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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 3 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:25 pm
"Love you"Wu said as he jumped a top a large cushion as multiple books began floating around his head as he held one open in his hands reading

There was soon a shimmering behind her as Fengyi phased in suddenly, the only one missing from the days festivities "I have rallied what support I could find in the Northern lands that weren't under Kurama's control, they are already preparing their move"she said "Once I felt your energy I knew it was safe to return. Kurama has been watching the Valley of the Monks. I don't think he knew we had ways to move and teleport around the lands without being on foot, he could never detect you in the enchanted carriage. He would have probably tried to ambush you if you would have returned with Ryoko and Ryoma, which is why towards the end Ryoma teleported you here and left Wu to finish things in the recruitment process. But since he still believes we are there, that is where we shall lead his armies, and flank them as you kill the fox in the valley
She would turn to look at Fengyi and nodded "I had a feeling that was the case and wondered why we were not ambushed but thank you for your hard work Fengyi" she stated as she would glance back to the library "my husband is right now engrossed in several copies of your books so I do not believe he will be with us for a while" she chuckled. "We are preparing now for the other members of the counsel but for now the others are having fun. Ryoma may bleed us dry however."
"He just might"she said with a laugh as she walked around with Ayame "It is nice that things are going to actually start feeling like a home to you again"she said
"This is the first time all of the leaders of youkai are going to collectively come together under one roof...I have no clue how good or bad this is going to go over, there tends to be a lot of in fighting amongst the current 4 houses. I have decided I will carry out house Kurama in my own way, he was the only man I've ever allowed to call me his wife, so I will honor his last name, since i have none of my own and if you count Ryoma I have two of his children"
"We shall see in time I'm sure it will be some time before I feel at home it has been a long time since I have had a home." She said with a small smile though at her next words she nodded "I can understand the man you respected enough to call husband. We are honored to have you as well Fengyi Kurama" she said bowing her head.
"Just be prepared for a lot of debates over the next few weeks while everyone is here. We have a lot of laws and traditions to discuss and establish if we are going to be a unified land"she said "Before us old timers fade away we want to leave some sort of legacy for the next generation"she said
"Then we will have to be prepared for that, I do wish to keep some of the will not be easy specially since some traditions are a bit more extreme"
"Just never be afraid to override us"Fengyi said "We are Lords under you, not the other way around"she commented "These dominant ones will try to have their way, do not be afraid to put us in our places"
"If anything I'll let Ryoma play his pranks" she said with a small chuckle "but yes I understand, this is a critical moment for they will test me to see if I hold up to my title."
"Yes indeed, plus all their stubbornness"Fengyi said with a nod "I must admit though, your palace is quite lovely. I wish I could live here myself"she laughed
"I shall keep a room for you at all times then" she said with a smile "though I'm sure you miss your home with Kurama"
"Indeed I do. That palace was mine. It was everything I'd imagine it would be since I was a little girl running around with Izanagi. But she had her brother's palace to move into when they mated, and Kurama and I built it ourselves, when he still could smile. So I do miss that old palace, my blood is all over those walls"she smiled
"well some day in the future you will be calling that place your home once again, and for a much longer time" she said happily, as she turned slightly "I am going to finish looking thigns over before going down to see to the servants and what they may need aid with"
Fengyi nodded "Just let me know if you need anything, try not to get lost, this place is immaculate"she said before turning and walking off
Ayame nodded, "do not worry I am sure if I do get lost, you all can find me" she said with a smile and would continue thorugh the palace. Though as she wondered the others where getting the palace ready, banners of each region and lord where being hung, the smell of rich food and drinks filled the palace as the kitchens where being used to their full power. It was becoming quiet a festivity but this was to be a celebration in a sense but of course it was to honnor the lords and their regents for their support of the new Emperors and Emperor.

Though Ayame soon had found herself within the 'royal' wing and the first room she happened to open was a nursery and she paused "this...was fathers..." she said softly as she looked around and would put her hand to her stomach, a bit of pain in her heart hitting her to know her father and mother would never get to hold their grandchild and much watch from afair...but as she stood there a bit longer she winced as her hand went to her mouth. Lucky for her, there was a bath chamber close as she raced to it.
as he raced out of the library heading towards the bedroom the most logical place for him to start his search as he could finally sense her in the royal wing as he was soon standing in the bath chamber door "Ayame? Are you alright? What's going on?"
Wu was in the library sitting atop his cushion as his book suddenly snapped closed and he sat up quickly sensing the castle and not immediately sensing Ayame jumped up sensing again but finding it hard to pinpoint her aura amongst all the effects and auras of the castle itself as he raced out of the library heading towards the bedroom the most logical place for him to start his search as he could finally sense her in the royal wing as he was soon standing in the bath chamber door "Ayame? Are you alright? What's going on?"
She had her back to him, hunched over slightly as she would hear him before speaking " fine i think..." she said as he would hear a rather unpleasent sound, "i think this is just....a bit of what most call morning sickness..." she said taking a deep breath, her hair pulled to the side as she even had af ew layers of her kimono off, her body felt like it was burning.
"I think I should get Ryoko or someone to check on you. I'm not well versed in youkai pregnancy"Wu said as he held up two fingers as a ball of chi flew out of his hands leaving a lighted trail as he whizzed down the halls flying straight to Ryoko as Wu then moved into the bathroom kneeling down by Ayame "You look like you're burning up, I don't think that's normal"
"i just hit me...when I was walking..." she said taking a deep breath, her skin was wet from the sweat.

Ryoko would look up from talking to some of the servants when she saw the ball of chi and she would soon follow it up, she could sense the urgency of it but she also had a feeling that it wasn't as bad as it was. Stepping into the room she looked over to see Ayame on the ground with Wu trying to keep her cool, "Ah so its begun....Wu help her out of her cloths im going to prepare a nice bath for her" she said moving to the other side of the room to start getting a mixture of cold and warm water in a tub.
"CAn you tell me what exactly is going on? It's hard to sense Ayame inside this palace "I couldn't tell what happened I just knew something was wrong"he said as he helped Ayame undress
"Its the childs aura" she said simply as she had her sleeves pulled back while she tested the water, "its clashing with hers, typical for a child of demon orgin even a half demon" she looked back at them, "this early in the stage is rare though but, it shows that you two will have a poweful youkai child as well. All youkais exsperience something different, hot flashes, morning sickness, light headedness are the most common. I'll send for midwife after the consel meeting but for be best if we can get this contained....if it comes out shes pregnant Kurama could directly use that vunerability"
The other lords and regents could also see tahts shes not trully capible of rulling, you'll have to step in as you are the Emperor and not just a grand master" Ryoko said watching as Ayames clothing where removed finally, "alright the bath is ready, pick her up and get her into the tub"
Wu nodded as he listened to her as he gently picked up Ayame and moved her to the tub gently setting her down into the water not caring that his sleeves and shirt got wet as he eased her down "I understand. I have been medtitating hard and reading up on my war strategies in the time that I have been here. I think I know exactly how we can get prepared for this war, and this pregnancy at the same time."he told her
Ayame would let out a heavy sigh as the coolw ater felt good against her skin as Ryoko watched, pulling Ayame's hair back some more as she looked at Wu. "alright, go and get that prepared after you chance Fengyi laid out some clothing for you both already in the royal chambers just down the hall. Their Rei's old clothing with a few touches of your upbringing as a monk....I'll take care of Ayame till the meeting but this stays silent if anyone asks say shes meditating"
Wu nodded "Got it, not a word"he said heading out as he headed towards the main chamber as he slid the dooe open looking around "The Dragon Emperor sure did know how to decorate"he commented in aw as he came upon the clothing "The Empoeror's armor and robes.... I never would have thought" as he changed into them gazing at himself in the mirror "The Sage Emperor.....but I have not reached my become the Dragon Sage is to become one with the dragon. How am I gonna reach that"he said as he held out his hand as Muramasa and his staff appeared as he tucked his sword tradtitionally at his side and clutched his staff in his hand as a more decorated version of his monks hat appeared on his head as he nodded "Let's do this"
As Wu came down from changing Fengyi would turn to look at him sensing just how his power seemed to elevate a bit as she spoke "hmm your starting to actully look like an Emperor" she said with a small tease, "is everything alright? Ryoko told me what is happening so I'm having the servants stay away from the royal wing"
"Yes she will be fine. It's just like Ryoko said "I can faintly sense the baby's aura now"he commented as he walked with her "Have the Lords started arriving already?"he asked "How much prep time do I have?"
"Its something only the father can allows them to know the condition of the child as well as the mother" Fengyi said standing there, before answering his next question"A few of the regents have and Yukine has as well, but thats cause of Ryoma provided her with a portal here..." she said simply walking with him, "Your monks are also pulling their own weight which is helping the preperations go smoother"
"You know, with Ayame being pregnant and this war going on, and you now taking control of the Northern forces, I'm going to have to elect a new Master to be there with the monks and the demon slayers while I have to be here at the Imperial Palace"Wu said "I feel bad that much of the time they are set to give instruction of themselves"he said
"I will be seting up a monestary in the north" Fengyi stated as she stood there, "I will get bored if I odn't have some fun monks to play with" she said with a chuckle, "as for and Ayame will have things to take control of, but with a baby till it is grown it will consume some of her time"
"Of course"he said nodding as he took in a deep breath "Make sure you have everything set for yourself in the councilroom, after the formal greetings in the throne room our procession moves straight to the council room to take care of business"
She bowed her head as she nodded, "yes Emperor" she said looking at him, noticing him wearing Muramasa "that sword looks good on you.....I can feel that its aura accepts you"
"I have you to thank...for all of this"Wu said to her with a smile "You are the one who found Ayame and I, the one who unlocked my inner power again, gave me this sword, trained me, and grew me into a man"Wu smiled "I couldn't have asked for a better mother"he smiled
Fengyi would raise her hand to just gently place it against his cheek, "I had a wonderful son to raise into a man" she said giving him a faint smile, "now show the rest of the lands just what sort of Emperor you are...and that you will protect and defend your title that you have earned"
Wu smiled as he nodded at her "I'll be in the throne room waiting for everyone"he said as he turned as he headed off into the throne room *Hopefully Ryoko and Ayame make it in time*he thought to himself as he sat down taking a moment for himself
As he sat there waiting, a shadow seemed to fall over him till soon Yuna having snuck in through a window landed beside him, her head tilted to the side 'wheres momma? Sho is being mean and wont let me have a den!"
Wu smiled at her scratching under her chin "Firstly, hello there little one"he said "Your mother is taking a bath and meditating right now, so she's a bit busy, but Sho has no right from keeping you from having a den, you can tell him I said so"
She would purr happily as she would fan out her wings, climbing up onto the throne that much more she was a bit big but she could still fit in ones lap. 'But he says he don't have to listen to the monk...thats why he keeps chewing on your stuff"
"True, but I'm not just time monk anymore, being Emperor and having your mother's mark gives me a bunch of new tricks"he said petting her "Is that him flying right there, watch this"he said as his eyes pulsed as a strong gust of wind blew him down about 50 ft in the air unexpectedly before disappiating as the dragon let out a high pitch whine "HEY!" Sho yelled out as Wu laughed "Ayame used to do that to him whenever he didn't want to land when ordered"
Yuna would giggle happily "do it again do it again!" she said her claws digging inoth is leg though as she jumped up and down, "Sho a meanie even if he big brother"
Wu laughed as his eyes pulsed once again as Sho took another sudden nose dive in the air letting out a roar as he did "Sho can be a bit pushy indeed, we used to fight a lot, but now Ryoma gets most of his attitude, because he knows that I speak with the same authority as Ayame, or that happens"
Yuna's tail wiggled back and forth and she loked at Wu, before speaking 'Sho says hes mommies dragon...whos dragon am I then' she asked her head tilted to the side,, 'thats why he says he gets to take all the dens... or kick me out of them...'
"Well considerig Sho is momy's dragon, then that makes you mine"he said scrayching her scales "So you can tell Sho the Emperor's fearsome Black Dragon says move over"he said with a growl tickling her
Yuna tilted her head slightly and continued to purr as he tickled her chin as she coiled up slightly, 'hmm so does that make you Yuna's daddy then?' she asked her gold eyes opening to look at him.
"If you wish to call me Daddy the same way Sho and you call Ayame Mommy then I am okay with that. Sho is older, so to him I will always be the monk, but you are young enough to learn me as such"Wu said nodding
Yuna nodded a bit with a smile and then sat up 'Sho says there where people coming to the new palace....and that he was going to be with mommy during the whole thing....but i think hes to big to fit through window to get in"
"I think he may be too big too"Wu said nodding in agreement "He's at the age where big dragons have to wait outside and use their sharp hearing. Little dragons like you can sit on my shoulders and observe quietly
"really?!" shes aid happily as she soon started to jump up and climb onto his shoulder and curl around his neck, 'I like being small then...can i stay small always?
"No sweetheart you cannot, everyone eventually grows bigger and bigger just like Sho."he said "Enjoy being small while you can, and then enjoy being bigger just as much"he smiled as he turned as the throne room doors opened as Yukine, Ryoma and a small group consisting of Yukine's personal bodyguard and the Orochi boy named Jin entered "I knew we'd be the first ones here, we had plenty of time to wait"Ryoma said to Yukine as they walked forward
Yuna would pout but nodded her head as she sat there, 'fine...ill grow up for papa' she said and would then turn her head as she saw the others walking in and Yukine was actully dressed up rather nice and would speak "We are also direct memebers of the counsil" she said simply
"Well so are the other Lords but you don't see them here"Ryoma said "What is taking everyone else so long? And where is Ayame?"

"She's busy right now"Wu said "And I can sense Raizen and Inu no Taishou, they are rapidly approaching the castle as we speak. Fengyi and Ryoko from the North are already here. And I am present, once the other lords arrive, we can begin without Ayame, and she can be brought up to speed “he said
Yukine would tilt her head some as she heard that, though she would leave it alone even if her curiosity was killing her to know. "Alright" she said and would look around the throne room "certently cleaned up nice, not touch on the dragon" she said as Yuna would beam happily while a very unhappy sho had to sit outside the throne room grumbling and yelling 'its not fair'
"Yeah agreed, nice digs you got here monk"Ryoma said "I like this place a lot, nice clothes too, trying to emulate the Dragon Emperor or something?"
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 3 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:26 pm

"I am the Dragon Emperor you idiot kyuubi"Wu said shaking his head "We've gone over this time and time again now

"Are you all still fighting?"Fengyi asked appearing in the doorway next fully dressed in her traditional robes of fine silk with a large war fan strapped to her back "Ryoma you have to accept that you are a prince of the north, Lord of the South, but he is an Imperial Grandmaster and Emperor...he outranks you....twice. Always has."she said shaking her head
Yukine could sense Ryoma's anger with that as she would nudge him, "You also should apologise for taking a good portion of everything in this castle..." she said with a cold warning, "he could easily take it all back...including that new set of dagers you got"
"It isn't needed, besides we know where exactly to look for it should we ever want it back in the future"Wu said sharply to Ryoma as Ryoma glared for a moment letting out a sigh "Yeah whatever"he said crossing his arms "Let's just get this stupid thing started when they get here"he fumed

"It'll be a surprise if ithey make it though the door without an argument if they arrive at the same time"Fengyi said "Since we were young, all the ancient ones liked to butt heads and power struggle over who would be on time, for a couple hundred years it would be Raizen, then Sekai, Yukine's father, then Kurama, then Inu no Taishou and back and forth and back and forth before finally there was a peace, but Kurama wasn't done"
"Sounds like an interesting arangment" Yukine said with a chuckle remembering well what her father would do, but she could already hear others where coming. "I can hear others coming, sounds like some are arguing"
"Damn it Tai get out of my way! My clan arrived first, we Oni will be known as the one beside the Empire."Raizen roared from outside the throne room

"Over my dead pelt Rai!, Everyone knows Dogs are the most loyal creature on the planet, we deserve to be at the serving hand of the Empire" Inu no Taishou barked back as the throne room opened and in walked Sesshoumaru and Yusuke both dressed in their families finest attire and looking pissed off

"Let those idiots argue outside"Yusuke said his hands stuffed in his pockets grumbling something about Lords and High Lords with a pissed off look on his face

"I don't have time for bickering"Sesshoumaru said coldly as he turned to the others "Lord Sesshoumaru no Taishou of the West and Lord Yusuke Toshin of the East are ready to proceed "High Lords" Inu no Taishou and Raizen Toshin can bicker outside for all we care. This newly appointed High Lord title is a disgrace"

"I disagree"Fengyi said "I am High Lady Fengyi Kurama of the North, my daughter is Lady Ryoko Kurama-Yuan of the North. We old ones have decided to let you all govern our lands, but while we are alive, we shall respectfully be advisors to you all...or would you still rather prefer being referred to as Prince and Princess in the new Order we are establishing?"
Yukine would lean back slightly raising a brow as she listened to them with a small laugh, it was just like the times as a cub and she would then looked to Ryoma, "This is already interesting...they sound like old women" she said laughing.

Ryoko was still with Ayame as they had just managed to get Ayame to calm down and where getting dressed, "You sure you do not need mor etime Ayame?" "I'm fine...i do not wish to make a bad impression after taking the throne."
"They are essentially old women, have you seen how long and white their hair is?"Ryoma said shaking his head "Lady Yukine Nekonata and Lord Ryoma Kurama of the South are also present and ready, we have no reigning High Lord"he said though the throne room doors opened one more as Ryoma's old friend Shihe appeared "I beg to differ my young one, you forgot I was appointed to the High Council in the beginning of our adventure, as such I will be advising you as well as the Empress"the kirin said as behind him as he smiled at Yukine "I knew your father for as long as I can remember, he would have been proud at all you have accomplished"

the throne room doors finally opened as Raizen and Inu No Taishou both walked in looking every bit as royal and powerful as they were in their youth as all heads bowed respectfully as they entered standing behind their respective children as their combined auras overflowed in the castle as all the lands had come together for the first time all under one roof

*Ryoko, almost ready? You and Ayame are the only ones missing from having a full council*he said
Yukine looked over to see him as she would smile "Shihe it is good to see you again, you don't look like you've changed" she said with a small laugh as she stood there and grinned.

Ryoko would hear him, 'We are coming down now, if possible keep an opening if we need to sneak out' she said as she finished putting the hair pin in Ayame's hair. "You look beautiful" she said smiling at her granddaughter,

Though as everyone was getting a bit annoyed for the waiting Sho's head lifted up as he had managed to slid into the throne room behind where Ayame' would sit the throne room was large enough to at least hold one almost fully grown dragon. Sho would soon let out a roar making the room silent as the others where still bickering as Ryoko stepped down and behind her Ayame wearing an outfit similar to Wu's but had some different coloring.
"Lady Ryoko"Fengyi greeted her daughter as she took her place in front of her as all around them everyone bowed down as Wu began speaking "Now presenting her Empress of man and youkai, the Heart of the Dragon, Phoenix Empress Ayame Reiko Yuan"he said as Ayame stood beside him "Behold, the Lords and Ladies of your lands, the Generals of your Armies and the Keepers of your Peace"Wu said to everyone as he turned to Ayame bowing his head
and her husband, Dragon Sage Emperor Wudong-Chi*
Ayame stepped up beside Wu as she looked over the others, Yuna and Sho would both sit there proudly behind both of them fanning out their wings as Ayame would speak "Thank you all for coming this day, we have much to discuss for our futures."
"Well I'll be damned, real dragons"Raizen said "Not like that weird two headed abomination you call a dragon Taishou, I can't believe you let Sesshoumaru ride that thing"

Inu no Taishou glared at Raizen balling his fist before turning to Ayame "Thank you Empress, we shall follow your lead"he said as Wu stepped down from the throne room heading towards one of the halls as the group of royalty turned towards him and began following along as those servants and visitors from the other lands cheered loudly at the sight of everyone all together, beginning of the dawn of a new age for their lands. Between their combined aura, not an ounce of Kurama's aura could be sensed by the people
Sho would snort slightly at Raizen a bit but soon him and Yuna where moving beside Ayame and Wu as they would leave the throne room. Ayame would smile a bit as she looked at Wu and whispered "Thank you for stalling..."
"As long as you made it on time, glad you feel better"Wu whispered back to her as he lead the group into a large room with a circular table surrounded by comfy chairs and cushions "The council chambers, here we can meet in absolute secrecy, and have a selected group of servants to run our errands while we are here."Wu said as everyone made themselves comfortable "We have much to discuss so we may be here for quite some time. Beds and the appropriate commodations have also been made for you all as well"
Sho and Yuna even weren't allowed inside which was fine for Yuna who once they where allowed ot leave, swatted Sho in the face with her tail as she ran off "Papa says you can't boss me around no more!" she yelled.

Ayame would ease down into her own seat as the others took their own now, if one took notice they sat exatcly in the 'direction' of their lands as well.
"Alright, we have all gathered now, let us relax"Wu said as the servants brought them in food and drink "And begin our discussion, the first topic will be the war we face with Kurama, our combined forces must come together to fight the dark army he has been building over time"
"He has done quiet a bit of damage, the north is almost a battle ground as both human and youkai decide whos side they are on...." Yukine said as she sat there, "Several humans are fleaing to the south just to escape the north"
"Likewise, we are also getting large numbers of refugees in our lands"Sesshoumaru said "Everyone is scattering away from the North."

"We in the East support going to war"Yusuke said "He needs to be stopped, besides, we would like our lands to return to normal, he has caused nothing but problems for all of us so far"
"So we are in agreeince that Kurama will be removed from his seat as High Lord?" Ayame asked looking out at the table, "If that is to happen then another must take his place....and as his Son lord Ryoma is now lord of the South with his mate Yukine....that falls to Princess of Pain herself Ryoko Kurama-Yuan"
"We have already worked that out"Fengyi said "I will become the High Lord, and Ryoko will become Lord, much the same way Raizen and Taishou and their children are now, though the problem arrises that three of our children are without mates, Yusuke, Ryoko and Sesshoumaru all have no mates, and no immediate heirs to their lands"she said
"Even if we paird one up with Ryoko one will still be without a direct heir" Yukine stated simply as she sat there and Ryoko couldn't help but cast a dark glare towards the feline knowing that that was coming from Ryoma trying to pair his sister up.
"Also true, but the only pairing that would work would be a pairing of the North and the West"Wu said surprising everyone as they turned to look at him "It has come to my attention that I am of Raizen's bloodline. That gives the East a claim to the throne through my blood, and the South and North have a claim to the throne through Ayame, in which they all share Kurama's blood. Lady Fengyi is also the one who turned me into what I am and thus she has a claim to my blood as well. Only Inu no Taishou and family have no direct claim to the Imperial Throne, in order to ensure balance, one must be formed"he explained
Ryoko was shocked by that coming from him as Raizen and Yusuke loked towards Wu and before an argument oculd be formed Fengyi would speak, "I am shocked you did not sense it High Lord Raizen....He is your daughters child after all" she said simply as she sat there.
Raizen stood up then as he jumped on the table squatting directly in front of Wu "I thought you looked familiar"he said "The purple hair, the red're her kid alright...but you have on this horrible human disguise"he said raising his hand punching Wu directly in his face as his hair stayed it's same amount of bushiness but becoming longer with flecks of white much like his chi demon form and his eyes a blend of red and purple "Much better, more natural, now you look like a Toshin"he said "Welcome to the family. I was wondering what ever happened to the baby my daughter was carrying by that human...monk...that makes so much sense now."he said blinking as Wu shook his head unphased by the punch "Yes, indeed, I am of your descent. The youngest Toshin, and a hanyou. which means that my former statement rings true"
Only a few people seemed to tense up and Ayame just held up her hand making them ease back into their spots as the two conviersed and Ayame would speak "Are you done now High Lord Raizen? if so...I'd very much like if you would refraine from standing on the table, later if you desire you can fight my husband on the training grounds"
"Oh I'm definitely going to take on my grandson, I have to make sure he's worthy of being a Toshin, we all saw what Yusuke did to Lord Ryoma"Raizen grinned flipping back into his seat as Ryoma growled and Yusuke laughed "At least you had to use a trick to beat me, unlike Sesshoumaru who lost fair and square"he said as Sesshoumaru rolled his eyes "But Yukine is still the weakest of the four children, and Ryoko is far stronger than the rest of us combined by that logic"
Yukine growled when she heard that, the air starting to become rather cold and Ayame snapped her fingers as the fireplaces ignited to keep the cold at bay. "Enough" she said simply, "Back to the topic that is at hand, the Western lands are the only ones that do not have a direct tie into the Imperial Family...thus I propose that Ryoko of the North and Sesshoumaru of the West create that connection." She said simply as Ryoko looked over at Sesshoumaru a raised brow "Almost seems a step down considering my late husband"
Sesshoumaru lazily let his eyes drift over to Ryoko hearing her comment "A husband whose dead while that which he fought still roams, congratulations"he commented nonchalantly "Let's not forget that you are no older than I am compared to the other babies on this council. I was not in the mood to fight your brother when we battled, don't put me in the mood to fight you."
Ayame would sigh some as she sat there and glanced at Wu, "what is it with youkais in picking fights?" she asked softly with a shake of her head, Ryoko would just smirk darkly "I look forward to bringing out a real fight in you...because if your as weak as my brother claims are you worth taking on the title of Lord of the West?"
"We were warned this is what is was going to be like, that is how they work through their problems, fear, remember?"Wu said "We just have to let it work themselves out"

"I am a daiyoukai in my own right"Sesshoumaru said "I have manifested my Bakusaiga. A blade that prevents regeneration from those that it cuts and decompose living material."he said "If you wish to challenge me, you will regret it"
Ryoko narrowed her eyes, "you think that scares me? or makes me think anything of you?" she stated sternly, "I bet none of you took notice besides the empress herself...I no longer am a 5 tail fox...I've regained all of them by unsealing this palace so if you wish to test strangths Sesshoumaru, you will regreat it" she said and Fengyi couldn't help but grin "My my, seems my princess of pain child is back to her old games again...."
"I have noticed"Sesshoumaru said "It is also only very recently that I have come into my own right as Daiyoukai."he commented "Your power dwarves the others, but not mine"he said "However, I will take the Empress up on her offer, and draw the treaty between our lands"
Ryoko would have said more but she refrained, but she would nod her head and glanced at Ayame before speaking, "Out of respect for my Empress and Granddaughter I will accept this offer of this treaty and union of the lands and the bloodlines"
"Likewise"Sesshoumaru said sitting back in his seat as he glanced over at Ryoko, he knew this would end up with them getting into a fight and ending with sex, as there had always been a weird tension between them since childhood an growing up before she left the demon world behind

"The next grey area would be who would take the throne now should the royal family fall"Inu no Taishou said "Ryoma and Yusuke are great uncles to the future heir. While Ryoko is a great grandmother, and Sesshoumaru a step-great grandfather, plus any kids they have will be grand-uncles and grand-aunts to this child. There needs to be a line of procession should Ayame, Wu and an heir pass away"
Ayame glanced aroundt he room she could tell each one wanted that right, before she would speak "With all due respect I believe that right should go to the Lord and Lady of the South" she said as she sat there, "Part of my bloodline should remain within the palace"
"Agreed"Ryoma said nodding his head "Besides, if we move into the throne room, then the humans take over the south strengthening those bonds."he commented "Besides, both of us were previously mated to the two of them, it only makes sense that we fill their shoes"

