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The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:30 pm
This is a Tolkien role play using the movie scripts to help tell the story as accurate as possible by adding twists and turns. By no means do we own any rights to the Tolkien universe and this is strictly a Fanmade base role play, all rights go to Tolkien and the produces of the movies and writers of the scripts. Some things are changed to better fit the story we've created, as characters, plots and various other scenes have been altered as well.

Every single post was made in skype, so many responses are going to be delayed from sentence to sentence. Please also keep in mind typos do happen, I tried to weed out as many as I can but after about a month of collecting as much as is shown below its hard to catch it all.

So please sit back relax and enjoy the read!

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:31 pm
~~~~And so begins the Journey~~~~~
Another year would go by after the birth of the young elf prince Legolas, the proud parents of the small child King Thranduil and Queen Seldanna of the Mirkwood could not have been happier to see their first born prosper in a healthy and loving home. Queen Seldanna having become a rather talented healer, and with Lord Elrond of Rivendale so far from others she was quite popular and it was truly a god send for those this far from the rest of middle earth. Another great celebration happened within that same year, Ailis Dragor had finally agreed to marring Thorin Durin, Prince and future king to Erabor the heart of the Dwarven kingdom, however such celebrations couldn't last long half way into their marriage Ailis had become pregnant all of Erabor cheered but several months later due to stress and other factors caused her to loss the child. The grief had sent Ailis into a deep depression and with the loving care of her husband and dear friend Seldanna the arangment to have Ailis live within Mirkwood was decided. It was in hopes that a change of scenery and fresh air would help Ailis get back to her normal self.... but fate still seemed to be cruel and not just to the dwarves.

Upon the meeting of the dwarves and elves the two journey to Mirkwood together, an attack took place.... Orcs who had recently started to make their presence known in the last few months raided the group. The elves and dwarves fought hard protecting their kin and friend against their foe, but the battle had its tragedies in order to protect their husbands both Seldanna and Ailis moved in the way of oncoming attacks. Ailis seeing an orc rushing at her husband she pushed the dwarf prince out of the way but was hit in return, and thrown to the side with a deep gasp to her side and a blow to her head against the stones that lay upon the ground. Seldanna had done much the same, but had jumped infront of an arrow that lodged itself into her chest puncturing part of her lung making talking and screaming near impossible due to the pain. A warg would then make its move, jumping towards the fallen queen and grabbing her by her shoulder, without the ability to scream she was dragged off within the heat of the battle. The two tragedies happened quickly that when thranduil learned of his wives fate he rushed after her, hoping to rescue her from the fate he feared the most.... he followed the trail upon the trail he would see that it ended at Gundabald. A lost dwarven kingdom that was overrun by wargs and orcs, reaching the gates he would see a pack of worgs 'ripping' into what he thought was his wifes body. In a fit of rage, he would cut the creatures down with the aid of his wifes guardian Lhing, a forest panther who had trailed after to try and safe his mistress. Though once the blood shed had ended, in his grief that blinded him that he did not take the hints of the creature that his wife lay deeper within the ruins and in his grief...he left with only the blood necklace that his wife had worn.

When he returned, Thorin was demanding a healer’s attention for his wife who was barely conscious with the aid of another elf they would return to Mirkwood. Ailis was treated but when she woke up after having her injuris cared for, but though her body was healed...her mind was not, the stress and the fear of losing her husband plus the hit to the head.... her memories were taken from her the past two years gone. She could not recall Thorin or having ever meet him, the shock and pain hit Thorin deeply that his wife had forgotten who he was and their life together.... because of all that had happened, the young prince asked Thranduil if Ailis could remain in the mirkwood and only asked that if her memories did return if she would still have him.... join him back in Erabor as his wife once again. It would seem fate had seen a cruel path for them, and time would slowly begin to heal as another year passed, King Thranduils heart had hardened like the very metal gates of Gundabald and the coldness had reached his son making the young prince having to grow up without a mother and a distant father. Though he still had someone there for him, Ailis within the year attempting to remember what had happened to herself had taken it upon herself to help the young elf...slowly it aided in healing her memories and she helped the young elf prince learn about his mother so that he would never forget what sort of women she was. With her memories now returned to her, Ailis bid the Mirkwood goodbye but told the young prince that she would always be there for him but she had her own home and family she had to return too.

It was now the 4th year of the young legolas's life and as often as it was possible, Ailis would come to the mirkwood to see to the young boy. Ailis would smile faintly as she would soon be looking upon pure white gems as she looked over at THorin, "their beautiful Thorin...Thranduil will love them, it’s a shame.... that Seldanna won’t be able to see them herself..." she said as she gently ran her fingers against the white gems. They were a gift that Thranduil asked for and though Seldanna was not around, the dwarves did not stop the request for them and Ailis had hoped that upon the eve of Seldanna's death they would help ease the cold heart and give Legoals the father he needed.

"I truly hope that will bring him some comfort. Perhaps, when he is of age, young Legolas will gift these to the maiden of his own choosing." He said and closed the lid gently. "She is always with you my Azyungal. She would not want any of us to forget her kindness and bravery." He kissed his wife's forehead and ran a thumb over her cheek. "And I think she would love to know how loving and caring you are to her son. Legolas and I are lucky to have you."

She would smile at him as she looked at him, and leaned into his hand as she took a deep breath slightly "I know, but I only wish he could have known her as I have...as you have..." she stated wishing that such a fate did not befall her friend. "Still no sign of Lhing? Azul has searched all over for the feline...I had hoped he could look after Legolas as his guardian"

"No... the last anyone saw of the beast, he ran into Gundabad. Thranduil said that the creature must have gone mad in its own grief or guilt for not protect her as well as he should have." He said and sighed. "Though honestly I don't think anything differently could be said about the elf king himself."

She leaned against him some as she stood there, "i know...I wish I could do more than what I have done, Id ask for Legolas to stay here but.... well elves don't exactly go for the whole living in a mountain" she said with a small smile, "I'm still not used to it and I am a dwarf"

"Yes, but you are a special kind of Dwarf." He said with a chuckle and a kiss to the lips. "One would think you had elvish blood in you." He pulled back and grabbed the chest with the stones inside. "Come, before we are late to greet Thranduil." He said and held out his free hand to her.
Since the tragic day, I which they had lost Seldanna and Thorin feared losing he had lost his wife as well, the mountain and Dale had begun to prosper greatly since the discovery of a gem so glorious, it was taken as a sign of divine right from Mahal himself. The heart of the mountain. The arkenstone.

She smiled at him warmly hoping she could see Legolas as well that day, to see that warm smile and his eyes light up to see such a gift in honor of his mother. As they would enter the great room, Ailis would take her place beside Dis and smiled up towards Thorin who sat beside his father and grandfather. The line of Durin proudly insured, as the three sat there proudly the doors would open as Thranduil stood there, the unemotional look upon his face always there since his wifes 'death' as he moved forward his unfeeling eyes turning slightly towards Ailis as he would gently nod his head towards her as she nodded back. She said nothing as Thranduil moved forward to pay his respects to Thrain and his endured family line, though as he did Ailis would sit forward some as a dwarf holding the chest moved forward, her heart filled with joy as the lid opened revealing the gems to Thranduil. Thranduil stood there in shock, stairing down at the gems that glistened like stars his hand raising up shaking as Ailis could almost see the emotion starting to form on his face.

