"But if he had betrayed us...and then Kurama...won't they kill him for that?" she asked
"Most likely" Wu said frowning "But it is atonement for his sins"
She shifted some on her feet, she didn't like the idea that more people where dyeing and she would speak "wh....why is Kurama doing this...Uncle?"
"Kurama is an evil spirit that is thousands of years old. He gets sealed away for periods of time then is released again to cause more evil. He's a recurring character in many legends"
" families death was...planned yet no one did anything?" she asked as she stopped walking, standing there. "They could have remade the then momma and papa...wouldn't have had to..."
"There was no way to tell when his seal would break. The last person to seal him away was your great great grandfather who sealed Kurama for the last 4 generations. Before that there was the first Grandmaster who managed to seal him after gaining his vampire powers from the witch. And now it is up me to seal him once more"
Aya stood there looking at him, there had to have been a way for them to know....they knew he would be free once again yet no one prepared for it. "No!! Someone had to have known!! They knew that the seal would fail yet nothing was done!"
"Princess, Kurama is a demon that has been around for thousands of years. We thought your family sealed him away forever but yet again he broke free. There is no one to blame. But we must try to fix it” he said frowning deeply *She is just a child coping with the loss of her time she will understand*
Aya shook her head still as tears seemed to be running down her cheeks, she had not had the time to grieve for her parents as she stood there and was trying to stop as she kept crying
"Let it all out young one. It isn’t good to bottle everything inside. When your mourning is over then you will understand what is required of us" Wu said as he sat down then
She stood there shaking as she kept crying, it hurt everything seemed to just break and hurt and it wasn't long after he sat down that she walked over to him and was soon crying softy into his chest. It would almost feel like forever that she cried till he felt her body relax and her crying seemed to stop, though she had cried herself to sleep.
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on Fri Mar 18, 2016 3:20 pm
Wu let out a small sigh as he then stood up carrying her in his arms so she could sleep as he began walking forward trying to make it to the next village before dark *These woods are supposedly cursed and haunted. If you get stuck in them at night legend says you never find your way out*
She was curled against him, sleeping as she groaned softly and muttered softly in her sleep. Asking for her mother and father though she remained rather still as he carried her towards the next village.
*The sun is about to set. I’m not going to make it in time*Wu thought *and my chi is almost depleted from flying earlier. I need rest as much as she does*he sighed as he paused hearing a shuffling in the distance and hearing a soft lady like giggle before it vanished into the growing darkness "I think my mind is playing tricks on me again"
Aya would lay in his arms before she seemed to wake up, her head turning and she would look up at Wu, blinking a few times before looking around as if looking for something.
Wu looked down at her blinking "Oh you're awake now hm? The sun is beginning to set so we must find shelter. It is too dangerous to explore these woods at night"
She nodded some as she looked around she didn't like these woods something, was out there as she looked at him. "Something's out there uncle...." She said softly
"I know...and I'm not too sure if I have the energy to defeat it right now” he said letting out a sigh "We both need to get some rest tonight"
"Should we just keep going then uncle?" she asked she was still very tired, but something was calling to her but she didn't want to tell him that.
"We have no choice. Just stay alert until we make it out of here” he said picking her up as he began speeding up soon coming to the edge of another small river as he looked across it as a shadowy figure of a woman seemed to stand along the edge of the trees
She held onto him some, as he picked her back up and she would look at him before back out into the shadows. She could still hear whatever was calling her, but as they made it to the river she blinked seeing the women, "why are you calling?" she asked the women
"Because you are mine.” the woman said stepping into the pale moonlight. She had long white hair and deep ruby red eyes that seemed to spin and sparkle "You hold the sword"
She would grip tightly to Wu's shoulder when she first spoke, then looked at Wu as she would whisper " after you?" she asked softly
"I...don't know." Wu said confused as he stared at the woman blankly

The woman then floated in the air as she moved across from one bank to their side looking at them " have a great reserve of chi...Though it's must be the next Grandmaster of your order hm? It's been a long time since I've come across one of you in person myself...well over 1,000 years” she said as Wu finally came to his senses shaking his head "1,000 years?'t be..."Wu stated shocked "You were killed by the master you turned vampire!"
Aya dug her fingers into his shirt tighter, a bit scared as she just sat there in his arms watching the women move about. She then looked at him as he would speak "Uncle..." she said softly
"Is that the lie he came up with to placate the humans?” Fengyi said with a laugh as she stepped up to them "Do not be scared child, you are of little interest of me. You are Kurama's problem. However you, my monk, smell delicious” she said as Wu placed Aya down on the ground behind him as he pulled out his staff and she raised her eyebrows "Oh? Going to fight I see. You realize my name is the Shaolin Witch correct? I am a chi vampire. Blood gives us life, chi gives us energy and I have taken both from hundreds of Grandmaster's. You think yours will stop me my young one? Please then, test your metal against my fangs before I bite you"

Wu glared as he took a deep breath letting his remaining chi flow freely through his body
She would look up at Wu as she gently pulled at his shirt, "Uncle...please don't...your too tired" she whispered softly, then looked at the women, she didn't like her but at the same time she had heard her calling. Her voice had been warm, and actually gentle even if now she seemed cold.
"This time isn't to protect you Princess. It's to protect myself” he said with a smile as Fengyi flashed a fangy grin "This will be fun” she said as Wu then lunged forward swinging his staff in a rapid assault which the witch easily dodged as she danced around Wu with ease as the young monk was soon panting with his efforts as Fengyi soon stood behind Aya and picked the girl up before putting her up on her shoulders tickling her lightly "I told you,… you have nothing to worry about. I don't like Royal blood. Tastes like dragon spit. I am more interests in Chi. I haven’t had chi in hundreds of years. Those damn monks started inbreeding. Passing along my powers between master and pupil instead of coming to mama for a dose of the real stuff. And now you have my sword. I gave that sword to my precious monk Dai-lin to control his bloodlust and focus his power. And the sword has been passed down without my consent. So either give me your body. Or give me the sword, but good luck stopping Kurama without it. I know that's what your plan is. You monks never like it when evil walks the earth, however I'm what you call a necessary evil. We need each other to survive this my young monk." She said we Wu frowned. He knew she had a point and at this point he was far too tired to keep fighting her as he bit his lip before hanging his head in defeat "....fine” was all he said softly as Fengyi grinned once more "That's what I like to hear"
Aya nodded and would move back some so that she would not get in the way of the fight, she was as tired as she rubbed at her eyes till she would soon feel someone pick her up. She blinked as she looked at the women, and couldn't help but giggle as she was tickled and she would smile some at her. Though she would listen to them tilting her head slightly before watching as Wu would give in and then spoke "so uncle gets to be.....uh....what it was called again" she asked gently tapping the women on the shoulder looking at her.
"A vampire” both of them said in unison as Fengyi grinned once more "How delightful. I’m finally going to have a monk's chi again!” she said as she then leaned in close to him and whispered "And tell me my young one...have you had yourself deflowered by a lucky lady yet?” she asked causing an instant blush from Wu as Fengyi jumped back with laughter tossing the girl in the air and catching her holding her in front of her in her arms "And the chi is pure! I get to take a monks innocence at the same time oh gods has it been forever my dear child. I was going to bite him now, but I will accompany you to the next town and we will get the princess her a nice soft bed. She doesn’t need to watch this” she said excitedly as she looked at Wu then "And my Grandmaster, what is your name?" "I am Wudong-chi” he said proudly though still blushing a dark shade of red "Can we just go please. I know when I have been beaten."
Aya was still a bit confused as she sat there, when she looked at them though when they both answered her she nodded. Remembering now what vampires where, though she would soon let out a yell when she was tossed into the air, and then caught as she would slightly look at the women in a tad bit of fear. She didn’t like being thrown up like that...especially as tired as she was, but at the thought of a nice bed she would look at Wu as he complained. "Can I call you Wu now...or do I still have to keep calling you Uncle?"
"Call me whatever you want" Wu said as they began walking with Fengyi still holding the girl "You are quite the cute one aren't you. What's your name princess?" Fengyi asked as she led them out of the woods
She blinked wondering why Wu was suddenly so on edge, though she looked at Fengyi "He says I have to be called Aya....but my name is Ayame Yuan" she said bowing her head as best she could, "what is your name...or do I just call you Lady Witch?" she asked tilting her head.
"What a pretty name Ayame. You sound so smart for a girl your age. I'm impressed. And no, please don't call me lady witch. Titles are such drags. Shaolin Witch. The Dark Lady. The Chi-Devil. I want none of it. I am simply Fengyi Lei.
"Papa and Momma thought it was best that even as young as I am to understand certain aspects like an better prepare me to become an empress and rule the kingdom for the good of the people" she said happily, though that smile soon started to fade as that life was gone, and she would speak "but...none of that helps out here...Wu says I’m nothing like the children of a normal family...and...And it’s because of me that so many people are dead...because...I’m the heart..."
"Ayame hush!" Wu snapped as the witch paused looking down at the girl "You're the heart of the dragon? No wonder why Kurama is in such a frenzy to find you. You may actually be able to kill the old fur ball for good” she said "You are a very special child indeed. I can sense it now. Your powers are beginning to manifest"
Ayame would bit her lip as she looked at Wu when he suddenly scolded her and she would peek at Fengyi, who still held her while they walked. She wasn't even sure if she was supposed to say anything more, as she sat there before she spoke "I’d...don’t want to kill anyone...I...I just want momma and papa back." she said softly
"I know you do little girl but you are exactly where you are supposed to be in your life. are special. You possess the power of every single member anyone in your clan has every possessed. All pieces of the dragon beat around the heart. The last heart of the dragon was the first heart of the dragon and the founder of your Steel Dragon Clan. He is the man who separated me and my monk and made the monk's chi and my youki his own to stop Kurama 1,000 years ago. The heart of the Dragon builds an empire that lasts 1,000 years. And his 1,000 years were up...and now a new heart has been born to lead a new Empire...and Kurama doesn't want that to happen"
She looked at her listening to her, and she would speak softly "but why did so many have to one should have had to die..." she said softly as tears started to form and she began to wipe them from her face.” I don't want to be the heart if people will die...”
"How can you build anew if there are still remnants of the old? Do not feel sad princess. Feel angry. You don't want many more people to die? You want to lead these people? Then get strong. And beat the man that is hurting your people. That hurt your parents, and your friends. That took your empire away.
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Get angry, and fight back. But never cry. Crying is weakness and you are not weak. You are a dragon. You rule over land and sky."
"But I’m not a dragon! I've never seen one...papa said they were lost and didn't answer the call of the emperor anymore...even momma said she hadn’t seen one since she was a little girl...” she looked up at her, "a...and Wu has his own things with having to rebuild the monestary...I...I don't want to make him have to help me too rebuild a whole empiror..."
Fengyi laughed softly hugging the princess tighter "Oh young dragon you are so cute because you do not know any better. This little monks so purpose in life is to do just that. To help you. Monks are stripped of their last name upon being accepted into the monastery until they become a Grandmaster. Wudong has a last name and always have. And what is that last name? Chi. Power. Life. Energy. And trust me again little one, just because your parents weren’t powerful enough to see the dragons, doesn’t mean you aren’t. They have been waiting for the heart of the dragon since the Soul of the Dragon, your Grandfather passed away. The teeth of the dragon was unimportant and that is why your father died. You had nothing to do with it. It was predestined Princess. Because like I said. Inside your heart lives every member of the Yuan clan over the last 1,000 years...and all of their dragons"
Ayame looked up at her, blinking a few times then over towards Wu as he stood there before she listened. And would then slightly glance down at her chest or as best she could, she had all of her family 'inside' of her. Did that mean her mother and father where with her as well? Her mother had married into the family, she then looked up at her "where are they?"
"In your heart and soul dear. When you get older you'll be able to sense them and call upon their spirits and power. Just know they are in there and watching over you." She said as they finally came to the end of the trees and a small village was ahead in the clearing
Ayame would have continued to talk, and ask questions but the closer they got to the village the more tired she became as she closed her eyes some, rubbing her hands against her eyes and soon she was resting her head against Fungi’s shoulder letting sleep claim her once again.
"So it seems we can be of use to each other young monk. The girl clearly needs a woman in her life and I need a food source and you need my sword. I believe everyone wins here” she said as Wu paid for beds at the inn "Put the girl to bed” he said sternly was Fengyi flashed her fangy grin as she laid Aya down to sleep"
Aya would groan softly as she was laid to sleep, a soft blanket and mattress pressed beneath her as she took a deep breath. Curling up on her side, muttering something in her sleep it would seem only one out of the three would probably have a good night sleep.
Fengyi covered her with a large fur blanket and stroked her head softly "I've always wanted kids” she said leaving and going to Wu as she pinned him on the bed. He didn’t say a word as the woman leaned down licking his neck before biting him. Wu's eyes flashed red as he felt his blood run icy cold, but his body was intensely hot and burning as Fengyi drained his blood and chi. Her hair turn from white to black and her body became younger, softer, fuller as she slowly stripped Wu while she feed as the young monk soon found himself inside of her as she took care of him. It lasted long into the night as Fengyi drank her fill and satisfied her urges but before morning came she gathered Wu's head in her arms and tilted her neck as tiny fangs grew and he pierced her skin feeling her blood slide down his lips and throat, feeling that intense yearning over the last few hours as he quickly drank his fill then collapsed onto the bed as she smiled petting hos head "So young. And full of energy. You'll be my favorite. Nothing will happen to you. Because you're mine now Wudong-chi. All mine.” she said as she then rose looking in the mirror and her younger, curvier appearance smiling and cleaning off before the girl woke up
Aya slept through the whole thing, almost 'dead' to the world it would seem as she would groan softly as the sun would start to filter into the room. Passing the blinds and making its way to shine in her face, her brown eyes fluttered open before she would start to push herself up with a yawn and rubbed the sleep from her eyes. She sat there for a few moments, letting her brain register where she was it didn't take long as she pieced together the events that lead to this point. Pushing herself to her feet, she would soon move over towards the window and pushed the blinds aside to look down into the already busy village.
"Ayame “a soft voice said behind her as Fengyi stood there. Her long black hair shone beautifully in the light framing her tight dress as her now purple instead of red eyes glittered brightly "Do you want to go explore the village?"
Ayame would turn her head to look over at the women, instead of the older one she had seen the night before she was staring at a much youthful version. "Fengyi?" she asked confused till she saw the women nod, moving from the window she walked over to her. "Will Wu be ok with us going?"
"No he's going to be sleeping for a while" she said "It'll be just us girls today” she grinned
She would nod her head, to her she just thought that Wu needed to rest due to being so exhausted, "do villages always be so busy?"
"Mostly" she said taking her hand as they walked out of the inn and through the village "Everyone has to try to make a living somehow. Some people dance and sing. Some people sell their wares. Others sell other things"
She held her hand walking out of the Inn with her, as she looked around the busy market and streets. She then looked at her, "I never saw any of the servants do their jobs...everything always seemed to be done by the time I woke up"
"That's what you call proficiency" she said grinning as she bought an apple at one of the stands giving it to the girl "But we don’t have the luxury of being pampered anymore"
She took the apple from her, as she would then take a bite out of it, it was juicy and she would then look up at her when she said they couldn't have luxury anymore. "Wu says I shouldn't act like...." she paused seeing if she could word it right, "I shouldn't act like I was before...”
"What does he know? He's never experienced Royalty. It's in your blood and you should own it. And those who defy you, blow them out of your way"
"He says I shouldn't even let people know who I am...its why he told me that I am now Aya...and not Ayame and hes not Wu but my Uncle.." but she had a point, he didn't know the life she had he trained every moment always practicing for that next ability, she then looked at Fengyi "what do you think I should do...we've been trying to head to my grandmothers kingdom.."
"Your grandmother's kingdom? Why would you be trying to head there?” she asked as she looked over a few different dresses before casually tossing them aside "That'll probably be the first place Kurama looks for you"
"Wu thought we could train and start up the monastery then grandma teaches me how to be an empress" she said watching her as she was moving dresses aside, she had given up the kimono she had left with having nothing of home expect for one thing. A hairpin her mother had given her, she had it hiding in her bag thinking Wu would toss it out so all connection to her being royal would be gone.
"If you want to learn how to rule an empire look no further. I can teach you everything about ruling honey and then some." Fengyi said as they walked "If you head to your grandmother's house, you won’t find whatever it is you're looking for."
"So where should we go if not to her?" she asked moving after her and still eating the apple, looking around at all the people who didn't even take notice of them walking.
"Wherever you want to go. You're the empress. You decide what you want to do. If you live in fear of Kurama then he has already won"
Aya thought for a moment, and would then look at her "I want to help Wu remake the monastery...w...we need to show the empire that the monks have never left...I think they became to distant from the did the royal family"
"That is noble of you. Now the only thing is finding a new monastery. And that is up to Wu to figure out. He too is a man with a special destiny"
"Well what do you think would be a good place to build a monastery...I would think it be a place that people can get to but it can also be defended well"
"That would be very smart yes" Fengyi stated as she looked down at her *How are you so smart at such a young age?* "Princess, where would you like your new castle to be put then?” she asked curiously
She nodded rather proud of herself for that, as she then think about where she would want her 'home' to be as she would glance at her. "Some place where you can see the WHOLE kingdom, and where dragons can live too because it be nice to see them living alongside us..."
"Somewhere in the mountains then? Not a bad location for a monastery either" Fengyi said looking down at her "You may be a bit too smart young one"
She couldn't help but grin happily at that as she giggled, "Wu thinks I’m too smart too...and tells me I should stay quiet when out in public...”
"I can see why he would be concerned” she said smiling "So is there anything you want from the market?
She looked around and would then glance back at her, "I've never really been in one...the last one we were in Wu and I didn't get much time to wonder...and it’s where we sold all of the things that connected me to the royal family..."
"Well then Princess, let us go exploring” she said smiling wide "Lead the way"
Ayame would smile warmly as she stood there, before she looked around thinking then she would point over to where it seemed to be a small crowd. She would walk over towards it, with Fengyi following behind at the center of the crowd seemed to be a performing group dancing and playing music. "I've never heard music like this before. Mother wouldn't like such loud tones in the palace"
"Ah then you have not yet lived yet until you see these wandering performers” she said lifting up the small girl to her shoulders so she could see better "Enjoy the show” she smiled though her eyes scanned the crowd *someone is watching us...*
She would lean up some so she could see more, as she smiled watching them dancing, and playing their music. "Oh what is that one doing?" she asked pointing to a man who was using a sword and demonstrating his skills. "Is he a monk?"
"Not a monk, but a skilled fighter. So skilled he is using his deadly form to entertain people.” she said watching him "I sense no chi from him however, his swordplay is all that he has"
She watched some tilting her head, "Mother was like him...I remember watching her train she would have taught me but father said I needed to be trained by the monks"
"Because you possess chi. and you must learn to harness that chi for your special talents" Fengyi said as she watched the swordsmen "I bet his blood is delicious. Strong."
"I thought you only ate Chi?" she asked a bit confused though she would soon look back at the man, "maybe he knows a good place for a monastery"
"Blood gives me life. Chi gives me power" she said "I value my power more” she commented "And you must teach princess to not be too trusting. Many people are hunting for you right now you know"
She would nod her head as she would shift slightly standing there then looked at her, "so besides these...entertainers what else is there in a market?"
"Just a lot of shopping. Perhaps we should move onto that” she said still feeling eyes on her "Let's go"
"Alright" she said still not noticing that they were being watched after all how could she? She isn’t have the training to do that as she moved after her, "the last time I went shopping...we sold the kimono I had from the palace"
"Well let's get you a new sack for your back and fill it with stuff for your travels yeah?" she asked as she looked over leaning her head slightly as a dart whizzed past her cheek silently as a man suddenly grabbed his neck dropping from a tree as Fengyi's eyes flashed red for a moment as she casually moved the girl through the crowd *Those don't seem like Kurama's men. They would have targeted the girl directly. Someone is after me it seems"
Ayame didn't seem to notice, or she just choose not to smiling a bit "really?! Though...what does a girl my age normally want to carry with them?" she asked.
"You are the future empress my dear " Fengyi said taking her to choose a new bag to use
She looked at the stand, each bag was different compared to the need of it, and she looked them over before she would take notice of a grey leather with a black fur flap. It looked familiar, before she looked at Fengyi "That one looks familiar..."
She grabbed it holding it out for the girl to try on "Well try it on then?" She ushered "I will get it for you"
She took the bag from her, it was a bit big but it would serve well for something she could grow into, as she looked up at her "th...thank you Fengyi" she said smiling as sh elooked at the bag and slid it over her shoulders. It hung a bit low, but otherwise it fit well though as she ran her fingers against the leather she wondered why she felt like she had seen it before.
"Now let's go find some stuff to fill it with. Buy whatever you want" she smiled walking with her
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The girls would spend probably a few hours just walking around the market, Ayame was having fun getting a few things that she could call hers, though she didn't fully fill the bag but they did purchase another kimono one that she could change out of when the one she was wearing got to dirty.
"I think it's about time we started getting you back to the inn now. I’m sure you must be hungry” she said "Let's get back and get some food"
Ayame would nod her head, they had gotten what they wanted and she had a better understanding of how a village worked and what went on within it. When they got back to the Inn she would move up to their room wondering if Wu was awake yet.
"Wait. Aya do not open that door. There is a man on the other side who wants to hurt me and he may hurt you or wu to get to me. Let me open it" she said calmly as she put her hands on the handle taking a deep breath
Aya blinked as she stopped and looked back at her, but would nod her head as she moved back quickly. Gripping her hands together some, as she watched and was ready to run if she needed to.
As she opened the door a blade came flying passed her that she dodged easily pinning the man against the wall as she then realized who was after her "Your clan has lost their faith and shall be punished" she said as she then snapped the man's neck letting fall onto the floor
She would almost yell when she saw the man but she would put her hands over her mouth, she didn't want to cause a scene as she stood there. Her eyes closing just as the man's neck was snapped " he...gone now?"
"Yes. He's gone now. I handled the situation...but it isn't over. There some shinobi I need to teach a lesson to" Fengyi said as her eyes turned red as she looked over at Wu's sleeping form "When the sun goes down"
Aya walked over to the room and over towards Wu who still was passed out, "should we wait till Wu wakes up" she asked looking at her
"No. He needs to sleep. And you need to stay here little girl. may come if you wish. The ninja have honor. They will not harm the innocence of a child. You will watch the Kamikage clan fall off the face of this earth"
Ayame would almost reach out to wake Wu as she then turned to look back at her, she paused but would speak "who are the Kamikage?" She asked
"I am glad you asked. Back when I was still in power before Kurama stole my energy I was a powerful sorceress and the queen of the damned. The Kamikage are my vampire bodyguards. Essentially my children of hundreds of years who have chosen to serve and protect their Dark Lady from the shadows. They have not made a direct attempt on my life so it seems they still want something...if nothing else to prove a point that they are no longer under my command" Fengyi frowned with a small growl "Such insubordination will not be tolerated"
She listened and would speak "do you think some of them are still loyal to you Fengyi?" She asked as she moved over to her, "you’re their mother aren't you?"
"If there were any still loyal this mutiny would be done already. No they all move in unison"
She would nod her head as she stood there, "I just don't want to see anymore death....maybe if there was one still...they could help us...defeat Kurama."
"You are hopeful princess. Never lose that light. But as for me and my children, we dwell in the land of darkness. And Wu now walks the solemn path in between"
She would give a faint smile as she stood there, "but...but wouldn't it be good that way you will always have someone that is family with you too..." she stated
"Not everyone needs a family princess. You'll understand when you're older” she said "Now I have some ninja too punish. You may come or stay here"
She would move up to her as she spoke "I want to come" plus with Wu asleep she didn't want to be bored or tempted to wake the monk up.
Fengyi held out her hand to the girl "Then come learn about the darkness” she said as the girl took her hand and they disappeared in a whirl of cherry blossoms reappearing just outside an old temple "We are home"
She would take her hand and moved up to stand beside her before she would feel the small 'wind' and the scent of cherry blossoms before she looked around noticing the old temple. "Is this where you used to live?"
"Yes it is. 1000 years ago I lived right in this very castle. I ruled the eastern parts of these lands. Until Kurama came and seduced my power and lands from me that damn fox. I can’t wait to see him dead. He turned my ninja against me. Planted seeds of distrust about my ability to lead them and rule. Said I wasn't youkai enough. I'm a purebred vampire! Blood youkai are not to be taken lightly" she said
She could just hear the anger in her voice as she stood there still holding her hand, and looking around then she would look up at her. "So Kurama has done...a lot of damage just for power?" she asked as she then looked towards the temple, she pulled closer to Fengyi she felt like someone was reaching out to grab her.
"Do not fear. You are safe. That monk’s chi is powerful indeed. I've never felt so young” she said as they approached the temple raising her hands as the gates blew apart and many ninja rushed out, swords drawn
Ayame nodded some but kept her hand in hers, as she walked with her and when the gates where suddenly blown apart she couldn’t help but let out a small yelp. The smoke clearing she peeked up and would notice the ninja's moving towards them with swords. Aya stood there watching then looked at Fengyi "do you want me to stand some place so I don't get in your way?"
"Just stay directly behind him and observe” she said as she held out her hand "Muramasa. Come to me” she said as the blade that was by Wu's side suddenly appeared in her hand as she began to walk forward
She nodded and would move to stand back behind her but out of the way, and she blinked as she saw the sword that Wu had done so much to get appear in her hand. She stood in shock and wondered if Wu was awake.
"He's still sleeping” Fengyi said back to her "But he will awaken shortly” she commented as she then waved the sword through the air blowing all the ninja before her away
"How does the sword come to you? Does it have like half your soul in it or something Fengyi?" she asked watching as she easily tossed the ninja away as if it where nothing.
"Muramasa has been known throughout time as the demon blade. It is the sword I enchanted and pulled from my very soul. It is my essence. That is why whoever is worthy enough to hold Muramasa is wields my power and authority over the shadows. The ninja rebel because they do not see me as their rightful leader, and do not wish to serve another monk as wielder of the blade. They are to learn it is my decision who rules, not theirs, and not Kurama's"
"So you...basically also rule over the monks then?" she asked as she tilted her head, looking at her. "Because without the sword all the grandmasters never could really become the leader...that’s why Wu wanted it so bad...”
"Now you're getting the big picture. Those who want power must learn to coexist. The Yuan. Your ancestor Rei Yuan and his best friend Sheng-ju. Rei Yuan was the first heart of the dragon and a Dragon Master. He tamed them, bred them, rode them, and loved them and in return the Dragons granted him their power. Sheng-ju was his best friend and he studied the dragons, their techniques and their soul. He gained their insight and as such was rewarded with the abilities.
His knowledge known as the first of the steel dragon. And he protected his best friend, though he was never truly a dragon himself. Then my monk met me. I was a young chi witch back then and my kung fu was unmatched. Sheng-ju wished to crush my evil off this earth before harm came to his Dragon's. But we fell in love...and I made him my lifeline. He gave me life and energy and in return I have him his immortality. To protect his friend and his dragons as long as they reign. Until Kurama showed up." Fengyi explained as a few of the remaining ninjas lowered their swords listening to her
"So to gain must study where it comes from, to truly understand how to use it for the good of the people" she said, she seemed wrapped up in the 'lesson' she didn't take notice the Ninja lowering their weapons. "So if Kurama showed up....wishing power and having to spread lies and deceit...then does he even have true power at all?" she asked thinking, and then continuing "Rei Yuan was the first alongside his friend they trained, taught, and worked together to create harmony and balance using their 'power' of unity though when Sheng-ju tried to defeat a sense you showed him a new side of power which still was unity as well....but Kurama has no the balance shatters right?"
"That's right. The problem with Kurama is that he generates his own pure power. And seeks to rob everyone else of theirs. Anger, hatred, madness, fear, they feed him. Where I am the shadows he is pure darkness." Fengyi said "There was a balance but Kurama seeks to destroy all harmony"
"So then shouldn't we try and reform the connections that Kurama has destroyed to defeat him? If we destroy each other isn't he just winning?"
"That's exactly what your family's role is. Peacekeepers. Now you understand what you are to do. What it means to be the Empress. That's your job"
Aya nodded as she stood there, she was the peacekeeper...the protector of the balance for both her kingdom and its people. She looked at Fengyi again and would speak "Th...then I should tell you not to kill them...fighting isn't the answer when all you have to do is are here to guide them"
"Are you giving me an order tiny Empress?” she said letting out a hearty laugh as she then sheathed her sword "I respect your courage young one"she said "I will let them live"

