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    The Dragon and the Fox Part 2


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    Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 2

    Post by Laluna90 on Wed Nov 23, 2016 12:55 pm

    "no your are fine." She said. "Forgive me if i have made you feel otherwise. I understand the decision you made about waiting till this war is over to truly figure out what our relationship is or recover your memories...if they will ever return." She said and looked ahead with a sigh, "its just....I have been letting my feelings and memories over shadow my duties. honestly, its not easy being with you and knowing Im a stranger to you when I have known you since childhood." She said and sighed agaion but with a small smile. "I can even remember the day we met clearly...it was your birthday and I presented you with a twin headed dragon that was native to the southern mountains."

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    Re: The Dragon and the Fox Part 2

    Post by HanakoHime on Wed Nov 30, 2016 5:00 pm

    "Great...and how exactly do you plan we going way up there? i can change forms if that's what your implying but even I am no where near as big as the damn dragons sleeping in here" she stated quickly still holding the shards of dragon glass they had gathered, while her brother still was eyeing the stone in the middle. "if your going to take it, do it now....you know I only have a limited time before I loss control of my demon"

    Artemis would take a deep breath, clearing her mind and she seemed to be feeling something...deep past all sorts of emotions she could feel it. The angelic blood that rushed through her veins, another deep breath seemed to push her 'mind' towards it that much more...if she could just reach it....she would have her full abilities back. Though as she did that, she wasn't aware that her aura...had changed a deep power seemed to sleep within her.


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