"Also"Wu said turning to Sesshoumaru "I would like to establish a monastery in the Western lands. There is already one in the east, the demon hunters and the monks are beginning to come together in the South and after Kurama is removed High Lady Fengyi has already said she is going to start a monastery in the North, having a set of Imperial Monks at each of the Lords disposal may prove to be an invaluable asset to you all"
Fengyi nodded her head some, "As the Steel Monks where once mine as it may, it is only fitting that I rebuild the monestary that I looked over so long ago. It also gives a chance for each lord to pass on fighting abilities and skilles unique to each land so that they are passed on for generations after our deaths"
Sesshoumaru nodded his head then "I will allow it"he said with a nod "It is good to have an imperial force spread evenly amongst us, so I will allow for it"
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on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:26 pm
Wu nodded his head "There will be an appointed Master at each temple who reports into me directly should the need arise for it"
"They'll have to prove tehy can be a master before they are allowed of course" Fengyi stated simply as she sat there, "They'll have to uphold to all of our standards incase they transfer between monestarys"
"Of course, the standards will be tough but to be a Master you must be worthy"Wu said "There is another manner which must be addressed as he looked over at Ayame "I wish for the council to meet frequently over the next year in order to overseer all facets of this war preparation. Ayame and I wish to start a family before this battle comes and we cannot do everything ourselves. As Lords of your respesctive lands I leave the duty up to you to train and ready your armies"
Ayame blinked looking at him as he said that, he was going to let them know she was pregnant? Though she would pull herself together so not to give the hint away before Fengyi spoke "interesting idea, though it would be wise specially if Ayame or yoruself where to die in the battle agaisnt Kurama"
"Exactly, there must always be an heir to the throne"Wu said "Even if they are orphaned the Imperial Throne must live on. As such Ayame and I have already begun trying for an heir"Wu said

"You don't feel it too sudden, or rushed?"Yusuke asked curiously "Then again you guys seem to have known each other for quite some time"
"We where raised together if that helps Lord Yusuke" Ayame said simply sitting there, "The former Grand Master took Wu in, and my parents thought it be wise that Wu become my mentor and ont he da of Kurama's attack it was thanks to him that I am even sitting here today before ou all"
"I see....well if it keeps us more involved then I see no issue with that though I want a direct portal here much loke Ryoma has. It's only fair"
"I'm sure that can be arranged" she said looking to Ryoma, "Lord Ryoma I believe that is your department of knoweldge I beleive each lord should have a direct access to the Imperial Palace"
"Fine, I suppose I can set that up for everyone. It'll empty out in the throne room so everyone in the castle is aware of the presence in the building whenever they come to visit. But if you break your mirror I'm not making another one. It's very draining on the magic reserves"Ryoma commented

"Now let us start to proceed into the traditions and laws that are to govern our new lands, the sooner we form them the sooner our citizens can start to abide by them"Wu commented
Everyone would agree as they sat there for some time, as arguments began to arise over what traditions should be kept and what shoudln't, some of them over lapping the others as Ayame rubbed her forehead a bit, Ryoko took notice and soon waved a servant over to tell them to get Ayame some water. The servant bowed their head, and Ayame glanced up as the servant held out the cup "thank you" she whispered taking a sip she was starting to burn up again.
Wu frowned sensing this as he then stood up tapping his staff on the ground as a gong rang out "Allow us to take our first break. We shall rest for dinner,and resume our meeting in the morning"he said bowing to the others before turning to Ayame "Need to go to the bedroom?"
The others would get up and bow their heads leaving as Ayame stayed behind waiting till she looked at Wu, "I should be fine if I lay down for a bit.." she said standing up, Fengyi had stayed behind as she would speak "I'll tell them you two had something to do and wont be able to make dinner. Go and rest tonight both of you" she said bowing her head to turn and leave.
Wu smiled as he held his hand out to Ayame helping her stand up "We will have our food brought to us. I feel like this first day was very successful in accomplishing a lot of our intended goals"he said "And everyone was agreeable for the most part"
Fengyi nodded as she chuckled "you both did well" she said simply. Ayame leaned against Wu taking his hand with a sigh, "yes it was...i think we both earned a good rest for this"
"I agree, I hope all of our nights aren't like this, we may end up rethinking this whole Empire thing"he said laughing as he supported Ayame as they began walking back towards the royal wing
"My parents made it seem so easy" she laughed shaking her head, as they headed to their room. Once there she would start to slid out of the kimono with a heavy sigh, "I hope...I have this child before we battle against Kurama...I don't think I can fight knowing I have a life within me.."
"I won't allow that to happen"Wu said "That is why I told the council that we are trying for a child, because then they know that we cannot begin the war until after the child is born, even if Kurama decides to attack first, we will have a shield to deter him from getting to you until after"
She glanced back at him nodding, "Thank you...I put a heavy strain on all of us though with this.." she said as she was soon standing in just the last layer a white kimono as she eased onto the bed,
"It was definitely unexpected, but we can work around it"Wu said sitting on the bed beside her "And i'm happy about it"
"At least you are...its father, I woudn't know how to handle things if it was Ryoma sitting here and not you...he was adiment on not wanting children" she said saddly
"Indeed he was. Raising a child isn't easy, especially if you were a bad child yourself"he commented brushing her hair back "But that is why I am here and hde is not, destiny"
She smiled looking up at him and leaned against his touch, "considering before all this i was nothing but some spoiled brat"
"You still are"Wu said with a laugh "But now you're my spoiled brat, so I'll take that burden happily"
"what if we end up having a girl that is as spoiled? You'll loss your mind" she said with a grin raising her hand to fix his pendant around his neck. "Though a boy wouldn't be bad unless it turns out like sho...then im just done"
"I don't think any human can turn out as lazy as that dragon is"Wu said shaking his head "Either way as long as the baby is happy and healthy I can deal with everything else"
She slid closer and leaned up and kissed him, "your right, or it could be twins" she said laughing, "that be my luck that we have twins"
"Could you imagine having twin Raizens? That may be something I couldn't handle"he said shaking his head "Let's pray for one or another"
"Or Ryoma's....or a Ryoko and a Ryoma!" she said with a laugh as she soon laid on her side with a grin, her hand sliding to her stomach. "Though...I do wish that....they could see the child even hold it once my father looked crushed knowing he couldn't hold his grandchild..."
"That is always sad"Wu said "I'm sure my parents felt the same way as me when they were killed....that is my next goal. To attempt to find them in the spirit realm and talk to them"
"You should ask your grandfather what your mother looked like then...that way you can at least focus on that, how I thought of Rei...kept picturing that painting father had of him in the hall I used to be so scared of it" she laughed shaking her head, "knowing that I had to one day live up to that.."
"Well you are doing a job I'm sure he would even be surprised about. You have accomplished so much in the last 20 something years that he had to do over centuries"Wu said "You are quite amazing to watch"
She chuckled "and I think your full of it and wanting some special time" she said with a roll of her eyes as she smiled at him, before sitting up as she pulled the hairpin form her hair, letting it falld own around her shoulders with a sigh. She held up the pin in her hand and would smile "You where so mad when I kept this"
"Because at any point in time should someone have recognized it and reported it, that would have been the end of it"Wu said "I was a teenager trying to save a child after being orphaned and raised in solitary in a monastery, I had a very strange persecption on the way the world worked"
"you still ahve a strange persecption" she shot back with a laugh at him, "honestly I don't think you could ever have a normal one" she teased
"Well no, my life just continues to get stranger and stranger. I would need to have access to a normal life in order to have a regular, normal view on it"Wu said shaking his head
"which wont ever happen" she said as she looked at him, before closing her eyes and then laying back down. "I hope Ryoko isn't mad...about mating Sesshoumaru, though they did sem to just be arguing for the sake of arguing"
'I feel like if she didn't want to, she would have strongly objected from the beginning"Wu said "Or at least challenged him to win her hand, but she consented, I wouldn't be shocked if they fooled around tonight. She has lived a long and lonely life for quite a long time, I'm sure even someone as cold as Sesshoumaru is nice to curl up to after a long day"
"who knows, if something like that does happen, im sure it wont be unexpected" Ayame said, closing her eyes.
Ryoko would sigh heavily as she stood otuside letting the air hit her after being stuck indoors all day this felt nice as her tail s flicked about 'wish you where here Rei...shes done so much you'd be so proud' she thought
Wu nodded still petting her head while she got some rest

"That was a pretty underhanded comment you made earlier"came a voice from behind her as Sesshoumaru stood there silently as the wind blew around them
She glanced back at him, "YOu've heard worse from me so I don't see why you mind now" she said glancing away.
"I suppose you have a point"Sesshoumaru said "I just never would have expected it from someone like you. I know how nice you are in the inside, and how you act tough around other youkai. Part of me expected your true colors to show when in regards to me."he commented looking off to the side "Before your Father drove you away, you used to love me"
"What true colors did you wish to see Sesshoumaru? I am fair from the demoness I was when I was younger" she said simply, till he brought up her loving him her eyes drifting to his "You used to smile so whats your point?"
"You used to be around to make me smile"he countered back as he made eye contact with her "Your departure affected more people than you think"he said with a sigh as he closed his eyes "Not as though it truly matters now"
"You saw why I left Sesshoumaru" she said crossing her arms some, "I had no choice...nor did I even know who I was anymore lie after lie i was told...i couldn't trust myself let alone anyone else" she sighed heavily, "but whats done is done, and here we are"
"Indeed. Here we are."Sesshoumaru said stepping towards her "So why did you agree. I could smell it on you, your motives were not purely political. It's been bothering me our entire meeting"he commented meeting her gaze again "Do you even know yourself?"
She had a flashback for a second of a moment like this, him moving closer and kissing her without warning but she would shrug it off. "It was a good move to unite the lands" she wasn't sure, but she did not move as he stepped closer infact she seemed...nervous...."and maybe I don't...but does it matter Sesshoumaru?" she asked, her gold eyes searching his own.
"You seem to be shrugging a lot of things off"Sesshoumaru commented softly as he held their shared golden gaze "As if the past is a foreign entity. But you were there when I lost my arm in combat. You nursed me to health. You were the first person I've ever confessed love for, the first woman to make me smile, the first woman I have ever slept with"he said "You may have found another life without those memories, but I have not"he said, their faces merely inches apart "So yes, it does matter. But if you wish to keep this purely political, then we can, but I do not wish to"he said as his arm wrapped around her waist pulling her in to him
He was moving closer making her want to move back, she had discarded that life, those memeories to escape everything her father attempted to make her. She had found new life with Rei and it was blissful, till her father once again stoll it from her. "Sesshoumaru I...I'm not saying I forgot them.." she stated, till his face was inches from hers as he pulled her close to him. Her hands pressing to his chest, as she staired at him. She didn't know what to she would look down some "i do not wish this to be political...but I've locked so much away...every time im happy its taken away..."
"Well then it's a good thing both of us are never happy, then there wont be anything to take away"Sesshoumaru said "I am not one to persuade you. I couldn't do it then, and I cannot do it now"he commented "But I am here, I am living, and I do not plan on recklessly throwing away my life and going anywhere, you may chose to take that "happiness" or not"he said simply as he looked down at her
She stood there listening to him, she had caushed him nothing but pain she her fingers curled into his clothing, even pulling at the armored spike plate he wore. " can you still care after what I did to could have had anyone else could have moved on"
"I tried to. I am not one to wait around aimlessly for an idea that is never going to happen"Sesshoumaru said "But no one compared to you. No other woman can compare to you"he said "All you did was run away and fall in love with another man, am I to hold a lifelong grudge over something so trivial?"
She looked up at him, "no...but you deserved to be happy..." she whispered softly and looked down, "i cause everyone own son...even my granddaughter...the first man I ever loved...."
Sesshoumaru gently put a finger under her chin lifting her head "Then be that happiness, if your mother could accept you after running away, I can too."he said as he closed his eyes as his lips gently pressed against hers to shut her up as he held her close to him once again
She couldn't help but shiver s she felt his finger beneath her chin, but shew ould close her eyes as his lips pressed to hers. The old feeling of love seemed to hit her, as her grip on his clothing tightened and she pressed herself that much closer to him.
He held their kiss for a long moment as the winds seemed to whip around them as those feelings came rushing back to the two of them before he finally broke it "You've always belonged to this Sesshoumaru"he said laying his forehead against hers "But I will not force you to be with me, not anymore"
She closed her eyes as she lsitened to him and laughed, "oh and the third person talk" she said looking up at him, "but you've always been my..fluffy" she whispered to him softly.
"And you are your nicknames"he sighed shaking his head at her "I thought that may have changed by now"he commented "After dinner, will you lay with me?"he asked
"Where do you think my granddaughter gets it?" she said with a smile and would step to the side taking his hand, "Ayame and Wu are taking dinner int heir room...why don't you come to mine much better view and a bigger bed"
"A bigger bed hm? Plan on using that for some purpose?"he asked holding her hand as they headed back inside "I feel like most of the Lords are going to take their meals in their private chambers, the cat and your brother already left, Yusuke, your mother, my father and his father are the only ones still planning to eat in the dining hall"
"Probably to have a drinking match" she said as she walked with him, and looked at him, "Your father and my mother have some history to catch up on...and I do believe that your father is still unable to out drink my mother" she said as they would hear yelling as Fengyi was ordering more Saki. "already happening"
"That is not something I wish to witness, it's going to end badly. It always does"Sesshoumaru said stopping a servant on their way to her room as he told her what they wanted as they moved into her chambers "This is indeed a much better view"
Ryoko would smirk, "your father never learns and Raizen eggs him on" she said simply as she stood there. A few old things that she had whens he lived here, sat around but Ayame and Wu had her old room but she didn't mind glancing over to Sesshoumaru, walking up to him "I've always loved the view of the mountains..." she said as they would see to figures flying around near the caves, "seems Yuna and Sho are playing tag again...or Yuna stole something from Sho..."
"It is quite impressive what your little family has managed to do so far. Restore dragons, unite youkai, ally with human, slay Kurama. All very unexpected from a family of kyuubi and bloodsuckers"he commented as he sat on the edge of her bed his eyes never leaving her as if she would suddenly vanished if he stopped looking for just a moment
She would turn her head to look back at him, "impressive yes, but all that is Ayame's doing" she said moving back towards him, Her hand raising up to cup his face, and gently run against his markings "you look as if I might just dissapear if you so much as blink"
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 3 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:26 pm
"Isn't that what happened the last time?"Sesshoumaru said leaning against her face "You made love to me and then sang to me until I fell asleep, then you trapped me in a dream and sealed me in my room so I couldn't come after you until you were already out of my reach."he said "I haven't seen your face for over 1000 years until you suddenly showed up at my castle. That is why your little brother won our fight, there was no way for me to stay focused at the time."
She would lean forward and kissed him on the forehead "shall we recreate that night to prove that I will be here when you wake up?" She asked staining down at him her fingers gently tracing back through his hair.
"This is the scene I lived over and over again, the feel of your lips, your scent, your fingers in my hair. I believe I have nothing to fear this time around, if the worst comes I will already be prepared for it"
She couldn't help but smile at him she would start to gently work open his shirt, first unlatching the armored plate and would then lean forward to press her lips against his lips, while she slid into his lap to straddle him.
He closed his eyes kissing her back as he gripped her ass as she sat on his lap as he tugged off her obi untying her kimono
She leaned against him more, pressing her hands into his shirt letting her nails drag against his chest with a soft moan, as she felt his hands grip her ass and pull her into his lap that much more while she took a deep breath as his fingers presseda gainst her skin beneath her kimonos.
Sesshoumaru's passion was soon brought into the kiss as he hungrily claimed her mouth with his as his clawed fingers explored her once familiar body before moving up to her shoulders and sliding her kimono down around her waist completely as he pulled back from their kiss as he kissed down her neck and chest taking a nipple into his mouth and teasing it with his tongue
Her tongue rolled with his as she felt the cool air brush agaisnt her skin, while fingers slid down her body, the burst of passion and long pushed back emotions surfaced up more as she pressed agaisnt him more, just as his lips captured her nipple as he licked over it. A small moan passed her lips, while one of her tails slid down to begin working into his pants some, not caring if she tore them either.
Sesshoumaru reached up threading hia fingers through her hair as he switched to her other nipple as he raised his hips slightly to help his pants slide off as he was already hard as the tip of his dick pressed lightly against her moist opening
Another moan passed her lips as she felt his fingers sliding through her hair, till his lips meet her other nipple a groan slid from her before she raised her hips as she felt the heat of his dick against her, easing herself she would lean forward till she lined him up and then slid down with a loud moan as he sunk deep into her body.
Sesshoumaru drew in a ragged breath feeling him inside of her body just like times long ago as he gripped her ass a bit tighter with his free hand slowly raising her up and sliding her back down as he kissed her again
She would slid her hands up to drag up through his hair, her nails dragging against his scalp feeling him moving within her, her hips rolling slowly as she took a deep breath. "Sess....houmaru" she moaned out
Sesshoumaru laid his head against her chest feeling her nails as he grabbed jer hips moving her faster up and down against him as his breathing began to steadily pick up as they got faster and faster
She dragged her nails further down his chest moaning even more as they continued to move their hips against. She leaned back, letting her breasts bounce freely while her tails grinding against the base of his dick and even his balls.
"You're going to make this a shorter session at this rate"he commented as he suddenly stood up then standing on the edge of the bed as he turned them over, laying her on her back and gripping her thighs as he then continued his thrusting into her
She would chuckle as she looked down at him, till he had them flipped over as she would wrap her legs around his waist holding him close, "hmm I do not think your against several rounds" she whispered, only to moan as he continued to thrust into her, going deeper as her toes curled and her nails dragged down his back now.
Sesshoumaru leaned down kissing her again as he sped up his movements finding himself edging closer and closer to climax after finally being with her again after so many centuries apart as he soon thrusted deep inside of her and came hard as his claws dug into the bedsheets as he moaned out her name as he filled her
She arched up feeling him thrusting firmly into her over and over again, the pistoning of his dick churning her inside as she would soon feel the warmth fill her, though she leaned up kissing him softly, silencing him for a bit till she bit his lips tenderly.
Sesshoumaru gathered her into his arms as he collapsed onto the bed with her holding her panting softly as he looked into her golden eyes
Ryoko would smile up at him, as she took a deep breath running her fingers against his cheek "I've missed this..." she whispered
"That makes two of us" Sesshoumaru said as he laid there drinking in her scent "It's been a millennium since we were here, like this"
She would shift slightly beneath him, her fingers running up to run against his neck slowly, "well...they say the best way to keep a to keep him waiting" she teased
"You dont think 1000 years is a bit much?" He questioned looking over at her "You are a cruel woman"
She tilted her head slightly looking at him, "that didn't bother you 1000 years ago when I was known for being cruel" she whispered
"It still doesn't bother me now. I was simply pointing out a fact" Sesshoumaru said "We are not supposed to be a nice couple"he said
She would slid her fingers through his hair again, then up towards his ear to gently trace over the tip and leaned up to kiss him, "hmm...only Ayame knows my nice side...think you can handle it?" she teased
"I can handle anything you throw at me."Sesshoumaru said "Let's not forget whose blood was the first blood you've ever drank when the thirst hit you"he said putting his arm around her protectively
She chuckled and leaned even closer to him, ready to kiss him though her lips pressed to his chin softly, then began to train down as she pulled his silver strands aside till soon he felt that unforgotten feeling of her fangs digging into his throat, her body pressing closer to his as she began to even move her hips against him grinding and twisting.
Sesshoumaru put his arms around her as her fangs dug into his neck as he let out a sigh "How familiar that feeling is"he sighed out closing his eyes
Her eyes would glow softly as she felt the rush of new blood hitting her system, the blood she had taken from Rei so long ago had reached its limit some time and had fadded leaving her 'dry' and thirsty for more but she never told anyone. Her nails dug into his shoulders as her fangs just dug harder, as if she was drinking to save her life, but she was soon pulling back as her tongue ran against his neck and she smirked looking up at him as she sighed heavily. "hmm"
"You....look refreshed" Sesshoumaru said surprised "You haven't drank blood for a long time hm? Do you finally feel your full power restored? You look like you did in our youth again"he commented "Drink as much as you want, there aren't that many Daiyoukai around that can supply you with powerful blood"
She grinned as she looked at him, "I haven't fed since Rei died" she stated simply as she laid there, her skin had a glow to it once again and her aura already felt like it was that much more powerful.
"You must have been quite hungry"he said as he laid there "You are literally glowing right now"he pointed out
"Oh I was, but I didn't dare ask for any blood from others. Ayame's is to rich for me, and Wu's well...hes been with my mother" she chuckled as she laid there as her fingers ran against his neck, over where she had just bit him. "you do relize that I marked you because of that right?"
"I am aware that's what you youkai do"Sesshoumaru said looking up at her "Does that mean you are the one whose not letting me go this time?"he asked curiously
"Your mine till you breath your last" she said simply as she laid there with a smirk on her lips. She would then slowly reach up as she pulled her hair from her shoulder and neck and looked at him "If you look closely...your mark is still there...for when Rei died yours return faintly"
"What a surprise. It seems nothing can fully erase it then"he said reaching up tracing it with his finger
She would look up at him, "its what told me you still cared...that you still wanted me by your side but I was worried that you would not accept me back....other wise I would have returned those years ago"
"I understand. Many youkai had mixed feelings after Rei Yuan's death. You were a princess that ran away, but times are much different now" Sesshoumaru said "I'd never thought a day would come were all four clans and even the ningen were united."
She would nod her head some as she laid there "Ayame is a interesting women and has been since she was a child"
"I never thought she actually existed. She was a well kept secret"he said "I figured rumors were rumors and Kurama's will wasn't going anywhere. It is good to know he will be defeated"
"Well you know I'm protective if I thought that my family would do well with me out in the open i would have come out of hiding but Kurama was after me"
"I'm surprised he actually returned. I always underestimated the power of your father. I truly understand what a ferocious man he currently is." Sesshoumaru commented "It's hard to believe you come from him"
"I always knew he would even Rei did, he told me to watch for the signs and prepare so I did...if I didn't I would have tried to come back to you" she said and would lean up kissing him softly before slowly starting to sit up more.
"You still could have come back anyway" Sesshoumaru said with a slight sigh "It does not matter. You are here now. That is what matters"
"I'm sorry I kept you waiting for so long Sesshoumaru" she stated looking at him, "Though I am shocked on one thing" she said simply her tails swaying back and forth, "I thought you'd be more apposed to siding with the ningin"
"My father continued to try to push these values onto me." Sesshoumaru said "I have a human stepmother and a hanyou half brother. It would be wrong if I split my family apart with my own personal grudges"
"Hmm that is true I meet the women she was rather charming, though she gave Ayame baby fevor" she said with a small laugh as she sat there, "granted shes pregnant now was rather cute watching them...children are a blessing" she said, though her eyes seemed a bit sad...after all she had to say goodbye to her own son.
Sesshoumaru looked at her as he sat up slightly looking down at her "Well you know, as my mate, and Lady of the West, we have the opportunity to have a child. My first one."he told her
She would look over at him, and smirked "Well lets wait till things are a bit more calmed, unless you wish to start your line so soon" she said moving closer to him with a grin.
"I believe it is you who are the one who wouldn't mind having a baby to take care of. I can see it in your eyes'he commented "You enjoyed being a mother"
"Hmm yes I did, it was one of the best things that happened in my life" she said simply, "fatherhood isn't as bad, from what I've heard...besides I'm sure your father would love to be a granddog" she said with a small laugh
"My father has been hounding me to have children for over 1000 years. It will happen when the time is right"Sesshoumaru said "And now that I have you, it may be sooner than later"
"Well you could always fire back at him and state that he's having enough for both of you" she said laughing a bit, "besides do you really want our child to grow up along side your half brother? you do relize you'd have to spend more time with your father that way because you are not leaving me to deal with him the whole time"
"My father is not going to be around forever"Sesshoumaru said "Besides, his mother usually keeps them in their wing of the castle"he commented "But growing up besides Inuyasha is irrelevant, they will be nothing alike."
"Well we both know mine wont" she said with a small chuckle, as she sat there though she would slightly tilt her head some looking at him, "as for our child meeting your brother, it wouldn't be bad...Ayame already plans on having play dates with him once her child is born"
"I'm not surprised. The girl is infatuated with the boy" Sesshoumaru said as he closed his eyes "Whenever you are ready for one we can have one"
"Well she gets that from me, saddly to say I've had the baby fevor when her father was born" she said simply as she would soon crawl over him as she kissed his neck, "but still a bit thirsty" she purred as she nipped at his ear, before kissing down towards his neck.
Sesshoumaru nodded his head tilting his head for her "Drink as much as you want. We are going to need you at full power for everything that is going to come our way"

The Imperial Palace since the Counsel meeting between the lands had proved to be successful, traditions, treaties, mating proposels, everything was discussed to ensure that no land was greater than the other expect for the Imperial Palace. Monestaries had been created within the West, South and East where as the North was still being ruled beneath Kurama's fist. But other changes had happened, Ryoko had gone with Sesshoumaru to the West to live with him and discovered she was with his child, things where going well for them.

Ayame was sometimes over doing it herself, she was now showing she was with child herself, and kept mostly to the Palace for protection so Kurama could not see or harm her while they prepared for battle, and that is wehre she was now standing at the war table as she talked with Inu No Taisho and Reiken about battle stratagies, the two where the best in that field. "If we strike from this way...won't that risk the villages there?" Ayame asked quickly looking over the maps that where provided of what they knew of the North.
"Collateral damage is a part of war" Raizen said "That is why we rebuild. It is the best way to enter the North amd begin our assault"he said as he squatted in his chair looking at the map

"That may be true, but the Empress doesnt like harming others you know that" Taishou said as he crossed his arms with his hand on his chin "Hmmm...perhaps if we send someone in the evacuate the villages that way the houses can be destroyed without loss of life"
She would sigh some as she stood there then glanced at Taisho "thank you milord but Raizen is right...war does cost lives....if we can't warn them or they refuse to move then we have no choice....Kurama has a weak point there and we need this area for our frontal attack."
"That is where the largest part of our army is going to be focused on the Southwest front to draw him there. That way Ayame and her elite guard can move through the East and get to Kurama's castle directly. It'll be the only way she can get through to him" Raizen said

"Then Lady Yukine and I will control our distraction forces. Raizen you will command the Eastern forces to engage any enemies you come across so Ayame can continue forward" Taishou said
She listened to the two talk as her eyes scanned over the lands, though she would pause for a moment and would soon walk around, her hand slightly on her stomach as she would soon tap a part of the map. "What is this area?" She asked quickly, it was mostly fadded out it seemed "does it hold anything special?" she asked it was near the cost and she was wondering could they flank Kurama from the sea as well.
"That is the canal of the Great Sea" Inu no Taishou said "Many fishermen take it out to reach the ocean to catch the bigger prey"he said "Why what are you thinking?"
"Its completly open" she said simply as she stood there, "We have ports that can go right to it...we can flank him from this side as well and take control...we do this we take control of their supply line from"
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 3 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:27 pm
"The only problem is that the North jas the strongest Naval fleet. They are the ones mostly on the water" Taishou said "Our forces combined pale in to what Kurama has"

"We can still try to blow the hell out of them...but perhaps....maybe just those who will fight Kurama directly should sneak in by boat. They would be practically undetected if they disguised themselves as simple fishermen coming in to dock and unleashing hell upon the shore"
"I feel that this way we can catch him off guard, he wont expect us to even come up this way by pulling his attention to the main focus...we should be able to sneak in like Raizen says in disguese and not only turn his own people and maybe his men against him...but take control of his fleet and over all the ports" She said simply looking at both men, "It be dangerous...but this could be a deciding factor in the battle"
Raizen couldn't help but start laughing as he clapped his hands together "For such a virgin to war you are quite the War Maiden" he stated "Those are some bold ambitions you have there. I like it."

