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Layla Luna

on Wed Apr 06, 2016 10:12 pm
• First Name: Layla
• Surname: Luna
• Nickname: none
- Type: Wizard -- Earth Dragon Slayer
- Appearance:

• Titles: none
• Family:
Her birth family were killed in an attack on her village
- Father: Kenji Yamamoto (adoptive)
- Mother: Calista Yamamoto (adoptive)
- Brothers:Alihiko Yamamoto (adoptive
- Sisters: none
• Personality: quite and shy as a child, branches put when she is older. She becomes fierce and happy and go lucky. It takes slot to push her buttons but when pushed she is a force to be reckoned with.

• Quote: none

| + Physical Description + |

• Age: 16
• Gender: Female
• Birthday: August 17th
• Blood type: Unknown
• Height: 5'6"
• Weight: 120
• Eye Color: Brown
• Hair Color: Red, shorn close to the left side of her head and the rest kept at various lengths
• Misc. Features:
• Birth Location: Unknown
• Ambition: Layla's greatest ambition is to find Azurtis and to repay the kindness of Raven forest when they brought her in. She wants to make then the greatest guild in all of Fiore.
• Occupation: Wizard, Guild Member of Raven Forest

| + Equipment + |

• Melee Weapon(s):
- None

• Armor/Cloths:

• Items:
- Abilities –
Earth elemental magic. First generation Dragon Slayer Magic
• Skills: •
- martial arts
-tracking and outdoor survival and hunting

| + History + |
-when Layla was young, her village was attacked by a dark guild. To save her, her gravely injured mother carried her out of the burning village and his the child in the forest before leading them away before being killed. Azurtis, a massive earth dragon found the child when she woke up scared alone and in the dark. Swing the flames far off in the distance the dragon suspected what had happened and took. The child into her care where she raise and taught the child dragon slayer magic.
On June 7th 777 all dragons, including Azurtis, vanished without a trace. Trying to find her, she ran into the dark forest crying out for her and frightened of the dark where Kenji Yamamoto took her into his care. She did not take their name unlike the boy, Akihiko, did. Luna was the only word that Layla could remember of her former life before Azurtis found her and so she took it as a last name.
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