"A pity"came a bone chilling voice from all over as shadows appeared around the front entrance of the temple "Motherhood has made you soft, weak. No longer the powerful witch you once were" the shadows said as they then morphed as a man stepped out of them. He was tall with pale skin and a cool demeanor about him with his long black hair
Ayame would nod her head, though she was rather scared to be telling her what to do, but she would hold her ground. "Thank you Fengyi" she said softly, and would then feel a chill in the air as she would move up to her quickly to hide as she saw the man, and she gulped
"Kurama...."Fengyi said darkly as she looked at the man

"You have saved me a lot of trouble by tracking down the Yuan girl for me. Now hand her over for my safekeeping." Kurama said as Fengyi hissed at him as her hair stood on end as one of Kurama's tails sprouted out behind him "You dare to test my power witch? Just because you mothered my daughter does not mean I will show mercy"
Aya gulped some as she heard her say the man’s name, her fingers curling into her shirt slightly and she looked at Fengyi "we...we need to leave..." she whispered, she didn't want to go with that man, as she looked at him.
Fengyi nodded as she hissed again as shadows darted out towards them as there was suddenly a bright flash of blue light as Wu stood in front of them as his chi slowly withdrew into his body
Aya clung to Fengyi her eyes closed tightly as she was scared, before she would soon feel the bright light or see it some as she looked up and saw Wu. "Wu!" she said happily and would move towards him
Fengyi grabbed the girl quickly pulling her back "Foolish girl” she said as she looked at Wu whose eyes were dark red "So you have awoken...protect both your masters. Kurama is your target” she said as Wu turned without saying a sword as he took the sword from her and rushed forward just as Kurama sprouted a second tail defensively throwing them up as a wave of chi zoomed passed him as he growled "Another monk hm. The last of your kind"
Ayame yelped when she was jerked back and looked at him then to Wu as she froze seeing his eyes where blood red. She stood there in fear, that wasn't Wu that wasn't the man she knew as she would speak "w...what’s wrong with him..."
"Someone threatened me. Vampires do not take kindly to anyone or anything even touching a pureblood. His rage and bloodlust alone make him as strong as a 2 tailed fox demon. I don’t think Kurama has restored enough strength to produce more than 3 tails currently."
Aya looked over to Kurama she would then glance at Wu, before she would yell "Wu!! Show him what it means to mess with the monks!!" She said wondering if he'd even respond but if she didn't show some confidence Kurama would win.
"Come on” Fengyi said "Let's leave him to fight without worry or distraction” she said picking up the girl and vanishing

Kurama and Wu stared each other down with dark glares before Kurama turned around "I shall deal with you when the time comes” he stated calmly as he vanished into the shadows again
Aya nodded and held onto Fengyi and then looked back to Wu before they vanished. Once they were safely back at the inn Aya spoke. " you think Kurama planned that?" She asked
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"There is no way of knowing if he planned that but I do know he is aware of your presence and wants to stop you. And I am going to make sure he doesn’t lay a hand on you. Not after the abuse he put my daughter through" she said sadly "She won’t even talk to me"
Aya looked at her "I’m sorry...that your daughter does not talk to you...maybe one day she will?"
"She hasn’t in almost 1000 years. She ran away from me. Cursed my name. And her father's"
"Oh...” she said softly as she stood there, and would then look out the window as they had safely returned to the Inn "will wu make it back alright?"
"I'll make it back perfectly fine" Wu said as he walked through the door looking at the two of them "You two could have been in serious danger.” he said as Fengyi sighed "There was no way to tell Kurama would show up"
Ayame would turn when she saw Wu and smiled happily and ran over to him, hugging his leg some. "Fengyi took me out to the village and...I didn't want to wake you up so we went to take care of her ninjas..."
"And I am assuming they are taken care of now?” he asked looking at Fengyi as she nodded "I was commanded by the empress to not kill them. Some may be loyal. But most serve Kurama" Fengyi said
Ayame would smile as she stood there, she seemed rather proud of herself.
Wu raised an eyebrow looking at the two of them but didn't question it further "Alright, time to put the Empress to bed" he said "You need to get some sleep"
Ayame would put some as she stood there "but I’m not...-yawns...- tired..." she stated trying to fight that she wasn't tired.
Wu smiled as he picked her up and carried her out of the room "Come little Empress, I will tuck you in” he said "The adults have to do some talking tonight before we go to bed “he said as he helped her change into her sleeping clothes folding her old one "Go rinse off your face in the basin"
She didn't want to sleep but for once it would seem like was relatively normal other than sleeping in an inn and not the palace she grew up in. Aya would move to the basin and would wish her face as asked, and looked back at Wu "if I’m to be empress...aren't you suppose to let me do what I want?" she asked rubbing at her eyes some.
"Of course. When you become of age to actually assume the throne. You are too young and have much growing to do. So I help you think adult thoughts so when you are an adult you are a wise and honorable one." Wu said calmly as he smiled at her "though you are already wise beyond your years"
She looked at him and would then speak "Wu...even when I'm'll still be there for me right?" she asked as she would move to the little futon set up for her. "I never...had a brother..."
"Princess I will be there for you even after I've taken my dying breath when we are old and gray." Wu said as he laid her down and tucked her in
She looked at him and would nod her head, " should help Fengyi be with her daughter...she seems to really miss her...”
"Fengyi has a daughter?" Wu asked as he looked down at her "I never knew that" he said "But I will try if that is what you ask of me Empress"
"Everyone deserves to have family..." she said with a small yawn and would lay down as she felt him pull the blankets up around her.” goodnight Wu...”
"Goodnight” he said as he stood up and left the room blowing out the candle and sliding the door closed as he returned to the other room with Fengyi taking in a deep breath "I don’t even know where to start"
Fengyi let out a sigh as well as she looked at Wu "So I see you have awoken and figured out how to summon yourself to my side. I can feel your bloodlust. You are well trained. I can sense that you wanted to attack Kurama.” she said as Wu nodded "I did want to. But I knew I was outmatched. He wasn't displaying his full strength and I'm not yet adapted to mine." he commented as he leaned down biting into her neck drawing some of her blood "The Empress said you have a daughter?" he asked before going back to drinking her blood again

Fengyi sighed as she gently stroked his head as he fed from her and nodded "There is something you need to know...and the reason why I found the princess. This 'grandmother' that you are headed towards, she is my daughter...and Kurama’s” she admitted "Centuries ago when Kurama took me as his wife to rule my territory he conceived a child with me. But he was cruel and abused her, and I was powerless to stop him, so she ran from me, and into the arms of Rei Yuan who had since gained eternal life with the Dragons by that point. It was because of because of her that Rei Yuan learned the sealing techniques to seal each of Kurama's tails away, weakling him in order to seal him away. She did the same thing to herself. But she has lived a long and cold life. And it's all my fault” Fengyi said sadly as she wiped a tear from her eye as Wu pulled back looking down at her "I will help reunite you with your daughter. I will learn her sealing techniques, and teach them to the Empress when she is ready, and she will stop Kurama forever. Believe in her, and in your daughter too." he said as Fengyi smiled "You are quite the chosen monk indeed. Almost a pure reincarnation of Sheng-Wu" she said stroking his cheek as she laid down with him kissing him gently

Ayame wouldn't wake up till that morning, once again it was just as the sun was peeking up over the clouds and she yawned softly, sliding from her futon and would move over towards the window blinking a few times as she rubbed the sleep from her face while watching the busy village was already moving about
"The girl is awake" Wu said as he opened his eyes untangling himself from Fengyi as he stood up dressing himself and knocking on her door "Aya” he called softly
She looked over "you can come in Wu" she said sitting in her sleeping kimono watching the villagers, she smiled a bit just watching them.
"Did you sleep well?” he asked opening the door as he came in
"Mhmmm" she said watching the people as she would smile a bit, "I like watching them...they don't seem to worry about anything other than what they are going to do that day..."
"That is because they were living in a time of peace. Soon evil will spread across the lands and their lives are going to change drastically" Wu said "But for now everyone is happy and enjoying life"
She would rest her chin on her arms some watching "how do we protect them from Kurama?" She asked watching she didn't want them to loss the peace they had in their lives.
"We beat Kurama" Wu said simply as he stood behind her "We can do it. You can do it"
Glancing back at him she wasn't so sure, she was just a child "but we can't do it now...they will think we abandoned them till I'm older...”
"They are soon going to think you are dead when the word travels this far finally. You coming back to fight Kurama will give them hope"
She looked at him then back to the people "but how...I don't know how to fight...and it's going to take forever for you or even Fengyi to teach me..."
"You forget you are the heart of the dragon. You have many skills inside of you already, just waiting to be unlocked and mastered. "Have faith in yourself"
Ayame still was not sure, she didn't feel like she was this heart everyone said she was, and the reason she was being hunted. She was only a child, and though so many said to have faith and believe and that she would be a great empress when she was older. "So what happens now Wu?"
"We eat breakfast and continue on towards your Grandmother's house” he said "We must get there"
The thought of seeing her grandma did make her happy, she hadn't seen her in a long time "I hope she gives me some of her candy it's the best!!" She said jumping to her feet and giggling as she moved to her bag to get her outfit but as she did an elegant and very ornate hairpin fell out. It was also in the Yuan house colors with a dragon woven into the metal
Wu looked over as he heard a small thud on the ground as he noticed the hairpin "Ayame what is that on the ground?"
She would pause some when she heard him, as she would turn quickly as she ran forward and picked it up holding it close "...nothing..." she said holding it tightly
"Ayame. Show it to me” he said standing over her "It looked like your hairpin. I thought I told you we had to remove everything” he said
She shook her head "I'm not giving it to you!" she said as she would dart out of the room quickly and would run over towards Fengyi. "Fengyi!!!" she yelled not wanting to give up her hairpin
Fengyi sat up from the bed looking down as Ayame ran to her and looking up seeing Wu's face "What is going on here?” she asked "Did someone drink someone's blood?"
"He's trying to take the hairpin momma gave me..." she said as she held the thing in her small hands, "I’m not giving it up, I won’t I won’t I won’t!"
"Oh Wudong, just let the girl have it. What harm could it do? You were already trying to get rid of it. Just say she bought it" Fengyi said as she put the pin into the girl’s hair "Besides Kurama is currently at a disadvantage right now. He only has the power of 3 of his tails back. Between the two of us there is no way he could harm the Princess. We do have a bit of time as he regains control of his other 6 tails"
She would smile a bit at Fengyi as she looked at Wu as she would speak " else is grandmamma to recognize me...she's the one that gave it to momma than me" she said as she gave Wu a small glare.
"She would recognize you because she's a demon and knows your scent" Wu said shaking his head "Just know that hairpin is going to cause nothing but problems” he warned
"I’ll keep it hidden like I did in my bag Wu...I wasn't wearing it I just want something...of momma and papa...”
"Fine. Keep it" Wu said shaking his head "Go get dressed so we can eat and leave. We need to get back on the road” he stated
She would smile happily as she would nod her head and would then move back into the other room to put on her clothing, the hairpin still in her hair sparkling in the light.
Wu sighed as he shook his head "You two are going to drive me insane” he said as he began putting on his clothing to get ready to leave
With the help of Fengyi she got into her ordinary kimono and her hairpin was smashed into her bag once again, just so that they weren't spotted so quickly till they were safely with her grandmother.
Soon the trio had eaten a hardy breakfast and resupplied with Fengyi actually managing to purchase two horses for their journey through the valley towards the mountains
Aya was sitting with Wu, looking around him as she sat behind him then over to Fengyi. Her bag lopped over her back so she could hold onto her own things in case they had to walk, "How long do we have to ride to grandmas?" she asked looking up at Wu.
"I'm not exactly too sure. No one except your family really knows where her castle is. I'm just going off of instinct" he said "But I'd say at least another day or so by horse"
Ayame would tilt her head some as she looked at Wu, "Momma always said to find grandma, you just follow the marks" she said as she would slightly kick her feet. "She said Grandma only wanted family to see it, and that only those of grandma's bloodline could see the marks...."
"Follow the marks him?" He said "Well then I need you to lead the way Empress. I am at your command” he smiled
Ayame looked at him, and would then look at the road ahead of them. She wasn't sure what to look for, but her father always told her she'd know when she saw it.
"We still have a bit of a journey. We will get there." Fengyi said as she then sped up smiling "Keep up!"
The young empress would smile some as she looked at Wu, "come on lets race!" she said as she held onto Wu's shirt so that she wouldn't fall off
" As you wish” he said as he began racing across the valley side by side with Fengyi as they headed deeper into the mountain range
Ayame started laughing as she held onto Wu, and would grin happily she hadn't had this much fun in a while as she would speak "go wu go!!"
Wu smirked as he began to channel his chi into his horse as it began glowing blue and flew past Fengyi flying at light speed
Ayame laughed loudly as she smiled happily and would giggle, looking around her and then to Wu as she smiled "faster faster!!" she said happily
"You want to go faster than this?" Wu asked surprised "You are quite the adventurous spirit"
She giggled happily "dragons fly supper fast right? This is good practice" she said happily
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"Yes Dragons fly much faster than this horse could ever hope to run" Fengyi said beside them as they began to slow down to give their horses a break
She nodded as she giggled happily and would push some of her hair from her face, "I hope I can be friends with them...papa said they were very wise and strong creatures"
"They were some of the oldest creatures in existence" Wu said nodding "And one of the few to actually befriend mankind and protect us"
"I hope they like me...” she said softly as she looked around, the horse was tired from the running but it continued to move on at a slower pace
"I'm sure they will. You and they share the same heart and soul" Fengyi said "You are definitely the descendant of Rei Yuan"
"Why you say that?" she asked looking at her, wondering why she said it that way.
"You act like he did when he was younger" Fengyi said
"Papa always said he was a silent and scary man...and that if I didn't behave he'd summon dragons to eat me...”
"Maybe when he was older he was kind of scary. But he was a passionate young man who wanted nothing more than to fly with dragons"
"Papa always tried to be like least that’s what Momma said" she said as she looked at Fengyi "if I am like that cause we both are the hearts?"
"I wouldn't be surprised if it wasn’t” she said smiling "You guys are definitely related"
"What did he all do before he became the emperor?" she asked she had always heard what he did while as an emperor but never really his life before.
"Hmmmm if memory serves he was an orphan boy with no family. He lived on the streets with his friend Sheng-ju until they grew older and left the village to explore the lands" Fengyi explained to them
"He did. We found out his family was a noble family from the mainland. Which is why the Yuan name is so strong. He established their name across our lands"
"So he found his family and took on their name once again to show that even those from low starting’s can rise gain?"
"That was the platform he used go gain his following and lead people. And it is the same thing as you. Kurama took everything from you and still you will rise again Phoenix Empress" she said
"Phoenix....but I’m not a bird...” she says as she sat there tilting her head some.
"You don’t have to be a bird to possess the ability to rise again from the ashes" she said
She thought some as she would speak, "I’ll be a phoenix then...because without you two I wouldn't be able to rise anyways"
"We are simply here to nurture you. Your power is all your own" Wu said shaking his head "Our job is just support and protection"
She would look at him, then she looked to Fengyi "How do you even run a kingdom? Papa made it look easy...”
"You have a lot of advisors and people that help you" Fengyi said "Your job is simply to give the final answer"
"So like I ask you two then?" She said looking between the two of them, though as she looked at Wu she would speak "do I still have to have an arranged marriage?"
Wu shook his head "No there is no chance of that happening anytime soon now"
"So if I wanted I can marry you?" She asked, she was just looking up at him as innocent as can be, her hair falling over her shoulder some.
"When you are of age if you want to marry me we can discuss it then” he said laughing slightly "But you don’t want to marry me"
"Why not? Fengyi likes you enough to have sex. Isn't that what most married couples do anyways?" She asked looking back at Fengyi then to him.
Both of them blushes brightly as Wu looked down at her "What do you even know about sex? I'm only 19 and I hardly know anything" he said "But yes that is what married couples do"
She looked at them both and would then start talking, "well momma said it’s when two people come together and ate intimate and it involves a series of movement that both male and female perform. It is how a child is born and normally done only between a couples that is married." She stated and looked at them, it would seem that her parents didn't shield her from that part. "Momma said papa liked being on top....but I do not know what that means..."
Fengyi blushed deeply as she looked down at the girl trying not to laugh "Your parents told you everything huh? You are definitely going to be quite a worldly Empress much like the last heart. You'll like when Wu is on top too” she said laughing as Wu blushed "Fengyi! She's still a child no matter how smart she is!"
Ayame would tilt her head some as she listened to Wu's reaction then glanced at him. "But you said I think like an what is on top mean?"
"Nothing" Wu said sharply as Fengyi laughed "I'll tell you later Princess.” she said as she looked around "We should be nearing the place where we change pathes to find her hidden castle" Fengyi said "Otherwise we'd end up at the next village"
She nodded with a small smile, though when they mentioned the path she would start to look around and would soon point. "There" she said, she could see it a glowing mark "one of grandma's marks"
"I don't see anything?" Wu stated as he turned his horse in the direction she pointed "You are sure about this?"
She would smile as she nodded, she knew that mark her grandmother used to show her a trick that created what she saw. "Just follow the white butterflies" she said as she pointed happily
Fengyi and Wu looked at one another and shrugged as they began down the path following the Empress's guidance
Ayame couldn't help but giggle as she was rather excited to seeing her grandmother, she hadn't seen her since she was very small and wondered if she would be excited to see her.
"I can sense her aura” Fengyi said "Very faintly...but it is familiar...which means she can also sense mine" she said as Wu nodded
"So grandma knows we are coming" she asked and looked ahead wondering if she could see her grandmother waiting or even her home
"Hmmm it seems that is the case here" Wu said suddenly feeling a stronger presence as they suddenly came to a stop by a strong barrier
Ayame would smile even more till they stopped and soon she slid from the horse stumbling forward a bit before she giggled "grandmamma!!" she called happily as she ran towards the barrier not seeming to care.
Wu went to reach for her but paused as the girl slid right through the barrier running into the arms of a tall slender woman with long black hair with white streaks jetting through it
"Grandmamma" she said happily as she smiled up at her, and would giggle. "I followed the marks like papa and momma said too..." she stated rather proud of herself that she remembered.
"Good job sweetheart. I'm very proud of you. And glad you made it here safely. A great evil has plagued our lands" she said softly "I am so relieved you are safe"
She nodded and then looked back at the other two wondering why they weren't moving over to them. "Why aren't you two over here?" she asked her head tilted some, she wasn't really one that understood magic to much yet. "Also...grandmamma what does 'being on top mean' they won't tell me"
"I have not allowed them to pass through my barrier. They are youkai. Demons that are impure. You should not be with them and they shouldn't be here." she said as she looked specifically at Fengyi who looked at her back "Ryoko..."she said softly
She stood there then would speak "but they helped me...Wu is the new grandmaster of the monks...and Fengyi been really nice...”
"The grandmaster hm?"She said as the barrier opened and Wu fell in but Fengyi was still outside "Then he may enter. But not the witch." She said coldly

"Ryoko. The girl already knows the truth. That I am your mother, and her great grandmother. Now let me inside. We need to discuss how to stop your father." She said as the woman bit her lip for a moment deep in thought before sighing as the barrier fell letting Fengyi pass
Ayame stood there waiting and would watch them and would smile a bit, then she would grab her grandmas hand, and looked at Wu "we
"Indeed we did Princess. We are finally here. Maybe now we can get some answers” he said as Ryoko ushered them inside as two ninja who had followed them in secret suddenly burst into flames turning into ash and floating away since her barrier absolutely destroyed weaker demon than herself
The walk up to the palace wasn't that far but Ayame was too busy admiring the plant life around it, though once inside she would look around and almost seem sad. Last time she was here....her parents where here too.
As they made it inside random servants came taking their things and hitching their horses in the stables as Ryoko lead them into a large sitting area on plush pillows as servants brought out tea and food for them to eat
Ayame would ease into a seat with a sigh, and she would smile a bit before she would put her hands together saying a quick prayer, before reaching out to grab the food still having her manners. Even out on the road she refused to eat any other way even if it brought attention to them.
"So it would seem we have much to discuss" Wu said as he sipped his tea "There are so many unexplained things going
Ayame looked at them all as she continued to eat, before she would look at Wu "weren't we suppose to just start out with reestablishing the monastery...”
"It isn’t that simple Princess. There is much more to it than just that" Wu said
"Oh..." she said as she sat there looking down at her food, then she spoke "so then shouldn't we start training and looking for people to ally with us?"
"No Ayame. In case you forgot there is a power hungry fox hunting you down" Wu said shaking his head "if you do early then it's all over. Hiding you until you are older and stronger is the safest bet"
"So we are to hide...while the kingdom suffers?" she asked starting to poke at her food now.
"Would you rather die and they die with you?” he countered looking over at her
"no..." she said softly having lost her appetite all of a sudden due to this talk, and she put her hands in her lap now just staring at the tray of food
Ryoko sighed as she refilled her tea "My poor Ayame. So many responsibilities thrust into your small hands. You shouldn't be dealing with these problems so soon."

Fengyi shook her head then speaking “We cannot safeguard her. She nor Kurama will let her hide away forever. We need to strengthen her to prepare to fight and rule"
Ayame looked over to her grandmother than to Fengyi, she knew the responsibilities that she needed to do, she knew what the cost would be if she failed to uphold them. "I...I understand..." she said softly.
"So what is it that you want to do little princess?" Wu asked then as he looked at her
"I don't know..." she said as she sat there, she really didn't know.” I...I don't know what it is to be an empress...I don't know!"
"Then now is the time when the adults make the decisions for you" Wu said as Ryoko and Fengyi nodded "We need to do much deliberation."

Fengyi then looked over at her daughter before speaking "Ryoko, I want you to teach Wu your sealing techniques so that he may pass them along to Ayame. Your father only has 3 of his nine tails so he is only at a quarter of his power. If we can seal his tails we may have a chance to stop him"
Ayame still sat in silence after that, like always the adults would decide things for her. She wanted to protect her kingdom, keep the people that had been so kind towards them from seeing the dangers and destruction of their home...
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There was much discussion and a few heated arguments and yelling before the three of them came to a conclusion "It will take you 5 years to master my techniques, Grandmaster. After those 5 years you will leave to the mountains to find a new monastery and train the princess on sacred ground...and once she is of age to be the crowned Empress you will decide when the time is right to destroy Kurama" Ryoko stated calmly "And find the remaining steel dragons"
"What am I to do in that time grandmamma?" she asked as she sat there listening, she had crawled over to her, using her lap as a pillow as she slightly napped. But after the arguments she had woken up some rubbing her eyes.
"You my cherry blossom are simply to be a sponge and absorb all information you can. The three of us will be your teachers, but unless you can receive what we are saying then it will have been for naught" she said gently stroking her hair brushing through it with her fingers
She nodded again and would rub her eyes still, and yawned the traveling, the running, everything seemed to be catching up to her again as she leaned against her grandmother. "I’ll do my make you...all proud..." she said as she drifted to sleep.
"My love as long as you are alive you could never make us unhappy” she said as she picked her up to carry her off to a bed to sleep
5 Year Later…

5 Years would come and go it would seem and during that time, things had drastically changed around the safety of Ryoko's hidden home. The land had become almost wasteland like with demons running wild while Kurama ruled from the ruins of the former Yuan Empire. However, a hint of hope still remained but unknown expect by a few the princess Ayame had survived growing up under the watchful eyes of her grandmother, her great grandmother and the grand master himself, she was raised to be a well-defined, elegant and noble Empress...but that seemed far from it at the current moment as a young girl hid from a rather pissed off Grand master, as she had skipped out on her lessons and was leave the safety of the barrier.
Wu had grown considerably in his time mentoring the Empress. Under the guidance Fengyi, who was a witch of the shaolin with access to hundreds of techniques long forgotten through time and Ryoko whose mystic powers of divination and her sealing techniques he had truly began down the path of a young grandmaster in his prime. Wu had also begun to understand how his youkai functioned as well as watching Ayame tap into her inner dragon and inner kyuubi as he trained her to be a destructive force in combat. However currently he walked through the garden a furrow on his brow "Ayame! We were supposed to start meditating an hour ago! I don't care if you think it's boring. You only have 3 more years until you are legally the Empress so until then you still have to do what I say!" He called out as he came to a stop looking around *She must be using that damned fox magic to hide herself* he growled

Fengyi shook her head as she idly floated around "Such a shame isn't it Ryoko, all the girl wants is to go outside the barrier and see the condition of the rest of the world. Don't you think it may fuel her more to see what chaos her great grandfather had brought upon it?"
Ayame would roll her eyes as she was hiding up in a tree, she didn't wear kimonos for training just a simple outfit much that the monks wore. She didn't want to meditate it was probably the most boring, thing in the world though when he brought up she had to do as he said she picked an apple from one of her grandmother's tree and suddenly chucked it at him. Hitting him hard in the back, more or less saying 'I’m not listening to you' the joys of raising a pre-teen Ryoko had warned him that a Yuan was stubborn, and was he feeling it now.

Ryoko looked to her mother, and would speak "It is far too dangerous for her to go beyond the barrier, and with her antics it does not reward it"
Wu growled as he spun around with his hand out as a whip made of chi shot out slicing down 4 trees around him "I will cut down this whole forest if I have to” he said "If I find you there will be hell to pay Ayame"

"We both know the time is nearing for her and Wu to leave the barrier anyway. Her 13th birthday is approaching in the next few days and Wu needs to begin his journey to find a new temple” Fengyi commented “We can’t keep her forever no matter how much you love her"
Ayame kept moving, she had tapped into her abilities to move through the trees she wasn't as quiet as Wu was and it took her a bit to remain focused on spells so as she ran the illusion to make her blend in with her surroundings would falter some, just as she went to run past Wu and hit him with another apple. Though she could feel his eyes right on her, making her yelp "crap!" she thought jumping away to try and re-make the spell.

Ryoko sighed, sadly she was right she wanted to protect her keep her from the dangers that the world had. "let us see how they do, going to the village....test to see how well they can handle themselves outside the safety of the barrier"
Wu quickly put his hands together saying a quick chant as she then froze in midair as he turned towards her then letting out a sigh "Well now you can’t run away, or hide your presence" he said as he unfroze her as she fell onto the ground "How long did you think you could run?"