"Bold...but not as crazy as it may seem. It will definitely be a hard push. And it should not be a priority. But with Lady Fengyi leading that charge it just may happen. Make sure Wu uses his Muramasa. It has the power to control youkai if they have ever been bitten or turned by Fengyi."Taishou commented
She would look at Raizen as he was clapping at her, though she said nothing as she then glanced over to Taishou as she nodded, "I'll speak to him upon his return from the monestaries" shes aid simply as she looked back at the maps. "For now, we will focus on the intial attack plan till we are sure we can take on Kurama's navy" she said simply before taking a deep breath as she leaned forward, bracing herself ont he table a bit her hand going ot her stomach a bit more almost as if she was in pain but she said nothing as she shook her head. "What is next on the agenda?" she asked quickly pushing herself to focus on the task at hand.
"Perhaps we should take a break here until the Emperor returns. You should rest some" Inu no Taishou said simply "A sick Empress does us no good when we are so close to starting our war" Inu no Taishou said "I think when it comes closer to your due date we should start launching our first attacks. This isnt going to be over in an easy amount of time"
She looked at the two of them, as she would sigh "Forgive me for this Milords" she said simply with a soft sigh as she then nodded as she looked at Inu No Taisho, "We will reconvine once the Emperor returns which should be in a day"
"Take all the time you need" Raizen said "That's my great grandchild in there, you better make sure it's well protected"he commented "Let us know if you need anything else. I'll be in the East Wing"
She chuckled slightly, "Of course High Lord, I'll make sure of it" she said with a smile towards him, "do enjoy your stay gentlemen I'll have food prepared for you both" she stated bowing her head simply before leaving. Ryoko had been true to her world to Wu once Ayame had started showig at getting a Midwife as the older demoness would be outsdie waiting "Milady your straining yoruself again" she said quickly as Ayame looked at her, "I must there is a war going on...besides Wu isn't here so I must push myself before he orders me to my bed"
"Doesnt mean you should hurt yourself" came a female voice from behind her as Fengyi suddenly appeared "I'm back from my recon mission in the North"she commented "His forces are quite strong. It seems he has regained all of his tails again"
Ayame turned to look at Fengyi as she would speak "So...hes regain his power" she stated simply as she hadn't even been able to train herself as she spoke, "once the child is born I will have to regain my own strength...then we attack it is the only way things will go well for us"
"I agree. I do not know what tricks he has up his sleeves but I do know he isnt going to hold back agaimst us. He knows we are preparing for a large war because he has done so himself"
"I have the two best generals here right now...luckly for us they are able to pull away from their lands and leave it to their sons" she said rubbing her stomach slightly, "Forgive me Fengyi, but I really need to rest other wise Wu will give me a lecture for straining myself to hard again"
"I agree with him. I'll walk with you to your room" she said smiling as she walked with Ayame towards the Royal Wing. The Imperial Palace had been divided into different wings where representatives of those lands tended to stay with the Royal Wing being more centralized much like the lands
Ayame nodded with a smile as she walked with him, though she would turn to look at her slightly, "What are the Northern Lands looking like?" she asked
"It's currently snowing heavily like it usually does during Winter. So it's pretty sheltered and boarded off" Fengyi said "I tried to get close to Kurama's castle but there was no way, it's too heavily guarded to make it inside there"she said "Im going to try again later"
"Do not get caught, we coudln't afford to loss you Fengyi" she said as she walked with her, thinking slightly "We have an idea...but it may have to wait till we have established a base within his lands.."
"What idea might that be?" She asked curiously as she pushed open the chamber doors for her letting the Empress inside
"We are thinking of taking his navy" she stated as she walked into the bedchamper and then glanced back at her. "If we can take that...we may just be able to cripple him"
"Take his navy hm... that may be something that could happen. The North is known for the mastery of the sea, it wont be easy, but it would hurt him"
"That is why we will have to plan it carefully, we where thinking you and Wu could go in...if there are any among his army that where turned by you...Muramasa could control them"
"I'm sure there plenty who are. He took over all my ninja and plenty of my vampire" Fengyi commented "That is a good idea...the dog probably thought of that, he's fascinated by swords"
"Yes, he did" she stated with a small smile as she eased onto the bed with a heavy sigh and would smile a bit, "Just a few more months and the child will be here..." she stated as she put her hand on her stomach, "Any word from Ryoko and how she is doing?"
"She's doing very well"she commented "Sesshoumaru has servants waiting on her hand and foot. It's exciting to see my daughter pregnant. I wasnt in her life with the birth of her first child, but pregnant Ryoko is quite sassy like I am, I love it"she laughed
Ayame started laughing as she sat there as she smiled, "well it seems to be a trait in the family, only Raizen seems to find my tongue lashings any funny, Wu just rolls his eyes or yells at me" she stated chuckling, "then i give him this rather cute look and next thing I know im getting a foot thing ever"
"Oh it's good to be a pampered demoness that's for sure" Fengyi smiled "I miss being pregnant sometimes. Your grandmother was the light of my life"
"Maybe one day you'll find another man Fengyi, I know a rather wild and crazy war demon that you two could raise hell together" she said with a small grin and a laugh, "then again might be bad cause I dont think he'd like always being on the bottom"
"Oh yes I've slept with Raizen before the man is a monster in and out of the bedroom" she commented "I dont think the world could handle a mating of that caliber. Too destructive"she laughed
"Jeez, I'm rather glad I spared myself wanting to mate with his son then" she chuckled shaking her head, "though Wu is just as bad if you get him worked up"
"It's a Akuma thing. Devil youkai can get very aggressive and Wu is from that family. I have seen it myself so I know what you mean. He must be so frustrated now that the sex stopped due to the baby"she laughed
She rolled her eyes, "it wouldn't hurt him if he'd just be a bit sore enough as it is I don't need to be broken"
"You could just blow him. That's what I did to Kurama every day. Worked too, definitely got him out of my hair and in a much better mood" she commented
"Maybe if he deserves it" she said as she would soon yawn a some "can I leave you enchanted till I wake up Fengyi?" She asked with a small smile
"Of course, you have nothing to worry about then"she smiled bowing as she turned to give her some peace
She would smile a bit watching her, and once she was out of the room she would take a deep breath a she laid down. Her eyes closed as she would rub her stomach and began to hum softly, a smile on her lips as she gently spoke "just a few more months my little one....and soon you'll be meeting so many people"
"Including Daddy" came a
Wu's voice as he appeared walking through the mirror as his staff disappeared "I'm glad you're laying down and not overworking yourself"
She opened her eyes as she looked over to him, laughing slightly "Well thank the High Lords for noticing that I needed a break, other wise I would have continued on regardless" she said quickly, and would then push herself up to look at him. "your home early"
""Indeed, I made an executive decision. I appointed Naraku Orochi as the new Grandmaster to overlook the monasteries in my steed" Wu said "Since the title of Sage supercedes Grandmaster"
"I the boy is doing?" she asked sitting there, her tail slowly swaying back and forth. "Fengyi has returned....Kurama has all his tails"
"Excellent, he has taken to learning my techniques quite naturally and mixes them with his own demon hunter techniques for quite a powerful display, he will lead the monks well."he said as he frowned "I feared it wouldn't be long until he was back to full power"he sighed
"I'm glad hes working out well' she said faintly as she would then let her mind wonder back to Kurama, shifting where she sat as her hand ran against her stomach. "With this pregnacy I cannot advance as I wish...or even train...not tha tim saying i don't want the child...but there is so much going on Wu...if we could ahve struck him sooner we could avoid the bloodshed"
"Either way there was going to be bloodshed" Wu said "We both know Kurama wasnt going down without a fight"he said "He would have something up his sleeve, just look at h9w crafty Ryoma is, and he's 100x worse"
"that is true, though Yukine keeps him in line" she said as she would soon close her eyes and sighed heavily, "this child of ours is going to be the death of keeps kicking me in the worst spots" she said with a small sigh.
"Just a little longer and it will all be over"Wu said as he laid a hand on her stomach infusing his chi to help calm the child "Better?"
She would lean her head against his chest some, as she would take a deep breatha nd nodded her head some, "yes...little shits already a daddies child" she said with a small laugh looking up at him.
"Of course, did you expect anything different?"he laughed as he jept rubbing her stomach
She grinned as she sat there, before kissing him softly till she would soon chuckle as where his hand was he would feel the child move. "the child seems to enjoy it when we are together"
"In talking to my Grandfather I've learned a lot about my kind. Apparently we are very semsitive to other peoples Aura. Our sense of aura is as good as a dog's sense of smell or a foxes sense of sensing emotions"he said "Our aura is what defines us"
"So as it is half of you, it needs the feeling of calming aura's?" she stated as she tilted her head some looking at him, and then leaned back some. "Either way did you want to lay down with me? You can sleep on my stomach"
"No you should rest. Im going to go catch up on the War strategy with the Generals"he commented
"Well don't let Raizen boss you into a stratagy...he was doing that til I threatned he couldn't hold his great grandchild ever" she smirked looking at him, "Also...let them explain to you the stratagy we have on taking Kurama's navy"
"Taking the navy? Sounds interesting"Wu said as he gave her a kiss before standing up "Well then it seems I will be off, let me know when you wake from your nap"
"Well go let Fengyi know your here, I told her she can run things till I wake up or you returned" she said with a smile as she laid back down and closed her eyes taking a deep breath before letting sleep take her.
Wu smiled as he snapped his fingers as he vanished disappearing to a different part of the castle as he summoned the three High Lords to his libarary to continue their discussion wjere Ayame left off
Fengyi would sit in the counsel room as she looked at the others as she would bow her head a bit "High Lords...Emperor it is good to see you've returned saftly"
"Thank you" Wu said nodding to her as everyone sat down "So I see you all have come up with a plan to attack Kurama on the water? I am intrigued"
"It was the Emperess's idea from what I came to understand" Fengyi stated as she looked at the other two, "these two just helped make that idea whole"
"It is entirely possible but not easy" Taishou said "While we have our two pronged attack, a third unit could sail north and then slip into his lands and launch an assault as well to full divert his attention"
Fengyi would nod her head, 'I beleive that will be left to me, I can start scouting that area if need be and even start locating those..who I can easily pull beneath my infulence" she said with a small grin
"That would be a great help" Wu said "I want to ask a special request of you three. When Ayame has the baby, will you three help get her back into shape? When it comes to hand to hand combat you are unmatched High Lady Fengyi, when it comes to the way of the sword there is no one as fine a swordsman as you High Lord Taishou and when it comes to wielding your power and forming devastating blasts your energy is unmatched High Lord Raizen. I can think of no one better to give the Empress a crash course before fighting Kurama"
Fengyi would nod her head, "Of course but it all depends how well her body recovers from having the child...some women come back from it fine not with how much this child is affecting her already she could be drained of energy for some time....I speak this because Ryoko did the same to me when she was born...not eving drinking anothers blood helped for some time"
"Well when the time comes I'll help the girl out" Raizen said "We are gods Fengyi. We arent just mere youkai and she's one of us. She'll be fine. No need to be pessimistic about it"he commented as he stuck his pinky in his ear cleaning it out
"Coming from the man who whined for a month that I wouldn't so much as touch him?" she asied as she looked at him with a small smirk, "I am mearly looking out for my great grandchilds safty, as she is carring your great grandchild i would feel you'd wish the same"
"And I'm telling you that she will be perfectly fine. I can read her aura. She's going to be a-okay after that kid is born" Raizen said simply "no need to worry about it"
Fengyi would shake her head some as she would chuckle, "anyways yes I'll train her, the girl gotten lazy" she stated tapping her fingers on the arm of her chair, "I will say this I have managed to...gather a small force within the North while there, just a few dozen but if they keep their heads low we can take kurama's land from beneath him much faster"
"Just tell them to be careful. We dont need any additional bloodshed on our hands" Wu said "Keep them safe"
"Do not worry, they know where to escape to if they are found" she stated simply as she sat there, "I will do what I can to reclaim my lands and my people, just be ready to attack regardless if Ayame is ready or not...Kurama will not wait the moment he feels we are coming"
"Of course. This war is going to start before this kid is born" Wu said "We know our roles and who will be leading, ee must use this time to take charge....speaking of...we are missing the Southern General....where is Shihe?"
Fengyi would sit there before glancing to Raizen, "He was in your lands last High Lord" she stated simply as she sat there.
Raizen blinked before shrugging "I dont keep track of that horse"he commented "He was moving into Ryoma's castle the last time I talked to him"he commented

"Why would you conduct your meeting without him here?"Wu sighed "Fengyi was on a mission but you didnt even notice he was missing"
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 3 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:27 pm
"It is a simple matter Wu just contact Ryoma and ask him where he is at" Fengyi stated as she sat there "though I am puzzled as to why he was not here I am sure The Empress would have asked for him."
"Ryoma is currently in the West visiting his sister. Which is why I'm surprised Shihe isn't here. Perhaps something came up that drew his attention." Wu said with a frown "I will attempt to locate him after this session"
Fengyi would nod her head, "very well" she said simply as she sat there before she would soon move over to tap her finger on another set of maps, "What are the plans for this area? we have focused on the base of operations first but what about after? what are the plans for that?"
"I know that but I am talking about what are the plans after we establish a base? Will we set up villages and slowly take the lands from under him?"
"It wouldn't be wise to set up villages until after the war is over. Otherwise innocent lives may be drawn in the cross fire. But the plan is to set up a base and take the lands away from him yes."Wu said
Fengyi nodded thinking as she tapped her chin in thought, "since we are already planning on taking the port cities, we should also attept to go after the regular lines" she said simply
"That's making a tall order even taller"Wu said as he looked over the map "But it would severly cripple his ability to hold us off for a long time, taking over supply lines and ending them would stop him from retaliating"
"its the best way to get to him faster, make his armeres surrender force him out to where we want him." Fengyi stated looking at him, "by doing this it will require perfection, if we mess up it could harm the whole operation and he'll know what we are up to and force an attack on us."
"You all the stealthiest one amongst all of us, and the North is your home. I'll let you take the charge on this assault mission. We will provide you with everything you need for your success"Wu said "You're right, we need to hit him where it will really hurt, force his hand"
"Stealth is my main set of skills" she said with a smirk as she would then glance at the others, "I will be returning to the Northern lands soon, I will be using the mirrors to communicate directly with all of you as well as keep an eye ot for Shihe incase he is in the northern lands"
"Looks like you're always busy"Raizen said sitting back in his chair "You're going to get yourself into trouble you know? Kurama isn't a fool, he'll catch on to you eventually, you were his mate after all"he commented
"Then come with me" Fengyi shot at him as she sat there, her legs crossed as she eyed the war demon. "I know well that Kurama will sense me, he already knows something is happening but me being there is alI so to attempt to lead him some place else. If I can draw attention to my advnatages it will make it hard for him to see you all capturing the base and ports"
"So you want to bring me with you to help divert his attention....he would have a bunch of questions once he sensed my aura in his lands....why the hell not"Raizen grinned with a shrug "Maybe he'll send a few minions our way for me to beat up on"he laughed as he cracked his neck
"It be like old times, and if I remember correctly he was positivly furious when he learned that I had been with the War demon...” she started chuckling some
"Oh was he now?"Raizen laughed as he pushed his bushy hair back "It's not like everyone in this room hasn't had a go at you already. Maybe that's why he possessively decided to mate you and take you away from us. Even your energy fell off the map, until you met Master Monk here most of the demon world thought you had died with Kurama"
"Hmm well he offered me what you all couldn't and besides I'm back on the market though sadly only one of you is as well" she chuckled before glancing at the other two "what? You know I like to mix my business with pleasure so do not give me that look Wu."
"So that's the reason you want Raizen to join you?"Wu sighed shaking his head "Some things never's strange..Because you bit me..and he's my you're like my grandparents"

Raizen let out a laugh as he looked over at Fengyi "We did always have a good time together, I'd take you off the market too, but what the hell did that fox have that Taishou and I didn't have? We all owned land...riches...power..."
"That my boys will be something I will never tell" she stated as she looked at them "because it's something he lost long ago and how he became the man he is" she said simply as she then would stretch "now are we done or still discussing? I'd like to take a hot bath before leaving again."
"Yeah yeah go, I'm going to attempt to see if I can locate Shihe's chi, I still find it weird that he isn't here"Wu said waving his hand dismissively "I know where to find each of you when Ayame and I need you"
Fengyi would just smirk as she stood up and would soon appear next to Reizen, "Your both welcome to join me" she said as she winked at Taishou before she would vanish again chuckling slightly to herself.
Ayame laid in bed, sleeping soundly as she took a deep breath her eyes opening some something was wrong as she laid there.
Raizen let out a hearty laugh as he then stood up "I think I will do just that, I could use some fun"he said walking off his hands in his robes

"I have two wives that would kill me if I even thought about it" Taishou said as he stood up "Summon me when you need me milord" he said bowing to Wu before leaving

Wu shook his head "What an interesting bunch of people"he commented shaking his head as he decided to return to Ayame while he attempted to look for Shihe
Ayame would be sitting in a chair on the balcony that Sho and Yuna had come down to lay with their mother, her hand running over Shos head as he laid it in her lap nuzzling her stomach when Wu stepped in. Yuna looked over and would bound over "papa here!!" She said happily as she flew over to him she was to big to crawl into his shoulder even if she tried from time to time. "Momma woke up and we wanted to hear the baby!!"
"Oh did you now?"Wu said smiling as he scratched her underneath her chin "That sounds exciting"he commented as he walked towards Ayame as Sho lazily opened his eyes looking up before closing them again
Yuna would nod happily as she wakes beside him back over to Ayame, her eyes where closed as she ran her hand against her stomach then would speak "you weren't in that meeting long." She said softly as her eyes opened to look over at him.
"You also weren't asleep long"Wu said back to her as he walked behind her kissing the top of her head as he began stripping off the top layers of his robes since it was his time to relax and meditate to locate Shihe "Raizen and Fengyi are going to take a trip into the northern land to do some recon and ruffle some of Kurama's feathers. Remind him that we haven't forgotten about him either during this war preparation period."Wu told her "Though Shihe is still missing"he said

(so I wanna do a little subplot with this mission with Raizen and Fengyi. I'm going to have Shihe being captured by Kurama while trying to retrieve his horn to get his full strength back and Raizen and Fengyi are sent to rescue him and they manage to do so, but in their encounter with Kurama he makes them fight a resurrected Rei Yuan and that's when they bring back the news that Kurama's armies now have undead people in them)
Ayame would chuckle slightly before he would mention Shihe, so her feeling was right. Though she remained silent for a oment till he would speak again, "I felt something was different....I normally can sense all the other high lords and lords within our circle...yet I could not sense Shihe and I just thought he was meditating or doing something that Kirin do" she said looking over at him, "though when I went ot meditate myself...your child wanted to play kick mommy's stomach" she said with a chuckle, "this better be a boy other wise I have no explanation as to why it is actin gliket his"
"Women can be just as feisty as men you know"Wu laughed as he sat down on the bed in the room and crossed his leg getting into a meditative position "Let's try to find out once and for all where he is"he said "I've taken my knowledge of chi and I've been studying ways to advance it and Ayame, I think I have discovered the next level, and I will spread this knowledge across our lands and unlock the potential of every race. I call it Zen."
She was slightly drifting to sleep as she sat there and was only half paying attention when she would speak, "Repeat that later, because all I heard was 'blah blah, Ayame blah blah Zen" she said with a small chuckle as Yuna even snickered, while Sho just wrapped his body around Ayame and her chair that much more.
Wu rolled his eyes "Why do I even bother telling you my ideas"he sighed "I think I have discovered the next level of transcendence. I call it Zen, the state of being in absolute. You know how everyone can use chi once you learn to master your own inner energy. So demons and humans can use chi. But demons also use youki and have to convert between using youki and using chi. Zen is a fusion of the two, so instead of having two seperate pools of energy, you have a combined massive pool that charges all abilities, and the best part is, once you unlock it, it's unlocked for good, it's like opening and closing a gate"
She would smirk slightly as she listened to him, "You my dear husband will be the 'life' of our childs life" she said as she looked over at him, "You'll bore him to death before hes 2" she was teasing him of course as she chuckled, "I hope you teach me of course this Zen of yours...once I'm even able to start fighting again or even dont feel drained"
Wu narrowed his eyes at her shaking his head "You'll be fine when the time comes, don't stress out about it."he said "And I will teach you this, and right now I'm going to show this to you"he said as he opened his gate as his purple aura flowed over his body in a calm wave as he closed his eyes as his aura morphed into a Wu shaped body as he looked at Ayame "Astral projection is possible...I can see nothing be people's aura"he said as he turned towards the north "He's there...with Kurama..."
She would smirk sticking her tongue slightly out at him as she sat there, stroking Sho's head a bit but she watched him till she saw the purple aura take form, Yuna walked up to it as shew ould paw at it gently before Ayame heard him speak. "hes what?!" she stated in alarm, "Why is he with Kurama?"
The aura soon rose higher into the air "his aura is in a separate tower, I suspect Kurama has him hostagw, there is also another large aura that I cant identify by the tower as well"
She watched and would soon slowly stand up, moving closer to the balcony as she faced North, she could sense she would then glance back at Wu. "He's building something Wu...and if we dont attack soon regardless if I am with child or not...he'll destroy us"
"Do not jump to such hasty conclusions"the actual Wu said as his aura returned to his body and he opened his eyes "From Fengyi's recon, we have nothing to worry about just yet. They are already going to Raizen's territory, I will send them to get Shihe back as well"
"Wu I am not jumping anywhere, Kurama is unpredictable...hes planning something he knows we are gathering a force if he attacks now all our planning is lost" she said simply
"But he hasnt attacked. Which means he doesnt yet have an advantage or he would have used it. He must be information on our forces. Perhaps he needs a baseline to see how we react. Which is why we act simply with power and precision. Raizen and Fengyi"
She would sigh softly as she sat there, brushing her hair back from her face before she would turn to look over towards him, "I'm sorry" she stated rubbing her head, "I really don't know why I am acting like this...sometimes I can be harsh but lately i've just been protective.."
"It is known that during pregnancy there is a change in emotions in women to being overprotective. That is Motherhood. That is also why I am here to help prepare for this war. You are it's key fighter, so take care of yourself and I will take care of everything else"Wu said wrapping his arms around her
She would take a deep breath as she leaned against him, her forehead going against his chest as she would stand there. "Ya well...these feelings are a monster on their own" she said softly as Yuna would speak up, "But mommy if you didn't have these feelings...woudln't you be like a rock?" she asked tilting her head, as she looked down at her. "You are to smart for your own good Yuna"
"A dragon's wisdom never fails"he chuckled "And she makes a great point. So take care of yourself so you can get back in the game, I'll keep everything running until your arrival"
Ayame would look at him with narrowed eyes, "I am going nuts being cooped up all the time...neither you nor the midwife will le me do anything" she said with a pout
"Well the baby takes a lot of energy. It's a quarter kyuubi, two quarters blood youkai, one quarter war youkai, a quarter human but with dragon's blood"he commented "That's a huge load to carry"
"not helping..." she stated as sighed and would press her forehead to his chest again. "Though...the best part of this..." she said softly, "is how close we've gotten...though Fengyi says you probably are missing the sex life" she winked
"There are times it could relieve a lot if stress, but there are other ways to keep my mind busy"he said with a smile as he hugged her "of course im always going to be by your side"
She tilted her head as she looked up at him, "well I could help, Fengyi told me some pointers as has Ryoko as we talk sometimes...she says Sesshoumaru is extremly protective so she has to unwind him" she laughed
"I could believe that he would get overprotective, just look at his father."Wu said "It's strange that her child is going to be your aunt or uncle"
"weird as it when your 'uncle' has his own child" she said with a smile as she stood there.
"I agree. But what pointers did they share with you?" Wu asked curiously
She would chuckle slightly as she stood there "Pointers on what exatcly?"
"You said it. You said Fengyi and Ryoko gave you pointers?"he commented raising his eyebrows "Feeling alright?"
She would chuckle slightly, "Those pointers are only if you desperetly need some relief Wu" she said with a small smile, "as for feeling alright...I am just I am rather ready to be un-pregnant"
"Soon that time will be here before you know it and you'll be holding a bundle of joy" Wu smiled "And you'll be back in charge of this Empire too. I hate doing your job"
She chuckld "I figured you of all people would be loving the fact you get to be incharge" she said with a smirk her tails flicking slightly, though she would soon move back towards the bed as Yuna ran fter her, Sho grumbling cause he couldn't fit into the room much anymore but Yuna could as she jumped onto the bed. "I'm going to try and lay down some more, if you need me for anything just wake me up"
"Will do. Im going to go debrief Fengyi and Raizen about their mission to reacue Shihe" he said bowing his jead slightly "Sleep well my dear" he said walking to the door
She would nod her head watching him, leave before sliding back into the bed and Yuna curled around her happily. Sho still huffing as Ayame looked over at him, "if you can fit in here Sho you can come lay over here too" she stated as the dragon purposly forced himself in to go lay with his mother.
Fengyi was sitting out in the open garden leaning back with some saki in her hand as she enjoyed the peace at the imperial palace.
"Fengyi, Raizen, I need you both to meet me in my library it's very urgent" Wu's voice rang out in their heads as he sat in the library.