Thorin smiled proudly. With Ailis help, he had handpicked each gem for the settings. Elves lived and lived for the light of the stars and each gem served to be their earthly equal. "In honor of your late wife and our friendship." Thorin said, "you have been kind and gracious in the care of my beloved Ailis I sought to finish these with my own hand in gratitude."

Thranduil would look upon the gems, he had no words for what he was seeing before him and Ailis was happy as can be. She had used her own skills to make the light inlays, the delicate work needed to craft her kins ore she used that to get the crown and necklace just right. Though as she sat there ready to go to Thranduil and tell him how proud she knew Seldanna would be of him, the harsh sound of the chest closing just before Thranduil's fingers could touch the gems. Ailis stood up confusion on her face as she looked soon towards Thorin then.....up at his grandfather. King Thrain eyes locked on the chest and she could see it.... the lust...the desire to control the gems but at this delicate moment all had shattered as Thrandiuls eyes darkened and his face hardened as he would turn and walked away and Ailis would speak "w... wait Thranduil!" but her voice seemed to fall upon deaf ears as the elves left. ” this?" Thorin asked and turned to Thror, "I need not explain my actions to you." He said and stood. "Besides there is no reason to give him the gems now that his wife has passed. "What purpose would they serve him except as another reminder of that fact?"

Ailis wasn't sure what to do anger, sadness filing her heart but looking back at Thrain her eyes darkened and she would speak "How dare you call yourself a king and a friend.... Thranduil has been a loyal ally and you.... treat him with this on the day of his wife’s death.... they were a gift to him! And to his son!" she said coldly and would soon move towards the dwarf who held the box. "If our will not give them to him I will" “I'm sorry my lady...I feel for you and your friend.... but...he is my king." He said softly. "Ailis, touch them and you shall face retaliation." Said the old king and Thorin stood and walked up to Ailis. "Then you shall have to go through me. Ailis is right and what you have done may have cost us an ally and friend." She glared at Thrain as she would speak "you walk a thin line of madness 'Milord" she stated that phrase coldly, "you maybe king.... but you’re not mine you’re an old fool!" she moved to the dwarf again as he tried to back up from her. "Hand me the box.... Thorin call for Azul ill catch up to Thranduil with him"

"Guards stop her!" The king orders and Thorin shouted for azul who roared into action from below their catwalk. "Stop right there!" Thorin a father Thrain shout and looked to his father Thror, "father stops this madness. They are just gems. Cold stones, but this is my son and his wife! Let them go."

Azul would hiss and growl but he was a little too large to get to be they were now, but one could hear him growling deeply. The guards would move quickly at the order of their king as soon Ailis was grabbed by her arms as she was jerked back from the box, Thror would stand there "I am the King of Erabor, she has claimed I am not her king and that is hearsay! Lock her up!" he ordered as the guards looked at Thorin with apologetic eyes, as they would pull Ailis from them as she yelled, "let me go!" "And lock that beast of hers as well!" he commanded

"Grandfather sees reason!" Thorin said as he said all the while the gems were taken away and back to the treasury. "She upset and rightly so!" Thror looked at A Thorin the anger burning in his eyes and he would speak "Once she agrees that I am her king" he stated and would turn walking away as he could hear Ailis yelling as she was taken down to the 'dungeons'

There was no reasoning with him and he knew Ailis would not be any easier to convince. She turned and stormed away and went up to the guards and his wife. "Ailis, just say it for now and I promise we will get those gems to him another way." Ailis glared at Thorin, "I will not.... he has not been my king since he's been hounding me for my kins trade!" she snapped at him, "he is not my king...." she pulled her arms from the guards and looked at them, "if your taking me to a cell then I will follow...no need to drag me." “I'm not asking you to say and mean it but to only keep yourself and azul out of the dungeons." He said and glared back. "The dungeons are the only safe place in this place,” she said and turned to follow the guards, "the only other place that could be safer is our chambers cause he knows ill kill him"

He stopped her by taking her hand and turning her to him and the hyraxes would not dare to stop him, "I am with you in this Ailis. You know that don't you?" He asked, "I only just got you back, I won't make the mistake of losing you because of him. Father and dis will stand with me in this as well." She looked at him, and would close her eyes, as she would raise her hand gently to place against his cheek. "I know...I just fear that what has happened has caused a bigger tear than we can repair" she stated and would then look at Thror with a glare then back at Thorin before speaking her voice louder. "My apologies.... my king.... I spoke out of turn...” she stated as Thror looked at her a smirk on his lips "seems you can see to reason"

Thorin glared at his grandfather, as did his father and sister. Balin and Dwalin and other advisors couldn't understand their king’s behavior in this manor though none would say he was wrong. It was in a ruler best interest to deal with rebel rousers even those in their own house. But for a reason such as this?

"Dragon sickness...at its prime..." Ailis stated softly as she looked at Thorin before she would soon move from him, "I'm going to go lay down...I...don't feel well after all this" she leaned up and kissed his cheek softly, "Azul calm down all is fine" she said as she moved towards the pacing drake who soon was walking beside her towards the 'royal' wing which was shockingly large enough to let the drake walk down.

"I will come check on you shortly." He said softly in return and looked to his father after the king had left. "I will try and speak to him son. Your wife was right to be upset but she should be careful"
"But it's that very reason I fell in love with her in the first place." He said and gave a find smile. "I would not ask her to change her views or beliefs now or ever." "Let us just keep our heads down for now son" Thrall stated as he gently placed his hand on his shoulder, "try and distract her for awhile, keep her away from your grandfather" he smiled. Dis took notice of Ailis and would watch her for a moment but would smile softly having an idea what was going on.

After Thror's actions towards King Thranduil things had started to change within the mountain the years of peace and plenty were not to last. Slowly, the days turned sour, and the watchful nights closed in. Thror’s love of gold had grown too fierce. A sickness had begun to grow within him; it was a sickness of the mind. And where sickness thrives, bad things will follow. One faint hope did shine as Ailis not wanting to hide this from her husband Thorin had told him she was pregnant it had taken some convincing on Dis's part but after a few weeks of the same morning sickness, tiredness, and other varying signs of a women with child Ailis had decided to fully accept it. They wanted to keep it quiet for now, only allowing those closest to them know...however such light was not to follow. King Thror's sickness was growing worse the first they heard was a noise like a hurricane coming down from the north. The pines on the mountain creaked and cracked in a hot, dry wind. Those standing at the gates would look out as Thorin was soon calling for the alarms and Balin turned. "What is it?" "Dragon.... Dragon!!" Thorin called down over the gate.

