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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 2 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:01 pm
"Half hm?"Ryoma asked looking down at her 'Unleash it all. The monk should be fine, plus my sister is here now, she's a barrier and seal expert, it won't break, you owe it to yourself"he said then smirked "Or I could just stop everything"he teased feeling his aura slowly being dwarfed by hers and found it both parts intriguing and arousing "Dominate me, if you can"
She laid there looking up at him, her breasts bouncing together with each thrust, though when he threated to stop her legs wrapped around his waist to pull him closer and she soon reached up to hold onto him, pressing her body that much clsoer to his. "no...please dont stop..." she moaned, as her tails flicked behind her, moaning with each thrust her eyes closing tightly but she would began to let the rest of her aura out and soon 5 tails became 8 she hadn't reached the 9th tail level but black ears flicked on her head while her tails swayed behind her she was sthis powerful with only 8 tails. Ayame as she let her true self be free she began to start to roll and twist her hips against his moaning while leaning up to find the tip of one of his ears and pulled it between her teeth.
Ryoma let out a loud moan when she bit his ear that surprised even himself as he looked down at her "You..."he started but couldn't find the words as his usual red eyes turned blue before her *Did she just dominate my youkai...*he thought to himself surprised, and aroused as he stayed close to her body as they kept going *Power,seduction, dominance...all out of 8 tails...could I be in love?*he questioned as he laid his head in her neck
She would pull him close moaning into his ear, while her tails would wrap around reaching out to his stroking them indidualy as she growled into his ear. Licking and nuzzling into it while rolling and moving her hips, her aura stroking and rubbing over his own aura pressing against it trying to bend him to her whim.
Ryoma, the proud Prince of Darkness, didn't last very long under his ministrations as soon he sped up his rhythm into her before completely subjugating to her as he came hard inside of her holding her closely before collapsing onto her panting heavily his eyes still blue as his area was completely absorbed into hers as he looked at her "Y-you...I-..."he panted before kissing her once more
Her hips would continue to move against his panting heavily at the feeling of his hips slamming against hers, she never felt this much pleasure this much 'freedom' in her own body as she soon leaned back yelling loudly as she cam with him. Falling back onto the bed, moaning and looking up at him till their lips meet again, her fingers slid up to drag against his cheek but her fingers where now tipped with claws dragging against his skin
"You're beautiful in your own skin"he said as he laid his head on her shoulder as his tails slowly curled around her own as they relaxed on the bed "Sex helps, you no longer seem like you're out of control or losing yourself. It's harder to suppress yourself than it is to just be free"
She laid there taking a deep breath, her ears flicking slightly as she listened to him before looking up at him as he pressed his head against her shoulder. She would then shiver, as his tails would start to stroke her own in return, "but i cannot...appear like this infront...of the others....Kurama is the enemy if i he is they will fear me and I do not wish that"
"I disagree"Ryoma said as he looked at her "I think people, youkai and human alike, will be enthralled by your beauty first, and realize this is the form that is going to free them from Kurama's icy grip. This is the appearance of their liberation."he commented
"Wu....nor anyone else believes that" she said looking away, "only Sho seems to like this...he used to...sleep in my tails when he was very small..." she said, though of course she got a lecture every time she did that from Wu but she didn't argue she just changed back. "for now...only you have...accepted this"
"Well now, you are the one in charge. You have already asserted your authority in keeping me around, and lowering the barrier, this is just another change you have authority to make as Empress"
She nodded a bit still not sure, but she would look at him "your eyes....are a pretty blue also" she said with a small chuckle, "didn't think they would be that color"
"I haven't seen my docile eyes since I was a kid"Ryoma said shaking his head "You are quite powerful if you have managed to temporarily calm my dark heart"he said "Plus the sex was amazing"he said letting out a sigh and a yawn "I'm starting to be glad I didn't kill fact, I'm going to make you an offer"
She would raise her hand to gently tickle one of his ears, it was rather interesting to play with anothers ears as she sometimes wanted to see how sensative hers where when she could get away with it. Though as he talked about the offer, she tilted her head "hmm and what sort of offer is that? and as for killing me you do relize that if I had unleashed this side of me you woudln't have stood a chance right?"
"You are powerful yes, but I am crafty"Ryoma said "I wield darkness, shadows and ghosts, and I had the element of surprise, never underestimate that, it may help you in the future"he told her "And my offer is, as long as we can continue to do this, I will offer you my services in any capacity you need"
"you dominating you?" she teased and flipped them over to where he was on his back, as she leaned over him and would nip one of his ears again and start to just faintly wiggle her hips against his own. "and...if your offering such services...does that mean the mighty prince of darkness...has found something more than just entertainment?" she grinned as her tails swayed behind her.
"If you continue to be a woman of such authority and power as you are now then yes, I think I may have found something a bit better than pure entertainment"he said as his ear twitched when she touched it and soon he found himself inside of her again with her on top as this time he gave himself to her "No harm will come to you"
she moaned softly as she felt him slid back into her body, a deep breath leaving her but she just looked down at him grnning slightly "hmm well, im sure we can make that happen, so long as you play nice with the others"
"Tell that to my sister"he said as they continued to rut once again, after time had passed and many orgasms later Ryoma laid spent on the bed a completely tamed fox demon in service to the Empress

Fengyi was drinking tea with her daughter her eyes closed deep in thought "Well I'm sure you felt that seal that your son put on her when she was born break, she's a youkai now, just like us"she commented "Are you going to be okay with that?"
Ryoko would growl slightly but she would sigh heavily, as she would look at her "she choose it...the seal was put into place only for her to break no one else...if she choose it then I have to be" she said taking a sip, "we are going to hear a lecture from Wu however.."
"He's still in his meditation chamber"Fengyi said frowning "I don't think he was ready for the day when Ayame would actually step out from his wing and fly on her own."she stated taking a bite of the cookie she had beside her teacup "I never would have guessed her aura was so massive, if you didn't rectify the barrier, and with Wu meditating, it would have shattered"
"there has been no other creature like her" she stated as she sat there thinking, "shes both demon and dragon...almost like a goddess but I suppose it would take that to defeat a demon like my father..."
"I hope so, if she can't do it, I'm afraid only an actual god could take that demon down"she said letting out a sigh "I cannot believe Kurama ended up the way he long ago....he different, a man who commanded respect and earned adoration with his dark magics...his band of thieves....sorry, I don't want to bore you with my old stories, I know you don't like your Daddy" Fengyi said with a nostalgic look in her eyes
She would shake her head, "those stories where all that he is now" she stated with a sigh, "I remember you speaking of him when I was a girl, the man you said he was then is far from the one he is now....he has fallen greatly" she couldn't soon help but start laughing as she shook her head, "I can just imagine Ayame NOT killing him but return him to the man he used to be" she said laughign more.
"That would be a sight to see, but I don't think even an angel can pull Kurama's heart out of that darkness...ever since his friend died he was a different fox"she said "Power has turned his heart know, before he lost his mind...your father did love you Ryoko"she said "You should have seen the first time he held you, the smile on his face...the way you played with his fingers...that was a family I could have loved to be with"
Ryoko would sit there listening and would sigh softly, "that is the reason why I am so protective of her....I do not wish for her to know the pain that we have suffered" she said softly, as she sat there. "perhaps one day we will know the family we all desire, your still young mother you could swoop any man" she winked
"I am only young again due to the blood of the Grandmaster"Fengyi said smiling "He is so much like Sheng-ju, it's refreshing"she said laying her hand on her daughter's hand "Also, I am glad you and I are friends again"she commented "I've missed my daughter"
"I have missed my mother" she said smiling at her in return, "as for looking young, maybe you should go after the new grand master, he'l need someone to set his head straight" she chuckled
"The blood is very good, I enjoy practicing kung-fu with him, his technique is quite refined...and did I tell you I took his virginity when he was a boy? The first time I bled him I took him as mine...perhaps I should take Wu as mine"she said tapping her chin "You really think it's a good idea? I may end up giving you another sibling, a chi demon"
"considering this whole castle is filled with creatures younger than both of us...I don't think one more will bother me to much" she said with a laugh as she sat there smiling, "if you really do wish him to be yours should go take him" she winked, "i know your dyeing to have more of his blood you've been drooling at the thought of it for a month now"
"This is true, but you know how the man gets when his meditation is interrupted, and this time he has sealed himself away, so it seems to be quite serious"she said "But once the seal is removed then yes, I will do that...but what of you? I know it was you who used the final seal on your 9th tail. That was your ability wasn't it? To trap souls into objects and bring inanimate objects to life. You trapped half of Rei Yuan's soul in Masamune and sealed your father's energy into that pendant you wear around your neck in order for him to be sealed the first time. What is your plan?"
She would nod her head in understanding as she just sat there thinking till she brought up the seals, she looked at her then would slowly slid the pendent from her neck. holding it in her palm "I plan on doing what we failed to do so long ago....that cost rei his life" she said softly griping it tightly. "if I can i will use the last bit of my power to weaken him even seal more of his power....then take it with me as I die so that this world never is faced with the darkness he causes again"
"Ayame isn't going to let you do that you know"Fengyi said "She's very adamant about no body else dying due to her or Kurama"she commented "She also has this idea that she can bring back Rei"she said
"if she unseals that sword....Kuramas power returns even this pendent will shatter from that" she stated looking at her, "he'll become the demon we feared long ago...the demon that even my Rei couldn't defeat"
"That is true, he'll have his 9th tail back immediately"Fengyi said "But, Ayame is the second heart of the dragon, with the powers and bloodline of the 9 tails himself...trained for over 10 years in every technique known by the Monks by a fully realized Grandmaster/Chi demon, was taught seals and barriers by the Princess of Pain, had dominated the energy of the Prince of Darkness and wields the legendary blade Masamune...she is far more powerful than Rei Yuan could have ever hoped to be"
"and what if that power is corrupted Fengyi? we all know that Kurama is a manipulator look how easy my brother got to her what if he uses that simpathy she holds to all to get close to her?" she asked worried, "this is why I didn't want Ryoma near her"
"You are so untrusting, you haven't realized it yet have you?"Fengyi said taking a sip of her tea "Ryoma no longer has any malice in his aura, it's placated, I can hardly even sense it above Ayame's, she has a deeper power with her pure heart than we realize, you should know, you used to destroy villages to lash out at your father and Rei's pure heart changed you. Plus, let's be honest, Ryoma is attractive, I think she subconsciously wanted him to take her, she is a young demon, eventually she'll go into heat"
"you have a point..." she stated softly as she thought before looking towards the window thinking about how Ayame would go into heat, "crap...I didn't think about that" she stated as she laughed, "oh god is Wu in for a rude awakening....and Ryoma better be in for a LONG week hell a month if shes anything like me"
"There is a reason youkai called you the Princess of Pain"she laughed "I'm not a mammal demon, your heats were your Father's problems and Rei's problem"Fengyi chuckled "However, one week is much better than every time you want to drink blood, luckily for you, your cravings aren't that strong"
She laughed "oh come now I wasn't that bad was I?" she said with a teasing tone, smirking "Only Rei could ever handle me as it was anyways, so I don't see how bad that was"
"You were such a brat"Fengyi laughed "You used to torment any men that even attempted to approach you"she commented "That, you got from me, I was quite the seductress"
She grinned "oh and I bet thats why father fell for you, boy did you have him wrapped around your finger for the longest snap your fingers he came running" she laughed some remembering times when she was younger.
"Yes those were the prime time. Your father's blood made me a completely different person, it was powerful, it controlled me in ways I never thought possible and he loved it. There was a time when Kurama actually felt love for all of us" she commented
"And saddly that time has passed us, and look where we are" she stated taking another sip from her tea, though her ears would twitch slightly as she then spoke "seems they finally stopped, either Ayame is in her cycle or Ryoma has had a lot pent up"
"They are both young demons, probably a bit of both"Fengyi said as she smiled "To be young again. Though soon it will be time for them to go out and recruit others for their cause, I believe we should join them instead of staying behind, our magics may be able to assist her in some form"
"one of us needs to be here with Wu and I rather not have to spend any more time with Ryoma than I need to" she said coldly, not really liking as he had kept bringing up those child hood names.
"You really don't like your baby brother huh?"she asked "I know I wasn't his mother, but what happened between you two? I feel like it was more than simple sibling rivalry"
She leaned back slightly as she sat there, "it was that worthless mother of his" she growled coldly "she drove our father further into the darkness, and in return attempted to kill me on several occasions using that little fur ball!"
"Really?"Fengyi blinked as she tapped her chin thinking back "I'm trying to remember who she was, she was another kitten youkai...a two tail if memory serves, she was another demoness in Kurama's band of thieves that he slept with whenever I wasn't around, I was fine with that, not like I could have stopped the man anyway, and I had the first born. But how did she use Ryoma to try to kill you? Could she control him?"
"I do not care I just know on several occasions that little fur ball was the cause behind it, he always tailed behind me and she demanded that I train him but each time little bastard almost cost me my life!"
"But he was a kid then"Fengyi said "And you both are adults now, and his mother is dead. That is something you got from your father, you both like to hold grudges for long periods of time"she said "You should try to get to bond with your brother, you didn't want to bond with me all those years ago and look at us now"
"we shall see" she said with a small growl as she sat there, she really didn't want to get close to that little fur ball but her mother did have a point but Kurama had driven a wall between them with lies, Ryoma had been apart of her hatred more.
Ayame would shift some on the bed, her tails swaying back and forth brushing over his as she laid there, before she raised her hand some as a few candles lit up the room making it easier to see, seeing the naked body of Ryoma beside hers "hmm are women suppose to be the ones that love men in the candle light or is the other way around?" she said with a small chuckle.
Fengyi smiled as she stood up and kissed her daughter on top of her head "You are a strong woman my dear, Ayame isn't the only one that's made us proud"she commented before moving off to bathe

Ryoma opened his eyes as he looked over at her "Perhaps a bit of both"he said rolling onto his side "How are you feeling?"
She would look up at her and would smile a bit, "don't waste all the hot water, I'd like to get one in later" she called after her, before returning to taking a drink of her tea.
Ayame raised a clawed hand gently dragging up his chest slowly, noticing a few faint lines even some teeth marks in his skin "looks like I got alittle carried away on you" she chuckled, "and im feeling....rather relaxed iv never spent this long like this...Wu usually has me reseal it within an hour"
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 2 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:01 pm
"I don't mind, I like it rather rough"Ryoma said stretching slightly as he looked over at her "Well now you don't have to, I think your natural look is beautiful, and others will see it too, and you don't look like you're out of control, or losing it and it's been hours, that damn barrier is in tact too. I still feel so drained being behind it, it does greatly suppress auras, perhaps you should fight my father here"

She would think slightly as she brushed some of her hair from her face and then pushed herself up, her ears slightly pinning back thinking though she would speak "I do not wish to bring harm to the people in this area...if he comes here the whole valley and even the village could be in danger...the barrior is meant to project us as well as train us" she said as she sighed heavily, "its training purposes to be restricked of your powers to be at your weakest point shocked the barrior didn't fall Ryoko must have made it stronger"
"She's quite good at that. When I was a kid she used to trap me behind a barrier and I could never break out of it, she's part of the reason I learned my ghost techniques, I can create barriers like she can as you have seen, but I can now also phase through them, that is the power my 7th tail grants me"
"trap you?" she stated looking over at him, "sounds rather similar to how things where for the time I was in her home, I wasn't allowed outside the barrior no matter what I did" she shifted as she would start to run her fingers through her hair then glanced at him "and tails...grant you abilities? I never heard that before"
"Ah that's right, you weren't raised by kyuubi, so you don't know, Ryoko sealed your father's tails away. But with foxes, the more tails you have the more power you have, normal foxes have one tail, that gives them the usual fox powers, fire, illusion magic, dream possession and soul eating. But the more tails you have the more abilities you gain,some are similar between kyuubi, some are unique to the fox themselves"
"Kyuubi?" she asked tilting her head, "whats a Kyuubi?" she was a bit confused, considering she was raised as 'human' as possible and she never really learned about the side Ryoko was on only about the dragon half, "this whole thing is still new to me, after al iv just learned about the Yuans not...Ryoko's or even your side"
"A kyuubi is known to regular humans as a 9 tailed fox"Ryoma explained to her "i'll be happy to break it down for you, the demon side can get a bit confusing"he told her "As kitsune gain more tails, they eventually become kyuubi, like Kurama, Ryoko and myself"
She looked at his own tails then she glanced at hers, "so I am almost one as well cause I have almost all of them" she said as she then glanced at him, "but Kurama isn't a Kyuubi anymore he only has 4 tails from what I was told."
"A kyuubi is always a kyuubi no matter how many tails show. They are foxes that have been enlightened, kind of like the difference between angels and archangels, every kyuubi is a kitsune but not every kitsune is a kyuubi"Ryoma said
"Oh" she said that sounded rather confusing rubbing the back of her head some "I suppose while yor here now, I should probablyg et trianing from you. I can fight like a monk of the Yuans but I've never practiced as the demon that I I a youkai or half youkai?"
"You are.......confusing"he commented "Because let's see...your great grandparents were....two humans on Rei Yuan's side...he was a regular human before receiving the dragon's blessing...and a kyuubi and a blood demon in Kurama and Fengyi...which makes your father kind of a half demon..but not really because the dragon's blood pretty much puts you in line with being a demon...but your mother was just a regular human right? So that makes you.....a half demon with three types of demon blood, and half that's intense"
She couldn't help but start laughing as she sat ther elistening to him walk through that, and she would soon move over towards him as she ended up pinning him to the bed, as she smiled down at him "hmm well you said you like things intense" she said with a small playful growl.
He smirked as he then faded into the shadows before reappearing fully dressed by the door "Indeed I do, but I also am not easy"he said "But if you'd like to be trained I'll train you, I'm curious to see all the abilities you may possess"
When he faded she would sigh some as she looked over at him, "cheater" she muttered, though she would soon pause as she looked at her clothing none of it could make room for her tails as she glanced at him. "i think i need a new kimono...this one dosn't...have room for my tails"
"I'm sure there are some clothes are about the same size as Ryoko was when she was your age"he commented "My father threw out all of her old stuff, so I took it into my dimension with me for safe keeping"
"you must really have loved your sister to do that Ryoma" she said as she would slid one of the outer layer kimonos over her so she wasn't walking around naked. "Though I do not know if that feeling"
"It's not, but I'm fine with that"he shrugged "I was a really bad kid when my mother was alive, I kind of tormented my sister, I don't expect her to forgive me, which is why I have fun playing with that hatred, I grew up and got over it, she never did, she's really big on grudges, like Father"he commented "She'll always be my big sister whether she likes that fact or not"
"well maybe something will change, she used to hate Fengyi and now those two are very close" her hand reaching out to place on his shoulder, "just don't make her to mad, I really do not like having to pick up saki bottles.."
"I think it's funny how her name changed from Princess of Pain to Queen Saint"he commented "She used to blow up entire villages and now she's saved more lives than I can even count. I've always admired Koko, she is Kurama's true birthright"
"don't count yourself to short" she stated moving to the door as she pushed them open to step out into the hallway, "also interesting name...never heard you call her Koko itsk inda cute"
"You've only known me for a day"he commented as they walked out heading out of the castle "Yeah, she hates it, I couldn't say Ryoko when I was a kid so she became Koko..and she was okay with it at first...until I never stopped saying it...I think one day I went an entire 24 hour period calling her name, again, I don't sleep much"
"You sure you weren't the Prince of Pain? cause that sounds like a bloodly nightmare" she said shivering at the though tof having her name being constently called, her ears already started to ring. "Though I get that enough from Sho...when he first hatched he would chirp for HOURS at me till i either picked him up, or fed was always one of the two or both"
"It's pretty cool that you have a dragon though."he said "They went into hiding right around the time your father was born actually. I guess because he wasn't the Heart of the Dragon, they felt as though they weren't needed, rumors say they flew off to the heavens or burrowed into caverns deep underground"
"Ya...I know that legend to well I've searched the caverns here trying to find them, but I do not think they live in this valley...I also believe they won't return till Kurama is dealt with, at least that is what Rei has hinted at...i want Sho to grow up with others of his kind, i know hes lonly and I can't be with him all the time"
"Yeah, that'll be good for him"he said as he got outside stretching slightly "You can use a good lesson in demonology and fighting tactics, the Yuan monks are honorable, they believe in a straight up fight, demons...not so much. You are stronger than me, but I bet I'll beat you in this fight"
"due to me being to trusting yes?" she said as she glanced at him, "but before we even fight let me change cloths, I am not fighting you naked"
"Whenever you are ready I'll be here"Ryoma said calmly as he crossed his legs floating in the air
Ayame watched him float there, it was a bit different to see him like that though she would soon find a kimono sutable for her form till she could change them. It was what the monks normally wore but was fitted with a spot for a tail "Think this is where the monks got their look.." she said as this had once belonged to Ryoko.
"Perhaps a bit of both"Ryoma said as he looked over at her and nodded "There, you look ready to fight now"he said as he continued floating there "This should be fun, because now I really get to fight"he said
She would roll her shoulders a bit, she hadn't had much training in this form though she would remember the talismen that Wu had created that would enhance her abilities as she would gently place her fingers to the pendant that it had been created into. "I suppose but we should do this outside the castle"
"Yeah, it wouldn't be a fair fight here"Ryoma said as they headed outside as he floated in front of her going out into the fresh air as he stretched "Ready when you are"
Ayame would take a deep breath as they would move outside, she could already feel her body was different but she didn't want to ours to hard as she looked at him. Without warning she would suddenly rush at him swinging her fist towards his head.
As she swung at him her fist passed right through his face though he didn't move a muscle as he looked at her "What's wrong?"he teased as he landed on the ground now "Didn't expect that did you?"
She glared a bit at him as her fist went through him, he was the prince of shadows after all "you really don't fight with honor." She said as she would attempt to hit him again
"No, I don't"he said catching her fist before vanishing appearing behind her "And you shouldn't expect Kurama to fight with honor either. Honor is cherished among humans and laughed at betwixt youkai" he said "I told you that your aura was larger than mine, but I have many tricks up my sleeve"he said as his tails waved behind him
She would feel him move yo behind her as she would nod her head, she had been taught to bring honor to a fight but this was not the case. Soon she would attempt to wrap him in her tails as she would let her body become engulfed in flames to pull him closer.
"Now you are using your head"he said being brought closer before phasing out of her tails before the fire hit him "For those who tricks, there is always a weakness, you are learning"he said "I can only phase out once every 5 seconds, so I can dodge one attack but not the subsequent, so when you attack with two different moves, you may prevail"he said before sending a large ball of dark energy flying at her
She would nod her head some to him listening to what he was explaining, he was far more hands on that Wu was it was more 'attempt it then learn where you failed' type. She would then turn when she saw the dark energy flying at her, and she would use her quick speed to dodge it and muttered softly to herself as her body would suddenly dissapear.
"So she's fast"Ryoma said to himself as his eyes looked around waiting for her to make her next move as his tails circled around him defensively as they glowed black as his ball of energy exploded in dark crackling energy
She stayed hidden in the shadows looking around watching him she had to get past his tails as well as follow up with two attacks since he coudln't phase right after doing it once.. Bitting her lip she would then remember she controled more than just spells, as small smirk spread on her lips as the wind began to pick up before a twister seemed to form and slam down towards him.
His tails instinctively wrapped around him as the wind whipped around him before her twister began to be filled with dark black fire before being blown apart as Ryoma was seen blowing flames out of his mouth
she would make that chance as he floated there to jump from her hidding spot as her claws extended some and would slash down towards his back, and would twist her body at the same time, as her tails lashed out.
He frowned as he phased through her claws as he put his arm up being swatted by her tails as he flew back some catching himself on the ground "Congratulations you knocked me onto the ground. Good first move"he said as he then drew his dagger "Now you get to experience the true power of the ghost dagger"
She would land on her feet as she looked at him, taking a deep breath she wasn't even tired from that but she was starting to learn that she coudln't play fair, though when he brought up his ghost daggers she nodded "bring it on little kit" she grinned
Ryoma laughed darkly "Allow me to show you what happens to those who do not use my name correctly, I've warned you once child, I'm over 500 years older than you"he commented as he raised his blade as it floated above him before separating into 9 separate daggers above each of his tails before they disappeared and the next second one reappeared inches away from her face the blade pointing right in between her eyes before it vanished again
She would remain still watching and waiting, as she just smirked "oh come now, you liked it when we where in bed together" she taunted with a chuckle, till she saw the daggers as the one suddenly vanished and was in her face as she gasped. That was fast, as she turned to try and look for the others and would quicklyc reate a barrior just to protect herself long enough to figure out what to do
"There is a reason it is called ghost daggers"he commented "I can make an infinite amount of blades, and can turn them invisible for periods of time"he said making the daggers appear as all 9 of them were circling around her barrier pointing at her as another one appeared in his hand as they vanished from sight again "Very smart to put up a barrier to buy yourself some time, you think well on your feet hm"he commented
She watched the daggers as she stood there what could she do to dodge the daggers as well as hit him. she bit her lip thinking then glanced at him "that i get from fighting Fengyi..." she stated quickly
"Would you like some advice?"Ryoma asked her as he charged another ball of energy holding it in his hand "Though by giving you this advice this ends the training for the day"
She didn't want to end the fighting, but at the same time she had no idea what to even do as she glanced at him then back to the large ball of energy "is it don't stand in one place to long?"
"That is half of it yes, my next move is to relentlessly assault your barrier with energy until it shatters or forces you to take it down in which case my daggers will impale you. You sure you don't want me advice?"he asked raising an eyebrow
She could keep the barrior up for a rather long time, but she didn't want to say anything for now on that. However she understand that if the barrior shattered she needed some way to counter his daggers, "alright...please...." she said
He lowered his hand as his energy faded and the daggers appeared still circling hear before turning to smoke and vanishing "Every attack has some weakness that you can overcome. Any man who says his attack is absolute power is a liar. This attack does have a flaw as well, and this flaw renders it completely useless"he told her
She would look at him, watching and waiting till they would soon vanish and she blinked "so the key to defeating anyone is to look for the weakness within the attack or in the person themself?"
"Both actually, whether overcoming a specific attack or a specific person is all in finding the weakness"he said
She would let her barrior down though she was hesitent still as she nodded "then how do I learn Kurama's weakness, he has given into the power and darkness in his heart"
"From the time I've fought my father he grows darker and more reckless with his attacks the more hurt or overwhelmed he becomes. You may be able to use that to your advantage"he said
"so cause him to become reckless then?" she said stil not sure if she was following that as she tapped her chin, her tails flicking back and forth "wouldn't that just cause more damage for me?"
"Not if you can overcome his abilities. Attacking leaves him open to be countered if you catch my drift"he said
"wait you mean he leaves himself open to attack....if he does that then...does he want to feel pain?"
"No power is absolute, for great power comes great sacrifice"he said "The angrier he gets the more powerful he attacks, the more he attacks the more he's open to counter and feel pain"
"so more or less he becomes blinded by his anger and starts thrashing around with no control over what he does" she was tapping her chin in thought, that could be her advantage, if she could him to attack how she wanted she could then take him down without to much of a fight.
"If it works, just know he is always full of tricks"he said "I've only ever manage to get his energy shield down once, but he lost it. He almost killed me, but needed my "value" so he says as he stood over my batter body, fun times" Ryoma stated
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 2 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:03 pm
Ayame blinked several times, "everyone has a value regardless if another says they do not....Kurama really has no touch with the world other than what he desires"
"Well you aren't here to argue semantics with him, you are here to slay him"Ryoma commented
"I know trying to just figure out what I should do...since I'm not exatcly trainedin fighting like a demon"
"Fighting anyone is all about measuring up your opponent"Ryoma stated "The longer the fight, the more you get to learn about them, their patterns, style, techniques, everything"
"well you said we stopped the moment you gave me advice" she said as she looked over at him, "but that does make sense...I suppose I need to fight you longer to learn what to do"
"We had to stop there because you hesitated and put yourself in a losing position, you put up a barrier with no plan to counter, either you would have been stabbed with daggers or hit with my energy if you took down your barrier to dodge my knives. So now, with this knowledge, you can attempt to try again"he said
She wanted to yell at him for that, but how could she when it was her fault that she was mad with herself. She took a deep breath, she had to think how to get close to him she wasn't even using the full strength she could posess, it was about learning now about dominating him at this point. Though glancing at hi, she would soon vanish as she apepared behind him, lashing down at him with her claws.
He looked back at her as he phased away as two daggers appeared at his side "Fine, round 2"he said as his daggers then disappeared from sight as he rushed forward at her swinging at her as a dagger appeared at the last moment to attempt to cut her
She woudln't let him hit her, she couldn't knowing that the daggers would be used to actully harm her even kill if he had to train her properly. Though as he came at her, a long item appearedin her hands but covered by flames "dance of the flames" she muttered, as her body was engulfed in flames the weapon in hand he would notice it was a fan like her mothers main weapon, as she used the flames to protect herself as well as superheat the metal fan in her claws to swing at him.
The second dagger then appeared blocking her fan as he spun out of the way of her flames as the two daggers then appeared at his side again before vanishing before suddenly appearing beside her colliding with her fan once more before vanishing and reappearing at his side again though he didn't move, and his attack did seem to be aiming at anything in particular as she began to notice things about his attacks, his daggers could remain invisible for as long as he wanted, but had to come back into the light just before striking an object, and after striking had to return within range of him once again "Are you starting to pick up the pattern now?"he asked her "I told you, every attack has a pattern and a weakness, your goal is to wither the attack, learn it, and exploit it"
She kept attacking, dodging and blocking while her eyes darted watching the daggers moving about they where always returning to him before attacking again. "THey return to you....before every attack" she said as she landed on a branch taking a deep breath. She would watch them come back into view if she would soon send a large blast of flames at him, hoping to draw the attention of his daggers before moving up at his side to strike him while his daggers blocked.
The daggers shot out to block the flames as Ryoma turned quickly as he was struck in the side taking the hit before vanishing reappearing a few feet away "Very good"he said nodding "Now of course I'm taking it easy, I'm only using two daggers and making my attack pattern easy to follow and memorize, Kurama won't give you the same luxury"he said "But this is good practice to get used to reading other people"
She looked at him jumping back quickly to give herself enough space so that way she wouldn't get hit. "well thanks for the hospitality' she stated with a small smile, the flames still swarming around her body.
"So now, let's add a third one, and see how you fair"he said "And I'm going on the offensive"he said vanishing from sight appearing above her sending two daggers down which appeared at the last moment as well as a jagged bolt of energy
She nodded as she stood there waiting, and when he suddenly was above her attacking with the third one she waved the fan quickly infront of her causing a mixture of wind and flames to surge upwards before jumping to the side she wouldn't put herself in a corner b using the barrior
Ryoma held out his other hand sending out his own black fire to cancel hers out as he landed beside her swinging his dagger as he made a fourth appear in his other hand
The two of them whre clashing together causing ripples of energy to flow over the valley, Ayame turned just as he came beside her and she cursed as the fan soon turned into a long blade, slamming against his daggers to knock them aside for now. Her fans had turned into her fathers twin fangs.
Ryoko would blink as she felt the surge of aura coming from outside, as she would soon be stepping from the castle and looked over to notice the two fighting "interesting"
There was a shimmer in the air as Fengyi appeared suddenly beside her watching as well "Very interesting indeed"

"Let's see if you're as good with a blade as you are with your magic and chi"he said as they went blow for blow, his daggers crashing against her two swords as very fast speeds though he was actually using three blades, one that faded in and out practically unnoticed
Her ears twitching to the sounds rather than watching for the attacks she as listening as her form moved about dancing this way and that as their blades clashed together and she breathed heavily
Ryoko looked over to her mother, "her aura is expanding I hope she dosn't use her full power against him...none of us can contrl it when she losses control and blacks out.."
Ryoma still remained composed himself clearly used to long training sessions as he continued exchanging blows with her

"You know, if it weren't behind this barrier, I wouldn't worry about Ryoma being able to handle it. He's much more crafty than he seems, but should she begin to lose it, we will intervene"Fengyi said
"We don't need Kurama sensing her power, he'll attack sooner than shes ready but yes we will ahve to if he pushes to hard."
Ayame kept blocking and dodging, her tails where soon becoming blade like as she attacked with two swords and then twisted as her tails lashed out like blades towards him.
"I doubt Kurama could sense behind this barrier, all of our magics have been poured into it, she'll be fine, this may be good for her"

Ryoma was quick to react as two more daggers appeared and began engaging her tails now as sparks flew from all the contact between all of them "Good, your fighting style id adapting, you are learning"
What he didn't know was that the more he pushed her, the more her 'other half' seemed to start appearing a combination of her ancestors merged into one killing force. Her eyes started to dull alost, as her aura began to build and Ryoma would notice a faint glow coming from her as what looked like a 9th tail started to form. "Well i have....a good...teacher!" she said with a smirk, as she twisted managing to slam one of the daggers from her and pin it into a tree as she swung her foot out to hit at his head if possible
Ryoma phased past her foot as he jumped backwards looking at his dagger sticking in the tree "How did you manage to do that?"he questioned noticing her energy rising and seeing her tail "Then if that's the case"he said as the 9 daggers appeared around his tail again "Let's see what you really got"
Ryoko would sense the energy "its happening, we need to get down there" she said as she started to race down. "Ryoma!! stop!! you don't know what your going to face!" she yelled as Ayame kept fighting, with a grin but it didn't seem like her "with pleasure" her voice altered as soon a series of attacks blurred together slamming at him, as the two blades seemed to be forming into one.
Ryoma blinked before being assaulted as he flew back slightly holding his side panting as he noticed her one sword now "What the hell...."he said as his daggers then circled around him protectively "Was that weak attack? My father hits much harder than that"

Fengyi then grabbed Ryoko's wrist "Wait....a few more minutes...look at his face"she commented
She stopped looking at her, "shes goign to release the sword, even Wu dosn't advice going agaisnt that" she said but paused looking at Ryoma wondering what she saw.
Ayame would glare growling, as she would race forward before a second of his daggers was knocked to the side and thats when he saw the sword...Masamune (think thats the right one...
"Just wait.....I will teleport us there in an instant when we need to"Fengyi said "Just observe for now."

Ryoma laid eyes on the legendary blade before two daggers appeared crossing them over his head as he caught the blade before it hit him "So it is true, you do have the sword"
"why woudln't I have it?" she said with a grin but her voice it was different like three people talking at once as her eyes meet his, one eye glowing red the other a pure blue. "now...i get to play" she grinned as she charged forward, her aura blasting out like a blast of wind while her sword raised up to swing down on him.
Ryoma attempted to phase through the blade as it still initially cut him before the rest of it phased through as he winced jumping backwards "The aura off of the blade itself acts as an initial cut..."he commented a loud "I see, this just got so much more fun...though not really a fair fight, you are at full power, while I am at my weakest, I like those odds"he grinned
"saddly this body has only reached 80% of its true potential" the voice stated as she stood up straighter, "the monk has the rest of her power sealed in a talismen much like this one" she held up the pendent, "he thought I woudln't notice....that night they laid together, so shall I destroy this barior? let you come out and play?"
"Not unless you are ready right now to fight Kurama it isn't in your best interest"he said to her "Though I would like to take you on fully, this looks exciting"he commented
She tilted her head some with a small smile, as she would nod "you are rather wise for a young kit" she stated as she would charge at him, spinning and striking attempting to break his stance.
Ryoma fell backwards countering, dodging and wincing through her volley of attacks before jumping up into the air as his eyes turned red again as his anger at being overwhelmed rose "Now I'm back"he said "I can only summon about 100 daggers at this power level"he said as a wall of daggers rose up between him before they all vanished from sight "But that should be more than enough to stop you here"
(Ryoma is pretty powerful in his own right lol don't underestimate the person who directly trained under Kurama lol)
Ayame looked up at him as she watched, her eyes glowing and she would grin as she stood there "then release how else will you train the girl without showing what you can do."
"There is an appropriate time and place, even I'm conscious of that"Ryoma said "And besides, right now, I'm not training the girl, she's not in control, I'm simply fighting you, and I don't plan on losing"he stated before feeling the slightest prickle on the back of his neck as Wu suddenly appeared his eyes closed as he spoke "This fighting ends now"he said firmly "Before the both of you end up hurting yourselves like the foolish demons you are currently acting like"
Ayame would turn to look towards Wu a slight glare in his direction "she is a demon foolish monk" came her reply as she gripped her sword before Ryoko walked up "Wu do not worry my kit of a brother is stubborn but he's no fool to push Ayame in this state."
"SILENCE"Wu said sharply shutting everyone up his eyes still closed "It shouldn't have even gotten this far, for her to draw Masamune"he said "Ryoko, tend to your brother's wounds, Masamune leaves almost permanent damage on whatever demon comes in contact with the blade so it will take your level of expertise to heal his arm that was cut, and Ayame, change back now. This fight is over"
Ryoko would glare some "do not order me around Wu" she said coldly and looked to her brother as she moved to him, Ayame on the other hand remained where she was holding the sword "oh so you now order your empress? Did not think the grandmaster held that power to do so."
Wu's frown intensified as he turned to face her "You are the spirits of the blade possessing the Empress but you are not Ayame, as such I am the highest authority present, and I am telling you to stand down. I will not repeat it again"he said still clearly unhappy with all of the days events

"Is it bad that I'm turned on right now?"Fengyi commented as she assisted Ryoko and teased her "Put you in your place didn't he?"she laughed as Ryoma winced but looked on "I've never seem this before...."
Ayame would glare "I am nearly what you want her to be, or the Ayame that should be...she is aware you sealed her last tail and never wished for her to become the youkai she is..." She stated glancing at the others with a smirk "till we meet again little kit" she said toward Ryoma before the aura faded and Ayame stumbled some before catching herself. Her eyes clear and she looked around the to Wu "I don't want to hear it..." She said knowing a lecture was coming as she went to pass them "I'm taking a bath..."
Wu caught her arm before she walked passed him as he took the other half of her talisman out of his robes and put it into her hand as he then turned and walked off again without saying a word once again

"Awww I was hoping to get a better fight between those two"Ryoma said "I want to know what her 9th tail ability is"
Ryoko watched them then looked at Ryoma as she would continue to heal his injury then would then speak "now is not the time to ask." She said simply.
Ayame was about to snap on Wu when he grabbed her arm instead she felt him push the pendent into her hand, she said nothing but stood there.
Fengyi looked between the two of them as she walked up to Ayame "Are you okay?"she asked
Ayame glanced over at her and nodded some "ya...just he didn't trust me even with giving me the pendant he only did it because I was mad..." She said and sighed "how can I govern if no one trusts me as their empress? "
"Now I'm going to give you a reality check, so don't get upset, or do, I don't really care I'm a 2000 year old vampire. But you are doing what everyone who comes into power does. Wield your title. How many time have you said 'I'm the Empress', 'Empress said this Empress said that' you have to realize, you may have more power and authority than us, but we are far much older, and Wu raised you. You would always listen to your parents advice, and Wu is essentially your parent. We have tons of more life decisions, Wu was 18 years old 5 years ago, so he has already been through what you are going with, so really, who is undermining whose authority? We are here to be your council and advisors, but if you don't listen to us, then what is the point of haing us around?" she explained "You are still young, qnd he is still looking out for your best interests "He meditates every morning and asks the previous Grandmasters for guidance in helping you defeat Kurama. And he could have not given you the talisman at all, he made it with his own chi and magics, which was his choice to bestow it upon you to help you out on your journey."she told her "You are the Empress so you have all the authority, but it doesn't mean you are always right, or the wisest, but you are the purest of heart my love, never forget that"
She would look at Fengyi as she listened she wanted to yell at her, but deep down she knew she was right. Afte rall she had been acting selfish and she wasn't using her head just following what ever she felt like doing. Ryoko would make sure her brother was well before soon reaching up and grabbing his ear hard "that goes for you as well little brother" she growled, "thanks to you there is a bit more damage than before"
Ayame glanced over and would shake her head "this is all my fault....I gave into the desires that I just wanted to do what I wanted....I fell back into who I was when this all started not who Wu and everyone else has raised me to be" she said glancing at Fengyi "I need to fix this....thank you Fengyi" she said with a small smile before racing off to find Wu.
"Ow, Ow, ow!" Ryoma said as his ear was pulled " What it was all just some fun"he said

Wu had returned to the monastery overseeing the monks once more as he meditated on his pedastal
"Don't care little brother, if your going to live here you will abide by rules...especially with a high chance of you becoming....emperor" she said with a small growl at the thought.
Ayame would keep moving heading twoards the Monastery as she sighed heavily, she would then look around noticing the monks training none seemed to notice her, as she would soon spot Wu. She stood there for a moment thinking, before she would take a deep breath as she walked towards him.
"But rules are never any fun, being Emperor or not"he commented with a frown "Let go already! That hurts"he grunted

As her presence became known all the other monks bowed down to her as Wu raised his head coming out of his meditation as he looked over at her "I did not expect to see you here"
"Oh and why should I let go? You've caused quiet a bit of trouble since coming here and perhaps I should start being the proper older sister and teach you a lesson" she said with a smirk, "what say you mother? Shall we teach this little kit a lesson or two?"
Ayame was still in her training clothing her tails flicking about some, but she would look at Wu "I owe you and apologize" she said simply
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 2 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:06 pm
"I think we should"Fengyi said cracking her knuckles as Ryoma gulped "Well it's been fun!"he said as he then faded into the shadows quickly

Wu raised an eyebrow looking at her "That is very adult of you"he said as he stood up "What brought this about?"
Ryoko would glare though a smirk appeared as just as he vanished he wold slam into a barrier making it ripple as she would tilt her head "oh there you are" she said as another barrier wrapped around him, with a grin "i knew you'd run so I put up a barrier while we talked"
Ayame would sigh "Fengji...talked sense into my head....I was being selfish and reverted to the ways of a spoiled brat...and didn't take into consideration've had it just as hard as I have and I am sorry" she said as soon the monks where gasping as she bowed her head. "I wish for you not only to be my grandmaster....but also my teacher and greatest friend...Wu"
"Damn you Ryoko"Ryoma sighed as he plopped down on the ground defeated "Fine, fine you win, I'll behave...not like I was doing anything wrong anyway"he said with a pout

Wu smiled at her as he then bowed in front of her "Of course Empress. I wouldn't want anything less"he said before giving her a hug
Ryoko would smirk as she walked over towards him, "well just dim down the mischievous little fox part and I'll let you go. Also do anything to harm my little granddaughter such as oh break her heart and I'll break your neck got it?" she said with the sweetest smile she could put on, but her eyes said 'death'
Ayame smiled and leaned into his hold as her tails started to sway back and forth with joy, before she would push back quickly as she remembered the acolytes where watching. "I will um...let you get back to your training, and...hope you don't mind the new look" she said as her ears twitched some.
"You know you're kind of scary when you get all serious, you have his eyes" Ryoma said sweat-dropping as he nodded "Fine, Fine, I'll play nice, I won't do anything bad"he sighed "It's nice to know you still love things Ryoko, Father should have never treated us that least you got away, I hated you for that. I've had to stay with him and finally had freedom, until his seal broke and he came back again"he sighed