Raizen was currently in the training grounds as he furiously fired off energy working himself up into a sweat as he suddenly stopped "what now?"he mumbled
Fengyi would sigh heavily, as she had hoped Ayame would make the young emperor 'rest' for the evening, though she would stand up as she moved towards the library bringing the saki bottles.
Wu was standing up with his arms folded as the two High Lords entered and he turned to face them "You two are to head to the North at once. We have discovered disturbing news about Shihe" he said
Fengyi looked at Wu ready to give him an ear full till she heard about Shihe, "what has that equine got himself into this time?"
"It seems he has been captured by Kurama. His aura is seen in a tower near Kurama with another large power source near it" Wu commented
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 3 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:28 pm
Fengyi would set the saki bottle down, listening as she would sigh "that foolish Kirin" she said with a small growl, "We told him to wait...we know he wants his abilities back but....this is a headache we did not need"
"Could you blame him though? When Kurama turned your vampire clan against you, you went a little nurts yourself" Raizen commented "But he is still a fool"he sighed

"Your goal then is to retrieve him and his horn. In all honesty we will need it. Out of the 4 High Lords he is the only magic user and his wisdom are needed into the magic using south to help Yukine's forces"Wu said
"This is not going to be’re asking us to break in and then back out of Kurama's castle...I've been in the north this is no task that can be done in a mear thought"
"We dont need thought"Raizen said with a serious look on his face "Shihe is from my lands, one of my friends, I wont take this lying down. Fuck thought, we have muscle"Raizen growled out as his aura flared as the walls shook slightly
Fengyi would eye Raizen some as she sighed, "Muscle almost got you killed the last time you challeneged Kurama...or do you forget how your wife and child where killed Raizen?"
"I let my guard down and put protecting my people over protecting my family." Raizen said "This time it's just me, and I have some payback that's overdue"he said as his aura flared again as the floors began to crack and books flew off the shelves

"Don't antagonize him indoors!"Wu said as he used his own aura to counter Raizen's as the books returned to the shelves "Save it for Kurama, not my library"
"I am not Antagonizing him, I'm stating a point to him" she said simply as she stood there then sighed, "We will leave after this meeting, I know a way into the northern lands that falls under Kurama's contact will be established..till we either succed or die...we cannot risk attention"
"Take this talisman"Wu said handing her the small token "This is infused with my chi, the moment you get Shihe, or in a dire emergency, this is a one time teleport back to the throne room"Wu said "Use it wisely"

"Let's go" Raizen said as he turned around to leave and looked over at Fengyi "And grab some more of the saki while you're at it"
She would take the talisman as she tucked it into her kimono for now, "one way or another....we will get the kirin here" she stated as she turned and looked at Raizen, "you think I'd leave without the kitchen's wortho f Saki?" she stated as she held up a large gord, "snagged it after the meting"
"Good"Raizen said as he walked out with her as he let out a sharp whistle and for a few moments there was nothing before a large youkai bird began circling the castle overhead "Our ride is here"
She looked up to see the large bird as she would nod, "stay high int he clouds till I tell you to have the thing dive" she stated as she looked at him.
"Yeah yeah yeah"Raizen said as he took a large leap into the sky landing on the birds back "Let's go, I have a fox to skin alive"
"Do remember that Ayame is to kill him" she said as she would jump up landing behind him, as she passed the gord to him "drink up"
"She can have whatever is left" Raizen said taking the gourd as the bird screeched and took off high into the sky as they traveled toward the Northern borders as he drank heavily before giving back the liquor "This is gonna be fun"
She took the guord back as she stood there, glancing around as her hair whipped around behind her, but she said nothing instead she was just silent. Studing the skies then looked over at him "control your aura Raizen your like a becon"
"That's the point. I want Kurama to know I'm coming. I'm not scared of him, you shouldn't be either" Raizen said "I'm marching straight through his castle and taking my friend back"
She sighed heavily as she stood there, this was not what they should do even if they wanted to get Shihe back, though she would soon speak "raizen....what good will the kingdom face if we are both dead" she asked seriosly, "Wu asked us to find Shihe, and his horn then return not to attack"
"How many times do I have to tell you Kurama isn't going to kill us."Raizen said "The plan is already in motion. I'm going to fight Kurama and distract him, and you are going to sneak in amd free the Kirin. You've kept your aura hidden, so he doesn't know you are with me. The stronger I make my aura the easier it is for you to mask yours and sneak in undetected. Just because I'm itching for a good fight doesnt mean I didn't think it true. I wouldn't be a War Devil of over 2000 battles if I underestimated my opponents"
"I think your ego went to your head after we had sex in the baths" she stated simply with a sigh, "but fine, if that is how you wish to do it then so be it. But the moment I have Shihe and his horn you are to COME back to me so we can leave is that understood?"
"Yeah yeah" Raizen said off handedly as he looked over at her "The sex was good but it didnt make my mind mush you know" he commented as he looked her over "Though you are kind of addicting. You're the only woman who’s ever been able to give me orders" he laughed "That is a feat itself"
She didn't even smirk as she looked at him, giving him the cold shoulder additutde "Women in my line tend to be that way, take Ryoko for a to command the dragon Emperor Ayame ruling over us High Lords and even barking orders to you and your son along with your grandson...seems to be a family trait"
"Seems you gave birth to a line of fridgid bitches Ice Queen" Raizen laughed "Yet you couldn't take control of Kurama or we wouldn't be in this problem" he countered "I just think you're cute when you put on your bossy little attitude that's all"
Her frown deepend as she looked ahead, "thats not the Kurama I knew or mated with" she said simply, her arms crossed.
"But we all knew he carried a darkness inside him" Raizen said "No one decided to act upon it until it was too late. And he has now destroyed all of our families."
"Including his own" she said simply as she would soon shake her head, "anyways we should be nearing the boarder...get ready to dive when I say"
"I'm not gonna risk send TokiToki into his lands, we can jump off at the border and walk the rest of the way"he said taking another deep drink from the gourd "Ya know, we should be mates. Everyone else has one now accept us. Even Yusuke has a nice little human princess Keiko"
She looked at him, "you coudl't handle me even if you where at strong as Kurama back then" she stated, before jumping off she was hoping that would flare his aura out even more, which would help get Kurama's attention on Raizen while she got Shihe.
Raizen glared at her as his temper and his aura rose "I'll make you eat those words. You're no better than he is"he said jumping as he landed on the ground as it cracked beneath him as he held out his hand "Hear my Warcry!" He said as a bolt of lightning struck his location and when it cleared the oni king was holding a large deadly looking War Axe in his hand "I havent let my Warcry out on the battlefield in quite some time"he said swinging the large axe with much ease as he rested it on his back
She would move away as she chuckled as she stood there, "good" she said as she would keep moving. "that ego of yours is the perfect way to cover my tracks, so do be a good little oni and follow momma's orders" she stated with a laugh.
"Why don't you become the first to drip some blood on my axe"he glared from behind her as he cracked his neck menacingly "You will be mine Fengyi Kurama."
Her hair whipped behind her, as she would take a deep breath. "I belong to no man, or youkai...." she stated as her eyes where glowing red now as she looked back at him, but she would collect herself, her eyes returning to normal letting his aura take over again. "but we will finish this discussion another time, once we pass that river we will be int he north...and wit your aura flarred as it is....more than likly a horde of Demons will be waiting"
"Perfect, I plan on having a bit of fun" Raizen said still glaring and a bit drunk as he looked over at the river before taking a huge leap across it swinging his axe as a large wave of energy flew out blowing away hundreds of demons
She just watched him but she would not do anything for now as he attacked. While he did that, she would soon start moving while he attacked.
Raizen continued raising hell as a distraction as large waves of energy bust from him as he dlayed countless demons allowing Fengyi to slide ahead of him as he marched towardd Kurama's castle
Fengyi watched him, but she would soon take off hiding her aura beneath his own as she raced towards Kurama's castle.
It wasn't long when a servant would come through Kurama's Throne room, "Milord, we have trouble High Lord Raizen from the east...he...hes attacking us!"
"It seems that he has finally figured out about the Kirin" Kurama said strumming his fingers in boredom on his throne "Let him come, he wont be a match for who I have guarding the old goat anyway" he said simply "I'll teach that barbarian a lesson for entering my lands unannounced"

Raizen soon jumped high up onto a mountain as he opened his mouth as a large beam of energy concentrated and fired off putting a huge split in the ground as lava bubbled up turning many of the demons that were in his path to ashes as he looked out seeing the castle "Almost there"he said "I'll beat Kurama to a pulp and then Fengyi will want to bear the Raizen mark!"he said leaping off again
Fengyi kept moving, as she took a deep breath she could feel a dark aura that was coming form the castle, it wasn't Kurama's as she wondered who was there. Though when she heard Raizen's yell she would sigh "the mans a fool....but at least he's honest"
"KURAMA!! HEAR MY WARCRY!!"Raizen yelled as his voice boomed as he could be seen rising high into the air as he cocked his giant axe back and threw it as it sailed through the sky spinning rapidly before crashing at one of the gates giving him a way inside the castle walls as he landed at the entrance grabbing his axe as he looked around " which tower?"he asked

"That's not exsctly something you need to worry about" Kurama said as he appeared a few yards in front of him "You have no business stepping foot into my lands devil" Kurama stated
Fengyi continued to move as she saw that he had managed to draw Kurama though when she would look around for the tower she would smirk seeing it "there you are.." she stated as she started to race towards it quickly
As Fengyi ran towards the castle soon a large wall of scorching hot flames cut off her path and from around a corner a familiar face appeared as Rei Yuan stood there, his face expressionless as he stood in front of his wall of flames wordlessly

Kurama looked over seeing flames erupt from another part of the castle as he grinned "Ah it seems one of my many trunp cards has played itself" he said as Raizen raised an eyebrow "I know that is that possible fox?" he asked pointing his axe at Kurama angrily as Kurama laughed as his 9 tails fanned around him "I can bend reality however I see fit now that I have all of my power back"he said "Much stronger than I was 1000 years ago"
Fengyi slid to a stop when she saw the flames, her eyes going wide seeing them she knew these. But it wasn't possible as she turned as she saw Rei, "t...this isn't possible...I...I watched you die!" she stated standing there in shock.
"Run" was the only word Rei Yuan said back to her as his mouth opened again amd another wall of flames came erupting from him flying at her

"Bullshit" Raizen said "Dead men don't get stronger"he snapped as Kurama smirked "Oh no? Let's ask Asura"he said as he raised his hand over the ground as lightning jumped from his fingertips into the ground before a bushy, purple haired beautiful young woman striking an exact resemblance to Wu rose from the ground "Daddy dont" she said as Raizen looked on stunned nearly dropping his ask "Asuramaru..."he stuttered out ""
Fengyi stood there in shock as she stumbled back, this wasn't possible but whent he flames rushed at her she quickly dodged as she would speak " is this possible?!" she said as she turned to look back at him. "Stop this cannot seriosly be with Kurama?!"
Kurama smirked "Seems you have some catching up to do"he ssid turning around and fading away

"Asura..."Raizen said as he dropped his axe as he ran up hugging her as the girl stood in his arms "Sorry" she said before she hit him in the stomach as he coughed out blood before going flying into another building

"He army" Rei said as he swung his arm through the air as a spew of fire flew directly towards her as he stood there "Run"
"Rei stop this!" she yelled as she would feel another aura press against her, this wasn't going well she had to save Shihe...she had to. Though seeing the flames she would move quickly again, dodging she had to get past him...once she got Shihe she could flee, "I do not wish to fight you Rei, stop attacking!"
"This body is under Kurama's ordsrs though my mind is my own. We are soulless. Do not hesitate to destroy these clay bodies" Rei commented as he rushed her then as he charged up a ball of chi in his hands striking the ground with it but missing her

Raizen landed on the ground coughing slightly as Asura slowly walked towards him as he sat up a dark look in his eyes "How dare that fox disturb your eternal slumber"He said as he held out his hand as his axe flew into it "Frenzy mode"he said as it glowed red before splitting into two slightly smaller copies of itself that he wielded in each hand as he stood up doubled over "Daddy's gonna save you kiddo"he said before flying forward swinging his blades cleaving his daughter's body directly in half as he stood with his back to her tightly gripping his blades
Fengyi listened to him, as she would take a deep breath straighting herself up as she would nod her head. This was Kurama's trick, to use those they loved against them she closed her eyes as soon her aura would blast out as her eyes opened glowing red. "I will end this suffering...." she said as she held out her hand a dark chi forming in her palm before soon a deadly looking weapon almost like a sythe took form, "Reapers....Touch..." she whispered before launching forward, at him the blade almost becoming invisable slicing through the flames, and anything else in its way. "return to your slumber" she muttered as the blade reached Rei's body ready to slice him in half. There was a sudden clank against her blade as a chi sword appeared a dark blue color as a young Sheng-ju stood in front of Rei Yuan as Kurama appeared off to the side "My Dragon Emperor isnt quite back to his full stremgth, so I cant have you take him from me yet Yi. So I figured you can play with that monk that you desperately left me for"he grinned as he laid a shoulder on Rei as they vanished into the blackness leaving Sheng-ju "Fengyi...end this"
She would growl as she loked to Kurama then back to Sheng-ju as she would soon speak "how dare them..." she stated, as her aura grew heavier, an aura that Kurama hadn't felt in eons, it was the true darkness that Fengyi kept from releasing "I will end this...and I will make sure you pay!" she screamed, as se jerked her weapon back and swung it hard at Sheng, her red eyes glowing but a hint of tears ran down her cheek as wel
The monk closed his eyes as the blade tore through him and he vanished into thin air as Raizen soon appeared his haur hiding his dark face as he didnt say a word to Fengyi as he headed inside the tower
Fengyi would grip her sythe tightly, her body shaking but she was in pain as well as anger, hiding that some of Rei's flames had burned her side as she just moved forward with Raizen both of them walkin gin silence but on guard at the same time.
They made it to the top of the tower as Raizen kicked in the door to the cell as Shihe was hanging upside down with his horn on the ground just barely out-of reach as punishment as Raizen swung his axe wordlessly cutting him down as he grabbed his horn placing it on his head as a golden light erupted from his body
Fengyi stepped in behind them, as she looked around waiting for Shihe to get to his feet, she then reached into her kimono pulling out the tailsmen, before tossing it to the ground as it would open up a temporary portal. "go through Shihe, we will talk once we are at the Imperial Palace" she stated the tone in her voice told the Kirin do as she said for neither her or Raizen looked to be in the 'playing' mood
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 3 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:28 pm
The Kirin nodded instantly stepping through vanishing into the portal

Raizen looked over at her gritting his teeth "Go"he told her in a deep tone
Fengyi looked at him as she would nod "you best be behind..." she said softly as she vanished through the portal. Once on the other side she waited looking at Shihe, "go to Wu...he's expecting you int he library"
Shihe nodded "Thank you for the swift rescue"he said walking off

Raizen balled his fists together as he began to yell as his aura pulsed out of his body as the walls of the tower began to crumble and fall around him as it collapsed as he stepped through the portal appearing next to Fengyi a few moments later
Fengyi nodded her back to him, and once he was gone she would let her weapon vanish when Raizen stepped through she looked at him, "ill expalin what happened to Wu, why dont you go to the training fields..." she stated softly it wasn't an order but she knew he'd only get pissed if Wu begain to question.
Raizen didnt say a word or left his head as he turned from her and walked off towards the east wing and his chambers clearly taking the image of his dead child harder than expected

Wu stood in the library feeling their auras return as Shihe entered bowing as Wu bowed back "Glad to see you are alive and mostly unhurt" "My pride was hurt the worst of anything but my horn is finally back"he said "And with it all of my magical power"
Fengyi watched him, the man loved his family it was his only greatest weakness and Kurama had struck at it hard. She soon turned as she headed to the library, she walked in silence and once there she would step inside and Wu would sense the change as she would speak, "Raizen will be unavilable for some time, I'd also advize to not disturb him at all for that same duration unless you wish the end of your life"
"From what I'm sensing you feel the same. I will leave Lord Raizen in your capable hands." Wu said "I'll have Shihe give me the full report"
She nodded as she would then add, "He made us kill hem" she stated as she looked at Wu, "and he plans on using the first heart against Ayame" she stated turning to leave, "all the while they can do nothing but beg us to end their suffering"
Wu blinked "Kill...them..?" He questioned as Shihe put a hand on his shoulder "Have a seat, I have mych to explain"he said as Wu nodded solemnly letting Fengyi leave
Fengyi would head to the east wing, walking in silence and telling all servants to leave as they did quickly as she stated. Soon she was at Raizen's chambers, as she knocked before entering "Raizen" she said softl as she stepped inside looking around
Raizen was sitting on his bed hunched over staring at the wall with only one of his red eyes showing through his bushy hair as his shoulders shrugged acknowledging her presence and voice
She would move over towards him, as she walked around till she soon was siting next to him. "He brought her back...." she said not having to say her name, she knew better than to,
Raizen's fist tightened slightly as he nodded once keeping his aura in check as he took a deep breath "I had to kill my child. I had to watch her die in front of me all over again."he said darkly "A man should never be forced to bury his child, especially not twice"
"What he's done...I thought he could sink no further into the madness that he's fallen into" she said, "I've told everyone to leave you be, till you where ready...ill take up what I can of responsabilities for you..." she was trying to keep herself from breaking, having to kill the man she left Kurama kill her son-in-law she knew Kurama would use all that to get to Ayame. "Ill have one servant deliever food to you, jst try not to kill them" she said as she slowly began to stand up.
He reached out then suddenly grabbing her wrist for a moment as the almighty Raizen had a momentary wave of weakness wash over him as he didnt know how to process it and let go of her wrist bringing his knees up to his chest as he put his head down
When he grabbed her wrist she paused, looking down at him. When he let go he probably thought she'd leave instead, she would sit back down as she gently raised her hands to wrap around his shoulders gently bringing him closer as she rested her chin on his head. "let it out one but me will hear" she said softly
Raizen gripped her kimono tightly as silent tears fell down his face and onto her lap, the first person to ever see him cry "She didnt deserve to have her life taken twice"he said
She looked at him, as she would gently rub his arms letting him cry, "We'll make sure he pays for it Raizen..." her nails digging into his arms, "For every life he causes to suffer like that....ill make sure to make him feel that pain"
"I'm going to rip his tails off and choke him with them"he said in rage as hia hair started to whip around as his aura spiked "Kurama is going to die"he growled from her lap as he attempted to sit up
Fengyi took a deep breath feeling his aura spike, his anger growing as she would soon slowly release him only for him to find him on his back with her leaning over him, "we have a girl and a baby to looka fter first" she stated looking down at him, "the only one who can trully defeat him and the one carring your daughters grandchild...we can't defeat him without her...even...even if I wish I could storm his castle now" she stated shaking, " not strong enough to face see or hear them begging for death..." her nails dug into his shoulders as he could feel her hands shaking against him. "we our time Raizen...we have no choic"
Raizen looked up in surprise feeling her hands and body shaking, also a first for someone known to be filled with darkness as he listened to her as he reached up gently brushing her hair back as he pulled her down into his arms and his lips found hers, and for the first time it wasnt based in passion, or lust, but a deep bond shared by the pain the two felt, as the kiss was tender and sentimental
Her eyes opened when she felt his hand against her cheek, and she looked down at him till their lips meet. Her eyes closing again, tears dripping into his face as she pressed herself closer to him, to feel his heart beating against her own, while her hands slid up into his hair holding him closer as the kiss depends.
Raizen held their embrace for a while before slowly breaking their kiss, still holding her "Thank you...for being there"he said softly not finding being so gentle that easy
She would take a deep breath looking at him, "if only we ha dknown other wise I would have not dared set foot in that territory....I rather see it raised to the ground before I'd accept it as my lands"
"I can make that happen" Raizen said sighing aw he looked up at her "If you tell anyone I cried I'll slay you"
She raised a brow at him as she would sit up, "Is that on the field or in the bed room?" she asked with a small chuckle, as she then began to slowly slid from him. "do not worry...because only you and Kurama know the extint of my abilities if you tell'll face the reaper"
"I've looked death in the face many a time"Raizen said "We are old buddies"he said catching her arm once more as he looked her in the eye "I meant what I said before. When this is all over I will win you over. I could use a cruel woman warming my bed at night"he said as he let her go "I'll make sure to keep you safe. No matter what"
She would look at him with a raised brow, "my heart died a long time ago Raizen....if you think you can revive it, then the battle is yours to take on" she said as she would then slowly make her way to the doors. "Im going to retire for the night, i need to warn those in the northern territory to stay far from Kurama's castle"
"There is no challenge I cant overcome"he said to her as he nodded "I still need to let this process"he commented
"well if you need a warming partner come to my chambers or call for me..i sitll have some things to attend to as the lady of the 'north'" she said with a small smile before leaving the room, both of them where shaken up by this whole ordeal and Fengyi was sure that Wu was furious with this new bit of information as the rest of them.
Wu paced back and forth in the library after getting this news "How am I going to break this news to Ayame...this isn't going to be am easy one"he sighed "Fuck fuck fuck"
"What exactly are you trying to tell me?" Ayame stated as she stepped through the door, Yuna was beside her as she would speak "Yuna senses you where upset and Raizen and Fengyis aura are disturbingly high and full of anger so what exactly is happening Wu?"
Wu took in a deep breath as he straightened out and turned to face her and spoke "Kurama can raise the dead. And had raised our loved ones to fight against us in our upcoming battles. With their full strength. He's going to probably send Rei Yuan to fight you"
She stood there her ears going back and her hands clinched tighter as she stood there, she wondered why she couldn't speak to them when she did meditate only her mother would show up but told her something was wrong. She took in a deep breath as she would speak "I want no one entering those lands until we are ready to strike. I want no one else harmed in this....did you tell Taishou of this? He's got many enemies he's killed we don't need Kurama brining them back!" She snapped as he saw a hint of her old self appearing that she's had to refrain from using due to the strain she would put on herself and the child.
"Ayame"Wu said sharply sensing her aura spike "Breathe. Control. I just found out and told you. I will inform him and Lady Yukine and help them prepare”
She stood there "I have control!" She snapped back in return as she glared at him "but Kurama has forced our hand in this Wu we cannot wait now for the child to arrive we have to start making counter measures! If he releases that undead army we won't stand a chance."
"Again Ayame if he had an advantage right now he would have used. We cannot simply rush into the north. We need to come up with another strategy or more of us will die and join his undead army"
"Then what do you suppose we do Wu? We had everything planned and we have no idea who is in that army..." She said quickly
"We adapt" Wu said as he smiled "I can get a good guess who he is going to bring back, and if they've died once we can send them back to piece again. It will be emotionally draining, but we are united
"We know he brought Rei back....he'll probably try and use my parents though he doesn't seem to be able to summon my mother...she woke me up telling me I had to come here so I did."
"Perhaps he can only summon demons and not humans. His power must feed off youki" Wu said "So that rules the humans out of our list of enemies"
"That would make sense...that youkai energy and chi is what he can manipulate" she stated tapping her chin in thought, as she would move over to a chair and eased down. Yuna walked over as she rested her head on her lap, her tail flicking back and forth
"This is an issue we can handle. The worst we have to worry about are the High Lords former enemies and Yukine's father Lord Sekai. The former Emperors are already known. That's all I can imagine Kurama would resurrect."he said "A few very strong individuals may bolster his army, but it's not enough to defeat us"Wu said
She still was not liking this, he had a limitless army at his many souls forced to do as he comanded and only be forced to 'stand by' as their souls cried out. "make a list of the dead..." she said simply as she would look at him, "of all enemies or those that he can use against us...we need to be prepared for anything"
"As you command. I shall summon all the High Lords and Lords together and compile a list of the dead ones and their abilities" Wu said nodding his head "Do you feel strong enough to sit in on the council meeting? I will take control of course to ease your burden"
She would look at him as she would soon stand up, "I have no business resting with a matter like this at our hands." she stated as she stood there, "let the high lords know a meeting is to be held tomorrow morning" she would then turn to leave, "i have...a few things to do myself before then"
"What exactly are you going to go do?"he asked raising an eyebrow as he began gathering his this to go to the council chamber
"its best you don't know..." she stated as she would speak "Yuna stay with Wu" Yuna nodded as she would move over to Wu as Ayame would leave, only to vanish even her aura....dissapeared.
Wu frowned "I hate it when she does that. Come on Yuna, even I cant get to her when she's in a mood like this."he said as he began walking down the hallways to the council room as he sat down writing letters for the 4 lords sending them off as 4 different servants went to the High Lords to in form them of the meeting tomorrow
Ayame would appear into a chamber that only another 'heart' could enter and that none of the others knew about. Taking a deep breath she would gently place her hand on her stomach "try and bare with mommy for this....but we have to train now...." she said softly before she began to train.
Wu began pouring over history books writing down every enemy slain by another writing page after page of abilities and ways to beat certain foes
They would both be busy till the meeting and once the high lords had arived Ayame would appear once again, her aura seeming to be that much more 'dominate' as she looked at everyone and spoke "thank you all for coming so quickly...." she stated glancing at Wu, she looked exhausted as well but the look on her face told him to not ask or even sudjest she go and lay down.
Wu frowned deeply at her before stepping up to speak "As you all now know. We have a majot crisis on our hands. I have taken the time to compile a list of all known enemies your bloodlines have faced as well as a few notable figures throughout time. Any one of these enemies or family members can show up on this battlefield at any time until Kurama is stopped. Though new summons take time to regain their strength as seen with Rei Yuan"
Fengyi stood there listening as she would speak, "There is a note that must be made on this" her arms crossed, as she glanced at Raizen as she then looked at the rest of them. "They are completly aware of where they are, and to the fact they are dead...meaning their bodies are at his control but not their minds....they are suffering at his hands and regardless if its loved ones or enemies....they need to be returned to their graves even if we wish them not to"
"We cannot view these people as more than mere enemies"Shihe said "They wish to be killed so we must honor their last wish. However the extent of their regenerative ablity is unknown, Kurama raised them once, he may be able to do it again"
"I faced the former Grandmaster and defeated him....Raizen....faced his daughter and returned her to her slumber" she said making sure to say that delicatly before speaking again. "if either one of them return we know then that Kurama has the ability to regenerate them"
"That is good thinking" Taishou said "The biggest threats we face are both Rei and Uryu Yuan and Lord Sekai and his son Ryumaru eith my sister and Raizen's daughter Asuramaru if she can come back again. Each one of them are as powerful as any one of us sitting in this room. All other are lesser enemies that can be dealt with a second time, but these enemies possess not only power but emotion as well"
"these particular ones will have to be faced by others" she stated as she took a deep breath, "Kurama will purposly put them in those that will effect them the mosts paths...thats why we must plan accordenly...if we pair up acordly to the weakness's of the enemy we face..."
"Ayame I want you to be very clear about this"Taishou said "The 4 High Lords will probably died during this war" he said "Our chances of survival are very slim, however we will accomplish our mission and kill them"
She would speak "that is where I draw the line" she stated, as she would soon wave her hand as the doors opened and the servants where carring in some strange covered items. "each of these servants hold an item that for centuries have been lost to time itself" she said looking at them. "each one....blessed by gods themselves...I will not accept defeat of anyone if I have the means to protect them"
"Ayame what do you think you are doing?" Wu said sharply "These artifacts are not to be tainted or given out freely, they are sacred and divine"he said

"I am curious"Shihe said looking at the cloth "What did you bring for us Empress? One for each?"
She looked at Wu, her eyes narrowed "I am done playing by the rules, if the gods wish to be angry then they will face for the weapons...I know Taishou is fond of swords" she stated as one of the servants stepped up as soon the blade was revealed "This is the Kusanagi" (looked up folklore weapons soo ya lol
Wu's staffed suddenly appeared as he slammed it on the ground as the sword fly off the pillow and into his outstretched hand "No." Wu said angerily through gritted teeth "Kusanagi is only to be wielded by the master of Masamune and Muramasa. Our child is the rightful owner of this sword and I will not defy the Gods by denying our child it's birthright" he said "You are not thinking Empress, to defy the gods is blasphemy and they do not take kindly to that. We need their favor on our side."
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She would take a deep breath, as she would roll her neck "These weapons are not to be kept by the high lords" she stated as she stood there, before would speak again. "and if the gods cared they would have entervined specally as a youkai dares tread on the grounds of death itself" she would seem to be calm but something in her seemed off it wasn't rage, or a darkness almost peace like but her eyes seemed to shift as if an unknown power lurked. "Give the Sword to Taishou Wu, our child is unable to use it and unless you wish to be dead watching our child being raised in hiding for the rest of its'll do it"
"I refuse"Wu said simply "That is not an order I will obey Empress. Kusanagi is not to be touched. Especially not by the one who wields Sounga the sword that can open the gates of hell." Wu said sternly "Bring him a different blade, but Kusanagi stays in the vault, and may the Gods pity us"
Fengyi would watch this, it was rather interesting normally Ayame was a brat when it came to not getting her way. But it was almost like she wasn'st standing ifnront of the same Ayame who was so calm, "very well" she stated simply, as she would look over the room "as each one of the lords as well as their lands represent a certain element" she would look to another servant who moved towards Taishou "To Inu No Taisho....I present the Tachikaz" (cause all i can imagine is they are like wind lol cause they run through clouds all the time
"Oh?" Taishou said as he lifted the sword as it pulsed in his hand "How powerful this blade is"he commented