Fengyi nodded "It's only been 5 years, but the world is radically different now. Kurama's evil has soaked into the ground and the heart of the people. I thought your husband really had defeated him.” she sighed
She groaned as she hit the ground, and rubbed her back some and glared at him before pushing herself up slowly. "long as I could...I'm tired of training...I want to help the people, I’m their Empress yet I’m stuck here while they suffer"
"As did I...but it seems somehow he remained" Ryoko said sadly and looked to see the two of them arguing. "Seems the empress has a sharp tongue today"
Wu couldn't help but laugh as she said that "Help the people? You want to help them? How? By dying? You couldn't even beat me to make it out of the barrier and you think you're ready to take on Kurama and his evil creations roaming your empire? You are suffering with them Princess. You feel their pain and can do nothing but wait and listen to the agony of the trees. But you aren’t ready to help them yet. You aren’t the Empress. You still have some training to go.” he said back to her

Fengyi blinked listening to the two of them "Oh this is getting good, I wonder how she'll react"
When he began to laugh at her, her eyes narrowed even more and she pushed herself up staying silent as he continued to go on. Her fists clinching tightly, as he just said she would die and that she could do nothing other than just be a nuisance. That’s all she was all these years it would seem, her head lifted up tears filling her eyes but not falling but her eyes weren't the normal brown instead they were turning pure white. "I'm tired of waiting...I'm tired of being called weak or pathetic...." she said as the wind began to pick, "You have no idea the pain I hear...the cries I have to listen to because the wind whispers to me at night...I'm tired of just sitting around!" she screamed as the wind suddenly would slam into him.
Ryoko chuckled "seems she’s using a preferred technique of Wu's...using the wind"
Wu was swept off of the ground before flipping backwards and landing again as he narrowed his eyes "Fine Ayame... you are tired of waiting around. Then prove you are ready. You have far more power than I have, but I am much more skilled. If you can overwhelm me with your pure power, then I will take you beyond the barrier. If I win, you meditate." He challenged her "But I will fight you as hard as I will fight Kurama. I will not hold back because I am your teacher."

Fengyi looked between the two of them before glancing at her daughter "It seems Wu has decided to put whether she stays or goes up to the Princess instead. This is great, I've been wanting to see the power the princess really has. So far it's only truly manifested when she was in danger"
She glared at him as she stood there, before nodding "fine..." she stated in agreement as she would slid herself into her fighting stance. Ayame felt her power building, before she would soon charge at him her eyes glowing as a staff would appear in her hand made from her own chi it was the representation of the 'fang' of the dragon.
"We shall see if she is able to perform" she said leaning back as she would pick up the cup of tea she had with her.
Wu didn’t hesitate as he instantly whipped out Muramasa from his sheathe and deflected her blow of the staff feeling the wind whip around them as he held up his free hand chanting as a large wave of chi blew her back from him as he rushed behind her firing three small balls of chi
She hadn't really been given a weapon, only manifesting them from memories and knowledge of the past warriors of her family. She skidded back as he blasted the chi at her, and she winced before quickly turning cutting through each ball, her mutterers something to herself before tilting the blade down, and with the aid of the wind created a large dust cloud. The sound of chanting could be heard, and he knew it was her using fox magic as she would vanish and rush around from the side, raising the blade to cut up his back.
Wu spun around quickly as his chi surrounded him in a dome knocking away her blade as he turned to face her *She's able to manipulate different magic’s at the same time...she used to struggle to do that*he thought to himself as he calmly sat down closing his eyes as he waited for her to strike again
Ryoko would raise a brow as she watched them, "hmm she never was able to use both magic’s before....let us see if she can do more" she stated wondering if this was just a special case out of anger Ayame could do a lot of things.
Ayame was breathing heavily, using both magic was not something she could do well. And it was showing as she bit her lip trying to not give him her position by how hard she was breathing. Holding the staff she would watch him, glancing around her he was waiting for her attack she smirked as she would notice a dozen or so apples on the ground from him cutting the trees down, she picked them up and began to throw them at him in all directions waiting for an opening to appear.
Wu held up two fingers as he let out a deep breath his eyes still closed as he took out his blade and began rapidly slicing the apples flying towards him though he missed one as he leaned back to avoid it as he lowered his blade to dodge

Fengyi raised an eyebrow as she watched "Seems Wu wants to see how she'll take advantage of her opportunity, I think he's noticed what we have as well. Very perceptive."
"He is her teacher after all, and the one destined to protect her" Ryoko said watching, wondering with her little sakura petal would do. Ayame took notice of him bending back, dodging the apple the blade moving down out of lethal range and she jumped forward the wind aiding in giving her a boost as if she was flying on wings as she let the Fox magic drop before swinging her staff down towards him.
Wu then opened his eyes locking them with hers as he fortified his body with chi as he used his forehead taking the strike of her staff directly on his head as a huge gust of chi and wind blew about them making the trees shake violently

"Well that was unexpected" Fengyi said "Taking the blow directly...he's lucky that didn’t floor him"
"He's either going to have a headache...or take it out on her later" Ryoko chuckled with a smile as she snipped her tea more.
Ayame blinked when he suddenly took the hit directly, the staff luckily was not bladed and just a staff, but when the blast of the chit hit she was launched backwards and would slam into a tree with a yell as she leaned forward catching herself some with her staff.
Wu turned to face her as he slowly began walking towards her as his eyes turned into a dark red as his blood demon aura began to mix into his chi turning his energy a dark purple color *Now to see her power unleashed* "Ready yourself now Ayame. I'm coming for you"
She was taking in a deep breath wincing from slamming into the tree, though when she looked up she saw his eyes changing color and the color of his chin was flowing around him. She pushed herself up, she had to figure out a way, as she moved back this wasn't good she couldn’t move as fast. 'I won’t give up...' she thought to herself, 'I won’t fail them...' she gripped the staff tightly "then come and get me Wu!" she yelled.
Wu glared at her "Allow me to pass judgment upon you” he hissed out as he dashed at her as he began a rapid assault of dangerous fists and flying kicks towards her
She gulped she knew he wasn't going to go easy, he never really did as she took a deep breath but as he started to rapidly punch and kick at her, she tried to block them. Using her staff to block each blow, as she moved back, wincing as she got hit several times 'I won’t back down' she thought. (Not sure how to get her powers to react...
He jumped back then putting his hand up in the air as a large purple ball formed that crackled dangerously as he walked towards her "You want to help the world Princess?" He said darkly as his demon side dominated currently. He needed to put her in real danger to see if she responded, it was a gamble, but she was the one who took his challenge "Show me you have what it takes" he said as he then threw the ball of energy at her as it zoomed towards the trees as Wu crossed his arms watching patiently for her reaction
Her eyes widened when she saw the ball of light coming at her, and she would yell loudly as she shielded herself just as it hit. Ryoko stood up then, as the large ball of energy caused a large explosion dust kicking up. However, as things settled a large amount of energy could be felt as standing in the middle was Ayame but her head hung low as she took several deep breaths, but he could hear her muttering 'won’t give up...have to save them...' she moved forward, but after the third step she suddenly vanished and was behind him, a large blade in her hand raised up and she swung down on him, but he couldn't see her face. Was she in a daze?
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on Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:46 pm
Wu's eyes widened as he turned his head as her blade dug into his back as he winced before flickering and vanishing appearing in front of her as he drew his sword "Ayame?” he questioned raising his blade feeling the blood running down his back
The sword in her hand was one he hadn't seen, and Ryoko chuckled "so that is where my husband’s sword went" she said her head tilted, "it disappeared some time ago...seemed it found its new user" Ayame didn't respond, her eyes hidden as she would leap forward swinging at him, but her arm seemed to be a blur as she slashed at him.
Wu hardly had time to react to her as he put his sword up as the two blades seemed to sing after making contact after a centuries apart. He kept pace with her though could easily feel himself being overtaken as he fought against her as he looked at her, he could visibly see her chi flowing in the form of two tails behind her that had not yet physically manifested *She's at the power of a two tails and I can hardly keep up with her*he thought to himself

Fengyi blinked "Masamune. The Twin Fangs reunited. Muramasa the demon sword and Masamune the divine sword. If she wields the Masamune she has the power to kill Kurama” she said shocked but with a determined look on her face "She's really the chosen one"
Ryoko nodded before looking closer as she saw the chi behind her, "Look" she said pointing at the faint hint of two tails behind her, "she’s not just divine..." she said while Ayame kept moving, before soon she held up her hand as a large ball of wind formed before she threw it at him, the ball would shatter like petals only to fly at him like a thousand blades.
Wu quickly lunged backwards as he took a deep breath putting his hand in front of his face as he blew a wall of fire stopping some of the blades as others flew through cutting his arms and legs as he winced taking a knee though he couldn't help but smile "A true challenge indeed. You are not the only one who needs to prepare to fight Kurama, I myself have much to learn” he said as he pushed himself up as he pointed his sword to her "I've been waiting to actually try out this form, I just have not gotten around to challenging one of your ancestors but you shall be the first to witness the full power of chi"
She stood there breathing heavily, still seeming out of it till she lifted her head up more. Two blue stripes ran down her face, as her eyes where glowing blue while she gripped the sword tighter "then change monk..." her voice didn't sound like hers, almost deeper was this not Ayame facing him/
Wu shifted his stance as his purple chi flowed off of his body as it danced around him dangerously around him as his eyes glowed with pure energy as his hair grew long and white "A chi demon” he said
She just smirked gripping the sword "let’s dance" she stated before rushing at him again, the blade in her hand singing loudly as it grew closer while energy wrapped around it, ready to tear into more than just flesh.
Muramasa flashed darkly as he swung at her as energy erupted from the two blades as they swung at each other almost too fast for the human eye to see

Fengyi had a surprised look on her face as what she was seeing "Just what exactly is this monk. For him to have such a chi reserve at such a young age...he is more than a simple reincarnation"
"Considering what we are witnessing with both of them...Ayame is more than just a human, she is also a demon. You turned Wu into one himself" she said watching in shock as the two continued to fight, loud ripples of energy washed over them even from this distance.
"Do you think Ayame will gain all 9 of her tails at some point?” she asked "She has techniques from all the previous heads of her clan"
"It’s possible...but I don't think that’s Ayame..." she said softly as she watched.” The way she’s not her or. It is but this is just another side to her we haven't seen"
"Well whoever she is she is terrifyingly good. And powerful. Kurama should be quite nervous indeed knowing we have a new power to cultivate in her" Fengyi said "I think they are evenly matched right now, they both seem to be tiring out"
"Should we go and retire them?" Ryoko asked with a small smile as she stood up and took a deep breath, "Ayame should be easy enough to knock out, I can see she’s faltering now"
Fengyi nodded at her then as she vanished and appeared behind Wu as she delivered a swift blow to his neck catching him as he fell to the ground
Ryoko would do must the same, as she would move up behind Ayame, her hand out as she would create a sealing technique before gently pressing her fingers to the girls neck, "sleep.." she whispered, as Ayame gasped and soon would fall to her knees before Ryoko caught her, "easy now" she said with a smile, the sword vanishing.
Fengyi waved her free hand and the two sleeping demons vanished appearing in their beds as she turned to Ryoko "I never would have guessed they had that in them. Did you know all along this would happen?” she asked "I've always been jealous of your diviniation and foresight"
"I knew someone like them would appear, not that it was them" she said standing there and looked over the damage done with a sigh, "Ayame is going to be upset with herself once she knows she had a part in the destruction of her favorite 'play' area"
"So they really are Rei and Sheng reincarnated?” she asked astounded as she began walking back with Ryoko "How do you feel about everything?"
Ryoko walked with her mother back towards the house, and then glanced at her "how I feel is irrelevant considering the situation, this land has gotten on without me but I only hope that Ayame can find a place in it. She is after all the last of our bloodline even if you somewhat have one in Wu"
Proved to us she is ready. I think it is time we let Wu take her to find a new home to rule from." she said "It's now or never."
"she has much to learn, she had no control over what had happened but..." she would sigh it was time after all the girl would be of age soon enough, she still needed training but both her and Wu where going stir crazy, the man ha proven he was ready to start his monastery..."once they recover let’s talk to Wu, either way he’s still her guardian he has to decide if she’s ready to leave or not"
Fengyi nodded as she then paused "Ryoko, I need to talk to for a moment about a very serious part of the role we have to play next
She turned to look at her mother, her hands in her sleeves "what are you getting at?" she asked.
"If Ayame and Wu are to have adequate time in order to search for a new monastery, we need to distract your father. Throw them off of their course every now and again. But to do that three things must come from you that you aren't going to like. First we must leave this castle. Second you must unseal your power again. That alone will send your father into bewilderment. And third I'm going to need you to stay with me...and trust me...and let me help you" she said as she looked her daughter in the eye "We have had our past differences and nothing will xhange that...but we have a future to preserve and our bloodline to help...I think it is more important than childhood grudges my moon-lily" she said saying her baby name
Ryoko listened to her, she didn't like what she was hearing however she knew she had a point. The moment those two left the barrier their power would be felt by her father, he would go after them faster than they could probably even get to the next village, she eyed her mother judging her words and actions now. "If I leave...and unseal my abilities it should be enough to hide Wu's and Ayman’s...but he won't fall for this trick for long and you know that"
"Which is why we need to work together. When he comes after us if we can seriously damage him, it could buy them more time. I tested his strength when we first met. He has the strength of a three tail and soon to unlock the fourth. His regeneration rate has slowed dramatically over time. If we can make him use enough energy or hit him hard enough to make him hurt it may stop him from unsealing his fourth for a longer time"
"we would have to do it when he’s least expecting it, he'll plan if we senses us coming..." she stated thinking, if she left this place she could perhaps use the energy within the barrier to cast out 'false' energy signals. "If we lure him...into a direction and then hit him...we may have a chance to prevent the 4th tail from unsealing till they are ready"
"I think we can do it. If we get into position and lure him towards us and ambush him with our full power we can send him back into hiding” Fengyi said confidently "Can we do it then?"
Just by the sound of her voice she could tell that Fengyi wanted this, to get close to her daughter once more, and attempt to repair the bonds that Kurama had destroyed. "I'm doing this for Ayame, she deserves the life my husband failed to give when he couldn't kill Kurama"
Fengyi nodded with a smile "Of course” she said as she then hugged her daughter pulling her in tightly "Thank you Ryoko"
Ryoko tensed up when she was hugged, but she would raise her hands to gently return it before pushing back. "Don’t grabby I said I’d work with you...” she said quickly
"Oh but my princess how much I've missed you!" She said as she hung onto her tightly nuzzling her "And how beautiful you are! And how much you've grown up! You were such a tiny baby and now you have huge boobs and children and grandchildren and where did the time go!” she cried pulling her daughter in again
Ryoko was getting annoyed now as she would soon vanish from her hold and would appear off to the side, "enough Fengyi, we have two tired children to tend to and yours will probably be thirsty when he wakes" she said turning to go to Ayman’s room.
Fengyi smiled as she watched her retreating form "How I've missed you my little one." She said to herself. Before the birth of her daughter she was a completely different person, a heartless bloodsucker, but motherhood changes blood youkai in mysterious ways "I will fix all of this” she said as she began inside heading up to their rooms
Ayame would groan softly as she would wake up a few hours later, her body felt heavy and her head throbbed as Ryoko would look over at her with a smile, she leaned over and gently parted her hair. "Hello sweat heart..." "What happened?" "You and Wu had a bit of a training session"
Wu woke up as his eyes snapped open as Fengyi stood over him "It seems the cut on your back fully healed” she commented with a smile as he sat up "What happened to Ayame?"
Ryoko helped the girl sit up, "come on lets go get a nice bath" she said smiling helping her stand up and moved to the baths.
"She's fine. You two came to a draw at the end of your match” she said "Though it looks like your cut is fully healed now."
Ryoko would step into his room not long after, looking at him "Ayame is awake...I sent her to the bath to relax her chi levels where very low"
Wu nodded as he pushed himself up looking at her "I never knew her inner power had grown so much. My life was seriously in danger for a brief moment" Wu said "That was the best battle I've ever had"
"The only issue with that, is I do not believe that was Ayame you were fighting...she cannot recall anything after the explosion." she watched him as he pushed himself up, and she moved to the window looking out it before speaking. "Due to this...both I and Fengyi is time for you both to leave..."
"I would agree to both of those statements" Wu said "She wasn’t her usual self, she was something completely different. And I agree it is time to leave. The only way she is going too truly master her abilities are threw combat and being in a dedicated monastery"
Ryoko nodded, "then its decided" she said looking at Fengyi before speaking again, "once you two are rested and have the supplies needed head towards the mountains, that is the best place to create a monastery...Fengyi and myself will be the ones keeping Kurama from finding you"
"Keeping Kurama from finding us? What exactly do you two plan to do?” he asked

"We are two of the most powerful demons to talk this planet...we have our ways" Fengyi said with a smirk
"all you must know is that once you two leave, this place will not be here'll have to fend for yourselves" Ryoko said sadly, "keep Ayame safe, she’s still a child and naive at times...but she is the hope for this land as are you Wu"
"I will not fail. Her safety is my number one concern" Wu said nodding "You can count on us"
"Good, once you’re able start packing the necessary things, I will make the arrangements to drop my barrier...”
"Yes milady" Wu said bowing his head as he grabbed his bag as he began filling his enchanted bag with everything he could need, herbs, salves, bandages, gold and anything else as he then tied the bag off and laid his hand on it as it vanished, able to be summoned anytime he wanted
Ryoko would nod her head watching him, "I'll go check on Ayame, Fengyi you best...allow him to feed it maybe some time before he will again" she said as she would step from the room, and headed towards Ayman’s room.
Fengyi was surprised by her suggestion but nodded and moved over to Wu as he bit her and the door closed...
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Leaving the Barrier

They wouldn't get ready to leave for several hours, after Ayame had recovered enough to even show signs she could travel. Ryoko had gotten them both two demon horses, a minor demon and where not uncommon to see in today’s world. Ayame shifted as she pulled at her new clothing as Ryoko spoke "demons mostly run wild out there, but some are tamable like these...they should get you to where ever you need to go"
"Thank you milady" Wu said as he finished strapping his equipment onto the saddle as he helped Ayame up onto her horse and mounted his

Fengyi smiled at them as she waved at them "Head to the mountains, the spirits will guide you from there Grandmaster. You must find your temple and train the Princess in your arts so that she may rise as the Phoenix Empress. Be swift and be safe. We too shall be playing our own part to make sure you succeed" she said softly looking at them "Good luck"
Ayame would look at the two women and nod her head some "please be careful...." She stated before looking at Wu as they would leave the barrier after so many years. Though as they did Ryoko waited before closing her eyes as she chanted softly before the barrier shattered sending a pulse of energy in several directions just to hide Ayame and Wu’s chi levels. "That should by them 2 days...we best move fast" Ryoko said
Fengyi nodded as she watched the two of them sprint off as she turned to Ryoko "Let's go try and trap your father now" she said smiling
Ryoko would nod her head as she would turn and leave with her 'mother'.
Ayame road besides Wu as they traveled quickly on the 'demon horses' they needed less pretty much everything, "why all of a sudden are we leaving the barrier?"
"I believe I found your father's old den." Fengyi said as they traveled "If we go there, he'll believe we're hunting him and try to intercept us. That is where we shall take him” She said "Though I will be slightly less powerful because I no longer wield Muramasa, I'm counting on you to use all of your tails against him"

"I saw something truly great in you Princess during our battle" Wu said "A deep power that once you master will make you unstoppable. But I don’t believe you at your current age will be able to manifest it in the safety of the barrier. It is a protective power and you need to feel the danger around you and the need to protect others from suffering to manifest it. So now is the time when I take you on as my apprentice and teach you how to master the power. You need discipline. You need to rise as the Empress because you are transitioning from a child to a woman. And from Princess to Empress. You must learn the ways of the Steel Dragons now." Wu explained to her as they rode on
"I don't remember anything from our match....I just remember you coming at me and you where glowing then everything went black." She said simply as they kept moving though she just listened to him, so this all was to push her to become stronger....she had been told when they entered the barrier her childhood was more or less over and training began but was that just a warm up to what was to come?
Ryoko would nod her head "I will use all my power to wound him...he will not continue his chaos any further."
"It seemed as if I was battling the Dragon Emperor himself" Wu said "You manifested the legendary blade Masamune” he said

Fengyi nodded "Perfect, let's get there quickly, I'm sure Kurama has noticed your presence by now"
"Masamune?" she said looking at him, she had heard of the blade but it said when her ancestor died the blade vanished with his death. She would sit there in shock before looking ahead.
Ryoko smirked "then let’s move quickly" she stated as she took off.
The sword seems to be trapped in your spirit and we are going to free it" Wu said "Having the blade by your side will protect you from Kurama's evil. The blade has a powerful ward on it."

Fengyi nodded as they ran off heading towards where Kurama stayed when he was a younger fox youkai, and the new leader of a band of thieves and bandits.

Kurama sat upon the throne in the former Yuan castle as one of his ears twitched as he opened his eyes from dozing off "Oh what's this?” he said to himself "It seems I missed the family reunion"he sneered to himself as he stood up "Well, let's go pay them a visit"
"So if I conquer...the ability to control this sword while staying...myself we will have a chance?" she asked as they road along unaware of the brewing battle that was happening far behind them.
Ryoko kept moving, making sure that she was letting pulses of her energy to serge out, as if saying 'daddy come out in play'
It would certainly make things much easier for us" Wu said with a nod "That sword in your hands will be quite powerful"

The girls soon arrived at the den as Fengyi looked around "I remember when I was a young girl stumbling across these dens and seeing Kurama in his prime...what a proud demon he used to be” she said

Kurama was swiftly approaching her energy pings, traveling through the shadows and the darkness *So she wants to play games hm...What is with the sudden change*he thought
Ryoko looked around the den, she had been here a few times as a child being told this is where it had all began, as she would glance at her mother. Though just as she was about to say something she could sense him as she would look to her mother and gave her a nod.
Fengyi nodded as she then faded away, her chi already hard to detect and being masked by the powerful presence of her daughter and not soon after the skies grew a bit darker as Kurama materialized looking around his den "How long ago this was"
She had her back to him, looking as if she was just remembering though she would glance back at him before speaking "Yes it has been some time" she stated and turned fully, "hello...father"
"Ryoko" Kurama said with a smile on his face "You've been hiding from me for a very long time” he said as he came to stand in front of her "Do you know how it hurts a father when his favorite child turns against him?” he asked
She stood there, she couldn't appear like she was afraid in fact she wasn't she rarely if ever feared her father as she watched him get closer. "Clearly not missed enough, you never once did come looking for me and I made it so easy to that a child could do must be getting slow with age"
"Still have that sharp tongue just like your mother hm?"He said as he looked at her his three tails fanned behind him "My how beautiful you've become. And all without drinking a single drop of blood or chi in what well over 500 years? That Dragon's blood is still sustaining you hm? You are quite the marvel you know that Princess of the Dark Crown"
She took notice of his three tails, she couldn't help but chuckle as her own tails where slightly hidden due to a clever little bit of illusion magic, curtesy of practicing it out on her own mother to 'hide' "Considering you wiped out my beloved family, I've come to see just what my old weak father has been up to" she stated as she tasked at his tails. "Your losing your touch Kurama if you’re only at 3 tails and it’s been what...5 years since you killed my Yuan’s?"
Kurama growled lowly at her "You watch your mouth girl. 3 tails is more than enough to defeat you” he snapped at her

"But enough to stop both of us” came a voice behind him as Fengyi stood there with her arms crossed "Sad Kurama, which we had to come down to this."
"Oh my dear father, you have no idea just what your child has been up to all these centuries" she said as she would then hear her mother, and as she pulled attention that’s when Ryoko would attack forming a large chi ball and then throwing it at him. She would attack with everything she had...and all 7 of her tails.
Kurama's eyes shot open as he was blown backwards as Fengyi also gathered her energy and sent a large wave over him causing a huge explosion that shook the ground around them violently as she landed next to Ryoko
Ryoko stood there looking around, her ears twitching slightly that was to easy so she knew this was a bit of a battle, but she would quickly form another one ready to toss it "what’s wrong Old man, can't take on two women you thought you turned against?"
Kurama soon rose from the dust as he glared at them as he floated out of the whole "This is going to be fun. You ladies think you can stop me yourselves?” he laughed "I can sense the determination in your chi. its want to dance? Let's dance!” he said sending a large shadowy ball of energy at them
Ryoko would create a barrier as promised she would protect her mother, as she stood there the barrier didn't even flinch as Ryoko smirked and hats when her tails flicked into view. "You have only awaken 3...I have 7 let’s see who can win"
"7 tails....."Kurama said surprised "How after all this time...and your mother has had monks blood... you really wish to try and stop me hm?"He said growling "Bring it on!"
"Hmm as I said it was so easy to find where I was a child could find me" she stated with a grin as she would soon hold out her hand as a blade appeared before a second as she would soon hand it to her mother "figured this one would work best for you dear mother"
Fengyi took the blade smiling "Has a great weight to it" she said as she then rushed forward swinging it as it barely missed Kurama's tail but the ground still erupted behind him from the force of her chi as Kurama balked taking a few steps back "What power you possess..."
Ryoko would hold her own sword in her hand, "I have a lot of hate and revenge I wish to take out is all dear father...after all it is because of you my precious Yuan’s are gone" she growled before charging forward swinging her own blade, that seemed to pulse with a dark energy mixed with a power...the new the Yuan clan posset.
He glared as his sword appeared as Fengyi dashed forward swinging again as a second sword appeared as Kurama let his own dark energy pulse to match theirs though he could feel their magic’s pushing against his *Damn them, they are going to overpower me here* he thought
Ryoko could feel his power wavering, they just had to prevent him from being able to get his 4th tail that would get Wu and Ayame time. Ryoko would soon move up beside Kurama as he charged is power "not going to let you even have time" she stated swinging down at him again, another blast of power rippling form her sword
Kurama let out a loud yell as he was blown backwards as Fengyi came down swiftly assaulting him as they could see where his chi was beginning to falter where his fourth tail would from "Finish this Ryoko! She called as she kept slicing him
Ryoko would nod, as she would jump back and would soon hold her other hand against the blade and began to chant. As she did Kurama could see her power starting to swirl around her, the blade glowing not in a black light but pure white. Before she would soon look at him "this ends now..." she stated before swinging her arm as the power stored in the sword suddenly would cause the blade itself to shatter causing the small pieces of metal to fly at him each a small bomb of power.
Kurama's tails wrapped around his tails around him in an attempt to defend himself as he was blown away by the power she possessed as he laid motionlessly on the ground breathing heavily " you forsake me women?"
Ryoko was breathing heavily, she had spent up a lot of her power as she took a deep breath as she would speak "because you took....everything from us when you could have had so much more" she spat out. "You killed what I held dear, and ripped a hole to deep"
Kurama smiled as he looked up at the sky "But now I am going to take so much more. I sense what you were trying to hide now. I will recover, you cannot kill me, only the girl can"
Ryoko would speak "regardless if we cannot...your still pathetic" she stated as she could see the chi for his fourth tail evaporate he would not be able to gain the power for it for some time. "By the time you find will fall"
"I may fall, but I will bring this world down with me" Kurama said as one of his tails then shot out suddenly from the ground as it impaled Fengyi through the stomach as the woman gasped before falling down to her knees
Ryoko turned when that happened, "Fengyi!" she stated, she had sworn to protect the women, but she failed as she wasn't expecting that. She had promised Ayame no one else she knew would die...
As she turned Kurama used that moment to fade away to recover as Fengyi wiped blood from her mouth breathing deeply "I'm.....o...kay"
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Ryoko moved to her quickly, pressing her hand against her stomach, "I let my guard down..." she stated as she held her, "you cannot die...we promised Ayame we would stay alive and no one else would die because of Kurama."
Fengyi nodded leaning against her for support "S-sneaky fox" she sighed closing her eyes "Ryoko...I need blood” she said softly
Wu was too far from them, she couldn’t make it in time. "Take mine..." she said as she looked at her, and would reach up to pull her top down some.
Fengyi looked up at her gently caressing her face before sinking her fangs into her neck tasting her powerful demonic blood as she could feel herself slowly recovering
She would hold onto her some, keeping her hand pressed against her stomach, however when she suddenly bit into her neck she would take a deep breath.
Fengyi soon pulled back falling asleep gently against Ryoko as she let her body finish recovering
Ryoko held onto her taking a deep breath, her own body feeling drained but she would look around before casting a barrier around. It would at least allow them both to sleep without Kurama coming back with an army.
"Thank you" she said softly in her sleep as she drifted off