"Now that I know you will have proper guidance and training, I don't mind the look at all. Just make sure you keep my talismans on you at one time. Whenever you need me just squeeze them and summon my chi and a I'll be there
Ryoko would stand there looking at him, then spoke "things have drastically changed over the course of time Ryoma, our childhoods where not filled with the best of times, but we have a chance ot make up for them." she said with a heavy sigh, "and you are still free, you are here with us with the one person that can defeat him"
Ayame glanced at the talisman and then would nod "hopefully I won't need to" she said with a grin, "but I shall let you go back to training, I do believe your acolytes have stared long enough at me when I am merely in my training cloths"
"You really think she can do it?"he asked her "there something about here...she will be the first person I have ever failed to assassinate you realize"
"theres always something about her" she said with a small smile, as she would let the barrier drop before she gently pat his head "as for failed to, perhaps that just means something"
"Something like what?"Ryoma said stretching his arms mumbling about her stupid barriers fanning his tails out

Wu nodded with a smile and watched her leave as he turned back to his students "Who said you all could stop?"
"that is something you'll have to figure out for yourself" she said as she would pat his head, and step away with a small smile then looked at Fengyi "he's all yours if you wish to have some fun Mother"

The monks would quickly go back to training, and Ayame couldn't help but chuckle slightly as she peeked back till she headed back towards the castle a nice hot bath sounded great.
"No, I have a certain monk I need to go bother"she said as she then vanished from sight as Ryoma looked at Ryoko "Your family is weird"he commented standing up "Though Koko, I want to tell you something serious then, since now I'm officially on your side"he said seriously
She would give a nod towards Fengyi before she would then glance over towards him before speaking "and what is that Ryoma?" she asked as she stood there waiting.
"Father already knows where she is...or well where we all are. He has his 5th tail back now, or well he almost had it when he sent me to kill her" Ryoma told her "He cant penetrate this multi layer barrier you, her and the witch and monk have set up"he said "Which is probably why he tried to get me to sneak in and do his dirty work"he theorized
She dug her nails into her palms some thinking, then it wouldn't be wise to even leave the barrier she thought then glanced at him. "So he's regaining his strength...which also means that if we do not leave he'll know you failed and if we do he'll attack..."
"Exactly. And now that I have been with Ayame, I understand her character and the way she thinks. I have devised a plan...Ayame will hate it so I expect you to hate it as well and I shall explain to you as the voice of reason "I think we need to eventually trap father here inside this barrier and fight him in the valley"he said
She would shift some, the idea of using this place that Ayame had searched for so long as a place to trap Kurama did not set well but she would listen, "I'm listening Ryoma....I do not like the idea are now apart of this little counsel of ours so I will listen"
"Father is not a patient man"he started to explain "He knows what he wants and where it is but he cant get to it. So eventually he would attempt to flush her out which would then put the village on the other side of the mountain in danger, because Ayame cares too much and would rush blindly to confront him"he said "And he would ambush her and all chances of beating him would be lost. I have an idea that may work."
She wold look at him thinking, before speaking "say what you think will help, your right the sooner we deal with Kurama the better."
"Well we can lure father here, take down the barrier, allow him to start his fight with Ayame, while the four of us create a new seal, so even should we fail, he will be trapped forever in this valley, that was we can also assist Ayame any way we can, there is no way she can do it alone"he said honestly "That way we can provide her support"
"but if we seal him in here...won't we also seal ourselves?" she stated as she looked at him, though she was no opposed to the idea she just worried that they would trap themselves within much lie how her mate had trapped himself within Masamune.
"Well if we live we can break our own seal, and say one of us dies, the rest of us should be strong enough to break whatever seals remain, but should we all die, then our seals remain forever"he said
"So your saying a fail safe on the off chance we cannot defeat him he will be trapped here..." It was a better option and really the only one they had "let us discuss with Others later for now we should let them rest before we do anything more..."
"One more thing. Father's 6th tail is his regenerative abilities, once he gets that back his power will return at a faster rate, which means he will get his 9th tail and the ability to summon back"Ryoma told her
"So we really are pressed for time.....Ayame cannot defeat him on her own unless she fully gives herself to that form you just faced.."
"Even then I wonder if it will be enough. I will say you have about 3-5 years until he gets his next tail, after that he will have no reason to wait to attack her, even as he fights he will still be regaining his 7th through 9th tails"he said
She sighed this was becoming difficult as she looked at him, then she would speak "we need to start preparing getting this kingdom safe and on its feet will be Ayames top concern she won't train if she feels the people need her...."
"Well she cant afford to have her attention split either. Her love for her kingdom is a great strength, but a bigger weakness. If Kurama finds out, he will likely exploit it. And that spells death" Ryoma said
"Then you should help her focus" she said with a smirk as she crossed her arms, "I can help get the villages and more reinforcements for an army if needed while Wu and Fengyi train the monks. My power was depleted when we stopped his 4th tail so I am no help in training her."
"If that is what it takes"Ryoma said "The monks will be needed to protect the village from his minions, you need time to recover energy and I can teach her how to fight the darkness" he commented "Though it is still slim, it is likely the only chance we have at stopping him"
"Slim or not we have that opening. If we can get her to tap into that other form of hers without losing herself then we might have a greater chance. As of now that form happens when she either doubts her skills or her life is in danger."
"Well I have the perfect skill set to make sure her life is always in danger"Ryoma said "I guess it's time for me to contribute to this noble cause of yours and help train her"
"Wouldn't it just 'kill' Father to know his two children are actually getting along" she said with a small smile but nodded, "I will start arrangements to get the villagers and an army going"
"We have the element of surprise, let's use it to our advantage"he said as he nodded to her "Let me know if you need anything"he said as he walked off
"have fun training with her, she tends to get a bit...mischievous" she said with a chuckle with a smile.
Ayame would move towards the baths as she would take a deep breath as she began to change out of her clothing, and then slid into the warmth of the water. "at least this castle comes with a hot spring bath" she said with a smile
"She's a fox, I'd be concerned if she wasn't"he said "I think I might have found a mate....can you believe my eyes turn blue around her?" Ryoma said "It's so very exciting"
"wait they do what?!" she stated as she looked at him rather in shock that Ayame of all people could turn her brothers eyes blue, "I knew she had a pure heart and an interesting spirit but...I had no idea she could make you the prince of shadows tame!"
"Shut up"he growled crossing his arms "It threw me off too. My beast couldn't rise. Wouldn't growl. It was the strangest feeling ever..being....docile. How do you deal with this?"he sighed defeated
"Well considering my mate has been gone for several centuries, I really don't remember but...I do know that being with him and just hearing him talk or even laugh was something my beast loved to felt strange but thats what love is...thats what your beast wants to find someone who it finds truly worthy"
Ryoma sighed "Well now I have to make sure Dad dies"he said as one of his eyes turned red "I cant risk not feeling all that good stuff Rei used to make you feel. If that's what you called love then that's what I want"he said
"You won't loss that feeling as long as you fight for it....losing Rei was hard but I know he did it so that our family and that this kingdom could survive...our son got me through the pain." She gently placed her hand on his shoulder, and leaned up "you are on limited time if you wish to start a family....I beleive shes in the baths" she winked patting him
He blinked looking at her "Are you...,you are quite the strange one Koko"he said but gave her a smile as he put his hand on top of hers for a moment before walking off towards the castle
"I want my granddaughter happy, sadly you do that for her" she stated with a chuckle shaking her head watching him. "break her heart and I break your neck Ryo" she said quickly
Ayame would take a deep breath as she leaned against the back of the tub, her hair was pinned up for right now as her ears twitched slightly but where fanned back while she relaxed.
They all would gather into the main hall as Ryoko, Fengyi and Ayame came in together which was rather odd to see all three women together and Ayame yawned slightly rubbing her eyes while Fengyi chuckled "your an Empress now and you still require getting help in the morning Ayame?" "What...I like my sleep.." she said softly with a yawn.
Sho soon slide into the room and curled up around Ayame's chair falling asleep again after a huge yawn.

Wu soon entered the room dressed in his grandmaster attire complete with his staff in one hand and Muramasa strapped to his side as he bowed his head Empress"he said "It seems this is the first meeting of the official Council of the Empire"he said
Ayame would yawn slightly as she stood there but she had managed to get into a rather elegant kimono thanks to Fengyi and Ryoko who had brought in some that could fit to her new form. Her hair was done up with the dragon hair pin put into place, shimmering though she would gently place her hand on Sho's head as he curled around her. Though when Wu bowed to her she still was a bit uneasy about that, "since...this is official does that mean I...can only be addressed as Empress?"
Fengyi chuckled some and gently placed her hand on her shoulder "take it easy dear, for now it is just us one day though'll have to get used to that" she would then motion to where they would sit as Fengyi would motion her to the head seat and each of them would follow suit to their respected spots...sadly Ryoma was put at the end farthest away from Ayame.
"Now that we are all present, I would like to hash over the tails of a plan I think will help us in stopping Kurama, I have already gone over the details with my sister and she agrees it may be our only viable option" Ryoma said before he began telling him his entire plan, from training monks to protect the village, to luring Kurama into the valley and sealing him there should all else fail
Ryoko stayed silent as she sat there listening, she already knew the plan though she would look over at the others to gage their reaction.
Fengyi tapped her chin then glanced at the others, "I feel that it is a safe plan, considering that Kurama is growing more powerful and we are on a limited time that we can hold off on the attack....but using the valley..I am not sure."
"What about those who live here? if we trap him in the valley those here cannot escape and are at the mercy of what ever happens" Ayame said
"Well naturally the first step would be to evacuate the valley. That is where the monks help comes in moving everyone into the village which they will protect"Ryoma said

"It, surprisingly, seems like a solid plan once everyone is outside the valley"Wu said thinking deeply
Ayame glanced over at Sho, as he was sleeping then at the others, she had hops for this valley but she had to agree that with the combined abilities of the others the barrier was far stronger. "I don't want the valley tainted by him...but...just from training with Ryoma and learning that the barrier significantly weakens those within work"
"That is the other thing...we would all be fighting at a weakened state, or we could remove the power suppressor but he would be at full power too"
"If we remove the barrier there is no way to protect the valley or those within it if we need to bring people here." Ayame said quickly "we have survived this far thanks to the barriers we have set."
"You aren't listening. I said remove just the power suppression portion" Ryoma said
"that is the barrier Ryoma, it helps with training as well as making sure our aura's do not seep out to attack more demons other than Kurama here" Ryoko said as she looked at him, "its how I hide from father for so long without him knowing where I was...but thanks to you he knows where we have come here so its really not needed"
"Father already knew you were here. How do you think I found you sp fast? I definitely wasn't the one tracking your movements, trust me, I could have cared less before I got here. So we need to drop that portion of the barrier, the point is to lure him here anyway, he's not going to enter the valley if he feels his power draining" Ryoma said "You forget we are dealing with evil itself"
Ayame nodded as she sat there "then we will drop it, hopefully nothing else comes this way" she stated as she would gently place her hand on Shos head.
"I'm sure anything else that comes will be great practice for these monks. I say realistically we have about 2 years until my Father is ready to attack
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on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:07 pm
"Two years gives us time to get things going....the village outside the valley is growing daily as more people keep coming, if we could fortify that village on the off chance that we fail and seal Kurama in here...the kingdom can at least stand strong"
"Well the countdown begins now"Wu said "We have just under two years to prepare ourselves to finally face Kurama once and for all"he said "Let us do what we can"
Ayame would nod her head as she glanced at Sho, gently lifting the dragons head "that goes for you as well Sho, no more sleeping" she said as Ryoko would smirk some, "at least not as much"
The dragon simply yawned amd rolled over as Wu shook his head "Well it seems that is the only plan of action we have for the time beinf
Ayame would smile slighty and nodded, "we will have preperations begin right away, I'll go with Ryoko to the village to get things started there"
"Fengyi will go train the monks, I will look for ways to alter the barrier in the ancient text"Wu said as Ryoma nodded "And I...will figure out something"
AYame would smirk slightly "you could come with me Ryoma, I could use the help with the village besides...I've been wanting to go to a few demon villages to see if we can...get them to join" she said looking at the others, "since I am a youkai...I feel that it is only fair that I give the other clans a chance to join the kingdom...and that humans and youkai no longer should be distant"
"That'll be a hard sell,but I don't know if Ryoko and I should both go to some of these villages, we are still feared in the demon world....on second let us all go to the villages, I have an idea to turn that fear into a benefit"
Ayame would smile happily as she nodded and Ryoko would nod her head as well "I'll get the horses ready and Ayame it might be best if we get a carriage for you holding your banner....most humans won't understand who you are now that your embracing your youkai."
"I'd rather fly, thank you"Ryoma said shaking his head "I don't like demon horses, never have, never will"he said as he began hovering as he crossed his legs as his tails fanned out behind him "but the banner would be very helpful"
"You just want to show off" Ryoko said with a laugh "perhaps something other than a demon horse..." She tapped her chin then looked at Sho "oh would like to go in a little trip?" She grinned knowing the dragon hated wearing the harness they made for him that had Ayames royal symbol on it.
He looked up from his nap and shook his head 'No, I'll pass' he said closing his eyes again sliding away from the group slowly

"I didn't teach myself how to fly to not use the ability"Ryoma said shrugging
Ayame would watch sho with a shake of her head "he's still young I just hope one day he has a hatchling of his own and learns what a pain they can be" she said teasing the young dragon before looking at Ryoko "I can just ride one of the horses I don't think that should be an issue."
"Yes, you two should ride on the carriage with the horses and I will fly beside you and provide support and defensive measures" Ryoma said "We are wandering the countryside, Father is bound to have some traps akd challanges for us, remember we are entering his territory now, we must be crafty"he said
"Well if sho came with us he could have all sorts of food and who knows we may find other dragons" Ryoko said with a nod looking to Wu "how do you feel about uniting humans and demons grandmaster?"
"I say it is time for that to happen" Wu said "I've been doing much meditating. I believe that is what this all to surrmount to. The Empire has always had the help of youkai. The Grandmaster is turned into a youkai by tradition, the Dragon's gift puts humans on par with youkai, and the direct lineage of the Royal bloodlije directly goes back to one of the most powerful youkai ever in existence. It is time the Yuan family bring harmony to both sides of the same fence" Wu said "Your entire council consist of a family of different demons already, it is time you had youkai under the family banner Empress"
"that I can agree on" Ayame said as she sat there, Fengyi would nod "The Grandmaster and I will handle things here, making sure all is well for your return...Ryoko, Ryoma I am sure I can easily state you two are to protect the Empress with your lives" "Of Course" Ryoko said simply
"Everything would he pretty pointless if she died, and I hate wasting my time" Ryoma said nodding his head "Are we ready to get started then?"
"Oh sure, a waste of time" Ryoko said with a smirk, "we both know Ayame is anything but a waste of time to you Ryoma" she snickered under her breath as Ayame tilted her head some, her ears twitching. " I have a feeling that was sexual grandmother?"
"Now isn't the time for that"Wu said cutting them off as he cleared his throat "We all have our objectives, I suggest we get started, it's the final crunch until we face Kurama, let us make sure we are fully prepared"
Fengyi nodded before she would turn to Ayame and bow her head, "by your leave Empress" she said with a smile as Ayame would nod, she would raise her hands before clapping them together remembering how her father used to end counsils like this. "Thank you all for coming, let us do what we can to prepare and come out of this with victory for our people"
They all bowed their heads to her one time before filing out of the meeting room as Wu turned with Fengyi to head back down to the monastery as Ryoma walked with Ayame and his sister "So are we heading out to the stables now then?"he asked
"It be best, though I would like to get out of these formal robes...I do not think they are travel ready.." "I do not plan on you fighting Ayame" Ryoko said as she stood there, "as Empress you are to look the part'll have to learn to fight within them if it happens"
"I agree. An Empress must be an Empress at all time" Ryoma said with a nod "You must show that look that meana you are ready to command the people's respect, normal clothes dont do that"he said as they made their way outside
She sighed heavily as she walked with them, she would then speak "so say I married Wu or you Ryoma would you both have to be dressed for the part then?"
"Unfortunately" Ryoma scoffed as he floated beside them "It's a part of the title. The Royal family must command the respect of the people"he stated "Dont get any funny ideas though"
Ryoko chuckled "oh come now Ryoma didn't you tell me just yesterday she's the only one that can calm your beast?"
"Shut it" Ryoma said letting out a growl "I still dont like this whole 'ruling' idea"he commented "Ruling over shadows and demons is one thing, but ruling over regular people, on a daily basis, where I cant makr any troube for now on?"he sighed
Ayame rolled her eyes as Ryoko chuckled,as they would get to the stables where the demon horses where waiting. Ryoko would move up to two of them as she looked them over "these two should be good, I think we have a carrige we can enchant to carry you Empress"
"I already said I don't need a horse, so both of you can ride in the carriage" Ryoma stated "It's right over there, I never used it"
"I wasn't saying for you" Ryoko said as she would sigh, "I'm talking about her sitting in the carrige pulled by the two horses, and I drive it..." she said firmly
"So be it"Ryoma said nodding as he jumped up sitting on top of the carriage as he tapped it as it rolled over to the horses and hitched itself "Oh? It is an enchanted carriage, interesting"
Ryoko would tilt her head some as she stood there, ten she would speak "that is interesting that its already enchanted..." she said simply
"I've lived a long, uneventful life, so I've had time to do a lot of things. Much like build this castle"he said
"well thats good" she said simply as she got the horses hitched up. Ayame sat there in the carrige it was rather comfotable and she looked to Ryoma "what other things have you done?"
"Hmmm let's see"he said as he floated beside the window "I taught myself how to fly, I made the castle,the hot spring, the carriage....oh I know something, just a moment"he said calmly as a dark rift opened above him as he floated up into it for a moment before he came back down and it sealed and in his arms was a large black egg "I have a dragon egg, I stole it like 600 years ago and it's just been sitting in my shadow world, want it?"he asked
She chuckled slightly listening to him brag about the various things he had done, however when he suddenly pulled the black dragon egg out her eyes widened as she stood up quickly " had an egg!?" she said in shock "of...of course!!" she said with a smile as he asked if she wanted it, "oh Sho will be so excited to know he'll have someone there for him now!"
"Well no, it's my egg"Ryoma said with a smirk "I stole it fair and square, but you can earn it from me"he said grinning childishly as he tapped the carriage as it started forward as he floated beside it
She would glare at him, as she stood there "You may have stole it but clearly you have no idea how to even hatch it Ryoma" she stated as she would sit there till he tapped the carrige making it move forward, almost causing her to fall over as she sighed "fine..what do I have to do?"
"I've tried everything I could read in old texts on how to hatch this damned egg and nothing has worked"he said as they went "I sat on it, put it in a volcano, dove to the bottom of the ocean, left it alone, didn't leave it alone, nothing worked so I will trade it to you."he said as he tapped his chin "But what do you honestly have to offer me in return for it? You aren't rich, so you can't buy it. I can't use your sword that you carry, it burns my hand. Hmm...what to take, what to take"
She sat there her arms crossed as she glared at him, her tails flailing about as Ryoko would chuckle "Ryoma come now, you do relize you would never have beena ble to hatch it without a is why they are called the dragon children"
"Yeah I know that, but I knew eventually keeping this egg would have paid off, because now I have the Yuan, and the egg, but I can't have both the egg and have her hatch it, so decisions must be made"he commented "How about you offer me something Empress, I mean, you are the Heart of the Dragon right?"
"what do you want me to offer you? We've already had sex, what else do you wish of me Ryoma?" she asked quickly sitting there, "I can offer your riches and titles, but you care little fr those"
"The one thing I truly want is something I can never have"Ryoma said "TO strike the killing blow against my father, would be the one thing I would trade anything in the world for, but darkness can't kill darkness."he sighed "Just take the egg, you owe me"he said as he put the egg into the carriage with her
When he set the egg down in the carriage she would gently pick it up as she would run her fingers over the black scales, she then looked at Ryoma. "Well...I could give you one thing" she said as she would smile, "dragons imprint on the first one it sees...let this one be at your side like Sho is to me, after all im sure raising another little trouble maker should be no issue for you" she said with a smile
"You are the one who is to bring dragons back onto the lands, you should keep all the dragons you can find for now"Ryoma said "So the dragon is yours"
"either way its not easy to raise a dragon" she said simple as she sat there then glanced ahead, "I could still use the help"
"Well shall see then, being a parent cuts back on my mischievous time"Ryoma said as he floated upside down beside them "And I do enjoy causing chaos"
"one day you'll be a father" Ryoko said simply as she held the reins of the horses, "after all even our father settled down for a time"
"I suppose that is true, but are you ready to be the mother of my children?"he asked curiously "Kyuubi children are rambunctious, Ryoko used to seal herself in barriers until she got her way and I would vanish to my shadow realm without warning'
"wait...we are having children now?" Ayame said blinking, her cheeks a bit red as Ryoko would smile< well dear you are the empress, and my brother has a tendency to go after 'quality' items...and well your the hottest quality item that as ever tamed his demon"
"That is a point she does have"Ryoma said with a nod "And you do already tend to refer to me as the future Emperor, so you've already showed your playing hand"he laughed "Is that what you want? To be mated by me? Bear my mark?"
Her cheeks where turning red now, she hadn't ever thought about it and she had only let one male actully...leave a mark on her and that was Wu. She bit her lip and Ryoko would smirk, before waving her hand as Ryoma would sense the barrier forming around them to give them privacy. "i...mean I suppose do kinda...make my blood...boil around you..."
"Oh really? Well you are the only person to ever see the true color of my eyes"he said which were currently blue in her presence again "When I'm not near you, they are red, but my beast gets calm, it's a strange feeling"he said
She sat there listening to him, though she would look at him noticing that they where blue. She couldnt help but smile, "I rather like the color of reminds me of a wide open sky full of posibilities" she said with a smile, "though I...m not sure if your saying the strange feeling I cause is good or not.."
"I don't know if it's good or not either, but I think that is exactly what we are supposed to try to find out"Ryoma said "I will warn you, I am a true kyuubi, I will not be so easy to domesticate, I will steal peoples dreams and eat them for dessert"
"Maybe I should just put you incharge of disapline and carring out maybe punishments" she said with a small chuckle sitting there, "and I don't want to domesticate anyone...I want be just as you always have been...yourself"
"Well just know, you are in love with a mass murderer"he laughed "You will be the kind, soft side of the Empire, and I will be the discipline from the shadows, the dark hand"
"and I hardly doubht you don't dissaprove that" she said with a small smile, "besides...what better way to unite the kingdom between humans and demons than to bring a demon once again into the direct line"
"That is true"he said tapping his chin "With my father dead, and me inheriting his throne, and married to you, then all those who pledge allegiance would then be under our united banner, it is a smart move on all fronts"he said nodding
She nodded and looked at the egg in her lap, gently running her fingers over it as she could already feel life pulsing inside of it. "then, once we return from these travils we should announce it to the others...for now gathering the demons should be our top I also need to make sure this egg is kept safe....already life is surging awake within it..."
"I can sense it from the moment you touched it"he said "I got nothing from that egg for over 600 years"he sighed "But yes, whenever we get back, we can tell everyone and do the official ceremony and all the stuff I hate, the worst, being crowned Emperor, you like to lead, I like to manage mischief"
"we don't have to have a ceremony" she said as she would smile at him, "Ryoko and Rei never did...far as I know they just where together"
"Your parents did, the Empire wasn't well established when they got married, but tradition dictates that there has to be a wedding, you can thank Ryoko for that, she was the head of Rei's council being his wife and pretty much wrote all of the laws that govern the empire, and of course her son couldn't get married without a ceremony, which of course, she planned"
She laughed, shaking her head with a small smile "Technicly thats cause Rei allowed it, this is 'our' empire now" she said with a wink, "technicly you could boss her around for a change" she said with a small laugh
Ryoma's eyes widened as she said that "I'd be the Emperor by marriage, she is the Empress Reagent, I would be over her! Oh the glory, and the torture"he grinned spinning around in the air "She will pay for trapping me in my castle for 3 months....I tried to assassinate Rei as a joke and she managed to grab my tail and go to the shadow realm and locked me in my damn house for months, I don't even know if she ever dropped her barrier as opposed to it finally running out of energy in my world"
Ayame looked at him as she would roll her eyes, and would soon reach up and grabbed one of his tails pulling it towards her some. "first off, you tried to kill her husband my grandfather who whom I would not be alive to tame your little beast. Second, I feel having yout rapped in your home for that was justified. Third, I can strip that title from you and just make you a concubine" she said quickly with a grin, her eyes starting to glow a bit.
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on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:07 pm
"I would never go to such a low"he growled at her as her eyes growled as his tail poofed up in her hand "It's okay, that's when I dug out my hot spring"he said smirking
She would rol her eyes at him, before she would pull him a bit closer "now come here, if your going to help raise this dragon you need to start feeling its energy more...let it know your here for it" she said with a smile
"I already told you that it's your dragon"he said as he pulled back slightly "I do not wish to ride in the cart I.......get motion sickness when I ride on things"he said
"Ryoma, whats going to happen if we have a it going to be 'mine' only till its convient?" she said "and im not telling you to get into the thing, I'm just telling you to float above it and at least TRY because this dragon when it hatches WILL take up my time...Sho was a nightmare, I expect the same from this one"
"It takes a village to raise a child you know"he said as he sighed floating closer to the cabin as he touched the egg "I mean, it has been absorbing my energy in my realm for 600 years"
"then in a sense it is your dragon" she said simply as she looked up at him, before speaking "if its been absorbing your power, then like sho this one will be the dragon of shadows...sho is the one of light kinda like Ying and Yang...a true show of balance and peace"
"Twin dragons then him, the light comes first and soon the darkness follows behind it"Ryoma said "I like that idea"
"just promise you won't do anything to blow up the least not without a good VALID reason and not something you cooked up cause you thought it be fun"
"I can agree to that, I can promise to run any kind of trouble by your ear first before I go cause it, just know I am going to be a man and cause trouble, and sometimes, we may get into a fight or two, but I'll always be yours"he smiled "a strong, loyal, pureblooded Kyuubi is a woman's best friend you know"
Ayame laughed shaking her head, though she would smile a bit as she looked at him, "alright fine, but don't do a last minute thing like take me to bed, then righat the end go 'oh i did this...' because I will make you sleep outside with Sho pinning you tot he ground cause he likes to cuddle in his sleep"
"I'll keep that in mind"Ryoma said "That dragon is going to get big too huh..."he said shaking his head "You know, you are quite an agreeable person, I don't know why my father made you out to be some brat, probably because he's terrified of you"
"I was a brat when I was a child." she said with a small smile as she soon leaned up and grabbed the back of his head, and soon kissed him. "just remember...if I scare your father...when i reach my true bad will I 'scare' you" she teased with a grin
"I am not scared of the same thing my father fears, I am scared of nothing"Ryoma said as he kissed her again "I am the thing in the night that puts fear in people"
She rolled her eyes, "hmm fear, you don't scare me, what makes you think others will 'fear' the tamed little prince of darkness?" she asked with a grin, noticing he was now more or less in the carrige without noticing it but didn't want to say anything
He twirled his fingers as 5 small dark balls of energy formed though seeming very dense and very explosive "Because I can make these, and these, go boom"
"oooh so scary" she said with a small smile as she sat there, as she kissed him again. "if you ignite those, you'll just blow 'me' up"
"Well they aren't intended to you, you walk in the light, these are for those who are too afraid to face their shadows"he said "Your enemies are now my enemies, so I will keep this kingdom safe, the only troublemaker in this kingdom will be me. I am going to rise as the King of Chaos in the demon world, the one who unified the demons with the humans after the reign of the Dark King."he said as his eyes turned their red color again for a moment before one eye turned red and one turned blue
She ran her fingers against his cheek slowly moving them up to gently start to stroke his ear slowly. "well thing my 'king' I will make sure you rise to your full potential...but your still not getting out of raising this dragon with me"
"Yeah yeah I'll be there for the dragon"he growled "Just don't stop scratching my ear---oh wait, we are almost to the first village"he said as he tapped his dagger on his sister's barrier as it vanished as he floated back outside the carriage up to his sister "Are you ready for this Ryoko, it's been a long time since you've shown your face in our world, things are very different than they were 1000 years ago"he said
"ill scratch them for an hour straight later" she said with a wink as Ryoko would drop the barrior and would then look at the two. "As ready as I wille ver be, this must be done for the good of the empire"
"First stop is Gurano village, the prominent clans here are the Bears and the Bats. The bats still serve your mother and thus you sis, but the bear youkai are going to need some convincing, bears like to be.....forceful in their negotiations"Ryoma explained "Once the big families are on board the rest of the village follows suit."
Ryoko nodded as she would speak, "I'll handle the bats then, you and Ayame take the bears if they challenge...let them see just what the Empress's 'Dark Lord' can do..." she winked as Ayame chuckled, "first before anything we have to find a palce to keep this egg..."
"No, no no" Ryoma said shaking his head "Absolutely under no way do we do anything without the Empress present. You really think these youkai care about simply words, loyal or not everyone wants to SEE the Empress. We will go to the bats, they will lodge us and feed us, and tomorrow we will go to the bears territory. We arent dealing with humans anymore, every person we see is going to he a demon, remeber that"
"you could just have said No" Ryoko said with a sigh, as she stood there and glanced at Ayame, "he has a point lets head to the bats first, that way we can keep an eye on the egg as well" she said as Ayame would nod her head, "that works, is there anything I should focus on doing?"
"Just keep being as,innocent and passionate as you have been" Ryoma said "Demons have mixed feelings about joining with humans. Some hate the thought of it, some know it is necessary for survival, some honestly dont give a damn. Just be prepared to face all kinds of things, from laughing at the idea, to acceptance, to eagerness, there is quite a large human loving population among youkai, the rate of hanyou births has skyrocketed, even the Great Dog Lord from the West fathered a half-breed second born a few decades ago"Ryoma said
"well we will just have to do what we can" Ryoko said simply as Ayame nodded, "well lets get these alliances going"
Ryoma nodded letting out a huge sigh "Let's just pray things go smoothly, this is only the first stop"he said as they approached the village gate as a large lumbering youkai sat in front of it with one large eye, clearly an oni "Who dares ask permission into Gurano village?"he growled out as his eyes snapped down to look as Ryoko sat on the carriage as Ryoma floated beside her as the large oni instantly fell down on his hands and knees "OH! It's you! Forgive me Prince of Shadows! And Princess of Pain you've been gone for hundreds of years, I-I didn't recognize you, your majesty, please don't kill me"he said as he pushed open the gate "Please go right in right away!"
Ryoko would tilt her head looking up at the oni looking not very amused at the beast but she would look back at Ayame with a wink, before the Oni would open the gates. "be glad that I am on a mission demon, or I'd have placed that head of yours on my trophie wall" she said with a small growl as they would move into the villlage.
"Yes mi'lady, it'll never happen again!"he said bowing again as the gate closed behind him as they entered as most of the villagers stopped in awe before bowing their head in respect, already clearing having heard the large demon as they made their way to a small castle off on one side of the village
"you two seem to be the ones they sure this will go well?" Ayame whispered as softly as she could, as they made their way into the village and then towards the castle.
"They rightly should fear is, that's part of the plan, all demons fear us, so if they see us, coming to them asking to join forces with you, then they should fear you as well. Fear to demon is what honor is to humans, it's what binds us. The stronger demon who is feared will always rules, the same way the most honorable humans who are loved tend to.
"alright fear..." she said thinking wondering how she would be able to handle that considering she never tried to command someone through fear, she couldn't show her unease either as she looked around feeling the eyes on them but she would hold her head up high as whispers went up on wondering who this girl was.
As they reached the castle, the gate around that one opened as well as they passed through and were met outside by an older man and a young woman, the old man with long white hair, the woman with long black hair, with a pair of wings folded on their backs as Ryoma opened the carriage door for Ayame
"The rumors are true then"the older man said as he bowed his head "Mistress Fengyi warned me long ago that the child of light was alive and well"he said "It was nice to meet you"he said
Ayame would bow her head in respect towards them, "I am honored to know that Mistress Fengyi has spoken so highly of me" she said, "but...for now I wish to discuss some things with you both."
"Then let us go inside and you have our full audience"the woman said as the bats lead them inside to an empty room as cushions were brought in snd tea and food were served to them
Ayame would once again bow her head as she looked at Ryoko and Ryoma with a faint smile then followed them into the castle. "Your home is very nice, mind if I ask how long you both have been in rein for?" Ayame asked.
"We bats have lived here for as long as I can remember. I was still an little kid when Lady Fengyi decided we should have our own place in history and carved out this plot of land for us"he said "So a very long time"
Ayame would ease into a spot offered, listening to their little history they had with her grandmother. "I see, well I only hope I can offer the same bit of success that my grandmother has passed to you"
"That is what has us most interested"the old bat said as he looked over at her "Just what exactly is it that brings you into our neck of the woods?"he said "No disrespect, but Princess Ryoko, you've been missing for the last couple hundred years, and then you show up out of the blue, so something must be amiss?"

Ryoma laughed slightly "For an old man you sure still are a sharp minded bat aren't you"he said as he sipped his tea "Yes there is a very specific reason we have come here, I'll let her explain"
Ayame would glance at Ryoko who would nod her head before speaking first, "I was missing due to Kurama, as well as making sure that my family prevailed all this time" she would slowly motion towards Ayame. "The Empress here is my grand daughter, making sure we got to this day was...far more important to me to be around the demon world." she said simply
Ayame would then speak "If it was not for her planning we would not be sitting here and you'd be under the thumb of this lands crulest youkai's known"
"We have been under the thumb under Kurama for the last 18 years" the bat demon said "So what are you going to do that's going to be any different, 'Empress' this is the land of youkai, not humans"

"That is exactly the point" Ryoma said calmly "She is going to unite ningen and youkai on a united banner as she slays her great grandfather and takes control of the entire Empire"he said "I know you can already sense the power she wields. The heart of the dragon, the tails of the kyuubi and the foresight of the bats. That is why we are here first. She is your family, your ruler, as she is everyone elses. She is Fengyi's direct descendant"
Ayame listened to them, as her tails swayed back and forth behind her she would not interject just as as Ryoma explained why she was here. "I understand relashions with ningen and youkai have been changing...I wish to fully embrace both halves of this kingdom and unit them."
"And decided to start with us hm..."the old bat said as he stretched his wings thinking "I suppose anything would be better than being at the beck and call of Kurama. If my lady has given you her blessing, then I will honor that, you have our support, though others wont be so easy"he said
Ayame would bow her head slightly with a small smile, though she would speak "We are already highly aware that it will take more than old unions and relashionships....I hear a display of power is a good motivator" she said with a small chuckle as Ryoko would sigh, "you are Fengyi's granddaughter..." she stated with a small laugh.
"I take it then your next stop will be the Bears across town?" He asked "They are an unruly bunch, loyal to themselves, and we have finally established peace after many conflicts"
"That is correct" Ayame said though when hearing about the peace treaties she would speak, "I do not wish to harm the treaties and peace that you have estabished, if we fail with negotiations with them I will make sure that you will not loss the peace you have gained....only to stregthen it if not give you some perks for joining" she grinned
"That will be fine then Empress"he said bowing his head "In the mean time feel free to make use of our facilities at your leisure, and in the village everything is taken care of"
She would bow her head again, "thank you, I only hope that negotiations with the bears goes as smoothly" she stated as she looked at the other two "is there anything else we should discuss?"
"That is for you to decide" the old man said "We will continue to live our humble lives as usual, when the time comes, call upon us, and we will be there"
Ayame would bow her head, "thank you for your support, I do not wish to change anything your clans have established only that when time comes I can call upon you"
He nodded as he looked over to the woman next to him "Show them where they can stay, give them their own wing in case anything else happens and they need space"he said as the woman nodded before standing up "Right this way"
Ayame would push herself up to her feet, thanking him once more as Ryoko would stretch her arms. "I'll go tend to the horses, while you settle in Empress" she said with a smirk then glanced at Ryoma, "I can trust you to behave?"
"Yeah I've been to this place many times. Well not this castle but this village." Ryoma said "I think I may still have a couple of powerful friends here that may help our cause"
Ayame would glance at Ryoma as she would smirk "well perhaps I shall come along to meet your friends...after I've checked out our living quarters" she said not wanting to be rude to the women who was going to show them as she began moving forward. "I'll meet you down in the court yard.."
"I'll be waiting"he said as he then disappeared from sight as the woman laughed slightly "He seems to be an interesting one that's for sure"
"so long as one can keep him entertained" she said with a smile moving after the women. Looking around the halls "you have a lovly home, full of a rich history I am sure"
"Very much so. We have lived here for as long as I can remember. When Kurama took the first castle Lady Fengyi occupied, she made a second one here, far away from here and moved my father and his clan here for safe keeping away from her ninja which chose Kurama over her. We are very priestly and offer up our prayers in return for longevity and protection"she explain " I am next in line to run the castle after my father, who subsequently is also my husband"she said
"interesting, feet I am sure...I will be making sure my grandmother comes to see how you all have been doing. I am sure she would be over joyed" she stated walking with her, "as for your husband, I hear it is not uncommon to mate with family memembers....considering most of my family now consists of Fengyi, Ryoko, Ryoma and of course the corrupted kistune Kurama...."
"It keeps power in the bloodline. If you want to be pure and keep the lines clean that tends to happen. There aren't very many other bat youkai outside of this family, so we do what we can to stay strong and survive"she said "So you and the Prince are a thing too hm?"she asked
She almost stopped in her tracks at what she said about her and Ryoma, and she blinked though would quickly clear her voice some. "I would say we have a mutual interest, but nothing further than that....he enjoys his freedom to much to be tied down" she said though her cheeks did have a faint red tint to them. "and my main priority right now is gathering power and a force to bring against my...great grandfather"
"All men enjoy there freedom, as long as you let them roam, they tend to always come back home"she smiled "And not to worry Empress, your cause is noble. Many youkai are tired of Kurama's oppressive rule and how the lands do not flourish and prosper under him. You will find many who will support you, whether they openly admit it or not"
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on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:08 pm
"that is what I am hoping for, I wish to unite and governer these lands to make sure the lands prosper...I do not wish to take away titles or ranks unless it must be done. Your clan answers to you and your mate, I just hope if I should ever need your clan you will answer my I will answer to yours"
"Of course. You are the blood of our matriarch, we are at your servitude Phoenix Empress" she said with a smile "Surprised? Word about you has spread far and wide. Many of us know about you, just dont believe you actually exist. But here you have risen"
"From I'm told like a phoenix from ashes" she said with a small grin as she stood there, with a grin. "It is rather fitting, my ancestor Rei Yuan was the dragon that rose with might in the sky...its only natural that a phoenix created by the hot flames of a dragon soars now"
"Youkai can get very creative when naming their rulers, the fact that you already have a name among us should mean a lot"she said as she got to their wing "Here you all are, and if you need anything feel free to ask a servant for it"
"I see, I shall remember that for the future than and I am honored to have such a name from you all" she said then glanced at the room, then to her "thank you again, I will be sure to show my counsil memebers here when we return from our other dealings tonight"
She bowed her head with a smile as she turned leaving her "You'll make a fine ruler"
Ayame waited for her to leave as she would soon sigh heavily and would rub her shoulders, "man...wearing this kimono is so annoying!" she said in frustration as it had about 8 layers to it, and she would grumble a bit. "Why did I have to wear this....couldn't i have something like ryoko..." she was pouting, yes the empress was being alittle brat but she had done so well so far.
After some time Ayame would come down to the courtyard, though if one noticed at least three layers of the kimono where missing as she also had pulled her hair to the side in a braid to hang over her shoulder with her hair pin still in place. "Sorry to have made you wait so long Ryoma, I wanted to freshen up"
Ryoma blinked looking lookikg back at her "Your kimono is missing sole stuff"he pointed out "You know Ryoko told you to wear the whole thing"he commented
She would shift slightly, "I am still in professional dress, and besides the outer layer was filthy and stunk of horse" she said quickly, "and the other layers...." she would glance to the side, "I...Kinda of wrapped them around the egg"
"You know you could have just put the egg back into my shadow world...and it's funny that you say horse...because one of my friends happens to be a unicorn youkai, and they smell just like horses, you would have blended right in"he said as he stood up dusting his pants off
She would chuckle as she moved to him, "I had to come up with something to please Ryoko other wise she would have made me wear something else" she winked, "as for the shadow world, that won't due....the egg must be warmed with care, and the true heat of fire....I really can' do that in your world so thus luckly the room has a fireplace the kimonos acted as a wonderful bit of tinder to get the flames going"
"YOU BURNED THEM!?" Ryoma said slapping his forehead "Those were made from rare silk from a seamstress that died hundreds of years ago, they were borderline priceless"he said sighing "But you're the Empress, do as you wish, are you ready to get going? I dont want to hear any more stories please, I dont think my coffers can take it, remind me to never show my my vault"he commented as they began walking "I have thousands of priceless artifcats,stolen, bought and traded from all over time"he said "That's the ability of my 9th tail, time/space manipulation"
She tilted her head with a grin, as she listened to him and would speak "thats the beauty of hatching an egg Ryoma" she said simply walking past him as her hands where behind her back, "by sacrificing something precious, something that holds value to your heart makes the flames taht much to awaken the creature inside....the flames must be gentle if to harsh it could badly damage the hatchling, if to low could weaken it to where it would not survive long after hatching....don't let Wu know but a lot of the outfits he bought me over the years where burned to help Sho granted he was ready to hatch when I first meet him it helped further development...I coudln't keep him warm as he needed so I used a mixture of phoenix and dragon fire aided by the burned objects....though I think I used to much....he likes to cuddle up a lot and is very lazy"
Ryoma sighed "It's a good thing I left the dragon thing to you. I am a man of my treasures"he said with his arms crossed as they walked "As long as that dtuoid thing hatches into a cool dragon, otherwise I'm going to eat it to compensate for those clothes"he mumbled as they walked through the town "Now where was Shihe's hut......ah yes this way" Ryoma said leading her "He's been around longer than anyone else I've known, though you'll never guess it with how he looks"
"You toucha scale on that creatures body, I'll skin you myself" she said her eyes dark and where glowing as her aura seemed to pulse, she was very protective of her hatchlings...much like a mother with a newborn. But it seemed to fade as they made their way to his contacts hut, "from what I understand demons age fair slower than humans and can retain apperences that go against the age they trully are....such as you...great...i just stated I slept with an old man..." she said pouting a bit.
"Well relatively speaking, if you were still human, we'd be about the same age. Compared to how long demons can live I just recently hit adulthood myself" he said "Ryoko would be about in her late 20's and Fengyi in her early to mid 30's"he said "my father is about 40. However Shihe, from a human perspectivr should be around 70, though he looks like us. Unicorns are truly special demons"
She blinked a bit as she heard him say the last bit, "im sorry....did you just say...Unicorn?" she stated paused, a bit her ears twitching, "I thought that know fairytail stuff" she whispered softly.
"I've said it twice already" Ryoma said "Do you have something jn your ears?"he asked "Yes a unicorn youkai. The same way kyuubi are enlightened foxes, Unicorn are enlightened horses. And humans are stupid, until demons freely walked the earth they thought us and dragons amd sprites were fairy tales. But we are all quite real. Especially unicorn, but they are rare, far rarer than kyuubi"
She would cross her arms as he pouted at him slightly glaring, "Don't gotta be mean you know Ryoma...just some questions and besides I don't have to be formal yet" she said sticking her tongue out slightly at him.
"True, but don't embarrass me either. Though I will warn you, he's like 10,000 years old, so his dialect is a bit.....older"he said as they came to a stop in front of a hut as he went to knock as the door opened on its own "Weird"
She would roll her eyes as she stood there, "coming from the michivious prince...and your saying I'll embarress you.." she said under her breath, as she would then look at the door watching it open slowly. She looked around wondering if something would pop out, before she would put her hand behind Ryoma and slightly shoved him forward.
He looked back with a glare as he headed inside to find Shihe sitting down his eyes closed. The man had long blond hair that pooled on the floor beneath him and a glowing ring in the center of his forehead as Ryoma walked up to him poking his cheek "Hey old man, you still alive? He asked
Ayame would just grin at him as she would wait for him to enter and would then step up after him, glancing around the hut as she stood calmly after shutting the door. Though when he began to poke the man's cheek she would fold her arms into her sleeves wanting to yell at him, for being rude and making it out she'd be the annoying one.
"Why must you always do that?"the man said slowly as he opened his eyes as Ryoma vanished, appearing next to Ayame again as Shihe turned his two golden eyes upon them "The Prince of Shadows and the Phoenix Empress, do what do I owe this high honor bestowed unto me?"

