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Kenji Yamamoto

on Wed Apr 06, 2016 2:34 pm

| + Basic Information + |

• First Name: Kenji
• Surname: Yamamoto
• Nickname:
- Type:
- Appearance:
• Titles: Ten Wizard Saint, Guildmaster
• Family: Married to Calista Yamamoto
- Father: Craven Yamamoto
- Mother:
- Brothers:
- Sisters:
• Personality:
• Quote:

| + Physical Description + |

• Age: 28
• Gender: Male
• Birthday: May 31st
• Blood type:
• Height: 6'
• Weight: 175
• Eye Color: Violet/Red
• Hair Color:Dark Purple/Black
• Misc. Features: Wears an eyepatch over his left eye
• Birth Location: Fiore
• Ambition:
• Occupation: Guildmaster of Raven's Forest guild

| + Equipment + |

• Melee Weapon(s):
- Pendulum
-Magic staff

• Armor/Cloths:

• Items: Magic-reducing eyepatch
- Abilities –
-Heavenly Body Magic
-Time Magic
-Gravity Magic

• Skills: •
- Heavenly eye: left eye grants heightened use of celestial/heavenly body related magics at the cost of extreme taxation of the user's body.

| + History + |
-Kenji was the son and apprentice of his father and former guildmaster of the guild Raven's Forest, one of the more prominent guilds in the Fiore Kingdom. He was always unsure of the magic he possessed because it was a rare and complex magic to master that naturally came to him. In the passing of his Father, he came to inherit the ancient magic that is passed along from Master to Master, the Heavenly Eye, a magical eye ability that grants Kenji extraordinary ability with his magic, at the cost of physically damaging his body with the effort. As such he keeps his eye under a magic reducing eyepatch sealed with the Guild's crest, a Raven holding a rose in it's beak. Kenji fell in love with his childhood rival Calista after his father found her on the streets and brought her into the guild and their home and in suite the two of them have helped many different people and wizards across the Kingdom.
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