Thanks to his time spent with his wife Ailis and her people he knew the difference between a drake and a dragon...knew what the signs were for when a dragon was nearing. The dragon that had decided to 'greet' them was a firedrake from the north...Smaug had come. Such wanton death was dealt that day, for this city of men was nothing to Smaug; his eye was set on another prize. For dragons covet gold, with a dark and fierce desire...much likes the very sickness that clouded Thror's mind. A blast of fire hit the mountain and Thorin grabbed Balin and hid them behind a pillar as the flames passed them by. The guards who had no time to move away were not so lucky and were burned alive. Once it was clear, Thorin turned Balin to him. "Go to Dis and Ailis. Tell them to take Azul and to get out of the mountain." He said and turned to go.

"Thorin what about you?"

"I'm going to fend off this monster." He said and turned and ran down to the gate where he met his father and many of the guards "Wait...Thorin!" Balin stated as he watched the young prince race off but he had to go and do as he asked, as he turned rushing down the gate and up towards the royal wing. The alarms ringing loudly within Erabor as dwarves raced out as best they could, Ailis sat on her bed her stomach slightly swollen as she was unsure of what was going on till she heard the roar of Smaug, "no." she stated pushing herself up as she moved out of the room just as Balin appeared, "milady.... you must leave, a dragon has attacked Erabor" Dis was with him and from their terrace, azul was hissing and roaring in panic. "Ailis we must go!" She said and too her sisters hand.

At the gates, while Thror rushed to claim the Arkenstone from his throne, brace dwarves being lead by Thorin and Thrain rushed to the gate where they heard the dragon beating against the iron gates.
"Stand firm!" Thorin called as he held his sword tightly as fire began to break through the gates

Ailis would look at Dis "what about Thorin? He cannot take on a dragon!" she stated as she was trailing behind Dis some, "I cannot leave without him" Azul would growl as his wings flared out turning around as his tail wrapped around both dwarves women and lifted them up onto his back. "We do not have time, Thorin will not abandon you" Balin stated as he stood there "now go ill tell him you've left!" he called out as Azul took off with the two women.

Fire bursts through cracks in the gates as Smaug tries to smash his way in. Smaug soon breaks through the
Gate of Erabor and starts killing dwarves left and right, trampling them and burning them. Thorin is nearly
Stepped on by the dragon, but he escapes. Thror fearfully runs to his throne and detaches the Arkenstone,
Running away with it. As he runs through a doorway, he sees Smaug in front of him; tripping, he drops the
Arkenstone, and it rolls into a massive pile of gold. Thror would yell loudly "No!!" Thorin and train, witnessing their kings cowardly act but could not forsake him, chased after him and grabbed him to drag him out of the mountain. The mountain was lost and a dragon would guard its plunder for as long as he lives.

Thorin got his father and grandfather out of the mountain and called out of helped others out as best her could. "Run for your lives!"
While helping his kin, Thorin looked up to see Thranduil up on the hill with an army. "Help! Help us!" He shouted and waved to his once good friend. As the dwarves run away from Erabor, they see King Thranduil and his elves approaching the mountain. Thorin and the others scream to the Elves to help them, but Thranduil, astride his deer, turns away. Remembering the deed that Thror had done to him, he would not do anything. Thranduil would not risk the lives of his kin against the wrath of the dragon. No help came from the elves that day.

As Thranduil turned away Thorin would feel a shadow fall over him, as Azul would fly over his head and soon land not far as Ailis slid off Azul's back moving towards Thorin, "Thorin!" Her voice broke him from his anger and turned toward her. "Ailis!" He hugged her tightly before pulling back to look her over to make sure she wasn't hurt. He placed a hand over her swollen belly and let out a small sigh of relief. "Are you both alright?" He asked and gave a glance to Dis who nodded

Ailis stood there looking at him and would lean against him as she would smile some feeling his hand sliding over her stomach, "we are fine Thorin..." she stated as Dis moved up towards them, "I'm going to help the others, Ailis don't strain yourself" she stated moving to go and help the other dwarves some injured by the dragons attacks. Ailis though would look in the distance having seen Thranduil walking away and she would sigh, "we cannot blame them for not aiding us...dragons are not creatures an army can take on." "Forgive me then for not lending side him to help the survivors." He said with gritted teeth. Ailis looked at him as he grit his teeth, "Thorin...you managed to save many of your kin...still more are able to escape the dragon even now" she said, so long as they stayed away from the treasure...they could get out easily. "Please.... do not harbor such ill towards Thranduil for doing what he must to protect his own kin"

Thorin said nothing else on the matter, but she could tell he was very angry deep inside. "Everyone...let's move away.... if you can walk, aide those that can't. Let us move into Dale and seek or give aide where we can for they are just as displaced." He said and the dwarves began to move into the remains of Dale.

Robbed of their homeland, the dwarves of Erabor wandered the wilderness, a once mighty people brought low. The young dwarf prince took work where he could find it, laboring in the villages of men, but always he remembered the mountain smoke beneath the moon, the trees like torches blazing bright, for he had seen dragon fire in the sky, and his city turned to ash, and never forgave, and he never forgot.

Ailis did what she could to help, but with her stomach growing every month it was getting harder to do much. Dis had her own issues with her own son that was running around at times, luckily she was there enough to help Ailis. The anger that built up within Thorin, and the two had arguments about it from time to time but on that night as he came home from a long day of work...at least among the rundown building they called their home, he could hear her singing. "Far over...the misty mountain cold...." he knew that song, it was the one she sang when she first meet him.

"To dungeons deep.... and caverns cold...." he sang as he came up behind her and hugged her around her shoulders. He kissed her cheek and held her close. "Good evening my love." He said softly as he looked down at her belly and put a hand on the rounded belly where they child lay waiting to be born. "And how is our little one?" He received a kick to his hand as a response. She looked back at him with a warm smile and leaned against him, she could see the soot on his hands as she took his hand gently feeling the child kick. "Dis says the babe is growing well.... just hard to get around at this point" she said softly, they had passed the point that they lost their first child but she still feared that she could loss the babe again so she was taking it easy...even if it drove her insane. "How is everyone holding up?"

"As.well as can be." He said and sighed softly as he walked around her chair and knelt by the fire and stoked it. "Balin received word that the one group made it to the Iron hills. Others scatter to the other of the seven kingdoms...grandfather.... he and father want to try and take back Moria to give us a home." He said. Many villages amongst their travels have given them refuge, much like they were at the moment. But they needed to find a place more suitable.