"Told ya, he talks funny and knows everything, no need for an introduction"Ryoma said as he sat down "Well since you know who she is, here she is, the one Father is terrified of"
Ayame would glance at Ryoma as he would fall into a chair and she would then glance at the other man, "speaking against how someone acts is rather rude Ryoma...I told you to behave" her voice had changed, as she would look over to the man as she would give a small bow of her head. "Forgive me, but you know who I am and saddly I know only that you are a very refined youkai to my 'uncle'" she said simply.
"You hardly even know him"Ryoma grumbled as he sat there "Should have left you at home"

"Need not for formalities, amd never bow your head Empress, you outrank someone as humble as I"Shihe said "And fret not, for young Ryoma has been this rambunctious from the before when he was still yet in the womb. I enjoy his antics so, they are amusing. You may simply call me Shihe, for that is all that I am, I am a kirin, I take it you know what that is?"
"Yes, I would say a rather are and impresive creature also known as an entitled much like....this little fox" she said as she would flick one of Ryoma's ears with a small chuckle. Then glanced at Shihe, "saddly I must say I am not to versed in youkai, I was raised as a ningin so forgive me if I am a bit..Uneducated in most matters"
"Fear not, our world is an easy one to navigate, we are not bound by as many tradition as ningen, and those that are, they tend to be very clan specific. You may enjoy our world more, most humans that enter it, tend to not leave it"

"Usually becase someone eats them"Ryoma said with a grin
"Don't make me burn another kimono Ryoma, im sure it will come in handy" she said as she looked at him, then over to shihe, returning to the question at hand. "Though why im here I was hoping to ask if you would accept an alliance with my empire...your vast knowledge would be greatly appreciated"
"An alliance hm? I suppose this would be in regards to stopping Kurama then hm? Your ancestor Rei Yuan and his dragons came to me with the same request long long ago"he said

"I didn't know you were going to ask him that!"Ryoma sighed "You could have run that by me first"
She would look over at him, as she would grin "your not the only one that dosn't play fair Ryoma" she said her tails flicking a bit, though she glanced at Shihe "I will understand if you wish to decline, but you will be of course always allowed to come to our home as an honored guest.....but yes...I am looking to ending Kurama and the damage he has caused to the lands"
"I can offer you advice and guidance, but nothing more"he said "I am powerfless against Kurama, I tried to defy him long ago, and it is because of him that I no longer have my horn. Why I cannot shift back into my true form and spread my luck across the land. He is quite the powerful foe, but I will aid any way that I can"he said
She nodded as she stood there, "that is all that I will ask then." however when he mentioned the horn she would speak, "i am so sorry about that, i wish I could restore it"
"When Kurama is dead, I will get it back, not to worry"he said with a smile "You are truly one with a pure heart. You take the burdens of others and make it your own. You are noble indeed"he said smiling "Ryoma is a lucky man, perhaps you can keep him safe while he causes his mischief"
"They call me the heart of the dragons for a reason" she said with a warm smile, "and if I couldn't put up with antics that this one brings, I woudln't be able to be an empress"
"Never underestimate Ryoma though. If it wasn't for your birth, he would be the only other person I believe capable of killing Kurama. His strongest trait his his determination and craftiness"he said

"Helloooo sitting right here still"Ryoma mumbled shaking his head
"yes yes we know Ryoma, now be a good boy and just keep sitting there looking cute" she teased as she was having fun teasing him a bit. "Well since we are here, what sort of advice could you lend to us concerning uniting the clans?"
"You have one more comment before you regret it. I do not enjoy your condescending jokes"he snapped

"Each clan is very different. But if you wish to achieve true success and save yourself much legwork, I would say go for the noble families, not of the villages, but of the lands. There are 4. The dogs lie West, the wolves north, the cats south and here in the East we are a council made up Bats, Bears, Sprites and Oni. We are a smaller population, so we govern together. And then you have Kurama who is the supreme ruler of all 4 nations"
She was now choosing to ignore Ryoma, her arms crossed still in her sleeves as she listened her tail swaying slowly while her ears slightly twitched. though she would soon speak "I see...that would make sense, I hear the dogs have...welcomed a half demon among them per say with that we could say their relasions with nigins is stronger but also poor depending ont he circomstances of the half breeds birth.."
"That I am not sure. I have not visited the Dog Lord in many years. You will find your hardest time convicing the cats. And you will soend the most time traveling to the villages in our coalition. The bats and bears are here, the oni are further towards the sea, and the Sprites reside somewhere in the Great Forest that is in the bulk of the center of the East lands"
"Since we are more stationed here in the east would be best to try and rally the clans here" she said outloud thinking mostly to herself, "however, to pull weight we would need at least one of the bigger clans...."
"The Bears will be your best bet. If you bring something from the Bears to the oni they will follow, though strong they are rather weak willed and--" "Stupid" Ryoma interjected as Shihe continued "For lack of a better word yes, stupid. The hardest will be finding the Sprites and convincing the nymphs and sprites to leave their enchanted forest. If you can do that, the East is at your service"
Ayame would sigh heavily as she stood there, this seemed to be near imposible though she would soon look up as she gave a faint smile. "Well then I best set to work, Ryoma tomorrow we will be heading to the bear clans, I have enjoyed my time here but time is not my friend....and every second Kurama grows stronger"
"Fear not the darkness maiden, for you dance in heavenly light"he said with a smile as he pulled out a small shard handing it to her "An enchanted shard with my luck magic, squeeze it whenever you need that extra boost, and seek me whenever you need my knowledge, though I do have one request. When my service is needed, I would like a spot on this council of which you speak"
She would blink as she saw the crystal and would smile a bit as she thanked him, gently taking it from him. "I will treasure this and hold it dear" she said as she would gently place it to her chest, though her eyes seemed to glow faintly at the last bit as a grin spread on her lips. "well...I wouldn't ever dare leave out a Kirin...specially one that will be able to shine luck once again to those who need it"
He nodded his head at her and smiled once more "Good luck, you'll need every ounce of it"he said as he watched the two of them leave, the door closing behind him

"Is he cool or what?"Ryoma said "And you got a lucky charm too"
Ayame looked at him with a smile, waving slightly to him before stepping out with Ryoma, she then would speak "you just want the charm yourself" she teased as she held it close still, "and he is very wise, his story is just another reason why I wish to defeat Kurama....I wish to reduce the pain he once again give him the peace he deserves.."
"I already have like 3 of those" Ryoma said "Somewhere with all my other junk, objects hold no sentimental value to me. I make my own luck and destiny"he said "I wasnt alive yet for that fight but Ryoko was and he told me about it. It was when Kurama was still in the band of theives before he became Dark Lord. Apparently unicorn horn is very powerful, and he wanted one, so he stole one. They say Shihe ripped the sky open to try to kill Kurama but without his horn couldn't summon the strength and Kurama beat him"
She listened to him and while he talked she stopped walking, and spoke her eyes cold and her aura seemed to grow as she stood there "pathetic....such acts...just cause he wanted it..." she stated digging her fingers into her palms that blood started to drip down to the ground.
Ryoma's eyebrow raised as he looked at her "You doing okay over there? Need some water or something?'he asked "this was a long time ago you know"
She shook her head as she looked at him, "even if it was a long time ago...its still harsh and cruel to think about..." she stated as she closed her eyes tightly, "i wont forgive him...even if he was once a man that had respect and some...dignity...hes nothing but a pathetic coward"
"I realized you like to call people a lot of names, you know?" Ryoma said as they walked back "But he does deserve to die, that I wait to see. But can you do it though? Actually end someone's life once and for all?" He questioned looking at her sideways "you're too nice"
She looked up at him, as she would stand there "I will do what must be done....nice or night I am the one that is suppose to end him..."
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on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:10 pm
"Just because you are supposed to do something doesn't always mean you can or will"he said "I only ask because it interests me how you will react"
She stood there, she really did want to stop Kurama but he was right could she do it as she woul dopen her fist as she winced a bit as her nails pulled form her skin. "i...i dont know...but so many are expecting I do it.."
"That's the problem with power, people expect things of you, but never ask if you know how to"Ryoma said
Her ears where starting to flatten against her head, was she all talk? Could she really defeat a man that though was afraid of her commanded so many beneath him with just a single look? "w...what if i cant?"
"Then nothing changes"he shrugged "I doubt he can kill you either with all this power, so your epic duel ends with a stalemate, or one of you must die so the other may live. If you can't do it then you can't do it. But I will"
She blinked a few times as she looked at him, her ears perking up slightly " will?" she asked, before pausing "if...if I can't...I'll create an opening for you Ryoma..."
"My dream has always been to slit my father's throat with my blade. Nothing would be more satisfying"he said with a dark grin
"If I cannot...defeat him...then I will make sure to allow you the final blow" she stated looking up at him.
"Perfect"hw said as the arrived back at the bats castle "I'll be sure not to waste it"
Ayame would nod her head as they would head back to the castle, and would take a deep breath as she saw Ryoko who took notice of her outfit. "Empress!! W..what happened to your kimono?!" She said running over quickly, "Its fien Ryoko....I just removed some of the layers" she said her hand still bloody as Ryoko soon glared at Ryoma "why is she bleeding!! You where suppose to make sure she stayed safe!"
"She clearly did it too her self" Ryoma said "Oh and don't hope to ever see that kimono ever again Ryoko"he commented
She blinked as she stood there, "what...." she paused looking but I at Ayame, "what did you do to the kimono...?" "Nothing that I havn't already been yelled at for, for now I have something to take care of" she stated heading inside, "we are in the east wing (cant remember what one you said), and they said make ourselves at home just try not to destroy anything"
"What are you off to go do?"Ryoma asked curiously as he crossed his legs floating in place beside his sister as he looked over ar Ryoko once she was gone "She burned it in a fire"
"I have a hatchling to see to" she said simply as she kept walking and headed to her room. Once there, she smiled seeing the egg still nesteled in the flames as she reached in without hesitating picking it up. "oh my you've grown" she said with a smile, as she strokedt he black scales. "take your time little one, but not to long you got a big brother waiting to see you" Ryoko would blink "she did WHAT!" she said in alarm.
As she touched it a warm glow started to come from the inside of the egg as i wiggled a bit and began to move much like when Sho was beginning to hatch

"The same thing I said. She's going to wreck all your old stuff I sweat" Ryoma commented "Though watching you freak over it it's....almost worth it"he laughed
Ryoko was in shock, as she would soon turn "that goign to skin her!" she said loudly as she began to storm towards the door.
Ayame would smile happily as she looked at the egg, "thats it little one" she whispered, and just as Ryoko shoved the doors open would a small 'chirp' come from her as a sleak black hatchling slid from the black shell. Ayame smiled even more, as she held the little creature "welcome to the world little one"
Ryoma suddenly appeared in the room then looking down "I thought I sensed a new presence"he said seeing the small dragon in her arms "That makes two of them"
Ayame held the little creature, stroking its neck as she looked up at Ryoma as she smiled more. "isn't she beautiful Ryoma?" she stated as she wold gently tickle the understand of the ragons chin. Ryoko would blink before smiling as she shut the doors behind them, Shaking her ehad with a chuckle, "Ayame you look like a new that would make...Ryoma the father..."
"You like to really stretch the imagination huh?"he said shaking his head

The dragon cooed softly before looking up at them 'Hello'she said softly
Ayame would blink as she heard it talk, as she then smiled "oh my you are already ahead of Sho" she giggled, "hello there little one, I hope I didn't make you wait to long...though this guy here ist he reason I found you" she said pointing to Ryoma.
'I am happy to be here'she said letting out a yawn and curling up on her lap 'What is a Sho?'
She chuckled, "Sho is another dragon, though he has white scales" she stated with a smile, "you'll meet him soon enough but hes quiet lazy so you may have to work to get him to wake up....though we should probably give you a name...." she then

Ryoma shrugged "Children aren't exactly my thing, so not really" he said "Ryoko is pretty good with names"he said as he squatted down by the dragon "You took loke 600 years to hatch"
"whos fault is that" Ryoko said quickly, "you kept her locked up in your shadow world..." she said, as Ayame would chuckle, "its fine, regardless she's here now and shes perfect" she said, "I named sho after flight soar freely"

"Oh is that how he got his name hm?"Ryoma said as he glared at his sister "There was no way to hatch it before. Baka."he growled
"im just teasing you" Ryoko said with a chuckle, though Ayame would glare at the two of them, "yes...thats how I named him, though this little one here...what would you like to be named after? your scales are beautiful but naming you after them would seem....a shame, the moon would be good...or maybe something else.."
'Yuna?'she repeated after her looking up

"Well that solves that. Yuna it is"Ryoma said clapping his hands together "That was easy"
"Yuna is perfect" Ayame said as she stroked serpent before standing up. "but for now, lets let you get in some rest. Hatching is no easy feat" she stated moving over to a pile of pillows and laying them out before gently laying Yuna down. "let me know if you get to cold ok?"
The dragon simply curled up and instantly was asleep as Ryoma nodded his head "Well there you have it. Dragon number 2"
"its amazing isn't it? I can't wait to tell Sho, he finally has someone of his own kind...maybe Yuna will help make him not so lazy"
"I'm just glad that egg finally hatched. I've been so curious to see what the hell was inside"he said "Now I know"
Ayame chuckled though soon she put her finger to her lips, "lets let Yuna sleep, theres a spare room we can talk in"
"Why dont we put the dragon in the extra room then?"he questioned as he walked out
"because I already put her down" Ayame said quickly as she pushed him out and Ryoko chuckled "yous hould have seen her with wrong look from us and she yelled"
"So you're an annoying mother, good to know"Ryoma said as he floated down the hallway "I'm going to go rest for a while, I'm exhausted"
"annoying maybe, protective yes" Ayame stated as she watched him with a small smile, "sleep well Ryoma"
"Thank you, if you need me, I'll be in this room"he said choosing a random room and moving inside plopping down and instantly passing out
The rest of the night was rather quiet as the gang would retire for the night. Ayame would sleep well as she had pulled Yuna to her, sleeping soundly even till morning
Ryoma arose early in the morning stretching and yawning "Stupid bears today. God I hate bears....they are so....stupid"he said to himself as he got ready beforw floating out of his room
Ayame was dead asleep, she probablyw as where Sho got the laziness, as she was curled up against Yuna or more so the hatchling was curled against her.
Ryoma soon opened her door looking at her "Well, look whose still sleeping"he commented
Ayame groaned softly as she would turn around in the bed, as Yuna seemed to open her eyes and soon crawl over Ayame "5 more mins" he would hear one of them mutter
"You realize we have to make a deal with idiots today correct?"he said shaking his head "I'm going to talk to my sister then"he said walking off
Ryoko was in her own room as she was sharpening her weapons when she heard her brother come in, "i take it shes still asleep?"
"Yeah, she always that lazy?"he questioned as he sat beside her "The suns already up"
"she likes to sleep, always has been Wu used to drag her out of bed"
"No wonder her pets are lazy"he said shaking his head "Do you plan on doing some fighting soon or something?" He asked
"A warrior is only as good as as sharp as their weapons, besides the bears from what I remember like acts of strength and if a fight is what we have to do I will." she said simply and then looked up at him, "as for Ayame sleeping, she actully uses quiet a bit of energy in a day, so believe it or not she sleeps just to try and gather more strength"
"I still cant picture you fighting"Ryoma commented "You've been out of the game for so long, you sure you still know how to use that blade?"he teased
"don't test me 'little brother" she said as she looked at him and would speak, "shouldn't you be attempting to wake up your future bride as it is? thats why I wasn't going to wake her...shes your job now"
"I don't give a damn what she does"he shrugged " I went in there, she said more time. So that's on her. I'm not here to baby someone that outranks me"
"you sure it wasn't Yuna who said it? Ayame jsut groans at people she never speaks"
"Either way, I'm not here to play babysitter. When they get up and join us that's on them. I already dont want to deal with these stupid bears"Ryoma grumbled
"your just in a foul mood ill go wake her up, why don't you get the carrige ready" she said standing up once she made her weapon sharp enough.
He mumbled something under his breath as he stood up and headed outside to go get the carriagw ready for Ayame
He probably had to wait a good hour or two maybe four, till he would see Ryoko and Ayame and little Yuna coming down. Yuna was curled around Ayame's shoulders as she was wearing another 5 layer kimono and the look on Ryoko's face and hers said they had a discussion on 'burning'
Ryoma was going to ask what took so long but his sister's facr said it all "Well now thag we are all here, can we go now. We are running behind as is"
Ayame would yawn a bit, though she would look at them and then headed to the carrige "lets go then" Ryoko said simply as Ayame would climb into the carrige
Ryoma shook his head as he floated on top of the carriage and once his sister was on it took off heading across the town towards the other castle in the town
Ayame was wanting to just sleep as she leaned back in the carrige, as she would gently run her fingers agaisnt Yuna who was hopping aroundt he carrige now, exploring just like a typical hatchling. "Yuna, come on...sit still" she giggled, "you'll have all the time later to run around"
'But I was in an egg for so long, I want to see everything' she said as she climbed back into her lap
"I know" she said with a small, tickling her slightly "how about, after we deal with the bears. I'll take you exploring?"
'That sounds like fun'she said

"We are here" Ryoma said as the reached the gate to the castle as he jumped down as the gates opened
"Good, for now you are to stay with either myself or Ryoko....alright?" she stated waiting for Yuna to agree, before picking her up and sliding her onto her shoulders. Ryoko would pull the reins on the horses as she looked at the gates then looked at him "lets not reveal the Empress till we are inside.."
"Even if we did, it's not like the dummies would recognize"Ryoma said as a large woman greeted them outside "Welcome to our castle oh Dark Ones, to what do we owe the honor?"she asked as Ryoma sighed "Where is Papa Bear, we request a direct audience"
The women would glance at them, "unless you have a direct matter im afraid my husband will be..." she paused as Ayame stepped from the carrige, Yuna curled around her shoulders as she would walk forward. "Please let him know the Phoenix Empress wishes a word with him if you please" she said as Ryoko couldn't help but smirk as Yuna even seemed to play a rather nice part with letting out a small 'puff' of smoke.
"I think you forget who we are"Ryoma said narrowing his eyes as the woman bowed her head slightly "Right this way"she said turning and letting them inside behind her taking them to their main hall
They would walk through the gates as the women was still not sure of them, then again bears where as Ryoma said...stupid and stubborn just more stupid than the other. Ayame glanced around then looked to the other two, "intersting home....reminds me....hmm I suppose the caves withint he valley"
"Because they were forced to join the rest of the civil world. Ktherwise they'd still be sleeping in caves months out of the year" Ryoma said clearly showing his disdain for them as the woman slid open the door to a large man who was currently sleeping on his back in the middle of the floor as Ryoma shook his head "You've got to be kidding me"
The female that they followed would almost growl at them, for how they talked but when they got into the main hall Ayame blinked as she stood there. The other female would sigh heavily as she would walk over and soon she was poking the man, "dear....we have important guests....wake up"
"Hmmm huh what?"the man said as he slowly opened his eyes sitting up shaking his head "Who the hell is it?"he grumbled
"You should use your eyes better yet, you shouldn't have to with how thick our aura's are" Ryoko said as she stood there looking rather annoyed. "Do we even need bears?, seem useless to me"
"As stupid as it sounds, they are still quite powerful....unfortunately"Ryoma sighed

Papa Bear scratched behind his ears as he adjusted his eyes and looked over before sweating and standing up "Oh shit it's Kurama's kids"he said "To what do we owe the honors?"
Ryoko would sigh, "very well, if you think so..." she said then looked at the bear, "Considering that you are now able to function...we are here to offer a union beneath the banner of my grand daughter....The Phoenix Empress" she said motioning to Ayame who stepped up Yuna still resting on her shoulders.
"So you are real then huh? We figured you were just some kind of rumor spread by those who oppose Kurama, but aint cha a bit small to be able to kill Kurama? No meat on your thin bones"
"Oh? is that a challenge?" she stated as her aura started to fill the room, her eyes glowing "because if I have to beat sense into a thick skull because he is to lazy to even lift his head up to honored guests...then what good are you? Maybe as a rug perhaps? What do you think Ryoma? Ryoko?" "A rug sounds nice....when he gets dirty we can beat him"
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 2 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:11 pm
"Oh that's a threat hm?" The bear said undaunted as he looked at her "You think just because you have some fancy title you're entitled to my help? You're no different than Kurama"he said "To be honored you must earn it among Bears. You are an outsider"
Ryoko would chuckle, "We already figured you wouldn't just join without some sort of test, considering you all like to display yourselves, though i think Ryoma woul dlove to let off some steam"
Ryoma smirked as he cracked his knuckles stepping forward "I serve at the pleasure of thr Empress, allow me"he said as he looked at the large bear who let out a growl "You wish to challenge me? Then I will not hold back"
Ayame would watch them, before she would then look to Ryoko "we should give them some space' Ryoko nodded with a laugh, "ya I have a feeling Ryoma is going to let out more than a few claws" she stated waving her hand creating a black mist beneath their feet that would lift them up and leave the hall floor to the two men. The female bear stood there "dear...this isn't wise! I understand you wish to have them prove themselves...but...this is Kurama's blood"
"I don't give a damn whose blood it is. If Kurama couldn't draft us onto his side, I doubt his spoiled brats can either"the bear growled out before gasping as Ryoma had appeared directly beside him with his dagger pointing at the mans throat "No more talking"Ryoma said, a cold, serious look on his face as his eyes were now red again as the dagger vanished "No weapons, I will fight you hand to hand"he said as he jumped in front of the bear again "Prepare yourselves, I am letting everything go"he said

The bear growled again as he let his aura flood the room, in all respects, it was quite a powerful aura, making the walls rumble and shake though Ryoma stood there unfazed as he then looked over at Ayame "I told you when we first met, to not underestimate my power, this is what I didn't want you to see"he commented as suddenly the air grew heavy and thick as everything in the room went straight into darkness as Ryoma unleashed the full force of his spirit as the windows blew out and the darkness spread all over the castle and the village they were in as his claws and fangs lengenthed and he had a wild look to his appearance as he then spoke "Releasing my aura pulls those around me into MY shadow realm"he said as Papa Bear remained frozen where he stood as he watched the young fox in front of him in sheer awe and fear

Ayame would float there beside Ryoko as she glanced at her, wondering what was going to happen but when she heard Ryoma say this is not what he wanted to show her, she wondered why he was concerne...did he fear he'd loss her or something along those lines? "Do what you must Ryoma, nothing changes with how we are" She said simply. However, when he unleased even she had to gasp at the sheer power, and it made her skin tingle as her cheeks even turned a bit red. Ryoko gently pulled her back, trying to help as Ayame had never encounted her own 'beast' that was starting to awaken as they watched Paper Bear and Ryoma.
Papa Bear looked down at Ryoma whose aura was spinning and pulsing around him before he vanished from sight reappearing as he punched the bear square in the stomach sending him flying quickly across the room slamming into one of the walls as he crumbled beneath the large man as the bear slowly picked himself up to see Ryoma standing in front of him as one of his tails slid around his throat as he picked the bear up into the air as he cracked his claws again getting ready to pierce through the bear
"Ryoma!" Ayame said quickly as she stood there, "Defeating does not mean kill!" she stated sternly, her own eyes glowing as her demon was finally awakening after decades of sleep.
"Those who oppose us are not worthy of living"Ryoma said as he then threw the man onto the ground as the light soon reentered the room as Ryoma pulled his aura back putting his hands into his pockets

The bear let out a low groan as he picked himself up off of the ground letting out a cough "Alright, you've proven your point. I'd be dead right now, so you have our support. I have never been overwhelmed like that before"he said as Ryoma responded "Well count your blessings because she is technically stronger than I am, and much more nice"
Ayame watched them and once the aura was back, she let her feet touch the ground as she moved over towards them. Her eyes still glowing as she eyed Ryoma slightly, he could see something in her eyes trying to claw free before her eyes turned to the bear. "I do not like to fight to prove points, next time...I believe listening to your mate would be wise" His mate would walk up as she would bow her head, Ayame would then sigh. "now...may we discuss plans and treaties or do we need more head bashing?"
"My wife takes care of all the politics. I am just the strong arm of our laws"he said as he rubbed his shoulder "And say what you wish, but tradition is tradition. I will not serve someone who cannot best me in combat"he said as he laid back down instantly falling back to sleep.

"It must be hibernation season or something"Ryoma said though kept his eyes trained on Ayame in case her demon was fully let loose and he had to handle it
His mate would sigh heavily as she stood there shaking her head, "Forgive him, he does not sway from tradition even if its just full of thickheadedness and pride" she stated before she would motion with her hand, "please come this way, I have a room set up for us to talk in as I am sure some food and drink will be prepared"
"As annoying as it is, it's understandable"Ryoma said as he walked out with them though pulled Ayame slightly behind as Ryoko and the woman talked "Are you feeling alright? I can sense spikes in your aura. Is your demon awake?"
Ryoko took noticed how Ayame was acting, how tense she was and would take the lead in talking with Momma Bear. When Ryoma grabbed Ayame she would look up at him, "i..I don't know...just..." she said taking ad eep breath as she tried to calm down, "i just...feel like I could snap something in half..."
"Oh so there is the angry side we've all been waiting to see. That would be your inner beast waking up finally. A little late to the party, but better late than never"Ryoma said "You'll go through a bunch of different emotions, horny, violence, hunger, rage, sleepiness, it's a huge mix depending on how your beast feels"
She would glare at him slightly as she stood there and sighed, "ya well...its not anger that i felt first..." shes aid and left it with that, as she moved towards the smaller dining room where a large amount of food and drink was laid out for them. "Please enjoy to your hearts content milords and ladies" Momma bear said with a smile.
"Is that why you blushed seeing me? You like me angry"he teased as he then sat down as he began eating "If there is one thing, you bears sure do know how to cook some good food, which makes sense, considering you eat a bunch and then sleep it off for weeks at a time"
She would glare almost wanting to hit him for that, but was he right? Her demon had spurred awake just seeing him like that, though she would soon ease down into a spot with a heavy sigh. Momma bear would smirk, "I pride myself in our cooking, and of course would gladly send some of our cooks to the Emperress's home to make sure you have the best of food" "I would appreciate it and thank you for it"
"So then, does that mean when the time comes we have your support? From what Shihe told us, taking care of you all and the Bats gets us this village, all we need now would be the Oni to the south and the sprites in the forest and the Eastern lands will proudly fly the Yuan banner in defiance to Kurama"he said
"Trust me, you defeating my husband was clear enough for him" she stated with a small chuckle, "I would have just prefered a simple talk but most men don't see to reason wihout a bashing" she said simply taking a sip of the sake they had.
"He should have stopped the moment my aura froze him in his place"Ryoma said as he swallowed a mouthful of meat "The look of pure terror in his eyes was sheer ecstasy"he said with a grin "Poor man, poor poor man"
Ayame would hit him hard with one of her tails as she glared at him, as she would take a bite herself though she paused as Momma bear would speak. "I take it you've never had demon food before your wets the pallate for youkai much better than human meals"
"Human food is bland and tasteless" Ryoma said shaking his head "No need to be rude Empress"he laughed
"no its fine just...this is really good" she said taking another bite, ripping into the flesh as the meat.
"Welcome to the land of demons"Ryoma said as he ate his fill before dowing his drink and sitting bback rubbing his stomach "That was delicious"
They all would eat to their hearts content, Ayame would sigh heavily as she sat there "yes that was...great!" she said as Ryoko would chuckle listening to the two, "children aren't they just adorable"
"Hey now, we are the future rulers of these lands" Ryoma grumbled at her "I cant even fight you, I'm so full"
Momma bear would smirk, though would speak "So you and Empress Ayame are...mates then?" she asked looking between the two.
"Soon to be"Ryoma said as he nodded "There are still a few formalities that need to be worked out, but it will happen"he said "I couldn't think of someone more worthy"
Ayame would look at him as she sat there, "I thought I was the Empress...that choose a worthy man for emperor" she said with a small smirk.
"You may be, but if you think I'm not going to have a say, then you must not know me very well"Ryoma laughed "That is why I choose you, you keep me entertained all the time, once we work on your name calling selection you may just be perfect"
She would roll her eyes slightly at him, and would chuckle "You like it when i call you names when we are alone"
"But we aren't alone, so don't do it"Ryoma said as he shrugged "Other than that, you'll be a pretty good Empress"he said "And so far our endeavors have been successful"
Ryoko would listen to them as she would chuckle shaking her head "Seems you two are getting along well...just wait till Ayame announces shes pregnant"
"Still not trying to think that far ahead"Ryoma said "I know being Emperor entails having children, I still don't want them"he mumbled
Yuna would soon crawl down and would snap at his tails a bit, as Ayame smirked "like it or not you technicly have one right now"
"A dragon doesn't count"he said swatting his tails at her "I'm talking about my own flesh and blood. A mini me. I was a horrible child, I don't want to make another one" he stated "Ryoko knows"
Ryoko would eye them, before speaking "in all honesty it was that bitch of a mother yours that caused it all...with Ayame as the mother I bet even you would have been a tame little kit" she said with a smirk. Ayame would tilt her head in thought, "I kinda wanna see Ryoma as a kit...I bet he was adorable" "as a baby he was...he loved sucking on his tail"
"Can we not talk about my childhood please" Ryoma said putting his face in his hands "This is not happening"
"Thats adorable!! So you think if we had kids one would do that?!" Ayame said happily as Ryoko chuckled the two just talking as Momma bear looked to Ryoma and would hold up a bottle of sake "might as well drink...i dont think they are stopping"
"Thank you so much"he said taking the bottle pouring the both of them a drink "So, the bears and bats seemed to have brought much stability to the village"
She chuckled taking a drink as the two women talked, though she nodded "Yes it seems that way, at least that is what we are hopping. My husband was against it, but we needed the alliance we where running out resources for both sides"
"I remember years ago the wars between your sides was quite the thing to watch, bats sucking blood and bears ripping off wings, it was beautifully gory. But I suppose peace is just as nice"he said downing his drink "It is time to take out Kurama"
She smirked as she chuckled, "sometimes fights still break out between the two sides" she said taking another sip of the sake.
"I'd love to watch it the next time"he said "I do love chaos and destruction"he smiled taking a drink "Your husband is an interesting man that's for sure"
"We usually tell them to take it to a fighting ring" he said with a small smile, as she sat there "as for a good man...hes my brother hes just a stubborn fool"
"It's never easy to deal with the lovable oaf character is it?"he said "My eldest brother, before he was ripped limb from limb was a great guy, just a complete idiot, rest his soul"
"Ah I think I remember hearing about him, he was a rather interesting character I will have to say it is a pitty he passed before meeting your lovely future mate here" she said with a smirk, "brothers tend to compete...for a female i know my twin did till my husband ripped him in half...I do miss him.."
"I understand that. I'm just glad my sister ran away before I had to end up marrying her. I do not think we would have made it very far without killing each other"Ryoma said "It is all about maintaining power, especially with you bears, that is a very very strong man you are mated too"he said "Strong enough to rip apart his little brother even"
"Well granted our brother deserved it...he attempted to cheat and well by law that gives my husband the right to kill..." she said simply pouring him another drink, "and i think you are even happier to be with the Empress over your sister...though right now its surpressed I can sense the demon within her."
"I'm not happy to be with anyone or anything, but I am content, and coming from me, that's a huge improvement over what I used to be. I'm sure you've heard the stories, everyone has heard stories of me"he said taking a deep drink
"Yes we know well" she said taking another drink, "but still...the stories say your eyes always glow red...though they are a calm blue right now when in her presense"
"Hence my contentedness"Ryoma said as his eyes flashed red then back to blue "Too full. But you get the idea. My beast respects hers, even if it's still sleeping. Hence why she will become my mate and wield my power as needed"he said
"well I look forward to seeing the day you two are standing at the head of all this....though I am still interested in seeing her demon...I sensed it awaken"
"I feel like it will be a force to be reckoned with, she is Kurama's bloodline after all. Perhaps this is what he is scared of"
"its a possibility...but its uncertain the stories and rumors on his defeat are unclear it just speaks of a creatre clad in flames of pure light that take down the shadow king."
"I see. I just know he is terrified of losing his throne to whatever prophecy is supposed to defeat him." Ryoma said "Desperate enough to send his last remaining child into dangers way to attempt to kill her"
"he sent you..." she stated simply as she sat there thinking, "if hes that afraid to sacrifice his own children...either he is just that cold or he really is afraid"
"Probably a bit of both"Ryoma said "I respected him out of fear, but I no longer fear a man who sends his children to kill a little girl"he said "He deserves whatever fate is to befall him"
"I am not little!" Ayame said quickly as she would glare over at him, "I am of proper age thank you, just cause I aint a 600 year old fox don't mean anything either"
"Actually, it means quite a lot"Ryoma said as he looked over at her "Weren't you in the middle of some conversation?"he asked as he finished another drink
She glared before smirking "we where on the topic of when you got yourself stuck in a tree caught by your pants cause you attempted to scare Ryoko"
"Back to drinking"he said sighing filling up his glass again "Enough with the walk down memory lane"
Momma bear would chuckle as she smiled at them, "you know as her future could just go teach her a lesson..I've done that a few times to my husband when he runs his mouth" she said with a smirk, "but thats just how female bears get back at the males"
"Later" Ryoma said "We have things that we are taking care of, but she will learn her place under me in more ways then one"
"coming from some who was rather enjoying being pinned" Ayame shot quickly as she would soon pick Yuna up noticing the dragon was getting sleepy, "Well I need to get this little one to bed" Momma bear looked up and nodded, "right this way then milady"
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 2 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:13 pm
"You really need a filter. We are supposed to be royalty. You have to learn to keep our private affairs PRIVATE"Ryoma sighed "Children never learn"he said as he finished his drink "I suppose we should rest here before heading off to our next stop"he commented
"In a way it is private Lord Ryoma" Momma bear said, "it is only us and besides if you noticed.." she pointed at Ayame and Ryoko "their drunk" she said chuckling as Ryoko was stumbling a bit, "so what they are them being drunk"
"Even still, my sister...her grandmother, doesn't need to know about our.....3 day sex life"he said shaking his head "Perhaps they should go lay down"
"I will see to it that they are delt with milord prince, please rest" she said as she gently placed her hands on the girls shoulders, "this way miladies"
Ryoma nodded his head as he stumbled over to his bed and plopping down on it passing out instantly and stayed in his drunken stupor until morning when the sunlight hit his eyes and he opened them "Man I was really drunk yesterday"he groaned sitting up
As he sat up he would feel something against him, moving about on the bed and when he turned to look Ayame was there sleeping half naked her kimono barely hanging on to her, as Yuna was sleeping against her back as she groaned in hers leep but remained laying there for now. (no they didn't do anything she just drunk walked lol
Ryoma blinked as he looked at them then down at himself noticing he was fully clothes "Well.....that was unexpected"he said silently sliding out of bed and stretching letting out a loud burp "Whoops"
Ayame would groan softly as she twisted a bit before her eyes opened as she looked up at him "feel better?" she groaned as she stretched and almost rolled over on Yuna till the dragon growled slightly
"Much'e said stretching as he straightened out his clothing "When the hell did you get into here though?"he asked looking at her
She sat up slowly and yawned as her kimono slid down her shoulders a bit more as she looked up at him "I think....actully I really don't know.." she said as she would smirk some, "but you where so warm then Yuna wanted to join...then.ya"
"I didn't even notice you come in"he said as he fanned out his tails "So then, are you ready to travel south to the Oni village?"he asked
She sighed some as she rolled her shoulders, "I suppose, I wonder if they'll have food as good as momma bears.." she said rubbing her neck slightly as she began to stand up sliding Yuna onto her shoulder.
"I doubt it, an Oni's favorite food..."Ryoma said as he appeared beside her "Is humans. Whenever an unfortunate soul wanders into their midst they feast"he said "I have to admit, human meat isn't bad...but their dreams and souls are more my fancy"
She sat up straight "they what?!" She said quickly looking at him, as she was shocked but she really couldn't tell them to stop it wouldn't go over well. "well...lets just eat...fruit or something while there im not trusting anything else"
"Well they eat other things too"he said with a laugh "Do you know how hard it is getting away with eating humans? They tend to not take that very well, that's why there were all those wars hundreds of years ago, now thanks to your father there is general peace, so the amounts of humans being eaten have drastically declined"he explained "Only when humans get caught doing something bad, or wander too far from their villages are they ever taken"
She sighed heavily and nodded remembering reading about the Oni wars it was pretty much one of the biggest events in history next to the defeat of Kurama. "I understand that its just...still shocking..." she said simply as she stood ther elooking at him.
"Don't knock it till you try it"he laughed as he patted her on the back "Those wars were particularly gruesome. Oni come in many different varieties, some smart, some dumb, some small and weak, some strong and fearsome, you'll never know what you'll face, some can even take human appearances to blend in. I think more and more are starting to adapt to that"
"I see" she stated with a sigh, and would nod her head slightly as she brushed her hair back slightly and would start to head out, "i need to go get dressed properly before we leave."
"I'll be by the carriage"Ryoma said as he turned around vanishing from sight appearing in his sisters room "You awake yet?"he asked
Ryoko was rubbing her head as she would glare at him, "you let me drink to much..." she said with a heavy sigh, "hows Ayame? she awake yet?"
"You're the older one out of us, control your own liquor"he said "But yes she is, she's getting dressed and ready right now, but since I didn't hear you moving around I figured you were still passed out, you always sleep naked when you're drunk?"he asked pointing down at her
Ryoko would look down as she would shrug, "hmm its not the worst way you've caught me" she stated as she stood there and would then move over towards her cloths to get dressed.
He shrugged "That's true I suppose, we've almost had sex before so I guess you're right"he said "Demons live in such a fucked up world don't we?"he laughed crossing his arms over his chest "We have to go deal with oni next, the lowest of the low in my opinion"
She chuckled "considering your going to mate with your niece...I can see how it is weird to at least humans" shes aid with a smile, though as she finishe dressings he looked at him, 'what would you have done if her youkai never awoke? would you be content with bedding a human?"