"I senses Kurama for a moment, but I can no longer feel his presence" Wu said as they continued riding "I think their plan may have worked"
Ayame glanced back behind her, then glanced at him "do you think they are all right?" She asked looking back wondering if they should go and find them.
"I'm sure they are fine. It seems they slipped behind a barrier again. Both of their presence are masked once more" he commented
"Wow you can sense then that far away?" She stated she had felt something in the air but she just assumed it had been normal due to being behind a barrier for several years.
"Just faintly. It'd be hard to pick up on if I didn’t know what I was sensing for” he said "But it seems they bought us the free time we needed"
Ayame still glanced back behind them, hoping that both of them where safe. Though she would turn her attention ahead once more, as they were already quickly reaching the next village. Though Ayame could already tell...things where very different, "Wu...I don't like the feeling I’m getting out doesn’t feel natural"
"Kurama's evil has spread across the land. You are sensing his evil presence in the air. Humans can’t sense it, but they are affected by it...turned...demented. There are those that still resist however, those pure of heart. Those are the people we seek to ally with us against him" Wu said with a frown "It is all we can do.:
She shudder some and would take a deep breath, trying to calm herself some as she would still glance around wondering how they would even find those pure of heart. To train to become the new monks of the Silver Dragons, and aid her in defeating Kurama. "How are we going to find those that are pure though...Kurama has more or less probably captured or killed them by now?"
"We don't have to find them Princess. They will find us. As long as you’re alive your aura is a beacon of hope against the shroud of darkness. Once we have a place, and you start training, others will come." Wu said "And you can sense those with a pure heart if you tried hard enough to search for it"
"The mountains to the east of father told me they were once the home of many silver dragons but long gone...grandmother even said it would be an idle place as the caverns will provide instant protection against an oncoming army" she said, the mountains had been where they had first decided, and she wanted to settle in a place of 'honor' to her family to also give them a place of rest as she would never get to bury their actual bodies.
"Once we get there we will truly be able to plan our next move" Wu said "I feel like those mountains and caverns are our safest bet for now” he said with a nod "They aren’t too far off, only a few days at this speed"
"I didn't think humans could tame demons like this..." she stated as she held the reins of the demon horse, it just continued to run at a steady pace not growing tired, unlike a normal horse.” maybe there are other demons like these that we could...use, use what Kurama has done to the land against him?"
"You forget your grandmother only appears human. These demons are subdued by her. However I do not have that type of may though. You are full of surprises” he commented
"So...these demons...grandma brought these to us?" she asked as the horses would probably only respond to them as ordered. She forgot that somewhere in her blood line she was a demon, before speaking "so I am not....all human then is what you’re saying"
"Hmmm let's see, your grandfather was turned immortal by his Dragon's blood, and your grandmother is the offspring of the most powerful male and female youkai to walk this planet so....yes I am saying you aren't all human. Your demonic side has just been thinned out and diluted"
She nodded though paused, "wait if grandfather was immortal then how he died? He was the first heart so he should still be around shouldn't he?"
"No, he was made immortal so they age could not kill him, but Kurama still found a way to do so. At the climax of their battle, Kurama was sealed and your grandfather died in the aftermath from his injuries” he said "That battle shaped the way our world runs"
"So he...gave his life to seal Kurama...but how? That battle only spoke how he brought him down...I never saw the official history and I was told I didn’t need to worry about it..."
"Hmmmm, allow me to show you a vision" Wu said as he focused his chi in his hand before gently tossing the ball to Ayame "Look into it “he said and as she did she saw something amazing..

Rei Yuan was standing atop a large silver dragon whose scales glittered brightly in the light of the fires around it. His sword was drawn and he was panting slightly already deep in his battle with Kurama who stood on the ground, all 9 of his tails flared out dangerously with a small black flame glowing above each one "You are going down here fox. You will not claim another life in MY Empire." Rei said firmly causing Kurama to laugh menacingly "A mortal giving me orders? Your dragons may have saved your life but I'm going to steal your soul!” he said as he jumped up sending a large wave of dark energy at Rei Yuan who sliced through it as his blade Masamune hummed lightly in the air vibrating as both he, the dragon and the sword all began to glow very brightly as Kurama and Rei clashed once again, the ground splitting and cracking and morphing beneath them
She looked at the strange ball, taking it into her hands before holding it up so she could look inside. She sat there still riding beside him, as the horse did not allow her to fall so easily, she would watch the vision unfolding. Noticing how her grandfather took on Kurama with no hesitation or thought that he would perish "he went against him....without a second thought...and could hit him with still that much power?" she said in shock watching.
"Keep watching. Your grandfather was a fearless man" Wu said as the vision continued

Kurama and Rei were knocked back before each of them slowly rose again as Rei panted heavily holding out his sword "One final blow Kurama. This has been an amazing fight, you were a worthy opponent. I hope in another life we can do battle again” he said as he then smiled as Kurama looked at him puzzled "This fight isn’t over yet human" he said though Rei didn’t comment as he then threw his sword into the ground as he began chanting, his hair turning long and silver as the sword began flashing and sucking the energy from everything around it into it "I am going to seal us both inside my blade, there we can wage an eternal war between just us” he said as Kurama snarled at him "You're bluffing! That type of sealing magic is ancient and forbidden, you couldn't possibly possess the skill to do it....You'll kill us both!" He snapped as he noticed one of his tails were now missing as he great enraged throwing a ball of energy at Rei only to have it be absorbed by the sword "Damn you Rei Yuan!" Kurama yelled as Rei finished his chant drawing both their souls and energies into the sword which then vanished. In a dazed and empty state, the body of Rei used the last of its strength encapsulating Kurama's body into a hardened crystal cocoon and sealing it away before falling over lifeless as his wife rushed over to his body
She couldn't help but feel tears starting to burn in her eyes, watching as her grandmother raced to Rei and yelling at him to wake up and not leave her. But all she could do was hold his lifeless form, and she would soon watch the rest of the vision as she searched for Kurama. Her grandfather sealed his tails into Masamune or at least some of his tails " the only way Kurama can gain his full if he had Masamune?" she asked looking up at Wu, and would slightly wipe her face so that the tears wouldn't fall.
"No. Unfortunately his power has been restored over time. But, because his power is trapped inside Masamune, the blade has the power to end his life once and for all. Otherwise he would just be sealed again and wait for his power to grow once more." Wu said "You and Masamune can break this endless cycle now. Everything has been aligned for that to happen” he explained
"So because Rei Yuan sacrificed everything....unknowing gave us the edge to truly defeat Kurama?" she asked as she let the ball fade from her hands once the vision had ended. Though his words 'we will battle again' she looked at Wu, "When I blacked said I became the vision Rei said he would battle Kurama again in the you think...that he came through?"
"That is entirely possible" Wu nodded "You do possess all the abilities of your previous clan members, and you wield Masamune in which has Rei Yuan's soul....he may still alive in that blade"
"Do you think...I could communicate with him...he was the first heart...he may know things that no one else could teach me as we are the same" she stated looking at him.
"Meditation is the key. That's what I've been trying to teach you. Look inside yourself to find your resolve. Locked inside you is a great power, but you must be in control of yourself and your spirit to let it out." Wu said
When he brought up meditation she would glare slightly at him, as she sighed heavily. "it’s so boring!!" she stated, with a small grumble she could never focus and if she did...she normally fell asleep which the first time she did that she shocked him till he found out she had fallen asleep. Ryoko was laughing the whole time.
"Then good luck talking to your grandfather" Wu said simply "I meditate every morning and talk to my former master for wisdom and guidance. It is how one gains discipline. Hopefully as you age you begin to see that"
"you sound like an old man when you talk like that Wu" she stated simply as she sat there with a small sigh, though he had a point he could only teach her so much and if she wanted to be the empress the kingdom needed...she couldn’t be just Ayame anymore. "How do you clear your mind enough to meditate...that’s my issue I start...remembering things and moments that I just don't want to remember"
"The only way to clear them off of your thoughts is to accept them and carry on down the path. Those mental blocks are in place to keep you from unlocking your potential. That is the difference between normal people and those blessed with the gifts of chi. we can unlock all of our sense. If we choose to"
She was afraid to let them come, she didn't want to hear the sound of her father’s voice yelling...or her mother saying 'take her' she wanted to remember them as they were not in the frantic pace of battle. "We may...have to make camp before...I can start that...” she said softly
"Of course. Demon horse or not, now probably isn’t the best time to start trying to mediate” he said as they rode "But I will attempted to help you"
She nodded with a small sigh, they would continue to ride for several more hours. Till they did finally make it to the village but it was no place to really stay the night, as Ayame looked at him "we should just keep going...I feel safer in the woods than here" she said softly to him, holding the reins of the horse as she looked around she felt eyes on her.
Wu nodded as they rode through "We are definitely out of place here....we can go into the woods and find a secluded clearing to set up camp” he said uneasily as they continued on "Kurama's magic affects all"
"it seems it does" she stated looking at him, then back to the village the homes looked a little run down but she could tell people still lived inside. They would keep going, heading into the forests and leaving the village behind, as she would then speak "I can attempt to put a barrier around us...Ryoko was teaching me I can hold it up for at least a night"
"Save your energy. Simply be alert. If anything crosses our path we shall deal with it then" Wu said smiling "Do not fear. I believe I am more powerful at night"
Again she would nod her head as she sat there riding alongside him, though she would soon speak "Your much like Fengyi" she said with a smile as she looked at him, "you going to marry her?" she teased
"Oh I'm allowed to marry her now? I thought you were very intent on marrying me?” he teased back as they came to a stop in a clearing as he jumped off
She grinned as she smiled at him, as she brushed some of her hair from her face. "Well you always yell and call me a brat didn't think you wanted to marry such a bratty empress"
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:48 pm
"Married or not I’m still stuck with a bratty Empress" he laughed as he started a fire” Might as well enjoy it"
"and I’m stuck with a grumpy old man" she stated with a grin as she continued to laugh some, seeming to be a bit more at ease.
"Yeah well this old man is going to keep saving your life over and over again” he said shaking his head "Come on, let's sleep"
She yawned some as he said that, though she would nod some as tied up her own horse and took a deep breath with a small yawn, "should...I try and meditate beforehand?..."
"Are you just going to fall asleep again?” he questioned looking at her "Up to you"
"I really do want to see if I can talk to my grandfather...he has to know things no one else knows about the Yuan family or the heart of the silver
"Then I suggest you start practicing" Wu said with a smile "Go ahead and try it"
She sighed some as she would find a place to sit, as she would cross her legs and would take a deep breath till her eyes closed. She needed to clear her mind, and follow his directions.
Wu sat back watching her as he relaxed wondering if she'd actually be able to focus this time, though he could sense her determination
She would sit there taking a deep breath, trying to push through the memories he said were just there to block her. She had to accept them, but even as she would let them slid, she could sense something...beyond the memories there was a presence and she would soon move towards it within her mind "hello?" she called out but to Wu...all he would see is her sitting there, but a faint glow was forming around her body.
Wu blinked seeing her body glowing "Oh wow she's actually doing it” he said

There was a billowing behind her as a figure slowly appeared. He was tall with long dark hair and sharp blue eyes as he wore his dragon scaled armor with his sword strapped across his back "You summoned me?” he asked as he looked down smiling "Welcome little dragon"
She stood there in the darkness for some time, till she would notice the figure she was unsure of herself though when the tall man suddenly was in front of her she couldn't help but look up. He was a huge mountain, "I...are you Rei Yuan?" she asked staring in shock.
"That would be me yes" Rei said nodding "And I'm assuming that you can talk to me you must be a Yuan as well? What is your name?"
She was still in shock, she had only seen paintings and not very good paintings considering their age but she would nod her head towards him, "I’m...I'm Ayame Yuan I’m....the newest Heart of the silver dragons"
"Oh are you now?” he asked with a deep laugh "my how quickly 1000 years passes"he said "I'm sure you have a million questions for me then hm young one? Come, allow me to take you to the safe spot in your mind” he said tapping his staff on the ground as they suddenly appeared on a grassy plain atop one of the mountains "This is the place you are looking for in the real world and in your mind” he said
She nodded her head some as she stood there, looking around still wondering what she should do however she looked up at him, as he suddenly tapped the staff on the ground. Though she would soon speak "I do have a million questions...but right now I'm more or less pressed for time..." she said till she noticed they were on the mountains making her pause, "th...this is where Wu and I want to build the new monastery."
"That's right” he said "The perfect spot for it too if you ask me." Rei said “And fret not about the time. It moves differently in your mind than in the real world"
She stood there still in awe, if this is what it was to look like she couldn't help but smile. "I wanted the mountains...cause as a child I could just imagine dragons flying....I never saw one just in my dreams as a child"
"Ah that also will be fixed. You can't be the heart without a dragon...that's like being a mage with no magic” he said "There is a cavern below this mountain where the dragons fled. Here is where you will find your egg"
"Egg?" she said looking at him, "bu...But I have no idea how to raise a dragon!" she said loudly and more or less sounding like her 'childlike’ self
"They kind of raise themselves" Rei said "They are like cats, and like to cuddle. But protective like dogs.” he said "How I miss playing with them"
"G....grandfather..." she said testing that word, " it possible to take your life force from the sword to bring you back? I know grandma would love to see you..."
"Hm? I suppose it may be possible. I've never tried. From my understanding back then that technique was a one way deal but it's been 1000 years so I would say anything is possible” he said shrugging "Though it would severely weaken Masamune"
She nodded as she stood there, "Masamune wouldn't be needed if Kurama was gone" she said standing there, she then looked at him "I'm the last of our family...Kurama has taken the kingdom and murdered hundreds...I don't even know if I can be the empress the people needs...much less the one everyone thinks I am."
He smiled gently as he kneeled down pressing his forehead against hers as it glowed with a faint light "Relax young one. I had those same fears when I first rose to the throne. I was barely older than you are now and I united a large number of formerly warring tribes under our Steel banners and I had no clue what I was doing. But it will come naturally as you simply be yourself and follow your gut.” he said "You have the soul of the oldest of dragons my child, never be afraid"
She looked at him and would nod her head as she looked at him, a faint smile on her lips as she stood there. "Thank you grandfather." She said softly though she could feel the world fading she either must be waking up or falling asleep. "I will return to seek more guidance but either I'm waking up....or falling asleep I think more of the second one." She said smiling
"Rest easy little one” he said as he slowly faded away as Wu noticed her glow slowly fading "Must be coming out of it now” he said with a faint smile "Good job kid"
Everything would fade as she smiles at him and waves till the glow would fade from around her. Her eyes opened and she blinked a few times as she looked around "figured I fell asleep..." She stated as she looked at Wu with a small smile. "The man is a mountain."
"Legends say he was quite on the more burly side. He did grow up with dragons after all" Wu said "I knew you could do it. All you had to do was try"
She smiled at him sitting there thinking then looked at him, "He showed me the mountains....and he says...something is waiting for me there" she stated she didn't want to say on the off chance someone was listening.
"Ah so you have a clear vision where we are going then? Then we can discover the path to get there” he said smiling
"He didn't show me how...just what it looked like" she said smiling as she remembered just the tranquility of it, "it was beautiful Wu, the wind was constantly blowing...the fields within the valley where just perfect...”
"Well in the morning we set off to continue trying to find that place” he said "For now, get some sleep, we are leaving as the sun rises"
"This brings back those first few nights" she said with a smile as she looked at him, before she would get settled on the makeshift bed and closed her eyes. Taking a deep breath, and would let sleep take her.
Wu smiled back at her and soon passed out as well waking up just before the sun began to rise in the morning as he stretched "Time to start riding again"
For probably the first time ever, Ayame was awake and already had her horse packed as she smiled "morning, I found some fruit for us to eat" she stated tossing him an apple. "The horses where eating them so I tried it"
"What time did you wake up?” he asked catching it and taking a bite "You must be very excited"
"about an hour ago..." she said with a smile, "I was having a rather good dream..." she took a bite of the apple, looking at him "we were on the backs of dragons just flying....all of us, mother, father, the grand master, you...just flying and being together"
"That does sound rather pleasant" Wu said as he strapped up his horse "It's good that you've moved pasted your blockage"
She probably wouldn't say anything in comment to that, she had actually woken up due to a nightmare but she kept that to herself. She would look at him "you actually slept and didn't do that meditative sleep you do"
"I figured I owed myself a day of actual sleep. We were safe enough, and I don’t have to worry about guarding you so intently" he commented as he jumped on his horse
She would mount up as well and smirked "oh you finally trusting me now?" she teased pulling the reins some as the horse grunted and she moved up to him. "The technique that is forbidden...that Rei used...can it be reversed?"
"No one has ever tried" Wu said as they began riding off together "It was an ancient sealing technique for trapping powerful demons older than even Kurama" he explained "Though most magic can potentially be undone"
"When we defeat Kurama...the swords won't be needed at least the one in my family...grandfather deserves to be free after his sacrifice" she said softly as she sat there and would sigh, "I know it’s silly, to always look out for others happiness...but what is a kingdom without heart in it?" she said with a small smile.
"That is admirable of you Empress. There is only but one problem I see with freeing your grandfather. All of Kurama's original power was also sealed with him...that power would have to be transferred someone unless it ended up back to him"
She nodded sitting there before looking at him "I'll take it...ill have the training plus I am of his blood as when I will die with me"
"Are you sure you can handle all of that power? It is the true power of a 9 tails we are talking about, not this regenerated energy we face now but his original raw power" Wu said "Something to think about as we travel"
"If I can’t..." she said sitting there gripping the reins tightly, "kill me" she was looking ahead, "either will die with my last breath"
"I cannot simply kill the Empress" Wu said over to her "I do not wish to condemn these lands. Either you take it, or I will transfer it to myself and I will either accept it or die. But not you"
"I am the one supposed to kill Kurama Wu...that means his power..." she said looking at him, "and I won't be the empress anymore if Rei is free...he was the first heart the first right he becomes ruler I am merely a girl once that happens"
"Not true. He is over 1000 years old and not of this time. It is you who must rule now” he said firmly "Do not casually cast your life away"
"I will if it makes sure Kurama and none of his power ever comes back to this world" she said firmly back at him, "my life means nothing if Kurama still roams...and has the possibility of returning" she was even giving up the joy of being a mother if that happened, for she wouldn't want the power to transfer from her to her child.
"You are still not thinking about the bigger picture. You are the last Yuan. Without you who will sit upon the throne? Alliances will fall, bonds will crumble and a war will spread across the lands while someone fights to be the new Emperor. We would be living in a much more primitive time. Much like Rei Yuan"
"look around you Wu...that’s what we are living in now" she said looking at him, "Kurama rules not a Yuan...the land and the people know that.." she said as she sat there, "I'm trying to be what everyone wants me to be...what you want me to be Wu"
"No I want you to be an Empress and live a long prosperous life and die hundreds of years from now by means of old age. That is why I am willing to die for you, because that is the dream I have"
"And I rather you live" she stated as she looked at him "family lines die but people like Wu live on your the ones that help keep the kingdom safe we are just the figure head."
Wu shook his head "It seems this argument is going nowhere" he sighed "Just try not to martyr yourself too soon"
She didn't plan on it though she would look around, the tension in the air still there but also was due to Kurama's aura in the air. "I think we are only a two day ride from the mountain"
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on Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:50 pm
"Then we can make it there by tonight. There is something special about demonic horses that I didn't mention to you" he said as he slapped his reins as flames appeared on the horses feet as it rose into the air then
She blinked looking at him, then at the horse as it pushed itself into the air as she then would do the same as her horse grunted and flew up beside him "th...they can fly!?"
"Of course they can. They are youkai. Why wouldn't they fly?" he laughed as they rode on "How else do you think we would climb to the tops of these mountains?"
"I don't know thought there was a path or something" she said with a small chuckle, but would smile even more and looked forward. "We should be able to fly high enough to see the valley that the mountains surround. That should be where we build the monastery"
"I agree. The valley would be the perfect place to finally become the grandmaster" Wu said smiling "I have seen visions of the temple I build"
"Well then I suppose first we should start figuring out where we will live once there...then...I need to go into the caves to find the thing Rei said is waiting for me"
"Oh I am going to do like every other grandmaster before me has done. I am going to build it with my own hands and sheer will." Wu said proudly "I've been waiting for this moment ever since I was told I was the prodigy child when I was 9 years old. When I learned of my destiny to serve you forever. When I learned of the evils Kurama will bring and how I am to assist you in bringing him down."
"So you have prepared for this...all this time..." she stated with a small sigh, it seemed she was never prepared for this. Though she would soon look over to him and speak "so I take it we both will be building this place? Warning and a shocker to you, I've never built a thing in my life"
"No no, I do not require assistance" Wu said "I can do it all on my own” he stated "You can go do whatever you want?
"I suppose I'll explore the caves then..." she stated more to herself, as she would soon noticed the mountains coming up. “Look there they are"
"I told you we would make it in no time” he said smiling "Now to find exactly what we are looking for?"
She nodded happily as she sat there, "we should be able to fly over it...there’s a pass I saw in the vision from within the valley" she looked around.
"Hmmmm well keep your eyes open then since you know exactly what we are looking for ‘he told her
"That sounds familiar....considering you needed my help finding grandma" she stated with a small smile, but kept looking around.
"Well you are the empress and I simply your humble servant “he said smiling
"My ass" she stated quickly looking at him, "half the time I feel like I’m some little kid being scolded" she said quickly
"Because you are some little kid being scolded. But eventually you will be the Empress” he said shaking his head "All in due time"
She sighed heavily shaking her head looking around as they flew towards the mountains, "you are so stubborn Wu..."
"If anyone is stubborn here my dear it is you and that mouth” he said "I sense a deep peace in this valley"
"I'd say go to hell but well that’s the world we are in" she said shaking her head, though she looked around it was peaceful till she would see the pass "there!" she said smiling, "wait till you see the valley that I saw in my was breath taking with a large lake"
Wu nodded at her as he landed his horse onto the path and kept walking through along the path through the mountain as they got to the valley and came to a pause as he looked around "This is amazing...I can’t believe a place like this still exists..."
She sat there in shock, it was exactly what Rei showed her as she looked at him "’s really here...our new home" she said smiling warmly
"I can’t believe it “he said shaking his head "This is amazing” he said as he got off his horse walking down
She sat there watching him with a small smile, she was glad he was enjoying this. Though as she sat there glancing around, she heard something and turned looking around. Something was calling, she glanced back at Wu before speaking "I'm going to explore a bit this way Wu" she said noticing that he seemed to be 'lost' in the moment as she smiled. Gripping the reins of the mount, she turned it heading towards the sound or voice that was reaching out to her in this valley.
Wu blinked hearing her mumble something before moving off as he continued looking around as he unloaded his horse "This is where it truly begins....this is where destiny happens"
Ayame looked around she could sense it, and she knew what it was as she remembered what Rei had said. The dragons where waiting for her, specifically one of them, an egg hidden for centuries as she kept looking around. Till she would finally find one of the cave openings, sliding from the horse she would grab one of the packs with a few of the essentials. Wu would have her head if she just went in without anything, "this is it..." She told herself before sliding the bag on and then moving through the over grown brush and into the cave itself. Darkness welcomed her, wrapping around her body as she held out her hand before a small ball of light formed floating around her and lighting her way. She could hear the voice louder now, it was reaching out to her even more as she moved through the tunnels. She wasn't even sure how long she was down there, time seemed to escape her as she kept moving. Whatever was calling her, needed her as much as she needed it. "Please....hold on..." She said softly hearing the voice almost fading as if after all this time it finally was giving up, but she kept moving till she would soon step into a chamber. Breathing heavily she looked around moving inside as whatever once was here had turned to dust long ago. Ayame let the light float around her a bit more searching till she would move further inside. Before glancing to the side, there hidden and nestled in a small space was what was calling to her. Ayame moved towards it as her heart pounded in her chest, she moved slowly almost afraid this was not real her hands reaching out before gently pressing against the hard shell of the last dragon egg. "I found you, I'm sorry....I'm so sorry I took so long to find you..." She whispered and leaned forward pressing her forehead against it. "I'm here now..." She said with a smile and she wasn't ever going to leave it alone again.
As she pressed her head against it, the egg seemed to turn warm and wiggled a bit beneath her touch. The egg had the same look of steel, smooth, metallic and glittered brightly in the light she produced as she grabbed it and the whole egg grew warm simply by being in contact with her

Meanwhile, Wu had already begun laying the new foundation to his monastery. His shirt was off as he was carrying large boulders and tree trunks into the clearing to put together as was sweating profusely while still smiling as he worked
She had her eyes closed just wishing she could seek forgiveness till she would feel the warm of the egg against her hands. Her eyes opened and she blinked as the light grew bigger and she would speak "wait...are...are you hatching now?!" She said in alarm looking around as she looked back at it, but then again it had been waiting for her before she would slowly pick it up pulling it close to her chest as she spoke "alright then...if you are...then let's get you to a bigger space then." She smiled as she carried the thing to the middle of the chamber as she cast a few more chi lights around till she stepped back "ok little one that should be enough space for you."
The egg wiggled again then jumped once before hitting the ground as a small crack appeared in the shell before soon a claw burst through pushing the egg apart as it crumbled away leaving a tiny silver dragon with metal scales all over its body as he made a small yelping sound as he looked up at her spreading it's slim silver wings
She watched and would be in awe as she stared at it before moving slowly forward as it stood there "a real dragon..." She said softly and she would slowly kneel down in its line of sight "hello little one...." She said smiling at it reaching a hand out palm up to show she meant no harm
The dragon looked at her hand before slowly coming up to it sniffing it slightly before rubbing his head lovingly against her palm
She couldn't help but smile even more till she slid her bag off her back and opened it up. "I'm not sure what you eat but..." She pulled out some rabbit they had caught it was cooked but soft enough for him "here try this" she said ripping off a small piece to hold out to him "you must be hungry after being in there so long."
He instantly snapped it up into his jaws and downed it in a bit cooing and crawling up her body then to rest on her shoulder as he yipped happily
She would sit there feeding him slowly just so he didn't choke though she blinked as she felt him crawling up into her lap then onto her shoulder. She smiled "well Rei said you’re pretty smart...” She said before standing up as she grabbed her bag and feed him another piece of rabbit, then turned to leave the caves and attempted to find her way back. Again a few hours passed till she stepped out wincing at the light and then looked at him "welcome to the world little one."
Wings, not yet strong enough to fly but happy to be alive as he curled up on her shoulder looking around at the world outside
She raised her hand to gently pet his head, then looked to the demon horse and grabbed its reins before heading back. When she did get back she would smile seeing Wu hard at work before raising her hand and called "Wu I'm back!!"
Wu paused dropping the large boulder he was carrying wiping sweat off of his brow as he turned to face her and noticed the glittering creature on her shoulder "I-Is that a....."He started in complete shock "You managed to actually find a dragon!?"He said as he then kneeled down before her "All hail the Phoenix Empress"
She would smile a bit as she walked towards him, "I heard him calling, he was sitting in his egg" though when he suddenly knelt before her she blushed a bit "no Wu don't do that...I have a long way to go and so does he before any of us are ready."
"You have a dragon. You can officially assume your role as Empress now in 3 years when you are old enough" Wu said proudly "That is an amazing find"
She smiled some as she looked at Wu then to her new friend before speaking "I suppose but let's get us a home first" she stated petting the dragon some "you want to stay on my shoulder or run around and play?" She asked
The dragon let out a small sound as it slid down off her shoulder easily running in circles around her legs with its serpentine body