"We could always journey to my kin.... it be a bit rough at first since its a small village...but it be a start." however she knew many didn't want to deal with drakes and dragons again...let alone having elves so close to them. Plus they would have to journey through the mirkwood, as it was just to get to her homeland. "Besides retaking Moria...that's a big task Thorin it was abandoned for a reason you think a dragon is bad a demon.... is far worse." "But it can be beat." He said and sighed. "I don't agree completely with this choice but I will go with them.... also if it can be done, I will give my wife and child a proper home. No more of this life on the road." "Thorin, we don't need a proper home to be happy and have a life together,” she stated as she looked at him, she pushed herself up slowly to place her hand on his shoulder. "We don't need a mountain, we just need each other"

He turned to her and knelt in front of her and leaned into her and ran his hands over her belly. "I know my love. But father and grandfather have already decided and have gained support from the other lords." He said and sighed. "We will leave soon to join with the other dwarves to take back moria...but the battle will hard. Should I not return...go back to your mother and your brothers...take dis if she will go...I wouldn't want you left alone." He said and kissed her belly. "I'm sorry to leave you alone little one, but you look after your mother for me."

"Thorin..." she would reach down grabbing his hands tightly in hers, "take Azul.... he...he can help fight with you, and keep you and the others safe" she stated wanting him to be safe, "we can make it to my home land easy, ill send a letter to Thranduil." though the moment she said that name she knew it would start an argument. Don't!" He snapped before taking a deep breath to calm himself. "Don't mention him. Don't say his name." He said and sat back. "It would add a few days to your trip but...don't go through the wood. Go around. I wouldn't trust him with my boots let alone the lives of my wife and child."

"Thorin...." she shook her head as she stood there, "fine.... I...just promise you'll come home" she said softly as she moved closer and soon pressed her forehead to his. "You have a child and a wife who need you.... so bring back everyone...” she whispered to him. "I swear that I will do everything within my power to come back to you." He said and kept his hand on her belly while the other cupped her cheek. She leaned against his hand gently, and nodded her head "I love you Thorin...." she said softly and would soon smile feeling her child kick again. "I believe our child says the same." "He is ready to join us. I can't say I blame him for I wish to meet my little prince." He said, purposefully saying their child was a boy, though he would be fine if their child was a girl, as long as he or she was healthy. "Uh huh...." she stated chuckling shaking her head, "I'm sure you've already come up with a dozen or so names, that all start with T" she said with a roll of her eyes with a small smile. "Lets get some rest tonight ok? Sounds like you'll have a busy next few days"

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

on Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:31 pm
There had been no word from the armies for sometime. No word from her father or brother had Dis very worried and now as Ailis was in labor, she cursed her family in leaving when they should be there supporting Ailis

Ailis would gasp as she lay there breathing heavily, before another wave of contractions hit her as she soon was yelling loudly. She wanted to wait, she wanted to have Thorin here as she would look over to her 'sister' "an.any word..." she asked, even though she wanted to hold on she knew she couldn't.

Balin would glance over at Thorin, the grief and despair on his face as he would speak "Thorin.... today should be happy for you...your wife must be in labor by now with your child" trying to ease the young prince's mind they had survived Moria...but at a price

"Aye, by the time we reach her, you will be a father." He said trying to raise his friends spirits, if not is own. The battle for moria had taken a lot out of them. Many.... many a dwarf had died. The number of dead was great and Thror had perished and Thrain had vanished and Thorin had been closed to death when he faced a beast of an orc but managed to the defeat the pale orc and led his people to a hard won victory. Now, not too far from his wife, he could only think of holding his wife and child in his arms Ailis was laying on the bed, a small bundle laying next to her as she smiled warmly she had just given birth a few hours ago even though she wanted to wait...her child had decided other wise. Azul lay outside the small hut when he soon lifted his head, taking in a familiar scent as he would soon turn his head looking in through the window and growled faintly. Ailis looked over as she then smiled "Dis....help me up" she stated happily, "Thorins back..."

Balin noticed the drake outside the house ever guarding and would pat Thorin on the shoulder, "take this moment for yourself Thorin Oakinshield"

"Thank you. Pleas come tomorrow for if there is anyone I wish to meet my child are you my friends." He said and showed their hands before walked up to the Drake and put a hand on his snout affectionately as a way of thanking the Drake for watching over his family before walking inside as Dis finished making Ailis comfortable. Dis walked over and helped her brother remove his things and put them aside. "Will father and grandfather be joining us?"
Thorin sadly shook his head and met her eyes. She gasped shakily and nodded as kept her tears back as best she could before he hugged her and went on to Ailis and smiled softly and lovingly at her for she and the bundle in her arms was the most beautiful thing he had seen in days. He walked up to her and kissed her deeply and held her, mindful of their baby

Ailis could see the look on Dis's face but she would stay silent for now as she smiled up at Thorin, closing her eyes as she felt his lips press against hers. Though she would soon pull back, as she looked down at the wrapped bundle "I want you to say hello.... to your son" she stated gently pulling the sheet back, revealing the blonde haired child. "I.... wanted to wait for you but...I couldn't resist...." she chuckled as she soon kissed his cheek, "I named him Fili...."

Thorn’s eyes watered for his son was breathtaking. "He is wonderful my love, you have done so well." He said and kissed her temple. He ran a thumb over their son’s plump cheek. "Fili.... a good name. One he can take and create his own legacy." He said and leaned in and gently kissed their sons head

"Dis's son gave me the idea" she chuckled with a smile over at Dis, "since her son is only a bit older than ours...it be good to raise them like brothers...." it was more so that both children had a good grounding in life and if Thorin hadn't returned...Dis's husband had agreed he'd help mentor the boy. She would watch Thorin before she would soon speak, "here...." she would adjust his arms some, "adjust your arms this way...now mind his head" she stated, "don't worry you wont hurt him" He was nervous in taking his son into his arms before he had him comfortably laying in his arms. "He is so small.... so fragile." He said softly and he wanted nothing more then to protect him from everything in the world. She would smile watching him; "a bit different than a sword, and much different than a drake hatchling" she stated raising her hand to gently brush his hair from his face. "He’ll grow up quickly though." "Yes. Strong and if he can be half as brave and strong as his mother, I would be forever proud of him." He said. "I only wish he had a chance to meet his grandfather...he would have been proud to meet you my son."
She would smile looking at him, however when he brought up his grandfather she would soon speak softly "Thorin.... im sorry, did the battle not go well?" she asked softly as she sat there. "We...won the battle." He said and swallowed hard. "But our loss...was too great." He said and sat back down beside her. "An orc, pale as snow known as azog the defiler, lead his orcs against us. He had made it his mission to end our line...he began by taking the life of my grandfather...father went mad and vanished. I do not know if he is alive or dead but he was not found." He said and his voice was beginning to break. "I fought him and took his arm.... he was taken back into moria where he surely died and we won the day...but far less than half of all the men who joined, returned." She sat there listening to him, she would soon lean against him her hand gently pressing against his cheek. "Battles are not something for glory al the time.... maybe...its time to find a new home Thorin.... mother sent me a letter many of our kin have already journeyed there so my homeland has grown we could settle there..."