"Well technically, even without her beast inside fully awakening she isn't actually human. But if her beast wasn't strong enough to subdue mine, I wouldn't have taken her in the first place"he said "Her control over my own beast is one thing that draws me to her, you couldn't even stop me, eventually I would have dominated you too if we had mated"
"well...Wu will be shocked to learn that her beast awakened, and more than likly will either be upset and bitch one of us out...or be weary...considering that this entire counsil of ours is a mixture of demons its interesting that we are going to be ruling over a bunch of humans" she said simply, she would pull her hair up and roll her shoulders. "Alright lets go get ready to leave, I believe Momma Bear was going to pack us some meals to go...more so since Ayame enjoyed the food so much"
"I don't mind that either, her food is very good"he said "And you know, as youkai, we rightly should rule over humans, we are stronger than them when we aren't outnumbered, and their lifespans are short, thus so is their knowledge of the world, we know what is best, we've been through the centuries"he commented as they walked out noticing servants had already readied and loaded the carriage "Our job is simply to ensure peace between the two factions. Which, thanks your family, has already been started. Rei Yuan has fought plenty of battles to bring peace to both youkai and ningen alike. Ayame is simply carrying on that tradition"
"Just remember our views on humans are different than Ayames, she was raised as a ningen her mother who she loved dearly was a ningen....granted maybe only 20% of her blood is non-youkai...she still cares for them and does not see them as inferer...Or lesser beings...." She said simply watching the servants pack the carriage as Momma Bear moved over "pardon the intrusion to your discussion but I will be sending a few of our cooks and servants to the Empress's home is there a way to prove to...the monk that is there that they are to help? I believe the bats have done something similar and we wish to use this as a peace offering of sorts to show that we stand behind The Phoenix Empress."
"uhhhhhhh"Ryoma said tapping his chin as he then snapped his fingers as a dark rift opened up and he vanished for a moment before reappearing holding one of Wu's armbands "The bats have Fengyi to vouch for them, but you can use this in order to enter the barrier he puts around the valley"he said handing it to her "With that he'll know the EMpress sent you, good thing I stole a bunch of these"he said with a smirk "Stupid monk"
"If being causius stupid I would hate to see when he's actully being smart" Ayame said as she came walking down with a small yawn, fixing her hair as she braided it to the side. Momma bear would smirk some taking the band from him with a bow of her head, "morning Empress" "Morning Momma" she said as the women just smirked more before leaving to leave them be.
"Well arent you guys cute"he laughed opening the carriage door for her "Whenever you're ready"
Ayame thanked Ryoma as she would give him a soft kiss "your just as cute" she whispered, before stepping into the carrige gently petting Yuna who was still sleeping.
"Let's go"Ryoma said as he began floating "Next stop, South Oni Village"he said lookinf at his sister "Ready?"
Ryoko nodded as she would climb up onto the carrige as she looked at him picking up the reins. "yep lets get going" she said snapping the reins as the horses reared up before taking off.
Ryoma kept speed with her as the trio headed off to the next village. It wouldn't take very long to get there and they would arrive just before the sun decided to set in the sky which was fine because Oni tended to be more active at nighttime
Ryoko glanced around as they headed into Oni territory, "how far in do we have to go? their vilages are not really easy to find"
"Well if they were humans would have slaughtered them by now"he said "it should be just around this bend in the river. They have to stay close to the water for their crops and such"he said pointing as he floated higher up into the sky "Yeah I can see it from here"
Ryoko glanced over towards it, "about time..." she said snapping the reins on the horses as they would head towards it, Ayame would peek her head out form the window some, to look out at the village.
"I honestly dont know what to expect this time,so be on your toes ladies" Ryoma said "Oni are very different creatures than mammal youkai, they are closer to devils than anything else"
"So just how do we get them to agree...if they are like true demons than shouldn't we go in our demon forms?" Ryoko asked as she looked towards him, "Then again I don't even know if Ayame has a true demon form..."
"I dont know if she does either, she's a hanyou, normally they don't...but some do. It could help if the two of us changed"he shrugged "I haven't been a fox in a long time"
"It could considering that we are dealing with pure demons here" she said as she would then glance back at the carrige where Ayame was, "do you think she has the possiblity? she is only a portion human"
"Why are you asking me?"he said "she just needs to see if she can transform, I can't walk her through it, either you can change or you cant"he said as he then transformed in a puff of black mist as a large 9 tailed fox with black fur and dark red eyes floated beside them "Just make sure you control your size, we dont need 3 giant foxes rampaging over the lands, we are still considered unlucky omens to some you know"
"Shes your future mate, you should know as much as you can about her" she shot back with a smile, the carrige pretty much could 'fly' itself without her directing the horses and soon she changed, her fur a swirl of black and white, more white than anything as she stretched out standing ontop of the carrige 'hmmm feels good" she said with a loud sigh
"You have a lot of unrealistic expectations you know that?"he said "I don't want to know everything, I'd rather be surprised considering I have thousands of years to spend with one person"
She chuckled as Ayame would soon speak "I can hear you two you know right?" she said simply as she sighed heavily.
"Yeah, and you should agree, Koko is annoying"he said as they neares the village as they landed just outside the gates where another Oni was the gatekeeper
Ryoko would roll her eyes at him, as they wold land and she would remain on the carrige for now, if Ayame could change forms she would probably have done so but for now, she looked at the Oni and then looked to Ryoma before turning to the Oni and speaking "Mind opening the gates or we just going to stand here?"
The Oni looked down at them before speaking "No, I do not recognize you, so you will not come in"h4 growled out
Ryoko would chuckle as she was in her demonic form "Oh? You don't recognize the children of Kurama? The Prince of Shadows and the Princess of Pain?" she asked
The demon did a second take before nodding his head "Indeed you are, but the carriage shall not enter the gates"he stated

"Your attitude is pissing me off"Ryoma said as he suddenly tripled in size towering over the demon and the village "OPEN THE GATE!" He roared as the demon cowered and the gate flew open as Ryoma shrunk back down "There we go"
Ryoko would start laughing as shew ould tap her foot n the carrige as the horses moved forward rolling inside the Oni still cowering in fear as she glanced at him. "Perhaps we should make him our gatekeeper" she teased, "that way you can play with him as much as you want Ryoma"
"I dont have time to deal with idiots"Ryoma said as he walked inside knocking the oni over with one of his tails as he passed "Now to figure out whose in charge here, I'm guessing the one closest to a devil youkai would be the most powerful"
"its a possiblity" she stated as she would say simply before she would soon speak "we could just yell and demand we speak to the strongest Youkai"
"These are oni, they all think their the strongest, we'd be fighting off wave after wave of them"Ryoma said
Ayame would sigh as she listened to them, "then ask about who their leader is.." she said softly, "or I can just step out of the Carrige and ask"
"Stay put"Ryoma said "The last thing we need is for them to prematurely smell your scent"he said as he began walking through the streets before pausing "I think I know exactly who I'm looking for....And our work may be cut out for us....Ryoko...this is Raizen's territory"
Ryoko would look at him "Raizen....hmm then this should be interesting" she stated as she glanced at Ayame, "stay inside, let us handle this till we can judge its safe" Ayame nodded as she pulled Yuna close to make sure that the dragon was kept out of site as wel.

Ryoma sighed "This is going to end in blood"he commented as they walked towards the small castle which the battle demons lived in. If any other demon ever posed a threat to Kurama, it most likely was Raizen, once the sole ruler of the Eastern lands, after losing his wife he abdicated his throne, losing his desire to govern and retreated to his home village, leaving the East to fall into chaos
"Blood yes...but hopefully...ends well for us" she said softly, they would move towards the castle keeping an eye open for any danger, once at the castle she would quickly help Ayame out using an illusion before they all would head inside. (weird...idea...since Raizen is the former ruler what if the challenge is Ayame becomes his mate if he wins and if they win he joins them...just trying to think of stuff

Ryoma transformed back into his original form as they entered the castle being lead to the throne room where on two seats two men sat, one with long white hair, the other black, with the same blue markings across their face and chest "Ah Kurama's kids, I can smell the stink of your father on you already. Where is the other boy? The older fox dog?" Raizen said opening one of his eyes looking at them "And whose the girl? Your illusions don't work on a Devil's nose"he commented

Ryoko would change her form as well walking with her brother as she glanceda round till she saw Raizen, the man just screamed power as she would shift before hearing his comment, she should have known better as she let the Illusion fall and Ayame came into view her blonde hair falling down her shoulders with a few faint stripes of her once former black locks towards the end, her tail swaying back and forth three of them where black the others where blonde. Yuna rested around her shoulders as Ryoko glanced at Ryoma. (whos the older fox dog?
"He's dead"Ryoma said calmly as he looked at the two of them "And that's all you need to know about it."he stated as Raizen let out a small laugh "You have that same arrogant attiude as your father. And little girl, who are you? You're quite the looker aren't you. And dressed out in fancy attire too, some sort of noble hm? You also stink of that fox"
Ryoko stayed still beside her granddaughter but she said nothing as she glared at Raizen some, wanting to just tell him to keep his eyes some place else. "You've heard the rumors I am sure" Ayame said simply as her hand raised up to gently run against Yuna's neck, "of the one person that Kurama fears rising from the ashes of the kingdom" and Ryoko would smirk, "This is The Phoenix Empress, my granddaughter and Empress of these lands Ayame Yuan"
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Enter Raizen The Demon Lord!

"Rumors are just rumors and I have no time to pay attention to what lesser demons gossip about"Raizen said as his bored demeanor didn't change with his cheek resting on his fist on his throne "Ayame Yuan hm? The Heart of the Dragon. I knew your late husband, the most powerful human I've ever battled, but you do not have that same air of dominance around you that he had. He commanded respect from merely looking at you."he said "Kurama's power has no sway here, so why should yours? Why have you come before me?"
She glared at him she didn't want to have to use intimidation or her own aura against another that was not how she wanted to rule. Taking a deep breath she would speak "we've come because we are forming alliances to unite the lands and remove Kurama from his false throne"
"Remove Kurama hm?"he repeated as he sat up then "You have my attention now, am I the next stop on your tour then?"he teased "Who all have you currently made an alliance with so far?"he asked curiously
"We have the bat clans and the Bears" she said simply as she stood there, "Fengyi is also on our side along with the humans of these lands." She knew he probably did not care so much about the humans but they where still part of her alliances.
"So you have that chi-witch on your side too? And all of her bats, and bears, ningen..and now you want oni?"he said "It's been a long time since both the previous two Emperors have died, perhaps I like being under my own banner again"Raizen said

"But you don't even govern"Ryoma pointed out "You hide here in this village with your son and mourn your loses"
Ryoko would nod as she crossed her arms "even if we do not gain your alliance you will be surrounded as we have already taken the other territories beneath her banner. What will you do when we convince other lords from the other lands to unite with us?” she said simply.
"Laugh"Raizen said as he proceeded to do so just then as well "You think I care if you manage to unite other lords? I am one of the strongest demon known to ever exist. I have never been defeated in a battle I have not willingly walked away from. Do you think I care if a couple of bats and bears and measly humans attempt to overthrow the Toshin banner? DO you know what Toshin means? Battle God. That is what I am. That is why you are seeking my power isn't it?"he said laughing still "However I am old, and all of my power has been given to my son Yusuke"he said pointing to the younger demon next to him "If you want an alliance, then marry my son, he will give you all the power you will need"he said

Ryoma narrowed his eyes slightly as he cracked his knuckles, besides his own father he knew that the Raizen Toshin and Inu no Taishou were the other two demons known as Gods among their kind with Rei Yuan being he human equivalent, and that Ryoma, Yusuke and Sesshoumaru were the princes meant to fill their fathers shoes when the time came
Ayame stood still unflinching even as Raizen laughed and went on about himself, demons always tended to be cocky then again so did humans but she knew they needed them. Without a true alliance between the clans and then with the other lords themselves, there was no way to see to the future she desired for everyone...However, when he said she should marry his son she would look towards Ryoma noticing his anger as he cracked his nuckles but she would speak. "I'm afraid your son will have to wait in line" she said simply, "regardless if I desire it or not there are several already wishing my hand, what makes your son worthy?"
"The fact that my son is a king among demons should already be more than enough. After my, my son is probably the strongest youkai on the face of this earth"Raizen said

"I doubt that"Ryoma growled out "He is no more powerful than Sesshoumaru or myself"he stated as Raizen raised his eyebrows "Oh? You think so? Care to prove that then foxboy?"the older demon said
Ayame sighed heavily as she listened to Ryoma, before she tapped her chin in thought and then Ryoko would smirk, "I think i know what your thinking..." Ayame would then grin a bit before she would soon look at Raizen, "I have a...wager with you" she said simply, "If your son can defeat Ryoma in battle....I will become his mate....if Ryoma join the alliance"
Ryoma blinked looking over at her "Excuse me?"he said

Raizen laughed deeply as it shook the walls around them "I can already hear the wedding bells chiming. Yusuke, rise. We will take your wager Phoenix Empress, my son will be the next Emperor of these lands and bear many Devil Gods"he said as Yusuke slowly stood up and walked down to stand in front of them
She would look at Ryoma as she would speak "You've been growling since we've gotten here, if you don't want to loss your place as my emperor or mate I sudgest you win" She said moving up to him, "or do I get to call you little oma for the remaining centuries?" she whispered that into his ear.
"One condition, when I win, the stupid nicknames stop, FOREVER"he said as he cracked his knuckles again before walking past her and standing in front of Yusuke as the two stared each other down before Yusuke suddenly rushed forward hitting Ryoma in the stomach as he coughed up a bit of blood before being sent flying backwards into a wall as he groaned slightly catching himself on all fours panting slightly *Holy shit he hits hard...but not as hard as my father*he told himself as he slowly stood up wiping blood off of his mouth
She would speak, "then you best win or they will continue 'forever" she stated watching him and glanced at Ryoko as she chuckled and they would move back to watch the fight. Ayame took a deep breath and then whispered to herself 'do not loss...I don't want that thing as a mate'
Ryoma then vanished as he reappeared directly infront of Yusuke as he returned the favor sending him reeling backwards into the wall as the two of them soon began exchanging a rapid flurry of punches and kicks that would have been hard for an untrained eye to keep up with

"Hey, the Kurama kid isn't half bad huh?"Raizen said "I would have thought Yusuke would have ended it with that first punch, rumor has it that Kurama's kids were actually soft and squishy. Not to mention cowardly"
"What rumors where you listening to?" Ryoko said coldly, but Ayame would speak "clearly you don't know how they where trained, perhaps you have been to far from these lands that you've lost your touch"
Raizen laughed again "I could easily take everyone in this room by myself. I don't think you know who it is you are addressing young hanyou"he said "Of the three demon gods I am the oldest and the strongest, I simply do not lust for power like Kurama, or serve as guardian of the realm like Inu no Taishou. I care about my family and that is all."

The two mene continued exchanging blows before Yusuke balled up his fist firing off a large blast of energy at Ryoma who pulled out his dagger absorbing it as he grinned "And this is the part when you lose"he said as his dagger then multipled into thousands "It has tasted your youki, so now they will track you down endlessly until they find their mark"he said as they all then vanished from sight as well
"that is where you fall" Ayame said as she stood there, "Fighting for your family is honorable...but sometimes a ruler must look beyond their family and out to those that they sit above it is our job to protect, to guide, to advance simply worring about ones self and ones family does nothing..." She stated watching and would smirk some when she saw Ryoma pull out his daggers, "this is where your son will fall"
"Let me tell you something little girl"Raizen said, a serious look on his face "Because one thing I hate the most are ideologies from babies who don't know a damn thing about life. I am 3,000 years old. I have lived your life 1000 times over. I have ruled over the east for 2,500 years. I CHOSE to leave my throne. War tore my family apart. War was the reason my wife died. I was fighting for my country, and the enemy invaded my castle and killed my wife and luckily my son survived, but my daughter did not. I put my lands first, and my family suffered because of it. Do not tell me what I need to do, because experience is my teacher, not some child wielding a magic sword. And if you ever try to give me advice again, I'll rip your fucking tongue out of your mouth and use it to wipe my ass forever. Now shut up and watch the fight"he said as he sat back down on his throne "Do not hold back Yusuke, it seems the Empress needs a life lesson as well."

Yusuke glanced at his father for a moment then nodded as he balled his fist together "Bang"he said as he fired off thousands of little bullets all around him as many of Ryoma's daggers were taken out fading into nothing as Ryoma looked on in shock "No one has ever been able to counter this attack before without a barrier"he said stunned as Yusuke suddenly rushed him grabbing him by the neck and lifting him up into the air as he used his free hand to repeatedly strike Ryoma in the chest and stomach as the fox tried to break free coughing up more and more blood
"I am not saying do not put your family first Raizen, I am mearly stating that if you do not look out for all and just yourself you get no where in life. you feel you are the only one who has lost, Kurama has done more damage to my family alone than anything and I wish to see that fox ripped of everything" she said as her own aura began to grow, as she then glanced back at Ryoma noticing his daggers being defeated and him having to take several poundings as she would soon stomp her foot causing a burst of her aura to wash over the whole spot. "Ryoma! get your ass moving" shes aid her eyes glowing but as her Aura washed over him he would feel as if his body was being healed almost...reginerated if he looked back a faint hint of a 9th tail had formed on Ayame.
"Shut..........up......"Ryoma groaned out as he slowly opened his eyes feeling some of his wounds closing up "I can....handle...this"he said as he soon phased out of Yusuke's hands as he jumped back panting heavily "What was the lesson I taught you? Sheer power isn't the only way to defeat an opponent"he said as he fanned his tails out as the sky around them darkened again and everything went black as Ryoma's red eyes were the only thing seen as they entered his shadow realm as Yusuke looked around confused as Ryoma's voice was heard all around them "Fear is the best way to break down a man. All living things have something to fear. I am fear itself"he said as Yusuke took a step back firing off random blasts that hit nothing as Ryoma then appeared behind him putting his hand on his head as Yusuke froze as his eyes rolled back before long he started screaming falling to his knees as Ryoma's fangy grin could be seen with his red eyes "Fear immobilizes. Fear incapacitates. Fear kills."he said and before long Yusuke started screaming "Make it stop! Make it stop! I give, I quit! Just stop!"he screamed as soon the lights flooded back into the room as Ryoma stood there doubled over still grinning "Checkmate"
Ayame's aura still would pulse around her slowly as she stood there, and would watch with a smirk that formed on her lips. He was right, sheer power was nice but true power lied in utilizing the skills one had mastard she glanced over at Reizen before she would soon move towards Ryoma, quickly placing her hands on his shoulders "ease now..." she said with a smile, "remind me to give you a rward later" she said as her aura again ran against him making the pain slid away and his wounds start to heal.
"Just no more stupid nicknames"he panted out relaxing as she healed him "I think he broke all of my ribs, everything hurts"he commented

Yusuke soon returned back to his sense as he picked himself up off the ground as he bowed to them "You are quite formidable Ryoma Kurama"he said "Our power will now be at the disposal of the Phoenix Empress"he said as Raizen sighed "I suppose a deal is a deal. But I meant what I said, never try to give me advice again. You are all free to go"he said as he closed his eyes falling asleep on his throne again much like when they came in
"I promised didn't I?" she said as she lightly kissed his forehead, "lets get you to rest a bit" she said before glancing over at Youske and Raizen with a nod of her head, "I look forward to the advice you grant us Lord Raizen" she said then to Yusuke "not many are able to defeat Ryoma's daggers you are quiet the foe and we are honored to have you"
"Thanks, I've been training with my dad for hundreds of years to develop that technique. The best defense is a relentless offense, that is the Battle God way"Yusuke said "When the time comes, call upon us and we shall be there"he said "I also think it is time to reunite the Eastern lands under one Lord again. I will rise up to meet that challenge since my father no longer wishes to rule, do not worry about the rest of the villages in our lands, I will send letter to them, and you will have their support"
She nodded bowing her head before smirking, "perhaps it is a shame that I didn't meet you before Ryoma" she winked and Ryoko started laughing,"Now empress trust me, Ryoma is not one that shares well" Ayame chuckled before loking to Yusuke "See to your territory my counsil and I still ahve much to do, but if you should ever need us in return we will answer without fail"
Yusuke nodded his head as he bowed his head to her "Of course Empress"he said as Ryoma soon stood up again "Can we get out of here please, I would like to take a long nap"he commented

"Yes yes" She stated with a smile and bowed her head before Ryoko moved up, pulling free a small orb "Curtasy of Fengyi" she said as she would toss it up into the air as a portal wold open up that would lead back to the valley "you two go in first, Ill bring the horses and carrige" Ryoko said simply as Ayame would help Ryoma through the portal and back home.
Ryoma would lean on her slightly hobbling along as he entered the portal with Ayame appearing in front of the castle

Wu blinked as he looked up sensing a sudden energy in the valley "It seems they have returned, they must have been successful, or exteremly hurt"he said as he stood up form his meditation
Ayame would hold onto him as she would speak, "ill make sure that the cheifs fix you up a good meal" she stated simply, as they would head towards the castle while Ryoko would enter behind them with the carrige and headed towards the stables.
Wu appeared before them in a small twister of wind as he raised his eyebrows "What the hell happened to you? Oh yes and I woke up this morning with a bunch of bears in my kitchen. Thanks for the forewarning"
"Long story but we united the Eastern Lands" she said softly as she would move forward to get Ryoma to his bedroom to rest. "As for the Bears just deal they are handling the food from now...really good food too..." She said with a small moan remembering the taste.
"Oh yes, I was served my tea and breakfast this morning and it was almost heavenly" Wu agreed "A very good choice of cooks. And congratulations. I expect a full report when you can"he said as he turned around vanishing again

"I guess the stupid monk isn't so bad...that could also be all the internal bruising talking" Ryoma commented as they moved towards his room as he laid down on the bed "That Yusuke really knows how to throw a punch. I honestly didnt think I was going to win that fight. A couple more hits and I might have passed out"
Ayame smiled watching then looked at Ryoma "perhaps or he could be trying to play nice with you." She said with a laugh, once she got him to his room she eased him onto his bed and gently began to remove his shirt "let's see what sort of damage is done....I know a bit of healing skills so think you can put up with that?" She asked as by now the hint of her 9th tail had faded.
"Yeah I'll be fine after a good rest"he said wincing slightly. "So what's the damage?"
She saw the bruising as she gently ran her fingers against his skin, feeling the bones as she looked at him "You have some broken ribes not all of them are broken..." she stated looking back at his chest, gently touching a few other spots "the rest seems to just be bruising but no internal bleeding....I'll call Fengyi in here...she knows how to heal wounds like this being a Chi demon and all...unless you want Wu rubbing all over you" she teased
"Uhhhh I'll take the woman please"he said sweatdropping as he eased himself back down onto the bed letting out a sigh "So what is that reward you are going to give me?"
"Once your healed you'll find out, but for now just get some rest...I'll go get Fengyi" she said as she would lift his head up some to put a pillow beneath it. "no moving for now ok?"
"Trust me, I'm not going anywhere"he said closing his eyes "Everywhere hurts all over"he commented "Just go"
Ayame pushed herself to her feet as she nodded, heading out the door to call for fengyi though he laid there by himself for a while till the door opened as Fengyi walked in "was told by a little birdie my step son has some boo-boos" she said with a chuckle
"I'd laugh but it hurts, and I would punch you, but it also hurts"he said as he laid there "thank god you can heal"
She would kneel down beside him, "Well just be glade Ayame asked so nicly" she said chuckling till she soon took a deep breath before her body would glow and then move to her hands to spread through him, to begin healing his injuries
Ryoma winced slightly feeling his bones mending together as he bit the inside of his lip groaning slightly "God this hurts like a mother"he said
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"Broken bones are never easy, just keep still" she said as her hands moved from one rib to the other the sound of bones snapping back into place not the greatest sound for either of them to hear.
Ryoma bit his lip as he heard all the popping and snapping before eventually he just passed out falling asleep under all of the pressure and the strain from the entire fight
Fengyi worked on him till she made sure nothing else was broken, though she had noticed there was already healing done that his body couldn't do on its own. After probably two more hours, she finally finished and told one of the servants to check on him every half hour, till he woke up. Though she soon was moving towards Wu and would soon move up to his meditation chamber and knocked on it "Wu....We need to talk....and...I need something" healing Ryoma took a lot of chi...she needed a refil.
Wu opened his eyes as he waved his hand as the door slid open. Inside was a completely empty room with just a large crystal with a flat top on which Wu was currently resting upon as it was glowing a dark purple as his chi filled it as he jumped down "Alright let's go talk in my room"he said walking up to her "I can sense you've used a lot of energy, hungry?"he asked as he lead her down the short hallway to his room
Fengyi looked tired as is as she looked around his meditation room, a small smirk on her lips before she would walk with him. "I had to heal Ryoma...almost all his ribs where broken.." she said simply as she walked, "but...most of it was healed....but not by his own healing" she said as they neared his room.
"Oh?"Wu said surprised as he slid his door open letting her in as he moved over to his bed sitting down as he untied his robe sliding off the top half to expose his neck "I'm assuming Ayame must have played some part in it? A new found ability. With someone as pure of heart as she is, the ability to heal would be quite fitting"
"Thats just it, we only taught her the human way of healing...Ryoko mentioned something as I saw her that...during the last meeting with the war demon....she noticed something on Ayame....her 9th tail." she watched him as he would remove his top to expose his neck, a small growl of anticipation leaving her throat before moving over to him. Her fingers trailing down his neck, as she looked at him till leaning down and then soon he felt the sharp pinch of her fangs entering his neck.
He let out a small hiss before pulling her into his lap so they were comfortable while she fed as he closed his eyes "A 9th tail hm? So it has finally began to manifest itself and it comes with the ability to heal. Interesting"he said "That must have been a very bad fight against the Toshin if Ryoma had to require immediate healing. He may not be alive if it wasn't for that."
Her fingers slid up to curl in his hair, craddling his head some as she continued to feed, before slowly letting her lips leave his neck with a sigh. "Its possible...but I do not believe Ayame was aware it was happening, as soon as the fight was over Ryoko said the outline of it faded just as the portal opened to come here" she said, her tongue now running over his neck to lick up the drops of blood
"I see, she must have been under extreme duress. She probably thought he was about to die as well...or maybe he did die and she revived him"he said "But it is good to know that she'll be able to regenerate whenever it does fully enter this realm"he said as he opened his eyes again "And it seems they got a lot accomplished"
"all three clans united beneath her banner, I aw more than accomplished...besides the food those bears make...hmm almost taste better than you" she said with a smirk. "as for her tail...we should start teaching her on healing...i can heal with Chi but hers...i can't explain what was used but it wasn't chi"
"Youki"he said simply "The same fuel all demons who have not mastered chi use to power their abilities"he commented "I have already showed her how to convert her chi into youki and then back to chi through our mediation exercises so she has an unlimited supply of energy to use. Humans can only use chi to power themselves, but demons, under the right training can use both, by converting one into the other and the opposite, there are two pools of energy inside the body to pull from. You however are a chi demon, your youki is masked by the chi that you drink in order to survive, so you don't have much need for it, but it's in there"
"sometimes I wonder just how long did you read scrolls from that old man to get this cleaver....Ryoma I think is intimitated by how cleaver you are" she said with a small smirk, "but if that is the case, shes able to do it without realizing and if it is the skill of a 9th would come in handy against Kurama she could heal herself during battles while he losses strength"
"I used to stay up all the time reading, and when I meditate I think back over them"Wu said smiling "But thank you for noticing. And let us hope that her tail has enough power to do so by the time the fight comes. We both know healing arts are tricky and it is much harder to heal your own body than it is to manipulate chi or even youki in order to heal someone else's"he said
"then I state we should start pushing her, she wants to unite the other lords but none will listen if shes still only an 8 tail...both Ryoko and Ryoma by her age had their 9th tail.."
"They are also full fledged youkai"Wu said "But I agree,she should be pushed. If she managed to get Raizen and Yusuke, then all that's left are Inu no Taishou and Sesshoumaru in the west, and the mysterious cats in the south. I have limited information on them, but apparently they had a Demon God that was killed by Inu No Taishou, who was survived by a daughter, though not much is known about her"
She sat back thinking, "have them journy to the west...I'll find information on the cats, I know a few clans of bats in that direction that branched off from the ones that have reunited with us" she said tapping her chin. "hopfully...I won't be seen as a spy by them and just visiting old family and friends"
"I will have them leave once Ryoma is better"Wu said "But be careful, cats are known to be very protective and defensive of their lands and their secrets, and also supposedly they are very big on using magic and the arcane arts along with their weapons and youki. They come in many different varieties, but are all united under the feline banner. Use extreme caution"
She would chuckle "your talking to the Chi Demon of legend Wu....most of those cats I knew their parents" she said as she would lean forward, "now, Lie down because I havn't gotten my fill" she grinned, "specialy since I don't get to have you that much anymore"
"Chi demons can still be killed you know. Cats have a tendency to not trust others"he said as he laid back on his bed "And I know, we've been extremely busy, but when you need me I will be available"
"I know very well that I can" she said as she would pin him to the bed, "but for now....I have my eyes on a certain grandmaster"
"Oh really now?"he laughed slightly looking up at her "It seems you are quite needy today"

Fengyi would smile as she kissed him and would press herself even closer to him.
He put his hands on her hips looking up at her "You sure chi is the only thing you want right now?"
"Maybe but I can get chi from this either way now" she said with a smal smile
"Sounds exciting"he said with a grin
The following morning Wu sat up slowly as he got out of bed pulling on his clothing looking over at Fengyi as she still lay in bed "I'm going to give the monks the day off for meditation and observations. I want you to please make sure they are paying attention, because I want them to take notes during my training session with Ayame. I'm going to push her to her limits to see if that tail would manifest, so I won't be able to keep an eye on them as well."he said looking back at her "Is that alright?"
fengyi would nod her head as she would push herself from the bed, looking at him "Do not worry I'll make sure they pay attention" she stated before moving over to gather her cloths and start sliding them on. "Just be cautious...We do not need her lossing control...her demon showed itself during their travel..." she said simply.
"I have ways to seal a demon. My work with talismans has become quite impressive if I do say so myself. It may be my new favorite way to seal things"he said as they headed out towards the monastery sending a servant to go fetch Ayame
One of the servants would head to Ayame's room who was sleeping soundly with not only Yuna but with Sho who had rather enjoyed learning he had a new friend though Ayame had one hell of a time exlaining he had to be gentle till Yuna was bigger. Though now Ayame groaned, hearing the servant trying to wake her up and she sighed softly before slowly getting up to get washed up and into a simple kimono while Yuna and Sho remained curled up together to sleep. Wu only had to really wait for maybe a few minutes, as his monks where starting to sit around wondering what was going to happen and why Wu had said they would not train.
"Now for all that are gathered here, today will be a demonstration of the Empress's power"Wu explained while they waited "I will be working on gathering her power in lieu of her upcoming battles, and you will bear witness to the power we wield. If you ever doubted us before, now you will have clear knowledge as to what we can do. But today is not a day to slack off. Master Fengyi will be closely watching you all to make sure you are paying attention"
Fengyi would smirk as she stood behind them, "and if anyo f you are slacking get to spend all night training with the demons I trained thousands of years ago who still to this day practice my techniques" she said, making the monks gulp none wanted to train against her or with the new youkai that wher eint he valley.
Ayame would soon be moving towards the monestary as she noticed the monks then looked over to Wu, she was rather glad she pulled on her training clothing as she bowed her head "Grandmaster" she said to him as she stepped up twoards him.
"Empress"he said bowing respectfully to her "I have recevied the full report on your endeavors across the Eastern Lands. So before I send you West to deal with the Taishou family, I wish to exercise your power"
She stood there listening to him as she would nod her head "very well I accept. I hear you've been training the monks as you trained me when I was a child. Let us hope you have not lost your touch" she said with a small fanged grin as she stood there.
Wu smiled "It has been a while since I've battled you, you will be quite surprised with my own personal progress as well"he said "Would you like to start of with your sword or wait? I'll let the Empress decide her fate"
Ayame would smirk as she stood there, "We shall see if Masamune will be needed Grandmaster, if it should be...the monks are in for an interesting surprise" she stated as she would move to a part of the training arena as she would glance at him as Ryoko would walk up standing on the side, "Considering this will be a match of some sort, between the Empress and the Grandmaster first to make the other yield or makes the other near the verge of death is the victor...simple rules yes?" she said with a smile as most of the monks gasped. "So on my count" Ryoko said simply, "Ready...." she held up her arm, watching both as neither seemed to get into a stance till she dropped her arm "fight!" she said as Ayame suddenly was gone and was beside Wu swinging all 8 of her tails at him following up with her claws, if met his flesh would be sliced up or maybe his cloths.
As she made contact, the image of Wu that was standing there vanished as he appeared behind Ayame "Your speed has been greatly improved, that one attack may have ended the match just then"he said still smiling "You've made me proud, so I will not dishonor your strength by holding back"Wu said as he shifted his stance gathering his chi as his long hair suddenly turned white and his eyes flashed purple as his chi swirled him as he entered his Chi Devil mode *This is the only way I'm going to beat her enough to have her tails come to her aid and heal her from near death*he thought to himself "Now, come at me again"he said as his smile dropped and a serious look was on his face

Ryoma soon appeared floating in the air, his legs crossed next to his sister and Fengyi behind the barrier that had been erected to protect the monks, he was still heavily vanished but had a large leg of meat in his hand that he was digging into "What's going on?"he asked them taking another bite "Oh yeah....we may be a piece of meat short on lunch...and have a couple of angry cooks...but we can deal with that when the time comes"
Ayame would glance behind her as she saw Wu move, she would smirk slightly "Well I had one of the best teachers train me since I was a child" she stated as her claws popped as she flecked them, "but I won't loss..." she stated as the wind began to pick up her very first tail had been when she controled the wind it was only natural that she began to use it against him. Though seeing his Chi Demon apear her eyes narrowed 'using that mode so quickly....what is he planning' she thought before rushing at him as blades appeared around her like daggers but made from the wind.

Ryoko looked to her brother, "shouldn't you be sleeping?" she stated simply as she would cross her arms "Wu's challenged Ayame to a match, to test out her abilities and....from the looks of it shes stolen an idea from you" she said pointing to the blades with a chuckle "Probably not as effective as your daggers but...rather interesting that she's able to manuplate the wind"
"I could control the wind when I was still just a human"Wu said to her as he rushed her back as he effortlessly dodged her blades locking claws with her as he looked her in the eyes "Never say what you are going to do, because it just may happen"he said as he then swung a wide kick knocking her backwards sending a large ball of chi directly towards her

"I should be....but I'm not"Ryoma said taking another bite as he watched "Hey...that's pretty clever though, even if she is a copycat"he commented "But that monk also is an element user correct? They've been training together for a long time...I wonder how similar they really are?"
She would chuckle slightly "Oh i know, but if I don't show you how I've grown...what fun is this?" she said with a small smile, before he tossed her back making her yell slightly as he slammed his leg into her side as she was thrown back. Taking a deep breath, she pushed herself up just as the chi ball came at her but she didn't move. A large impact hit where she was standing making the monks yell in panic, but no one else was doing anything instead when the smoke cleared a barrier was around her, as she took a deep breath as her eyes seemed to glow "two can play at that..." she said as she took a deep breath and was soon rushing at him, flames forming around her till she took in a deep breath and soon a wash of flames errupted from her lips.
"Oh ho...she's learned to breath fire!" Ryoko said with a small laugh as she stood there, "Rei took ages to learn how to do that...but its the hotest fire can burn the hardest stone down"
*Fire breathing!?*Wu thought shocked *And with momentum*he commented as he put his arms up as the fire washed over him in a huge wave burning the ground around him. When the fire cleared Wu was standing there panting a talisman in his hand that instantly turned to ash crumbling and blowing away in the wind "What the hell was that?"he said equal parts shocked and impressed "You've been holding back on me, I'm impressed"he said "You completely obliterated my talisman, a few more seconds of that and I would have been burned to a crisp"he commented "I'll have to watch out for that in the future"he said as he then rushed her once more as chi flowed into his arms and legs strengthening them as he began engaging in a serious of lightning fast blows with her, and the two seemed to be dancing across the field as they exchanged in the series of techinques and steps that he taught her from his fighting style the Fist of the Steel Dragon, the same one his monks were currently attempting to master and they not only executed flawlessly but beautifully

"Yeah, I have to watch out for that shit too, I didn't know she could do that"Ryoma said sweatdropping "Man she really is a powerhouse...a demon god and a legendary chi witch have a baby, that baby then has a baby with a human god...and they say true power skips a generation because no way was her father this powerful"he commented "It's almost scary...and I'm the master of fear"
She wouuld chuckle as she would smirk lokoing at him, "Its what happens when you train with a dragon" she said with a chuckle, "why do you think Sho is always so tired? I wear the little thing out and he teaches me a few new little skills" She stated noticing his tailsmen crumbling, she dind't want t kill the man but he told her to bring it all...and fire just happened to be her third tail. Though soon the two where exchanging blow for blow, they both would take a few before giving some back, the monks where in shock watching the two of them and Fengyi made sure that they where watching.

Ryoko glanced at her brother, "she is makes me wonder just...what sort of power she has, and what does our father know about her that makes him so afraid that we do not.." she said noticing Ryoma seemed a bit scared of her flames, "if its just her flames you have..."

Just as she said that a blast of lighting suddenly was seen coming from Ayame as she swung a punch at Wu, it would miss leaving a crater in the ground. She had combined both fire and wind together...(Avatar bitches!! lol
"You were saying?..."Ryoma said as he looked over at Ryoko "I hope you weren't about to say "nothing to worry about" because THAT is clearly something to worry about"he commented "That is a big something to worry about"

Wu had narrowly avoided the attack as he jumped backwards panting lightly "So you managed to create lightning hm? Your abilities are rapidly rising, though I have a few tricks as well"he said as he put up two fingers and began chanting. Because Ayame wasn't a devout monk, the realm of talismans and chants were one that she had not had much practice in, and one that Wu kept on reserve though once he finished his chant a glowing purple ring appeared underneath his feet and there one person once stood, now there were three Chi devils *It seems this is the only way I'm going to hurt her enough without getting myself killed*he thought as the three each took a different fighting stance in order to truly test her
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Ryoko would start laughing, "Ok so maybe my family line is a bit...dramatic in terms of abilities" she said with a grin, "but your the one whos going to mate her not me...just imagine what your kids will be like"

Ayame took a deep breath, as she stood there both those attacks had taken a good deal of her abilities, however that was only up to her 4th tail, there was still about 4 more plus the one he was trying to force to appear. Though when three of his forms appeared, she dug her nails into her palms before speaking "you going to stand there...old man?" she knew that would get him, before she would vanish again appearing behind one of the Wu's attacking like the first time.
"I'd rather not"Ryoma said sweatdropping "Taking all that aforementioned stuff, and adding flight and darkness to that list doesn't sound like a good mix"

Each of the Wu's narrowed their eyes and when she attacked he quickly turned around to avoid it as the other two quickly rushed over to her swinging and kicking towards her. It appeared that the three Wu's all shared the same mind, and field of vision (naruto Pain reference lol) as the real Wu crept up behind her and managed to latch onto her back as his fangs quickly sunk into her neck "Let's see how you fair when you are drained of chi and only have youki to rely on"one of the other two Wu's said *Hopefully in her weakened state her tail will appear to help regenerate her*
"Well if your going to be her, mate you best be prepared to have children...or of course she could always go to that war demon...imagine a war demon child from her" she said with a smirk.

Ayame would let out a yell as she felt his fangs dig into her neck, her blood would feel like fire on his tongue much like that night. She could feel everything draining from, her as she took a deep breath growling "my not one you wish to meet" she stated, her eyes where closed till soon they opened and they where completly red as a light formed around her and her aura was filling the barrior and it was pushing hard against it straining to shatter it as Wu could feel something coming.

" this wise to test her Youkai? we don't even know if she has control over it!" Ryoko said quickly standing there, "Wu!! back off!! Her Youkai just woke up we don't know if she can control it!" she yelled hitting against the barrior.
"Stop"Ryoma said then putting his hand on his sisters shoulder "That stupid monk is probably the smartest person I've ever come across. I'm sure he knows exactly what he's doing. Let us just watch."he commented a serious look on his face as he watched

Wu continued draining her chi a bit longer as he then jumped back as the other two demon fused with him once more as he felt his energy spike to new levels himself as small bits of purple lightning crackled around him as he quickly pulled out a set of talismans as he threw them into the sky as they circled them supressing her power from cracking the barrier "This is where the fight gets real"he said as he held open his palm as a ball of chi more powerful than he had ever used before gathered as he fired it at her, testing what she would do
Ryoko would look over at him as she would soon nod her head, "I...know but it still..." she paused and sighed, but she would remained silent for now watching.

Ayame would fall to her knees taking a deep breath, as she felt her whole body felt heavy, but her aura continued to grow and surge though she would sense the chi coming at her but she didn't move. She just stayed there, why wasn't she moving? When it hit her, a loud scream of pain fililng the ara, everyone was silent except for the yell, but as the energy of the chi began to fade, so did the scream and Wu would feel it..something was in there...soon the smoke would clear and Ayame's body could be seen knelt there a pool of blood around her but a faint glow was around her...and the wounds...where healing themselves.
*So it's been was reckless to take that ball head on...but she's healing that the cost of her demon's power?*he wondered as he watched on in awe as her wounds healed before his eyes *Her power could be immeasurable*he thought to himself as he then proceeded to draw the sword strapped to his side as the demon blade pulsed as Wu looked down at it *So you feel it too then Muramasa? a demon recognizing a demon*
Soon she was pushing herself up, as she took a deep breath her eyes closed and soon she reached up grabbing the torn shirt and ripped it off leaving her in just a pair of pants, her breasts bandaged back. Though when she heard his sword being drawn she wasted no time and soon she was rushing at him her speed increased as flames formed in her clawed hand crackling with energy but this was was pure white and he would feel a slight burn to his if being near her was attempting to 'purify' the demonic aura he had.
Muramasa pulsed again and sheathed itself from Wu's hands as the monk gasped as he winced blocking her attack as his flesh began to burn *Muramasa doesn't wish to fight against her...I don't know whether that's good or bad*he said before feeling her energy jump at him as he was sent flying backwards rolling on the ground as he pushed himself up to his knees coughing up a bit of blood "Such power"he said "And purification..."as he then raised his hand as his Grandmaster's Staff appeared in his hand as he then looked to see if all 9 of her tails were fully formed or if he had to try to push harder as he stood up then energy glowing around him

"This is intense. Ayame doesn't have any available chi to counteract her youki like the last time she transformed. This time it's all her demonic power coming out unbridled by anything. She's literally all youkai right now, and this is the result. Though I wonder why Muramasa reacted that way."Ryoma said feeling his own beast beginning to stir as did most of the demons in the area. Whenever a powerful beast was in the midst all other youkai tended to take notice
Ryoko would glance at him, "I have no idea...but she didn't draw Masamune...perhaps thats the reason?" she stated as she watched, her own demon was interested in this and she would push it back after all this was her granddaughter.

Ayame would watch him being thrown back as she landed easily on her feet, and she would start walking towards him, she was calm and it was rather scary but even though her eyes where glowing he could sense...this was Ayame her demon may have surfaced but this was 100% Ayame in control noticing his staff a small smirk formed on her lips as a white light began to form around her preventing him from seeing any of her tails he could see them moving behind her...but not if there was 9 "Is this what you wanted to see Wu?" she asked as every bruise and cut from eariler was fadding she was regenerating at an alarming rate even where he bit was already gone.
"Cocky now are we?"he asked "Let's just see how much your body can actually start to regenerate"he said as he summoned his energy around him and held up two fingers as he began chanting again as the ground beneath them began to shake violently as large spikes began to come out of it aimed directly at her as they broke apart into tiny little fragments as sharp as daggers flying at her. Thanks to drinking her blood in such a pure state he himself had an abundance of power he also wasn't used to wielding
She watched the rocks flying at her, and she would growl "enough tricks!" she yelled, as a barrior flew up around her blocking most but she didn't get all of them as they cut into her skin. blood running down her arms but almost like smoke rising from her flesh as the injuries where being healed. She soon rushed at him again, as flames burned at her lips before soon another torrent of that dragons fire, this one much hotter and stronger than the first now that she was in this state.
Wu's eyes widened as he held up his staff at the last minute putting up a barrier that was easily shattered as he took the full force of the dragon fire. As it passed Wu stood there his head hanging down as well as his free arm, most of his weight being held by his staff as his clothes burned and smoldered as smoke rose from his body "I.....submit..."he said slowly before falling over though his hair remained it's white color

"Holy...shit..."Ryoma said as he watched "I....wha....woah"he stuttered out in pure shock as his beast lashed out then as he phased through the barrier appearing in front of her "You, me, room, now"he said as he picked her up then and vanished from sight. Ayame would stand there breathing heavily as she soon would lok at him her eyes starting to fade to normal as he would speak, " was an honor to fight you again Wu..." she whispered, as he fell over and as she looked over his wounds she was about to kneel down to help till, she would feel Ryoma suddenly appear beside her she looked to him as he picked her up and her cheeks turned a slight red "Ryom..." was all anyone heard as they vanished.

