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Welcome to FoS!!

on Wed Mar 16, 2016 12:23 pm
Hello Everyone!!,

My name is Hanako Hime and I your Admin of FoS!! I would officially like to welcome you all to this wonderful community that I have created for all of you!! So without further ado lets get the introductions started!!

Here on the Introductions, I would like if you all would just say Hi to everyone and maybe even tell us all a bit of yourselves!!! Now I am not asking you to reveal everything about yourself, then where would the fun be of really sitting down and getting to know one another!

So I'll go first!!

So Hi I am Hanako Hime, and I have been probably role playing for about...16 years!! Yes I said 16 years wow man I feel old Laughing I started out where probably a lot of other people did on the MSN forums back in a place called 'The Forest of Inuyasha' it is where I have meet some great people and are still in contact with a few of them to this day. I started this forum to once again get that feel for the old days but also just have a place to keep in touch with everyone as we all do not have the same time schedules or freedoms. I hope that this place can become a fun enjoyable little sanctuary for all and that we can reunite with old friends while making new ones!

So there you have it!! Just a small introduction is all you need!!
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