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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60 Years would pass since the fall of Erabor and the dwarfs sent to the four winds, scattered and broken but they never forgot the fires or the sounds of hammers and axes echoing within Erabor's great halls. But time had made its call to a certain dwarf...to finally reclaim his homeland...to return his wife and son to the halls of his forefathers. It would start far from Erabor in a small setting called.... Hobbiton and within this town were beings called hobbits, simple folk who did not go on adventures, who stayed home and went on with their lives...drinking and eating just enjoying life. Upon a hill nestled beneath a tree, there lived a Hobbit within a hole in the ground. Not a nasty, dirty, wet hole, full of worms and oozy smells; this was a Hobbit hole, and that means good food, a warm hearth, and all the comforts of home.

It was within this hobbit hole that a young hobbit by the name of Bilbo Baggins had learned the company of dwarves.... upon his better judgment he had been hospitable to them, allowing them to eat him almost out of food and run him out of his hole. Their wild merry nature charming, even when the final member of their company finally appeared. A tall wizard sat among them by the name of Gandalf as he spoke with them unrolling a map and as Bilbo grew closer he looked it over before reading the script "The...lonely mountain..." he stated before another dwarf Gloin nodded "aye...On has read the portents and the portens say it is time." The one named Oin would speak "Ravens have been seen flying back to the mountain as it was foretold: When the birds of yore return to Erabor, the reign of the beast will end." Bilbo blinked before sitting there "uh...what beast?" "Well that would be reference to Smaug the Terrible, chiefs and greatest calamity of our age. Airborne fire breather, teeth like razors, claws like meat hooks, extremely fond of precious metals--" "I know what a dragon is" Bilbo stated quickly, as the dwarves began to bicker, as Balin sighed shaking his head "the task would be difficult enough with an army behind us.... but we number just thirteen and not thirteen of the best, nor brightest" the dwarves kept bickering till a blonde haired dwarf stood up proudly "We may be few in number, but we'r...."

Just before he could finish a loud 'thud' hit the hole shaking the ground as the sound of growling could be heard and Bilbo jumped looking around "w...what is that?" he stated as a long tail swung by the windows and all eyes soon turned towards the blonde hair dwarf who was slowly backing out of the room.

Thorin, who stood after the loud crash on the roof of the hobbit hole, turned to his son and sighed heavily and leaned on the table. "You didn't get her consent, did you?"
"Her? Her who? What is on top of my house?" Bilbo asked as the roof creaked and a deep and heavy growling could be heard from outside. Suddenly there were thuds of quick and angry boots and the sound of angry mumbling and curses. "Ya better run lad!" Bofur said The sound of the boots could be heard caring till soon a very faint knocking not he door, Bilbo stood there a bit worried what was on the other side of the door. Though he moved up to it and soon opened it slowly as he was soon standing before a rather.... stunning female dwarf. She turned looking at Bilbo as she would bow her head, "Good Evening, I am sorry to interrupt your evening good sir.... but...I was just wondering if you have seen..." but before she said anything she saw the figure moving and she spoke "Fili Havathor Durin!" she stormed past Bilbo and soon her hand was wrapped tightly around the tip of the blonde hair dwarfs ear, "Its one thing to hear your father going on this crazy endeavor but I will NOT have my son do the same!"

"Hello love." Thorin said as he came out of the room dining room. "Fili. What do you have to say about this?@ Thorin asked. She looked over at Thorin, "don't 'hello love' me Thorin, You put this in his head he should be back home all of you should be back home....th...this is madness what your trying to do you cannot fight a dragon! You can't even get the best of Azul and hes a drake" she still held onto Fili's ear who was squirming, "Mom...mother please let go it hurts...im sorry please, this is really important." "what to run to your deaths?!"

"Drake?! There is a Drake on my house?!" He said and Azuls hung his head down enough to peak inside and bilbo shouted in a panic.

"The dragon Smaug has not been seen in sixty years! He could be dead for all that we know." He said. "And if we have read these signs, don't you think others will have read them too? I will not sit by while our birthright is taken out from under us."

"He wont do anything to you, hes rather gentle hes just mad that I woke him up from a nap to come find my husband and son" she stated and sighed watching as her husband got the dwarves riled up, though soon another voice joined in. Balin looked over bowing his head towards the female, "You forget: the frong gate is sealed. There is no way into the mountain." everyone would grow silent and FIli would finaly get his ear free rubbing it in pain, till Gandalf would speak "That...my dear Balin is not entirely true." he soon moved his hand as Gandalf produces a dwarvish key, as he would soon hold it out to Thorin. "It was given to me by your father.....By Thrain, for safekeeping. It is yours now."

The female moved closer to Thorin when she heard mention of his father, her hand sliding to his shoulder as Fili would smile happily and spak "if there is a key, there must be a door."

Thorin gave her hand a squeeze as he took the key. Gandalf waved him and the others back to the map. "These tunes speak of a hidden passage into the lower halls."

"There's another way in!" Kili said excitedly and looked to his cousin with a wide smile and bright eyes.

“Well, if we can find it, but dwarf doors are invisible when closed. The answer lies hidden somewhere in this map and I do not have the skill to find it. But there are others in Middleearth who can. The task I have in mind will require a great deal of stealth, and no small amount of courage. But, if we are careful and clever, I believe that it can be done.”

She would glance at her husband and would run her thumb over his knuckles some, as they spoke of what to expect. Though as Gandalf finished talking, Ori would cut in "That's why we need a burgler" Bilbo nodded "Hm, a goodo ne too an expect, id imagine." "and are you?" "Am I what?" Oin would laugh happily "he said hes an expert!!" AIlis would pinch the bridge of her nose, as she groaned looking at Thorin "you canot honestly be asking him to face Smaug..." she whispered.

The others arguging as soon Gandalf stood up "Enough if I say bilgo bagains is a burglar than a burglaer he is...Hobbits are remarkably light on their feet. In fact, they can pass unseen by most if they
choose. And while the dragon is accustomed to the smell of dwarf, the scent of hobbit is all but
unknown to him, which gives us a distinct advantage. You asked me to find the fourteenth member of
this company, and I have chosen Mr. Baggins. There’s a lot more to him than appearances suggest,
and he’s got a great deal more to offer than any of you know, including himself. You must trust me on
this." He looked to Ailis and in Khuzdul to her softly. "I know you do not agree to this venture. But this could be our only chance to take back the mountain. Give our people a chance at hope again. If you would join us in this, your knowledge of Drakes and dragons could help the halfling survive."

She eyed him some, as she would raise her hand pushing her hair from her face revealing the rather nasty scar she had sustained from a drake long ago. She shook her head, before she would sigh "Very well....but your not going to like who Gandalf is sending us to for the moon runes....so when you find out....mind your temper" she stated simply before looking back at the others. "if you all are admint on doing this....then you'll need proper knowledge, my husband and son are the only ones who really know how to handle a drake....none of you can handle a dragon" "but what can you do?" Bilbo asked trying to get the subject off him. Ailis would smile faintly at the Halfling, "My kin are very different from the dwarves you see among you Mr. Baggins....I come from the far north where my homeland is always attacked by drakes and sometimes a dragon....I faced a dragon once and it nearly cost my life.....so I will do what I can to help you sneak past smaug"

"No no no no" Bilbo stated as he was soon given a contract, as Bilbo looked at them and Balin spoke "its just the usual summary of out of pocket expenses, time required, reumeration, funeral arraignments, so forth." “F....funeral arrangements?!" He sputtered as he began thumbing through and mumbling about the terms and conditions of the contract handed to him, quite impressed as well with Balins dictation. Thorin turned to Gandalf and leaned in close, "I cannot Gary tee his safety."