Fengyi would pass through the barrior after them, racing over to Wu as she gently held him up, her hands pressing against his chest as she began to heal him slowly, only to pause watching his own body was healing. Due to him having drank the pure blood of Ayame's he for a short time retained some of her regeneration ability.
Wu's eyes soon opened as he sat up rubbing his head "Man, that girl can pack a hell of a punch"he said looking around "Where did she go?"he blinked "I'm going to feel this tomorrow for certain"

Ryoma wasted no time stripping them both of their clothing as he laid her back on the bed, one of his eyes was red, the other was blue as his beast was fully awakened, his dark energy could be felt pulsing around his body clashing with her pure aura causing a euphoric sensation shared between the two of them as soon he found himself deep inside her body attempting to soothe his beast which frenzied for her, also drawing her own beast back to the surface as he could also feel his fangs elongate during their session. Now,after almost dying for the woman and after bearing witness to her true power, would be the time that the dark fox took her as his mate once and for all
Fengyi would chuckle as she would help him sit up, "Ryoma came and took her...I do believe they are busy unless Ayame stops him which...I doubt" she said with a small smile, "you did well, but I wonder if that will be enough to stop Kurama he's a monster....but you did succed in getting her 9th tail to appear...though you coudln't see it I could you fully unlocked her abilities"

Ayame would let out a small cries and moans as she felt him going after her body, pinning her to the bed and wrapping his tails around hers fully combining their bodies together as he took her. Her nails dragging down his body, leaving not only just claw marks but faint burns as her body still pusled with that pure energy.

Ryoko would soon look over to the monks, "go and meditate and train on what you have seen today, know that the Empress is and forever will be a true force and you are to show the same level of skill and devotion to the rest of the kingdom" she said the monks cheering and racing off to go train as Ryoko moved towards Wu and Fengyi, "They'll be busy possibly till tomorrow, so...Wu would you care to meet one other memeber of our new group? I believe shes out playing with Sho now"
"All I can do is ready and support her, she now has all the power she can use in order to stop him"he said as he stood up dusting himself off looking at Ryoko "Ah I believe you are talking about her newest dragon yes? You know, there is another person I can think of that is in possession of a dragon as well"he commented

Ryoma seemed to be getting off on the pain and it wasn't long until the fox buried his fangs into her neck as he came, filling her leaving his dark mark upon her neck though he soon pulled back as his mouth was burning from her aura
"Her name is Yuna, though Sho is excited to have another like himself I still have to have a few of the youkai watch him...Yuna's wings aren't strong enough to support her yet and he tries to get her to fly" she said with a small sigh, though when he brought up another dragon shet ilted her head as Fengyi stood up as well. "what person would this be Wu?" Fengyi asked

Ayame would moan loudly feeling his fangs digging into her flesh, arching her hips up as the warmth of his seed filling her body as she took a deep breath, her body twisting in pleasure only to reach up and kiss his lips bitting and nipping but her lips didn't burn him as bad as her hands where now dragging down his sides.
"Your next destination"Ryoma said "Inu no Taishou gifted his eldest son with a two headed dragon on the birth of his younger brother"he said "Where and how he got the dragon, I have no clue"

Ryoma returned her affection before he collapsed beside her, both his eyes now a cool sky blue as he panted slightly "I don't know what came over me, I couldn't stop myself"he said breathing heavily "I needed it at all least that what it felt like"
Ryoko nodded, "I see...well then the Empress of dragons herself will probably have her work cut out for her....considering the dogs are not so easily won over..."

Ayame took a deep breath, as her aura began to fade till he could actully touch her without issue and she would soon move to lay her head on his shoulder. "I d...don't mind..." she said taking a deep breath, "i worked up an appitite myself for do marked me right?"
"No they aren't though I'm hoping with the birth of a new child he is much more agreeable"Wu said "Fengyi, when do you plan on going to gather intel on the cats? These two are the last two pieces of the puzzle, since Kurama originally controlled the North, and Ryoma is already our.....current Emperor"

"Yeah, as soon as my mouth started burning, kinda got a clear reminder"Ryoma said as he looked down at her "It was bound to happen sometime, better now than later, I couldn't risk some idiot trying to fight for your hand in marriage again now could we?"he joked "I don't think I can afford to be beat to a pulp a second time"
"that is true and I hear it is with a human, so that puts that into our favor" she said thinking, Ryoko tapped her chin thinking.
Ayame couldn't help but chuckle slightly as she leaned up and kissed him again, "i do not think you could did almost die" she said simply
"Tomorrow I think you should leave for the West, we really don't have much time to waste, I'm sure Kurama has been tracking your movements outside of the barrier, it's a surprise you weren't attacked along the way so far"Wu said

"Yeah I know, I won't forget how those punches felt for as long as I live, and we are still young, it's just going to get worse from there"he said shaking his head
"That is true.." Ryoko said with a small smile, as she looked around thinking "I'll get things prepared to leave tomorrow, Wu I think it be best if you got pretty torn up" she said with a laugh.

Ayame leaned up and kissed him softly, "well considering you made it offical...I do not think you'll have to take anymore punches like that..." she said
"I actually feel stronger than I've ever felt before...just like maintaining this form...I think I can do it indefinately now....I don't feel my power draining in the slightest"he commented

"Well also too, Sesshoumaru isn't as physically strong as Yusuke is. Though he is as crafty as me, and an expert swordsman"Ryoma commented "That fight, will be much more of a fair match, and by fair, I mean unfair"
"you want me to deal with him?" She asked with a small chuckle as she laid there, and then would slightly sit up as she spoke, "I should probably go and check on Wu....make sure he's alright I did...almost kill him I think.."

"Well you did drink her blood when she was in that pure state" Fengyi said simply, "you basicly grabbed some of her power and thats why you've recovered so fast if you didn''d probably be dead or near death"
"No, your power is to be reserved for Kurama, I wouldn't be worth the title of Emperor if I didn't prove myself the strongest of all the suitors"he commented "Yusuke is down, so only Sesshoumaru and whoever may be there for the cats are left. By right, should I lose in battle, then I also lose the right to be your mate, and the right to the throne"he commented

"I felt that way...have you ever had fire burn your entire skin all over? Every inch of my body was screaming so loudly, I couldn't make my own sound"Wu said "I'll give it to her though, I am very impressed with how far she's come"
"I am impressed she learned that technique as it was" Ryoko said as she chuckled, "It took Rei years to learn"

Ayame looked over at him, her hair falling down her back thinking "I suppose, though I guess a dog wouldn't be bad" her tails flicking slightly and she would speak "I'm teasing" she chuckled, "I heard your demon growl at that one"
"She is the new Heart, all the techniques that probably took him years to master she will learn like child's play"Wu said
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"You'll be hearing a lot more things coming from my head now that we are mated"he commented "I ever tell you your jokes suck"he said he laid back "I feel like since I'm healed, we will be leaving to the West soon. I'm ready to get all this traveling over with"
"They aren't that bad...are they?" she asked as she sat there and crawled over to him looking down at him, "as for traveling your not the one who has to wear that god awful kimono....I swear it itches and its annoying to try and walk in..." she said with a groan just thinking about it.

"That is true, it was impressive to say the least, Ryoma about shit himself when he saw it" she said laughing.
"You hardly have to walk in it"Ryoma said "And it suits you, you are nobility, you need to look the part, or no one would take you seriously, after all this I have to wear Emperor's robes too"he said

"I almost did the first time she used it. I almost didn't have time to place my talisman the first time, and took it head on the second. I believe she has a shot a killing Kurama with our help"
Ryoko would pause with that, as she stood there "that...that is where we have a problem" she said as she stood there "she does not have the heart to kill"

Ayame laughed "looks like someone gets to ride in the carriage with me now then"
"Don't remind me, that will still need to be addressed. She has to be the one to do it, evil cannot kill evil"Wu said

"I refuse"Ryoma said shaking his head "You forget, I can still fly"
"But how do we train her to do that?" she asked standing there.

"Then teach me to fly so I don't have to either" she said quickly as she looked at him.
"We can't"Wu said "It just has to come to her, you can train someone to become a murderer"he commented

"I can't teach you to fly"Ryoma said shaking his head "IF you do have the ability and IF it manifests itself, you have to learn it on your, you have dragons to ride on"
"Your speaking about one of the worlds laziest dragons plus one is still to small to fly would be best to keep her in the valley for protection unless you think bringing them would help" she said simply

"Well...perhaps during these next two lands...something will click in her" Fengyi stated simply
"No, you might as well leave them. The world doesn't need to know about their existence just yet."Ryoma said shaking his head "So, you get to just ride in the flying carriage"he commented

"We can only hope"Wu said as he turned "I'm going to go get some rest, you two need to prepare to head out for your journeys tomorrow"he said
She sighed heavily as she sat there "you....are evil" she stated flicking his nose with oneo f her tails before slowly pushing herself up. "I'm going to rest int eh baths, feel free to join if you like"

"i have to go deal with angry bears that Ryoma pissed off for stealing food.." Ryoko said with a sigh, "my brother always seems to get into something.
"I'm going to go back to sleep"he commented as he closed his eyes almost instantly falling asleep

Wu chuckled softly waving his hand as he walked off

Enter Taisho of the West

The following morning Wu had called them all down once they were ready to see everyone off since he would remain to train the monks and govern the villages now under the Yuan banner "Everyone knows what the tasks are before them, let us do this final push in preparation for our final battle with Kurama"he said "If anything happens, you all have portals to come straight back here"
Ayame would nod her head standing there wearing one of the new kimonos that Fengyi had gotten for her this one not as bulky and even hung off her shoulders, her 'crown' pinned in her hair as it was twisted up and only a few strands hung down around her face. Ryoma was forced to wear a matching outfit similar. "Wu you sure you'll be able to handle both Sho and Yuna?" Ayame asked a bit concerned, " best grab your staff Sho's about to teach her how to piss you off" she said pointing slightly where Sho was sneaking up to go after his staff.
Wu effortlessly raised his staff swinging it backwards and bopping the dragon on the head as he scuttled away "I'll be perfectly fine"he smiled "Just hurry back safely all of you...even you Ryoma"he said waving them off as the carriage took to the sky as Ryoma floated along beside it "Emperor...I like the way that sounds, Emperor Ryoma Kurama"
Ayame would chuckle slightly as she slightly as nodded her head before stepping into the carrige. Ryoko would move up to the reins as she would wave slightly and took off. Ayame glanced over to him when he spoke, "I think Emperor Ryo would work...."

Once they whre out of sight Fengyi turned to Wu, "Don't push them to hard" she said softly before vanishing to head to the east.
"That is actually the one nickname I'll accept from you"Ryoma said tapping his chin "I actually like the way that sounds, Emperor Ryo, pretty bad ass if I do say so myself"
"Ya till they see your a tame little kit when it comes to your mate' Ryoko said with a small laugh, "your demon bowed quicker than a servant"
"I'm going to kill you"Ryoma said cracking his claws "You won't live to be a great grandmother you old hag"he growled
"Ryoma" Ayame said as she sat there, "just cause shes telling the truth don't mean you get to be mean...besides I want our children to know her" she said simply, "who knows...I could be pregnant now"
"I doubt that, I don't think your beast would allow itself to get pregnant now in a time of such peril to the baby. Kurama could surprise us and launch an attack at any time"he said "Which hopefully he doesn't"
Ryoko chuckled listening to them, "listen to you two, already bickering so cute" she said with a smile as Ayame giggled in return.
Ryoma crossed his arms and turned his head as he flew on "Yeah yeah just save it already"
Ayame peaked out the window at him, and would smile at him "your cute when your grumpy" she said with a small laugh.
"PLease don't tell me this is going to be how our entire trip to the West is going to be?"he grumbled "I could just teleport there myself you know"he said
"Well then pick a topic for us to talk about" Ryoko said simply as she sat there.
"Oh I dunno, how about a game plan to get the dogs to join us? They are pretty independent you know? Inu no Taishou has conquered many lands on his own, he has slain dragons, and killed the Cat God"Ryoma said "And Sesshoumaru is cold and withdrawn"
"Considering he just had a half demon son I am sure he is a bit more tame than he would have been staying with Sesshoumarus mother" Ryoko stated glancing at him, "it also means that if we can explain that Kuramas power will only grow it could effect his family's protection as well."
"Oh yeah....that was the other thing I meant to mention....I don't think you knew this either but...Sesshoumaru and Ryumaru our older brother....they had the same mother....I knew there was something else that made this more complicated. She is Inu no Taishou's younger sister (since we've been rolling with the family theme lol) who, in their youth, was a part of Father's band of thieves before she was chosen to take up the crown with her brother...who then took a second wife recently, Izayoi...and they are all big one happy, dysfunctional family...minus the happy. In case you forgot, it was Sesshoumaru who killed our brother to become his mother's only child"Ryoma said pushing his two index fingers together "Fuck me, this is gonna suck"
"The what do you suggest we do? The women is ruthless and barely even bat an eye when our brother died." Ryoko stated with a heavy sigh as she leaned back against the carriage. "Shouldn't we treat this like the war demons then?" Ayame asked glancing at Ryomo "make a deal with them and then see who comes out the victor?"

"But what do we have to wager?"Ryoma asked "Sesshoumaru has no interest in marriage, or being an Emperor...and we are appealing to his Father, not his mother, who probably wouldn't want anything to do with us in the first know for the first time I'm actually stuck...I could just kill Sesshoumaru, but that would just start a flat out war...maybe we should just go to war with them"
"There's gotta be something that we can offer...or something that would cause them to agree with us?" Ayame states looking at him "you say he has no desire to be an emperor so that's out...but if his father stills rules the lands shouldn't we appeal to him? Not the son?"
"Yes, but what do you offer to a man that has everything? He has two wives, two children, three powerful blades, land, wealth, good looks, and the admiration of his clan and his people....what can we offer him....unless...."he said tapping his chin as he looked over at Ayame "We offer him...another dragon...or two...he does like his things in pairs or triplets"
"I'm not giving him Yuna or Sho!" She said quickly and glaring "Yuna just hatched and Sho is like my son!"
"Well you aren't giving it to are offering it to him, it's not like we are going to lose anyway...but unless you can think of a better idea..."Ryoma countered
She glared at him with a heavy sigh she didn't even want to risk it what if they did lose? "Fine but you better pray I don't get a hold of one of your tails should you lose Ryoma...." She said coldly as her aura spiked a bit and Ryoko sighed "calm down Ayame I'm sure Ryoma knows full well the hell he's in for should he loss. Hell just means I can start using nicknames on him again"
"No nicknames"he hissed out "I earned that fair and square, but I won't lose, not to Sesshoumaru. I have a grudge against him. He's killed one of the kyuubi already, he won't harm any more of Kurama's kids"he said in a serious tone "Besides, I think Inu No Taishou may be agreeable, all of the Demon Gods have a willingness to test one another in battle. In their youth, many of them fought others to define their lands. Raizen has personally battled all 3 other gods at some point in his life I know for fact. Inu no Taishou killed the Cat. Kurama lost to the Cat once. It isn't so much a battle to join, it's a battle to prove we are worthy to call allies"
Ryoko would laugh some as he had quickly jumped to that but she would keep quiet for now before Ayame would speak, "Then I suppose we have no choice..if we are to show we are worthy to be called their allies and trully unite each land together, not only to bring Kurama down but for the safty of all....then it is what must be done" she said with a sigh, as she leaned back against the carrige. "Still don't like i have to offer one of my babies..." she muttered the last part.
"Those with more to lose tend to fight harder"Ryoma said simply "I'll make sure your dragons dont go anywhere"he said "Like I said, I have no intention of losing to Sesshoumaru today"
Ryoko smiled listening to Ryoma, and chuckled though she would soon take notice they had passed into the wester lands "we just passed the boarder...our aura's alone probably have attracted attention so be prepared" she said quickly
"Like those birds of prey coming right at us?"Ryoma asked pointing ahead as flying towards them were a group of harpy looking woman with their sharp talons extended "Finally, some action on these trips"
Ryoko would glance at him with a small chuckle, "grab the reins, your still healing" she said as she would jump from the carrige and changed her form as she raced at the harpies.
"Awww what, that's not fair!"he commented as he took the reins "I'm about to fight Sesshoumaru!"he mumbled as he sat there feeling nauseated as he steered

The harpies screeched as they rushed Ryoko quickly swiping at her with claws fully extended
Ryoko would smirk as she knew she upset her brother for that, however she would just stay silent before soon racing at the harpies of course it didn't take long as Ryoko made short work of it before racing back towards them as she smirked "hmm that was perfect excersie"
"THat was supposed to be my fun"Ryoma said as he jumped back off the carriage "Making me steer this stupid thing, my stomach hurts"he groaned "Well it seems the Western lands are a bit more....aggressive than in the East"he said "Though....when Ayame becomes Emperess over all, we need to move her castle to the center where the 4 lands touch"
"Oh deal with it, I didn't get to have fun at all last time" she stated simply as she took the reins back with a smirk, "you can have the next wave unless its Sesshoumaru." she said with a grin.
"Yeah, why don't you fight Sesshoumaru instead. Technically you're still a demon princess you know. You could fight him if you wanted to. Didn't you used to have a crush on him anyway?"Ryoma teased
"You know you only said Ayame couldn't give you nicknames" she stated quickly as she looked at him "cause that deal was with her not me little Oma"
"You really wanna go back down that road Koko?"he said in the same voice he used to harass her with when they were children "Or should I go with Ry-ry-ko-ko?"
"If I have to bring your mate into this I will" she stated as she smirked at him, "Such as ask her what she calls you in the bedroom, and so on and I dont know tell Sesshoumaru those names and see just how far you fall from that?"
"Oh you can try to do that. But then I'll make it my personal mission to inform everyone we know what it is old Rei used to call YOU in the bedroom"he smirked "And I've already warned Ayame once about keeping or private affairs private. Any breach of my trust may have dire consequences"
Ayame would peek out the window, "I have done nothing, fuzzy ass" she said quickly it wasn't a nickname for him she just wanted to let him know she was listening with a sigh as she would shift some. "This carrige may cover me up but its not soundproof" she shot out quicklya s Ryoko would glare at her brother, "utter that name and your mate will be the least of your worries"
"We know you are listening, that's kind of the point. My sister should learn not to bring my mate into things when she's fighting a battle she can't win"he said smirking at Ryoko's reaction "Fine, fine, I won't say it, just know I always have an ace of my sleeve, I wouldn't be a trickster if I didn't"he grinned "You know we are flying pretty fast, I think we are nearing the castle"
Ryoko glanced at him with a glare, "and I know we are flying fast, we are in a slight hurry did you forget the last time we enteredt he lands and got caught at night? I rather not have to deal with out of control demons again" she said sternly
"Oh yeah that's right know for a man who is in charge of so much, the demons here tend to run a little wild dont you think?"he said "I think out of the 4 lands, the west tends to be the most violent, and that says a lot, considering our evil Father controlled the North after the Great War. Did you ever hear about that Ayame? The war that drew the borders for the 4 nations we currently have?"
"nope and if I have to have a history lesson right now, I'm going to pull you in here so you can be as uncomfortable as I am" she said as Ryoko just chuckled till she spotted the castle, "Theres the castle...and...we have company" she said pointing as something was coming at them, "Lets just hope thats Taisho and NOT his son"
"It's too far off to tell"he said as he narrowed his eyes "And as for that history lesson comment, if you don't know our history, you will be doomed to repeat our same mistakes"he told her "I think that is the Dog General...I don't think Sesshoumaru is such a large profile"
"So you think its Taisho himself?" Ryoko said a bit shocked that Inu No Taisho would come out to meet them, she would pull the reins some making the horses have to slow down as the figure moved twoards them quickly. "Ayame stay hidden as best you can" She said quickly Ayame just agreed the carrige helped do several things, protect her, and it concealed her aura thus making it a bit hard for others to track her and Ryoma and Ryoko's auras easily overpowered any trace of hers that slipped out.
"Probably to scold us for entering his---"Ryoma started as suddenly before them the large silver haired man stood floating on his cloud his arms crossed "Children of Kurama"Taishou said looking at the two of them "Your aura was sensed crossing my borders. What are you doing in my lands? On some errand of your rotten father I presume?"
Ryoko would pull the reins quickly on the horses keeping a safe distance as she saw Taisho the man just screamed power, more so from the three swords he had though she would speak, "You know well I don't serve that fox anymore than you serve a cat" she shot out quickly, before speaking "No, we are here to discuss with you on....uniting the lands"
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 2 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:19 pm
Taishou narrowed his eyes slightly "I know you foxes like to play tricks, I have a new born child, I am not in the mood for games"he said "What do you mean uniting the lands...and you may not serve Kurama anymore, but your brother is another story"

"Ah that's why he came out to meet us, overprotective daddy"Ryoma commented
"Just shut it" Ryoko said coldly to her brother, before looking at Taisho, "We understand the concern that comes to mind, to your new mate and new born child....and by uniting the lands we remove Kurama from power as well as make the lands safe for human and demon, both full, half or mixed"
"And that is what you seek to do? Remove the blight that your father has spread across these lands like a plague?"Taishou said looking at her, also ignoring Ryoma "I know you yourself are of mixed breed, and you have given birth to a pseudo-hanyou with that dragon man, and that he married a human as well, so you have merit to your claim. But how do you intend to back it up and remove Kurama? The council of Demon Lords have met in Kurama's absence and we have thought of no viable way to remove him from power"
"Its that very same bloodline that he fears" she stated as she sat there, "We have something that Kurama fears the most, the thing he is trying to destroy before it gains strength you we guard it, and its the one thing that will even make him behave" she said motioning to her brother.
"Make that little troublemaker behave? That's a surprise. Do you know what he did at our council meeting since he is in charge of the North, that little fox---" "DOESN'T NEED TO BE DISCUSSED"Ryoma said quickly "I already get in enough trouble as is, I don't need to add more."he commented

"Just know, if you ever do it again, I'll skin you alive myself"Taishou said letting out a sigh "I am interested in this power you say you have, I'm assuming it's the young woman inside the carriage."he said seeing their surprised faces "You carriage may mask her aura, but nothing can beat a dog's sense of smell"Taishou said as Ryoma commented " smoke did"he said as Taishou swung his blade at him as the fox grinned and phased through it "It was a joke old man, jeez, you're more cranky than my father is" "Just come on"he sighed as he lead them back to his castle "I hate children"
Ryoko would sigh heavily as she would rub her forehead, and shook her head some wishing her brother would just put a cork in it though she would soon glance at Taishou as he brought up Ayame in the carrige though it really didn't shock her that much. Though at his next comment about children, Ryoko had to hold it back from asking 'then why did you have another' but refrained.

Once at the castle, the Carrige would land as Ryoko would slid off and glance at Ryoma, reaching up and grabbing his ear whispering harshly to him. "Try and ACT like the future emperor you are going to become, now help your mate out before I skin you myself with the help of the dog" she said sternly, letting him go and would then look over to Taishou "Your castle sure has gotten larger since last time I was in these lands...."
"Owww"Ryoma said rubbing his ear "Did I not already just take a beating in the name of our Empress"he grunted following behind them

"We have had to expand a bit"Taishou said "My two wives don't like to be around each other, to Izanagi and Sesshoumaru takes the west wing, and Izayoi and Inuyasha have the east, and it keeps peace in my household, thus my lands as well"Taishou said "We shall go to the throne room and have tea and discuss this unification you mentioned"
Ayame would sigh heavily listening to them, though once she saw Ryoma open the door she would step out listening to Inu No Taishou his aura was rather powerful but once she was out did Taishou feel her own aura. Her ears flicked slightly and looked at Ryoma some "you really do get into a lot of trouble you know that?" she said with a faint smile. Ryoko would glance at the two of them then back to Taishou "Thank you for having us here as well Lord Taishou...even if you have to put up with my unrully brother"
"Well yeah, that's kind of my thing"Ryoma said smiling "That's why I am respected among youkai, nobody, even those that could kill me, are exempt from my mischief"

"I am surprised you have come here, considering all that has happened in the past between our two families."Taishou said "That is the main reason why I am interested in what you have to say, despite the power from the little girl in front of me"
Ryoko stood there listening then spoke "it was her desire to do this regardless of how it is between us...far as she is concerned Kurama is just a stain that needs to be removed" she said smiling as the two grew closer and soon Ryoko responded "Lord Inu no Taishou I present to you my granddaughter and the Phoenix Empress of the east Ayame Yuan" Ayame would bow her head looking at the older demon "An honor Lord Taishou I have heard of your fears and what an honorable demon lord you are....sadly you have met my Mate Ryoma under poor conditions but I promise he has gotten better."
"Already standing up for the troublemaker hm? Seems you are quite honor bound yourself"Taishou said as he sat down on his throne "So you are the thing that Kurama is afraid of hm?"he said "I sense a great power from you, one that rivals the other lords, so you may just be worthy of the title of Empress, especially if you manage to unite us under your banner, which is no easy task. I can smell Raizen and his kin on you as well, so if you have already risen in the East as Empress then you must have won him over. But Raizen is about power, and I am more political"he stated "You already have control over the East, through conflict, and the North, through mating, which route do you plan on taking to win my favor?"he asked
"An offer if possible" Ayame said though her grip tightened as she stood there "My mate wishes to....redeem himself against your son and the prince of these lands. If we fail you get one of my precious creatures that I hold dear to me like a child. If we win I wish to enter in a deal with time that you will stand with the East. Simple as that"
"An offer if possible" Ayame said though her grip tightened as she stood there "My mate wishes to....redeem himself against your son and the prince of these lands. If we fail you get one of my precious creatures that I hold dear to me like a child. If we win I wish to enter in a deal with time that you will stand with the East. Simple as that"
"Hmmmm an interesting offer coming from the mother of dragons"Taishou said "Are you sure you want to let these two fight? They have had bad blood for centuries, it may get quite ugly. My son did kill his older brother."

"Ryumaru was weak"Ryoma said coldly " I will not make those same mistakes"
She stood there listening to Ryoma, then would speak "If we are to have Unity I wish to have this conflict between them end once and forall Milord Taishou...even if Ryoma fails it will be set in stone which one is supieror and that will be the end of it..." she stated simply as Ryoko glanced at Ryoma with a small smirk, "it is of course up to you and your son if you wish to accept this or offer up your own deal" she said simply.
"No, I could use a good match. Maybe it will put Sesshoumaru into perspective. He could be use a good beating or so, he has nothing to protect, and when you have something to fight for, your strength grows. He needs to learn that"he commented as Ryoma nodded "I'll try not to kill him"
Ayame sighed at Ryoma as she glanced at him shaking her head, Ryoko would shake her head some as well before looking at Taishou, "Milord say he has nothing to protect...what would he be fighting for then during this match other than just his pride?"
"Just that. His pride and pride alone. And it is a wonderful thing to have, but sometimes it just isn't enough. He should learn that lesson"
"Well if he does mate here will never live it down from his sister" Ayame said with a small smile as Ryoko chuckled, "Not to mention deal with a very unhappy mate who gives up one of her dragon hatchlings...I do say Ryoma has very much to fight"
"Yeah yeah yeah don't remind me"he said "I have no intention on losing. Too much is on the line. I want my father dead and gone. This is the next piece to that puzzle"
Ayame would then look to Taishou, as she bowed her head "You decide when this match shall happen MIlord, this is your lands and we are simply guests here and wish to follow your rules"
"As soon as my son returns from his walk" Taishou said "He likes to patrol the lands he will someday rule over"he commented "He will be a good Lord some day"
"I am sure he would be as respected as you are milord Taishou" Ayame said with a small smile, before speaking "I heard you just had a child...congradulations"
"Ah yes, that would be my son Inuyasha" Taishou said with a smile "Such a sweet baby, but he does like to cry quite frequently" he said shaking his head
Ayame would giggle slightly, "well that is what babies do" she said with a smile as Ryoko would raise a brow "You havn't even had your own." "Raising dragon hatchlings counts" Ayame said quickly as she stoodt here, "Sho was a nightmare...Yuna is at least much easier to deal with"
"Dragons are still animals, wait until you have an actual child. Then you will know true terror" Taishou said "The most rewarding and gruesome experience one can go through"
She would roll her eyes as she would then look at Ryoma, before she would glance at the others. "Ryoma doesn't want children" she said simply
"Doesn't exactly have a choice in the matter now does he?" Taishou said "Children carry on bloodlines, and lineage. So he will become a father at some point"
"He'll be against it till the day it happens...though if he has it his way, he'll just take the title of Emperor and never have a child" she said with a sigh, though she paused. "Wonder if Yuske will help with that..."
"Very funny"Ryoma said narrowing his eyes "Maybe we should change your name from the Phoenix Empress to the Comical Empress"
Ryoma sighed heavily listening to the two of them bicker then looked at Taishou, "forgive them...they are still new at this whole...mated thing"
"I understand. My sister and I fought a lot...we still do and we've been mated for half a millennia already" Taishou said "Some couples were destined to argue"

"See it's perfectly normal" Ryoma said "Nothing wrong here"
"Ya...just think if him and I where mated...I think you lords would have killed us" she said with a laugh as she shook her head, glancing at Ryoma and Ayame. "Ryoma, why again do you not want children? and do not say its cause of how horrible you where"
"That is a big reason behind it. I was a horrible kid, I don't want to deal with that. Besides, I'm not done causing mischief, I'm not ready to settle down into a stable life just yet, I want to explore more, grow stronger, run wild. Children are domestication"
"Your standing infront of one of the strongest demons, and he is far from Domesticated' Ryoko said as she lookeda t her brother, as she then looked to Taishou, "I think hes just afraid he'll turn out like our father"
"The man cant leave his castle. Sesshoumaru does it for him and reports back his findings. Sounds pretty domestic to me"he said then frowned "That also is another fear I have. Out of his 3 children we all know I'm the most like him. I was raised by him, and up until I met Ayame I was always at his side, even when he was sealed away I was the first person there at his revival. Ryumaru had the Western lands to run off to and his mother was here before he was killed. You ran away from both of your parents. But he killed my mother and raised me himself in order to take his place... I am a Kurama. I am not Ryumaru Taishou, or Ryoko Yuan, I am Ryoma Kurama. A dark kyuubi."
Ayame would soon reach out and grab his shoulder gently, as she looked at him. "You maybe his son...but you do not walk the path he does anymore Ryoma...and don't worry about children besides we have a long time before that happens" she said smiling at him gently.
"Well good, hopefully it doesnt come up again. These arent thoughts that I enjoy thinking about you know"he commented

Taishou looked at the group of them letting out a sigh "You truly wish to walk a different path than that of Kurama. I respect that. You do not need to fight Sesshoumaru. You have our allegiance. Your honest words have moved this "domesticated" Dog."he said with a smile "Continue to walk along a righteous path, and you will continue to have my favor, wander from it, and I shall strike you down like I should have done to my friend long ago"
Ayame turned to look at Taishou when he said that as she would smile and bow her head, "Thank you Lord Taishou, I trully am thankful for this and we will make sure...Ryoma stays on this path after all he is the Emperor of the East now..."
"Uhh Shouldn't it be Emperor of all?"Ryoma said "That is the whole point right? To unite everyone under one banner? So we should probanly stop limiting ourselves to just the East. The Toshin family is already Lord in the east"
(so just an idea should they beocme like..the Immortal Emperor/Empress? that way its like a higher rank and then they have lords beneaththem?
kinda like how in Twelve Kingdoms they have the 'main' person then various lords beneath them ))
That was already the plan. That's what would make them Emperors and not Lords. So she would have the 4 Demon Lords, plus whoever the human lord is going to be serving under her one Yuan banner))
"If you think small, you'll only ever be small" Ryoma said "You and I have a huge dream we are trying to reach, we need to aim for the moon"he said

"I thought I heard an annoying voice" came a cold smooth tone as Sesshoumaru entered the throne room then with his air of superiority as he approached his father

"Ah my son, you have returned, as you can see we have visitors. The--"
"Phoenix Empress, I am aware" Sesshoumaru finished "And the fox children"
Ayame would smile some at him, "your right, but small dreams tend to form into big ones" she said as she stood there, though soon she felt a pressence as she glanced back to see a rather stunning looking demon as even her cheeks turned a faint red.
Ryoko would stand there arms crossed slightly before she would nod her head to Sesshoumaru some, "Its good to see you again Prince Sesshoumaru" Ryoko said simply she was least better terms with the dog prince.
"You as well Princess Ryoko."Sesshoumaru said "You still seem to be as stunning and deadly as ever, it is glad to see the ningen didn't corrupt you the way others might have"he stated

Ryoma looked over at Ayame and elbowed her "First Yusuke, now Sesshoumaru, try keeping your panties dry for once" he mumbled as the two Princes made eye contact but didnt speak a word to one another
Ayame would blush even more as Ryoma elbowed her, "sorry...can't help it..." she stated as she stood there, thogh she would elbow him slightly, "if it makes youf eel better my demon only likes you" she whispered.

Ryoko would chuckle slightly, "I wouldn't say that entirly most ningen are not that bad" she said simply, but would soon watch as her brother and Sesshoumaru's eyes meet. "Come on Ryoma, Lord Taishou already said there didn't have to be a match to unify the lands"
"Unify?"Sesshoumaru repeated as he looked over at her then at his father as Taishou nodded "Indeed Sesshoumaru, Ayame here is making a war against Kurama and we are going to lend our support. I know you sense the power she possesses. We are going to provide aid to her and Emperor Ryoma"he said as Sesshoumaru scoffed "A fox unworthy of the title to be above me"

"SEE, I wasnt going to say shit, but there goes Sesshoumaru's smartass mouth" Ryoma growled and without another word Sesshoumaru and Ryoma had locked claws as Sesshoumaru's glew yellow with poison and Ryoma's black with his dark magic
Ayame was about to say something when Ryoma suddenly attacked as she sighed and Ryoko would speak "shall we just move back and watch the show? Unless Ayame you want to intervene." "You know if I did that, Ryoma would just be unhappy with me...this is between them nothing more" she said glancing at Taishou, "I hope they do not destroy your castle it is well done...Ryoma's lacks a character like this its so dark...even if I added my own touches"
"Even if they do it is fine. Castles are easy to rebuild"he commented
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 2 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:19 pm
Sesshoumaru soon jumped back sending his whip flying as Ryoma who phased through it much to Sesshoumaru's surprise as Ryoma was suddenly in his face and swung hard hitting him solidly in the jaw sending him flying back into a wall "That was for my brother."he said as Sesshoumaru picked himself up his eyes glowing red as he lunged forward knocking Ryoma through a wall and outside as both their beasts flared up as they suddenly transformed into their large animal form which meant the fight was all the more serious as Taishou laughed "I havent seen this side of Sesshoumaru in quite some time. He must feel the pressure of Ryoma's power. You know, comparatively, amongst the Princes, Yusuke was ranked the strongest, the cats the weakest, and Sesshoumaru was stronger than Ryumaru...but I dont think he's stronger than Ryoma. Let's find out"
Ayame glanced over as they would change shape and start attacking one another, the sounds of growls and the shockwaves from the attacks made Ayame turn to Taishou "this won't wake up your new born will it?"
"Probably, but that's okay, his mother is here to soothe him" Taishou said

The two beasts continued raging on as Sesshoumaru let out a wall of posionous gas as it flew at Ryoma who fanned his tails out blowing it away as he charged up a large ball of dark energy letting it fly out of his mouth striking Sesshoumaru sending him flying backwards as Ryoma quickly pounced on him pinning him his fangs digging into his throat "I win!" He growled "I should kill you, but I wouldnt want to start a war"he said as Sesshoumaru growled but closed his eyes as he sighed transforming back and walking inside without a word
"She sounds like a wonderful women, to be able to deal with both a Lord Demon like yoruself and a little baby" she said with a small smile as Ryoko chuckled, "that I can say is a feat in on itself" Ryoko said simply.
Though as the fight soon drew to an end they watched as Sesshoumaru would leave and head back into the castle as Ayame started making her way towards Ryoma still in his true form "Feel better?" she asked
"Not really"Ryoma said as he transformed "But I've extracted enough revenge to drive my point home. There will always be bad blood between us."he commented
Ayame nodded as she would look back to Taishou, "Thank you for agreeing to the union lord taishou, I only hope the other lords are as agreeable"
"Well we only have one left" Ryoma said stretching slightly "Though this will probably be the hardest"

"Ah the cats hm?"Taishou said "Yes after our war, their daughter isn't the friendiest and most welcoming of other demons" he said "She is a Princess whi hasnt quite risen to feel her father's shoes. At least she feels as such"
"well we can only hope that Fengyi has managed to find something out on what to do...but we need all the lands united to go against Kurama in the north" she said simply.
"Speaking of the North, there needs to be another Lord appointed. With Ryoma becoming Emperor, Ryoko the position becomes yours. He is your father"
Ryoko would pause some as she looked at them, "i...I can't become the lord the..." Ayame stopped her, "unless Rei did as well right?" she said with a smile as Ryoko blinked, "I still plan on releasing him from Masamune...that has never changed you and rei will become the lords of the north by your right Ryoko"
"You plan on releasing Rei Yuan?"Ryoma said hearing that for the first time "you cant do'll also unleash the original power my father wielded which is much worse than what it is right now. Power just cant vanish it must go somewhere"
She stood there looking at him, "I know that Ryoma, but Rei does not deserve to be locked up forever...his power will have to pass to someone and I'll do that myself if I must but lord Taisho is right Ryoko will become the Norths ruler...but she cannot do it without Rei"
"She can easily do it without Rei. She's not a child. She expects us to rule over EVERYONE and she cant take a small section of land. And no offense but taking his power would surely kill you. Rei made his choice to seal himself and strengthen his sword."
"I sitll plan on releasing him, that has not changed" she said as she stood there, she was doing it for more than just Ryoko. "I will deal with the rest of the abilities locked within when the time comes"
"No" Ryoma said shortly "I won't let you let that evil out onto the world again. It needs to stay in the sword of light. Unless you want to risk Kurama being born again as well. His original power is 3000 years old that has been lying dormant for another 1000 years. That is too dangerous to let out"

"I agree with the troublemaking fox this time" Taishou said "Ancient magic is much too volatile to unseal. Especially magic as tricky as Kurama's"

"I made a promise to Rei...I said I would release him...he's been trapped in this sword...hes still alive am i to just let him remain inside? and what if the power in Masamune's fails some day? if we do not deal with it now all this...was for nothing"
"You are young, so allow me to explain sealing magic to you Empress" Taishou said "His spirit is alive, his energy. But his body has long departed this realm. Masamune's nagic will never fail unless you unseal the energy inside. There is a reason ir is known as a legendary sword"
Ryoko would take a deep breath, before moving to her as she would speak "I understand why you wish to release wish to have the family you lost, and reunite me with the man that sacrificed everything to keep all safe" she stated and would speak, "but...listen to them, Rei lived his life and he knew well what he was doing....for now..let us focus on taking down Kurama the cause behind everyones pain and suffering"
"Wise words"Taishou said nodding his head in agreement "If in the future the opportunity presents itself to free him, then you will have our supoort in doing so, but for now focus on your task at hands, your journey is not yet complete"
Ayame sighed some but nodded and Ryoko would smile a bit, till soon a new precense entered the throne room a young human women with long black hair stepped into the throne room. A warm smile on her face, as she held something wrapped in a red blanket, "Sesshoumaru Said we had company did not think you would be so mean and leave me from meeting them" the women said clearly teasing Taishou.
"I figured you wouldn't want to be in youkai affairs. Princess Izayoi, meet the Phoenix Empress Ayame. And everyone, this is my son, Prince Inuyasha Taishou"Taishou said smiling as he walked over to her kissing the smaller woman on the top of her head "Did we wake Inuyasha?"
She would shake her her head some, "nonsense, just because I am a human means nothing...specially now that i have a half demon child and a demon for a mate" she said simply and would gently run her fingers against the cheek of the sleeping babe. "just a little bit...he didn't stop crying till i wrapped him in your fire rat hiori" she said.
Ayame was instently had eyes on the babe "oh my gosh hes so cute" she stated as she would walk over smiling happily her tail swaying back and forth in excitment. "hes so tiny..." Izaoyoi would laugh "yes, that he is...would you like to hold him Empress?" "re...really? t..thats ok right?" she said a bit shocked
"Now she's gonna go all baby crazy" Ryoma said shaking his head but couldn't help but smile "He is cute. He looks like a little troublemaker top"
Izayoi would smile as she would help her hold Inuyasha, "thats it...keep his head up" she said smiling, as Ayame would look at the little babe "hello there little one...aren't you cute" she whispered till she noticed his ears, "oh god his ears are addorable!!" she stated and Ryoko would soon nudge her brother, "i think on the way to the east...she is goign to pester you for a baby"
"Dont you think we have more imoortant things right? I mean you didnt have your kid for a while right? You know I never got to meet my nephew"he commented

"whos fault was that?" Ryoko said as she smiled watching Ayame, "besides motherhood brings out something in a women...a glow if you would and a instinct that no power can defeat" she stated as Ayame would cuddle the little baby, "I want one so bad!!" shes aid happily as Izayoi laughed, taking her son back as she would smile at Ayame, "one day I am sure Empress..perhaps our children will play together then" "Well I would like long as Lord Taishou is alright with it as well"
"I don't see why not"Taishou said "You are going to be our Empress right? It would be an honor to be associated with the royal family."he said

"I believe that. Mothers are scary people"Ryoma said shaking his head "She's not going to leave me alone about this now I know it"
She nodded "Of course, I wouldn't just dump you with a random women now would I?" she said with a smile and would look at Izayoi, "I look forward to those play dates in the future Milady, I just hope my child is as cute" she stated adn Izayoi smiled before Inuyasha would start to fidget "oh...looks like someone is getting cranky...I should go get him back to bed, it was an honor Empress Ayame" Izaoyoi said before bowing her head.
"You all may want to leave before Izanagi comes here as well too. We all know Sesshoumaru's mother is where he gets his attitude from. Though speaking of Sesshoumaru, Ryoko, since Rei Yuan has passed, we could an allegiance, the North Western territory, if you were interested in marrying Sesshoumaru"Taishou said "I know you used to fancy him when you all were younger"
Ryoko would look at him, her ears twitching slightly as she tapped her chin in thought "perhaps, if he lost the attitude and learned to smile perhaps" she smirked though laughing, "we shall see Lord Taishou, we still have a grandmaster chi demon to pair with unless Fengyi keeps her fangs locked on him"
"Well I have no daughters so I am of no help know, also if you didnt wish to rule the North, she, being of your bloodline, and former ruler of the North before Kurama, could assume her position of power once more. She is also considered of god like status"
"it is possible" Ryoko said simply, "Mother has wished to set down roots, though you do realize she is going to be a royal bitch right?" she said smirking at him, "You know how she gets you've been in bed with her I would say several hundred tiems" she winked, "i think your still sporting a scar on your neck"
"Those were times long ago, all when we were in a band of thieves and trouble makers" Taishou said "She deserves a bit of power in my opinion, her skills are rivaled by her mind and her command is legendary. It is between the two of you who will rule and join the council. If she rules you become Princess again like Sesshoumaru, Yusuke and Sasami"
She would nod, "well I will discuss this proposel to her Milord" she said standing there, "right now...I do believe she is in the east seeing to some family memebers of hers" she glanced to Ayame, "Empress we should be leaving know fengyi hates to be kept waiting"
Ryoma nodded "If we leave now we should be able to make it back before nightfall"he said

"Your carriage has been prepped and is ready for you" Taishou said bowing his head "Congratulations Empress"
Ayame would return the bow "And to you Milord Taishou, your son is precious" she stated then moved towards the carrige stepping inside as Ryoko took the reins looking at Ryoma. "Come on, before I start making Ayame really want a child from you"
"You forget that I fly"Ryoma said shaking his head "Let's go"he said floating off into the sky
Ryoko would chuckle some as she smiled over to Taishou, bowing her head once more. Though she would soon snap the reins as the horses reared up and began to run forward.
"Well I'm satisfied, I finally got to show Sesshoumaru whose boss, and that puts me at the top of the list considering I beat Yusuke as well"he said
Ryoko chuckled as she sat there and would wave one last time to Taishou as they would leave the castle and headed towards the South lands. "Perhaps, but that wont last if we don't defeat father"
"At this point I dont think his dark armies have the power to beat us"Ryoma said "Even if his 9th tail does come back. My biggest surprise is that he hasn't launched an attack while we have been traveling. He must know we've left the barrier multiple times
"what do you think he's planning then?" she asked as she glanced back to Ayame some in the carrige, "do you think he has a plan that hes waiting to act on?"
"Possibly. I don't know. I'm surprised he hasnt attempted to contact me either."he said "That's the part that worries me the most"he commented
"He either knows what you have done...or something else has his attention" she stated simply, "either way if he attacks we will protect Ayame"
"Of course we will. I just wonder what he is doing. It's not like him to remain so docile when he has an opportunity to make a move" he said "Do we know where exactly in the South we are supposed to meet up with Fengyi?"
i also want to get this idea down before i forget about it later. but what i want to happen is that they get to the south to see that the cats no longer have power and that it's going to be the new official human kingdom. so the kingdoms will have the Taishou to the West, the Toshin to the East, the Ningen of the South, and the Kurama of the North. I think it would be easier for Fengyi to take over the North again that way Wu would also be free to be with the cat. also that way everyone would be represented equally. and that way too if we don't unleash Rei if you did want to tie in Inuyasha, Ryoko can marry Sesshoumaru. though the main focus would still be Ryoma and Ayame and Wu and the cat.