Wu sighed as the sword then vanished from his hand as he watched Ayame give out her weapons
Fengyi would look to Wu, before she would speak softly to him. "Those weapons did at one time reside in each one of the lands....though for her to try and give up the Kusanagi...she must be exhausting her optoins"
Ayame would bow her head "Your ancestores from what I beleive once held this word and gave it as a peace offering to Rei Yuan I wish to return it to its home and rightful weilder"
Wu shook his head "Still doesn't make it alright"he commented

"I dont know what they were thinking giving up this blade"Taishou said "They gave it up to Rei's father the legendary smith. But it is nice to see my father's blade once more"
Fengyi would speak "regardless if its right or know her feelings on lossing others...and with her carring ac hild she is far more...protective"
"I only hope that it will serve you well...for it just gathers dust int eh vaults"
"Because that is where divine items belong"Wu said a loud crossing his arms "Protective or not there is still no guarantee no one will die"
"Divine items where given to the lords long ago for their skills, if the gods did not want them to be used they would have taken them back or never givent hem up" Ayame said quickly to silence Wu, as she would wave up the next servant. She then turned to Raizen "You where a tough one" she smirked, "but I think this halberd will be fitting partner with your axe" Three bears had to lift up the weapon all struggling to hold it up "Hozukimaru" (love the name Demon Light
Raizen's head perked up slightly as he easily lifted it up with one hand "Hozukimaru hm...."he said as he then grinned "I have a lot of people to shine some light on all right"he said

Wu glared at Ayame "Says one who doesnt take the time to meditate on her teachings"he fumed sitting back in his chair while she continued giving out weapons
"Shihe" Ayame said as she would look at him, as another weapon was brought up "I believe you have missed this one the Nijigasumi"
"Oh it has been quite a while since I've heard that name indeed" Shihe said "The twin to my oaken staff, it left the South many a time ago"
Fengyi would smirks ome as she looked around regardless how Wu felt...she could see a mural form in the room as she looked at Ayame, "I beleive you have the sword my father had yes?" Ayame nodded, "i gave that sword to Rei as a wedding present....Ryoko was so furious with me" she started laughing as she would turn to look at the servants before reaching out grabbing the large sythe "the true reaper....Katakage" Fengyi said with a grin, "even my Kubikiri Orochi pales to this"
"Man you demons have some scary looking weapons" Taishou said sweatdropping "My blade looks like a blade and so does Shihe's, you both look ready to tear something apart"
Fengyi would start chuckling, "Oh I'm the queen of ice and death dear Taishou, you should have seen my father even Raizen here would have shit his pants..."
"Her father and my father were brothers. There is a reason oni owned two lands out of the four"Raizen said "They were real devils, talk about making your life a living hell."he said

"I cant imagine someone worse then Raizen"Taishou said as Raizen laughed then blinked "Hey! Stupid dog, only reason your kind exist is because they wanted pets"he retorted as Taishou growled
"He's got a point...though I still love cats more...Raizen's family loved dogs" she said as she chuckled seeing Taishou blink, "why do you think he loves messing with you more than anyone else Taishou...hes like a child with a new pet just can't let it go" Ayame would smirk watching them, as she then looked at Wu "you see now why I gave it to them?" she asked softly letting them talk and joke a bit with one another.
"I never thought about it that way."Taishou said "And foxes and wolves are wild, hence why Kurama has no control and wolves couldn't sophisticate themselves enough to manage a territory"he said

"Yes that is all well and nice but the items were gathered together for a reason and left in the vault. The balance of power will shift with these legendary weapons "Wu said
"Your just mad that I didn't give you anything" she stated as she would look at him, "besides, I got permision, where do you think I went went I left? Though granted the gods weren't exatcly happy but they are allowing it... to a point"
"Gods and oni should never mix"Wu said shaking his head "The gods like to be vengeful”
"I'm not exatcly a normal Oni if you forgot Wu" Ayame stated as she eased into her chair as they all continued to talk she would wave her hand letting the servants for now leave only to return to bring food and drink. "I am basicly every Oni in existance along with ningin...our child will be that much more of every race.."
"Indeed, and that is why it will wield Kusanagi the first blade." Wu said "Just be sure to do right and get them all back when this is done."he said
"Alright....then you get to take the one from Raizen" she said with a smirk, "and i bet he'll fight you for it"
"Nope you gave them out, you get them back" he grunted as he sat back "there needs to be something for monks"
She would soon lean over as she would soon tickle his ear slightly, "oh is my husband feeling left out?" she said with a smirk as she looked at him "Bring it in Yuna!" She said as soon Yuna was walking in happily carring something as she laughed, "You’d think I forget about my husband?" "What is this?"Wu asked as he looked down at Yuna taking the small ring from her mouth "This ring was my master's master...."he said looking it over "Amazing"
She would smile some as she looked at him, "I was going to give it to you as a wedding present when we had the actual ceremony but since you where mooping so much" she stated as she would lean over and kissed him softly, "your still mad at me though aren't you?" she chuckled
"Oh very much so but this is absolutely amazing, thank you Ayame"he said as he held the ring "This is it. The key to ascending into Sagehood. I havent even put the ring on and I can feel my chi levels rising exponentially fast, almost dangerously." Wu said staring at it in awe "I think I should wait before I put it on"
She chuckled as she sat there then looked at the others, "so shall we discuss some more plans or shall we get on with a meal and drinks?" she asked as Fengyi would speak "I think that sounds fine Empress"
"Breakfast does sound nice " Raizen said as his stomach growled as he propped he large sword up behind him "Bring it on"

"Always lacking in taste"Taishou said shaking his head "It's still a surprise hpw you're a Lord of anything"
"Now don't fight boys, I rather not have to see what these new weapons can do so soon" Fengyi stated as Ayame would chuckle, as the servants would soon start bringing in the food.
"Eh I could take him" Both men said at the same time glaring at the other before beginning to eat "We really shouldn't have" Wu said
"How long you going to beat that into the ground Wu?" Ayame asked as she would pick up a cup to drink tea, as she sighed heavily with a smile.
"Until I feel comfortable with it" he said sighing "I feel unsettled deep down still"
"Then remain unsettled because whats done is done, there is no turning back." she stated watching the others, Taishou and Raizen where arleady arguing who's weapon was better while Fengyi was talking quietly with Shihe.
"Yes I know. Just know if this fails to save them, the repercussions will be dire" Wu said in a slightly cold tone, one her very seldom used, but also showed his seriousness in the matter "But I will drop the subject and continue my meditations"
She would take a deep breath, "I am fullly aware of what will happen Wu" she stated as she sat there taking another drink before setting it down. "but gods won't help us...we must take back our homes and secure them without them"
"Never give up your faith Ayame. You may be Empress of all that walk the surface but they rein over the heavens, a domain we cannot even see." He said "Try not to upset them, that is not a war we want to have on our hands if you think this is bad"
She would dig her nails into her palms, before speaking "let me worry about the gods" she said as she sat there then would look over at him. "you should eat before your food gets cold"
'I'm not feeling very hungry"Wu said shortly "If you need me I'll be in ny library"he said standing up and walking off without another word
Ayame would sigh heavily as she sat there watching him, Fengyi would watch before speaking "Your treding on dangerous ground my dear Ayame...." "I know well what I'm doing....and I have my reasons"
"Well whatever they are, we each thank you for it" Taishou said "It feels so nice to have this back in my hands"
She would give a faint smile as she looked at them, "It did not seem right to keep you form your family’s heirlooms, I trust that I do not have to take them back...their powers are great, and Wu is right that they are dangerous..."
"Yeah there were all gathered because our parents used them with their full force"Raizen said "We can TRY not to"
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The Birth of the Twins

It was finaly upon them when Ayame would give birth to the awaited heir to the Imperial Family, though she seemed to be a few days late. Granted even though she was ordered on bed rest several times the servants caught her walking the halls, having to run to get Wu or even Raizen to get the Empress back to her bed chamber for rest. Right now the palace seemed to be in a state of small panic as Ayame could not be found, the midwife was concerned as she called to the servants "hurry! she could go into labor at any moment we must find her" she said.

Ayame sighed heavily as she was hiding out in the imperial gardens Sho and Yuna having come to her as she leaned back against Sho rubbing her stomach while Yuna was on look out, "Momma they are looking for you again" "I know dear, but I'm rather tired of being in the palace"
"Isn't the baby due any day?"Sho asked as he laid his head on his claws "I can feel its energy. It's aura is stronger than yours was when I first met you as a child"
"yes but its taking its time, when its ready we will know" she stated as she laid there taking a deep breath, her eyes closed she had been in a bit of pain the last few hours but she wasn't saying anything...she was afraid and didn't want to let anyone know that she was having contractions...
"As long as you let the monk know where you are. I'm too big and Yuna is too small to carry you through the halls" Sho said "Be careful Momma"
"don't worry, the moment I utter either his or even....his great grand fathers name both will be here. Have you noticed that they aren't looking for me?" she said with a smile, "meaning they know where I'm..." she winced as she laid there as Yuna turned "Momma are you ok?" she asked as Yuna walked over "im...fine just a bit of pain is all dear..." she said before it hit her again as she tried not to scream and Yuna would nod "Sho keep momma warm Ill go get Papa" she said opening her wings as she took off and yelled "Papa!!"
Sho nodded his head as he spread his wing protectively over her but kept napping

The instant Yuna screamed Wu appeared outside floating in the sky next to her "Why are you screaming?"he asked calmly
Yuna almost crashed into him as she landed quickly, "Momma...Momma is having the baby!" she said as she looked at him.
"It's time"Wu said "Take me to her"he said following her to the courtyard as Wu smiled down at Ayame "It's time huh?"
Yuna would take him to Ayame who was resting under a very lazy sho but when he got there Ayame was having heavier contractions as she chuckled "yes...I've...known all day since iv had these....contractions since this morning" she said as she would wince again and started to push herself up "we...need to get inside before..." As Wu helped her up her fears came true...her water would break and the contractions hit her harder causing her to scream and lean against him more. "The's coming..."
"I knew that was coming"Wu said picking her up as he carried her inside letting out a sharp whistle to the servants as they scrambled to get ready
The servants would all turn hearing that the Empress had been broght back and was about to give birth. Once Wu had her laid down he was practicly 'kicked' out of the room as Fengyi would walk up with a small smile, "I see its begun" she stated as Ayame could be heard yelling in pain, "I have felt the childs aura all day...Raizen is practicly skipping with joy to have a great grandchild"
"It's making it very hard to control my emotions"Wu said as he gritted his teeth hearing Ayame screaming as Taishou put a hand on his shoulder "It gets worse, come on let's get you some tea"he said nodding his head at Fengyi
Fengyi would nod her head, as she would turn to go and gather them some tea. "It will calm your nerves Wu, I've already had to...tie Raizen up to keep him from banging on the door" she said with a small laugh, wondering how long it would take Raizen to get out of the bonds she put on him.
"I can understand his excitement. Apparently female War Akuma are usually born once every 1,000 years. So for my child to be a girl brings him a lot of happiness, especially after losing my mother"
"I can understand that" Fengyi said as she smiled at him once she came back with tea, and once Taishou had him calm down in an adjacent room. "We will find out soon enough" she stated simply, as the seconds turned into minutes and soon about two hours would pass till the rich sound of a babys cry filled the air but not just once....twice. Fengyi blinked "t...twins?!" she said in shock as the doors to the room opened and the midwife stepped out "Empreror you may come in now" she said smiling warmly
Wu stood in the hallway with his mouth ajar as he slowly came into the room "T-t-twins?"he asked

There was a loud bang from elsewhere in the castle before Raizen came barreling down the hallway with servants in tow "I heard twins!"
The Midwife would nod her head, "this way milord" she said as he would enter the room and the doors where shut just as Raizen came running down, Fengyi would catch him quickly by his hair jerking him back, "easy...give Wu a chance to meet his children"

Ayame was laying in the bed, she looked exhausted by in her arms where two bundles as she smiled over at Wu as she would then whisper "wake up litle ones....someones come ot meet you" she said weakly as she looked up at Wu.
Raizen groaned getting pulled back "Do you know how rare this is?'he saod excitedly "Twins and a girl. Our races are living on."

Wu smiled kissing the top of her head "You did great"he said as he sat down beside her "Two babies"
"Rare or not, Ayame just gave birth and is extremly weak...specially after having two children do you want Wu to skin you alive?" she said with a chuckle.
Ayame smiled as she would speak, "A boy and a girl...the girl looks lIke you" she said with a chuckle as she would show him, both children the boy was the only one with fox ears like his mother"
Wu gently took his daughter and smiled brightly "She does look just like me...except"he said moving the blanket to show off her tiny tails
She would blink as she started laughing some, "well they wehre bound to be half fox some where" she said, as she would look at her son, gently running her fingers against his ears. "what should we name them?" she asked.
"I would like to name him Asura after my mother Asuramaru"Wu said as he cuddle his daughter
"That sounds perfect" she smiled watching Wu cuddle their daughter, she looked at her son and would tap his little nose thinking, she was so tired it was hard to think. "How about after his great grandfather?" she said with a smile and a chuckle, "I bet he'd flip out once he learns both our children where named after his daughter and himself"
"Raizen and Asura huh?" Wu said with a chuckle "How about Akuma and Asura? I mean Raizen is the Dai Akuma himself"he said
She nodded "Akuma and Asura" she said with a smile as she sat there, "its perfect" she said warmly as she looked up at him before she would shift slightly and the midwife walked over. "It is time to let the Empress rest milord, the cribs for the twins have been set up ou can give the news to the others"
Wu nodded handing over the children as his staff appeared as he tapped it on the ground as his aura pulsed across the lands as all around felt the news as Wu opened the door to the others "Meet Akuma and Asura"
Ayame would smile slightly as she laid there watching, as the Midwife tended to her while the others would enter the room and move over to the cribs. Fengyi would grin hearing the names, "Akuma and Asura eh" she said looking to Raizen, "I think I'll let the man honored be the first to see them"
Raizen stood over the crib looking down at the two of them "That one looks like a purple haired Kurama. And this one looks just like Azzy" Raizen said picking them up "Little hanyous grow big and strong"
Akuma would sneeze some as he was picked up along with his sister, his little hand reaching up and soon managed to grab a fist full of Raizen's hair and jerked hard. Fengyi started laughing, "oh and hes just as honry as his uncle Ryoma" she moved over to Ayame as she simled "you did a great job empress" "thank you Fengyi..."
Raizen felt his head jerk and snap as he laughed "Strong little guy arent cha" he said as Asura looked up at them with dazzling red eyes she began kicking her feet slightly
Ayame smiled, "I knew I was big, but I had no idea I was carring twins...though I know now who was always kicking me" she chuckled, watching as Raizen was already being 'picked' on by his great grandchildren. "Wu..make sure to hold Asura's head up properly..." Ayame said quickly a bit worried.
"I held you as a baby Ayame, I know what I'm doing" Wu said smiling "You just rest"

"You are a bunch of Toshin clan alright. Look at the energy you guys already have " Raizen said grinning "Welcome to the family"
"I'm only saying that because...mother told me you dropped me twice" she said quickly as Fengyi would started to laugh, "best do as she says Wu...or even after she recovers you'll still be 'cut off" she grinned before she noticed how tired Ayame really was. Standing up she would speak "alright boys, we can take the babies to the next room but Ayame needs sleep now"
"Yeah yeah"Wu said carrying his daughter into the ither room "I know I need to play with your brother but I cant stop playing with you"
Fengyi smiled watching the men fawning over the little girl as she held Akuma who she managed to snag from Raizen. "Don't worry little one you'll be a lady killer in no time" she said kissing his cheek as she smiled watching Wu and Raizen fawn as she then turned to Taishou "Your grandchild should be due soon right Taishou?" She asked
"Indeed, Ryoko is almost there"Taishou smiled "Sesshoumaru is quite excited"
"I am sure" she said with a smile as she looked down to Akuma again and ran her fingers through the boy’s hair "those two are so infatuated with your sister little one...what are we ever going to do?" She chuckled as Akuma raised his small hand she gently let him take hold of her finger as she kissed his forehead "even so small their auras are powerful" she said looking to Taishou "iv never senses such power for children before."
"Well they sat every generation gets stronger. Look at our children compared to us, or our grandchildren, and these are your great great grandchildren. Their power is immeasurable. I womder if Kurama foresaw that as well."
"I don't know. But now that they are here the time of war is upon us" Fengyi stated simply as she looked down at the child in her arms, "you and your sister play and important role for us our guiding hope for these lands" she said as Akuma would yawn some as she smiled. "Wu I think it's time to put these two to bed" she said as Akuma was starting to get fussy.
"I agree"Wu said gently shifting Asura as he followed Fengyi back into the other room to lay them down with their mother
Fengyi would help lay the twins down as she smiled and looked at Wu, "sleep well Empress" she stated as she helped ushering the other two out. "Come on Raizen you can play with them tomorrow" she stated. Ayame would smile weakly as she laid there and then looked at Wu, "everyone seems so happy" she stated simply.
"It's a joyous time" Wu said smiling "We have two wonderful and healthy children" he said sitting beside her
"They are beautiful" she said softly as she sat there and would then look up at him, "the midwife will take care of them till im strong enough to leave the bed....and once they are a few weeks old we will be able to start planning to go against Kurama"
"The High Lords have all decided to personally train you to get you back up to speed" Wu said "And I know you were training in secret while you were pregnant"he said calmly
She chuckled "yes but you have no idea where" she said with a smile as she looked up at him, "your still wanting to know I can see that look in your eyes"
"Perhaps, it is something I could not stop" he commented "And it's time for you to sleep"
She nodded as she leaned up as she kissed him softly, before she laid back and closed her eyes. Sleep took Ayame rather quickly, her body exhausted and when Wu left the room Fengyi would speak "congradulations again Emperor, it is not every day one becomes a father of twins"
"I just keep getting more and luckier" Wu said with a smile before turning serious "Now, let's get this council meeting underway. Kurama has felt my aura pulse through these lands, he knows the time to strike is now, we must beat him to that punch"he said as he entered the council chambers where not only the High Lords had gathered but the 4 current Lords as well as Wu took his seat at the head of the table
Yukine would smirk as she sat there "Congradulations are in order Emperor, we 'felt' the news" she said as the others nodded, in agreement.
"Thank you" Wu said as others congratulated him before raising his hands "Send your love.amd gifts after. This needs to be addressed. Our plan of attack in starting this war first before Kurama can"
"We are already prepared to start the attack to gain a foothold into the North my people are just waiting for the word" Fengyi said as she sat there, "once that happens they'll start cutting the trade routes as well"
"While the High Lords are going to remain here to train the Empress before launching their full assault into the North, I want all Lords to fortify their borders and send any additional troops not needed in current attack or defense operations to head North and strengthen the Northern Bastion once it is established" Wu said "Once Ayame is up to full power again we shall move her north and engage directly with Kurama himself and force his hand"
"That shouldn't take to long for Ayame to get back to her feet, since shes trained during her pregnancy she should be ready by tomorrow if not the day after" Fengyi said simply, "All four of us High Lords will remain here training her, it will be a crash course...but she should be able to handle it"
"Whatever gets her ready to go"Wu said nodding "The time to take him down is coming, we must all play our part"
They where all in debate over what needed to be done for several hours, well into the night till they had to rest for the comming day. Ayame woke up just as the sun rose as seh would instently go to the crib as she smiled down at her children, "good morning my ltitle ones" she said softly, of course Asura woke up first and started to fuss a bit "shh shh" Ayame whispered noticing Wu was still asleep in the bed, as was Akuma. Picking up her daghter she moved into the next room as she sat down "momma is here now my little one" she started to hum while rocking her back and forth slowly.
Asura blinked her large red eyes as she looked up at Ayame, seeing her mother clearly for the first time as she smiled brightly grabbing her finger
"You’re a cheerful little one aren't you" she said rocking her slowly, easing into a chair as she hummed softly waiting for Wu and Akuma to wake up
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on Fri Mar 18, 2016 7:29 pm
Asura cooed up at her as she kicked her feet happily grabbing a strand of her mothers hair

"This is a sight I could get used to waking up to" Wu's voice whispered as he slowly sat up in bed watching them
Ayame would chuckle feeling her daughter pulling her hair, but she didn't seem to mind. She looked over at Wu then as she smiled, "well its a sight I won't get tired of, Akuma is still asleep though...hes about as lazy as Sho" she said with a small chuckle
"All the men in your life tend to be"he said getting up and going over to the crib gently picking up the sleeping boy holding him against his chest
"Well minus the one talking" she stated she chuckled, "do you ever relax when not in your library?" she asked softly trying to keep her voice down. Akuma would make small noises in his sleep, his fox ears flicking about some before flopping back down as they weren't yet firm enough to stand on their own.
"Um....I relax when we go to bed"Wu said with a chuckle "I can't well relax with so much stuff to get done"he said gently rocking his son "I'm truly curious what abilities will manifest themselves in these two"
"We won't know till they are much older" she said till she would hear Azura start to fuss "shh shh I get it..your hungry now right?" she said smiling as she would reach up as she started to slid open her kimono before bringing her daughter to her breast to eat. Ayame sighed heappily as she sat there smiling down at her daughter then looked to Wu, "these two are my reason to fight now....I won't leave them"
"I'm glad your inner spark has reignited. We have a lot of fighting to do to ensure the future for these two"he said "Motherhood drives you"
"As fatherhood should do the same I rather our children not raised by their great grandfather because I swear not even old age will take him" she said with a small smile as she sat there.
"Yeah that man just seems to persevere"Wu said as he noticed Akuma had woken up "Well arent you the shy fox, I didnt even hear you wake up"
"That could be dangerous that he's that quiet" she said with a small smile though it was bound to happen that the twins would be different in personalities though it wasn't long till she felt Azura finishing as she smiled "Wu come trade me she's done" she said simply.
Wu nodded as he moved over to her and gently traded off the babies as he burped
Things seemed to change quickly after Ayame had a few days to rest and time with her children but after the training to get her back up to pair began while the midwife took care of the twins. Ayame took a deep breath as she stood in the training grounds holding up her sword as she faced down Raizen, her eyes glowing as she would soon rush forward again, almost like a blurr as soon the sound of the two sword slamming together could be heard as Raizen and Ayame would appear and vanish attacking.
"You're moving slow girl, thinking too much"Raizen said as they clashed swords as he jumped backwards scratching his head "Hmmm...How about this, put the sword away."He said as he stabbed his sword into the ground "No weapons, save that for Inu no Taishou. With me, I want you to focus on producing big booms"he said eagerly "Explosive, concentrated youki and chi blasts and waves. Let's get some of this tension out."He said as he held out both of his hands and two large blue balls of energy formed as he threw them at her as a large explosion erupted
Ayame would look at him as she would take a deep breath, before letting her sword vanish as she stood there. "Very well, you are the teacher in this" she said simply as she would move back, watching him when he told her to use her chi and youkai energy though when the large explosive energy balls came at her she would growl, as she would move quickly but she would get caught in the explosion. When the dust started to clear, she was standing behind a barrier before soon throwing her own blast his way this one a swirling blast of fire
Raizen blinked as the ball of fire came flying at him as he jumped as the flames spread on impact as he put his arms up as it blew him higher into the sky as he laughed happily "That's the stuff!"He growled out as he opened his mouth as he fire off a large ball of energy down at her
She would watch him before soon she was running forward and would soon jump up moving quickly towards him though when he sent a blast down towards her, she would soon match it as her own flames soon where slamming against the blast causing a large explosion between them. Though she would form another energy ball in her hands to try and slam it against him.
Raizen matched her energy with his own as their fists colided knocking them both backwards as they landed on the ground "Aren't you feeling better now? Okay, pick one, hand to hand combat or sword fighting?"
She skidded back as she would smirk as she took a deep breath staring at him. Though she would speak "Lets continue with hand to hand" she chuckled as she cracked her knuckles. "Besides I gotta make sure your capable of trianing my children"
Raizen smirked "I would make you pay for saying those words to me"he said as he turned as Fengyi came rushing forward then swinging her fist at her "Hand to hand is my portion of your training"she said swinging a wide kick at her
Ayame would move back quickly as Fengyi came at her and she would roll her shoulders a bit taking a deep breath. She would nod to Fengyi slightly they had been trianing for since that morning and it was near night fall but none of them showed signs of slowing down.
Fengyi began getting into a flurry of punches and kicks as Ayame and her vanished and appeared and vanished again

"Ahh it's a full moon out"Taishou said "It seems our blades will dance in the moonlight tonight"he said as Raizen looked over at him "You some kind of poet or something?"He asked with his pinky in his ear as Taishou glared "Baka"
Ayame would not only use her arms and legs, she would soon be swinging her tails towards Fengyis not about to just not use them.
Fengyi skillfully bobbed and weaved through her blows as the two danced around for a while before she jumped back "Wu's taught you the dragon fist well, which was flawless. Taishou you're up"she panted
Ayame was taking in deep breaths, even as sweat ran down her skin she refused to stop. She needed to get back to full strength...for not only the kingdom but now for her two children she would not leave them without their mother or father...she knew that pain they didn't need to be with it. Ayame would soon hold her hand out as Masamune appeared in her hand gripping it firmly.
Inu no Taishou then stepped up as he wore 4 blades on his body "Are you ready Empress, I have been waiting for an opponent to test all four of my blades upon"he said

"Man this guy is terrifying looking"Raizen said "Sou'unga, Tachikaze, Tessaiga and Tensaiga...Taishou's officially lost it"
Ayame would look at each sword, each one was of course unique on its own though her own sword was as powerful. "I will not stop till I have regained my bring it on...old dog" she said with a dark grin as her aura seemed to be guilding as Masamune (or Muramasa can't remember which one she gets) started to glow with various different energies swirling around the blade.
"Can your Masamune dance in the moonlight young fox?"Taishou asked as he suddenly rushed forward drawing Sou'unga swinging it as a large shadowy dragon burst forth as he swung his blade at her
She would close her eyes, her ears slightly pinned back before her eyes snapped open as he came down, and she would swing her sword up as their swords colided. She grinned, "You tell me Taishou" she growled before spinning as her tails struck out almost like 9 sharp blades themselves to slam against him.
He took the hit on his armor as he slid backwards drawing Tenseiga in his other hand as he drew open a crescent portal and dove through it appearing behind her swinging his sword again
She had to move fast as the sword caming swinging down behind her, she jumped forward feeling the tip graze past her skin as it tore open the back of her hiori. She glared as the sleeve fell down her arm, she reached up and would pull the remains of it from her leaving herself in just the pants and the binding that kept her breasts back. "I must admit didn't think a high lord dog would use such attacks" she stated before launching forward, swinging the sword towards him as flames wraped around the blade.
"It's usually not my usual brand of fighting"Taishou said as the Tessaiga was drawn as it blocked her blade as he grinned "But Kurama isn't going to fight as honorably as I usually do"
"According to Raizen you don't fight honorable at all" she said with a small chuckle, as Fengyi would look to Raizen and hit him upside the head. "Your the one to talk" Fengyi said quickly to the war demon.
"Coming from a man whose axe is named Warcry, he is a savage that knows nothing about the art of combat"Taishou said as he jumped back as he waved his sword through the air "Windscar"he said sending the large blast

Raizen flinched as he was hit and rubbed the back of his head "Well really...none of us fight that honorably...maybe the monk..."
She smirked, "well then perhaps you should teach me valuable lessons" she stated as she stood there, however when the windscar came at her, she would move quickly watching the waves flowing past as she kept running forward, till just before the attack hit she seemed to vanish. She had jumped up into the air, as she soon would twist herself as she came flying down swinging her sword as a mixture of lighting and flames crackled around the blade aiming it at him.
"Backlash wave" Taishou said calmly as he swung his sword as a whirl of wind caught the lightning and fire as they canceled each other out as he raised his sword at her "you're going to have to come out hotter than that"he said
Ayame would land on her feet, slightly making a small dent into the ground as she would take a deep breath. He wanted her hotter? She would roll her shoulders taking a deep breath, as her aura started to pulse out creating a red line around her body, "you want hotter..." she said as she looked at him, "ill give you hotter" she said as she suddenly charged forward but as she did her body seemed to become like fire, glowing and pulsing as she raised the sword "Dragons Inferno!" she yelled as she swung the sword, as a blast of flames almost like the windscar came flying at him. (Think Naruto turning into his fox form...shes like a walking flame
Taishou blinked as he saw her fire ignite and he took a deep breath "Guys I don't think I have a counter for this one."he said as he finally drew Tachikaze as he braced himself as he flame came as he then raised the blade and sliced downwards as a stream of wind pierced through the flames splitting it though it still lashed out burning random parts of his armor on his back and legs as he finished his slash at the end of her attack and sheathed his blade "Tag"he said

Shihe suddenly appeared floating in the air cross legged above Taishou as he held up his staff as a large ball of ice suddenly appeared above his head as he lowered his staff throwing it at her as the entire area around them chilled dramatically and freezing over
She stood there her body still swarming with flames as she wouldn't even smirk when she had defeated Taishou this wasn't something to be proud of she had to learn to go full out if she wasn't willing to kill them...then she wasn't willing to kill Kurama. When Shihe appeared in his place she felt the air chilling, making the flames die and she would growl "My flames will not be qunched" she stated loudly as another blast of flames slammed against the ice melting it.