Wu laughed slightly as he then turned to the large boulder he had and focused his chi as he sliced it, easily splitting it into columns that he then laid upon the foundation he had already built "Grandmaster's infuse their chi into the very walls of their monastery “he said "It is their legacy"
She would watch with a smile as the dragon ran around her, "don't go too far" she called to the little creature then looked at Wu as she moved towards him "do you need help?”
"No however you and your dragon can go find us some food and berries to store up" Wu said "And you need to give him a name"
Ayame nodded as she stood there thinking slightly, before glancing to the dragon as it ran around. "What was the name Rei named his dragon...I’ve...never thought of names before"
"Hmmm well you don’t want to name your dragon the same as his Dragon. You are a completely different should have your own unique name" Wu said as he continued building
She stood there thinking she wasn't sure and she soon couldn't help but sit down as she watched the silver scaled creature running about, attempting to flap his wings and gain flight as she smiled, though she looked up as she closed her eyes till she would feel the wind against her face. Then she would speak "wind.....sho...." she looked back over to the dragon, "little one, would out like to have a name?" she asked it
The dragon then paused instantly turning his head to the sound of her voice as it ran over to her and slithered up her body once more resting on her shoulder as it cooed softly
She raised her hand gently tickling the underside of his chin, smiling a bit wondering just what to name him. "I'll name you Sho...after the wind" she smiled "do you like that?"
He looked at her and nodded as he then dove back down onto the ground and curled up into a ball to sleep then
Ayame smiled and would then slowly slid her bag from her shoulders again, as she pulled a small blanket out and made a nest of sorts before picking him up. 'You sleep in the warm sun I’ll get us some dinner" she said happily petting him, before standing up as she would also tend to her horse. Removing its saddle and the other bags allowing it to graze till she went to see what sort of wildlife and plant life was in the valley.
"Be careful" Wu called after her "There are many dangerous creatures that lurk in the mountains. Trolls, ogres, mountain lions and many others. Make sure you are on your guard."
She would wave her hand slightly to him, "come now, I managed to fight against the grandmaster himself and survived" she said with a small smile, before walking off.
"Yeah using a hidden power” he mumbled to himself with a smile. Wu continued working hard and quickly as the first parts of the building were starting to all come together
She didn't tread to far, after all they had enough supplies saved up from when they had left her grandmother’s home, so she focused on fresh berries and quick live game. Now that they had a dragon...she knew they would have to catch double if not triple the amount to feed the growling creature.
Wu kept looking over at the dragon and couldn't believe how lucky they both were to have everything coming together so smoothly "Once this is done, her training is time to reestablish my monks" Wu said proudly
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Three Years Later

3 Years seemed to go by almost in a blur as the young girl that he had rescued from Kurama was no longer a girl but a women. she was 18 now and Sho had grown up rather quickly as well the two where rarely seen apart at least till he got far too big to ride on her shoulder much less walk beside her. "Sho, I told you if you want a rabbit go and get it yourself. I'm too busy with training to get it" she said as she eyed the dragon, as she held a practice sword in her hand. Her hair pulled into a pony tail yet it still was long and almost reached her knees. "’re lazy" she said poking the beast in his side.
Sho let out a stream of hot air from his nose as he curled up onto a ball huffing. Sho was growing into quite the large and powerful dragon, though he hadn’t quite yet developed his voice and telepathy to talk to her, because like she said, he was rather lazy and did things on his own accord as his ears twitched sensing something approaching as Wu made his way out of the monastery his arms folded behind him. In the last few years Wu had finally become a powerhouse of a man and a very devoted monk to his studies...and his Empress who he trained with day in and day out to master her powers "It seems your lazy dragon is being lazy once more" he commented with a smile
"well you try and tell the ball of scales and teeth and flames to do something he doesn’t want to...and get away without being on fire?" she said with a sigh as she would eye the dragon, a warm smile on her lips before glancing back up at him. "So how is the all mightily grandmaster this morning? bit early for you is it not?" she was teasing him, as she walked over to a small bucket she had filled with water so she could cool herself off as she dipped a rag into it and ran it against the back of her neck. She always got up before the sun and practiced well till lunch time many times she's skipped breakfast and arguments of 'getting a rabbit' where always the cause of her not getting Sho his many meals.
"Oh he always listens to me. After that time I threw him off a cliff...when he finally flew for the first time, the little dragon knows I mean business when I speak" Wu said with a smile "And yes...I am up early, because today is the day" Wu said as he unfolded his arms as he held out her hairpin "What you didn’t know as a child is that instead of a fancy crown, the Crowned Emperor simply uses an object of affection to wear as a symbol" he said as her pin began to glow and pulse with a deep blue light before fading "I, Grandmaster Wudong-chi of the First Order of the Fist of the Steel Dragons, hereby crown you Phoenix Empress of everything that the light touches” he said as the pin pulsed again shining with a brilliant blue light as he stepped up to her pinning it into her ponytail as it seemed to accept its place and flashed once more before settling "You aren’t a little girl anymore, you are a woman who now has to make all the decisions for everyone's best interest, including your own. I hope you are prepared for the task" he said smiling down at her
"Ya and then I gladly let him claw at your face for an hour after that" she stated as she looked at Sho, "seriously...what would have happened if he didn't fly Wu? He was still a baby" she was rather overly protective of the giant lizard, several times she scolded him for even yelling. Though she would watch as he moved towards them she wasn't sure why he was here, he normally was meditating till she was done with practice, though when he held up her hair pin she blinked "you had it!!" she said almost yelling at him, "I thought I lost it when we got here" she stated till he said it was really...her crown she stood there unsure, till he spoke as it began to glow and her heart pounded as he kept moving closer to her till he pinned it into her hair. Her hand raising up to gently brush against it, then looked up at him " really think...I’m ready for this?" she said in shock, but the look on his face said it all as she would bow her head slowly "I will do all that I must and will for the protection of our kingdom...and its people"
Wu smiled down at her nodding his head "Ready or not, you will do a fine job keeping your word to this Empire" he said "And if that scaled little snake didn’t eat my dinner and then try to blow fire at me I wouldn’t have been prompted to react” he said getting a huff from the lounging dragon "And now, with your ascension to the throne, you are no longer my pupil and my apprentice, so I must find someone else to take care of the monastery once we decide it is time to leave"
She would straighten as she smiled standing there, though she couldn't help but laugh a bit as he tried to defend himself though she would glance over to Sho as she spoke "well if the lazy little 'lizard' is up to it, I wouldn't mind going hunting...perhaps a new member for you monastery will come of it"
"I'm going to have to go into town to find someone. Your dragon doesn't look like he wishes to move" he said shaking his head as her dragon rolled over onto his back snoring loudly "We can get food in town, I'll treat you” he smiled
Ayame nodded and looked back over to Sho shaking her head some, "probably needs to be done, we haven’t exactly started looking for those of pure heart"
"Now that you have the crown you will notice that you have gained some extra insight and abilities" Wu said "You'll be able to read people much easier now"
"Really?" she stated as she stood there thinking, wondering if it could work on Sho, then again it was pretty easy to figure that lazy dragon out. She then looked at Wu, and would then speak "since it’s been 3 years since we came here, perhaps I should also get some new attire...considering that most of my outfits where when I was still very small" which was true she had only two actual outfits...the one she was wearing and one other that she normally slept in.
"I agree, it is time you start dressing the part" Wu said as he then turned to her holding his hand out "But first a quick match.” he said as he vanished suddenly appearing in front of her as he swung his fist down towards her
"well I suppose that should be the first thing" since it was time that she started her battle against Kurama, however, when he held his hand out she would know just what was about to happen. As he vanished she would raise her hand as she would block his attack feeling her body pushing back as she glared "cheap tricks won’t work on me grandmaster" she would grip his wrist then twisting it and raised her other hand to slam her palm into his stomach
He rolled with her twist and held out his hand catching her own as he sent a wave a chi to push against her own as they both separated and slid backwards "Sheer strength won’t work on me Empress” he said smirking as he gathered two balls of chi in his hands firing them both off at her
She would move back and broke his grip watching the two balls coming at her and she spun on the tip of her foot, creating a gust of wind to slice the chi balls apart. "It may not...but it’s bested you a few times" she grinned rushing towards him, her speed mimicked a dragons as she had trained alongside Sho many times. Using that speed now to move up behind him to try and hit one of his pressure points.
Exchanged blows though he was slowly being overwhelmed as he finally took a hard hit to her chest, but caught her wrist and swung them around as they rolled on the ground as he attempted to pin her
If anyone else than Sho watched it looked very much like a dance, both moving it precision and calm but it looked rather graceful. Till soon they were rolling on the ground, as she slammed her knee to his stomach to try and flip them over as she gasped feeling his hands going to grab hers "if. If you wanted to roll around...should have told me" she stated, and grinned wondering to herself before she soon leaned up and what he probably thought would have been a head-butt turned into something else. Her lips meet his, she would use...seduction for nothing was 'fair' when it came to Kurama and besides...she’s always wanted to kiss her grandmaster.
Wu grunted hearing her but then paused for a moment feeling her lips against his. He rather enjoyed it, considering the last time he had contact with a woman it was a 1000 hear old witch who sucked his blood as he soon pulled back still trying to grab her "That's a dirty trick Ayame” he said looking at her and now couldn’t help but notice how much of a woman she had grown into
She soon had them flipped over once he pulled from the kiss and she chuckled pinning his arms down with her knees making her straddle him slightly "dirty yes, but it worked didn't it?" she said with a small grin. Her brown hair hanging over her shoulder as she breathed heavily "and...You liked it"
Wu blushed slightly since she was now at his mercy and he could feel himself rubbing against her since she was now on top of him "Well you have me what are you going to do. The minute you move I'm going to retaliate” he said shifting his hips under her trying to move, he couldn't deny that her power far dwarfed his own at this point, she could actively use 3 of her own tails without tapping into her inner power
She chuckled sitting there as she would smile a bit, wondering what she could do to him since now she could feel him struggling a bit. Though she would keep her strength pinning him down "well I could just leave you here, maybe even call Sho over here and have him chew on you...since he’s so hungry" however she leaned over him more "or do you want me to kiss you again?"
"I give you a crown and this is how you repay me!?"Wu said "Make me choose between being seduced and being eating by a lizard” he said as he looked up at her "Take me then” he said with a small smirk "It seems to be what you want"
She laughed and giggled at him "hey, we had a fight and I won who said I had to be nice about it?" she giggled more but she just stayed there for now till he said 'take me' as she blinked she never thought of going that far, and she would speak "oh? You came to that conclusion rather quickly Wu, are you saying you want your empress?"
"Only long enough to distract her” he said as he kicked off of the ground as he moved up into her and flipped them over so that he mounted her, her legs around his hips as he caught himself on his now freed hands "Never say you've won until your opponent is dead” he said as he looked down at her "And I'm not answering your question"
She let out a yell of suppress as they were soon flipped over and she looked up at him, her hair fanned out around her and she groaned as she sighed. "Damn..." she said with a sin, though she looked at him with a glare "if I have to call Sho over here...I will, as her hips pressed against his own making her cheeks a bit red now.
"What's he going to do now? Lick me into submission?” he said feeling her move under him as he bit the inside of his cheek slightly before deciding to use her own tactic against her "What's wrong Ayame? You are the new Empress, you can have anybody you want. Are you saying you want your grandmaster?” he teased
"I could have him burn you, maybe make it where you are bald" since he had almost as much hair as she did, neither one of them every cut their busy for that. However, when he used her own words against her she glared "hey! That’s not fair you can't ask me the same question when you won’t respond to mine!" she snapped, her cheeks a bit red still.
"Why not? It seems the person on top has all the power" Wu said "However, you realize I'm not really holding you down. Just rubbing against you and you're completely submissive"
He had a point as his hands where not even holding her, just himself up as she looked to where they were. Together making her face turn even darker shade of red. "Well tell me you've...been with Fengyi so much" of course her saying that made her sound...jealous.
Wu smirked "You sound upset, does the thought of someone else touching someone you claimed so long ago bother you Empress?” he asked her as he looked back down at her "I'll get up now if you are ready"he questioned wondering what her intentions for this moment were
She had been just a girl when she said she wanted to be with him, naive and unable to truly comprehend what it meant to even 'want' another. She glanced at him, thinking wondering if this is what she wanted but as he moved to get up she raised her hand and caught his quickly. "Your...the only one I truly. Ever will allow so close..." she said as she let her hazel eyes meet his, "no one else I really am when not having to always act like an empress. And just be myself"
"That is true" Wu said with a soft smile "This isn’t to say however that if you let someone else into your life that they cannot learn as well” he said as he stayed where he was looking down at her
"Even if I did..." she would give a faint smile, "would they really be able to put up with such a selfish...bratty empress that I am?" she asked her hand relaxing on his for a moment, before sliding beneath his fingers to lace hers with his.
"They don’t have much a choice, the entire world has to put up with what a selfish, bratty Empress that you are” he said holding her hand as he leaned down kissing her again gently
A smile formed on her lips listening to him, till her eyes closed as they kissed. For a long time she wanted this, her heart already pounding gin her chest but was it really love? Was it more she admired him so much? It would probably be hard to tell as her free hand slid to his chest, as she began to work his shirt open so she could feel his skin directly beneath her fingers.
Wu held their kiss feeling his shirt open feeling her cool fingers against her skin as he shifted slightly moving closer to her as he slowly pulled back from their kiss "Ayame"
Her fingers moved over the hard muscles that rippled over his body, and she felt his body press closer to hers just s their lips parted. She looked up at him, before speaking "yes Wu?" she asked softly
"What is it that you want?” he asked softly as he still lay above her looking down into her enchanting eyes again still feelinh her touch, finding it soothing
"There are many things I want Wu..." she whispered, with a smile, letting her hand move up to press against his cheek "but right now...." she grinned, "just you...just the man that has always been at my side...and nothing more"
Wu leaned against her hand as he kissed her softly once more as it was then his turn to open up her clothing. He wasn't sure if he was allowed to have her but in this moment everything felt right and he wanted her as much as she wanted him
Nothing seemed to matter in her mind as she laid there, arching up closer feeling her clothing open up to reveal her body. She said nothing, only kissing him more while opening her lips to let her tongue slid out to press against hers. A few times, she had caught him and Fengyi but she never said anything as she moved her hands to start pulling his clothing off him more, letting her fingers dance down over his skin while moving towards his waist to work on his belt.
He continued kissing her passionately, letting his tongue dance and swirl with his as soon they were both stripped bare and Wu retook his position on top of her as he then slowly slid himself inside of her body, taking her innocence, something he never thought would be his as he bit his lip slightly
She took a deep breath as she felt him ready himself, till he would push up into her. Her nails digging into the ground as she gasped, holding back any cry. The pain of a 'maiden' was something she was told of by her grandmother, however she took a deep breath "let...let me know...if something in this moment. I may do to make it...enjoyable to you"
Wu blinked as looked down at her as he simply kissed her again "Just enjoy it” he said as he waited until she was okay to move as he began slowly rocking himself in and out of her moaning gently as he felt his fangs lengthen before slowly finding her neck as he bit her. In the past, whenever his demonic side took over he could never bite her due to the magic protecting her with Masamune, however now in this intimate moment he finally could draw her blood as she felt a rush of pleasure and power course threw her entire body very intensely "Don't worry, this bite will not turn you. You are already a demon” he said against her skin as he lapped up her blood, having not been fed in years
Ayame nodded, she didn't want to just let him do all the work wanting to make this as pleasurable as he made it for her. Each movement of his hips made her shiver while she rolled her hips against his. Taking a deep breath, she soon felt the pierce of his fangs against her neck as she gasped. The rush of pleasure flowing through her, as she arched into him and she couldn't help but smile. "T...take as you need...need" she whispered her demon blood was different from Fengyi, it almost burned but the power within it was addicted. Raw, and pure power rushing through his body with each gulp while she moved her hips harder against his gasping.
The air seemed to thicken with their power, passion and intensity as they thrusted against one another, their sounds filling the air as Wu felt himself rising to a strength he never had before as he held tight to her as they continued as he soon finished feeding from her "I-I can’t take this much more Aya” he moaned out as he slammed into her body
She held onto him panting heavily as she continued to move her hips against him, rolling against each movement. Her neck a bit sore from him feeding but she would dig her nails into his back, "then...then let go..." She whispered feeling her body fighting gripping him tightly.
It only took a few more thrusts before Wu released himself inside of her holding her tightly just as the Sun had begun its rise into the sky illuminating their bodies as he filled her with his hot seed before collapsing on top of her panting heavily
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She moaned panting as she cried out as she felt her own body releasing from the years of pent of stress and lust. Her nails dragging down his back and she moaned looking up at him as sweat ran down her body.
Wu smiled back down at her as he caught his breath "Well if that didn’t work up an appetite I don't know what else will” he said giving her one last kiss before parting with her so they could get cleaned up. He helped her up and went with her to the hot springs where they made love one more time before the both of them were clean and bathed again "I agree with you from before, you do indeed need new attire. You are now allowed to dress like a woman, and a noble one at that"
Ayame smirked as she looked at him as she walked beside him, "well of course you want me to start dressing like an just me out of pants." She teased and laughed as she looked over to Sho who was still sleeping before she called "Sho we are heading to the town. Please stay in the valley till we return."
The dragon let out an indignant puff of smoke before rolling over scratching it's side as he kept sleeping

"That has got to be the laziest creature I've seen since you were 5 years old" Wu said shaking his head as they left the valley heading towards the village not far away "You realize once Kurama is defeated this village is going to become to the Imperial City correct?" Wu said "You will bring these people 1000 years of prosperity and good fortune much like your grandfather did” he said
"Well maybe when he's older he will get out of that phase, plus I know he's bored there's not much for him to do." She said as they headed to the village, but when he brought up Kurama she smiled a bit "I hope so...and if I kill him the lands will know true peace far longer than just 1000 years."
"That is also true" Wu said holding his staff as they walked "So I want to tell you something that I have been looking for answers for through my meditation. I am going to ensure that the order never gets disrupted again” he said "I'm learning a new ancient magic that will aid us greatly in the future"
Glancing at him she would listen and spoke "what magic is that Wu? I'm still trying to figure out how I'll even get Rei from the sword once Kurama is defeated."
"Talisman magic" Wu said "Talismans are strong artifacts whose powerful magic can be self-sustained for thousands of years. I have already successfully created two. The dragon talisman and the phoenix talisman. In our hands they greatly augment our power. In the hands of say an average person it gives them higher than average abilities.” he said as he pulled out two small round stones with inscriptions on them as he tossed her one and the moment it touched her hand a surge of power made all of her hairs stand on end
"Talismans but aren't they just simple things that are used for protection?" she asked walking with him, she had seen a few talisman as a child remembering whenever she would get scared of the dark, the grandmaster had given her a 'charm' that would produce a light whenever she needed it to. It worked of course, though when he tossed the stone to her she caught it and would feel a rush of power as she gasped. It surged through her and she took a deep breath "this...this is incredible...”
"I'm talking about actual talismans." Wu said "They are used for protection, but when infused with the right levels of chi and magic they become powerful weapons and tools to augments one's own strength to parallel levels. How else do you think I manage to keep up with you? The moment they touch the skin is an instant power boost"
She eyed him now when he said the last bit, "so your stating you have been actively cheating in our fights" she said with a small smile as she shook her head, "cheater" she said rolling her eyes with a small laugh
"You have hidden tails, I have hidden talismans" Wu said shrugging "All is fair that ends fair” he stated as they reached the village "Ready to make your grand debut as Empress, there is no more hiding it anymore"
"They are not just don’t like it when I let them out and say I look far too much like him that it scares you" she said with a small smirk at him, though as they stopped on the outside of the village she bit her lip. She was hardly dressed the part right now, then looked at him "what if they do not accept me Wu..."
"Let me explain one thing...that was simply to keep the upper hand, much like the way he will. Nothing scares me Empress. Monks feel no fear, no anger. Only compassion and understanding. And that is what you must show the people that is what you feel towards them as well and they will accept you, but show them fear, and they will eat you alive" Wu said seriously "We are going to get you clothes but someone is bound to notice your hairpin and the aura you radiate as Empress. You are now blessed by Heaven's Mandate. People are going to know, that is what we have been preparing for” he said “Are you ready?"
Ayame would take a deep breath as she stood there and nodded, she wanted to help them wanted to show them the world that was full of peace. Though she looked at him and smiled "Yes, I think I am" she stated happily as she looked back into the village. They would step into the village as she looked around with him at her side she knew she could do this as she could already sense the various auras here "there so many here..."
"This is one of the biggest towns in the kingdom" Wu told her as a couple people looked over their way gasping but not saying anything as they moved to a clothing store as Wu let her inside first "Have fun shopping"
Ayame chuckled as she looked at him before she would head inside, and looked around it had been a long time since she had gone shopping for clothing. Though she would soon look over to the women who was there, It didn't take long as she had gotten a few new outfits, she had at least one regal one but the one she had slid into had what looked like phoenix's on it as she had put also a new flower hairpin into her hair with the dragon pin she had already. "Thank you for your help" she stated stepping out and as she did she seemed to have quite a new look about her.
Wu smiled as he saw her "Now there is a woman who commands respect” he said as others in the streets were stopping and looking at her, an exciting buzz in the air as they took in her look 'It's her.' 'The princess is still alive' 'maybe we are saved'
Ayame would smile at Wu as she stood there and then glanced at those who were gathering. She would give them all a small bow before speaking "You are saved" she stated answering the one question, "I am sorry I have taken so long to return to you all....but Kurama will fall but I need the aid of those pure of heart to study beneath my grandmaster" she stated looking at Wu. "For I cannot do this alone...not without you...the heart of this kingdom...will you aid me?" she called out to them.
At first no one moved, but then a boy no older than she might have been stepped forward walking up to them as he then dropped to his knee "Please, take me as your first apprentice” he said as Wu looked down at him "You seem to be very bold"
Ayame stood there she knew they were scared but she would look over to the boy that walked up, as true to what Wu told her she was able to sense or pick up the aura of the boy. A smile formed and she glanced at Wu "he's pure of heart" though she moved to Wu some glancing at the others she could sense others, though they were scared she hoped more would come forward but if one brave soul was what they got she would thank the gods for that one.
Wu moved to the boy as he reached into his sleeve pulling out an armband with the Yuan clan mark on it as he tied it on the boys arm "Rise young acolyte” he said "Join us and begin your journey to enlightenment” he said as the boy smiled and moved behind them as Wu then addressed the crowed "Kurama has taken the Empire.” he started as the crowed focused their attention on him "He has spread lies, hatred, deception, poverty and evil throughout ths air. The land suffer and weep under his evil eye. And he has been in hiding for years. He doesn't care about any of us. But something he does care about is the jewel of the land." Wu said as the wind picked up slightly "The Princess was taken into hiding and trained in the ways to slay demons. She has embraced her power and confidently wields the great sword Masamune. She has risen to Empress and has taken her rightful throne amongst the Divine. Her name shall live in legend as the heart of the dragon that slayed Kurama and restored prosperity to these lands.” he said excitedly as the crowd's growing eagerness and excitment could be felt listening to his moving words "The question I ask, is do you want to remember the day that Kurama dies on the side of victory? Or at the clutches of his evil hands? If you believe that we shall destroy those evil bonds then lay eyes upon the Empress and take the knee and pledge yourself to her light. Or cast yourself into Kurama's darkness and wait to be destroyed" he said as the crowd almost as of in one accord took a knee bowing before Ayame as Wu looked over at her "That is how you command a crowd” he smiled "They're all yours Empress"
Ayame would feel the commanding presence he held and she couldn't help but feel admiration for him, he had come along well from the boy he was to the grandmaster that now stood beside her. His words filled her heart, making it burn with a greater passion to do more than just defeat Kurama but to truly make this kingdom and its people show that even a commoner was a diamond. Though at his last words, she looked at him with a chuckle "oh so we are showing off now are we?" she asked, little did she know she had reached out to a certain lazy lizard of course promised him a hefty reward of a deer instead of a rabbit but as she stood there. She looked over the people "I stand before you no higher than you stand before me, my dreams for this kingdom and her people are to see you all standing tall showing the world that no darkness, no demon will conquer you." She stated as the wind seemed to grow wild almost lifting her up but gentle "And if Kurama ever dares harm any of you...he will face dragon fire and claws" As she said that Sho would land behind her as they had moved to a larger spot in town, the silver dragon rising up slightly behind her spreading his wings as people gasped but knelt there in awe for a dragon had not been seen in a long time. "The Wind has risen and it will not be beaten down this time and the house of Yuan will forever stand and be the protector of this land and her people!" she called out, the crowd soon cheering loudly men standing up pledging themselves even a few women as Ayame glanced at Wu "hope you brought more of those bands" she giggled.
Wu smiled looking over at Sho "The dragon was a nice touch, what'd you promise him? Better food?" He laughed as he tied bands upon all those who were willing "Tomorrow at dawn, through the mountain pass lies my monastery, these bands will grant you passage through my barrier, and from there your training begins" Wu said to them all letting the crowd huddle around Ayame and the dragon happilu *Now to see how Kurama responds to this news*he thought to himself
"I promised him a day of hunting and to get all the kills" she said with a small smile as she stood there and glanced at Sho, as she raised her hand as she felt Sho press his nose to her cheek "yes yes...I will keep my promise" she whispered to him, and smiled at the people who stood around all offering what they could even asking to have complete rights to weapons, or clothing even food.
Wu laughed "That is all nice, but we have much to do still first while we are in town, tomorrow you may bring them to the temple if that is what you so desire" he said as he finished putting on armbands to grant them access "Alright Empress, let us go eat"he said "It is your crowning day after all"
She smiled and would chuckle nodding with him as they would journy to one of the larger places in the village to eat, people following in joy as women rushed to their homes to create food that they hoped their empress would eat while their men went and found the best meats and kills within the forest also making sure to have plenty for Sho to eat himself. Children rushed off to collect flowers, while those who could do little still attempted to do their part by helping tidy up the village and make way for their empress.
"Welcome to your new home"Wu said as they walked "I hope you can get used to being the center of attention again because everyone is finally happy again. I havent seen people work this hard and be this happy in over 10 years. Every village we visit is going to be like that"
Ayame nodded as she sighed already going ot miss the monestary but he needed to train the new monks and she had a kingdom to start uniting. "I hope so, though I will be coming to visit." she smirked a bit hearing a small growl of protest as Sho walked behind them, "oh stop it have to be here with me and you know it." she said quickly to the giant lizard. "your also old enough you shouldn't have to take so many naps"
Sho huffed again flapping his wings as he looked down at her as he let out a small growl