In the second half, when Ayame and Ryoma are Emperors and the Gods have decided that the demon world has grown too powerful, I want the Council of 4 Lords to consist of Fengyi, Sesshoumaru, Yusuke and whatever human we decide. Ayame's advisors/guardians will be of course her Emperor and Grandmaster. Yusuke would have the Momma and Papa Bear and Shihe, Sesshoumaru would have Ryoko and Inuyasha, Fengyi would have her Elder and younger Bats, and the Human would have another human as well as Wu's.

Also with the Gods, I do wanna take a small segment to actually develop a bit of backstory and hierarchy for them. There can even be alliances between gods of different mythologies coming together in a pact to wage war against the united forces of the human and demon worlds. just had to get this all written down before i go to sleep and wake up and have forgotten it all.
"She's suppose to some how get word to us...unless the cats have come onto her" she said simply as she looked ahead, "i really don't know what we are going to do...or how to get ahold of her but the moment we cross the boarder they'll know somethings up"
"Perhaps we should reach out to the monk? He can sense and track chi right? If he can find her I can teleport us...but it takes a large amount of energy, so I'll be pretty useless for a while afterwards"
"It might be best, lets land first before we do that" she stated looking around as they where still in the western lands before she pulled the reins as the horse's would soon be racing down to land.
Ryoma followed behind the carriage landing behind them as they landed "Do one of you happen to have a mirror?"Ryoma asked
Ryoko would shake her head, "do I look like I carry a mirror?" she stated quickly as Ayame would soon speak, "I have one" she stated as she would reach into the sleeve of her outfit and then held out the small hand held mirror. "will this work?"
"Kinda small but it'll do"he said as he took the mirror from her and tapped it with a clawed finger as Wu's face suddenly appeared "Yo"Ryoma said

Wu blinked as he looked up from his trainings to see the small circular floating face of Ryoma in front of him "Perculiar.. what do you need Emperor?" Wu asked "Shouldn't you all be in the Western Lands? I detect your youki and chi heading south, was everything successful? Let me talk to the Empress"he said as Ryoma then tossed her the mirror back "All yours"
Ayame would roll her eyes, "well then don't use it" she said quickly as she sat there waiting, till she watched him till she soon was being tossed the mirror as she sighed. She held it up looking at Wu, "Hello Grandmastr" she said her ears twitching slightly.
"Youkai have such strange magics" Wu commented as he looked at her "So how was your journey to the western lands?"
"Pleasent, even if Ryoma did get into another fight after we established a union without him proving himself" she said with a small chuckle, "also...the baby prince is so adorable" she said happily her ears twitching about as Ryoko chuckled. "I think shes baby crazy" she whispered to her brother some.
"Sesshoumaru started it!"Ryoma yelled into the mirror before looking at his sister sighing "I knew this was going to happen the minute she saw that baby"he said in defeat "I'll be a dad before I know it"
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 2 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:20 pm

"Excellent, you are almost done in your unification process, only the hardest one is left to go"Wu said
She would nod "well thats the issue...we havn't heard from Fengyi not sure how to get ahold of her either" she said simply.
Ryoko would nudge him with a smile, "won't be all that bad, our father loved being a dad....till the darkness took him"
"Ah I see, well she has contacted me recently, she has a cave of bats just outside the city where the former Demon God lived, but it's very well kept, also Humans have seemed to prosper and multiply in the South in their new Kingdom after the Dragon's throne fell. Humans and demons are still harshly divided in the South. It will be up you to win over both sides. Being a former Human myself Fengyi decided that I can come and help with negotiations and she will teach the monks"he said

"I think I was too young to remember him then"Ryoma said leaning on his sister slightly "I remember we were all happy....for a time anyway. Even our mother's got along when Dad still ran his band of thieves, even Ryumaru's. Oh god i just realized Father had a harem of powerful youkai women
Ayame would nod her head, "should we wait for you at the boarder?" she asked as she stood there for now ignoring the other two.

Ryoko would laugh, "you just now figured that out?" she stated as she would then speak, "hmm wonder if Ayame should pick up that tradition...theres several males she could have her pick of"
"I can actually teleport to your location. Mastering this ancient talisman magic has given me a world of new abilities"Wu smiled "Get to the Bat caves, and I will meet you there. You should be able to better sense Fengyi's chi now. I have defined her aura a bit better for you now."

"Not funny"Ryoma growled "How would you like it if Rei Yuan had a bunch of concubines he was sleeping with?"
"he knew better" she said simply as she sat there leaning back, with a small smirk. "besides we both know Ayame won't do it either way she was raised human...for a youkai its alright to have more than one mate...Rei was raised by dragons and they mate for life"
"Well based on that logic I wonder if I can have concubines." He wondered tapping his chin "So you gonna go fuck Sesshoumaru when this is all saod and done? You've wanted him since we were kids, nows your chance"
"perhaps but that makes him your brother" she said simply as she looked at him, "as for you taking concubines, have fun with that when you tell Ayame...lets see how fast you loss your 'wild side"
"Hey she said she didn't want to domesticate me. A man's gotta roam free to leave his mark on the world"Ryoma said "And I already proved I could beat Sesshoumaru in a fight, he's pretty much my bitch now, so screw his brains out, doesn't bother me anymore"he finisjed waving his hand dismissivly as he looked over at Ayame "Have a location for me yet?"
She would chuckle some before Ayame would speak as she looked at him as she finished up with Wu, "We are heading to the caves, Wu will meet us there and also" she said as she looked at Ryoko, "just cause I said I wont domesticate you, does not mean I share...because if you get another one, I bring home Yuseke and Sesshoumaru"
"Hmmm is that the trade off for that then huh?"Ryoma said with a small chuckle "Anywho let's get ready to teleport, you might feel a slight chilling sensation"Ryoma said closing his eyes raising his hands above his head as a small dark portal slowly started to open above them
"We will talk later" she said simply as Ryoko chuckled standing there, though they would just nod as the portal opened and Ayame looked up before they would pass through it.
As it came down around them there was a cooling rush of air before they reappeared standing directly in front of Fengyi who blinked as Ryoma smirked "Yo"he greeted
Fengyi would stand there and would then speak "You where right on time then Wu" She said as she stood there as Ayame would take a deep breath, "that was a little more than just chilled Ryoma!"
"Well sorry. I've been floating through the dimensional gap since I was a kid, I've gotten used to it"he said shrugging

"Hello everyone"Wu said with a smile "Glad to see you made it in such a timely manner, even you Ryoma"

Haha they just say underhanded tbings back and forth to each other)
Ayame would shake her head as she would stand there before speaking, "So what is the plan then Wu? Considering you are here and sending Fengyi back"
"Well here in these lands, there has been huge mistrust brewing between Cats and both other youkai and humans. Since the Dog General allied himself to take down her father,, Lady Yukine refuse to trust anyone. And here in the south are the most demon hating humans, with the original demon hunting villages first forming here. So with us being former human we may have a better sense of luck here playing both sides. And also should Lady Yukine wish to battle I will fight in your name instead of Emperor Ryoma"
Ayame listened andw ould nod her head slightly, "that does make sense, considering that if we can get the humans to side with us and promise them that the demons will not...continue their hunts or chaos among them then it might work. But what exatcly can we offer the cat clans? they'll know we sided with the dogs and they will see that as an insult or threat" Ayame said simply
"That is true. But the biggest thing we may have to offer is a threat of sorts." Wu said as Ryoma's ears twitched "Go on..." "Well because we have 'conquered' the three other Demon Gods, the power of the Yuan banner is now widely recognized. We could offer them protection under our name, since their clan numbers are already so small, as well has the right to rule alongside the humans. Or, the alternative, leave them to fend off whatever humans or demons attempt to take them on. They only have pure power to wage against us, we have the upper hand in everything else"
"But we aren't trying to start a war here Wu" Ayame said a bit concenrned as she stood there her arms slightly crossed, "But he does have a point Empress" Fengyi stated as she stood there, "The cats are stubborn...if you show you have power...and force their hand that could win us this without a battle"
"Their numbers are dwindled and their morale is low. By getting them on our side you just may revitalize their fighting spirit"Wu said

"I agree with the monk, and not because that was probably the darkest idea I've heard out of his mouth, but because it will probably work. Though cats are selfish, you may have to offer them a political marriage or a position of power or something to fully gain their trust"
She tapped her chin thinking, before she would look at Fengyi raised a brow before a small smirk formed on her lips. "I don't mind sharing so long as I get what I need from him time to time" she said simply as Ayame nodded, "Then we can offer Wu himself" she said simply looking at Ryoma. "He was a former human, and since I am already mated to you and he is not"
Ryoma shrugged "Works for me. As long as I don't have to do any work this time. Isn't the human leader a priestess and demon slayer? Maybe we should give him to both women, plus Fengyi. Make his life a true hell"

"......what?"Wu said blushing furiously "You cant just offer me up to he married! Well you can being the Empress but.....oh fine"he sighed hanging his head in defeat "I should have stayed at the monastery"
She would look at him with a small smile, "Oh come on Wu, besides you need to continue your line some how yes?" she stated simply as she stood there, "and besides Fengyi..." she said looking at the women, "when we take Kurama from his throne we need someone to take it where its leader before and by right as his mate still you take over it if he where to die"
"Well I was an orphan before I took up the Chi surname as grandmaster...but I supoose your right"Wu said "And that is true, rightfully the North will be yours once again to rule, making Ryoko it's legitimate heir."he commented looking at her "Everything you lost, your power, your family, your clan and your lands are now all yours again"
Fengyi would look at him as she stood there, "I suppose so, I can re-establish the clans easily" she said softly with a smirk, "though that won't stop me, from visiting" she said grinning at Wu with a wink. "and if your the Lord of these lands, then these lands can be where the monks and demon hunters train together..after all"
"Hmmm that is true. There are much one can learn from the other. But I do not think I would make myself a Lord. I would not leave the Empress's side. Merely consult upon the lands and leave my spouse to the politics"he said "If you put it that way, I would be alright with an arranged marriage"he said
Ayame would nod her head as she stood there, "very well, I am sure the Princess of these lands will take that considering she would still be encharge"
"Shall we proceed then? The village is just around the other side of this mountain. I believe it will be easier to start with the cats then move to the humans, they tend to be the most stubborn of all"
"Lead on then Grandmaster" Ayame said with a smile as Fengyi waved to them "good luck and try not to kill anyone" she said with a chuckle though Ryoko would speak "no promises"
Wu chuckled to himself softly as they set off easily making it around the mountain where the small village appeared "I believe the hardest party may be getting inside. I can feel the magicc radiating off of it as we speak"
"A barrier is easy to break once you learn the pressure point" Ryoko said simply as she walked with them though Ayame was siting on one of the horses while Ryoma lead it since she was the Empress they had to keep formalities even if Ayame hated them. "But if we bring it down by force they could spell trouble" Ryoko continued with a sigh "so how do you plan on getting us in?"
"Hmmm" Wu said "Well let's try the honest way first, and if they refuse, since we are offering a false threat we break the barrier to prove our poin5. Agreed? That should scare them more than enough"
Ryoko nodded as she glanced at Ayame "I'm sure our empress can do that, after all Empress you need to show you can be demanding or even 'mean' from time to time" she said simply as Ayame sighed "thought that's why I mated Ryoma..." She muttered with a small smile as they would move closer to the barrier till Ryoko held out her hand and would tap it slightly "hmm not bad technique" she said mostly to herself as for now they where just getting their attention.
"Yeah those kitties really know their magic"Ryoma said still grinning from being called mean

Wu took a deep breathe before his voice boomed over the village "I am grandmaster Wudong-chi of the Order of the Steel Dragons. Now presenting Princess of the North Ryoko Kurama-Yuan, Emperor Ryoma Kurama and her highness, 3rd of her name by birth right Empress Ayame Yuan. You can choose to let us in to talk peace or we will forcibly negotiate. You have one minute to decide'
Siliance was all they heard till Ayame would move from the horse and up to the barrier, she stood there listening before she would speak "I guess it's by force..." She said with a sigh before she would raise her hand and gently touched the barrier before taking a deep breath as her eyes soon turned white and her aura pulsed out just as the barrier began to weaken and break.
"They brought it upon themselves" Wu said as he saw the barrier shatter as he shook head as he tapped his staff on the ground as the gate surrounding the village blew apart with unbelievable force as they walked forward into the gates as a couple of large males armed with spears rushed forward pointing them at the group "I suggest you lower those" Wu said "We broke your barrier and blew apart your gate, do you think a few Spears are gonna stop us at this point?"
The men stood there growling, their eyes narrowed at them as Ayame stood there her ears flicking just slightly before she would speak "I can sense their leaders Aura, shes hiding" she said simply as Ryoko would glance around before she would speak "enough of this.." she growled stepping forward, "We wish to discuss things with your leader, we know she is here the princess of these lands so bring her out or bring us to her or I will have no regreats in burning your village to ashes" she said with a dark smirk, "i havn't killed a village in eons don't make your village my first in so long"
"Heyy that's the sister I know"Ryoma said grinning the largest of the males lowered his spear gritting his teeth "We dont trust others talking to Lady Yukine. If she choosee to reveal herself then it is her decision" Wu looked over at a building not sensing anyone inside as he tapped his staff as it suddenly exploded ad he frowned deeply "Maybe that will force her hand faster. We dont have all day"
Ryoko glanced at her brother, "I can start with you, I'm sure jerking a few knots in those pretty tails of yours will be easy" she said simply and Ayame would chuckle, though she would glance at Wu just as the building exploaded. Of course as soon as that happened a women's voice could be heard "I don't care if you have all day or not" the women said as the two men parted a younger feline walking up, "I care not for intruders, specially when they side with dogs" she growled out
"We gave you two chances to step forward"Wu said looking at the young woman "It is not only the dogs we have allied ourselves with, but all the Demon Gods and their children. All except you, so we are here to get you to join our banner against Kurama. And by joining us we can protect your clan against all other outside threats"
"Or what? You'll wipe us out?" she said her arms crossing slightly, "Is that what our little deminstration was all about? I know well what you have been planning, I have my eyes and ears and don't think your little monestary has escaped that reach either"
"Excellent" Wu said smiling "Then yoi know I am a man that means business. And if I am here before you then you can see how serious we are. Now do you want to keep talking out here and drawing an audience or shall we ho inside?"
She chuckled as she stood there, "I hide nothing from my people, my family" she said simply as she looked at the crowd growing, even children didn't seem phased as she looked at them, "We maybe small, but we don't shrink from a challenge and even if you are now a chi demon and former human....I do not submit"
Wu sighed "I was hoping this would be easier, but it seems we have no choice. By right I have the right to challenge the leader. My request is for private audience to discuss the problems and possible alliance, you can request anything you want should i lose and we will honor it."
"I warned you that they where stubborn" Ryoko said simply and Ayame nodded slightly but she would speak softly, "This is Wu's decision". The Feline hissed slightly, but her tail would flick slightly in aggitation as she would soon wave her hand "only..the Empress and Grandmaster" she said simply as she turned to leave, "if you have an issue with that, then there will be no negotiation"
"No issue here" Ryoma said lazily floating by the horse "We will be lounging around right here"he commented

Wu nodded his head "Agreed"he said as he followed behind her with Ayame
Ayame would chuckle slightly "Ryoko keep an eye on him" she stated simply as Ryoko smirked, "if he dissapears I did nothing" Ayame grinned and walked with Wu, watching the feline infront of them who lead them to a hut it was actully rather small almost below average but she would ease down before a fire, "welcome to my home...."
"Thank you for finally allowing us audience. We came here only with the best intentions" Wu started "It seems we have both done our research on one another as well. So you know the reason why we are here"
"Yes" she stated simply as she sat there, still annoynce on her face as her tail flicked back and forth. "You wish an alliance or a union to fall beneath her banner" she stated simply.
"That's absolutely right"Wu said with a nod "Now my question is what is it going to take in order to get you on our side?"
Her tail continued to flick back and forth as she thought slightly, "I would want the lands returned to my clan" she said quickly, "thanks to those dogs we've lost the ancestral home we've had for centuries"
"We heard about that war, and how the humans moved in right after"Wu said "A most regrettable circumstance, however, we can allow you to have your lands back and rule them once again."he said "We respect those borders"
"You know the humans won't go for that, they wish to wipe out my clan and all other demons. They won't go for a demon ruling them, even if she was a former human, let alone me" she said coldly
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on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:20 pm
"And what do the humans plan on doing? Trying to attack Ayame? Because I would pay all the gold in my coin purse to see that"Wu said with a smile "They'd be wiped away first. But perhaps a compromise can be formed, if both parties were represented equally from the South in the New Order the Phoenix Empress will be forming. On her council are representatives from each nation so far, there is no reason why the South couldn't have two. The whole goal is the unite humans and youkai, the south could be the perfect example of that"
"Represent how, those foul humans deserve no representation" she said with a hiss as Ayame would glance at Wu then to her, "Regardless on your feelings of that, it would alow you to take control of these lands if you offer a humans a position within your own court." Ayame said simply.
"They know they are also a lesser species that need protection, much like the way the cat clans from benefit from our banner, the ningen can benefit from the alliance and protection of yours"Wu said "And you would reclaim your rightful position as Lady Yukine of the Southern Lands"he said
"What do you want out of this" she said with a glance at the two of them, "besides a can I secure that this wont bite me in the ass now that I know those dogs are on your side"
"We are simply trying to overthrow Kurama and establish the proper government to bring prosperity to our lands like the prophecy mandates."Wu said simply "So we are willing to compromise to any demands you may need, as long as you help us stop Kurama and maintain peace when the time comes."he said looking over at Ayame "Anything you wish to offer the Cat God?"
Ayames tails would sway back and forth as she would speak, "I understand Youkai enjoy political gains, specially when it comes to things like well as ensuring that unions are held and kept" she said simply as Yukine would nod her head some, "your correct on that...whats your point?" she stated as Ayame would glance at Wu, "My point being, is my grandmaster has been at my side since I was but a child, I consider him family as well as my brother frankly if I didn't have a mate and I where to die I would have the empire pass to him" she said simply, "So what I'm a political marrige or mating between you two"
"Should have known that was coming"Wu sighed "Though thank you for the touching words Empress, I am honored"he told her before looking over at Yukine "Realize, mating me would put you right in the ear of the Empire. Your clan would be second in line to the throne behind the Kurama's as the Empress so eloquently pointed out. If that isn't enough reassurance that there will be no double crossing in this arrangement then I don't know what else could possibly sway you onto our side. Besides, I've shown that I am at the same level of power as the children of the Gods"
Ayame would smirk slightly "You offered" she said simply as she then looked to Yukine who was thinking, her tail flicking back and forth as she tapped her chin. Then she looked at Wu, before standing up as she soon was walking over to him and she was soon kneeling down infront of him reaching out grabbing his chin as she tilted his head back and forth some. "Not bad for human genes" she said, before glancing at Ayame "you consider him your brother yes?" Ayame nodded her head, "fine, but I rule these lands and no one else" "Wu has has to train the monks of the silver dragon, you'll be on your own when it comes to the politices of these lands"
Wu's red eyes flared slightly "Not bad.."he scoffed pushing his purple hair back "Your lands are yours to rule, I have bigger things to run, just make sure you do nothing that is contrary to what the Empress puts into law and we'll have a happy marriage and political standing. Also I will make sure no favors are granted to you simply because you are my wife. If you are to remain neutral, than I shall enforce that myself"
She would eye him slightly as he was already being demanding a bit, "I do not need a man to help me get what I wish" she said coldly and looked at Ayame "DO we have a deal Empress?" "We do" Ayame said simply as Yukine nodded "very well, just make sure the humans understand as well, I'll negotiate with a point but they will earn everything they wish to have as my clan has done and that is how these lands where some thumb sucker just sits up in MY palace hidding"
Wu had a snappy comment but decided to save it as he glared at the cat *I hate Ayame so much*he thought to himselff as he sighed standing up "Well then it seems the next stop is the palace. Let us pull the humans into our ways of peace and end this journey"he commented "And then I'll be back to deal with you later"he said coldly to Yukine
Yukine would stand there eyeing him, "Deal or fuck? either way you earn it" she hissed as Ayame would sigh, "save it for the bedroom please, thank you for your time Lady Yukine" she bowed as Yukine would return it seeming to like Ayame more "I look forward to your courts Empress" she would just eye Wu but said nothing more as they would leave she knew he would give her an ear full later.
"Oh one other thing about our arrangement. Every so often Lady Fengyi of the north will be needing my services considering she is my blood mother. Deal with it"Wu said shortly as he and Ayame walked outside as he instantly grabbed her ear "THIS IS WHO YOU DECIDE TO MARRY ME OFF TO!?"he snapped before letting her ear go "God the woman is as cold as the ice magic she prefers to use"

"Oh?" she grinned, as her eyes seemed to light up "by all means she is welcome to the bed chambers" she purred out happily, and watched them leave. Though when Ayame's ear was grabbed she let out a yelp as she tried to push him off, "You said you knew who she was! don't go blamming me! and let go!" she said and when he did she was rubbing her ear, as she glared at him "you said you'd do it anyways...just mate her and be done thats all you have to do you can have any women you want after that"
She was also pouting at him as she rubbed her ear, like a scolded child "jerk big brother.." she muttered under her breath.
"Yeah but I'm stuck with that one for life"he said though after hearing her parting words couldn't help but imagine himself with both women as he grinned cheekily knowing Fengyi also didn't have a preference who she slept with and fed from, besides Wu who was clearly her favorite "Whatever, at least that's all said and done. Let's just get over to the castle to deal with the ningen"he said
"Look who I'm stuck least your feline is negosiable...mine dosn't even want children..." she said softly as they walked back her ear still hurting, "how hard did you grab my ear!? it still hurts!" she said grumbling, "I swear you pulled fur off or something"
"You chose Ryoma! No one told you to screw around with him, I for one was absolutely against it, but you made your own decisions, just like you deserve that bit of pain"he said smirking "I think I did pull off a patch of fur...but it'll grow back"
"I went for him more becuase oyu where against where acting like I couldn't make my own choices without talking to you" she snapped as the two where going back and forth, Ryoko would hear them as she would stand there "I think things went over well."
"Well maybe you should have listened to me then because you are now with a troublemaking man who doesn't want kids while you're all baby crazy, so who knows who best?"Wu said sticking out his tongue "And now youre stuck, and I laugh every time."

Ryoma blinked looking between the two of them as they approached "Hey! They're talking about me! Assholes"he grumbled crossing his arms "I can never catch a break from you people"
"And your stuck with a women who doesn't even like men to begin with, who is colder than ice and will probably treat you like shit till the day you die" Ayame shot back quickly still pouting.
"Well maybe you should go correct it what ever they are talking about" Ryoko said simply glancing at her brother, "after all Wu was against oyu from the start...though from the look on Ayame's face and how her ear is flopped over..looks like he scolded your mate, maybe shes upset" she poked his side some with a chuckle.
"Oh no, the last time I got in the way of those two, I almost seriously got hurt, between light energy and chi, I'd rather just let them sort it out"Ryoma said shaking his head

Wu's jaw dropped as he heard that as he then glared at her "You asshole"he growled crossing his arms closing his eyes "At least I don't have to live with her all the time, you're stuck with that fool in your castle"he snapped back as they reached the others "Let's go"he said shortly
"At least Ryoma likes me and can stand me" she said quickly at him and Ryoko chuckled watching as they would walk with them, "Oh the love of family" she said shaking her ehad and would grab Ryoma's tail jerking him back, "calm your mate down before she blows this village up just by being pissed" she whispered into his ear, as she then moved up to Wu to talk to him and calm him down.
Ryoma grumbled "Fine fine"he said vanishing and reappearing beside Ayame "So I'm guessing everything went well?...bad?....average?"he questioned

Wu shook his head as he looked up at Ryoko "You have that motherly look on your face again. I'm fine you know"
Ryoko would walk beside him, "I know I do, and you two fight like Ryoma and I do" she said with a small smile, "let me guess your entered the agreement to mating Yukine?" she said simply
"Fine...hes just mad that he has to mate Yukine...even after I said I see him as my brother and that hes basicly second in line to the throne!...I can't even feel the tip of my ear cause of him right now!" she said grumbling and still rubbing her ear, "i think he tore fur off.."
"Yeah of course I did"Wu said sighing "It's for the good of the kingdom so I will deal with it. At least she's attractive, and powerful, though stubborn beyond all belief" he commented

Ryoma laughed slightly "He's mad being mated to a total babe, yes she's a bitch...actually she's a bigger bitch than Ryoko was when she was younger"he commented "But he'll get over it, you two never stay mad at each other for long anyway, it's kinda funny...kinda weird"he commented "And you totally have a patch of fur missing from your ear"
"I what!" she stated as she stood there as she would pull her mirror from her kimono and checked as she would see the patch, "WU! im going to kill you!!" she said yelling as she went to rush at him but felt Ryoma grab her tail to keep her still.
Ryoko would smile, "Yukine has always been one that wants people to prove themselves...prove yourself to her and you'll be on good terms." she stated till she heard Ayame yelling, "and what exatcly did you do to Ayame?"
"Now now, brothers and sisters fight, it happens"Ryoma said calmly "Plus you have the power to regenerate, just grow it back"he said shaking his head still holding her tail

"I.....may have pulled some fur off of her ear..."Wu said coyly touching his finger tips together "Whoops?"
"I don't care! I'm going to skin him" she said as she tried to get Ryoma to let go of her tail.
"Oh damn...your in trouble to our tails the ears is very sensative"
Ryoma sighed still holding her tail "Relax Ayame, or else I'll be forced to put you to sleep"he warned

"Yeah I know, that's why I grabbed it"Wu said shrugging "Anyway, we got what we needed accomplished, we just have to get the humans on our side now"
"Do that, and I will cut your tails off!" she snapped glaring at him, she was working up as soon his hand was burning as her aura was starting to pulse some.
"I think...Ryoma is about to knock her out got her pretty upset.."
Ryoma sighed "I warned you"he said snapping with his free hand as suddenly everything around them went completely black as he then let her tails go "We are in my dimension now, you'll only be able to last a few minutes in here before the numbness of the darkness makes you fall asleep"

"Well he can handle her"Wu said shrugging once again "She'll be fine after a good nap, she's always been that way"
"how many times have you purposly knocked her out?" She asked tapping her chin, "I remember when we first learned she could use your kistune abilities and got worked up you'd knock her out...she'd yell at you later but not after you got in a lecture"

Ayame looked around as she glared at him, as she took a deep breath "I am not a child that you can do this to Ryoma!" she snapped, as she stood there, but of course the more she yelled the more she moved she could feel her body growing weaker...." learned this from Wu did..didn't knock me out..."
"I don't think I can count on one hand how many times anymore"Wu said laughing slightly "But she's always come out stronger because of it"

"I may have had a conversation or two about it"Ryoma said with his same devilish grin "Whenever you got out of hand I had to think of something to stop you, sleep is the safest bet"he commented "Just sleep love, and wake up feeling refreshed"
"don't 'love' me Ryoma, we both know you only find me sexy when my demon comes out" she said quickly as her vision was starting to get a bit hazy as she shook her head, " the only one that...that actully has an..any feelings in this..." she shook her head again this time almost stubling about.
Ryoko would chuckle standing there, as they waited for Ryoma "I bet shes becoming 'honest' about now, it was always rather cute how tired she'd get and how honest she was about her feelings..." she said smiling, "I do remember the one time that she was fighting to go to sleep for an hour straight and she blurrted out how much she loved you..."
Ryoma appeared in front of her catching her before she almost fell "You talk like a drunk person when you're sleepy ya know?"he said picking her up "Just sleep already"

Wu gave a soft smile at that "I remember that. She was a crazy kid to grow up with that's for sure....I suppose I need to go back and talk to my....mate....about a place to stay for the night while she rests"he said turning around "I'll be back"he said heading back over to Yukine's hut knocking on the door
"s...shut up..." she muttered as she let her head rest against his shoulder, her eyes falling shut as she curled against him in his arms while she fell asleep.
Ryoko nodded watching him, "shes ahd a hard life from allow her these moments is all we can do to give her some sanity" she said simply as he walked off to Yukine's house. When he knocked Yukine would step up to the door with a raised brow "what?"
Ryoma smiled at her as he soon stepped out of his dimension appearing next to his sister with Ayame in his arms "She's finally out like a light"he commented

Wu brushed off her attitude as he began speaking "Something came up with Ayame, so we won't be able to go to the palace until tomorrow, is there a place we can all stay the night?"
Ryoko would brush Ayame's hair from her face, "much like when she was little" she said some as she looked at him, "at heart shes still very much like a child...I just wish I could have preserved her childhood a bit longer" she said simply
Yukine tilted her head some thinking, "Fine" she said simply as she stepped from her house, "this way" she stated waving him.
"Well I didn't know her as a kid, but all of us could have used a bit longer as children"Ryoma said

Wu nodded as he followed along side her "Is that how this marriage is going to work?"he asked curiously after a few moments "I do not want you as my enemy for the rest of our lives"
She glanced at him before speaking, "I' am sure the foxes ahve told you how it works with me" she stated simply as she kept walking, "I agreed to these terms cause as a youkai its natural to have mates that you don't exatcly like let alone love...political gain" her tail flicked back and forth, "and I dont see you as an enemy just men in genral bore me"
"Well luckily I am not your average man"Wu said as he walked beside her glancing over "Tell me, have you ever had your blood and your aura sucked before?"he asked curiously *Political gain indeed* he said rolling his eyes
"Tell me have you ever had a cat?" she stated as she looked at him, "we are quiet more flexable than bats" she purred out with a grin.
Wu raised an eyebrow at that "It seems we have a lot to experiment with one another. They say having your blood sucked is second only to the pleasure you feel when death finally overcomes the body and the pain ceases"he said as he looked her up and down "Really....more"
"Felines always have been...flexible" she stated as she moved up closer to him, "ask any male here, even the empress's male" she stated with a grin, as she soon would move up to a house. "bring the empress meet me back at my hut" she stated before turning to leave, as her tail would flick up his spine
Wu had a slight shiver race up his back as he watched her leave before shaking his head "Right, Empress"he said raising his staff as he vanished reappearing before the group "I found us a place to sleep, right this way"he said as they began walking as Wu looked over his shoulder at Ryoma "Hey Ryoma...have you been with a cat before?"he asked
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 2 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:21 pm
Ryoma grinned from ear to ear "Oh? Did Yukine finally strike your fancy, yes I have...and boy those women sure do know how to pamper a man. Easily the best screw in the animal kingdom"
Ryoko would sigh, "you better be glad shes asleep, you'd have your head on a platter about now" Ryoko said as she glanced at Wu, "but he is even the men" she shivered as she remembered those nights, "hmm this was long before I even meet Rei....I loved that man but....well your in for a treat for the rest of your life and...Yukine isn't afraid of bringing in more than one or two people to her bed chambers....far warning you may end up with a man a few times" she laughed
"You too!?"Wu said surprised as Ryoko chimed in her own feline experiences before sweatdropping "Really? I'll sure to keep that in mind in the future"he commented as his mind began to wander now "Maybe she'll unlock the beast locked inside me the way Fengyi can...maybe I should summon her now....I should probably stop getting ahead of myself"he said blushing shaking his head "The hut is just up ahead" he said once they reached it and as they turned around to say something to Wu he had already vanished knocking on Yukine's door once more
"Well probably one reason why Ryoma is going to be protective for the next few days while we stay sure he dosn't want Ayame to know the same pleasures and leave him high and dry" Ryoko teased as they got to the hut, though once there she noticed Wu was gone as she chuckled. "I think we have him going ot be enjoying his mate"

Yukine was sitting inside as she would speak, "mates don't knock" Yukine said before he could as her tail was flicking back and forth, but when he entered she was standing there naked the fire lighting up her body, as her eyes where glowing though she wasn't as filled out as Fengyi...she still had an exotic look to her.
"Hey I'm a fantastic lover I'll have you know. In case you forgot before you ran away from home my magic actually worked in seducing you"Ryoma glared as he laid Ayame down "She never complains"

Wu's red eyes instantly fixated on her as he pushed the door behind her as he didn't speak a word as he walked behind her sliding his shirt off as he put his arms around her as he pushed her hair over her shoulder exposing her neck as his tongue snaked out gently licking at her flesh as he could hear the blood pumping strongly through her veins as his fangs began to grow and his long hair turned white as his eyes turned purple
"hmm you just havn't given her a chance yet" Ryoko winked as she watched him, lay her down before speaking "you treat her like shes a doll you if she'll break"

Yukine would moan softly as she felt his lips against her neck, she arched up her fingers sliding up to run through his hair and pull it harshly, before she turned her head slowly to kiss at his cheek some, while her tail slid up pushing into his pants and soon began to stroke him.
"I cherish all things that I find dear to me."Ryoma said "Lesson learned from living with our father for half a millennia"he commented

Wu let out a sharp hiss at the sudden pleasure as well as his hair being jerked as his fangs soon sunk deeply into her neck locking in place as waves of pleasure began racing through her entire body and mind as her knees became weak as Wu held her up with his arms deeply drinking her blood feeling a new sort of energy flowing through him as his purple eyes turned into a deep red while in his demonic form
She would give him a small smile, as she stood up "I'll go have dinner prepared" she said simply, "cherish her always Ryoma....shes very dear to everyone...." she whispered before stepping out. Ayame laid there sleeping soundly, her ears twitching slightly as she muttered a few things in her sleep.

Yukine groaned, feeling his fangs digging into her neck as she gasped softly, it felt delightful but as he continued to drink he would feel his body growing cold, as she let out a breath as 'frost' filled the air. Her tail coiling around his cock, stroking the only warm thing so far while her fingers, felt like ice picks dragging down his skull.
"Yeah trust me I know"Ryoma muttered as he closed his eyes letting himself rest as well until she woke up

Wu drank for a little longer before pulling his fangs back letting the blood drip slightly down her chest as he picked her up laying her down on her bed of furs as his pants fully came off as he then licked up the blood slowly trickling down before biting her again sending another round of pleasure coarsing through her body
Yukine would smirk looking up at him, as her blood ran down her chest as she would slid her fingers down his chest, once again the ice cold touch of her fingers against his heated skin while she soon arched up, feeling his fangs diggin ginto her neck as she moaned. "hmm a biter..." she whispered with a laugh, her hand sliding further and further, till son that ice cold hand grabbed onto his shaft but it was warm as the more he drank from her the more he felt how little the cold didn't bother him.
Wu muttered his own moans against her neck at the dual hot and cold natures all over his skin before soon he pulled back looking down at her "Your fingers aren't that cold anymore..?"he questioned as he kissed her letting her taste her own powerful blood on his lips as he looked down seeing his mark left on her skin *Not bad* he thought to himself
"hmm shal I make it colder? that a blizzard is walking on your skin?" she whispered, before capturing his lips, but she would bit down making sure some of his own blood would bubble up as she licked at it, moaning softly while her hips pressed up against his, her claws dragging up his flesh at first firy hot...then ice cold almost like a punch to the gut with the sudden change.
Wu let out a startled gasp at the sudden feeling as he looked at her again "You like to torture your lovers...luckily, I have quite the hidden dark side"he said as his eyes turned cold again as he soon had them repositioned with her hands pinned over her head by him as his shaft rubbed against her before slowly finding its way inside "No matter how cold you make it, your body will always be the right temperture"
"a man who knows how to handle it....good you'll need that" she said before letting out another moan as she felt him inside of her, her hips arching up as she chuckled she began to move her hips, rolling much more than Fengyi could even pinned as she arched herself up, till her stomach was against his a bit. "I tolld you...flexible" she said as her tail slid between them and would find his balls squeezing them slowly
"And the tail too"he said letting out a low moan as his free arm wrapped around her waist to hold her up as he began pushing himself in and out, going as deep as he could with every stroke, blood still running down the side of his mouth as he threw his hair back moaning
"hmm do you want it anywhere else?" she laughed as she laid there, leaning up as her tongue ran over his chin and up to his lips, licking up her own blood. "hmm taste like winter" she purred as she continued to move her hips against his.
"Surprise me"he said though let himself smile a bit as he began speeding up, letting go of her arms to grab her legs prying them wide open as he began slamming himself into her
She would moan loudly as he starte dto speed up, she would rol her hips moving slowly and fast before soon she would grin as she would grab his head and next thing they where flipped over. Kissing him fiercly, as she moved her hips quickly against him with a grin.
He returned the passion in her kiss feeling her riding him vigorously as he grabbed her hips to brace himself as the rocked back and forth as he broke their kissing for a moment "I've never been fucked like this"he groaned out
"well you've never had a feline" she stated with a smile as she continued to move, rolling and shifting as her insides seemed to be doing the same as she dragged her claws down his chest cutting into the flesh some as she leaned down to lick it up.
He reached up taking a fist full of her hair and pulling slightly as an idea hit him as he reached around stroking her tail right at the base as his fangs soon buried deep into her chest this time, sending adreline and pleasure straight to her heart it felt like as he began to use his body to match her in speed and rhythm moving in perfect sync with her thrusts down on him
She let out a loud cry of pleasure when he began to stroke her tail, and she even started to purr moving her hips against his faster as she panted. "yes....gods yes!" she said panting heavily as he kept moving her hips faster, as his fangs dug into her flesh sending her into her own little frenzy as she moved quickly.
Wu was surprised with how wild she was becoming though was still able to match her thrust for thrust as he soon pushed off the bed, flipping them over in one smooth motion as he continued gripping her tail now that her ass was in the air and she was pushing backwards onto him instead of up and down as his tongue traced up up her back before coming to the back of her neck "Even for humans this is a high erogneous zone, if I bite you here, the pleasure going straight to your brain may cause you to black out, are you sure you can handle it?"he said though didn't bother waiting for an answer as his fangs sunk deep into her neck as he held on tightly, her mind and senses being flooded by overwhelming pleasure from her neck and tail
She chuckled as he flipped them over, as she would look back at him before she would go to speak till his fangs dug into her neck as she let out a cry. The rush, making her cum then and there as pleasure rippled through her as she moaned loudly, she gasped as her body seemed to almost weaken beneath them as she took in a deep breath. Though she would push against him as she would purr happily her eyes flashing red, "hmm i love a challenge" she stated as she turned herself slightly, as she would soon bite his ear while her fingers slid up to wrap around his shoulders, dragging down his spine while she even jerked his head back almost trying to 'pry' his lips from her neck.
*She is really flexible*he thought feeling her bite his ear and her claws down his back as the scene before him began to push him towards his limit as he bit her a bit harder moaning loudly as he thrusted harder and deeper into her soon cumming himself as he buried himself as far as he could go, still stroking her tail as his fangs dug in a bit deeper hitting a nerve in her neck that caused her to cum again around him as he panted
The two of them would be tangled up together for several hours like this, pushing the other to the limit and leaving marks after marks on eachothers bodies. When morning came Yukine was sitting in the other room, wearing a simple fur that was covering her naked body, her neck showing the signs of his bite marks but one was more prominate over the other. He would have one as well as she glanced at him sipping on some tea, "good morning....darling" she grinned.

Ayame wouldnt wake up till that morning as she groaned softly, curling against Ryoma's warm body as she nuzzled into him before opening her eyes, the smell of food and fresh cooked tea coming from the other room. The cats had a feast of sorts waiting for them, mostly fish.
Wu leaned against the door frame, his body was covered in all sorts of bites and claw marks, and he also sported his own mark on his neck, something she was very insistent about as he pushed off of it wearing nothing but his pants "I could get used to waking up to that"he said kissing the top of her head as he sat down beside her "Good morning dearest"he said pouring himself a cup of tea "Am I man enough to earn your favor now? Or maybe perverted enough"he teased taking a sip of his tea blinking "Oh my that's delicious...what your recipe is?"

"Oh you're awake now hm?"Ryoma said looking down at her "You looked comfy and you were talking in your sleep so I didn't want to wake you, you kept saying my name over and over....was it one of those sexy dreams?"he teased
"Private secret" she said as she sat there taking her own sip, before taking a deep breath as she let her tail flick back and forth. Though she glanced at him, "as for favor...perhaps" she said simply as she sat there, "you did prove your integrity" she said with a grin.