"Nor will I be responsible for his fate."

Agreed," Ailis would soon turn her attention back to her son as she would then look to her 'second' son. "Kili your mother wanted me to give you this" she stated moving towards him with a warm smile as she soon held out a black stone. "its your naming stone, she wants you to return it to her"

Bilbo would continue reading, before speaking outloud "Terms: Cash on delivery, up to but not exceeding one fourteenth of total profit, if any. Seems fair. Eh, Present company shall not be liable for injuries inflicted by or sustained as a consequence thereof including but not limited to lacerations ... evisceration ... incineration?” Bofur a dark haired dwarf who spoke “Oh, aye, he’ll melt the flesh off your bones in the blink of an eye.” Bilbo looks a little breathless.“Huh.” Balin looked over at Bilbo moving to him “You all right, laddie?” Bilbo bends over, nauseous and pained.“Uh, yeah...Feel a bit faint.” “Think furnace with wings.”“Air, III need air.” Bofur in his charming way continued “Flash of light, searing pain, then Poof! you’re nothing more than a pile of ash.” Bilbo breathes heavily, trying to compose himself as the others stare at him. “Hmmm. Nope.” Bilbo would soon fall over as Gandalf shook his head“Ah, very helpful, Bofur.” "Come Kili, give me a hand. Let's get him into one of those chairs by the fire." Fili said kissed his mother in the cheek, "thank you mother.....promise I'll do you proud" he said sweetly and went passed her. Kili looked at the stone and ran a thumb over it. "She always did worry too much." He said and smiled softly with a hint of sadness. "Kili!" Fili called and he smiled at his aunt and passed her to helping with bilbo while one of the other dwarves, a silver haired that kept his hair in a braided top knot by the name of Dori, went off into the kitchen to make a calming tea for their burglar

The dwarves would help Bilbo out as the young hobbit was sitting in his chair, and Gandalf was talking to him. Things where getting heated between them as Ailis had gone out to check on Azul making sure he was ok and giving him some fish she found in the pantry, but as she came back in she would hear Bilbo speak "That's what I thought, Sorry Gandalf....I cant sign this...you've got the wrong hobbit." he turned down the hall passing Ailis giving her a nod as he went to his bedroom. Ailis stepped in the next room, gently taking her husbands hand as Balin spoke "it appears we have lost our burglar...Probably for the best. THe odds were alwas against us. After all, what are we? Merchants, miners, tinkers, toy-makers, parents...Hardly the stuff of legend."
“There are still a few warriors amongst us." Thorin said with a soft and fond smirk at his older friend.
"Old warriors." He retorted.

“I will take each and every one of these dwarves over an army from the Iron Hills. For when I called upon them, they came. Loyalty. Honor. A willing heart. I can ask no more than that.” He said and looked to Ailis fondly Ailis would smile some but still was worried as Balin could see that look on her face, "You don't have to do this. You have a choice. You've done honorably by our people....by your wife and son. You have built a new life for us in the Blue Mountains, a life of peace and plenty. A life that is worth more than all the gold in Erabor." ”From my grandfather to my father, this has come to me. They dreamt of the day when the dwarves of Erebor would reclaim their homeland. There is no choice, Balin. Not for me.” He said holding out the key. He truly felt there was no other choice but to go to the mountain. Dragon or no.

Balin sighed, but smiled as he put a hand to Then we are with you, laddie. We will see it done.” AIlis watched the two and would shake her head some, but since Erabor was lost....she knew Thorin had longed to return and soon she leaned her head against his shoulder before she started to hum softly. The others turning to look jst as her lips parted "Far over, the misty mountain cold. To dungeons deep and caverns old.....We must away ere break of day. To find our long-forgotten gold..." she lifted her head as she looked at Thorin smiling at him.

The others joined in, her song becoming a song of home and memory. A people's desire to return to the mountain. "The pines were roaring on the height The winds were moaning in the night The fire was red, it flaming spread
The trees like torches blazed with light” Thorin leaned in closer and kissed the top of her head. "Come, let us all go to sleep. We have a long journey ahead of us." He said. The music carried throughout the home, as the voices sang together in harmony it was clear that when Erabor fell….her song served as a reminder, of hope and desires. She would soon smile up at Thorin as he kissed her forehead and she nodded then looked over at Fili and the others. “rest well everyone” she stated as Bilbo had pointed out a side room that Ailis and Thorin could sleep in just to provide some hospitality.

When morning came, it was almost to peaceful as Bilbo woke up and soon began to look around his home. Everything put back together, even a bag of coin to replace the amount of food they had all consumed as well as the ‘contract’ that Balin had put together. As he stood there thinking, it was almost without much time after that the young hobbit soon came rushing form his home. A bag on his back, the contract in his hands as he raced through yelling out ‘I’m going on an adventure’ the other hobbits, looked on in confusion and almost anger that such a hobbit would do such a thing. The company of dwarves and wizard moved along as Ailis sat on Azul’s back as the drake walked next to Thorins pony, the drake was the size of Gandalf horse his black scales rippled with each movement and soon the drake’s head would turn and the yells of the hobbit could be heard. “wait!! wait for me!” When Bilbo reached them and handed over the contract, Balin examined it to make sure had been filled out properly. "Everything seems to be in order. Welcome, Msater Baggins, to the Company of Thorin Oakensheild."

A resounding sound of welcome and gratitude went down the line of the company as Thorin turned unimpressed, calling over his shoulder, "give him a pony." “no no…ill” before he could say anything he was grabbed and dropped onto a Pony as Ailis chuckled, “you know he could have just rode with me” she stated simply as she was the only one that had a cloak on and a hood pulled over her head. Stepped to Azul’s ‘saddle’ was what looked like very little amount of provisions she could do with out a lot of things…dwarves well…liked to have everything they could.

Though as they rode, the sound of coin being tossed around and Bilbo would blink watching. “um...what is that?" “Come in Nori! Pay up!" One of the others called as the bags were passed.

"Oh they took wagers on whether or not you would turn up. Most of them her that you wouldn't." Ailis would soon hold out her hand as a bag came to her as she smirked, it came from her own husband “thank you darling” she stated rather happy and chuckled some, as her son snickered a bit that his father lost a bet. Though as that happened Gandalf soon held out his hand as a pouch came to him, “lucky for me and our lovely AIlis here….we won”
Gandalf chuckled as he put away his winnings, "my dear fellow, we never doubted you for a second." The wizard said as they continued on their path As they road along Bilbo would soon sneeze, “ugh…all this horse hair…” he would pat down his pockets, before speaking “no..no..wait wait stop! Stop! we have to turn back.” Gandalflooked at him “what on earth is the matter?” “I forgot my handkerchief” Bilbo stated quickly till Bofur would soon rip a piece of his cloth from his cloths and toss it back, “here! use this” as bilbo caught it the others would laugh as he looked at it in disgust. “You’ll have to manage without pocket handkerchiefs and a good many other things, Bilbo Baggins, before we reach our journey’s end. You were born to the rolling hills and little rivers of the Shire, but home is now behind you; the world is ahead.”