"Of course. You know, since the valley is so close, you could build your throne above the monastery, much the way Rei did in your old home. The monastery was on the bottom and then there were all those stairs to the castle behind it. It may be a bit more secure"
"oh behave you" she whispered patting his head some and then glanced over at Wu, "Well if I did that only monks could come see me...if im here in the village I can at least be apart of it..." she stated remembering how she watched them go about their lives, she wanted to just live that simple lifestyle. "I feel like such a gap has spread between the yuan family and the people..."
Wu nodded at her "I think it will be good for you."he said "Actively be involved in the peoples lives"he said "Eventually Ryoko and Fengyi will make their way here now that you have taken the crown we no longer have to send out separate signals to keep Kurama distracted" Wu said "They will run things while we are gone when we actually cofront Kurama"
"Thank you Wu, for everything even if I never made things easy" she stated gently placing her hand on his arm. "It will be good to step out from being a royal to just simply one of the people...though im sure Grandma wouldn't approve she never liked me working to hard"
Wu nodded "Don't worry about it. Just do whatever it us you feel is right and I will adapt"he said "I now have many people to train"
Ayame nodded and would speak "well I will be coming back to the monestary every once in awhile to see how things are...and of course to spare against you" she smiled
"Of course you will"Wu said "We are your military force, you should always be in constant contact with us"he commented "And whenever you wish to lose against me I will take you on anytime"he smirked
"Oh you seem cocky yet again, though no tailsmen this time and lets see how you handle me" she said with a slight wink as she looked back at the village and the people moving about. "One day soon...this place will be a driving force in the kingdom"
"Indeed it will, and it will be all because of you"he said with a nod "Have your fears about leading the people finally gone away?"
She looked at him, "I am not sure" she said softly as she stood there brushing her hair from face some looking at the people. "i have much to learn from them all to become the empress that I am destined to be"
"The biggest thing is that you recognize that fact"Wu said "Those who cannot accept their weakness are doomed to die by them"he stated
A soft sigh left her lips before she would soon move forward "well let's go and eat, I'm sure your new acolytes would like to spend one more night with their families." She said with a smile.
"Of course. Nothing until tomorrow"he said as he took them to a restaurant as they sat down and he began ordering a ton of food for them
Everyone in the village seemed in high spirits and even Sho was getting some attention as the hunters returned with several a large kills, giving them to the dragon who happily took them. Ayame was sitting with Wu but was happily talking to the villagers as many girls where already coming up to her and asking to be her hand servants and maids. She was honored but having lived so long without the aid of another she found she would have to get used to that again. Though Ayame looked to Wu as she drank some of the local tea "we should send word to Fengyi and Ryoko tomorrow....I'm sure Grandmama is tired of sleeping on the ground." She chuckled, "plus Fengyi probably will want to see your new monastery"
"I'm sure they are already on their way" Wu said sipping his tea "You accepting the crown sent a ripple of energy across the lands. I'm sure everyone feels it, though not everyone understands exactly what it is" he said "Your family knows of course, we have been planning this for years and I am sure they are excited to see you"
"so you think now because I am crowned people will start coming here?" she asked as she would take a bite of the food, though it was simple she enjoyed it. "won't that include those who wish me harm?"
"Of course it does, on both counts" he said as he ate as well "But that is why we are here to protect and serve" Wu said "You have brought hope back into the hearts of the people of these lands, of course they will flock to you once word spreads, we have taken that into account"
"then we should start trying to make this village a safer place, I don't want them caught up in a war that most do not want to take part in...theres familiies here" she said
"It isnt that simple Ayame" Wu said "You have to realize that there are many parts to this machine that we are dealing with"
"then what can we do to protect the people Wu?! I'm not becoming an empress just to watch my people fall..." she said as she sat there, "I want to protect them so how can I with Kurama coming?"
"Instead of Kurama coming to us. We go and hunt down Kurama" Wu said "He has been in hiding recovering this entire time while we have been training. We must strike him before he has the first chance to"he told her "That is why your relatives are coming to govern this village, you and are going to go village to village recruiting monks and smiths and to rally the people. We are going to wage war, mankind against the darkness, and we shall take down Kurama"
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She looked at him with a nod, that did make sense but she was still concerned for the people but that was probably just the part of her that was empress. "Well lets do what we can here for now, till they arive it shouldn't be more than a day"
"You can do whatever you feel is right. We all listen to you now"he smiled "You are a beautiful Empress by the way"
She coudln't help but blush just some at the last comment, before she would slightly 'nudge' him beneath the table "stop it...we are in public Wu" she whispered as she tried to hide hre flushed cheeks with taking a drink of tea
"You should keep your composure then"he said with a laugh at her blush "You'll be getting that a lot you know. You are the people's champion"
"ya well thats coming from the guy who I gave my maidenhood too" she said quickly and as quiet as possible as she went back to eating.
Wu smiled over at her "Well you have wanted that since you were a child. Was it everything you've dreamed of?"he said "Still want me to be your husband?"
"not answering that in public" she stated closing her eyes and trying to keep a 'royal' compossure. "as for the last question, are you able to become Emperor as well as grandmaster?"
"This is your Empire now"Wu said "You make the rules and the laws. Traditionally both the Emperor and Grandmaster were males so they were brothers in arms, but now that we are seperate sexes I'm sure it is allowable, however you are still the ruler, my role is more ceremonial"he explained "Your matriarchs will have more details than I do"
She nodded he had a point, but at the same time she wondered something glancing at him "do you love me?" she asked as she set her cup down her eyes on his.
"Yes I do" Wu said easily "I knew from before you were born that our lives were going to be intertwined for as long as we lived. We have gone through so much and I have spent almost every waking moment with you for the last 12 years. You are the only person in this world I care about"
Ayame just stared at him, wondering if this was more than what she thought, though she would soon speak " like a brother or.." she couldn't help herself asking these simple questions
Wu laughed softly "Siblings normally dont do what we did" he said "So we are a bit past that"
He had a point, as she would would chuckle "well since I never had siblings wouldn't know" she said with a smile, as she sat there "and if you do care for me so much Wu, one day you should 'prove' that" she said softly, "for right now I think it be to declare anything with a demon menice on our hands"
"Kurama's threat will be there until he is dead" Wu said simply "I was only asking you to see your thoughts on the matter"
"well if I I didn't want that...would the actions of last night and eariler today have happened?"
"Of course not. If you did not want me, I would not force myself upon you"he stated
"do not belive it is even in your nature to do that...then again..." she paused thinking, "i have see you go at Fengyi a few times when you thought I was asleep"
"I was younger then and going through constant bloodlusts. I understand my power and hunger much better now"he said "Plus she was always willing and receptive of my efforts"he commented
"I know" she said with a small chuckle, "though" she would soon slightly pull downt he collar on her dress "these marks speak something different, you latched on pretty good"
"I had the desire for blood. Your blood"Wu said "It felt good, it felt right to finally have it" he said licking his lips
"oh? perhaps later you can have more if you liked it so much" she stated, wondering what made her blood stand out from Fengyis. "what does my blood do that Fengyis' dosnt?"
"Youth, sweetness, power, royalty" Wu rattled off "I feel 100x more powerful now after drinking your blood once than anytime drinking her blood"
"that sounds like Grandma...she said due to the blood of my grandfather...she could hide so long without having to come out and get more chi or energy"
"The dragon's blood is very powerful" he agreed "I feel as if I no longer have to feed for a very long time"he said "But I want to"
She couldn't help but chuckle as she smiled at him, though the two would talk for the evening before the village grew quiet as families settled for the night to sleep. Ayame sat by a window looking up at the sky, the inn keeper gave her a room to stay in till either she retuned to the monastery or a home was constructed in town. She couldn't help but just sit there staring the hairpin in her hands as she hummed softly while a single tear seemed to slid down her cheek. Remembering times and people that no longer where there.
"You are emotional again" Wu said from behind her his hands folded behind his back "What is in your mind?"
She blinked some before she realized the tears as she chuckled shaking her head, "nothing bad this time..." She said looking at him with a small smile, "just wondering what they would be saying now, I can hear father and the grandmaster arguing over how the monastery should look...and how the acolytes should be trained" she chuckled leaning against the window some more, "mother is just humming while trying not to hit either one over the head."
"Yes, such a long time ago. I do miss my former master...he was the only father I ever knew. Ever since he found me and took me in with him" Wu said "Not a day goes by I dont miss the old man"
She nodded then would glance at him, "I'd like to make a resting place for them...some day though their bodies are gone Id still like to give them a place to be remembered...some place where the sun will always shine on them"
"I'm sure there is a perfect spot for them in the valley"he said "It's always sunny there"
"True but away from Sho...he doesn't give up his sunny spots well" she laughed before pushing herself up and yawned. "We should get some rest, tomorrow will be a big day and besides I have a feeling two lost demons will be charging in here full force."
"I agree" Wu said "I cannot leave you alone, do you wish to remain in town or return to the monastery to address the acolytes tomorrow?"
"We can head to the be best that way then once Fengyi and Ryoko get here can we start building this empire up..."
"Let's return then"he said as he held out his hand to her "Are you ready?"
She nodded and would move to him, her hand reaching out before sliding into his. "With you and Sho at my side....always." She smiled more
He nodded as the room flashed for a moment before they reappeared just outside the monastery "We're back"
She looked around the families walls, it was home to her. Then again she did help him create several of the rooms, Sho helped in his own way. "Well let's go ahead and prepare for the new members unless you wish to do all that yourself."
"There is nothing to prepare" Wu said simply setting his staff down "All arrangements will be taken care of tomorrow. It's all a part of their training. You should get some sleep Empress, it's been a long day for you"
Ayame nodded as she moved over to him, before leaning up and kissed his cheek softly. "The grandmaster would be so proud of you Wu, just as I am" she said before turning to head to her own room. It wasn't huge but it did have large enough doors to allow Sho semi entry when he liked to cuddle up to her.
Wu watched her go to bed before he himself left to meditate deeply in preparation for tomorrow's events. He ended up meditating until the sun came up as he opened his eyes hearing the first wave of people entering through the pass into the valley through his barrier

Ayame slept well after so long, as she could hear the people coming into the valley. Sho like always had wiggled his way into her bedroom, around her body as she would smile a bit in her sleep before pushing herself up. "Today it begins" she said then looked to Sho, gently patting the dragon on the head "someone ate to much yesturday didn't they?" she teased the still youthful serpent
Sho opened an eye as he let out a huge yawn looking over at her as he began to unwind as he stretched himself out across her bed before getting up and racing outside flying off into the valley
She watched him leave shaking her head, he was strange and she wondered why he didn't wish to learn how to speak...but she remembered Rei saying that they where stubborn but raised themselves. "one day maybe others will be with you as well Sho" she said to herself, before pushing up to get ready for the day.

Elsewhere in the lands, sitting in the ruins of the fallen palace of the Yuan castle, did the shadows seem to move and come alive. The awakened power of the girl had been felt, and the anger coming from Kurama had the demons cowering in fear, even a few female demons where fleeing the chambers as already a few had...fallen to Kurama's anger in the midst of lust.
Kurama sat in his darkened room as his 4 tails casually swayed back and forth as he licked the blood of the last woman who ran out off of his nails *The girl must be stopped*he thought to himself *I cannot allow her to grow any more powerful than she already is...*he concluded as he then sat up "Bring me my eldest son!" He demanded "It is time he begins his service to his father"
The servants would do as Kurama ordered rushing about, as one would soon run up to the eldest sons room knocking, "m...milord prince the lord wishes to see you...he says its urgent" he stated quickly gulping in fear
The man would open the door with a glare down at the servant, before he would turn and start heading towards the throne room. The smell of blood didn't even effect him, as he stepped into the dark space "you called?" he stated a bored expression on his face.
His name will be Ryoma, so Ryoko and Ryoma are his two oldest))
"Have a seat Ryoma" Kurama said as the lights came on slightly as Kurama's tails wrapped around him then "We have a problem and you are going to fix it"
Ryoma would look at his father but would nos his head as he walked into the throne room, on one wall was even...the remains of the royal family at least their weapons at least before speaking "what problem is that? and dont tell me its Ryoko"
"No, it's your sister's grandchild, the Yuan girl" Kurama said with a slight growl even thinking about her "She has come of age and has already accepted the crown"he told his son "Your sister's family threatens everything that we stand for and she must be stopped"
"you should have killed her when she was born..." he said coldly but would sigh, "what do you want me to do? she'll sense either oen of us coming speacially now that her monks monestary is up"
"Hm...there needs to be some way to separate her from the monk. I'm sure her powers of observation aren't the best. The Yuan's weren't known for being smart they were known for being powerful"Kurama said "Are you not my first born? Do you not possess the same powers of illusion as I have? Figure out a way to do as I have ordered"
Ryoma would glare at his father, but he would nod his head "very well, I believe I know of a way" he stated as he would turn to leave the throne room. "i'll do what you did to that witch" he stated with a smirk.
Kurama raised an eyebrow looking over at him again "Oh? Plan on seducing the young hanyou then?"he asked "That should be interesting to watch. Just make sure your sister doesnt sense you, because should she attack I will not help defend you"
He would nod his head, before he would speak "do not worry father" he stated as he would step from the throne room, a plan already in motion. But first he had to set it up, the only way his sister could not sense him...was if he sealed his demonic blood. "I'll appear as human as the girl..." he smirked before fadding into the shadows.

Kurama smirked to himself *Ryoma will not fail me. The girls days are numbered*
Today was the start of everything, at least in Ayame's eyes as she stood at the entrance of the Monestary next to Wu watching has those who choose to become monks entered the valley. Ayame glanced at Wu "we forgot to tell them to leave with nothing but the shirts on their backs...unless that was your plan?"
Wu shrugged "It matters not, all will be stripped away in due time"he said as those from the village soon stood before him as he spoke "Today will be a momentous occasion for us all. Today you embark on your journey to become Masters of the Steel Dragon techniques and to serve your Empress with all of your being. It isn't an easy task, but it is rewarding. Your first task will be to clean your living space. Go inside, pick a room, clean it and change into your training clothes. Once everyone is done, we shall begin with our first lesson"he said as everyone quickly began moving inside
She smiled at him shaking her head slightly, of course he was jsut going to wing it, though she would give a slight wave to everyone who was there. Though she glanced at Wu, "well I am going to head down to the village to see how things are progressing" she said simply
"Take Sho with you. You still shouldnt be traveling around withouy some form of extra protection"he said "It still isnt entirely safe"
"alright, but you try and call him...he still refuses to learn how to talk...I wish Understood why" she said wondering if she needed to do something
"Perhaps it just takes time. There were many things you did not wish to do when you were younger"Wu said as he let out a sharp whistle getting the attention of the overhead flying dragon
"that is true" she said with a smile though when he whistled she couldn't help but wence slightly, though the dragon would soon come flying back down with a heavy thud, as she would then look at Wu. "don't kill to many of them today" she teased
"I'll make every attempt not to" Wu said as he waved them off watching them leave as he shook his head *I can't hold her hand is time she makes decisions for herself*
"try not to eat every cow there for breakfast" she said to Sho as they headed to the village, of course she had flown on the dragon a few times though before they got to the village she asked "Sho...why aren't you attempting to talk? you are of the age that you should"
The dragon cocked his head as he looked up at her making his typical sounds as he began flying lower into the village as he soon landed on the ground nuzzling up next to her
She shook her head smiling at him, as she would scratch the underside of his chin, "just behave" she said with a small sile before looking at the village watchingt he people as they walked around "so amazing how they simple go about their life" she said as they walked through the streets as people would turn and bow as she nodded to them.
In the shadows Ryoma smirked standing there, "so...shes out on a walk with a lizard...should be easy enough" he said softly stepping out looking...well human.
One of Sho's ears flicked as they walked though he shook his head ignoring it as everyone continued greeting them in regular fashion as he sniffed the air looking around curiously
Ayame would look over at Sho as the dragon seemed to be looking for something, "what's wrong Sho?" she asked
Sho looked over at her and shook his head as they continued walking before he stopped seeing a man standing in front of them on their path
Ayame was still a bit unsure, what was causing the dragon to act this way however, she soon turned and paused as she looked at the man infront of her. "oh...good morning" she said as she stood there, "may I help you with something?"
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"It is true"the man said as he looked at the two of them "You did survive...and you are the Empress"he said with a smile "Praise the heavens, I can fulfill my pledge to my father"he said as he kneeled down before her "Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Ryoma, and I have sworn to protect you"
When he knelt before her she blinked standing there as she would speak "I am honored that you wish to pledge yourself to the kingdom" she smiled and would move closer, "come, I can take you to the monestary there the grandmaster will train you" she said smiling
*The monk hm?*he thought to himself as he nodded standing "I do not believe I need further training. My father was very loyal to the former Emperor and spent my entire life training me to fight at your side"he stated
Ayame listened then glanced at Sho, she knew a few of her fathers close friends but she never left the palace so it was a possibliity "I see, well I would not wish to dishonor your father in keeping you from your promise" she said, it would also put Wu at ease if she had someone other than Sho with her. Wu would also be busy so she coudln't keep asking for his advice, "I would be honored to have you as one of my well i suppose knights could be in this form..." she chuckled, "unless you have a prefered title yourself...Ryoma was it?"
"No that is perfectly fine with me"he said with a smile as he began following her around the village "Thank you for your benevolence Empress"
She nodded as she walked around, though today she wasn't in the full on traditional garb it was more relaxed but it still showed her status. "So did you know I was here? I was just crowned yesturday"
"My families estate isn't too far from here. But the world knows that you were crowned Empress. People can feel the sensation of your power" he said "I was just lucky I managed to find you so quickly"
"I see, well it seems you where one of the fortunet ones to remain with a steady home and not have it taken from you" she said, she hadn't heard of many humans still retaining any lands since Kurama took over as demons ran around "tell me how do you fair against the demons? far as I knew they roamed freely in these parts"
"We are a clan of demon hunters and mercenaries" Ryoma said "A few lousy demons arent going to get the better of us"he said proudly *I cant believe she is actually beliving what I tell her, this is almost going to be too easy"
She nodded as they kept walking till they where soon on the outskirts of the village, and soon without warning she was gone. Sho was just lazing off to the side, as he soon saw a shadow and when he looked up she had a sword in her hand as she was coming down ontop of him. "then you should have no problem fendinga gainst me!" she said with a smirk, if he didn't move he'd be cut down the middle and if he did, a wall of dust and rock would kick up as a small crator would be in the ground. She was going to test him, to see if he was worthy and she wanted to spare some.
He held out his hand as two short daggers appeared as he crossed them over his head catching her blade as the ground broke beneath his feet "Very unexpected"he said aloud as he twirled his dagger in his hand facing her *She's much faster than I thought, this may be a challenge without any of my tails, no matter*
She smirked as she looked at him "hmm seems you have a bit of training but your reaction was to slow, any slower and you'd be a corpse" she said as she stood straight, where was she keeping the sword this whole time? It was not the one of legend just a simple one.
"I didnt expect you to want a fight right now"he said "But if that's what you want I'd be happy to show you what I can do Empress"he said as he rushed her then skillfully swinging his two daggers at her*I can already feel her power, but this isnt all of it*
She stood there waiting not even flinching as she would hold up the sword, and when he ran into her she didn't move it was like hitting a brick wall as she pushed agaisnt him with one hand as she smirked, she could take a full on charge from him and not budge "come now...if you can't even move me back an inch how do i know you can even protect me Ryoma?"
*She's lucky I sealed my power away or I'd easily kill her*he thought to himself before smirking as he then quickly spun around her so he was behind her pressed up against her back "I do not need you to move to slay you"he whispered in her ear jumping back producing a third dagger as he smirked
She could feel the shift in his abilities, as she would stand there wondering if she should give him just a glimpse, however Wu forbid her to even use any of her 'tails' outside of the monestary, though she glanced back at him 'just a glimpse...' she thought couldn't hurt as a third dagger appeared "oh? so you think you can slay me?" she grinned, as he felt something change, as she looked over her shoulder her eyes where glowing like a demons.
*Her demonic power*he thought to himself as his daggers began to glow slightly as he looked at her "So you do possess the powers of a demon"he said "Luckily my daggers were enchanted to slay exactly that, they grow stronger and sharper as your power does as well"
"Hmm interesting" she stated as she closed her eyes taking a deep breath, so his weapons worked in demons then perhaps to fight without them? Besides she knew Wu would lecture her if he found out she released even a portion of her abilities. She would raise her hand as she would let her chi build up into the sword as it glowed a warm golden light. She then turned as she smiled "then a demon I shall not fight as" she stated as she ran at him and the blur behind her looked like long wings as she would swing her sword causing a pulse of light to fly at him.
Ryoma quickly jumped and rolled out of the way as the ground split as he looked at her *I cant let that holy energy hit me or my illusion may fail and I'll be discovered*he thought to himself "You truly are worthy of the title Empress"he said as he produced a fourth dagger "Not many people get to see this technique and evej fewer live to tell about it"he said
She looked up at him when he dodged the attack, she eyes him and laughed "well it would be a shame to fall to it so soon after being crowned" she said reading herself watching his attack as she readied a barrier around her.
He proceeded to throw all 4 of his daggers around her as his own seal and barrier sprang up around her trapping her inside "The next stage would be to focus all of my energy inside my barrier and cause it to erupt"he told her as he produced a 5th dagger that was glowing blood red "or use this dagger to drain all your chi until you shrivel up"
She would tilt her head listening she could see the barrier but she had placed her own as she would smirk slightly "really? I suppose my knight wishes me dead" she stated as she would glance to the side as she could see Sho getting up ready to charge in or if anything let out a roar that would call Wu if he felt her in danger.
He smiled at her "Of course not. I am too much in love with you to cause you any harm"he said as the barrier then fell as his daggers vanished "I simply wished to demonstrate my power of my ghost daggers"
She chuckled as she shook her head before soon her barrier dropped but it it would soon strike out at him as she charged forward as he would dodge the blast her blade appeared at his throat he could feel the holy energy burning at his flesh but not touching "I do not accept duels that end without a victor for wars are not as caring" she said "you will train with my grandmaster till he deems you worthy of being my knight if you do not except then I am sorry to have to break your promise to your father."
*I should have just unleashed my tails and killed her then*he thought to himself as he looked at her "You are quite the ferocious one hm? Alright, if that is what you wish then I shall train with whoever you wish me to"he said
She nodded as she drew back her sword disappearing and she moved over towards sho who still was growling "now now Sho it was a friendly fight" she looked at Ryoma "the monastery is protected by a barrier I'll have to get you a band to enter I should not be long."
Ryoma nodded looking over at the dragon who still growled at him *Dragons are normally keen to seeing through illusions but this one is still young, I cant drag this out or he will catch onto me*he thought "I'll wait here until you return then"
"Please rest easy here in the village, the people here are kind and warm so please enjoy yourself till I get back" she said as sho lowered down as she slid into his back, "come on Sho when we get back you can take your nap" she said Boeing her head to Ryoma before sho took off purposely kicking dust into his face
Ryoma glared at the fleeting form of the dragon before letting out a sigh "She is stronger than I thought she this the power my father is afraid of?"he said aloud "Perhaps I'll make it my own"

At the monastery Wu was out in the courtyard with the few dozens of people who had come to learn from him as they were going over simple basic movements much like Ayame did when she was a younger child as Wu looked up seeing the dragon approaching "Ah seems they are back quite early"he said "Continue practicing my young ones" Wu said as he grabbed his staff to go meet Ayame
Sho would land with a grunt and a clear look of agitation on his face as Ayame slid off and glanced at Wu with a small smile, of course he could see her clothing was dirty and a bit torn up like she had a fight "how are things progressing my grandmaster?"
"Things are going as planned, you however seem to have a problem" Wu said as he opened his eyes "Your clothes are dirty and your dragon is unhappy. Explain."he said frowning at her
"Nothing happened expect I meet someone who wishes to swear himself to me..." She stated as she looked at him, "I wished to test him so I dueled him."
Wu blinked listening to her before raising an eyebrow "Alright.....and?..." he asked waiting for her to give him more details
"I defeated him in battle, however he gave up in the middle of it saying his 'love for me was far to great to kill me' and thus I told him because he failed to go all out against me, he is to train under you or he cannot fullfill his promise to his father"
"Failed to go all out?"Wu asked as he looked down at her "Were you using your powers to fight a human!?"he snapped at her "Aya I have warned you about that time and time again"
"He was no ordinary Human Wu" she stated looking at him, "at first I mearly used my normal abilities then he began to use techniques that normal humans can do...he says hes from a demon hunter clan obviously he knows his way around"
"And you are the Empress, you are a hanyou. And if he is a demon hunter you cannot be so open to people" Wu sighed "I am trusting you to make smart decisions"he said handing her a band "Bring him to me"
"We where away from the village, no one saw expect for Sho" she stated as he handed her the band, "thank you, i know what I'm doing Wu one day it will be known what I am i should have people who I can trust know as well" she would then look back at Sho who was still growling "don't make me go and get the horses Sho, and ground you"
Sho growled at her snapping his jaws before lowering himself to let her mount him as Wu took notice of that as well before looking at Ayame "Empress, do you find this man attractive?"he questioned curiously
Ayame paused then looked at him, "why do you ask that Wu?" she stated her hand on Sho's shoulder, "he is attractive but that has little to do with any of not tell me your jealous?"
"I am a monk, monk's do not get jealous" Wu said "I just find it curious that you ignore your dragon's feelings, that is all. I shall like to meet him myself"he said as he turned around going back to his students
She looked at Sho, as he was still growling "well if he learned how to speak then maybe I would know what he is thinking..." she said quickly and then would slid onto Sho's back. "now is not the time to try and find enemies...even those whos attentions seem wrong can turn out to be good in the end...i have to trust that in people or we wont find those pure of heart..."
Wu said nothing more as he moved back to the front teaching the next part of his lesson