Fengyi would raise a brow "this shall be interesting, shes trully mastered the dragons flame..if we can push her to unlish the pheonix we may have a chance against Kurama." dragons where powerful but nothing beat the flame power of a phoenix born of flame itself it was the ultimate flame beast.
"This just might do it"Raizen said "Shihe may be small but he is definitely as strong as any of us here, this fight just got good"

"I see nothing to worry about Shihe said as his ice was blown away them reformed "Your skill is effortless and your technique is flawless, you chi and youki have no bounds. But can it stand up to the force of my mana?"he asked as he rose higher into the air as two huge clay golems then rose from the ground in front of him facing Ayame "Magic is not your strong suite Empress, but it is mine and Kurama's above all else"
She took a deep breath as she looked at him, he was right chi and youkai ran dry after a time but magic could be her back up if she ran out of that. Ayame looked at the two golems, her flames still burning before gripping her sword she ran forward, raising her sword to try and slice the golems down.
The first golem swung his earthen fist down meeting her sword as his arm blew apart but he quickly swung his other arm at her to counter
She had to move fast, the golems could be re-created over and over again, so it was not something she could afford she had to attack Shihe but before she could..she had to take down his defenses. When the other fist came fling at her, she growled and took in a deep breath before unleashing a dragon’s fire blast hoping to burn the golem down.
"Did you forget about my icy domain? You fire isnt as effective here you know" he said as the golem's fist was slowed as his attack missed as he stumbled standing in front of Shihe
She was breathing heavily as she moved quickly back taking a deep breath, he was right her flames wouldn't work here...she had to get them hotter, she would look up at Shihe, she had to burn hotter...she had to get past his ice as she took a deep breath. What could she can she get her magic up higher?
"I can see you thinking"Shihe smiled "Concentrate, I'm sure you can do it. Fuse your pools together"he said as he floated there
That’s when it hit her, Wu had showed her that fusing chi and mana pools fused into something else. Since he had little to no youkai she wasn't sure how that would work but she would close her eyes, 'pool them together...' she told herself as her body seemed to almost start turning from red to pure white.
Shihe looked on in awe as she changed "So that is what it looks like. Wu wasn't kidding"he said feeling her white hot energy "How overwhelming"
She would clear her head, as she felt the energy pooling together as her energy just continued to surge and when her eyes opened they where white as well, the core of her body was white as it slowly fadded out to red, each tail seemed to change color before she drew her sword once again, before she soon lightly kicked off the ground as she began to float up. As she did what looked like wings extending behind her seemed to almost be blinding.

Fengyi winced at the harsh light "it...its like im stairing at the sun" she said in shock.
'And this is where I say tag"Shihe said smiling as he vanished appearing beside Fengyi as a voice rang out behind her "And I will be your final trainer today'he said "Bring everything together and aim to kill"he said as he released his own zen once again glowing purple
Fengyi would chuckle as she looked at Shihe, "she's rather scary isn't she?" she said with a grin, as all four high lords now stood there watching.

Ayame turned hearing the voice, as she would let her eyes fell to her husband and she would take a deep breath as her sword began to glow just as she did "I will not go easy just because your my husband" she called out (cause i think its wu <.< no one else glows purple
Wu didn't respond as he simply drew Muramasa as it pulsed once as demon markings like Raizen's covered his whole body and took a fighting stance
Ayame would shift as well, sliding into her own stance as her tails flicked behind her and those wings continued to flex and expand. That’s when they both moved, streaks of light flashe din the sky till soon they collided creating a large shockwave knocking any who where not prepared to the ground.
"This is insane."Taishou said as he watched the two of them "I can't comprehend that the darkness that Kurama found put him onto a level that it takes this to defeat him."he said to the others "Oh how our friend has fallen."

"Well Kurama brought it upon himself"Raizen said crossing his arms "He fucked with all of us, his daughter married to human, we brought him in, Kurama grew dark, his son in law replaced him, we liked the humans more."he said bluntly "No offense to you Fengyi, I am sure you lead in a much different way than your ex."
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Wu held his sword out as he then rushed forward sending a large wave of energy flying directly at her as his energy pulsed outwards against her own
The two of them would continue to colide together as their auras where powerful, sending shockwaves outwards around the lands. Fengyi would smirk "Kurama is probably wondering just where this power is coming ffrom" she said.

Ayame let out a yell as she would throw a large ball of flames towards him, which was as hot as boiling magma.
Wu held out a talisman as a large shield erupted around him as it took the hit before fading away as the talisman burned up as he sheathed his sword rushing inside as he swung his charged up fist at her
She glared at him as she would attempt to dodge his fist, feeling it graze against her side as she spun, and her tails whipping out at him like 9 hot lashes.
He put his arms up taking the hit as he skidded backwards wincing before firing off a huge wave of zen that exploded on contact
They would see her body go flying back, a smolder of flames seeming to follow as she would glare, blood running down her face as she growled, she coudln't fight him like this was normal as she would took a deep breath. "Clear your thoughts...calm the mind" she muttered to herself as a warm aura almost as if one was being wrapped tightly in a hug could be felt.

" different" Fengyi stated with a small smile, "it’s so if it could purify anything"
"She's making a territory" Shihe commented "My icy domain, Raizen's bone crushing presence, Kurama's dark aura, she is making her presence defined now"

Wu looked at Ayame as he raised his fists motioning for her to come at him again "Come Empress. Make your move"
"Interesting that hers is so pure..." Fengyi stated as they watched, "rather fitting for her but unsettling to those who deal within the darkness and its shadows"

Ayame said nothing, she was just building herself up as she continued to take a deep breath before her eyes opened again a clear blue color now. Her eyes moving up towards Wu as she began to just walk towards him but..he would hear a sound...she was humming before soon she was gone as she was behind him her speed had greatly increased as she soon just touched his back and he'd feel it...ungodly burning as if his skin itself was on fire...when really she was purifing to Kurama this would be even worse but to someone who was only a small portion wasn't that bad but still horrible. Wu let out a horribly yell as his aura pulsed around him in a dome as he fell to his knees yelling in pain as he grabbed a talisman as the pain finally stopped and he panted

"What...the fuck..Was that...?"Raizen blinked as he gulped "That looked horrible"
Ayame would stand there as she would look at Wu, "was that a good move?" she asked with a small smile as she loked at wu.

"I believe...she purified...him in some sense" Fengyi stated as she shuddered at the thought.
"That was absolutely horrible"Wu said panting as he slowly stood up "I dont want to play anymore after that, save it for Kurama. I think you're good to go"he said
Ayame would giggle as she would reach out and took his hand gently but that painful experience didn't happen "hey you all said attack like your going to it's your fault" she said leaning up and kissed him softly. "I'm going to go clean up then see to the twins I'm sure their fussing about wanting food"
"Yeah you do that"Wu said with a nod as he dusted himself off "I'm going to go lay down for a bit, my head is still spinning from the pain"
Fengyi chuckled watching him "just think it could have been worse if you where full demon like where only a small portion...imagine what it be like for Kurama."
"I couldn't fathom the pain"he said shaking his head "miserable agony"he shuddered as he headed inside with her
Ayame would look back at him before he would head up to their room, "are you sure you’re alright?" She asked a bit concerned she really didn't understand how she did it either.
"I can sleep it off. My brain hurts"he said heading to their chambers as he stripped off his clothes
She would smile some as she would move behind him gently helping him from his cloths, "I wonder what I did to you though Wu...I have no clue zen could do that..."
"You never want to listen to my lectures, but in short zen is the purest form of you. It is the combination of all of your energies, your essence. Because of who you are and your pure phoenix flame you purified me. That talisman I used wasn't to heal me. It was to reverse time because that damage would have been permanent. Fully use that against Kurama"
Wu said as he laid his clothing down "You are as ready as you'll ever be to take on Kurama" he said looking back at her
"This isn't a lecture this time Wu I need to know what I did to you" she said simply as she would listen to him explain what Zen was and just how it worked with her, hearing the damage she had done to him and what he had to do just to reverse it she was stunned. Though she looked at him when he said she was ready to face Kurama "it won't be easy especially if he learns about it....I won't get near him if he finds out..."
"I highly doubt he will learn about it, or be able to stop you even if he does" Wu said shaking his head "Sometimes you worry far too much Empress"
"Necesary worry" she stated quickly with a small smile as she looked at him, "get some rest, who knows how long you'll have it when the twins start getting wild"
"True" he said as he then laid down closing his eyes "Be careful. You just got back up to full strength, don't go too wild"he said before instantly passing out
She would smile shaking her head watching him, though she would spend the rest of the day playing with her twins. Sho and Yuna finaly meeting the twins as Asura was pulling on Sho's scales making the dragon growl but got a scolding look from Ayame saying 'i dare you to try something' That was how the days went, Ayame trained or meditated then would relax and play with her children with Wu when he pulled away from his work long enough.
After a few weeks of planning and getting everything together it was finnaly time for the High Lords to enter the battlefield. So far Kurama's undead forces were very minimal but Wu had come up with some strong ideas to counter them. To reduce the emotional impact and match up well against their for the 4 high lords were going to take command of another lands army to fight off whatever undead fighter may be in their path
Ayame was dreading this fight as she did not want to be far away from her children, however Ryoko having given birth to her own child agreed to take the twins to the western lands and with the aid of Izayoi as well as Ayame's midwife the children would be looked after. Ayame looked over the maps as she then spoke looking towards Taishou and Raizen "how are the preprations for cutting off his navy?" she asked quickly still concerned about that as they had formitable plans for everything else.
"We have implemented what we can already" Taishou said "A small force has engaged them to keep them busy, once we are ready we will sneak you past the armada so you can attack from behind. Shihe and Wu will be accompanying you north"he explained " I am going South, Raizen west amd Fengyi east"
She nodded as she took a deep breath, "we will keep communications low just to prevent any information getting to Kurama if something must be relayed do so using the mirrors that Ryoma has created for us" she said simply as she stood there,.
"Of course" Taishou said bowing his head "Then if we all know the plans, we should set off as soon as we are ready and commence operation"he said
Ayame would bow her head slightly towards them all "come back all alive, not necesary unharmed but at least alive" she said making them all laugh. She then glanced at Wu and Shihe, "once the attacks start we move"
"Roger" they both acknowledged bowing their head "Everything is set for us to set sail in the East"Wu said "And meet the fleet in the northern waters"
She nodded as she would ake a deep breath before letting it out slowly, nodding she would move with him and Shihe the time for now. "Let's go, we havent got all day"Wu said as he ushered servants along in order to get all they needed to head out "It's time to say goodbye to the kids Ayame"
Ayame's heart almost sank with that as she looked at him, but nodded her head moving up towards the royal wing she could hear giggling as the midwife was plaing with the twins. Stepping into the room the midwife turned to look at her, "Empress" she said as she saw Wu as well "Emperor" she bowed her head as she would turn to leave for a moment to give the family time alone.
Wu nodded his head as the midwife left as Wu walked over picking up Akuma hugging him tightly "I'm going to miss you so much while we're gone"
Ayame picked up Azura as she would look oer at the two boys as she smiled moving over and would tickle her daughter who laughed happily. "theres the smile i wanted" Ayame said happily as she held her child tightly, "always know we love you both" she whispered kissing her daughter on the forehead, the little girl seemed to tilt her head not seeming to understand though Akuma did started crying as Ayame looked over "oh come on you gotta be the tough one...." she said teasing the little boy who kept fussing in Wu's arms
"I think Azura is going to be the little fighter" Wu said as he rocked the boy gently "There there little one, no need to cry, we will be back for you both very soon. We promise" he said softly "Our pride and joy"
She would nod her head as she would smile reaching up to let Akuma to grab her finger making him start to calm down, "I thik hes a momma's boy" she said with a chuckle.
"I think so too"Wu laughed as they traded babies as he held Azura close to him "That's okay because Azura is definitely a daddy's girl"he said cooing her as she giggled happily
Akuma would curl into his mothers arms as she would kiss his forehead as she smiled down at the little boy, while Azura cooed happily and even was pulling on her fathers hair
"You really like my purple hair dont you"he laughed as he kissed her forehead gently before laying her back down "We have to go Ayame"
Ayame didn't want to leave as she stood there holding her child close but she knew she had to, "we will be back my little ones, be strong and safe" she would then gently lay Akuma down smiling down at the two of them as Akuma started to fuss but Azura seemed to calm him down as the two curled up together to sleep. Taking a deep breath Ayame turned from them as she walked with Wu out of the room.
Wu said a small prayer before he left the room as w glew green for a moment then went back to darkness as he walked with Ayame "Our portal to the east is ready and from there I'll take us to the sea"
She nodded as she would look over at him "let's give him hell" she said with a smile before they headed for the portal she stepped through and bowed her head to Shihe.
"Welcome"Shihe said as Wu came through the portal and tapped his staff on the ground ae the group vanished and reappeared with a pop at the eastern sea docks
Ayames attire had changed from a rather nice kimono to one fit for battle her sword on her hip as she looked around then spoke "we have to strike fast hopefully the others will pull his eyes fast enough that we can move."
"Everything is already set" came a familiar voice as Ryoma appeared ready for battle as well "Naturally I'm not sitting out the final battle"he grinned
She chuckled as she looked at him as she stood there "figured you'd be the first one in battle by now Ryoma" as she shook her head "your abilities will come in handly"
"Well Wu predicted that Father brought back my brother. I want to be the one to return him to peace"Ryoma said "So far everything else was guessed correctly. Asuramaru was seen in the east. Rei Yuan and the dragon Inu no Taishou pinned against that mountain were seen in the West, and Yukine's dad Sekai is already engaging the southern mages" he reported to them

"Good, and as instructed Raizen will fight Rei Yuan, Fengyi will fight my mother and Taishou will fight Sekai, which leaves Emperor Uryu and Ryumaru and Kurama for the 4 of us to take down"Wu said
Ayame would nod her head listening before speaking "all is going well it would seem then" she stated as she stood there thinking some "so I will take Kurama then"
"You and I both will" Wu said with a nod "Shihe will take your father and Ryoma will take his brother" he commented "Together with Muramasa and Masamune we won't fail"
"Alright, when I reach my Zen level try and keep far from me I do not wish to harm you again or anyone other than Kurama" she said as Shihe nodded, "That would be a wise decision...unless every demon wishes to become purified"
"It's not a fun thing to experience believe me"Wu said shaking his head as they boarded a ship and set sail "We should be there in a few days"
Ayame would chuckle "He still flinches when I touch him" she said as she would lightly place her hand on his shoulder, with a faint smile on her lips before moving onto the ship. "As we head to the east the others should be making their attacks. Ryoma did you bring the mirror with you for communication if needed?"
"Of course I did, I made it didn't I?" Ryoma said as he got comfortable floating upside down "All the lords have one"
She eyed him and shook her head, "just try and behave till we get to our position" she said simply as she then looked to Wu, "we left our children to take care of another" she whispered with a teasing look towards Ryoma
"I'm older than the both of you"Ryoma mumbled as they continued sailing as Wu shook his head "I know we did. Let us just be absolutely ready for the final challenge that is to come. We are close to the finish line"he smiled
It took some time but they soon had reached the port that they needed to, things where quiet as everyone was on edge with what was going to happen as Ayame glanced around, "The air is thick with a dark magic" she said softly
"We are in the heart of the North. Kurama's magic surrounds us all. Be prepared for anything" Shihe said as they got off the boat "Let's start heading for the castle. The faster we get there the faster we end this"
They had kept communication limited and when they had reached the heart they sent one 'message' out to the others letting them know. Ayame would look around, she was nervous but she would take a deep breath calming herself she could not afford to let her fears get to her now.
Shihe waved his staff in the air as mist swirled around them and across the ands before them shrouding them as a mist cloud rose beneath their feet carrying them swiftly through the mist towards the castle
Everyone was on edge as Ayame would keep herself on alart, making sure to surpress her aura with a faint barrier around them helping keep them shielded withing Shihe's mist as they glanced around, "its almost to quiet.." Ayame finally said as she glanced around.
"He knows we are here. He's anticipating us" Wu said as they moved along "He is inviting the challenge so he must have a trick up his sleeve. We've been fighting for months, no matter how strong he is there is no way he can continue fighting a 3 sided war forever. He wants to end this as badly as we do."
"Then we need to work quickly as well" Ayame said as they kept moving, the battles where going hard for both sides but Ayame was hoping that civilan casulties where low and that the other high lords had managed to clear the villages before battle began.
"We will be nearing his castle soon, the mists will hie us until we reach his barrier"Shihe said

"Be prepared to finish this everyone"Wu said "This is the final stretch:
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The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw - Page 3 Empty Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 1 Raw

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The Battle between Dragon and Fox

Everyone nodded as they where at the ready though Ayame just closed her eyes, taking a deep breath to center herself and draw upon the combined pools of her youkai and chi. She could feel it building but she repressed it for now, she had to wait till Kurama was at his lowest before she could strike.
The group continued moving forward before a large dark castle could be seen looming ahead in the mist "We are here." Shihe said as the group landed on the ground outside the castle

"Leave" came a voice through the mist as a man was walking towards them as it could be seen as Emperor Uryu, Ayame's father. However unlike the past, Kurama had unlocked all of his grandson's abilities as his 9 tails fanned out and his bloodlust could be felt from Fengyi and Ryoko's blood "I do not wish to hurt you all, but Kurama has insisted that you leave. I am not the Golden Emperor anymore. I am the claws of the steel dragon. I am a full fledged kyuubi, and I have no restraints"Uryu said to the group
Ayame would look ahead as she would see her father standing there, she coudl sense his power as she would say nothing. This was not her 'true' father in a sense just the walking corpse of him his spirit trapped, she glanced at the others, "I can fight him but....we run the risk of Kurama finding out just what I can do"
"No." Shihe said shaking his head with a smile 'I will keep him busy, you three run ahead and stop Kurama"he said "Even if I die here I am a Kirin, I will be reborn, and so there is no need to worry. I have lived many lives already and many more to come Empress"he said "Now go"

Wu nodded his head "Fight your hardest and live. Value this current life as much as any other"he said
Ayame would bow her head twoards him, "set him to rest Shihe" she said patting his shoulder, before she would race off with Wu and Ryoma. "We must hurry Shihe won't be able to hold him for long."
Shihe turned to look at Uryu and drew his sword as three giant golems, one made of earth, iron and lightning appeared at his side "I am sorry milord. But we must dance for a while"

The two men nodded as they rushed forward breaking through the castle wall as Ryoma lead them through the expansive castle grounds "He's in the courtyard...he's waiting"
Ayame moved quickly after Ryoma, he had spent his youth here and Ayame would look at Ryoma "I will take him you two make sure noting interupts our battle" she said as they soon where walking towards the courtyard. Ayame could sense his was powerful but she kept hers repressed her tails she even had 'hiding' showing only 5.
It wasn't long before they reached the courtyard as Kurama could be seen standing there with another tailed fox demon beside him as he smiled casually "Well, it seems the fated hour is finally upon us my dear great-granddaughter. A pity your grandmother and her mother couldn't have joined us as well for such a touching first meeting."He said "I've known about you since before you were even an egg in your mother's womb. The stars told about you the same time they told me about my own child"he said
Ayame walked forward looking at the man that was responsable for it all, for the death of so many and the destruction of the lands. Though he was the reason as well for the lands being united and the driving force to get things done, "you could ahve easily avoided this all if you would have just stayed away could have had your family back as well but no you had to spill blood and for waht?....a dieing land?" she said simply looking at him, then to the figure beside him this had to be Ryoma's brother...
Kurama raised his eyebrow at her "Have my family back?"He said as he then started to laugh heavily shaking his head "My dear Phoenix Empress, has no one told you the true story of your lineage, or were you too scared to ask? You never wondered why out of four equal lands, it was the Kurama's that ended up ruling an empire of human and youkai? Your grandfather was a bloodthirsty, power hungry human no better than the likes of Raizen. He grew up in my Northern Mountains, I knew of this powerful child while I was lord of the north. I let him live, let him refine his power, his magic under MY tutelage. Then he turned, united all humans in a coop to take my throne and rule the North. At the same time my son had decided to abandon me for his mother in the west, my current wife was nothing but a chi thirsty whore and my daughter hated her mother and spited me for her upbringing. Then my daughter tells me she has fallen for the Yuan boy and renounces her right to my throne, my sweet daughter. So what happens to me? I snap. But I am killed by Yuan and sealed away for 1,000 years in a tomb beneath that infernal palace and watched you all play family without me. The birth of your father, him falling in love with the Orochi woman and sealing away his power. Your birth. And then it was time. The time to undo 1,000 years of time and set things back the way they were supposed to be."Kurama told her "And you can kill me here and now, but my plan has already been set into motion with our without my body present. I cannot die. You cannot kill the darkness."
Ayame stood there listening to him, even hearing all this she would speak "I've heard of what life was for you so long ago, your actions brought this upon us all and it took great lengths to once again bring peace..." she would move forward, as she would then speak "I can set you free from this path if you stop now...return the spirits of the death back to rest and free them of the curse you have placed upon more blood should be spilled" she didn't want to respond to his motion of killing darknes....he dind't know that she had the power to completly remove it.
"But that's all part of it Ayame"Kurama said "These dead, my son, your father, Wu's mother, they can all come back to life. They can live out their proper lives, and not the ones that caused them to depart from us so soon"he told her "I have the power to do that. The power to bring back the dead, but a piece of me is missing, and that piece, is found in you my dear. Together we could reverse all the damage that I have done, bring everyone back, and be happy and at peace. That is what you've been after all along isn't it?"
She listened to him standing there looking at the being beside him, then to the others she shook her head. "But at what price Kurama?" she asked loking at him, "What must we all pay to gain such?"
"Simply your powers as a kyuubi and half of my remaining life"Kurama said "My magic is one of the oldest magic in existence and I discovered a magic even older than that many years ago and have been pouring small amounts of power into the relic for thousands of years, even while sealed I fueled it's power and now it is ready. I can pull of the biggest resurrection ever recorded in history. My time reversal technique will restore everything the way it was and I shall fix everything that was wronged in the past. As an afterthought I suppose it was get rid of all this...darkness...I've spread in lieu of my project here"
Ayame would glance back at Wu and Ryoma, before speaking "your thoughts?" she asked they where her counsil she formed it so she could hear anothers voice as she let her eyes travil back to Kurama. "Before they answer I must ask...why now are oyu telling u sthis? Why could you not have stated something years ago and spare the death and pain of so many?"
"I tried"Kurama said shrugging his shoulders "I am a kyuubi, divination is something we do. I did it. But who was there to listen to me? Rei Yuan and Ryoko who wanted me dead and on my throne? My son who left to the west? Fengyi left me for that human monk, and Ryoma's mother was an idiot and even he was just a baby when I saw this."He told them "And I wasn't going to let myself simply die. Rei Yuan wanted to defy the gods and take a land for his own. The guys gave him favor. That favor has been passed down to you, and it is what I need to finish my spell and reverse time. Then all that pain and death that I have caused will have never existed. Imagine a timeline where you grew up with both your parents and your grandparents. Things can be different. I am only telling you this now, because when would I have had an opportunity to do so before hm?"