The rest of the trip went with random chatter and talking, Bilbo found himself reading next Ailis, "my lady? May I ask how you came to tame such a beast?" Ailis was removing Azul's harness allowing him to flex and probably go and hunt on his own as she then looked over to him, "I hatched him...his egg was an heirloom that lay dormant for many years.....in a forge I set his egg thinking I could use the shell for metal....then to my surprise he began to hatch....in khazdul..Azul means forge" she said as she scratched Azul's neck as she finished "alright be back by morning" she said as the drake nodded and would walk off before soon taking flight. "hes been with me ever since...." she said warmly.

Though as they sat there enjoing the night, in the distance a scream could be heard...then another as Bilbo would sit up "what..what was that?" Kili looked to his cousin and smirked, before speaking "orcs...." Fili chimed in "throat-cutters" the two seeming to feed off one another as Kili spoke again "They strike in the wee small hours, when everyone's asleep. Quick and quiet; no screams, just lots of blood." AIlis stood there listening her body trembling as her hands gripped her arms...flashes of the night she lost her dear friend...and when Thorin almost lost his wife...

When bilbo shuddered and friends in fright at the sound again, the boys began to chuckle and snort. Thorin stomped into view and glared at them till they stopped. "You think that's funny? You think a night raid by orcs is a joke?" He snapped and turned to Ailis. "We didn't mean anything by it."
"No...you didn't. You know nothing of the world." He snapped at them and cast his son and nephew and very angry glance and went up to Ailis and wrapped an arm around her shoulders.

"Don't mind him lads. Thorin has more reason, than anyone, to hate orcs." Balin said and walked up to the boys and the hobbit. "It began long before we lost the mountain, mind you. When your mother was very ill." He said and looked to Fili. "She ever mention a lass by the name of Seldanna?" He asked softly. Ailis would jump slightly feeling Thorin's arm around her shoulders, as she slightly turned to lean against him taking a deep breath to calm down. Fili would look at his mother, never really seeing her like this till he looked back at Balin and shook his head, "no....at least not that I could recall." he stated as Balin would work on his pipe before speaking. "They were raided by orcs...back long when elves and dwarves called eachother friend. Seldanna.....was the Queen of the Mirkwood and a childhood friend to Ailis.....she was killed by orcs that day while Ailis....was badly injured."

he glanced over to the two "Thorin .has more cause than most to hate orcs. After the dragon took
the Lonely Mountain, King Thror tried to reclaim the ancient dwarf kingdom of Moria. But our enemy
had got there first.....“Moria had been taken by legions of Orcs lead by the most vile of all their race: Azog, the Defiler. The giant Gundabad Orc had sworn to wipe out the line of Durin. He began by beheading the King." he took a deep breath and sighed before speaking further, "Thrain, Thorin's father...was driven mad by grief. He went missing, taken prisoner or killed we did no tknow. We were leaderless. Defa and death were upon us."....he would look at Thorin now with hope in his eyes as Ailis smiled warmly up at her son, the two having talked softly to one another. "That is when I saw him; a young dwarf prince facing down the Pale Orc. He stood alone against this terrible foe, his armor rent....wielding nothing but an oaken branch as a shileld. Azog the defiler learned that day....that the line of Durin would not be so easily broken."

"OUr forces ralled and drove the orcs back. Our enemy had been defeated. But there was no feast, no song...that night....for our dead were beond the count of grief. We few had survived." Balin stated and soon Ailis would speak. "that day wasn't without a small bit of hope Balin." she looked to her son, "it was that say day that I faced my own battle.....bringing a young new prince into the world." "Seeing him that day, as both proud leader and father, I knew then that this was one I could follow. This was one I could call king." Balin said and looked to Thorin who had lturned back to group and all dwarves who had turned to listen to Balins tale now looked upon their leader proudly and with honor and hope. Thorin bowed his head to them and smiled softly at his wife.
"And the pale orc? What happened to him?"

"He slunk back into the hip from whence he came. That filth died of his wounds long ago."
Gandalf sat there slightly, as he glanced at Balin then away as he took a drag on his pipe. Off in the distance beyond the 'screams' other figures stared up upon the group of dwarves before turning and rushing off. A orc turning to look upon others "send word to the Master. We have found the dwarf-scum."

The next day as the company journied, the rain coming down harsh they all looked cold wet and miserable. Well all but two, Ailis and Azul the dragon didn't mind the cold and Ailis wore her cloak keeping the rain from seeping into her. Azul also had one wing extended, hanging over Bilbo the drake having taking a fondness to the Halfling and he wold stay dry some what. Though one of the dwarves soon called "Here. Mr Gandalf cant you do something about this deluge?" "It is raining, Master Dwarf, and it will continue to rain until the rain is done." Gandalf said. "If you wish to change the ways of the world, find your self another wizard."

"And are there any?" Bilbo asked curiously. "Other wizards?"
"There are five of us. The greatest and head of our order is Saruman, the white. Then there are the two blues....you know I have quite forgotten their names."
[2/28/17, 10:27:48 PM] Sapphire: BIlbo would lok at him water still dripping off him some even with the aide of the drake, ""whata bout the fith?" Gandalf thought "Well tha twould be Radagast, the brown." "Is he a great wizard or is he...more like you?" Gandalf turned looking slightly offended "I think he’s a very great wizard, in his own way. He’s a gentle soul who prefers the company of animals to others. He keeps a watchful eye over the vast forest lands to the East, and a good thing too, for always Evil will look to find a foothold in this world."

Soon, after the rain had stopped, they had found a place to camp. "We'll camp here for the night. Fili, Kili, you look after the ponies."

Gandalf was in what looked liked an old hovel. "A farmer and his family use to live here....." he said and turned to Thorin. "I think we should move on. We could make for the Hidden Valley."
"I have told you already, I will not go near that place." Ailis looked around the old place, as she would then look back at Thorin as he didn't want ot go to the valley. She sighed some then spoke, "Thorin I told you to hold that temper, he has nothing to do with what happened....or do you forget that he was the one who helped me?" "No I will not trust the elves again." He said firmly.

"Save me from the stubbornness of dwarves." Gandalf said in exasperation. "We have a map that we cannot read, lord Elrond could help us."
"Help? When a dragon attached Erebor, what help came from the elves? While orcs plunder Moria and Descartes our sacred halls, the held look on and do nothing. You ask me to seek the very people who betrayed my grandfather, betrayed my father." Ailis listened to them and sighed heavily before Gandalf would speak coldly "You are neither of them. I did not give you that map and key for you to hold on to the past!" "I did not know they were yours to keep." He said and locked an icy glare at the wizard.