Sho finally stopped growling at her words though still had an upset look on his face as he took off flying her back to where Ryoma was waiting under a tree biting an apple as he looked up seeing the dragon coming
"I know your worried Sho, I am as well...but I have a good feeling...not cause i find him attractive but with his help Kurama will be that much closer to being defeated..and if im totaly can say i told you so later as you cook his corpse" she said scratching the back of his head. When they landed she would remain where she was before tossing Ryoma the badge, "before you go into the monestary just know two dragon does not like you so you will have to prove yourself pure of heart before I'll ever accept you as my knight" she said firmly, as she took a deep breath. "Second...the moment you step into that valley you are the same as the others, Wu is your grandmaster and you will obey him only my orders are greater is that clear?"
"Absolutely" Ryoma said nodding. While she was gone he had time to strengthen his illusion then reseal his powers in order to pass through the barrier in the valley though he would leave him severly drained until he unleashed his tails again "Whatever it takes to honor my father's wish"he said as he bowed to her
"Then take the path to the valley, I will not fly you there for every acoylte has made the journey himself...good luck the grandmasters trianing is not for the faint of heart"
"Thank you Empress"he said bowing his head as he watched them fly off once more as he smirked "Personally invited into the dragon's den"he said smirking as he fingered his dagger as he began walking towards the valley his hands behind his head *Everything according to plan father*
Ayame took a deep breath as she sat there, there was so much preasure on her perhaps she was to trusting "maybe its time i spoke with grandfather has been awhile.."
Sho soon descended into the valley stopping at the waterfall letting her get off to meditate as he dove under the water soon coming up with a mouthful of fish
She smiled as she walked over to the waterfall, the sound of the rushing water filing her ears as she would then settle down into a seated position. Taking a deep breath, she would close her eyes and focus pushing her fears and current emotions to the side for now as she called out or attempted to reach her grandfather.
Her mind flashed black for a moment before returning to the valley she was currently in as soon flying in on his large silver dragon was Rei Yuan as he and the dragon soon landed as he jumped off standing before you "Your powers have grown, you can see myself and my dragon now. You have finally taken up the crown hm?"he asked
She would blink a few times as she looked up seeing Rei as she couldn't help but stand up "wait...your here?" she stated as she looked at his dragon, before then going back to his question "yes just yesturday, I...m conflicted as well as...unsure about a lot of things"
"Of course I am here. I will appear anytime you summon me" Rei said as he sat down cross legged in front of her "What is on your mind young dragon?"
"several things" she said with a sigh as she looked at him, "I only just become the empress, and we finally have started to bring new monks into the monestary...i know that because of that many people who side with Kurama will attack but..." she sighed, "i can't even get Sho to start talking how am I to lead a kingdom?"
"Oh do you have a stubborn dragon too?" Rei asked as he smiled "Well that one is an easy one, he will come to start talking in his own time. It helps if you sing to them every day. The sounds of music helps draw their voice" Rei said "and it is true as you said. Kurama spreads a negative influence across peoples hearts, until you have purified their spirit be careful, but have faith" he said
"sing? I havn't sang since I was a girl and even then Wu said it has no place in training so I havn't in a long time" she stated with a small sigh, looking out slightly till she would speak again. "When it comes to people...I wish to trust them, even if they may have ill will towards me...i know if I don't give them a chance will their hearts become pure...such as the newest member...he said his father knew mine...and that he swears loyalty to me to become one of my personal guards...but Sho does nt trust him"
"In my experience dragon's are never wrong with their senses, maybe a little off, but never wrong" Rei said "But you must also realize that you are the ruler, and nobody else. Besides my wife and my grandmastee my only other advisor was my worst advisary before Kurama. He rode upon dark dragons but his power never compared to those of the light. His clan was one of the first to fall under our family's banner and he always hated me for that, but I respected him for his brain and his determination so I put him on my council. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer"
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on Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:58 pm
"what clan was that Grandfather?" she asked looking at him, "cause this man says he comes from a line of demon hunters, considering their abilities im rather shocked that more demons havn't been delt with specially since he said his families estate is close"
"Demon Hunters?"he blinked looking at her "You must be a descendant from the same clan then. The house of Orochi was a clan that rode dark dragons that hunted down and killed demons...they must have evolved into these demon hunters that you speak of after 1000 years. Najima Orochi was the founder of their clan that eventually became part of ours, they have the Black Snake banner. They wanted to slay all demons, where as I believe everything should live in harmony with another"
"then does the 'ghost daggers' ring a bell at all?" she asked she wanted to know more about this man, trying to make sure that she was not letting someone in that could possibly destroy everything she was working towards. "Wu believes I only trust him because I find him attractive...even if he says he does not get jealous"
"Aw my young dragon, that is nothing to be ashamed of. Love as many people as you can, explore the lands"he smiled "As for ghost daggers, that sounds like something that was handed down through time. He must be part of a clan, no regular human would have access to unique weapons"
"I wouldn't let grandma hear you say that, I'm pretty sure she would not want you loving anyone other than her" she said with a small smile, as she looked at him. "I told him only till Sho trusts him will I grand him the one thing he wishes...and from how stubborn he is not think that will be any time soon"
"Dragons are not ones to change their minds, do not expect Sho to ever like this mystery man"Rei said "That is why I said follow your gut, even if you turn out to be wrong, at least you know it is your choice that made it and no one else's" he explained "I've been wrong plenty of times, but I've owned up to my error with conviction and fixed my problems, perhaps it is time you do the same"
"but what if this mistake costs the lives of the kingdom or even has me fail against defeating Kurama?" she asked still fearful, "i have so many people looking to me, even Wu expects more from me now that im crowed...yet i have not the slightest idea whre to start.."
"Let me tell you a story about one of the origins of the Great War against Kurama. As I'm sure you've learned, Ryoko and her father never got along. Your grandmother, and NEVER tell her I spoke of this, had a bit of a nasty temper in her youth that she wasn't proud of. That's how we met, I was 17 years old and had only been Emperor for just over a year when the messanger came that a mysterious woman had eridacted an entire demon village in part of my lands so I flew to investigate and that's how we met and soon fell in love and I wanted to marry her. Of course those around me didnt want me to, she was Kurama's daughter and he was hunting us both down" Rei told her "I married her anyway, on our wedding day Kurama destroyed 16 villages. Completely gone every last soul"he sighed deeply pausing for a moment
She leaned closer as she looked at him, waiting to hear this as she would listen intently though as he explained and told of his own moments she nodded. She son couldn't help but start leaning back, hearing how he stil continued to pursue her and would nod "so...even though all that happened, you sitll choose to be with her" she said softly
"Of course I did. My gut told me to stand by my conviction. Hundreds of people lost their lives, even more when the war started, but in the end I stood by what I believed to be true"
And in that she had seen just how much Ryoko loved him, she then took a deep breath. "I believe there is something in him...something he does not wish to let come to the light" she said as she sat there, looking over the water watching Sho swim about. "even if Sho doesn't like him, he had the chance to kill me but wether it was a ploy or not he still did not take that final blow" she looked at Rei, "i showed him a part of me only two people know...yet he faced it head on"
"Then it seems this man is quite fearless"he said "Perhaps that is why you find him so interesting"Rei commented "No matter what it is simply be firm in your choices"
She would nod her head and smile "thank you grandfather" she said as she sat there, looking around then at him. "I am sorry I took so long to come and speak to you again, but the monestary has come along well...I am debating between living in this valley or down with the villagers"
"I would live in the valley. It is easier to raise children and dragons in an area they can roam and play. Sho is still going to get much much larger than he is right now over time. He needs room. You should have two houses"
"thinking of children already grandfather?" she said with a laugh, "didn't think you wanted to be a great great great grandfather now" she smiled then glanced over to Sho, "as for Sho it couldn't hurt, he dosn't like going out of the valley unless theres nothing for him to eat...I suppose till Grandma and Fengyi return I will stay here"
"Yes, you are doing a fine job with Sho. Much better than I did with Xian when he hatched from his egg" Rei said "But every dragon develops at their own rate, let him hold on to being a baby until he is ready to let it go and grow up." He commented "You arent just his friend, but his mother as well too"
"I treat him like he is my baby" she laughed, as she brushed some of her hair from her face. "Wu thinks I should lighten up but hes just so cute when he looks at me with those eyes of its funny when I hear and see Wu chase him around after he's gotten a hold of his staff"
"Dragons do like shiny things"he laughed "Xian used to torment Sheng-ju all the time as well"he said "Some things never change"
"well perhaps I should tell Wu to not polish his staff so much and get some dirt on it" she laughed, then blinked "can...Sho see Xian? if so...maybe he can learn a thing or two from could help at least so he knows what he'll be one day"
"No for all gifts dragons have, seeing their dead ones are not one of them" Rei said "Dragons dont meditate, they sleep"he said
"I see" she said saddly "maybe..I can help him see one day" she smiled, "also...if..i do unseal you what...becomes of Xian?"
"Xian is already dead and gone. He lived his life naturally after I was sealed away and had many other dragons kids of his own. They are all still in hiding however" he said "They will not return until Kurama's power is no longer felt
"I see" she said softly as she sat there, "so till then...sho will be alone"
"He will have you. That is all a young dragon needs, believe me"he said smiling "You are so much like my son. Always worried about every little detail"
"Really? I never thought father was like that...he seemed to not care about the little details" she stated thinking
"After he got married sure, but he was such a worrisome little boy. Never wanting to get his hands dirty, always about rules and right and wrong, he took very much after Ryoko until he became a man and loosened up into the lax fellow you remember"
She laughed, "he would spend his time if he could sleeping till mother got on him" she said as she sat there, giggling though her smile soon started to fade, "i wonder...if they peace now...or if they ever will be.."
"Why dont you ask them?"Rei asked "I said your power has expanded, you can bring more than one person into your meditation if you focus hard enough"
"wait mean I could call father, mother even...the grandmaster here?!" she said as she looked at him, she didn't think about it as she sat there she could see the...she could really see them again
"Through meditation anything is possible" Rei said with a smile "I told you the first time we spoke, all of us will always be right here with you, simply call upon us"he said
She nodded some as she sat there, he was right after all as she took a deep breath closing her eyes. 'Momma...papa..." she thought as she wanted to see them and hear their voice.
There was a fliterring for a second before an image of her parents stood before her as he smiled down at her "My my how you have grown"
The moment she heard that voice, her eyes snapped open as she looked up to see both her parents as she stood up, "momma...papa..." she said as her mother would smile "my dear little one...we are so proud of you"
"Way to take on the crown too. Your power is leaps and bounds beyond my own. You may be as strong as the old man was in his prime too" her father said smiling down at her
"well she was trained by your mother did you forget that?" his wife stated with a small smile, as she would move over to Ayame, as she gently reached out touching her cheek "you've grown into such a beautiful women"
"You can call upon us whenever you need us"he said to her "All of us will always be in your heart with you"
Ayame nodded as she stood there, a few tears starting to slid down her face. "I'll be sure to do just so glad to see you all again, and I hope one day I can become the empress...that oyu raised me to become"
"You already have sweetheart"he daid wiping her tears away "Now go, and be that woman"
She smiled happily before she would step away and with that she felt their pressence faid for now as she took a deep breath, and raised her hand to wipe her tears a small smile on her face as she soon looked over to see Sho stairing at her. "im fine...promise" she said smiling
Sho let out a huff as he looked over at her just as Ryoma could be seen entering the valley from the mountain
She smiled walking over to him, gently petting him though she would look over seeing Ryoma walking in. She would look at Sho, "how about a Song Sho?" she said smiling, "it is time for oyur nap so lets to find a nice sunny spot for you"
Ryoma looked around with a small smirk on his lips, everything was going to plan and he would move towards the monestary hearing the groans of a few acoyltes as the training continued for them.
Sho cocked his head looking at her wondering why the change in her personality as he found a flat sunny rock on the water and curled up

Wu looked up sensing someone enter his barrier and enter his monastery as he gripped his staff tighter waiting
Ryoma would keep walking, glancing around the monestary was large and he wondered just how fast it would burn down. Once he got to the doors he pushed them open, the badge on his shirt like the others, "so this is the monestary..."
"Indeed it is"came the voice of Wu behind him "And you are?"he asked stepping forward a scowl on his face "I do not like when my classes are interrupted"
He glanced over, seeing Wu as he would speak "My name is Ryoma, and on request of the empress I am here to train under you Grandmaster" he said bowling his head.
"Ah so you are the one that she mentioned hm...doesnt seem to be too much to you however I do not take it lightly. You may go join the others and practicr the gentle fist technique
He noded as he moved forward, as he smirked passing him this would go all to easy, as he would join the ranks.
Once Sho and Ayame had settled she gently stroked his head as she smiled before opening her lips as she started to sing softly, one that she could finally let out after all this time.
*I have an uneasy feeling about his aura*he thought to himself as he continued with his lesson "Alright now pair up and we are going to practice sparring. I need to get a baseline from everyone so I know how to individually help you"he said

It was long until Sho was sound asleep with his head in her lap as he dreams about flying amongst others of his kind singing his song to the winds as his wings twitched and fluttered in his sleep
Ryoma would move to the side watching as he would turn his attention to the poor soul that was paired up with him. He would roll his shoulders, this human body was a bit different than his normal one but he would nod his head to him.
Ayame smiled as she watched him, gently petting his head and watching his wings flutter and twitch "one day those dreams of yours will come true"
Wu watched intently as Ryoma and his partner started as the other human rushed forward quickly attempting to punch him
Ryoma looked almost bored as he watched the monk come at him, and soon he would side step him, as the monk came moving past he would turn, raising his arm to slam the side of his hand into the mans neck at a preassure point
The man instantly went down unconscious as a few others turned to look over at them as Wu's frown deepend "It seems we have a fighter with some skill among our ranks"
Ryoma would look over at them all, "I come from a clan of demon hunters" he said simply
"Then allow me to challenge you myself then" Wu said "Since I need a baseline and it seems no other person here is on your same level"he said *Something isn't right about this man....the only problem is what's off*
"I already battled against the empress, I am sure she can tell you my skills are sufficent" he stated simply, he wasn't even sure he should be training but the damn brat made him do this.
"The Empress has no jursidiction in my monastery or my trainings" Wu said sternly "The Empress is powerful, but still young, I eill properly assess the skills you have. Who do you think that her everything she knows?"
He wanted to say more, but if he blew it now he would only face his fathers wrath. "very well grandmaster, forgive my insolince" he stated bowing his head.
"You seem like a nice kid" Wu said "But looks can be deceiving, you do not know a person until you have tested their fist"he said "Make your first move"
Ryoma nodded, as he stood there and would glance at the others knowing they where all waiting for something extrodinary. He wondered if he should just kill the monk now, without him Ayame would be lost but witness's would be hard to kill with a dragon nearby. He would have to rely on his fists for now, as he would soon dash forward he was fast as Ayame but not quiet.
*That speed isnt natural*Wu thought to himself as he dodged the first punch and caught the second, bumping him with his shoulder to make him stumble backwards as he narrowed his eyes
He would smirk slightly, he would show some skill but faulter in others he had to remain ahead of these two idiots. When he was hit in the shoulder, he would 'spin' purposly lossing his footing as he stumbled slightly, and glared, before running forward again this time moving at his side toslam his fist into him.
Wu frowned catching his fist and looking him in his eye "I said I wanted a true display"he said throwing his hand back "You are holding back. I think you forget that I am not a human so called demon hunter" Wu said "You want to protect the Empress? Then show me with what power"
He chuckled as he stood there, "very well then" he stated as he reached behind him pulling out one of his daggers, "then i'll show you the same ability...that I showed her" he said racing forward, this time he would not give him a chance if he drained his chi...then he could kill him.
One daggers then split into 4 as he rushed forward throwing them onto the ground as Wu stood there as he was inside of a barrier as he looked over at the man "So this is where I presume you gave up on trying to kill the Empress?"
"Of course, I wish to server loyally and kililng her well...that is not serving the women that I love" he stated wondering if that would spur the monk some.
"I see" Wu said calmly then smirked "Well I unfortunately am not the woman you love, so what is your next move then?"he asked tapping on the barrier "Very well constructed, for a novice. The Empress may not be able to break this but shattering this would be child's play"he taunted
"Considering the empress had a barrier constructed within that one and blew it up...perhaps you do not give her as much credit as you should grand-master" he stated simply, as he would draw another dagger "but there a thing about that barrier...any chi you absorbs till you are nothing but a husk"
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"Oh I am well aware"Wu said "In fact from the moment I got in here I could already feel my chi draining, though like I said it isnt enough."Wu said "Students, allow me to demonstrate what a mastery of chi looks like"he said as he shifted his stance taking in a deep breath as his chi started to flow around his body as the wind picked up and the air seemed to thicken and suffocate them with his power as small rocks and pebbles began to lift off of the ground as his dark purple chi began to pulse around him flowing like a ribbon in the wind "Your barrier is trying very hard to suck up my chi, however, I am a chi demon"he stated "And a powerful one at that, I have limitless storages of chi"he said as he then tapped the barrier with his finger and absorbed it all into his own chi "You may use other magic and weapons, but you cannot best me when it comes to chi"
*you have no idea what I know about you and your mistress* Ryoma thought to himself, watching he knew well what he was and he was using this moment to study him. The empress was no real threat once the monk was gone, she would be easy picking. When the barrier was absorbed Ryoma would bow his head "forgive my insolence grandmaster...I should have known simple tricks would be nothing against a master of chi"
Wu let his chi levels fall back to regular levels as some of the students took a deep breath finally able to breath as he looked the man over "I do not trust you. You have the appearance of the son of the Orochi clan, but something in your spirit is not pure. I will train you, only because the Empress has requested it of me, but walk on an air of caution"Wu said frowning

He would chuckle "you sound like the empress, she says till her dragon trusts me I will walk with caution" he stated simply, as he would glance at the other students. Of course his spirit was...not pure the body he was in was not his own the fool of a boy he possessed didn't stand a chance against him and he was easily to 'sway' though most people who got spirited away by a kitsune...where females not males first time for everything.
"She is a wise woman"Wu said as he turned to walk away "We are done for the day, return to your rooms, clean off and meditate"he stated as he went into the deeper chambers of the monastery
The students would do as he commanded, but off in the distance Ryoma would pause listening his sharp hearing still remained as did a few of his...senses and he could hear singing and humming. It was the empress, and while the students headed inside he went to go see what that girl was doing.
Ayame remained sitting with Sho, still singing softly to him even as he slept smiling as she saw his reactions in his sleep.
Sho slept soundly randomly twitching and clawing the air in front of him before soon his eyes snapped open and he rolled over growling as he spotted Ryoma appearing
Ayame would blink some as Sho jolted awake she never got him to do that, "sho? What's wrong?" She would then turn her head looking over to Ryoma as she slowly stood up "it's very unwise to near a sleeping's even worse when you cause him to awaken."
"I wasn't aware he was sleeping"Ryoma said as he put his hands up "I heard a beautiful voice and wanted to go investigate"
Ayame put her hand gently on Shos as she would try and ease the dragon some, she would then speak "flattery will not make me change my mind. You should be with the other students not wondering the valley"
"Forgive me Empress."he said bowing his head "But I had a match with the grandmaster and he left us to our own vices while I assume he goes to meditate"
"Oh so you faught against Wu? how did that go?" she asked with a small smile and looked at Sho, raising her hand to ease him "just calm down, try and go back to sleep"
"He is quite skilled as well. He put me in a league well above the others" Ryoma said "Is he always so serious?"

Sho growled before stopping as she pet him as he laud back down huffing
"He takes his role seriously after all he did help raise me from a small child and has been at my side since the fall of my fathers kingdom" she said simply looking at Sho, she knew he didn't trust Ryoma but she had to trust herself, she could tell he had a dark in tensions but also that he had a pure heart though hidden. "Did you learn anything from fighting him?"
"Yeah that anything chi related is futile against him. The man proved he was a demon today" Ryoma said shaking his head
She wold chuckle slightly as she nodded "yes well that is what he is after all Ryoma, since your going to be one of the monks It would be advisable to check up on the history of what the monks are and their origion
"Oh I know much about the monks. They are the Emperor's elite military force and Imperial guard. They are powerful, though I wasn't aware the grandmaster was a demoj considering they are demon slayers as well"
"well the grandmaster is long lived much similar to that of the emperor and since they do not have the bloodline of the Yuan something else was needed." she didn't want to say to much, as she stroked Sho's head, "though if you wish to know more of that you'll have to talk to Wu personally about it"
"I'm sure he will teach us all" Ryoma said "I have a questiom for you, since so many people seem so skeptical of me, why do you keep me around?"
She would glance at him before she would soon smile a bit, even as Sho was still growling at him till she would speak. "its because I can tell deep down, you have a pure heart even if you havn't let it shine yet" she said looking at him
*Thank god I took over the Orochi boy*he thought *They have close family ties to the Empire, she cant sense my spirit*he said to himself before nodding at her "I appreciate your wisdom Empress"
She would chuckle "well I hope I am right anyways" she stated as she would stand up after she had slid Sho back to sleep, glancing at him "One day I hope to see your true self Ryoma, not the one that you have decided to cover....and one day I hope to see the heart you try so hard to hide"
"I'm afraid that you won't like who I really am. We are quite opposite you and I." He said turning to face her fully now that her dragon was out of the way

She glanced at him then to the sky itself, closing her eyes "For a long time I never thought I would be standing in this valley, let alone as the empress" she said simply her hair blowing back, "I had to change who I was, to become who I needed to be" she then let her eyes find his, "I believe the same is the same for everyone, you may say your my opposite but are you really? you have the potential to become someone who you thought was never possible, I do not wish to be better or greater than anyone just there to aid the kingdom and its people into a bright prosperous future...and that goes for humans and demons"
"You are going to make one honorable Empress"he said as Ryoma smiled at her *She really does believe in the faith of the world hm*he thought to himself "Empress, can we go for a walk? Just a brief one if you aren't busy. I find your presence soothing"
She tilted her head some thinking, the valley was well protected and she did not beleive he would be able to harm her, though she would nod her head "yes, that sounds fine" she said with a smile as shew ould move over towards him "shall we? the flowers are starting to be in bloom and I'd like to gather some to place on some graves"
"Of course"he said nodding as he followed beside her as they walked and talked for a while "You know Empress, since I saw you when I was just a few years older than you, I knew one day I wanted to marry you. Do you already have a bethrothed one?"
She had slid her hands into her sleeves walking beside him glancing over the rest of the valley, then at him as he asked about a bethrothed "I suppose that is a good question considering the times" she said "however, I must ask why? you say you wish to marry me but why?"
"Because I think you are simply amazing." He said "And, speaking honestly, it was part of my father's wishes. As I said before the Orochi clan and the Yuan have been friends for ages, an allegiance through marriage would strengthen it exponentially. But honestly I dont care about politics, just you"he said
"it is strange" she stated walking with him, "That I have never heard of your clan till now, granted my parents did not allow me to leave the palace and Wu has and still is my guardian since he came to the monestary and palace" she said simply, still moving forward as he spoke of her as if he loved her "but do you know...what love is or is it just obligation Ryoma?" she stopped and turned to face him, "for if its obligation i will decline your proposal"
"I just said I don't care about the politics" he said "I am not obligated to do anything. I am my own man. And my feelings are true"he said cooly as they stopped walking "However I must ask you the same, do you know what love is? Or is your love for this kingdom simply a love springing from obligation?"
She would smile slightly as she stood there thinking slightly, he had a point after all was her love just in obligation before she would speak "perhaps, it could be something like that" she said with a smile, "but it is also a love one might have for a child....I wish protect them, so that they can continue on with their lives as they wish..."
"Then is it wrong that I express concern for your safety and well being with my own love for you?"he asked looking down at her
She would shake her head as she looked at him, "perhaps not, though that might just be the love one has for someone they wish to protect. Much like how Wu feels for me." She stated simply.
"What exactly is your relationship with him. You say it is simply he raised and protects you...but are you sure it's not something more?"
"perhaps it is" she stated, "when I was a little girl I thought the ideal man was someone like Wu, had the notion that one day I would like to marry him" she smirked and glanced at Ryoma, "but now theres you, who knows little to nothing about me...pledging his heart so you can see what sort of perdicament you have placed me in"
"I see the dilemma you face" he said "But he is older than you is he not? That doesn't bother you?"he asked curiously
"how should age play a factor in it?" she stated tilting her head slightly, "he is long lived now as am I, it does not matter what age either one of us is...though someone who understands what I am going through...would be helpfull..."
"Someone who understands what you are going through? And what exactly is it that you are going through Empress?" Ryoma asked curiously
She would shake her head, "that saddly is not something you need to worry about Ryoma, what I must do is something I must figure out on my own just as my father and his father did before me as the emperors of this kingdom..." she stated, frankly she had no idea where to even begin, she still had to defeat Kurama before anything else.
"Well what is the point of having protectors and advisors if you dont share your thoughts and feelings with them?"he questioned
"well I do not know you well enough to give you such information Ryoma. You come from a clan I never heard of, regardless of your claim of a connection I do not see it. I trust you will not harm me yes, but that is all"
"Fair enough. Trust me now, trust me later, it's not as though I am going anywhere"he said shrugging "I was simply curious"
She smiled as she nodded, "well tell me about yourself Ryoma, you are rather mysterious to me" she said smiling.
"I've already told you all there is to no about me. I am no enigma. I come from a family of demon slayers and my father recently passed away, leaving me as the new head of the clan and it was his dying wish for me to be your guardian"he told her
She would roll her eyes as she walked over to him, andwould soon raise her hand before tapping his chest "not what is in here you havn't"
"You seem to be the one who can read hearts"he saif holding her hand against his chest "What does it tell you about me?"
She looked at him with a small smile, feeling his hand on hers it was warm but it also had a cold feel to it. She then looked at him, listening till she closed her eyes feeling his heart beating but something wasn't right till she spoke "this isn't your body is it" she stated opening her ees to look at him.
Ryoma balked slightly as he took a small step back *How could she possibly sense that, my possession technique is near flawless*he thought to himself as he looked at her "What do you mean?"
She let her hand drop to her side, "You are hiding within the body of an innocent, who holds no desire to wed me...the sense of another is within you. Now reveal yourself" she said simply, "or I will awaken Sho and call for Wu and have you destroyed right here and now"
"It seems I have underestimated you Empress"Ryoma said "Do not get me wrong, this boy is of the Orochi clan, and his father's wishes were real to serve as guardian to you, but his doubt, and grief made him weak, easy to possess, those of weak wills are easily dominated"he said as there was a black mist leaving the boys mouth as his body collapsed as an attractive young demon with long black hair and glowing red eyes stood before her with all 9 of his tails fanned out before him "And as for destroying me, I may be weakened by the monks barrier, but I don't think I'll be destroyed"
She stood there but no anger was on her face, as she just waited to see she could sense his aura now and even as he shed his disguese she would speak, "The only being I wish destroyed is Kurama" she would look up at him, her eyes meeting his "even now your heart waveries you do not trully desire what you claim you do, though you possessed and took over that learned a lesson that is something Kurama never could teach you.....compassion.."
"My father is not a kind man, and you pose a serious threat to him. He is scared, and it makes me lose respect for him, fearing children, the Almighty Kurama, sending me to do his dirty work"Ryoma said shaking his head "I could have attacked you a long time ago, but I withheld"
"Oh really now? is that way you so quickly gave up in a battle against me? You could have killed me when we first meet, but you decided to play" she said with a small smile, "and you misunderstand just what I can do Ryoma, you are here on my demand and its not Wu's magic that weakens you....but mine"
Ryoma raised his eyebrow looking at her "Your magic? Impossible"he said as he looked at her "I don't believe you, you are strong, but not strong enough to suppress all 9 of my tails"
"so you say, but again you are here to learn are you not?" she said with a small smirk, as she would go over to the body of the boy he had possessed, and gently pressed her fingers against his neck checking his pulse "I shall go and take him to rest some"
"I don't understand....I was sent to kill you...and you are simply going to ignore me?" Ryoma asked "I am not going to study under Wu, he may get killed as well"he stated stepping towards her "Why are you not worried? Concerned? Scared?"
She would prop the boys head up some, ready to help him to the monestary when she heard Ryoma, she glanced at him "because I am not" she stated, "as much as you think you are a threat you are not, your heart betrays you....ask yourself the question 'what does...Ryoma really desire? what does his heart seak? and is it really my defeat and death?"
"I already know what my heart wants"Ryoma said as he watched her taking the boy as he shook his head putting his hands in his pockets "You are an interesting person, that's for sure, I'll keep you around, it's entertaining"
"as you wish, but just letting you know" she said with a smile, "once I come back with him, and they see'll be battling Wu" she stated with a small grin
Ryoma floated just out of the way of the dragon and sighed "That dragon has blown my cover time and time again"he said "Shouldn't you be going?"
"perhaps that I know you'll play nice and not do anything to upset him, he is still just a young dragon" she said with a smile as she would help the passed out demon hunter towards the monestary.
As she entered the monastery Wu met her towards the entrance as he looked at the boy in her arms "What exactly is going on?"he asked
"I will explain it to you once I get him down into a proper bed and looked after" she stated as she looked at him, "oh and you have to promise not to scream, or anything else and remain calm when i tell you"
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on Fri Mar 18, 2016 6:58 pm
"Considering I sense a demonic presence in my barrier, it may have to wait"Wu said frowning "And I'm assuming this is some how linked to you and this boy"he stated gripping his staff
She would chuckled slightly at him, "i will explain it soon Wu, just be patient please" she said as she would soon get one of the other monks to come over to her, "please look after him, and make sure when he comes to he knows where he's at" "yes milady" the monk said bowing his head. Ayame would then look over at him "The Ryoma we knew isn't the same...hes Kurama's son that possessed the body of that boy"
"What?"Wu asked surprised "That is how he managed to slip through the mountain pass"he said tapping his staff on the ground "Nimbus"he called as a cloud floated down and he stepped on it "Let's go, it's time to exorcise a demon"
"Wu" Ayame said sternly as she looked at him, as she stood there "You are not to touch him is that clear?"
"Excuse me?"he asked looking back at her "I'm not allowed to what?"he snapped at her "He is Kurama's offspring, here to kill you. I will not allow that"
"And he is of my blood!" she snapped as she looked at him, "Ryoko was a demon that was spawned to do as Kuramas bidding but she did not, he is the same" she stated as she went to move past him, "I am following my own heart in this matter as my grandfather did before me" she glanced at him, "i ask you to just trust in your empress"
"Ryoko is a completely different situation"Wu said "Her aura is pure, this youkai still gives off a dark aura very similar to Kurama's"he said as he turned around and then flew off without another word racing towards Ryoma
"Wu!" Ayame stated as she watched him, as she gripped her hands together 'why can you not trust me...' she said softly to herself, before she would close her eyes tightly taking a deep breath.
Sho would growl at Ryoma as he continued to float there, curled up happily in his spot though didn't really like him but he was listening to his 'mother' till he would turn his head as he looked up to see Wu coming as he blinked.
Wu landed on the ground in front of Ryoma who opened his eyes as he uncrossed his legs landing on the ground "Oh you do not seem happy at all"Ryoma teased "Don't like being deceived do you monk?"

