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Calista Yamamoto

on Wed Apr 06, 2016 3:32 pm
• First Name: Calista
• Surname: Yamamoto
• Nickname: Cali
- Type: Wizard --Flora Make Magic
- Appearance:
• Titles: None
• Family:
- Father: Dead
- Mother:Dead
- Brothers:none
- Sisters: none
• Personality:
Sweet and kind but will become aggressive if her Husband, Guild or Guild Mates are threatened. She is playful but mature. Sweet yet firm. Almost motherly
• Quote: N/A

| + Physical Description + |

• Age: 28
• Gender: Female
• Birthday: April 18th
• Blood type: N/A
• Height: 5'2"
• Weight: 120
• Eye Color: Light Blue
• Hair Color:Pink
• Misc. Features: none
• Birth Location: Amefurashi Village
• Ambition: to be the best Wizard she can be and to help everyone she can
• Occupation: Wizard and guild member and barmaid of the Raven Forest Guild.

| + Equipment + |

• Melee Weapon(s):
- none

• Armor/Cloths:
- simple and colorful dresses

• Items:
- Abilities –

• Skills: •
- Floral Make Magic. The ability to grow,shape, make anything and everything she needs with her earth/flower/plant magic

| + History + |
-After the death of Calistas Parents, Calistas Aubt and Uncle came to her village, presumably to take care of their Niece. But they took control of her home and sold what wasn't bolted down, moved into the house and took claim of all of the money and kicked Calista out and run her out of the village when she was only 9. Only weeks after the death of her family. She wandered around the country doing anything and everything she could to get food.
A month or so after, while digging through the trash bins of a guild, the guild master found her there. Before she could run thinking he would hurt her and chase her off, he caught her and off red her a bath, fresh clothes and food....she joined soon after and never left the guild. She eventually fell in love and married the guild masters son Kenji.
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