Wu frowned having an uneasy feeling "It sounds good...but he's Kurama the dark lord...we shouldn't trust someone like that...but if he is telling the truth about everything then....we are the bad guys too."He said

"He has always been alone and fascinated by some 'thing', I've just never seen it, he never told me what it was either"Ryoma said "He only said "You'll know when the time is right, because you'll never know it existed" whatever the hell that meant"Ryoma said shrugging
"it sounds to me Kurama....that its a restart for you and only you will have been aware of it" Ayame said as she stood there, taking a deep breath. "The pain caused turned me into the Kyuubi you see now...with the aid of others treaties, families, and bonds have been formed...even in the darkness of your dispare and your pain light has still found a way through" she stated as she looked at him. "If you wish peace, then tell us how to change it...but not through the reverse of time...what is done cannot be undone...and the dead no matter how much I wish my parents return to the physical desires must come second and I must see to the future of these lands" she moved forward, "lay your arms down Kurama face your crimes and maybe you will earn the forgivness you seak"
"Oh you are one of those types huh?"Kurama said with a sigh "I had such high hopes for you. I thought you would be someone of a level head that I could negotiate peace with. But it seems that is not the case here."He said looking at her "Like I said, my plan is already in motion with or without you. Your power would simply speed things along. However, you don't have to be alive for me to take the power I am seeking. The gods loaned it to you, and I need to borrow it for a while"
"The gods loaned me no power but one that i have gained through hard work Kurama" she stated as she stood there, as she looked at him. "As for your plan if it was meant to be we will accept it...but we will end the darkness you have spread over these lands"
"You still speak with the innocence of a child, it's....cute"Kurama said "Children like to argue with adults that know more than them, this is still the case here today. But if you are here to end my darkness, than you are more than welcome to try. Good luck"he said grinning
"Wu...Ryoma" ayame said as she would speak "do not interfear in this battle and...for the sake of you both...stay away from me" she stated as she soon began moving towards Kurama and tahts when she let her Aura fully show itself as he watched as tail after tail till she had all 9 emerged behind her her body glowing with a pure white light. "This ends now Kurama"
"Ho ho, actually, things are just beginning"Kurama said letting out a sharp whistle as Ryumaru stepped up between their group and Kurama

"I cannot allow you to fight my father, it is too dangerous"Ryumaru said firmly "You should take my little brother and get out of here while you still can"
Ayame would just shake her head "nothing will stop this day from happening....Ryoma...I beleive this is your match" she stated loking back at him.
"Indeed it is, and I don't want you getting in my way stupid monk"Ryoma said with a growl as he stepped up to his older brother

"You may want to take the monk's help"Kurama said smiling at Ayame "You aren't going to be able to stop me you know. My darkness knows no bounds"he said
"I don't plan on stopping your darkness...I plan on removing it from existance" she said looking at him, as her eyes almost seemed to be glowing white. "For the light will always fight through the shadows"
"But what you fail to understand, is that even in the light, there will still always be darkness. Just like you awakening my bloodline. You felt anger, contempt, and despair. Your body was in danger and you felt you weren't going to be able to complete your dreams and protect the world. Darkness balanced out your light and made you complete, never forget that"Kurama said "But if you wish to dance for a while, then let us dance"

"Be alert"Wu said as he activated his zen mode as his aura flowed around his body as the ground broke around his feet as he reached into his pocket putting on the first Grandmaster's ring as his power erupted to new heights as the ground completely shattered around him as the rocks floated in the air
"i know darkness will never be gone from this world...but yours....yours will be" she said as she would feel Wu's power behind her as she took a deep breath, the feeling of warmth as she would then draw her sword as she did she let her eyes find Kurama's before soon she vanished and was behind him swinging the blade down towards him.
"Oh you're fast"Kurama said as his tails rose behind him blocking her blade pushing her back as he turned around "If I was a lesser demon that might have been the blow that did me in"he said as he suddenly reached out catching Wu's fist as the monk came flying towards him "You're in the way"Kurama said as his claws glew black and he slashed them at Wu as the monk yelled in pain stumbling backwards clutching his face "My eyes!! I...I can't see"he yelled as Kurama licked the blood off of his fingers "This is a private fight, wait your turn"
"Wu!" Ayame said in shock as her eyes widened, as she saw the blood and she gripped the blade tighter. She glared at Kurama before she would shake her head she could't let anger take her she had to wait...wait till he was weak then she could unleash her full power. "Wu get out of here!" she yelled out to him hoping he could leave on his own, before she rushed at Kurama again but as she did flames wipped around her body as she soon slashed down at him with flames as hot as dragon fire.
Kurama drew his sword then as he raised it above his head blocking her as they collided as the flames and dark energy whipped around them as they stood locked blade in blade "Your fire is quite hot, you have a passion to protect these people hm?"He asked jumping backwards as fox fire flashed a bright blue in his other hand
"passion drives a lot of people once had it now its jsut greed" she stated looking at the fox fire as she would let her own appear wrapping around the tips of her tails holding up her blade to attack again. "Afraid to attack me head on....Kurama?"
"I am not the one here attempting to stop my plans"Kurama said "I tried having you killed as a child, then left you alone. If you wish to remove my darkness, you may try"he said calmly playing her mind game back with her
"You tried and failed so many where saught something you will never have" she stated as she stood there before she would run at him.
Kurama ran back at her as their blades clashed once again as they were soon sending large attacks at one another blowing the areas around the castle apart with their sheer force
What was once beautiful gardens was soon becoming bare as attack after attack hit, Ayame could still hear Wu in pain fueling her to fight harder as she would feel the burning flames within her throat and just as her and Kurama struck again she opened her mouth letting flames pass her lips hoping to hit him with a direct hit of dragon fire.
Kurama blinked as there was a sudden explosion of fire as he jumped backwards his body slightly smoking and his clothes were burned "That was a nice hat too" he saod tossing it off carelessly as it caught on fire "So you've aquired Rei's dragon breath hm? I'll have to be mindful of that, my dark shield can’t take too many of those at point blank range like that." He said panting slightly "You're pretty good, that monk has trained you well over these years. However."he said holding out his hand as Masamune flew from the ground by Wu where he rolled in pain and into his hand "Playtime is over" he said grinning wickedly as he then rushed her, seeming gaster than before as he launched an all out assault on her, his blades swinging rapidly
She would take a deep breath, as she watched him the burning feeling on her tongue but she would shake her head. 'Ill make you pay for ever harming my family..." she said even as he grabbed up Masamune, she held up her own sword before his assult came as she started to block wincing as his attacks hit hard, pushing her back a few hitting her as her outfit was getting torn up she would soon twist her body as the fiox fire she had on her tails lashed out towards him.
Kurama growled loudly as he put up his free hand catching her fire as it burned his hand as he then diverted it throwing it away as he looked down at his smoking arm and laughed with a dark evil laugh "This is amazing. An actual fight. You're just like Rei you are better. Much better. Faster, more determined. You truly wish to hurt me, but you dont have what Rei has, you can't kill me."He said
"Wanna bet?" she stated with a growl, as her eyes started to glow pure white as she looked at him, growling as her aura pulsed even more slamming against him like a shockwave of power that rippled around his body. Pure raw power it felt like...unlike any he had felt.
Kurama grinned happily as he raised his sword pointing it at her "Will you be the one to finally kill me?"He asked grinning wickedly, like a madman "Come my pup, let us dance"he said as he vanished rushing forward towards her as a large shadow like snake sprang forth from his free hand flying towards her
She would glare at him taking a deep breath, 'calm your anger...for it does nothing but cloud your mind' she said to herself, as she would let her eyes return to normal just to see the snake rushing at her and him. She would hold her sword before she would charge forward, but as she did a burst of aura formed behind her as a pheonix took form tallons outstretched ready to grab up the snake.
"Wha...."Kurama said as his snake was grabbed as he felt her blade suddenly run through his stomach as he blinked looking down "You stabbed me.."He said softly, a smile on his face
She stood there taking a deep breath as she felt the blade slid theough his body, but she just glared at him "I will do more than just stab you through" she stated as the blade began to pulse and burn within him but not in flames. "I am destined to end your life....but I also promised your head to your son I will be sure to grant him that."
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Kurama grinned wickedly as black energy began to pour out from the cut as she was then pushed back as he laughed "Then I guess I'm going to have have to stop playing around then hm?"he asked as he then began to glow all black as his body began to morph and change as he grew in size as he still stood on two lwgs as he transformed into his true form as he swung Muramasa around him as the blade pulsed darkly "Yes feed off my anger, drink my youki dark blade, how I have missed you"he said before pointing it at her "No more games little girl"
She would get pushed back looking up in shock as she felt the aura and the darkness that pulsed from him, the evil she felt as she took a deep breath. She shook her head as she would speak "I had hoped to end this battle without this...but I was wrong" she said as soon she allowed her own aura to pulse as she called out "Ryoma!!! Take Wu and get far from here!!" She said as Kurama watched her body change as well a red outline forming as her core turned pure white wings of light fanned behind her as her sword pulsed. Her pure aura slamming against the darkness of Kuramas sending a shockwave out over the lands as she took a deep breath before she began moving towards him "let the dance begin between light and dark."
"She actually managed to send him into his real form"Ryoma said looking over before dodging a wave of poison from his brother "Still kinda busy here, you're good, I dont even see the monk anymore."he called out

Kurama no longer held a smile on his face as he walked towards her as well slowly raising his sword as they then rushed forward and collided as their auras clashed as the land exploded around them
Ayame did not let up as their attacks rippled and ripped the land apart, she would soon let one of her tails lash out if it hit it would slice down upon him sending a pain he never knew of as the attack itself attempted to purify the darkness and....his youkai
Kurama roared loudly as he swung out pushing her back "That burn. are trying to purify me?"He asked as his tails waved back and forth "Good luck with that"
"My aura purifies all Kurama....none escape the light is the heart" she stated her voice even seemed to change as she held up her sword "I told you....I will remove your stain from this land" she would then rush forward again their swords clashing but each time she grew close to even touching him he would feel the sizzle of her purifying touch.
"Yes this battle is exactly the rush I need" Kurama said grinning like a madman as his flesh was burned though he kept coming at her unrelenting "Yes Empress, save my soul, purify me, release me from these bonds!" He roared as he let out a large wave of dark energy completely blowing the castle apart as the darkness surrounded their immediate area as his red eyes glowed as Muramasa glowed darkly in his hands
She would move back attempting to avoid the wave as it sliced at her, a bit of her blood touching the ground causing it to sizzle but she would shake her head "save you....I never once thought of it!! Not after you tore apart the lives of so many and now even dare raise the dead!! Can you not hear their suffering as you command them to fight against those they loved?!" She yelled at him causing her aura to flare out and she rushed towards him. Her wings outstretched behind her as her sword glowed slamming against his own as their energies collided. "You’re no longer worth saving" she growled out before unleashing another torrent of dragon fire from her lips.
Kurama reached out splitting the fire with his arm as he roared with excitement before blinking as suddenly he looked to his left feeling a sharp spike in energy

Wu was panting though he was chanting as a large ball of chi was forming between his cupped hands, his eyes were still closed as blood still poured down his face though he was aimed right at Kurama as he fired off his large chi wave as Kurama growled now forced to decide to block the fire or the destructive blast coming towards him as the wave hit him knocking him off balance giving Ayame an opening
Ayame continued to let the flow of flames pass her lips, she had felt it the build up of chi as she had kept Kurama in the same spot allowing Wu time. When she saw the opening she would slid her sword up as she swung her tails even lashed out hoping to slice at him if she missed as the blade which pulsed with purifying light struck out its mark.
Kurama's eyes widened as he was struck as he let out a yell before his eyes rolled backwards. In his purification he saw visions of his children when they were smaller and happy, and of his past wives and his time spent as Lord of the North as he kneeled on the ground as the dark aura slowly began to fade from his body as his skin was beginning to turn to ash.

Wu had not stopped chanting as he held out a talisman in one hand and a crystal orb in another as from the darkness of Kurama a red light was pulled from it and began filling the orb in Wu's hand as Kurama's body slowly faded away
Ayame stood there breathing heavily as she looked down at Kurama as she would speak "may you find peace even when you deserve none" she stated still offering him rest as she would slowly drop to her knees blood running down her body as she slowly returned to normal. Though she would look over to Wu as she pushed herself up and made her way towards him just as the red light was pulled into the orb. "'s done..." She said her voice weak.
"H-his essence is trapped in this orb" Wu said panting as he handed her the orb as he took to his knee breathing heavily "He wouldnt have died, he was right, however you pierced his aura, so I trapped his core, he wont be able to regenerate his least he shouldn't. You can smash the orb and destroy him if you wish to"
She would ease down beside him as she held the orb and woukd tuck it into her kimono for now as she let her fingers slid to his cheek "we can all discuss it later let me see your eyes." She said worried about him
"I have tried my healing and time reversal mantras. Kurama not only cut my eyes, he stole the light and replaced it with darkness." Wu said as he sat there "But I can see. This ring has risen my attunement with aura and chi. I can see through that"
She would look at him almost in pain for him as she would lean forward pressing her forehead against his, "I'm sorry....I should have drawn him away.." She said wondering how much of the world he'd be able to see now even with the ring. "Can you stand? We should go check on the others..."
"What's done is done, and Kurama is sealed away"he said as he slowly pushed himself up breathing heavily "and you didnt have to kill anyone"he said "Are you okay?"
She would hold onto his arm letting him lean on her if he needed, "I was willing to kill him....he even tested me to see if I was able to do it..." She said simply walking with him as she sighed "as for being alright I'll live my injuries are minor"
"Well I am proud of you for not giving into his temptation. Perhaps he truly just wished for someone to kill him...yet he kept saying his plan is already in motion, what does that mean?" Wu asked as they walked as Ryoma soon appeared before them, very beat up but still alive "Good, you both managed to live"Ryoma saod "I'd be disappointed if you had died"

Ayame would look at Ryoma as she smiled a bit glad to see him well "did you put your brother to rest?" She asked still holding Wus arm as she walked with him.
"Actually no. We were still fighting until suddenly he just turned to dust and vanished, so I took a nap." Ryoma said as he floated beside them "You guys wrecked this castle though"
"It was t exactly ease not to Ryoma" Ayame said simply as she looked around finally seeing just what they did as she sighed. "Ryoma do you have the energy to help us to the others? I'm not sure if I can even fight again I feel drained..."
"I can the monk going to be okay?" Ryoma asked as he closed his eyes "The high lords are all fine from what I can tell"he reported "They are heading towards their bases"

"I'll br fine"Wu said shortly as they limped along
"We will all need a rest from this..." She would walk with them slowly leaving the castle as she would close her eyes before she would look at Ryoma "I'm sorry that I failed my promise of you ending your father...but I think in the end he did find what ever he was seeking...he looked at peace and like the man you knew so long ago."
"I saw what you did to him. He's still in that orb" Ryoma said "If you aren't going to smash it you should keep it well guarded'
"I will put it to counsel...." she said simply as she walked with them as they headed out of the castle she could already see the war was starting to come to an end, Kurama's armies fell quickly once they sensed their leader was gone. "Lets find Shihe...we should head back to the main base once we find him."
"Uhhh there he...was"Ryoma said pointing to the bundle of clothes and weapons on the ground as he floated over grabbing tge items as well as finding a large black egg "Ah so he did die hm? This part is so cool."He said "Let's get back to the base"
Ayame would look down to see the black egg as she would move over to it gently picking it up as well as the weapon that laid beside him, "come then...he should be placed in a warm bed" she said smiling some glancing at Wu.
The group then continued forward until they finally returned to the main base greeted by applause and cheers and praise galore for their victory
Fengyi would smile as she looked at them as she would then look to the black egg and would sigh, "it would seem it was his time..." she stated as Ayame would nod, as Fengyi gently took the egg from her "I'll get him placed some where warm till he...emergies again" she stated, "get some rest...soon you will be able to return home and to your children"
Ayame would looked over to see Wu leave, she paused and then would speak "please all’s been a long day for you all" she would then turn to move after Wu. Following him down the hall as she would speak "Wu....wu please wait" she said moving after him tills he was able to grab his hand. "What is wrong?"
"I just realized...that I'll never actually be able to see the twin’s faces again" he said softly "It was a hard thought to bear, I just needed a moment"
Ayame would move up beside him as she would gently run her fingers aginst his cheek. "We will find a way to change this Wu...what is important is you are here will hear them laugh, and that is the greatest thing any parent could ask for"
"I suppose that is true"he said with a nod as he turned to face her "Come on, let's take a bath and get some sleep, I'm exhausted on a level I never thought possible"
"We can tend to your eyes in there at least make it where it wont leave to nasty of a scar" she said with a small smile, as she walked with him leaving the others behind as they headed to the baths.
They soon got into the bath and settled into the water as Wu sighed "I wonder how are lives are going to be now. Everything we've trained for over the last 18 years has finally happened. You won"
She leaned back as well feeling the hot water agaisnt her skin as she took a deep breath, as she let her head rest some before speaking. "We become just emperor and well as raise two wonderful children...that is what we do" she said chuckling "honestly im more afraid of that than what we just did"
"I think I am too. Parenthood is the pne monster that is constantly evolving" he said as he splashed water on his face "Before we take it up to a vote, what are your thoughts on what to do with Kurama? This seal, unlike the one that Rei used, is relatively safe, because his body wasn't sealed this time, his spirit was. I pulled his soul from his body before it crumbled away"
"I do not know...I worry that if we break it that some how his soul will find a new host...but at the same time I do not want someone to use the orb and pull what ever power it carries...then there's what ever he was planning....remember? He said even without him it will continue to happen it just needed something from me..."
"What a cryptic old fox"Wu said "I think I should take on the duties of guarding it. I can lock it away in the private part of my monastery where only I will have access to it"he said "I think that is the safest plan"
She would nod her head as she sat there "once we return we will seal it inside...then we can discuss with the others what should be done...but we should also start help rebuild the north now that Fengyi is the 'lord' over it again...."
"That will be no issue, I'm sure the people have already started. They are just happy Kurama is gone, we all are"Wu said sighing
"Ya..." She said as she sat there before sinking into the water letting it run over her wounds as she would wince slightly as the water hit a deep gash on her back. "Seems he clawed me up fairly well....not sure how much longer I would have been able to hold if in that spot for your blast to hit him...."
"I had to do something. As I was laying there I could sense something growing deep down inside him, I'm not sure what it was, but if we hadn't stopped him there, I dont think we would have won, it was something ancient, something evil, perhaps the source of his darkness, but it was about to fully manifest and I couldn't let that happen, eyesight or not"
"well either way I am glad that you did what you are right that that he was doing something" she stated as shew ould start to run her fingers through her hair, then looked at him "I know...this is still a hard topic for you....but what can you see...?" she asked looking at him.
" to describe this sensation.." he said to himself tapping his chin "I can see your body, because my eyes can see the chi and youki flow through you and the aura around you. I can see the chi in the area so I have a general sense of my surroundings. But color, texture and fine detail are all lost to my sight" Wu explained
She listened to him before she would soon move closer to him, "I wish I could reverse what happened...becase of me you lost your site" she stated as she sat there, with a heavy sigh,
"Incorrect. You did not take away my sight. Kurama did. Do not blame yourself, I am alive, that's more important"he said shaking his head
Ayame still felt like this was her fault as she would glance at him, before moving closer to him he would then feel her lips against his. Holding it there for only a few moments before breaking it, "im still sorr Wu"
"Don't be. We have much more important things to celebrate" Wu smiled holding her close "and a lifetime to do it"
She leaned against him, pressing her head beneath his chin where he could feel her ears twitching against his skin. "Im'll master so much in all that" she said with a small smile, "and soon..we will be able to be home....and raise our children...I think our little girl will be the handful"
"I'm sure she will, and Akuma will be very sweet and soft spoken I can bet" Wu said "Let's finish up and rest so we can travel back"
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The Return from Battle

It would be a few days but they all where able to head back home and Ayame was greatful as well she just wanted to see her children as she headed straight towards the royal wing, once she opened the doors Izayoi turned smiling "welcome home empress" "Lady Izayoi" Ayame said bowing her head, "they where just about to wake up empress..But i'll leave that to you" "Your husband is downstairs if you wish to see him milady" Izayoi would bow her head as she turned leaving going to pick up her son first. Ayame just leaned over the crib smiling down at the two sleeping bundles before she leaned down and gently piced up both rocking them back and forth making them both groan before opening their eyes "hello my little ones...momma's home" she stated cuddling them both.
Hearing a voice Asura opened her eyes slowly opening her eyes seeing her mother and father standing above her as she blinked puttung her arms up
"I see someone wants her daddy" she stated as she would let her tail gently wrap around the little babe as she would pass her over to Wu. "Ill stick with my cute little boy who still is sound asleep" she stated as she would nuzzle into Akuma happily as she smiled at Wu and her daughter.
Wu smiled taking the girl rocking her gently. He had opted to wear a ribbon across his eyes with their family crest on it and Asura reached up pulling at the ties lightly as Wu laughed "Always curious hm?"He said "Let's take them with us to this council meeting"
Ayame chuckled smiling as she watched Asura grabbing at the ribbon as she would nod her head. "I think Raizen will be all over playing with them more than paying attention" she stated with a laugh as Akuma would make small little noises as he woke up finally though he just staired at his parents, "I think I know who is more like who..." she grinned "you got a mini me in your arms" she stated as Asura grabbed hold of the ribbon again trying to pull it free
"Yeah I agree" Wu said as he used his free hand to pull his string tighter so it wouldn't come off "While Akuma is quiet and observing"he said as he lead them out to the council room where not only the High Lords has gathered but their children as well were present since this was the first meeting about reforming the lands
Izayoi sat with Ryoko and their children as Ayame smiled at them, seeing the young Inuyasha sitting up in his mothers lap as he slightly tugged at Ryoko's Childs blanket causing the two women to laugh. Of course the moment that Raizen saw eyes on his great grandchildren the large war demon was making his way over. "Ah ah let us have some time with them first Raizen" Ayame said quickly with a laugh, "unless you can handle Asura...shes getting grabby"
Raizen rolled his eyes as he took his seat "Fine then, just know this Empress, the war is over, and this is a political meeting to reestablish our lands indivudually as well as our roles in the Empire. The time of working together in absolute is over, each family is going to put their best interests at the top of their priority, be prepared."

"I agree."came a small voice as a small black haired boy no older than about 5 came riding in on a small clay golem "Sorry for the delay everyone, Kirin magic, takes some time to hatch then we grow like wildfire"Shihe said taking his seat on the Southern side of the table with Ryoma and Yukine, since he was their High Lord "Be prepared for many heated debates and arguments your majesties"
"Oh I know well what this is all about, just going to be interesting considering we all have our children in here" she stated as she watched Inu no Taisho was playing with his son some, though Sesshoumaru watched like a hawk over Ryoko and their child. Moving to her seat she paused once she saw Shihe and would then nod "took me a moment to get used to you like this Milord Shihe...but we are aware of what is to happen so shall we all begin?"
"Grandma-- Dragon Sage, care to do the honors?" Fengyi asked as she gently took her great-great granddaughter from Wu, much to Raizen's chagrin as he crossed his arms as Wu began

"The meeting of the Imperial Council will now begin. I, Wudong-Chi, 5th Grandmaster and first Sage of the Yuan Steel Monks will preside over this meeting in the name of the Phoenix Empress, Ayame Yuan. With formalities taken care of, let us begin"Wu said as he took out a scroll from his robes "Before any of you ask, I have infused my ink with chi, so yes I can read."He sighed "First order of business, the discussion about the next steps to do with Dark Lord Kurama. Currently his spirit is trapped inside my mystic orb"he said as he pulled the orb out of his robe as it was clear and occassionally flashed red from time to time
Ayame sat back rocking Akuma in her arms the little boy more interested in watching the others than anything else, while his twin sister was busy grabbing at Fengyi's fingers and giggling happily, though Fengyi seemed happy in rubbing it in to Raizen who glared at her from time to time.

Ayame would let her eyes go to the orb as she would speak, "The reason this is brought to all of you, is to the fact that if we smash the orb...a few possibilities can arise one being that Kurama some how returns to this world perhaps not as powerful but still returns. The second the evil that he possess takes on a new form that we do not know about or how to handle ot the third...he essense dissapears entirly those are the scenarios that myself and our Grand Sage has come up with"
"Hmmm I see the problem" Inu no Taishou said shaking his head "While making sure all traces of Kurama would be beneficial, I see he problem, and there is no way to simply purify him?"

Wu shook his head "He's as strong as anyone of us, perhaps stronger still, but Ayame purified his body, and this mystical orb is a divine artifact, this is about as purified as he's going to get, even still though, we do not know what will happen if the power is released again upon smashing it."

"Then do you propose to safeguard it?"Raizen asked "Keep Kurama under lock and key so to speak, that's where the Yuan's and the Kurama's messed up last time, Rei sealed them both away and you simply turned the other way and didn't make sure he stayed sealed."
"that is where we are at an impass...we can place it within a space that only Wu or the future grand sage will have access to...granted it is just like before but do we risk smashing the orb then?" Ayame asked simply, Fengyi would tap her chin some as she would speak holding Asura in a upright position, "it is a high risk to smash the orb but we will only be starting over from step one if we seal the orb away....i would almost say take the risk and destroy the orb"
"I disagree" Ryoma said "You are a hand to hand fighter, so you don't know much about magic, especially ancient magic. Just like my objection to free Rei Yuan and Kurama's energy from Masamune, I object to smashing the orb. The repurcussions could be extremely dire."

"I have to agree with the young lord as well"Shihe said "It would be much safer to simply seal it away and monitor it, then to smash it and hope for the best."
Ayame nodded turning her attention to Taisho as well, "What of your thoughts on this Taishou?" she stated, Izayoi taking their son from him quickly whispering 'you can play with him later your busy' she said sternly to the large dog demon moving over to Ryoko who chuckled slightly.
"Hmm...This is a tough decision, but I would err on the side of caution and go with another sealing it away until we are certain the effects that will happen"Taishou said after a long moment of pause
They all would nod as they sat there looking at one another, "alright then we seal the orb till we can figure out what else to do with it." Ayame said as she would look to Raizen who was glaring at Fengyi, standing up she would move over to the War Demon, holding Akuma out to him. The little baby would stair up at Raizen blinking with those large purple eyes. "Now on to the other stage of business...shall we just state what each land wants?"
Raizen took his grandson putting the boy against his chest playing with him "Start with the north, they need the most reformation, then our debate can start
Raizen took his grandson putting the boy against his chest playing with him "Start with the north, they need the most reformation, then our debate can start"he said

"I would agree, we have much to discuss about the future of my lands"Fengyi said playing with Asura "I would like to hear the Empire's thoughts on the North"
"The North has the strong navel force that we all witnessed with Kurama, I believe we could refine that to open up fishing and other trade with other countries other than our own" Ayame stated as she moved to take her seat once again.
"I agree. Now I do have a question. I am a high lord. However my children, have already been married off to the West and Southern Lands, am I to have an heir in order to rule as Lord or Lady beneath me?"She asked

"That would only be fair"Taishou said "The rest of us have abdicated our position to let our children rule."

"Yeah well the Kurama are political sluts and have spread across the Empire. Every land except the East and including the Empire, have a Kurama in it"Raizen pointed out
Ayame tapped her chin in thought as she sat there thinking "Shihe do you know of a way with this?" she asked looking to the Kirin who was using his golem to even have his head over the table, "Lady Fengyi is right and needs an heir...granted Lady Fengyi you and lord Raizen do have a history...."
"Hmmm"Shihe said tapping his chin "If Raizen and Fengyi had a child.....Let us see, Sesshoumaru and Ryoko, Yukine and Ryoma would make a Northwest and NorthSouth. Wu is the Toshin house in the Empire, our Empire is run by a Kurama-Yuan and a Toshin. If Raizen and Fengyi put a child to rule, that would give a Northeast alliance, however, that would but three of his family in power with Yusuke, Wu and a Kurama-Toshin offspring."He broke down the power ties between the lords in their political systems "So the resting vote decides between the two High Lords and the Empress. If consented, the two would rule the North until the child came of age."

"That is quite a lot of power for one old fool to wield" Inu no Taishou said tapping his finger on his crossed arms "To have children run an entire Northeast section of our land sounds ludicrous."
Ayame nodded her head it was quiet a bit of power, especially with How everything was playing out though she would speak "Then Taishou what would you propose? If something where to happen to Fengyi she does need an heir some where in this, all our lands are secured except for hers"
"Hmm"Taishou said tapping his arm again thinking "If Fengyi and Raizen are going to be together, then they do not need two separate lands, they can both rule over either the North or the East, not both."He said "One of those lands should be given to the humans, Rei Yuan championed those grounds from Kurama, and now they are forced to play second fiddle in the South to Lady Yukine. If the two Akuma decide to mate, then the Orochi should bring the humans back fully to this table as well. Your mother was an Orochi, Empress, those people should be represented and have land as well too."