"I knew something was off from the moment I laid my hands on you"Wu said sternly "You should not be here, no matter what the Empress says, you have fooled us all, and you should be punished"
Sho would look at the two and would growl slightly, he agreed but at the same time he didn't want to go against his mother. "And going againt what I decided is not seen as treason or without cause for punishment either Wu?" Ayame asked as she alked up. Sho would soon quickly move to her side as she would gently place her hand on his head, "I know Sho does not trust him....but he trusts me and thus its why he does not attack...why can you not do the same Wu? I can sense his heart and its not the dark hole ou believe it to be"
"I am the Grandmaster, there is no punishment fit for me. I also have raised you since you were a child, I am older, I meditate, and I don't trust anyone that lied to get his way to your side"Wu said shaking his head "Why do you not trust my wiser insight?"
"because you do not trust me!" she stated as she stood there, "and wiser does not mean you are always right...." she said as she looked at Ryoma, "If you desire to kill me Ryoma...then do so now" she stated stepping closer.
Ryoma shook his head "I've decided you are my father's problem, not mine. I may be able to beat each of you individually, but I cannot take you both together inside this barrier. Besides, you are very entertaining to watch"he said with a smirk "This just gets better and better, I've been bored for years living under my father's vengeful wrath. You asked me what I wanted in my heart? I want to take over my father's throne, he's old, and a fool"
Ayame would glance over to Wu as he said that and she would speak "see, if he wanted either one of us dead he should have done it when we where outside the barrior when I first meet him and he had that one chance" she stated then looked back at Ryoma, "you'll stay at my home, since the Monestary is filled with...those who do not understand"
Wu narrowed his eyes shaking his head "And you ask why I question your decision-making. At this rate I'll fear you'll do something brash like make him an advisor or something"

Ryoma raised an eyebrow looking back and forth between the two of them "If that is what you wish, who am I to deny the Empress what she wants, I don't speak with the authority of a Grandmaster"he said smirking before blinking as suddenly two figures appeared between between him and the other two as he smiled cooly "Hello Sister, Fengyi"he said

"We were on our way here and sensed your presence"Fengyi said as she glared at him "Why and how are you here"
"You treat me like I am nothing more than a child to you Wu, I am the empress the only person who seems to remotly even understand me is DEAD" she said sternly, before she glanced at Ryoma who seemed to be enjoyig the chaos that was starting to form just as she was about to say something Fengyi and Ryoko appeared, Ryoko would glare as she moved closer to Ryoma "how dare you set foot here!" she hissed till Ayame spoke "Stop it!" she nearly yelled pushing her way through till she stood slightly beside Ryoma "I invited him here!"
"You what?"Fengyi blinked looking over at Ryoko then back to her "You invited him here? Why?"she asked curiously

Wu frowned shaking his head "Empress or not, I'm not going to stand by while you get yourself killed, maybe the two of you can talk sense into her"he said as he turned around walking away

"Man, you guys have an interesting family dynamic. And I thought Kurama was bad"Ryoma said as he looked at Ayame next to him "I never guessed this would happen"
She would glare watching Wu, she just wanted him to trust her and not see her as a child but Rei was right no one would understand what she felt till it was proven and till then she had to stick by her convictions and own up to what would happen. "Even if he lied to me grandmother...I sense something within in that isn't as dark as everyone claims" she sai dlooking at her, "Grandfather told me to trust what I felt...just like he did with his advisor when no one else believed him...that is what I feel and I just ask that you trust me you do not have to accept it just...just trust me is all im asking" she said.
Ryoko glared at Ryoma she didn't trust her brother as far as she could throw the man, but she glanced at Ayame, then to Fengyi "what are your feelings mother?"
Fengyi frowned but finally nodded her head "She has a point. The humans were absolutely against your marriage to Rei, and he stood his ground and told them to fuck off...and had a beautiful family. I do not know why, whether you can sense his intentions or not, you'd want to keep a man like that at your side, but it is your choice, and you're an adult and we are in no position to question you. Do not worry about Wudong, he will come around, in time" she said "If you wish to keep him at your side, then he can stay, just know you will have 4 pairs of eyes watching you at all times, so don't do anything stupid"
Ayame would nod her head, as she stood there "Thank you for trusting me on this...both of you" she said as Sho would move up and nudge her and she would smile "yes thank you as well Sho" though as she pet him, the dragon would let his tail slid out and soon 'hit' Ryoma quickly as he protectivly put his wings around her growling a bit.
Ryoma looked at the dragon and narrowed his eyes "Dragon stew hasn't been had in hundreds of years, want to be the first one?"he said cracking his claws before laughing "My my you people are all so entertaining, I think I will enjoy staying around here for a while. Don't worry, I won't let Father harm any of you, then what would give me my fun?"he said

"You are definitely your Father's son alright"Fengyi said shaking his head "Ryoko perhaps you should go talk to Wu, I think you out of everyone here agree with him the most"
Ryoko would glare at her brother, growling coldly towards him "do anything to harm her, and you won't have any tails" she said before turning to find woo after all things would not be easy for him at this point. "Wu" she called, as she headed back to the monestary.
Wu was inside the monastery and was about to head down to a secret chamber he had built for private meditation as he stopped hearing his name as he turned around "Yes?"he asked with his eyes closed "If it's about how wrong, I am, I don't want to hear it"

"So, you mentioned something about moving into your house?"Ryoma asked looking at Ayame "Where do you live?"
Ryoko would shake her head, as she moved up to him "You are not wrong to feel the way you do" she said simply as she stood there, "but I also know how she feels at the same time, many did not wish me to be with Rei due to what and who I was...but he still faught for me. Then when he meet that advisor of his I was against him, to this day I still hate that man but...the more you fight what they beleive is right the harder it is for them to sometimes see what was before them...." Ryoko said with a small sigh, "just know this...Ryoma will keep things tame till he does not find entertainment if you really wish him gone...make the enertainment dissapear"

Ayame glanced at him, with a small grin "well I have not built the house yet"
"By making the entertainment disappear and sending him away, then I do nothing but make Ayame turn further against me"Wudong said "I suppose she isn't a child anymore but she wields that Empress card with an iron fist, every Emperor must listen to advice sometimes,but I understand your point. I need to meditate, monks are not to be emotional, and to remain unbiased, so I must remove these feelings from myself"he stated

"Oh so you are moving me into a nonexistent house then huh?"Ryoma said as he slinked his arm around her waist as he whispered in her ear "You intrigue me Empress, don't lose that fire in your eyes, it'll take you far"
"You love her, a natural thing to feel" she said with a small smile, as she would place her hand on his shoulder. "You have done a wonderful job helping her become who she is destined to be, to you she will always be the little Aya you helped raise" she said before turning to leave.
Ayame chuckled some "Well we have to build it first, for a home is built up by those who live within it" she said, till he slid his arm around her making her blush a bit as his lips pressed near her ear. Sho hissed and soon lunged at Ryoma growling as he wrapped his tail around her, "Sho easy...its alright' she stated but Sho still growled and soon snapped a few times at a few of his tails.
Wu sighed as he watched her leave before he entered his chamber as the door sealed behind him as he sat down letting his chi freely flow as he meditated

"I'm going to settle this right now"he said as he still kept his arm around her as he turned to the dragon as his eyes flashed red for a moment "Be at peace"he said as the dragon stared into his eyes before finally calming down as he stopped snapping at him "If that was an older animal that may not have worked, I have a power to control animals and nature"
Ayame would pause when he did that as she looked at Sho, then to him "the hell did you do to him?!" she said as she would glare, "turn him back to normal right now! He just don't like you touching his mother!!"
Ryoma raised an eyebrow "I didn't change him at all, I simply ordered him to calm down"he said simply "As in, no more growling and trying to bite my tail, or he may hurt himself, also, your dragon has the mental capacity to speak"he commented "Isn't that right?"he asked looking down at him again as Sho turned his head looking up at Ayame again
She glared at him, "you didn't have to use such a command!, just asking him in a nice manner could have worked" she said with a small sigh, though when she heard about the speaking she raised a brow and looked at Sho, "Sho? have you been not talkng so I keep babying you?"
"I do not ration with lesser creatures, I command them"Ryoma said simply as Sho let out a little growl before finally speaking 'Yes....I like having my belly rubbed' he said in his childlike voice rubbing against her slightly
"oh really? well then I suppose you are lesser to me because I am commanding you NOT to do that anymore" she said as she poked his chest some, glaring at him before looking at Sho as he rubbed against her "and you....No belly rubs for a week because you lied to me..." she stated before kissing his nose, "but thank you for finally talking"
Ryoma laughed when she said that before gently taking her chin in two of his fingers turning her head to look at him "You aren't MY Empress"he said softly "Do not get me wrong, I find you highly entertaining, and quite attractive, but I swear allegiance to no one, not you, not my father, and if I didn't follow his orders, I will not follow yours"he said staring deeply into her eyes "Very attractive indeed"

Sho looked between the two of them before turning around going back to his tree to lay down
She was about to say something more to Sho, when she felt him grab her chin making her look at him. She staired up at him, before she soon slapped his hand from her as she spoke "you are here and alive because I say so" she stated, as her eyes narrowed at his but a sly smile was on her lips. "beleive me you know three people here that will gladly make ou nothing more than a memory, now we have a house to build so come little kit" she taunted and turned to find a palce for them to build the new home.
"You fail to remember your own words, you and your monk are only alive because I said so as well, and I'm hundreds of years older than you"Ryoma said "Don't forget that outside of this barrier, our powers are near similar"he commented as he followed behind her
She said nothing more as she kept walking, only Wu knew her true power and she had to keep that hidden and train when no eyes where upon her just so she could keep one up on Kurama. "if your so powerful, why didn't you take down your father? He only has 4 tails, yet you have all 9..if you can't defete him with all 9 tails then are half your tails just for show?" she asked glancing at him. "or are you just one of the lazy kistunes that roam this world?"
"Because darkness cannot kill darkness, it only adds to it"Ryoma said "Though, in all fairness, you should be aware of what you are getting into. One of his tails are equal to two of mine in terms of power, so his four tails, are equal to about 8 of mine, and it is the same with my sister as well. That is why they devised that plan to stop his fourth tail from coming back, because she knows how powerful all 9 of his tails really are."he commented "When you do decide to slay him, always be aware of how many tails he is using, otherwise he may just overwhelm you, each tail gives him new abilities, and when he hits the 9th tail his ultimate power surfaces and I fear no one can stop him then...his 9th ability is one that is near impossible to stop...he raises the dead"
She would stand there before she would soon turn to look at him, "I know how strong he is, I know what he is able to do and can do if his power reaches that" she stated, but she was not afraid "but I trust what my destiny holds, for the good of this kingdom, for her people and for its future I will stop Kurama even if my life is to end along with it just as my grandfather did before me"
"What a waste of a life then"Ryoma said though didn't question it as he put his hands behind his head "You all are so complicated. Living a simple life is so much easier"
She would shake her head, "The simple life ended the day my family was killed" she stated standing there, "the day that Kurama decided to spread his evil once again, but anyways we have a house to build so come on lazy kit" she chuckled as she would soon reach up as she would slid off the first few outer layers of her kimono leaving her in a simple black hioari and pants. "ahh much better"
Ryoma looked at her before sitting down on the ground "I do not know who this lazy kit is you are referring to, but if you want my help you will address me by my name"
"oh now the kit has a name he wishes to be refered by" she stated with a small chuckle, and glanced at him "If I call you by your name, will you actully help or do you just want me to say it?"
"Why don't you try saying it and find out exactly what I do"he stated as his tails waved around behind him
She would smile a bit as she looked around, looking around still though she glanced over at him watching his tails then looked to him "Ryoma..."
"You rang?"he asked as his ear twitched as he looked over at her "Need something?"he asked standing up
She rolled her eyes as she looked at him, "come on help me this is your home too you know." She said with a smile.
"I actually have a castle already"Ryoma said "Though no one lives inside of it currently, if you could take down your barrier for just a minute I can actually transport it here, and it is yours to have. My 9th tail gives me a special ability as well"he said simply
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on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:00 pm
She eyes him when he said to open the barrier for a moment, before speaking "do I have your word that is all you will be doing Ryoma?"
"Do you want the castle here or not?"he asked "If you don't trust me, then you may want to start building"he said looking her in her eye
She would cross her arms some before she would nod her head, before she closed her eyes as her body glowed a soft white light till the barrier would fade some "you have 3 minutes before the barrier is back up"
"I need about about 30 seconds...and you may want to step back"he stated as his eyes flashed red as his tails swayed behind him as on the hill behind the monastery a black shadow appeared that slowly started growing more and more before a large castle formed in the sky above them as he slowly lowered his hand letting it settle on top of the hill behind the monastery
She nodded her head, and would move to stand beside him just so that she could also maintaine the barrier and watch him to make sure nothing was happening. While the castle appeared several monks as well as Ryoko would turn in shock "the hell is that?!" she stated quickly, standing up and running towards the castle just as it hit the ground. A large shockwave would send those on their feet to the ground, just as the barrier would close back up.
Ayame waved her hand slightly to clear the dust, and coughed a bit before looking at Ryoma "you do know" she stated coughing a bit "that we are both going to get a lecture for this now" she said with a small laugh.
Ryoma shrugged "You wanted a castle, I gave you a castle. My sister is too uptight"he stated "My 9th tails gives me the power to transport myself and other object through other dimensions, so I had this castle built and stored it for a rainy day"he said "So since I dont need it, it's all yours"he said as he saw Fengyi and Ryoko rapidly approaching them "And here comes the calvary"
Ryoko was running up as she stood there glaring and ready to scream, till she saw Ayame and felt the barrier go back up. Ayame would smile "don't worry we where just making our new home is all" Ryoko would soon speak "you let him bring his CASTLE here!!! Ayame do you have any idea what he could have stored in that thing?! What or even WHO could be in it right now?!"
"Oh, I guess you werent there for that part of the conversation hm? I've decided that Ayame is Father's problem now. I no longer help or serve him" Ryoma stated "Consider that castle a gift to prove that, I serve no agenda but my own now, not his, and not the Empire"
Ryoko would glare at him as she then looked at Ayame "from now on please consult one of us before just lowering that barrier it's the only thing protecting you fully from....Kurama." "I know this Ryoko but it needed to be done now shall we go and see to our new home or you going to both just stand there and glare at it?"
Fengyi glanced over at Ryoko before shrugging and following everyone inside "Well I'll give you one thing, you do have nice taste, this is a very nice castle"she said

"Thank you, I decided to build it after my mother was killed in case I ever decided I wanted to get away from this world and live in another"Ryoma said as they walked along the halls of the empty castle "of course you'll have to get your own staff, but if history is right there are plenty of people waiting to serve the Empress"
Ayame nodded looking around then she would glance at Ryoma "since this is your castle Ryoma I won't feel right kicking you from your old room so if you desire you can remain in it or choose a new place to call your own." She stated and glanced at her grandmothers "where do you two wish to stay? I was hoping to get a view looking over the valley and the lake with a large enough door or balcony to allow Sho into my room since he still likes to cuddle at night."
"I'll sleep wherever I want" Ryoma shrugged "I don't need to sleep very often, so you'll find me around"he said simply "You can have the Master Chamber, it's on the second story and should give you what you're looking for"he stated

"The closer to the dark the better for me" Fengyi said "I may be able to be out in the sunlight, doesn't necessarily mean that I like it"
"Well maybe there is a dungeon for you' Ryoko said with a small chuckle as she stood there, then glanced to her brother "I will be staying near Ayame no offince to you 'brother' but I do not trust you" she said simply as Ayame would roll her eyes slightly "yes well, I'm going to go see if the balcony can hold Sho's weight" she stated
"With the strong will and determination this girl has, do you think you staying by her is going to stop her from getting what she wants? You walk in the light big sister, but I dance in the shadows " Ryoma said with a grin
Ryoko would move up to him, as she spoke "I never plan on stopping what she desires, I plan on protecting her from those like you...and i have never trusted you since the day you fell out of your worthless mother" she spat with a growl.
"You talk a big game because your mother is still alive but never forget you turned your back on us. You ran away to the humans. So trust me or not, I am more honest than you'll ever be"
She growled at him, ready to strike but she knew the moment she did Ayame would come back the girl had a knack for sensing things yet he had no idea just how powerful the 'child' was. "oh like you did now with turning your back on father hmm? How long will you be able to hide from him Ryoma?"
"The only one who should be worried about Father is you. I freely unleash my tails and can move into the other dimension away from him, at least for a time until his 7th tail comes back. But you, with your tails sealed away and no longer having access to the dragon's blood should be the most fearful of him. His first born. His babygirl. And the cause of his demise. You gave the Dragon Emperor the means to seal him. He hasn't forgotten."he smirked
"You really lost touch then brother I have been unsealed since I came out from hiding and the cause behind fathers inability to reach further power" she said sternly then would move to walk past him, "even without my husbands blood I am still far stronger."
Ryoma shook his head "No you aren't, you're kidding yourself. You've unsealed yourself yet you only have a sliver of the power you formerly had, which is why I can hardly tell the difference"Ryoma said "You can't even use your 9th ability anymore can you?"he smirked looking at her "Oh did I strike a nerve?"
Ryoko dug her claws into her palms she had used all her ability to take down their father and she would speak "no you did not I am just tired from a long journey."
"Koko you've always been a horrible liar you know that?"he said noticing the tension inside her "If you had such a long journey you should go take a rest"
"My name is not Koko!!" She said with a growl as she turned and looked at him, her eyes turning red but she would hold it in "just watch yourself and stay far from my granddaughter!" She snapped and turned to leave.
"The same way you did for years and years? Byyeee Nee-chan"he said waving as she turned off as he smiled "She's always hated that nickname, my how I do love stirring up some chaos"
Ryoko was furious as she stormed towards her new room and Ayame would glance over as she watched her grandmother move past the door, then she would sign shaking her head and moved to the balcony and hen called out "Sho!!! Come see our new home!"
It was a few minutes before the dragon arrived landing on the balcony. For now he fit but after a few more years he would be too large as he slinked inside looking around
She would smile some looking at him as she stood there "well you can stay here for a few more years but you'll be to big later." She said with a smal smile as she walked up to him, "and now that you can talk that is even better."
"It is"Sho said as he jumped onto the large bed curling up into a ball "But I'm still sleepy"he said as he looked up at Ryoma then entered the room "Am I interrupting something?"he asked cooly
She chuckled watching him jump onto the bed, she walked over to him and would just scratch the side of his cheek when Ryoma walked in, she glanced over "you should really knock, what if I was changing?" she said then looked at Sho, "get some sleep" she said then turned to Ryoma "nothing just was putting sho down for one of his naps"
"If you were changing when I walked in, then just continue changing, you are putting on clothes correct? It's not as t
though I'd never been with a woman"he said shrugging "So, how do you like the castle hm?"
She rolled her eyes some, "sorry I don't just continue undressing or dressing infront of a man that I have no love interest or interest towards in that manner" she said quickly, as she would move to the window to pull the curtains and allow Sho to sleep in the darkness. However, it also made it a bit hard for Ayame to see till her eyes would get used to the darkness, "and the castle is well, but lets continue outside I'd like to let sho sleep in silence."
Once the room was dark, Ryoma had also vanished into the shadows as per his nature as well before through the darkness two arms wrapped around her waist as a mouth appeared as well "You talk quickly when you lie, you know that?"he asked stepping fully out of the shadows holding her against him "Let's go to a different room instead"
When she felt his arms slid around her, she couldn't help but let out a small gasp of shock but also a hint of 'pleasure' that she wanted this to happen, but she tried to turn and lookb ack at him "i do not lie" she said quickly, to push against him "as for another room release me and we can d that" she said trying to be quiet
Ryoma held her a few moments longer before finally letting her go as he grabbed her ass slightly "Lead the way then Empress"
When he grabbed her ass she let out another yelp, and tried to turn and glare at him but with the room so dark it was hard. "don't do that" she said quickly as she would move towards the door.
"Why? Does it turn you on too much?"he asked as he closed the door as they left as he instantly pulled her into the room across the hallway throwing her onto the bed
She didn't even have time to yell at him to unhand, her when she found herself on the bed. THe room was still dark, save for a faint candle as she looked around and glared "i did not give you permission to even treat me this way" she snapped as she pushed herself up, "and stop hiding in the shadows already!" she demanded as she would reach out towards the candle
As she did he came out of the shadows directly on top of her looking her in the eyes "I told you, I take orders from no one"he said as he let his lips come in contact with her as he kissed her deeply
She paused staring at him as he was suddenly ontop of her, and her lips parted to say something more but his lips found hers. Her eyes widened at first, but then slowly she couldn't help but start to return it but she did push against his chest some, while her teeth attempted to bit down on his lips.
He let out a slight growl as he rolled them over away from the candle as he pinned her again "Trying to bite me now hm?"he growled out
She would look up at him with a smirk, "I don't fight to loss I fight to win" she whispered, as she leaned up capturing his lips this time, and even pushing her tongue into his mouth as her knee raised up to press against his groin some.
He smirked against her lips as the candle went out then as he rubbed against her as his tongue danced and moved with hers "Ah so you've done this before, even better"he said sliding off his shirt
"hmm did you think you would get to corrupt me then?" she asked as she looked up at him with a chuckle, though in the darkness he would notice her eyes seemed to glow a faint red almost much like his own. Her fingers dragged now down his bare chest, feeling the hard muscles she wondered if she should tell him her first was with the grandmaster.
"I hoped so, but now I can have even more fun since you aren't"he said with a fang like grin as he felt her nails and noticed her eyes as he leaned down kissing and nibbling on her neck as he worked off her clothing with nimble fingers
"hmm well you'll have to take that up with the man that took it to have a say" she said softly and would shiver as his lips meet her neck, though luckily she hoped he couldn't see the fang marks from when Wu drank her blood. Her fingers continued to run down his body, as her own clothing began to slid off layer by layer would slid off till she was in just a white kimono looking up at him. "if it makes you feel better...this is the only second time that I have ever truly done this" she said with a grin
"I can tell, you slept with the monk, his smell is on you"Ryoma said calmly "It's expected, he did raise you after all"he stated as he untied her kimono "Did you think I would be bothered?"he asked kissing down her bare skin before settling between her legs tasting her
"what is so wrong with that? you act as if you are far superior" she said with a roll of her eyes, as her kimono opened up fully leaving her naked to him of course no one could tell with how dark it was. She tried to follow the outline of his body, but just as her lips parted to say something else. She would let her head roll back as his tongue and lips meet her folds as she let out a small cry of pleasure.
A finger soon found it's way inside of her pumping slowly as he continued to eat her out feeling himself grow hard as his sense became engulfed with her as he moaned slightly himself as he continued until he pushed her to climax and could take anymore himself
Her fingers curled into the blankets as she moaned loudly, her hips raising up rolling with the thrust of his finger and tongue moaning loudly at the pleasure and gasped. she couldn't really think straight till she soon was screaming out in pleasure as she cam.
Ryoma licked up her juices hungrily before he pulled back licking his claws and his lips looking down at her "What do you want me to do to you?"he asked curiously "Anything at all"
She laid there breathing heavily as she took a deep breath, trying to clear her head she hadn't felt like that even with Wu but she glanced at him, her eyes seemed to almost glow even redder just what sort of power was she holding back that was starting to show in this state. She would think before speaking "the same thing you wish to do to me" she said her foot raising up pressing the ball of her foot against his cock, stroking slowly
Ryoma smirked though the back of his mind was curious about this strange energy she was radiating as he pulled back to free himself before settling back on top of her and pushing in slowly until he was buried completely inside of her
When he pulled back her foot slid from him, as she smirked a hint of a fang showing itself as he would crawl back over her, her head tilted back to line with his lips and when he slid completely into her. Her lips pressed against his, moaning at the feeling as her nails dug into his shoulders she still was pretty tight or he was just way bigger.
Once she had adjusted to him he began pumping his hips slowly taking her letting his demonic energy flow freely "I want to see your dark side"he said against her lips "Dance in the darkness with me"he said going harder and faster
She dug her nails into his shoulders even more, taking a deep breath as he began to speed up, his hips meeting hers in hard quick thrusts. She looked up at him, kissing his lips and bitting down on his lips before speaking "im...not allowed...its to hard to control.."
"You have nothing to fear but fear itself....and me"Ryoma grinned as he moaned gripping her thighs as he growled as his eyes also flashed red "Give it to me"he growled "Join me"
She closed her eyes, she wasn't suppose to let it out her aura was powerful and demanding it also put a strain on all those around her. Though, it was hard to deny Ryoma right now as he kept slamming into her, and she gasped as he felt her aura ripple and it slammed against him as she gasped. Her eyes starting to turn red, and thats when he began to see it her form changing as not one but 5 tails suddenly appeared.
Ryoma paused in his thrusting as he watched her change feeling the air around them thicken as he looked down at her "Absolutely stunning"he said still with his fangy grin "I think I like you better this way...that energy feels amazing, you should get used to this form, it's who you truly are, no more hiding."
She gasped taking a deep breath, this was only half of it she looked up at him shaking slightly while he kept thrusting she was already losing control as all around them her aura was crushing and seemed to stroke and roll over his own. Almost like trying to consume him, but outside the room her aura was assaulting the barrier she suppressed it to make it easier for Wu to hold the barrier. "i...suppress keep the barrier up.." she whispered looking up at him, "an..and ths is only...half.."
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