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The Howling Empty The Howling

on Fri Jun 10, 2016 11:26 pm
he Frostwolf clan, named after their kinship with their frost wolves, is one of the original orc clans from Draenor. They were one of the smaller clans, with about eighty orcs. They would frequently clash with the neighbouring Ogres and their ancient rivals, the Thunderlord Clan. Their homeland resides within in Frostfire Ridge, though with the changing of the seasons they would move to Nagrand near the Mountain of Spirits, Oshu'gun. Every winter when the clefthoof herds would migrate, the clan would follow. Although they were traditionalists, they rejected certain practices, such as drowning weak or sickly infants. Unlike other clans they prided themselves on suppressing rage and avoided falling into bloodlust, for they knew that those that succumb to the beast within become their own greatest enemy

The howling winds of the Frostwind was an all to regular sound to her ears, and relaxing as she sat listening to it. The elements of the land always called to those that were willing to listen, and even in the chilled air she felt warm. Her name was Askarah a young female orc that was part of a proud and honorable clan, however she was a bit of an outcast....her skin tainted green due to the horrible past that hung over the heads of many and not just her kind. Her parents had not been lucky and did not escape without being tainted by the fel magics that had enslaved their kind, but many did. Though Askarah still found a place among the Frostwolves, as she opened her golden eyes staring out on the landscape, not far behind her sat her families hut...it was more on the outskirts of the village as the laws of their people. The closer to the center one was, the more rank and honor they had since she had tainted skin and was even born weak and sickly....her parents had the dishonor and where pushed to the outskirts....but where Askarah lacked in strength she made up in the ability to commune with the spirits and elements of the land...one that few could do and had slowly risen their family's honor.

Though today was a good day for the young orc, as she stood up stretching out her arms, today was when she became of age a smile forming on her lips as her small tusks jutted up from her bottom lip, it would soon be time for the clan to migrate to Nagrand to follow the herds...and then she could hunt or...be asked to hunt a dream her mother hoped would come even for her green skinned child.

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