"The hell are you thinking!"Raizen objected "You are just scared that if you decide to get mouthy with me again, there will be no hesistation in waging a war and kicking your ass from ocean to ocean"he snapped back as he growled
Ayame looked at Wu, raising a brow at the argument she could sense coming before she would hold her hand up. "Lord Taishou has a point....we are a table of demons with little to no human blood represented here" she said as Fengyi would seem a bit annoyed as well considering her lands where possibly going to be taken from her...again. "The humans need a voice at this counsel just as each other clan and land does as will be to who yields their lands"
"The only alternative, would be if Fengyi chose a different mate to have children with"Shihe said "But then the humans would still be second class citizens at this table"

'So what do you want to do Fengyi?"Raizen asked crossing his arms frowning "This is absolutely ridiculous, you'll pay for this Taishou I swear it"
Fengyi would sit there thinking slightly as she sighed heavily, this was a hard decision before she would speak "I will give up my lands" she stated simply as a lot of people where shocked, "I have ruled for far to long in the North even when Kurama took over....I believe something it is time the north has new hands to govern it"
"Well, you do not necessarily have to give up your lands"Wu said "However, it just won't be your bloodline running it. You are still a High Lord, and the North is still yours, just a different face running it"he said "And you can still go with Raizen if you so desire."

"Hope it's worth it" Inu no Taishou laughed sensing the frustration between the two devils “Sorry to burst your bubble, but we cannot have such an upset in the balance of power. Especially not from two devils"
Fengyi would shake her head, "I know where you come from with this Inu no Taisho" Fengyi stated simply as she looked to him, she didn't seem to frustrated by it now as she would sigh, "however, the next move is up to Raizen now" she would give him a dark smirk, "or i simply find some human they are fun just will have to find one that wont break"
"We will talk about it after"Raizen said as he noticed that they both were holding their grandchildren and nodded "We have much to discuss after this, for now just know that we will agree to these terms, and rule the East together"he commented

"And then that would put the Orochi and the human nation back in the north instead of the South"Shihe said "That seems like a fair balance of power"
Ayame would nod as she sat there and would soon speak "after this meeting is concluded I will have a message sent out to the head of the Orochi...they will have much work to do but I feel that the North will be in good hands plus with the trade ports they will have a stronger economy to support themselves and not worry about demons hunting them down" Ayame stated simply as she would soon hear Asura giggling as she grabbed a handful of Raizen's hair and jerked hard, pulling out a few strands.
"Strong little tyke aren't you?"He said pushing his hair back away from her "That was not fun'Raizen said
The Lords held council for about a week as they hashed out all arrangements of the new lands before everyone soon split to return to their respective lands

*4 years later*

Asura growled putting her arms up as a large wave of energy struck her as she slid back slightly "That's not fair Akuma! I can't make blasts that big yet"she snapped at him as she rushed forward tackling him
Akuma would just stand there as 'static' as their father as he would speak "well you should meditate more like papa says" he stated till he was being tackled, and yelle dout loudly "hey! We agreed no teeth...that’s my tail!" he yelled, "momma!!! Asura is bitting me again!" the little boy cried out as he ran from his sister. Ayame was sitting on the porch watching, as she would captured Akuma who ran into her arms, "Now now Akuma what have I said about tattling on your sister? and Asura...really bitting?"
"He started it, he knows I can't do blasts that big yet. We were fist fighting until he did that, he cheated first."Asura said as she ran up to them "It isn't fair that he can do that to me and I can't do that to him"she said also climbing into her mother's arms
Ayame was laughing as she shook her head as she sat there holding the two of them apart, her hair braided over her shoulder. "now now you two, stop fighting" she stated simply chuckling Akuma would stick his tongue out at his sister as they where still fighting, saying who cheated first and Ayame shook her head "you know, i could just send you both to your sure hes just dieing to put you both through a harsh training session of meditation" Asura would huff at that and Akuma grinned, "then proper hand to hand combat" Asura would cheer happily while Akuma pouted whinning that he wasn't good at that.
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"I heard my name, is something amiss?"Came Wu's voice as he came walking out of the palace "Are you two fighting again?"

"Well....maybe....but Akuma started it!"Asura said as she ran over to her father climbing up his leg and settling in his arms as he laughed slightly "You know if you just asked me I would pick you up"he said kissing her on top of her head
Akuma would stick his tongue out at his sister, "that’s cause you where playing dirty!! You weren't letting me even try getting a hit in...Then she bit me!!" he yelled as Ayame shook her head as she smiled looking up at Wu pulling Akuma' into her lap and holding him there. "I simply stated that you could give them the training you give the monks from time to time..." "Ya but Asura always ruins it!! She always gets her way because papa favors her!" Akuma pouted as he looked up at his mother, Ayame would pat his head "now now...your father does not favor anyone but your mother one day you will understand that Akuma"
Asura stuck her tongue out at her brother as Wu sighed setting her down on the ground "Alright, if that's how it's gonna be, I'm just gonna have to do what Mama says and teach you myself"he said grinning as he rolled up his sleeves "If you can manage to remove my mask, then I will give you your first taste of my blood"he said to the two of them as he sat down cross legged on the ground
"Wu...that is a tempting prize for them but you know thats a bit much..." she stated as she sat there, as Akuma sat there blinking "wait...we..we really will get to have a taste of papa? and not just the stuff momma lets us have?"
"Don't worry Ayame, it'll just be a drop"he said smiling "They are coming of age, and they are more Blood youkai than we are, they will need to feed regularly soon anyway, but besides, they have to take off my headband first, and that won't be easy"

Asura didn't waste any time as she rushed her sitting father as he held up a finger blocking her punch as she gasped in surprise jumping backwards
"I understand that but I thought we agree'd we would be allowing High Lord Fengyi to handle that?" she stated as she sat there still a bit worried, though Akuma just sat there watching and waiting as he saw his sister attack but get no where. Though Akuma would use his own skills as he tried to come up behind their father, he had speed like his mother as he reached up to grab the headband.
Wu reached back grabbing his sons hand and tossing him over to his sister where they collided landing on their butts "Of course I talked to her already, but Ayame, they are our children, and we must be able to raise them, because our elders won't be around forever"
Akuma and Asura would hit eachother, yelling once again in argument but Ayame would sigh heavily but nodded, "I understand, but your blood...tends to be potient" she stated with a small smile, as she looked at her children. "Try again you two, together?" she said as Akuma rolled his eyes "like i would ever work with her!" he stated shoving his sister some.
"Yeah I don't need him"Asura said as she rushed forward again rapidly swinging at her father as he easily blocked and evaded her attacks

"That's why I said just a drop"Wu laughed effortlessly dodging his daughter "DO you wish to try too son?"

Akuma would glare at his sister but he would stand up and move towards his father, as he would dig his fingrs into his palms before holding out his hand "give me the headband!" he stated and Ayame soon started laughing as she watched this, "well thats one way" she said laughing even more.
Wu blinked looking at his son still blinking "Well, that's one way to be diplomatic..."he said "And if I say no, I won't?"He asked still easily dodging his daughter though noting the raw talent the girl possessed for fighting
"Th...Then I will fight you, but I...I do not wish to fight my papa over something so trivial as a headband" he said quickly, his mother smirking behind him "And you think they have my temper...I think Akuma is more like you every day" she stated as Akuma stood there proudly his ears twitching on his head.
"its okay son, you are not fighting me, you are training with me, in this case it's alright to fight me, come show me what you got little man"Wu said happily
Akuma eed his father, and would then glance back to his mother who just nodded, as Akuma then looked to his sister as he would dig his fingers into his palm more. " up with me" he stated his ears flat against his head.
Asura jumped back landing beside him as she looked over at her brother considering him then nodded "Fine, let's do it"she agreed
Ayame tilted her head some watching as she would smirk some her ears twitching as she watched both her children 'attack' more so Asura did as Akuma started chanting, holding his hands up as his sisters body glowed making her chi increase as she struck out at their father.
Wu blinked in surprise as he suddenly felt his headband being snatched off "I must be getting old, that surprised me so much I couldn't react fast enough, Akuma, where did you learn an incantation like that? You're only 4 and yet you've mastered that" he said still stunned
"Oh I havnt told you?" Ayame stated as she sighed "knew I forgot something anyways your son refuses to go to bed till gets this one book and read a few pages so iv been borrowing the one you've think you lost for a few months now"
"It would have really helped my research if I had that book 2 months ago" Wu said shaking his head as he took back his headband retying it around his eyes "I'm still surprised he has the ability to channel his chi so well. You couldn't do that spell until you were an adult." Wu said as he put his index finger on both of his hands in his mouth biting down "Well, since you like to steal my books, you can handle this energy rush"he grinned as he put his finger in each of their mouths as his blood touched their tongue

Asura's eyes instantly went wide as she tasted his blood as Wu pulled his fingers back as Asura powered up the ground cracking around her as she then raced off and back with record speed "More,more,more,more,more,more,more" she chanted excitedly jumping up and down
"Well i didn't have the heart to tell you, Akuma sleeps with it and I thought it was so cute. He my little baby boy after all" she said proudly as Akuma's ears went down in embarresment "mom....." he was cut off as he would soon latch onto his fathers finger, his eyes going white much like Ayame's when she was in her zen form before his power seemed to surge outwards making even Ayame shiver, shocked that their son had such 'raw' talent he pulled back and soon both childrenw here tackling their father begging for more. "I told you it was to soon" Ayame said watching Wu trying to get their children off him Akuma and Asura even trying to bite him.
Wu simply laughed at the two children before grabbing the kids by the back of their collars holding them up "now now silly children behave. I will start feeding you more and more as tome goes on"
"Papa!! come on you can't tease us like that" Akuma stated struggling to get free as Ayame walked over as she gently took Akuma from Wu's hand "now now, are you saying mine is not as tasty?" she said as Akuma looked at his mother but pouted as he shook his head "no...ju..." Ayame chuckled "I know how you two feel as does your great great grandmother Lady Fengyi...your father is trully a powerful man but with such power a restraint must be made...that will both your first master your restraint on the blood thirst you both will have"
"So you got your first little taste, now you two go run and play, your mother and I have some business to discuss"Au said as he set them both down
Akuma would glare at his sister before soon he would pull hard on one of her tails then took off, causing Asura to run after him yelling. Ayame smiled s bit watching then shook her head as she looked at Wu "they are quite the handful..."
"Indeed they are. They love to best one another. They will end up with a great sibling rivalry"Wu smiled "I have recieved this quarters reports to go over with you Empress" he said using her title letting her know he was in business mode
She smiled watching them before she heard him use empress she would glance at him "I see let's head to the office then, I'll let the Bears know to keep and eye on the twins" she stated as she would turn to leave with her husband towards the office stopping to speak to one of the servants to let them know they would be busy and if they could keep an eye on the twins. They normally behaved well enough
Wu walked her back to his office as they entered a privtae room in the library as he sat down on the plush cushion "Which land would you like to start with?"
Ayame would move in after him as she would soon slid into a spot across from him looking down at the papers and maps on his desk, "lets just go in order, start with the North" she said simply
Wu nodded as he shifted papers as he began "Lord Orochi has reported nothing but positive things in the North. Kurama's magic has left the soil and the water is no longer polluted so many crops continue to grow abundantly and the seas are alive with fishermen and their catch. The official Monastery for the Peacekeepers and the Order of Harmony has been built and Lady Fengyi is the appointed Grandmaster. Here those who master the new techniques fostered by combining the demon slaying techniques of the Orochi and the Steel Dragon Fist of the Yuan can continue their tutelage and rise amongst the Imperial Order" Wu reported "Lady Fengyi and Lord Raizen's daughter is also crowned Princess of the North and is set to marry Lord Orochi's young toddler when the time is of age, thus a human and a Kurama will continue to rule the North as per the treaty"
Ayame nodded listening as she would smile a bit, Raizen had been over joyed when he learned his new child was a girl, though he still spoiled Asura way to much. Though she would look over at him, "seems everything is going well in the north then. Orochi has trully done a tremendus amount of work on rebuilding the north to its glory we should probably pay a visit once the twins are a bit older so they can pay their respects as well" she said simply, "now...what of the west?"
Wu nodded in agreement with her before continuing "Lord Sesshoumaru and Lady Ryoko are doing alright, though the West has had some problems of its own. Being such the savage land it was it has grown much under the younger leadership of Lord Sesshoumaru after his father. Lord Taishou spends much of his time now in his castle in the sky with his two wives and Inuyasha who is growing into quite the young man. The Lands though have been plagued by powerful oni rising up now that the fear of Kurama has passed, Sesshoumaru has had his hands quite full with the onslaught, I presume a request for additional support will be coming from him very soon at this rate" Wu told her as he poured them some tea as they sat together. Their own marriage after 4 years and two kids was solid and they were usually in perfect sync on or off the battleground
"We knew this was going to happen the oni follow no ones rule even if we can strike deals with them another group will just take the place" she said with a sigh as she would take the cup of tea thinking for a moment. "If we send aid to soon Sesshoumaru will only be angered yet he will wait to send word I could contact Ryoko but I hear she is with another child and thus I don't know how much she is involved with his court." She glanced at him as she sat there "let's keep eyes out on the west if we have to intervene without consent then it is what we must do"
"I am sure that will ruffle quite a few of Sesshoumaru's furs"Wu said as he nodded "I will keep one of the reserve units on standby just in case they are needed. I hadn't heard about Ryoko's second pregnancy. I'm sure they are happy, they had such a beautiful son"
"It's just a rumor I heard from Ryoma but that fox always likes to stir trouble so I didn't press the matter" she said with a smile as she looked at the maps "let's just keep ears tuned to the west for now and with that reserve on stand by make sure it's mostly demons you know how Sesshoumaru feels on humans"
"Yes, I know how he still tends to get. It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Oh it also seems Lord Sesshoumaru has a special request, his dragon has been unable to fly as of late and he is sending us the dragon for you, the mother of dragons"Wu said "Odd, but I'll see to it that the dragon is properly taken care of when he arrives"he said
She loked at him "I see...its a pitty a dragon cannot survive long without its ability to hunt" she said as she would think of Sho adn Yuna they still faught from time to time butit was enjoyable to see how they acted though she had hoped in the 4 years that Yuna would have had an egg or two considering that only a few other dragons had returned some making their home in the valley with the monks...though they wehre still wild so Ayame told the monks to not interfer with the dragons life and she'd deal with them if they became dangerous. "I'll call Sho adn Yuna and speak with them...he may have to remain here at the palace as he far smaller than them"
Wu nodded as he looked at his parchment "I suppose the South would be next then. Lord Shihe is a young adult once again and staying in Yukine's castle with Ryoma and their little girl. Our new Mage Guild has cast many defensive spells and positive charms across all the lands and they thrive. They are requesting an Imperial be elected to represent guild interests when serving on the council and asking the Imperial to be Shihe"
She would think slightly, "but he is a high be difficult to ask him to be both a high lord and an imperial...i understand hes very wise however I do not think giving him two roles would be wise...Raizen would have a field day in saying he has to much power..."
"That actually was addressed...these mages are very thorough. They said if Lady Fengyi can also be the Grandmaster of the new temple then Shihe can be the new Guildmaster" Wu read off the paper "Hm...and interesting argument...your thoughts Empress?"
"it does make a point....considering that Fengyi gave up her position in the North but she is still its High Lord knowing what happened int he past to prevent it happening in the future..." she said simply as she sat there taking another drink of the tea, "I would say its acceptable then...Shihe has great wisdom he could pass on and he rarly acts on his title as High Lord considering Ryoma ignores him half the time and Yukine is stubborn"
"I feel bad for Shihe half the time" Wu said shaking his head "I will send word that you accept their appointment, and send word to Lord Raizen to shut it"he said with a sigh "He's going to be upset with this you know?"
"perhaps we can do something to help ease things for him" she stated simply as she sat there taking another sip of tea though she wondered if they had anything stronger saki sounded nice, but she looked at him. "and I can handle Raizen its a simple matter of saying he can't see the twins though Akuma doesn't like him....says hes far to loud" she chuckled
"Like what? Tell Ryoma to mind his elders even though Shihe looks younger?"He said shaking his head "Speaking of Raizen moving onto the Eastern Lands, Lady Fengyi had her son and Yusuke's wife is pregnant with their 3rd child already" Wu reported in "Their lands seem to he doing quite well, so far the most prosperous out of the 4."
"I'll talk to Ryoma see if I can get him to settle maybe offer him something from the treasuries" she stated knowing the fox enjoyed his 'treasures' though she would then smirk some hearing about the east, "I see...already they are becoming quiet well, Iv only meet Yusuke's wife once she seemed to be a nice women to get the war demons to calm" she looked at Wu "anything else to report on the East?"
"Uhmmm"Wu said reading further down "Raizen with his usual demands that we deny so no, nothing else"he said rolling his scroll back up "That would be all"
She would chuckle slightly laying there, "really? Another list this time?" she stated almost wanting to read them however she stood up as she would move to the window looking outside with a soft sigh. "It’s strange...that 4 years ago we where fighting we rule a vast empire with two young children as heirs..."
"Yes there has been many changes in our lives"Wu said as he sipped his tea "Our Empire is doing quite well, it's almost worrisome"he laughed
Her ears twitched slightly at that last bit, as her tails swayed behind her, "I have that feeling too" she said simply, "we still don't know what Kurama had been ding....his words 'it will still continue without me' haunt my dreams...."
"You and I both"he said shaking his head "I have tried praying to the gods, but they are still silent. It has never been that way before"
She glanced over at him as she nodded, "I've meditated and talked with my parents....they say something has...changed with the balance of things." she said simply as she stood there, "could it be....because of me Wu?" she asked looking over at him, "my ability to so powerful that I refrain from ever using it....Akuma even Asura has asked to see it...but im afraid I would harm them as I did you..."
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"I've warned you that the gods wouldn't be happy with our actions"he said shaking his head "Those two are from your flesh, they are already pure' he said
She would sigh heavily, "then we should do something to apease them Wu...if we anger the gods...we are all doomed no matter what we do" she stated moving towards him, "what could we do?"
"You think I haven't been thinking about that?"Wu said "I've been thinking about it for 4 years, doing rituals, chants, prayers, mantras, nothing so far has helped thus far"
She stood there listening to him, as she wondered to herself before speaking "what if I gave up my abilities and returned to being human?" she asked as she stood there looking at him.
"Then you wouldn't be able to adequately lead us" Wu said "If another threat was to arise your power is needed to guard us"
"And what if that threat is the gods themselves Wu? We cannot go against them..." she said simply as she stood there before soon moving to one of the cushions and eased down.
"I warned you about this years ago and you said damn the Gods, and now you suddenly care about them?" He sighed "Hopefully it will not come down to it. But you are tbe ruler of all things Mortal, they may not be happy with that"
"The gods where doing nothing back then Wu, I had little choice but to take action. I prayed to them when you werne't around...I begged those to help...I never got an answer...." she said simply as she leaned back, "I will sacrifice my abilities if it saves my people...after all I gave up having a life all those years"
"I will continue to seek their guidance before we make such a brash action" he daid shaking his head "Or at least put it to a council vote"
She sighed softly as she sat there, "very well..." she stated before standing up, "im going to find some saki..." she was annoyed he could tell.
"Go ahead, I'll be waiting here"he said shaking his head
Ayame would head straight to the kitchen, as she would sigh heavily the bears within looked over to see her, but they would not say anything mearly just pointed as Ayame picked up a large gourde of saki and took a long pull from it before leaving maybe some training would get her mind off things.

High above in the dominion of the skies a group of Angels adorned in fine armor with wings folded behind them as they talked with hoods up hiding their faces as the crystal in the middle of their table reflected the Imperial Palace "Our attention now turns to discussion of the Phoenix Empress and her power over man"one of the angels said "Angel of Light, Lucifer, do you have any thoughts on the matter?"the angel asked turning to one of the smaller figures at the table

The angel then pulled off its hood, revealing a woman with long blonde hair and electric blue eyes "How many times do I have to tell you that I prefer Luci over Lucifer, Gabriel?"she said as she leaned back in her chair "It is clear that we should have taken back the power we ordained her with to defeat that foolish fox. She wields far too much power"
The angels stood there in silence listening before another voice would speak up, "if we go down and remove her abilities it could cause turmoil for all mortals....she is their savior from evil and in their eyes is needed...however more are choosing to ignore us and worship if she is a god among them"
"Which is where we get the problem that has arisen"said Gabriel "It isn't often that the Archangels have to come together but this constitutes a problem as those who follow her are beginning to grow. Especially amongst youkai who hardly were on our side to begin with"he said

"Well we will simply have to remind mankind that there are dieties far more supreme then their own"said a deeper male voice as another Angel with dark red hair and red eyes sat there "If I have to be sent to Earth there will be hell to pay."

"Of course Mikel is going to want to be a destructive force, for an angel all he ever likes to do is fight"Lucifer said shaking her head "You already interfered with mankind by allowing them to learn of your demon slaying techniques and miko powers through the Orochi."
"Perhaps...a war is not needed, with her aid the lands of the mortal realm have settled with minor damage happening among them...if we intervene chaos will cover the land yet again...if we could get her to willinly give up her abilties and return her to the human she once was we may be able to regain the hold we all had"
"Or end in mutiny"Luci said "Like you said she is a beacon of light to her people, if the demons see her as weak, or unable to lead, they may revolt against her, usurp her, or even start fighting with humans over time. And that isn't to mention these dragons that are starting to reappear all over the lands"she said
"Then what can we do to avoid war?" fighting was not something they could do to the lands.
"Perhaps we should send a herald, to talk to the Empress, and we need to take away the flight of those dragons, the sky is our domain, they do not need to enroach any further"Gabriel said

"I disagree with your foolish decisions"Mikel said as he stood up from the table "These beings are savages, demon and mankind alike, war is the only message they understand"
"If we agree to go to war against the mortals many inncent lives will be lost....unless we can start spreading rumors and have this empress attack us first..."
Mikel raised an eyebrow looking down at the others "I'm listening. Having the Empress attack us will definitely save us the trouble of explaining our actions to the Big Man"
"we can use those still loyal to us...spread rumors, taint her name...its dirty work but...she is brash, rarely does she listen to that husband of hers"
"That man who has actually studied our divination, it is a shame that his prayers fall upon deaf ears as we do not respond"he commented "But I can agree with that decision"Mikel said "And then go to battle should she continue to defy us"
"We could...also attempt to split thema part...till she sees to reason and either falls or gives us her abilities"
"How do you propose to split them apart hm?"He asked curiously as he sat down again rejoining the conversation
"He still prays to us...we can use that...make him question everything to this point. He was upset to the fact that she did not wish to pray to us when she was a child..."
"Blasphemy in its own right"Gabriel said shaking his head

"It would be wrong to interfere with their family, they do have two children as well you know"Luci said

"You are letting your femininity affect your thoughts."Mikel said as Luci snapped at him "I am the Angel of Light, not the Angel of War Mikel, I concede that vengeful title to you"
"Then let us start with the rumors, spur her to attack us first" the one stated as they stood there looking at one another.
"Agreed."The angels all said as they moved to stand up from the table as Lucifer sighed as she snapped her fingers taking away flight from the dragons grounding them "So it begins"
Ayame would stand in the training grounds as she went through her moves, till she would suddenly pause as she heard a loud roar. It was sho and Yuna she turned and would quickly move but when she did her eyes widened their wings....where gone. "w...whats happened?!"
"We cannot fly"Sho said as he stomped around angrily as the ground shook slightly "The Gods have taken our wings!"He roared out loudly
Ayame would move up to Sho as she would look at his back, where his once beautiful and proud wings where "thi...this cannot be, why would they do this to you" she stated as she would look at Yuna who was at a loss of words. "Oh my dear little ones, we will fix this I promise...come lets head back to the palace"
Sho was still roaring angrily as Wu soon left the library heading outside "What is going on out here? WHy is everyone yelling?"
Ayame would turn as she would speak, "their wings have been removed" she stated quickly looking at him, Yuna would move up to Wu as she would press her head against the monks cheek, "papa....whats going on?"
"I do not know, but considering dragons are mythical beings this must be something done from the heavens"Wu frowned "It seems are worst fears have come true, they are not on our side"
Ayame would narrow her eyes, as she would speak "they havn't been on our side since Kurama decided to go on a rampage of murder! I've told you this before Wu, what gods would claim they care for us mortals yet do nothing to aid us?'
"Ones who are just and fair and do not intervene in the problems of man since they are not men"Wu said narrowing his eyes as well "And ones who do not take well to blasphemy as well. I told you to oray daily, I told you to not divide up the divine weapons and I have told you to watch. Your. Tounge."
Ayame would cross her arms as she staired at him, "I had little choice in doing what Had to be done Wu....I asked them countless times during my youth and even up till my battle with Kurama...they never once answered me, they never once did anything to tell me that I needed to go down a different path. I pleaded and begged! I divided those weapons because without them we would be without the high lords, we would be without the peace the lands now have....and more than likly I would have been killed and the twins never born"
"The twins would be fine, do not bring them into this. But I have tried multiple times to tell you which might be more advisable but do you listen to me? Of course not"Wu sighed shaking his head "We will have to figure out what to do...though I'm not too sure where to even start with this one"
"I listen to a point, I've never once attempted to be any god...I've mearly done what I felt was right by those I now over offer still stands though" she said simply as she stood there, "if I have to give up my abilities I will...granted it will cause chaos as demons will not bow to a human...but it will just mean you will have to become more than just the sage emperor"
"Then you cannot give them up. The last thing we need is more chaos. A war, we can handle, anarchy we cannot"Wu said as he sighed "I wish you wouldn't make such brash statements all the time my dear"he stated
"then what do you want me to do Wu?" she stated simply as she stood there with a sigh as she felt Sho pressed his head against her shoulder, as she pet his head. "I’ve attempted to do everything I can to do right by the kingdom"
"Just give me time to go over everything alright...go tend to your dragons or something while I do some research"
Ayame watched him some as she would look back at Sho and Yuna this wasn't going to be good in the valley either....the wild dragons there would possibly attack the monks for food. She turned then before Wu could get to far "I need to go to the valley....if sho and Yuna are without flight then the dragons in the valley could....the monks could be in danger"
Wu nodded "I understand. Take the portal to the east temple and make sure everything is all right. I'll let Yusuke know you're coming"
Ayame would look to Sho and Yuna "you two behave and try and stay close to the palace ill have the bears make sure you two do not go hungry" Yuna would move up to her nuzzling, "Ill make sure Sho stays behaved momma...but...." "You can play with the twins" she said making Yuna purr happily as she nodded happily.

Ayame headed quickly to the mirror portals as she would move up to the one that headed to the valley as she stepped through it, as she did she could tell there was tension as she left the main hall.
As she came through the portal she was met by the current Master of that temple as he bowed deeply "To what do we owe the sudden honor Empress?"He asked curiously
"The dragons...have lost the ability to fly I am here to check to make sure nothing happens those here." She said simply as she looked at him

To Be Continued.....
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