Her cheeks turned red slightly as she looked up at him, and would soon reach up to flick his nose "you wish...I was giving you a lecture" she said slowly pushed herself up with a yawn, "im still mad at did what Wu used to do to me..."
"Good, a monk is only as good as his honor"he said grinning back as he stretched "I haven't been this worked and battle marked in years"he said "I shall cherish each one of these scars as your marks to conquering me Lady Yukine"he smiled

"It's funny that it still works"he said grinning as he kissed her forehead "The kitties made a bunch of food for us to eat"
"Conquired maybe...I just hope not tamed" she purred taking another sip, "your little family should be awake by now" she said simply. "Or do you plan on staying here for round 5?"

She looked up at him with a sigh, "Do it again and you don't get to even look at me...ill blind you for a month" she said pouting just slightly.
"Technically that's your family now too"he mumbled "But I can go either way, they are most likely eating breakfast, that's always the first thing on their mind in the morning"Wu said as he moved around behind her kissing the mark on her neck "And we are newly mated"he said with a slight laugh sitting back down

"Wait, you have the power to do that?"Ryoma asked surprised helping her out of bed "That's amazing"
"Theres a lot of things I can do that you don't know" she stated simply as she looked up at him, as he helped her out of the bed. "your getting excited...whys that?"

She would glance at him, feeling his lips aginst her neck as she shivered taking a deep breath. "and though we are newly mated, don't mean you should shrink on your duties....we have plenty of time to be fiesty"
"just getting used to the idea to having a wife"Wu said "Originally, monks weren't allowed to have families, or even have sex, but when Fengyi and the original master entered the order all of that changed. I am always a man of my duty, Ayame hates that fact about me, so when I'm with you, I plan on relaxing and having at least a little fun"he commented

"Because I want to learn how to do you know the kind of things I can do with a power like that?"

"ya you plan on screwing with people, and doing it for fun" she said simply as she looked at him with a shake of her head, "I'm not showing you, or teaching just may wake up blind one day so watch out" she said simply flicking his nose before moving to go into the other room.

Yukine, smirked "well only in private" she purred as she dragged her fingers down his cheek and chin. "or...maybe with a few people I can be greedy"
"Ayame that's not funny" Ryoma called after her as he got out of bed moving to go eat with her and his sister

"I already know Fengyi will jump at the idea. She already wanted to horde me to herself. Now to share me with a woman as kinky as she is will excite her" Wu said
"I think its pretty funny" She said with a smirk, "I got one up on you" she grinned as she would go to sit down. Ryoko would sip her tea, "Do i want to know what you have up your sleeve on him?" "Maybe I could teach you so you can have an advantage"

"hmm I've always wondered what it be like to fuck the master of chi herself" she said with a dark grin, "shes a legend you know even in these lands"
"Do you wanna go to sleep again?" Ryoma growled out

"I believe it. And she's taught me all her unique techniques and then some. She took my virginity when she bled me. That's how she returned to full power"
"I can believe it" she said simply as she chuckled, "you still smell like her...and the Empress" she grinned, "I bet the fox wasn't happy to learn you where her first"
"No he wasn't" he laughed "But yes those two women have marked and empowered me in their own ways, and now your mark and blood mix with theirs"
She would smirk as she would pat his cheek, "well then we shall have some fun" she stated as she sat there taking another sip of her tea. "The humans wil not be easy"
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"Can you give me some more information about them? I'm the one doing the negotiatons and I want to make sure I am fully ready before I charge in there"he saod "It was unforeseen that they would come to dominate the lands. But Ayame wants peace between ningen and youkai under her banner. The South may end up becoming the crown jewel of her Empire, which means you'll have to run it well. There were plans to train my monks with the demon slayers in order to master techniques and learn more. My monks are already a mix of human and an assortment of youkai united under the same principles of peace, prosperity and the way of the Steel Fist. We wish to spread that influence across the lands and with our marriage there goes with it the political gain. There is much that can be gained from a dedicated alliance"
She would lean back with a sigh, "well first off you'll have to some how get into the castle itself, charging into it full throttle may not be wise...the human running it.." she stated with a small shake of her head, "shes apart of this clan of hunters....they deal with snakes and the like"
"What?" Wu said opening his eyes wide "The Orochi clan are the ones that took over? Fuck."he sighed rubbing his eyes "Their ancestors were the right hand to the Dragon Emperor and guardians of the family. But they hate the way the Heart ruled. They wanted to slay the demons and establish a human empire with the power of their Dragons. The Yuan wanted peace among all. I was told they clashed frequently. This is no different"
"Well then if you know about them so well then you must know how to deal with them, I've tried everything short of trying a full scale battle against them....but in the end I lose more of my people and we are forced to move to different settlements to hide.."
"Their techniques are fierce...but we have a bit of a problem....Ryoma kind of...possessed the eldest son of the clan and used him to try to kill Ayame.... I took the boy home and he fully recovered...but their emotional level over the incident is....unknown" Wu said scratching the back of his head
"Then I would say you do not bring the empress or the fox to that castle...unless you wish for his head on a platter and wishing to upset the girl" she said simply, "they'll want blood...its how they are"

Wu nodded "Then I will handle the matter myself. I would like for you to join me however."
Yukine would almost spit her tea out when he said that, "you want me to what?" she said looking at him, "the bloods gone to your head I am not going near that witch or her spawn!"
Wu frowned as he closed his eyes, his usual serious pose as he talked "You plan on ruling these lands and Tsubaki would be your direct subordinate so you need to ensure these negotiations meet all yoyr requirements or else Im going to come to whatever terms I think are best"
She heard that tone and it made her want to smack him as she glared before speaking "you don't get it" she said coldly "she wants me dead and wiped out!!! I've had 40 attempts on my life in the last month! Only reason it's stopped for now is thanks to the barrier which was destroyed so now I have to relocate my clan! She herself can tel you all the things I've tried to work out I can even give you the list! But she does not listen does not care! I may hate humans but I attempted peace at the start so forgive me if I don't wish to attempt again!"
"I understand your suffering" he said frowning deeper "So now I will deal with ir, but I wish you there to bear witness"
She let out a small growl as he said that before she stood up "fine but so help me if that witch makes a move I don't like I will gut her!" She stated heading to the bedroom to get dressed.
"Trust me she wont have the chwnce. I have a theory and an idea "he said following behind her
Yukine would sigh some as she heard him following behind her, though she would soon speak "very well..." she stated as she stood there and would find one of her outfits as she began to pull it on.
Wu pulled on his clothes and tapped them with his staff as they cleaned themselves "Whenever you are ready we will head over to the castle"
"Lets just get this over with" she stated simply as she stood there as she finshed getting dressed and she would even run an actual brush through her hair and then a few times over her tail to smooth out the fur
"Oh you look nice when you look like a proper lady"Wu said blinking "I almost wouldn't have recognized you if I didn't know your blood"he said with a laugh "I'll be waiting for you outside"he said as he turned walking out of the hut *Ayame, can you hear me?*Wu asked holding up two fingers to his forehead *Don't speak your response, I can't hear you, think it*wu said after shaking his head
She rolled her eyes, "I'd say go fuck yoruself but you'd just prey on some poor women" she said with a small chuckle as she continued to clean herself off.

Ayame was in the middle of eating when she heard Wu's voice, she blinked a few times before thinking 'What is it Wu? and when did you learn this trick?'
*I told you that my magic power has grown much since gaining the power of ancient talismans. But I wanted to inform you that this time I will personally be taking care of the meetings along with Yukine. We think it's best you do not go see Tsubaki"
She would slightly nod her head as she sat there 'Very well, I trust you...I will head back to the palace and start making arrangments of getting the castle moved to be at the center of the 4 lands'
*Excellent idea. There should be maps in my study of ideas already drawn on how to divide up a piece of land from all the 4 that is considered Imperial Land to move your castle to*Wu said before turning back to the hut "Are you almost ready to go?"he asked Yukine
'Wu be safe' she said before she would feel the connection slip as she would glance at the others. "Change of plans we are heading back to the palace"

"Yes" she stated stepping out, actully wearing a rather regal looking outfit, though it was still pants and allowed her movment she looked like a true lady of the lands.
Ryoma blinked looking over at her "Don't we have some humans to talk to or something? Not that I'm complaining about heading home."

"My my, you do clean up nicely"Wu said with a smile "Okay, first thing"he said raising his staff up into the air as a blue light shot from the end of it as a larger, stronger barrier came around the village "Not as though you'll be needing it from now on, but in the meantime, your village is safe, now let's go"he said tapping his staff on the ground as the both of them disappeared in a golden light, reappearing just outside the human village
"Wu just contacted me it be best if they handle it which I don't see an issue with it, we on the other hand will be moving the castle"

Yukine would shift slightly, and would feel the light washing over her, but she would just glance at him then to the castle, "here goes nothing I suppose..." she said simply
"Oh mean I'll be moving the castle"Ryoma sighed "I guess I should eat some extra food, that's not an easy thing to teleport ya know"he said "Wait, the monk can talk to you telepathically? Why is everyone suddenly getting all these unknown powers"

The look in Wu's eyes changed to a very serious one as he didn't say a word as they walked forward not even bothering to wait for a response as Wu blew the gates apart in his wake as he headed inside the castle as armed guards quickly rushed out to meet them in the courtyard, exactly where Wu wanted to be "Where is Tsubaki Orochi?"Wu said coldly
She started laughing as she would look at him, "I was thinking...maybe instead of the palace in the valley...that we have something else for the main one" Ryoko would tilt her head some, "Oh and why is that dear?" "Well the valley is home to a lot of people already....besides if we are the Royal family it should represnt the Royal Family...not just Ryoma" she said with a small smile, Ryoko would smirk "well I may be able to help with remember your father speaking of a palace he grew up in yes?" "Ya...he said it vanished when Rei sealed himself"

Yukine looked around as they would head inside walking beside him as they would soon be circled by the guards. "The Lady Orochi does not see to demons"
Ryoma stuck his tongue out as he continued eating as he looked over at them "Wait, Rei Yuan also had a hidden palace?"he asked curiously "I like this guy, he's just my flavor"

"I am Grandmaster Wudong-Chi of the Yuan Family. By birthright I am human. Now I will ask to speak to Tsubaki, or Lady Orochi will come to see a blood bath in her courtyard"Wu said in his calm yet scary voice "Bring her, or suffer"
"It wasn't really hidden, but it was seen as the pinicle of his time as Emperor" Ryoko said as she sat there "It holds quiet a bit of history, along with many items that would be considered Yuan artifacts...Wu would enjoy the library as it has many ancient texts and scrolls" she said simply.

She would cracke her claws some as she would look at the guards "I wouldn't mind just taking a few heads" she said coldly as the guards would glare, before a powerful aura filled the room "I do not need to be brought when I am here"
"Well, where is it? I can transport anything...just some things require more energy and concentration than others"Ryoma asked curiously "I'm intrigued now."

Wu took a step forward then "Tsubaki Orochi, you have confirmed my suspicions. You are the same dark witch I've been sensing this entire time."he said "What do you think your clan is doing?"
She would sit there as she sighed softly, before she would soon reach into her kimono and pulled out a small charm that had a glowing orb hanging from it. "Here..." she said as she sat there holding it in her palm, Ayame would lean close as the orb seemed to shift showing a small building. "I sealed it upon Rei's request...sacrificing one of my tails..."

Tusbaki would glare at Yukine who returned it with a small hiss before turning her attention to Wu as Tusbaki would chuckle "I am doing what is by right...after all the cats always say you EARN what you get...we earned these lands by right after all" "You stole them!! you did not earn it" Yukine said with a growl
"'s so tiny"Ryoma said looking at it "Good job, it's not easy to seal such a large object in such a confined space, I'm surprised it only took one of your tails to do it"he said

Wu held up his hand to silence them both "You attacked the clan after they had just waged a war and lost their leader, that is not honorable. But you have established presence here already that I cannot refute. I will give you one option, restore the Cats back as the rightful rulers of these lands and you shall be given your own plot and your own place in the new government across all these lands"
She would eye her brother for a moment, "give me some credit on how powerful I am" she said with a sigh, though she glanced at Ayame, "We had it sealed due to the fact that it was the pinicle of Rei's rise to Emperor...and due to the many items inside. Your father was still just a boy when Rei died and I could not raise him and see to this palace...and without a true Yuan on the throne it only would have become a target for demons wishing power" she said simply, "so I sealed it....there is also a weapon within it....that is the brother of Masamune and Muramasa..." (figured Ryoma could have his own sword Razz

Tsubaki would chuckle "I will give up nothing, you demons are all the same it is not my fault that I just out manuvered the felines besides soon their wont be anymore of them"
Ryoma's jaw dropped as he looked at his sister "Y-you've had it all along haven't you. This family possess all three swords. Masazane, the legendary swordsmith created 3 blades that could never be destroyed. Muramasa the Demon Blade. Masamune the Light Blade and Kusanagi the Snake Blade. It's power is said to flow between light and dark and takes on whatever properties of the user, if the user doesn't have his mind controlled by the sword first"he said "Is it true that Rei Yuan is descended from Masazane!? That is the only way he would ever come into possession of all three of these swords. Even Totosai has only forged two great blades himself."

"Incorrect"Wu said "The cat clans are now under the protection of the Yuan banner. Any harm against them would be considered treason by the Yuan Empire and punishable by death. It's over Tsubaki. Submit and live in peace"
Ryoko would nod her head, "yes..." she said as she sat there, "Rei didn't find out till the end though...where he came from and who his family line was...everything that dealt with the that family is in this palace" she said tapping the orb. "If you desire it....this can be the palace you seek Ayame, but know with its return many demons will come seeking the items within you will be the Empress...but in the end you will also be the guardian to the final line of the Masazane's blood line as will any children you have"

Tsubaki hissed as she moved closer "you dare threaten me? You hold no power here 'Grandmaster' nor does your Empress!"
Ryoma's jaw almost hit the floor as his mouth was agape "That is....amazing...for such a rare treasure collector like myself, I understand what my sister means, however"he said balling his fist "No one is going to steal any of my mate's treasure. Or my children's treasure. Not while I'm alive. I've searched centuries for this palace, and it's been right under my nose this entire time"he commented "All of Masazane's treasures and artifacts...all his magical abilities...their all yours Ayame, it's your bloodline...your heritage"

"Do you wish to engage in this battle here and now then Tsubaki?"Wu said as his frown deepened "I knew I sensed this dark energy before. Your brother, the reason he was so easily susceptible to Ryoma's possession was because of the darkness you instilled in this Household after the death of your father wasn't it? The Orochi are to faithfully guard the Yuan, but after your father's death upon Kurama's return, your family, most likely under your guidance, fled south, and decided to prey on those weaker than you to try and build your own ningen empire. That treachery stops here and now."he said "As does your life Tsubaki."
Ayame would look at Ryoma and would chuckle slightly as she looked to Ryoko, "I will gladly take up the task of protecting this place grandmother" Ryoko would smile as she would take Ayame's hand and placed it into her palm. "When you find the place you wish to place your mark on these lands....just plant this orb in that spot" Ayame nodded as she looked at Ryoma "No orgasming when you set foot in the palace...don't want to clean up that mess" she teased as she could see him practicly drooling.

Tsubaki glared "My father was a fool to allow such kindness all those years, the Yuans did nothing but push themselves forward, while allowing demons to roam and butcher villages...I did what needed to be done" she stated as Yukine cracked her claws "Can I kill her now? theres no reasoning with this witch"
"You don't understand, that place is literally the most elusive place on the planet. It's every treasure hunters dream vault to find. It was the reason our father even made the band of thieves....Ryoko, do you know what he would do to you if he found out you've had this for so long?"Ryoma commented

"I will take care of it"Wu said as he looked at Yukine and smiled "Can't have the new Lady of these people getting her claws dirty, besides, she's a powerful priestess with demon slaying techniques"he said as he stepped foward "But those won't work on me"he said as he tapped his staff on the ground as a large wave of fire shot out flying directly at Tsubaki
Ryoko would shrug slightly, "My duty to my husband and mate was my first and only thought, not my duty to a corrupted fox. If he had remained the Kurama even our mothers knew then perhaps I would have let him peak" she said as she eyed him, "I can just ban you from ever living there, the barrior is mine and it just takes one...drop of your blood to make you enver go in there" she said with a dark grin, "would't that just be horrible for you to never ever set foot inside of it when your mate gets to rest saftly beneath its roof every night for eternity?" She was enjoying being evil to him she finally had someone on him.

Tsubaki would roll her eyes at them, standing there but when the flames came at her she moved just as a large weapon came flying at him a large bladed circled weapon that was laced..with a venomus poison.
"I'd kill you first"Ryoma glared and snapped at his sister "That's not even funny! I thought you gave up being an evil person, you just hid it from the rest of the world"he growled out

Wu stood motionless as the blade whizzed past him scratching his cheek slightly as he then opened his eyes "Poison, of course the Snake Princess would use some underhanded trickery"he said feeling his blood running down his cheek and it stung slightly "I suppose I only have a few minutes of this then"he said as his staff vanished as he then drew Muramasa from his side as the dark blade pulsed sensing the energy of the dark priestess
"What sort of big sister would I be if I couldn't threaten my little baby brother?" she said with a coy smile as Ayame was giggling, "you two are rather cute when your like this" Ryoko would smirk, "See she likes it too"
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Yukine stood there watching and when she saw the weaon she cursed, but said nothing if he died in this fight then that was it...but she wouldn't tell him anything that wouldn't be honrable that be cheating.
"You are the worst Koko"Ryoma growled out "Can we just get back to the new place already? I want to see this damned palace myself"

Tsubaki glared as her blade came back again as she threw it at Wu as he raced foward deflecting it with his blade as it pulsed and he swung it at Tsubaki only to have a large snake suddenly appear with Wu's blade reflecting off of it's fangs as Wu smirked "I should have known that was coming"he said as he could feel his breathing starting to slow from the poison as he then held up Muramasa and began chanting as the sword left Wu's hand floating up into the air of it's own volition as the dark energy in the room slowly began to filter into the blade as Tsubaki could feel her energy leaving her body "I won't lose like this!"she screamed out

Ayame would lean over and soon she would kiss his cheek, "Lets first go back to the valley, Wu said there was some maps of areas that would be best and that would divide the lands equally. " she said simply as she sat there, "and if your good you can be the first one inside"

Yukine would smirk watching this, as the dark energy began to flow from Tsubaki the dark witch herself was being defeated by her own abilities, "Hurry up Wu!! that poison will start shutting your system down soon if you dont take her out now"
"I don't think you could stop me from racing in there first anyway"Ryoma said as he stood up his plate empty "Well then, let's go!"

"I'm working on it..."Wu said as Tsubaki launched her ring at Wu once more who teleported appearing behind Tsubaki as his fangs suddenly found her neck as the woman stopped moving as a blush crept across her face as Wu began drinking from her, but he never stopped as he kept going drinking more and more as her pale skin turned even paler and her moans became shallow short breaths as Wu sucked the life out of her body and the magic as well
Ayame laughed shaking her head as she would finish as well and she would wrap the necklace around her neck for now, "well let us leave then, Wu should be finishing up with the Humans now as is" she stated simply

Yukine stood there in shock watching, as Tsubaki stood there her bodyg rowing weaker as she was dropping to her knees till her eyes became hallow as her very life fadded from them.
"Well he can teleport so we should just meet him back there. Besides he's probably having some fun with his new lady friend"Ryoma said with a sly nudge at Ryoko "We know how cats can be sometimes"

Wu let her body fall as he held out his hand as his sword flew into it and he sheathed it as he then turned "Come out of hiding"he commanded as the young man that Ryoma had possessed came out from behind a couple guards "I remember you well boy, and how the darkness entered your heart from not being able to carry out your dying father's wishes, the same darkness that allowed Tsubaki and Ryoma to corrupt you. But now is your chance for atonement and redemption. You will serve under Lady Yukine, and be the human representative to her lands and guard her as you guard the Yuan, is that clear boy? Your father would be proud of a man like that"

The boy nodded not even crying over the loss of his sister "I, Naraku Orochi and the Orochi clan and human nation swear ourselves to the guidance and protection of Lady Yukine and the Yuan Dragon Family"he said proudly thumping his chest over his heart and bowing before Yukine "Please forgive my sister's atrocities, I will not lead my family to more pointless death and bloodshed. I beleive in peace, after the Grandmaster saved me from my own near death"
Yukine would stand there a bit shocked by all of this, though she would then look to the human boy her eyes narrowed slightly at him. Though she would speak "You owe quiet a debt it would seem" she said but she would look at Wu then back at him, "but I'll accept this, start having your people remove all that your sister put up and restore this village and the main palace to how it was" she said, "I will have my people come out of hiding and brought here if they are mates actions will pale in what I will do is that clear?"

Ayame would roll her eyes, as she stood there "lets just go, I rather not listen to how you fucked others.."
"Yes ma'am"the boy said bowing again before barking off orders "You heard our Lady! Get to it!"he yelled before bowing once more "Thank you"he said before running off still yelling orders

Wu smiled slightly before his eyes suddenly went blank as he fell over crashing on the ground next to Tsubaki

"I knew that'd get the ball rolling"Ryoma grinned as he moved out of the house stretching "Ready to teleport?"
Yukine would turn when he hit the ground as she moved to his side "Wu?! Wu..." she stated as she rolled him onto his side, noticing his eyes where black "shit..that witches poison.." she said

"yes lets get going, Wu should probably be back at the palace by now, I already sense things have changed here in these lands"
Wu tapped his staff on the ground before it rolled out of his hand as they were covered in green light this time as they suddenly teleported, appearing directly at Fengyi's feet while she was in the middle of giving her lessons

"Perfect"Ryoma said snapping as the dark portal appeared over their heads "Everyone ready?"
Fengyi was about to say something when she was training when Wu appeared infront of her as she saw the feline. "He drank the life blood of a witch..." she stated as she would then look at the monks. "continue your training!" she barked as she would help Yukine help up Wu as they would head to his private chambers.

"Just go through already" Ryoko said shoving him forward with a small alugh, as Ayame followed after with a small laugh.
Wu was unresponsive as the two women got him into his bed as Fengyi began checking over his vital signs "Drinking a witch's blood shouldn't cause any damage to him, even tainted blood is still viable blood, was he cursed or injured at any point?"she asked "And why exactly were you two together?"she blinked

Ryoma grumbled as he stumbled through and the three of them soon ended up in the valley "Uh--oh"Ryoma said sensing Wu "That's....probably not good"
"Long story bottom line, hes my mate now" she stated quickly as she stood there, "that witch got some of her poison in him...i warned him if he had defeated her she could have given him the antidote but I don't know what it is...does he need blood or something?"

Ayame would pause as she heard Ryoma say that and she glanced at him then towards the monestary as she took off running.
"The opposite"Fengyi said as she began removing Wu's shirt "The posion has contaminated his blood, so the bad blood needs to be drained from him. We can drink tainted blood, but we can't have our own blood become directly tainted"she said

"And there she goes"Ryoma said blinking as she took off "Let's just wait, we don't want to crowd the room"
Ryoko glanced at him, "Wu is very dear to her" she said watching, "when everything fell around her he was there...if she wasn'ted mated to you, I wouldn't be shocked if they got married"

"So how do we drain it? I don't drink blood and if you drink it
"Why does everyone love that stupid monk so much? Her, Fengyi, and now he's mated to a cat, and she doesn't even seem to hate him as much as she hates everyone else. Why is he so likeable?"Ryoma scoffed

"I'll be fine, but it's going to be a painful mess for Wu, good thing we will be here for him"Fengyi said as she finished undressing him and took a deep breath "I'm going to drain all of his blood, to the point where he is near death, once he wakes up he will need to feed immediately, luckily all three women who supply him blood are in the same room"she said just as Ayame came rushing in "Just in time"
Ryoko would chuckle, "Because he dosn't set out to be a jerk or a mischivious little fox" she said with a small smile, "Fengyi likes him because he set things right between the Monks and the Chi Demons, as for the feline hes earned her respect"

Ayame stepped through taking a deep breath, "wh...whats happened to him?" she said moving quickly as Yukine looked up and began to explain it just as Fengyi got Wu ready. Ayame nodded "I understand"
"Earned her respect? By fucking the fluff off of her?"Ryoma said shaking his head "Well, no matter what, that man will always be my #1 rival. That child of prophecy or whatever he is called by the monks will always have me to bother him for the rest of his life...if he lives through this"

"Alright, be prepared ladies, you're about to see a lot of blood"Fengyi said as she started at Wu's neck, and bit down as deep as she could until blackened blood began pouring rapidly from the wound as she systematically left bite marks down his entire neck, chest, stomach and legs as she pulled back wiping her mouth as she snapped as black chains appeared binding Wu's wrists and ankles as he woke up screaming from the pain as his skin broke out in a cold sweat to the rapid blood loss as he fought for a while before laying back on the bed, a dark, fading light in his eyes as he dazily looked up at the 3 of them
"You know how wild cats get, and they did go at it longer than either of us ever managed with a feline" she said watching him, "for now lets go and see to those maps while they deal with Wu" she said moving towards the library.

Ayame would take a deep breath as she gently would place her fingers on either side of his head to keep his head still. "its ok Wu...just trust us" she said stairing at him as Yukine helped drain the black blood, pushing on the skin where Fengi had bit him "It even smells foul"
"Ah good point, we know these lands better than that Monk does, we will see if it's all evenly distrubted ourselves"he said as they walked

"I can't imagine the amount of pain he's going through right now, and he fought while in this condition?"she asked as she pooled the blood in a large container at the end of the bed as she felt his heart rate slowing drastically knowing he was nearing death "Alright, just a bit more, anybody want to go first? Now be warned, since he is so hungry and so close to death, he may be a bit...primal, he may bite hard, rip flesh, scratch, and want to fuck, and we have to let him do it or else more harm may come to him"
Yukine would hear that last bit as she would chuckle, "so nothing new" she chuckled "I'll be the first as his mate" Ayame nodded as she would switch places with Yukine while she helped Fengyi get the thicker blood put into the buckets. Yukine would pull her outfit off not caring if she became naked or not as she twisted her hair up baring her neck.
As Wu's eyes saw her neck, his body seemed to pulse as he reached up pulling her down on top of him and sinking his fangs into her neck as he began drinking down her blood

"He reminds me of one of my vampires. When a human first turns into a vampire they have an insatiable bloodlust for the first few days. Wu didn't have that. I believe that he had some demon blood in him that he was not aware of before his transformation. He took to becoming a full chi-demon naturally. Our bloodline directly relates to the War Demon bloodline. In fact Raizen and I share the same grandfather. We are decended from Devil Youkai, straight from hell. All ghoulish type youkai, oni, vampires, war demons came from the Devil Youkai bloodline. Our grandfather is the Great Devil Youkai Satan"
going to have to pause here gotta wake up early for class tomorrow. Night Kris ill post when I get a chance and also was that Fengyi who was talking at the end or Ryoma?
Yukine would moan out in pleasure feeling his fangs dig into her neck, piercing the flesh as she took a deep breath as she pressed herself against him, her nails dragging down his chest slowly as her tail would dip down to start working off his pants slowly.

Ayame was blushing a bit watching the two of them, but she would look back to Fengyi to give them both some space since Wu was still restrained he coudln't move to far even, listening to Fengyi though she would speak " mean he is possible a mix like me?...and a decendent of one of the strongest Youkai in the world?"
Wu's body seemed to be growing warmer as he felt his mate on top of him as he hissed slightly while still drinking her blood growing completely hard

"I believe so"Fengyi said nodding "It's the only explaination that I can think of that makes sense. They say he was a reincarnation of the first Grandmaster. He didn't have a hard time with his transformation. He has ascended into a true demon form, and he manages to keep up with you in battle with his endless reserves of chi. I believe somewhere down his family tree he had some sort of demon blood. Probably on his mother's side, demon mothers tend to have their traits overridden by the father's blood"
Yukine would keep moaning, as she would start to grind herself against him with a small smile on her lips listening to him moaning, the gasps as he drank her blood. It was draining but she would soon dragged her nails down his arms making his skin chilled to the touch as she chuckled, "come can do better" she mocked in his ear, as she soon managed to get his pants open and soon her tail was coiling around his shaft stroking him.

Ayame couldn't help but glance over seeing this and her cheeks darkened a bit and then away again, "Is there any way to prove this Fengyi? if it even gets out that we are wrong this could spell mother told me how Devil Youkai work...they don't take kindly to any hint of insult and will rain down chaos if they even have a feeling that they are being treated like they are inferer or a toy"
Wu attempted to reach up to her but couldn't as he rocked his hips back and forth to her tail as he closed his eyes again still drinking her blood as all of his wounds began to closse finally

"I don't think we have to worry about that with Wu. He's been a demon for almost 10 years now. If he would have had any sign of that aggressive behavior it would have manifested itself by now. That, or it takes a lot to get him upset. The only time I've ever seen him worked up is in the bedroom. I think all three of us have seen that darker side of him...well maybe not you, you guys only had sex occassionally"Fengyi said to Ayame
"we had sex once!" Ayame said quickly her cheeks a dark red siting there, "I...and I don't even have that much with Ryoma..." she said as Yukine could hear that as she chuckled, "pitty...I bet your fun in bed" she said as she would feel Wu struggling against the bonds still drinking from her, as she looked back at him "your greedy...." she teased as her tail tip would flick the tip of his shaft slightly, "Who do your eally want riding you?" she whispered to his ear some as she dragged her nails through his hair, "me....your brood mother...or the young empress who you helped make into a women?"
Wu's eyes opened as she said that as he looked up at her then as he pulled his fangs back "All"he said softly before biting the other side of her neck as his body pulsed

"A pity really"Fengyi said "You should probably have a bit more fun Empress, I mean, you aren't a human anymore, no need to be conservative. Besides fighting each other directly, sex is a way for us to show our power, our affection, and to flat out have fun"
Yukine chuckled "you are a greedy man" she said as she would roll her neck before feeling him sink his fangs back into her neck, she moaned loudly arching up and then glanced back at the two women, "you heard him girls...he wants us all at the same time. Hes such a greedy man after all" she said with a coo as her tail would unwrap from his cock, "who wants the first taste?"

Ayame stood there still a bit unsure, she never got this wild in the bedroom infact she got embarressed half the time, Ryoma seemed to enjoy that hint of innocence till he pissed her demon off but she sometimes blacked out during that moment. " can go first Fengyi"
Fengyi chuckled softly brushing Ayame's hair back "You can watch the two of us, and when you feel ready, you can join, if you want"she said as her red eyes flashed slightly as she walked over to Yukine "Don't act like I haven't sensed your lust either"she siad taking off her kimono as she climbed on top of Wu easing her moist folds down around him before biting Yukine on the back of her shoulder as her arms wrapped around her from behind finding her nipples and slowly twisting them back and forth
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 2 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:22 pm
Yukine would moan feeling her bite into her neck, as she took a deep breath, "Hmm I knew this be fun" she said with a purr as she would press her tail against Fengyi's clit massaging it and coiling it around as she dug her claws into Wu's shoulders. Ayame stood there her cheeks burning, her heart racing and her demon was starting to stir.
Fengyi let out a gasp as she slowly began riding Wu as one of her hands snaked down to Yukine's clit as well returning the favor as her tongue slowly danced down her spine as she raised the cats hips up slightly as her tongue slowly pressed inside her

Wu's eyes opened feeling the growing lust feel the room as he finally felt the point where he had to release Yukine or end up killing her by drinking too much blood as he laid their panting, blood running off the corners of his lips though he was still chained down under the women
Yukine would raise her hips up as she felt Fengyi's tongue slipped inside of her making her moan, "hmm...who knew you had such a good tongue" she teased just as she felt Wu's fangs leave her neck, making her shiver glancing down at him as she panted heavily as she would then lean down to lick up the drops of blood before kissing him, forcing her tongue into his mouth.
Fengyi smirked against her as she grinded Wu deep inside of her causing her to moan out before pulling back "Whenever you are ready we can switch and Wu can bite me next"she said

Wu returned the kiss as he looked up at her dazed "Yu..kine.."he said softly finally recognizing her
Yukine smiled as she looked down at him, "thats right..." she stated as she would lightly smack him "time to wake up greedy little boy, your momma wants to talk to ya" she laughed and glanced back at Fengyi, "ill get the Empress ready" she said with a dark grin as Ayame yelped "wait what?" "Oh just stand there and look pretty for a second dear, your going to be desert"
Fengyi chuckled as she reluctantly slid off of Wu and moved forward pulling her hair to the side "Come to me my precious"she said cradling his head to her neck as his fangs elongated as he sunk them into her neck as he released a surge of energy at that moment washing over the room
Yukine watched as she would drag her fingers down Fengyi's spine "your a good momma" she teased with a chuckle as she would then look over to Ayame, "now you..." she purred as she would corner Ayame who was still a bit scared, "for an Empress your like a small kitten, how you landed the prince of shadows is beyond me" she chuckled as she would grab Ayame and without warning she was kissing her and ripping the girls kimono.
Fengyi chuckled softly as Wu feed hungerily from her as his body pulsed again letting out another strong wave of energy "Oh don't be mean to the girl, she's still young"

"That cat got to my mate"Ryoma said to his sister as they sat in the library "There is some kinda freaky 4 some going on with the monk"
"Well then go join them" Ryoko said simply as she picked up another map looking it over, "you do complain that Ayame is to innocent, this could spur something in her to test out later" she said looking at him.

Yukine would chuckle "I dn't go easy, you should know this" she stated as she looked at Ayame who was breathing heavily, "just let me know when hes ready for desert" she stated as her hand dipped down cupping Ayame's folds as she started to finger her, making Ayame let out a cry while Yukine took hold of her nipple with her teeth.
"No no, I will let her have this experience now, I don't want to ruin it for her, then I will have my fun since I know she's open to it"Ryoma said

"Just a bit more"Fengyi said as she rode Wu again moaning out "Her blood is powerful, so it'll fill him up the rest of the way"she said going for a few more minutes before pulling back from him and standing up "He's all yours"
Yukine would slid her hand from Ayame's folds as she would gently lead her over, "hmm from what I hear you two havn't been this close in some time.." she stated as she would soon cut the bonds that held Wu, "lets have Wu have his desert" she stated before moving up to Fengyi as she dragged her nails down the womens chest, "I'm still hungry myself" she purred as Ayame let out a yelp whens he felt Wu grab her and pull her close to him.
"Ayame"Wu said softly as his fangs then dug deeply into her neck as he pulled her on top of him deeply drinking from her as he flipped them over so he was on top of her as he pushed himself inside

"Oh does my kitty need some attention?"Fengyi said grinning wickedly as she pinned her up against the wall before dropping down to her knees and sliding her tongue back in place where it was before
Ayame would look at Wu, her heart was beating quickly remembering the first time this happened "Wu..." she whispered till they where flipped over and just as his fangs entered neck she felt him enter her making her moan out loudly.

Yukine groaned as she stood there raising her leg to hook around Fengyi's head and pull her close as she began to roll and grind herself into her tongue "Hmm momma that feels good..."
Wu drank deeply from Ayame feeling a new power coursing through his body as he had the familiar wave of pleasure wash over him from being with Ayame again

Fengyi smirked as she raised her hand sliding a finger inside of her pumping it back and forth

Ayame was groaning as she moved her hips against his, it was like the first time feeling his fangs digging into her neck, draining her blood and her chi as he was starting to get the 'raw' taste of her youkai as well. Unlocked and untainted as she held onto him panting softly.

Yukine moaned arching up onto her toes slightly, as she would look down at her "hmm naughty momma..." she chuckled as she would lean down slightly "two can play this game" she said as a small thud could be heard as Yukine pinned Fengyi down but soon they where in a 69 postion as Yukine spread her legs and dragged her rougher tongue over the women's thighs.

Ryoko would sense the shift in aura as she would look over, "Hmm seems Wu is having Ayame again...interesting, I would think Ayame woudln't take part but..." she paused seeing Ryoma's fists balled up, "Now now, its not like she'll get prengant...well..maybe..." she laughed
Wu held her tightly as he continued his movements as his eyes closed getting drunk off of her power. He had his qualms about her being with Ryoma since he still had his own feelings towards her, so he was content to have her whenever he could

Fengyi gasped softly spreading her legs "Oh my, someone's getting antsy hm?"she said grabbing her hips as she began sucking on her clit

Ryoma's ear twitched as he scoffed "Whatever, she can have his kid, saves me the trouble of dealing with her baby craziness. She can never get mad at me when I go gather my harem then, because she already has one. I'm really surprised youre not in there actually"
"I have no desire towards Wu, hes powerful but I had a mate that was powerful and coming from a power crazed father is no different" she stated simply as she sat there, "and you'll have to have a child at some point, for your heir...if she has a child with Wu it will not be the heir to the empire"

Ayame dragged her nails down his back, before sliding one hand up to cup the back of his head, holding him close "Wu..." she whispered softly, wraping her legs around his waist. She always loved him, always looked up to him, in a way it was almost in jealosy that he could be so strong and her so week...but since she was small she never wanted to be without him.

Yukine moaned feeling her suckle on her cli as she gasped, "Hmm well...I know what I want" she stated as she would let her tail flick over Fengy's ears slightly.
"Yeah I know"Ryoma sighed "I just really don't think I'd be a good dad, it's to the point where I don't care if she has a child with him, as long as it gets her off my back until I HAVE to have an heir"he said

Wu soon pulled his fangs back from her neck as he kissed her deeply before looking down at her, the color back in his skin and his eyes, while still dull had light in them again "Ayame....thank you"he said softly resting his forehead against hers

"Cats never know what they want"Fengyi laughed softly as she reached up stroking the base of her tail "Except for that, they always want that"
Ryoko would smile, "you'll make a good father Ryoma, but you have to be ready...a child is no small task" she stated simply as she would soon tap the table, "what about this one?" she asked showing the map "it seems pretty equal"

Ayame would look up at him taking a deep breath, as she would speak "fo...for what?" she asked softly closing her eyes as she would lean against him.

Yukine purred hotly feeling her grab her tail as she would shiver, " know how to work a girl"
Ryoma sighed again before taking the map from her hand and looking it over "Hm...that actually....looks pretty good"Ryoma said "Everything is roughly the same size, with plenty of neutral land in the center...I think this may be the one"

"Everything"he responded softly as he slowed his thrusting biting his lip slightly "I'm going to you want it?"he asked

"Oh I've had thousands of years of experience"Fengyi grinned "Every legendary demon you can think of I have bitten and fucked"
"Then we will plan on this one then" she stated as she would push the others aside, "anything we should add while we are here discussing?" Ryoko said simply

Ayame would kiss him softly, "when have I said no to you...when it matterd?" she asked not wanting him to say all the times as a child she said no.

Yukine moaned and would bit the womens thigh some, before pushing her fingers inside of her, pumping and stirring up her insides.
"Actually yes"Ryoma said smirking as he took another piece of paper and redrew the map with a slight change, combining the north and the western lands into one large chunk "Your marriage to Sesshoumaru"he grinned "This is what that big ass piece of land is going to look like"

Wu chuckled softly after their kiss as he pushed himself deep inside and came hard filling her as his power suddenly flared once more breaking all the windows in the room. It seemed that he had returned to his full self, but even stronger than before somehow as his aura levels skyrocketed

Fengyi moaned loudly as her toes curled as she then returned the favor to Yukine as her hips winded and grinded against her fingers
"Wait im what?!" she stated looking at her brother as she looked at him, "I may have had a crush on that dog when I was younger but you want me to mate him?!" she said quickly as she looked at the map, "That...that is almost ungodly how big that piece is...what do you even gain from something like this?"

Ayame would move her hips quickly feeling his speed pick u as she moaned, panting heavily till she would yell loudly, her aura pulsing out as well wrapping around those in the room as Yukine shivered, the wash of the aura flowing over her made her quiver before cumming herself, "oh god..this...this aura is...intoxicating.." she panted loudly.
"Political advantage"Ryoma said "Let's face it, our biggest threat is Old Man Raizen and Yusuke. They have no real alliances besides their love of combat. Should they ever disagree with the Empire, or get tired of Ayame's passiveness, they could easily start a war and cause a lot of damage, because the bears are also in his territory as well. There are many villages scattered throughout the East as well unlike the North which will have to rebuild after everything is said and done, and the West is still modernizing from being savage beasts to more refined youkai under the guidance of Inu no Taishou. Have the NorthWest lands would deter Raizen from staging any type of coup in the future. The South already has defense from that by their future formation of demon slaying monks, I don't think he would be foolish enough to go up against that type of threat" he explained and in that moment sounded much like the future Emperor he was going to become, a very smart strategist "Or you could marry Yusuke if you wanted to, it would have much of the same effect"

Fengyi followed suit cumming hard and laying her head back "Oh gods yes. I swear those two should have gotten together from the beginning, every time they join together this...euphoric feeling washes over everyone nearby"
Yukine would pant heavily as she would smirk "well I could trade Wu for the fox of that is the case" she said with a grin and licked her lips panting a bit "but I could just sit here forever feeling this aura imagine if they did mate this power....even the gods would fear them."

"It's scary how you think like this when just a bit ago you wanted nothing to do with anything that could domesticate you"
"Hm..."Fengyi said tapping her chin "I wonder if Ryoko would allow that to happen..."she said curiously "Because you are right, that would be a great power...I feel like my theory on Wu is correct and he is descended from War demons like Raizen is...that would explain his love of fighting when his peace has been disturbed...maybe that is why he keep it in check...but this power does feel so good"

Wu curled up next to Ayame holding her as he nuzzled into the back of her neck falling asleep instantly after that stressful ordeal

"Well I have no choice now"Ryoma sighed "I'm in the middle of everything and expected to be a leader, so a leader I shall be"
"OH why would Ryoko mind? they would make one hell of a couple, and besides...Ryoma will just have a smaller place to rule so long as he knows that I run the lands" she said with a small chuckle still moaning at the feeling of the arua even as he began to die down. Ayame rested her head against Wu's her arms gently sliding around him, as her eyes closed taking in deep breaths as their auras seemed to calm down.

Ryoko would sense the blast of aura even as it started to fade and she glanced at Ryoma with a shiver, "That...that was...lovely...who...whos was that?" she stated looking out the windows.
"I don't know why she would mind...simply asking myself outloud"Fengyi stated with a shrug "I'm sure he wouldn't mind that, besides you would give him the freedom to explore anywhere he wanted to and sleep with anyone he wishes, Ayame would probably get jealous of that after some time"she said

"That was....Wu and Ayame..."Ryoma said biting his lip "That rush you think I made a mistake in marking Ayame so quickly? I did do it after I lost control of my demon due to her demon losing control....perhaps she was supposed to be with the monk after all? They clearly love each other, and I heard their argument that she chose to go with me because Wu explicitly told her not to."

Ryoko would sit there taking a deep breath, " would be free of the burdons that Emperors must take on...though I'm sure Ayame would still let you come into the palace" she winked knowing he would want to at least get to say he got to be inside, and if he behaved maybe walk out with a few rare artifacts.

Yukine would take a deep breath sliding from Fengyi looking at the two of them curled together, "they do make quiet the picture" she said with a smile, "If the fox agree's Ill revoke my mating to Wu, besides im sure I have plenty women in my court willing to bed him after im done"
Ryoma sighed as he held up his hand with a soft smile "It was fun while it lasted"he said as he snapped his fingers as Ayame felt a cooling sensation suddenly as the mark on her neck was suddenly lifted "I suppose I should mate someone more my age like Yukine is. They both grew up human before they converted, they'll age at the same rate, I'm already 700 years older than she is, and she doesn't listen to me anyway only you and him."Ryoma said "Plus with me in the south, I can make sure that Raizen doesn't try anything either, he'll be checked from all sides now."
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 2 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:22 pm
"I think he may have come to the same conclusion"Fengyi said sensing the energy shift and noticing the mark was gone "I think you should go make good on that before you both change your minds, you are very alike you know"
Ayame would blink a few times as she would feel something change, and shew ould close her eyes with a faint smile as Yukine nodded as Wu even in his slumber felt something 'fade' as she then looked at Fengyi "Well I best go get cleaned up, I heard monks have quiet the best hot springs" she teased and would leave walking out naked not caring if the other monks saw it.

Ryoko would smile "thats very honrable of you, besides she won't tie you down with children" she laughed, "You two would make a unstoppable force in the South, and you'll have fun terrorizing those that don't follow the Empeires laws"
Fengyi laughed slightly at Yukine "Oh the monks are going to lose it when they see her"she said as she dressed and stood over Ayame and Wu "You two deserve this, you've been through a lot, and besides, you've already been carrying his mark"she said with a smile before vanishing

"Good, we can be the Land of Divine Punishment"Ryoma said and smiled "Hey that's right...she wouldn't force me to have any kids until we actually needed an heir, and then only one is good...Ayame probably wants a million little brats running around. I think this was the right decision...and who knows, I'll sitll probably seduce her from time to time"
"Just to piss Wu off im sure, but if you do please let me get saftly away so I don't have to listen to you two fighting....I would say your evenly matched but who knows now that hes up to his full power" Ryoko chuckled and stood up, "I'll go and get the bears to get some dinner going, I think a feast is in order"

Ayame had fallen asleep curled up against Wu, not hearing what Fengyi had stated as she would leave them be after tossing a blanket over the two of them and removing the tainted blood.
"In terms of pure power, the monk is stronger, but I have an arsenal of tricks that give me in edge in any fight"Ryoma smirked "Yeah dinner sounds good I'm starving"

Towards the time dinner was almost finished Wu woke up as he sat up rubbing his head "Hm...what happened..."he said looking down at Ayame "Oh yeah....Oh shit"
The group had taken up in the great hall to eat, the monks enjoying a well cooked meal thanks to the bears as Yukine and Ryoma already seemed to be enjoying taunting the other, and Ryoko wwas talking to Fengyi about a few things such as the new boarders that would be set up once the new palace was put into place.

Ayame groaned softly, her ears twitching slightly as she heard Wu's voice before her eyes opened a she took a deep breath, "Wu?" she asked softly with a yawn, "w...whats wrong?" she said yawning and peeking at him over her shoudler some.
"Nothing. I feel like a giant punched me"Wu said as he smiled down at her *her mark is really gone...* he thought "Ayame....about what dont have a mark anymore.."
She would shift some on the bed, hearing his words she nodded. "I felt it leave....Ryoma..." she wasn't sure how to feel about it, did she hurt him? Did he only take up the farce to gain power? "Did I do the right thing Wu? I....don't know....what to do right now..." she never had been put into a cituation like this. "Well you can do whatever mark is missing from Yukine."Wu said suddenly "I can sense her, but not my marking...what is going 9n?"
"They revocked their claims" Ryoko said as she pushed the door shut behind her, "I came to see if you two where awake yet and figured you had answers" she said as she walked over to them handing Wu a robe and one for Ayame. "A hot bath is being prepared for you two, as well as a healing dinner after all you took quiet the journy to recovery...and Ayame lost quiet a bit of blood"
"Thanks" he said taking the robe and tying it "I thought I was going to die, everything went black. My eyesight is still a bit hazy"he said "But why were the claims revoked?"
"Because you two are trully perfect for one another" she said with a small smile as she stood there, "Your auras when combined are on the levels of gods, Ryoma even stated he only claimed Ayame because of that aura he was drunk on it in a sense...much how Fengyi and Yukine got with Wu's aura"
Wu blinked surprised and confused by what she said "is that what happened then..."he said looking over at Ayame "Perfect for each other huh...Ayame, I know I promised you this when you were a little girl...but do you wish to be my mate?'
Ayame looked up at him, as her cheeks turned a faint red before she nodded "Y...Yes!" she stated happily her tails wagging, Ryoko would smile slightly as she stood there, "Well from Fengyi says you two have been mated for some time".
Wu blinked "What?"he said as he turned to her "Mated? Impossible " he said shaking his head
She would speak, "take it up with Fengyi shes the one that says it" she said with a small smile, as she would turn "get a hot bath first before moving to the hall to eat"
"Yes ma'am"he said as she left as he turned t0 Ayame smiling "Well....."he grinned
Ayame would give a small smile and nodded as she slid off the bed and walked over to him gently taking his arm, "bath and dinner sounds perfect"
"Actually I can think of something a bit better first"he said picking her up taking her back to the bed as he proceeded to take her once more and make his mark official. As they finished their aura sent out the same wave as Ryoma had a blush on his cheeks "Oh this is what you guys're right, this power feels good" as Fengyi also blushed and nodded "Ill miss feeling that when I got back north"

"They are talking about us"Wu said as he eased himself into rhe healing hot spring with Ayame
Ayame blinked looking at him, when he picked her up she let out a small chuckle shaking her head. Though Ryoko would take a deep breath as she sat there, "hmm it is rather nice"

Ayame slid off the robe and down into the warm water with a sigh leaning back slightly as her hair pooled around her and her tails flicked around in the water, "Hmm I will miss these hot springs..."
"We can build new ones you know?"Wu said "These are very nice though " he smiled "So what happened while I was unconscious?"
She glanced over at him before speaking "Well your blood was tainted specially since you drained that witch the only way we coudl save ou was to drain almost all your blood and then let you feed on the three people that gave you blood....then some where along that...Ryoma and Yukine removed their claims on us.."
"And Im guessing I had sex with you three...and you three had sex with each other" Wu said "That must be what did it."he said nodding his heaf "And now we are mated"
She would shift slightly as she sat there, " wasn't really us three...having sex.." she said softly as she then looked over at him "You seem rather happy over this...or your just wanting to rub it in Ryoma's face you had three women at once"
"No it's just a surprise that's all. I dont even rememver all of it so I have nothing to brag about" Wu said shrugging "I'm happy I got to have you again"
"Again? Wu you always had me...i...i just thought you didn't see me as anything other than a student at best maybe your little sister" she said looking at him.
"I dont tend to sleep with my students or siblings. You are the one who mated first "he pointed out "And we fought about it time and time again"
She sighed heavily as she sat there shaking her head, before she would move forward sliding deeper into the water and would start to clean her hair some before glancing back at him then away "Do you love me Wu? and don't say because im your empress..."
"Yes, I do, you are the one person who has always been there for me. Given me a reason to become stronger, push further, you've taught me patience, understanding, compassion. You are amazing Ayame...and an Empress"he said adding the last bit to tease her
Her back was to him, her tails flicking slightly making the water ripple as she moved them though that last bit made her want to throw something at him but she would speak still not turned twoards him. "Then why...didn't you say it that day..." she asked softly, it had only been a few months since then and so much had happened. "I not easy to talk to...and I get thick headed...but you knew how I felt for years....yet...that day almost felt like you...did to get it over with..." her ears where pressing against her head some, "im not even the same as I was a youkai...not the human child so many saw me as..."
Wu silently moved behind her as he wrapped his arms around her kissing the back of her head "There is a lot going on right now. I have always loved you, but I also know you very well. I did not want to distract you from your mission, or have you worry more so about me than you already do. And then Ryoma came and I thought my chance was gone forever. But I am not one to stop you from doing whatever it is you want to do. I never could. But unlike other people, you will always be little Aya"he said with a smile "You haven't changed, just gotten older that's all"
She closed her eyes some feeling his arms slid around her as she leaned against him, and she then would rest her head against his shoulder with a soft sigh before she would speak " won't always be my uncle" she teased smiling at him before she kissed his cheek. "we should finish up here the others are probably waiting...then again Ryoma and Yukine are probably already running wild together"
"You know, hearing that, it seems like they may be a very good match for one another"Wu said letting her go as he finished washing
She would smile with a small chuckle, "perhaps" she stated simply and glanced back at him "Though he will be coming to the new palace quiet a bit...Ryoko has had the palace her and Rei lived in that has been lost and apparently all treasure hunters have saught it"
"Hmm really?"Wu said "That's a big surprise, though not shocking knowing Ryoko"he commented "Will that be the palace that we will be living in then?"
She glanced at him with a nod, "Its the palace that Rei set as the main point of his empire...father told me of it when I was has the treasures of the Yuan clan...and the silver dragons...." she said smiling at him, as she would gently place her hand on the orb around her neck still. "a bit of home has returned to us Wu" she said looking up at him, "Ryoko says the library is full of ancient texts for you as well"
"Oh really? Well I am excited to move there"he said smiling as he got out of the water moving to the clothes that were laid out for them as he began to get dressed "I am excited to see that library"
She chuckled "of course your the only one that gets excited for books" she said with a roll of her eyes as she walked over to the new set of cloths for herself, sliding them on she would then soon be pinning her hair up letting her neck bare some but letting a few strands frame her face. She then looked at him, moving up to him she kissed him softly "after we talk to Fengyi I should meditate...I havn't spoken to mother or father about everything"
"You can join me in my private meditation chamber. It is the perfect place to channel the spirits of the dead you wish to talk to"Wu said returning her kiss and taking her hand "Let's go eat though, the smell of that food is driving me crazy"
"it does smell great" she stated as she took his hand to walk with him to the great hall and whent hey walked into the hall Ryoko glanced over to them, "about time you two showed up, thanks to your aura blast you got Ryoma and Yukine off on eachother" she said with a small chuckle, as they would go to stand
stand so they could take their place as the bears would bring out another helping of the nights meal.
"Does that seriously happen every time we have sex?"Wu asked blinking "We're gonna have to figure out how to do something about that...or every time we have sex so will the whole damn castle"he commented as the food was brought out and they all took their seats

"We are here, we're here"Ryoma said as he and Yukine suddenly appeared from one of his portals panting slightly "Let's eat"
"You move on quick" Ryoko said with a teasing tone to her brother as she laughed, "but yes lets eat". Ayame would nod her head slightly before picking up a bit of the food and took a bite, the others doing the same though as they ate Ayame soon would look to Fengyi, "Ryoko mentioned that you said Wu and I where already mated before Ryoma and I ever where...what did you mean?"
"Ah"Fengyi said "Since you both are part of my children allow me to explain our culture. When we bite someone, and let them live, a little mark is placed on them that lets us feel their presence. Wu has one from me, as does Kurama, and you have one from Wu. It is the same type of marking that you beast youkai consider marking your mate. Ayame's been marked since the first time Wu bit her, which is also the first time they slept together, so in a sense, Wu was her first mate, Ryoma second."she said
Ayame sat thereblinking slightly before she would speak "So...I...cheated on Wu with Ryoma.." "If you wish to think it that way" Ryoko said with a small laugh, "for demons its a natural thing"
Ryoma couldn't help it but laugh "HA, so I did steal you away from the monk after all"he said before being hit by his sister "Ow, well it's true"

Wu shook his head as he cleared his throat "Let's just forget all past incidents, we are officially mated now."he said as Fengyi blinked "Then that makes you the new Emperor...the Blood Emperor"
Ayame would sigh some shaking her head but she would stay silent after all she did care about Ryoma still though she glanced to Wu with a small smile "well it's fitting even if it is a bit dark sounding" she chuckled out as Ryoko laughed "trust me dear there are worse names for Emperors."
"Peace Emperor just sounds lame"Ryoma said nodding "Though Blood Emperor isnt as badass as Shadow Emperor."

"Blood sounds better. More honorable, passionate" Fengyi said as Wu laughed "It's amusing how fast youkai come up with names for those in power"
"It is I still wondering how I landed the name Phoenix and who spread that around" she said taking another bite of food and would sigh happily it always tasted so good "I will never tire of this food it's divine!"
"Actually, the Phoenix was part of the prophecy Kurama fears. The one who rises from the chaos and destruction wielding a fiery wrath to destroy the darkness and usher in the light" Fengyi said taking a bite of her food "That one was given"
"Well still.." she stated softly as she would shake her head and would take another bite of food, she seemed to be eating a bit more than she normally would and Ryoko would tilt her head "Wu just how much blood did you drain from her?"
"Um....not too much."Wu said "She was the last person I drank from..and her blood is so rich and powerful it didn't take much'he commented looking over at Ayame
"I'm just hungry whats wrong with that?" Ayame stated as she took a large hunko f some boar and ripped into it a bit more...primal than normal and Yukine would blink "ok never seen this side of her...hae you?" she asked looking at Ryoma
Ryoma shook his head "I mean I've seen her eat..but not like that..."

"I don't think I have either"Wu said as Fengyi nodded " feeling okay Ayame?"
"Ya..why?" she asked as she would set the now bare bone down on the plate, "I told you guys I'm just hungry, i was almost bleed dry, I just got mated twice...we havn't had the time to just relax and for now I really don't even want to do anything but eat this food"
Ryoko would glance at Fengyi before leaning over whispering something to her
Fengyi had her hand on her chin as she looked over at Ayame then to Ryoko and gave a nod before leaning over and whispering back

"Secrets don't make friends ladies"Wu said looking at them
Ryoko would nod her head as well as she sat there before glancing at Wu as he spoke, "what we are discussing greatly effects the next stages of this kingdom" she said simply as she watched Ayame who was still eating. "did her blood taste different Wu?" Ryoko asked seriosly
"Hm....maybe a little different than usual...I don't know, I was so out of it at the time I couldn't really tell..."Wu said "Ayame..give me your finger"
Ayame would look at him with a small sigh, "I really don't see what the issue is guys...I can't eat like this is that what it is?" she asked before shew ould hold out her hand to Wu still wondering what they where goin gon about
Wu then pricked her finger with his fang tasting her blood as he froze suddenly looking at the two women "No....really?"
Ryoko would shift some as she sat there "It would appear the suspesion is proven" she stated as Ayame blinked "wait...what?" she stated as Ryoko would look at Wu giving a nod
"Ayame...."Wu said taking a deep breath "You're....pregnant"he said as eyes went wide around the table "I wasn't paying attention before, but it's so obvious now"
She paused as she sat there and was even shocked by this though she would speak "you...but i havn't felt anything different" she said quickly.
"Have you not noticed the amount of food you've eaten"he said pointing to the pile of plates on the table "And your sudden baby crazy behavior after meeting INuyasha, is most likely your innate sense of motherhood kicking in"
"You didn't even see me with Inuyasha Wu!, only Ryoma and Ryoko did...Ryoma just got annoyed that I want children and he didn't" she stated quickly as Yukine would chuckle a bit, "she also tends to pout a bit more too" she snickered beneath her breath.
"Just because I wasn't physcially there doesn't mean I don't see everything."Wu said "The power of meditation is very far reaching."

"The question is....whose kid is it?"Ryoma asked
"Well there is a way to find out" Ryoko said simply as she would look at them, "whos scent does she carry, and not just in terms of sex. Its an underlying scent"
"Well I think either you or Yukine have the sharpest nose"Wu said to Ryoko "Since you are a mixed breed, and cats have extraordinarly heightened senses"
Yukine wouldt tilt her head with a chuckle, "I'm the wrong one to ask right now, Ryoma had found some catnip so im a bit....usless" she said with a purr looking at Ryoma as her tail beneath the table was arleady 'petting' him.

Ryoko would sigh some shaking her head, though she looked at Ayame before standing up and moving over. Ayame looked at her grandmother who soon eased down beside her, "between the two men that we know where her lovers and mates, if it turns out to the the others no bosting, or holding it over the others head" she said eyeing Ryoma more so than Wu.
"You guys are weird"Wu said shaking his head at the new couple
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 2 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:23 pm
"Yeah yeah I know"Ryoma said squirming a bit at the attention he was getting below "Just give us the results"
"weird maybe but youd idn't complain" Yukine winked as she licked her lips and chuckled noticing Ryoma was squirming in his seat.
Ryoko shook her head before she would lean in close to Ayame who sat still and she waited for a moment before Ryoko sat back, "Its Wus, im sure if Fengyi tasted Ayame's blood she'd get a hint of Wu's as well"
Ryoma let out a sigh of relief...and a slight moan as he blinked biting his lip "Whoops"

Wu smiled to himself as he looked over at Ayame " looks like we are having a baby"
Ayame would smile as she looked at him, gently reaching out to take his hand as Ryoko would smile "well that means" she would soon grab the saki "no more saki for the Empress"
"Oooo that sucks"Ryoma laughed as Wu grabbed her hand "I cant believe it. Our own child."he said "Well by all means, eat up"Wu laughed
"I can live without Saki" Ayame said as she sat there and gently placed her hand over her stomach "just means things are changing for the best"
"We just another reason to change the world and stop Kurama. We have an heir to the Empire" Wu said
"Well hopfully I have the baby before the fight with Kurama" Ayame stated softly as she would take another bite of food, the bears having learned she was now pregnant had brought in more vitemine rich food for her to consume.
Wu nodded as he sweatdropped 'i can hardly see you over all your plates"he laughed "Enjoying the food?"
SHe would cover her mouth some as she took a deep breath, as she looked over at him "Hmm sorry, I was starving..." she said as she patted her stomach as Ryoko would laugh, "Your mother was just as famished with you, so its only natural your the same"
"Oh that reminds me, after eating, did you still wish to go to my meditation chamber?" Wu asked Ayame "I know you wanted to to talk to your family"
"Yes, I think lettig them know the news will be good." she stated as she sat there, looking at the others. "Ryoko can you and Yukine get things ready to move to the new place? and Ryoma maybe scout the barriers?" she asked
"Whaddya mean scout the barriers? Something I should be looking for?" Ryoma asked "Oh and Im opening a portal for us to move all this stuff"
"I just want to make sure that the barriers and boarders are all set and equal, if we don't make sure that that is going well we are in trouble. With your portals you should be able to do this in a matter of an hour or two. Once I'm done talking to my ancestors, we will make the arrangments to return Rei's castle to the world and as promised'll be the first inside" she laughed some knowing that would get his tails wagging.
"Then I'll be off"he said as he grinned amd vanished definitely wanting to explore the lost palace first

"He's going to rob us blind" Wu laughed "But at least we will know where to find it"
"Certain things he won't get" Ryoko said with a small smile, "Theres various barriers within that castle that I never set up...where put into place by Rei himself, only someone of his blood can enter them" she stated as she looked at Ayame, "probably should have mentioned that" Yukine said with a laugh, "though I will enjoy the look on his face.
"I'm excited to see this palace as well" Wu said "Though we need to keep it hidden for the time being. Kurama must believe we are still in the valley so that we may trap him here if worse comes to worst"he said
"Thats why im having Ryoma check out the boarders and barriers, if we can create another barrier that is around the valley we should be fine..." she stated as she sat there.
"Perhaps Ryoko should have done that one. She has a bit more barrier control than he does. But I wont question your judgment Empress" Wu said "Are you ready to go to the chamber?"
"Yes but he also knows the land layouts better than us, Ryoko's been awhile and Yukine has been fighting to get her lands back. Ryoma knows the territories, and im sure he can test barriers just fine...." she said though as Ryoko would nod, "I'll see to the spells to get a barrier thats stronger to form around the castle, this way only those we allow may enter much like in the valley. I'd also like to incorporate some of the Grandmasters Talisments to channel attacks into them, that then use the power of the attack to strengthen the barrier...that way enemies will end up just making it that much harder to break without them knowing they aided to it"
"That is a good jdea, I do have a few talismans that would aid in that added security" Wu said as he stood up "Very good idea ladies"he said
Ryoko would chuckle, "well what good would we be if we could not protect the Empress and her Emperor" she said with a smile as she would soon push herself up, "I will go and start prepairing for the barrier" she said as Yukine would soon push herself up as well, "I will start getting my people settled around the choosen location to clear it of anything of harm" Ayame would bow her head towards both women as they would leave.
Fengyi stood up as well "While you two are meditating I will tend to things around the castle to get ready for the move"she said walking off

Wu nodded as he then moved off with Ayame to get the meditation chamber as he tapped on the door as it slid open closing behind them
Ayame walked beside him before entering the chamber as she would take a deep breath and glanced at him. "You may join me if you wish Wu, I rather you be there with me when I tell them"
"Joined meditation takes a lot of concentration to channel, sure you can handle it? You've always hated meditating since you were a child" Wu said "Though the spiritual pressure in this room should make it slightly easier to maintain"
She wouuld chuckle, "I may not have liked it as a child, but to tell them that the family line is continuing and you are at my side once more I believe it is something we both should be there...also Rei may have some knoweldge on what sort of texts are in his castle"
"I'd rather be surprised, but I understand"he said as he sat down cross legged closing his eyes breathing deeply as his calming, powerful aura began to flow around him
She would ease down across from him as she closed her eyes, she took a deep breath and would then let it out slowly as she would open herself to the spirit realm.
It would probably take seconds if that as they where soon standing in the valley at least what it looked like long ago, she glanced around not sensing Wu or anyone "Hello?" she called
Soon they were out in a large open meadow as Wu's form appeared "Just like always. I've always wondered why the spirit world looked like this"
"perhaps its bcause of the location we are in?" she asked as she would look over to Wu once she heard him, moving over to him. "Rei is normally here...I wonder if something is wrong"
"I dont think you are focusing enough yet. I told you to have both of us here takes heightened concentration"Wu said "Focus, and he should show up"
She would almost want t swing at him for being a smartass but she would take a deep breath to focus her mind, her aura would 'pulse' just softly washing over him till soon a chuckle could be heard, "You two still argue" it was Ayame's mother as she smiled at them, her father and Rei not to far off talking to one another.
"Empress" Wu said bowing his head as soon the old Grandmaster appeared beside her from Wu's thoughts "It has been a long time since I have seen you" Wu said smiling
"Please you do not have to call me that anymore, Keiko is fine dear" she stated simply and would look at Ayame moving up to her, "your positivily glowing dear, though your father still does not belive" she said as Ayame blinked, "how...." "I'm your mother, I always have my eyes on you just as your husband does" she said grinning before turning her head, "Dear....your daughter has come to visit us" she called out to her husband and father-in-law as well
"Coming" Rei called out turning to his son "Uryu we shouldn't keep them waiting"he laughed as the two men walked over as Wu bowed his head "Grandmaster Sheng-ju. Emperor Uryu, Emperor Rei"he said respectfully
Ayame would smile some watching Wu he was always so up tight and she would soon speak "I'm honored to have you all here with us, we have some things we must tell you but first" she said as she glanced at Wu then to her mother who smiled even more "Wu and I have officially mated, it's been found that we are more suited for one another and it seems that's true more than ever" she said as she could see her father confusion but her mother was just beaming "I'm with child" Ayame said finally.
"My little girl is having a baby!" Uryu said happily as he went to hug Ayame and phases through her as he blinked "Oh right, dead...still not used to that"he said "Well congratulations. I knew you two would end up together. You two are both destined for great things"

"Indeed you are" Rei said smiling himself "Seems the dragon demon blood will finally come together. Your child is going to be an unbelievable myraid of blood types. Kyuubi, ningen, Blood demon and whatever other blood type Wu has inside him from his mother, and Dragon. Quite a mixture"

"Wait you all know of my mother and what she was?"Wu said surpised looking at them
Ayame would blush a bit at her father as well as almost seem hurt, thats one thing she wished she could have...just to touch them again but she would remain silent on that as she would look at her father, "Thank you Father" she stated as her mother would gently place her hand on her husband shoulder, since they where dead it was possible. "Congradulations Ayame, we are very proud of both of you" she said warmly, but seemed to share her pain in that they could not embrace during this moment.

Though at the mention of Wu's mother Ayame was intrigued as well moving up to him she would gently take his hand, Keiko would speak "I didn't learn who she was till much later...but yes we know who she is Wu...rather whom she was."
Wu tensed up slightly as he squeezed Ayame's hand "Who was she?"

"We sealed off your power much like we did with Uryu and Ayame"Rei said "When you first came to us, you were true to your name, you have an overabundance of energy, but you were also able to use chi, which confused everyone when Fengyi brought you to Grandmaster Sheng-ju."Rei said

"It seems." The former grandmaster started "That you were a hanyou. We knew that because humans dont naturally have purple hair"he laughed slightly "But you are a War Demon. Your father was a human, your mother was the daughter of..."

"Raizen" Wu said a shocked look on his face "It's no wonder i felt drawn to hide myself in the Eastern lands...this is my family's lands..."
Ayame put her other hand on his arm some as she looked at him, though once learning this she would speak "It would also be why Raizen himself when we meet him didn't...outwordly seem to dislike least me. Considering that..." her cheeks would turn a hint of red, "that we had mated prior to any of this and I was probably with our child then"

Keiko nodded, "It is a possibility, I didn't learn till I was pregnant with you how your father was able to tell so quickly without signs. Granted I was a demon hunter didn't reall y much care for demons till your father swayed me" she said with a small laugh shaking her head. "However, what will you do with this knowedge Wu?"
Wu smiled as he his body relaxed relaxed slighty as he laid his hand on Ayame's "I'm going to continue to serve my Empress and my duty as Grandmaster"he said proudly "It is nice to finally have knowledge of where I come from, and of course I will go meet my uncle and Grandfather, but I have a path that will never deter from the goals I need to do as...the...uh... Grandmaster Emperor....I don't know what that title would be called actually...since it's never happened before sirs....suggestions?"he asked with a small chuckle

"Wudong-chi, you have made my quite proud my young apprentice." Sheng-ju finally spoke with a proud smile on his closed eyes "I have spoken to the divine, and I know what you shall become. Our way has had an old title, one reserved for such an occasion. Sage Emperor, however you have not yet come into your Sage enlightenment. Continue your journey along your path as devout as you have and it shall come to you. Meditate and protect hard my child"he said before fading away

"That Sheng is always so dramatic" Rei said with a laugh "Leaving his prophecies and ancient wisdom and vanishing without explaining, just like old times" he said
Keiko would chuckle slightly, "leave him to his ways Rei, your mate was as mysterius as he is if I recall" she said with a small smile towards him, then looked back at the two before her. "you both have made us all proud, in such a short time you have gone from children to aduls with paths set ahead with meaning and purpose. As well as uniting the territories together in a feat that even Rei could not create in his prime" she said moving up to them, her hand raising up to touch Ayame's cheek but she sighed letting her hand drop. "Know even if the worse is to have set a course of history that will greatly effect the future"
"Indeed" Uryu said as he nodded "Ayame, I couldn't be more proud of you. You are going to back a better ruler than any of us could have ever imagined. Just keep believing in yourself and you'll be just fine"he smiled "We will always be watching over you. Believe me."
Ayame bowed her head towards them as she stood there "Thank you, please continue to offer your gudiance in the future as well" she said simply as she would feel the spirit realm fade as she slid back into her body
Wu felt his pressure lighten as he returned to the regular world as he opened his eyes looking over at Ayame "Well that was eventful"he commented "Descended from Raizen's family huh?"
She would chuckle some at him, "well don't go telling Ryoma, he'll rub in your face that he defeated your uncle in battle" she stated as she would slowly push herself up, though she felt a little light headed at first and stumbled a bit.
Wu reached out catching her as he smiled "I'll keep that in mind. Let's go ahead now and set up our castle"
She leaned against him as she would let her mind clear slightly as she then looked up at him "alright, im sure everyone is excited" she said simply straighting herself up as they would exit the chamber and headed to meet with the others.
The others were gathered in the current throne room where Ryoma had set up a mirror portal. Currently the picture in the mirror was a large empty field much like the one they were currently in, except there were caves with waterfalls in the rocky mountains surrounding the valley making the valley look much like an oasis

"This is the most ideal location for you to unlock your castle"Ryoma said as his head popped up through the portal "Ryoko added her barriers, the monk needs to add his and the talismans now"
Ayame would raise a brow at Ryoma as he pushed his head through the portal and would soon chuckle slightly before speaking "Alright, Wu why don't you take care of that I'm going to go fine Sho and Yuna and let them know what is happening"
Wu nodded bowing slightly before stepping in through the portal vanishing

Sho and Yuna were currently curled up on Ayame's bed in an almost yin yang fashion
She would push the door open looking at the two of them sleeping as she would smile, Yuna had grown a bit larger but not by much as she walked over to them gently letting her fingers tickle both their muzzles. "Wake up little ones....I have some news to tell you" she said warmly.

Ryoko would turn when she saw Wu step through the portal, "perfect, I've marked what spots your talismens should go. We can add more if we must later if you feel it will be needed"
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 2 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:25 pm
'What's that Momma?' Sho asked as he purred as his eyes opened 'Welcome back, did you have fun?'

Wu nodded "That I can take care of he said pulling out a stack of papers as he began chanting as the papers suddenly glew with a blue flame floating around him before flying off in various angles sticking to the barrier as the energy surged for a moment before the barrier became invisible as it settled again "Should be heavily reinforced now"
"We will be moving my dear ones" she stated as she as Yuna lifted her head up with a yawn, 'but i like it here....' Yuna said as Ayame would speak "you can still return, I would never take you from this place without a way to come back...can I trust you two to be good at our new home? It has many caves and lots of water for you two to play in and vast open skies" she said as Yuna perked up, 'do we get to live in the caves?' "only if you wish, for one day you two will be too big for my bed" she laughed

Ryoko would nod her head, "perfect, Yukina is passing out the armbands to the monks and the other we are allowing through, now we just wait for Ayame"
'I would like my own den!" Sho said as he jumped up excitedly 'is there lots of food to eat too!?' He asked happily

"Seems everything is coming along according to plan"Wu said "I'm going to leave this portal open. This will be the monks training palace in the east" he said "And a place to get away too if our palace is ever attacked."
Ryoko nodded her head, "sounds fair" she said as they moved to the portal to wait for Ayame.

Ayame laughed, "well im sure they where be plenty, but you two hae to remain within the boundaries that Ryoko and Wu put into place. can I trust you two to do that?" Yuna nodded as she slid off the bed to press up against her, 'Yuna will be good!!' she said happily as Ayame looked to sho, "how about my eldest hmm? will you behave?"
"So we learned something during our meditation session"Wu said to Ryoko as they waited "It seems that Raizen's daughter, was my mother. My powers were simply sealed away by Emperor Uryu because I was uncontrollable as a baby. Of course I was too young to have any knowledge of this and just lead a regular human life"

Ryoko would blink hearing this as she would speak, "I did not think that they would have told you" she stated as she would see she caught him off guard, "you don't think my son didn't tell me did you?" she said with a laugh, "but where quiet the handful...worse than Ryoma and boy could you scream" she said shuddering, "you had some lungs on you as a babe"
"You've known this whole time? You could have said something. You just went to see Raizen! Does he know too?"he asked "Good thing I don't remember that. Just that I was told to be the destined one to protect the Empress."

'You can count on me!' Sho said happily 'When can we go there? I wanna see it!'
"I was told to keep silent by the grandmaster and my husband. I did as they asked till they felt it was right to tell you" she said simply, "it is not like it would have change anything and you needed to discover things for yoruself"

"Well we can leave right now, a portal is open to take us are you two sure your ready?" she asked with a small smile before turning to leave the room. "Come on yout wo"
"I technically didn't discover it though. Fengyi mentioned it and then they told me"Wu said

Sho followed behind her instantly "I showed Yuna how to fly when you were gone'
"Oh you did? Well I would very much like to see I'm very proud of you both!" She said with a smile as she got to the portal "through here is our new home" she said as while Ryoko and Wi talked soon a white and black scaled dragons came tumbling through almost running them over as Ayame soon stepped out with a laugh "I guess they are excited"
As they burst through the portal Sho spread his wings powerfully taking off as he flew high into the sky circling around
Ryoko would stand there with a bit of laughter at that "well seems someone is excited" she stated as soon as Yuna did the same though it took her a bit longer to get air born she was soon chasing after sho just as Ayame stepped out looking up with a smile "they got excited about having their own dens"
"That's why I chose this place"Ryoma said "There are hundreds of caves around here"he commented "For when you start getting more and more dragons"
"Well that will be after the fact if those two mate" Ayame said with a smile watching as the two dragons flew side by side "well shall we get the castle placed?" She asked the others as she held up the orb in her palm.
"Sure if Ryoko would do the honors" Wu said "I'm sure she would like to gain the power of one of her tails back as well" he commented
Ryoko would chuckle as she would look at Ayame as she would hand her the orb Ryoko smiled then would move over to the spot they all had decided on. Taking a deep breath she held it out and would chant something as the orb pulsed before floating from her hand till the orb broke and a powerful aura washed over them just as the massive palace took its place towering over them but just pulsed with power and wisdom
Wu stood there basking in the aura the castle gave off ad he looked on "Absolutely amazing" he commented "The Imperial Palace has risen again. I can already feel the aura fighting off Kurama's. This is bound to get his attention now. It's time to prepare for thr final battle’
Ryoko would close her eyes as she sighed heavily and would feel the familier feeling once again "Well Ryoma as promised you get to enter first" Ayame said smiling at Ryoma
Ryoma grinned wickedly as he suddenly vanished and could be seen rushing inside happily "Oh my gods"he said "There is so much stuff in here!" He said diving through mountains of gold and treasures "I can’t believe I actually can see this!"
Ryoko would sigh heavily at her brothers actions "I swear he was dropped on his head" she stated as Ayame chuckled taking Wus hand as they would head inside the Imperial Palace standing true to its name showing rare statues and paintings all around.
Wu stood in the palace in awe as he looked around as he held out his hand as his staff appeared and he pulled out a talisman "Allow me"he said as he threw the talisman as it flashed green and vanished as he raised his staff to the walls tapping it as chi flowed as wispy images and thousands of people appeared moving through the halls like day to day life as if everything was normal, as Wu channeled his chi into the spirits of all those who used to dwell in the palace

'Is this what your vision looks like?"Ryoma said as he appeared back in the group draped in a random assortment of jewerly he found in the volts as he ran his hand though the wispy spirits "That must really suck man"he commented
Ryoko would slap her brother’s hand down "this is not a vision of the future but of the past and go out those back!" She demanded with a small growl as Ayame moved forward looking around as the spirits moved through her going about life "one day....this will be what it will be like again." She said with confidence.
Ryoma growled back at her swatting her hand away with his tail "Make me"he grumbled

Wu nodded as he began proceeding forward as they walked through the castle exploring it as different visions from the past continued to appear before them
"Fine then I guess I won't unseal the armory where Rei kept certain legendary weapons" she said with a smirk as she followed after the two. Ayame would glance around till she came to a set of large double doors and before she could push them open they opened for her, it was the throne room two imposing thrones sat at the end the Windows where glass with dragons of various sizes colors and types looked down wings flared the pillars where carved with a mixture of creatures and humans as if all working together in harmony to brace the massive ceiling "Impressive isn't it?@ Ryoko asked looking at them "took years but we wanted a place that spoke for all the lands"
"This is amazing"Wu said as he stared on in awe "To have been young enough to see you two in your prime..the last Golden Ages are still talked about by elder youkai to this day"he said "The Dragon Emperor Rei Yuan united the various human families under one banner with the strength of a demon and slayed the evil Demon God Kurama of the North, taking his spot in the Demonic Divide where he and his wife known by youkai as the Princess of Pain brought prosperity across the lands by having the scattered human villages lay down their arm and break bread with their youkai brothers. A peace that lasted 1,000 years, until Kurama returned and claimed not just his empire, but spread his evil blight and plague across all the lands."Wu explained (essentially the prologue to this rp in a nutshell)
Ryoko would eye him with that before nodding her head "yes to put it in a nutshell" she said with a small laugh as she stood there though Ayame didn't seem interested as she was moving towards the thrones moving up the stairs and soon running her fingers against the wood feeling just the power that came off the one that Rei had at one time sit in. Hesitation hitting her as well as fear....could she really do this? Her free hand would go to her stomach as well she had more to fight for now as well but she was scared.
Wu walked up towards the throne behind her as he laid his hand on her shoulder "Sit upon the Dragon's throne. Let your energy fill the castle. Now is the time to let the world know that you are back"he said as fiery lights suddenly flickered on illuminating the palace and the great hall as Wu blinked "I...didn't do that..."
Ayame would look at him as she would nod her head as she looked at the throne but just as she was about to turn the lights flickered with fire and Ryoko would look about her eyes narrowed "what is this?"
'I think your ancestors are talking to you"Wu said "Claim the throne for yourself, the title isn't actually official until you sit down"he said "That would mean the Empire is official back
Ayame would look around before she would turn her eyes staring ahead as if she was looking out to a crowd but they would see they are glowing "I am Ayame Yuan the Pheoinx Empress and the Right ful heir to The Dragon Emperor Rei Yuans throne!!" She said as she sat down a powerful aura would ripple out sending it out over the lands.
Wu shielded his eyes some as a bright light flashed as the aura rippled outward spreading across the four lands:

Inu no Taishou paused in his playing with Inuyasha as he held the boy in his arms as he felt the energy spreading across his Western Lands as he felt the wind blowing on his skin and couldn't help but smile as he turned to Sesshoumaru "Gather your things my eldest, soon we will be called to the Empress's throne"

In the Southern Lands, the humans had finally finished their intergration of the feline clans into their vilages and into their palace were Yukine's things were all set to resume ruling in the South upon her return from her journey

Raizen looked up at the sky feeling Ayame's energy as he laughed heartily and loud, as it resounded across the Eastern lands behind her energy, announcing his own presence returning to a reunited land as he clapped Yusuke on the back "Well I'll be damned, the little loud mouth girl did it"he said standing in the throne room of his own palace after abandoning it years ago as the Bears stood before Raizen bowing to him respectfully as he took up his rule once more now that Ayame was on her throne

However, in the North, the celebration was much different. Kurama hissed as his crystal ball suddenly smashed to bits and blew away into dust as he slammed his fist down on his throne room "Damn it!!"he roared out causing the castle walls to shake slightly as he balled his fist tighter "That damn girl was put back on that damn throne, but my own god forsaken children. I knew that boy would turn out to be more of a detriment than of any real use to me. I'll be sure to kill him first when the time comes"he growled "None the less, my sixth tail is almost done regenerating and I will be at full power in a manner of months, and when I am"he said as he held up a clawed hand pulling up from the ground as a figure suddenly rose from the ground, it was grey and undead but it soon opened its eyes that were the same golden color as Sesshoumaru's as Kurama smiled wickedly as the young man kneeled before him as Kurama spoke "Ryumaru...welcome back my son, soon, others will be joining you, including the two former Dragon Emperor's themselves"he said darkly giving a low laugh
Ryoko would smile with pride as she stood there before she would move up and soon she would kneel before them "I am honored to see this day. And I Ryoko the Princess of the North shall stand behind you my empress" she said proudly as Ayame would nod her head "I owe you much Ryoko and I am honored to have you within my counsel."
"This is amazing"Ryoma said looking around "This aura is so overpowering"he said "I'm sure Father is quacking in his boots right now"he laughed "So decree Lord Ryoma of the South, Empress Ayame"he said nodding his head at her as he kneeled beside his sister

Wu smiled "And the Empire is back, now it is time to begin the prepare for war with the North. Your council needs to called Empress. The sooner we can start preparing the better"he said
Ayame would nod her head as she sat there and would speak simply "you are right Grand Master" she said as she took a deep breath as her eyes glowed white as another aura filled their minds before spreading further out and reaching the minds of the others "I Ayame Yuan have taken up the throne within the Imperial Palace. I call to you now my counsel to come to the center of the Empire to discuss our future." She said simply before her mind slid from theirs and left them with a powerful chill as the once little girl was becoming a true Empress.
"That was the weirdest feeling I've ever felt"Wu said blinking as he shivered slightly "Maybe next time send a messenger"he laughed rubbing the back of his head "Looks like everything is how it's supposed to be. Each of the lands are going to bring members to start the Imperial city. Here representatives and ambassadors form all four lands will live here under your watchful eye and relay information and commerce not only back to their own lands, but between lands as well"he said "You have summoned our future"he smiled "We should begin to see people showing up here by nightfall"
Ryoko chuckled "I rather liked it after all it is a form of declaration with that as well" she said simply and stood up and would then turn to head out "I shall get the servants prepared and ready with a feast to welcome our guests"
Wu turned to look over at Ayame then as he stood beside her "Welcome to the Steel Throne"he smiled "You did it, you took the biggest step to moving forward with our lives since the moment we saved you"
She would look up at him with a small smile as she would stand up to be at his side "give yourself some small credit" she said with a soft whisper then looked to Ryoma "don't you have a vault of treasures to roll in?" She asked with a laugh "you also know you don't get to keep all that right?"
Ryoma grinned as he held up a peace sign vanishing from sight "Couldn't hear you princess"his voice rang out

Wu shook his head "What an intersting Lord he is going to be"he commented as he said as he smiled at Ayame "Phoenix Empress and Sage Emperor...who would have thought"
She took his hand gently "well I figured you would since your so all knowing" she teased as she leaned up and kissed him. "Let's go an see to that library before the others get here."
"Now would be a good time" he said as he held her hand as they walked through the halls "This place is pretty big"he said as they walked as Wu came to a stop as they found the libarary where thousands of scrolls and books were lined up wall to wall "Oh my goodness"
"It is that but soon it will be filled with many and of course" her hand rubbed her stomach some with a warm smile "our own little one" she said though once they got to the library she knew she 'lost' him as she chuckled "try not to read them all in a day Wu."
Wu held up his hand as a book then flew into it naturally as he read the cover "A history of magic"he said holding up his hand again as another one flew to it "Techniques of the shaolin"he said surprised as he couldn't help but laugh "Written by Fengyi, a book of all the moves she's learned over thousands of years, I can't promise you that I won't do just that Empress"he laughed "This is amazing"
She shook her head watching him and would wave her hand as the fireplaces ignited to keep the room warm as it was as big of not bigger than the throne room "just don't be late and promise to visit me at night from time to time" she teased as she turned to leave to go and see what the rest of the palace was like.
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