Gandalf huffed and turned around and stormed away toward his horse. "Everything aright? Gandalf? Where are going?" Bilbo asked, suddenly very concerned while looking between the wizard and Thorin who now stood in the doorway of the old house.
"To seek the company of the only one around here whose got any sense." The wizard said bitterly. "And who is that?"
"Myself Mr. Baggins!" He snapped before mounting his horse and riding off. Bilbo looked to Balin, "is he coming back?"

"Come on Bombur, we're hungry." Thorin said while watching the wizard ride off. Ailis would sigh watching this as she would look over to Bilbo moving to him as she gently placed her hand on his shoulder, "Thorin...is hard headed at times Mr. Baggins, but hes a dwarf who also cares very deeply just let him cool off in a day or so i'll send Azul after Gandalf" she said before turning as she soon would speak "Fili! Kili go and gather firewood....and don't wonder to far!" "You know we aren't children anymore right?"
"Really? So what's your excuse for acting like it?" Dwalin said with a smirk. "No go on and do as your mother said."
Fili and kili went off as they were told.

Night soon fell and Gandalf had not yet returned. Bilbo began to pace in worry. "He's been gone a long time."

"Who?" Bodies asked while pouring stew into two bowls.

"Gandalf." Bilbo said, looking back the way Gandalf has ridden off in a huff.

"He's a wizard! He does as he chooses. Here do us a favor, take these to the lads." He said and handed the panicky hobbit the bowls intended for Fili and kili before he smacked Bomburs hand as he had reached for more stew. "Stop it! You've had plenty." Ailis stood there shifting some, listening for anything that could be coming their way. Azul was taking his sweet time returning as well but she knew the drake would be back once he had finished eating. Though she would turn her attention towards her husband as she would move to him speaking softly, "Thorin....maybe once Azul returns I'll head to the hidden valley....I can take the map with me and show it to Elrond and be back before long."

Bilbo would sigh but nodded taking the two bowls and began to make his way to where the two young dwarves were standing watch over the ponies. "lads I brought you...." he stopped looking at them "is something the matter?" "No." He said and turned to her. "I understand you have forgiveness and fondness for the elves because of Seldanna and maybe her son......but I cannot, will not, trust them with anything in this venture." He said in a firm manner, but not to sound angry.

"We were supposed to be watching the ponies." Kili said still looking off at the ponies. "Only we have encountered a small problem" Fili added.

"We had sixteen."

"Now there's fourteen." Ailis would eye him before speaking "I asked you to mind your temper with this Thorin, they can help us....no one among us can read moon runes" she said as she sighed rubbing her forehead some. "please thorin, its not like we are asking them to martch into battle with us."

Bilbo looked at the ponies and would count before he would then look back at the two dwarves before Kili spoke "Daisy and Bungo are missing." "well that's not good. That is not good at all. Shouldn't we tell Thorin?" Bilbo asked

“Uhh, no. Let’s not worry him. As our official burglar, we thought you might like to look into it.” Fili said as they came to walk passed an uprooted tree. It caused the hobbit to swallow hard as his heart tried to jump out of his chest by taking a very inconvienent path through his throat.
“Well, uh...look, somesomething big uprooted these trees.” He muttered around his racing heart and slowly growing panic
“That was our thinking.” Kili said while keeping an eyes out for the theives themselves or a sign where they, or the ponies, could have gone.
“Something very big, and possibly quite dangerous.”
“Hey! There’s a light. Over here! Stay down.” Fili said as both he and Fili took a shoulder each on the BUrglar and quickly took coverage in one of the fallen trees.
“What is it?” Bilbo asked in a whisper
“Trolls.” "he's got myrtle and minti!! I think they're going to eat them, we have to do something!" BIlbo stated in a panic as Kili would soon smirk, "yes; you should. Mountain trolls are slow and stupid, and your so small." Bilbo would soon shake his head "no no no" "they'll never see you" "no...no" "its perfectly safe, we'll be right behind you" Kili stated and FIli would nod "if you run into trouble, hoot twice like a barn owl, once likw a brown owl." All while saying this, Bilbo had failed to notice them take their supper from him and all while pushing him out on to the path and vanish into the brush till it was too late and he was out in the open. Alone. in the dark. Just outside a Troll Camp. "Oh sweet Yavana...." Bilbo muttered ot himself before taking a deep breath and going toward the camps fire light. No, that is my decision and it is final." He said, "How can you still trust them so blindly Ailis? Save for your friend, i faill to see where or when an elf has helped us since her passing."

She would almost laugh in his face when he said that, before she would speak "what about the year I had no memory" she stated firmly looking at him. "I lived with them for a year, because You couldn't 'bare' to see me knowing I had no idea who you where....Thranduil helped me! he pushed every day for a year to make me remember. He could have kept me there, made me forget you completely but he didn't....I don't blame him the day he didn't help when Smaug came....I've warned you and your grandfather time and time again the greed of gold would attact something....now look where its left us...where its left our son"

I left you there for your health and to help give you the space you clearly wanted!" he snapped back. "Or did you forget how you reacted when you were told that not only had you lost your memory, but that you were married to some one you hated and JUST lost a child? The two continued to argue it would seem but Balin would wince slightly as he heard the last part, "lads...I think its best we al..." before he had time to say anything a loud slap was heard as Ailis had actually swung at Thorin for once. "I never hated you...I was devastated about our first child....and..." she took a deep breath as she stood there. "you want to know about loss Thorin....then picture yourself all alone without out those dwarves around you....without Fili or I waiting for you to return home....for 60 years! you've pushed me aside 60 years Thorin!....a year without memory is a cake walk when you spend 60 years trying to get your husband to just be happy to have a family and a home"

Thorin just staired at her in a mixture of shock, anger, even hatred for her treatment for what he was doing or had to do for her and their son. THat the last sixty years of blood, sweat, tears and sleepless nights he had spent to give her and their son and their displaced people a life had meant nothing. That wanting to give her and their son back what should have been theirs this whole time, was all for him and not for them?
"You think i do this because I wasnt happy with you? I do this FOR YOU!"
Just then, came bursting back into the camp, "father! we...." He stopped when he noticed the tension and the angry looks his parents were giving eachother. "Is...Everything alright?" "I could have lived in the village that Fili was born in!! I could have lived in a HOLE in the ground...I don't need a city of gold and jewels you should know that considering that you married a wild dwarf dam! I don't need Erabor! And I for sure don't need you either Thorin Oakinshield! I stay with you because I want to" she snapped out just as Fili came back. She would look towards her son and would shake her head.

Balin would clear his throat and would speak "what is it lad? where is Mr. Baggins?"

Fili felt something in his chest tighten. He had seen his parents argue and fight nut nothing like this. Nothing this angry or hateful. He broke from that feeling and forced himself to look away from them. "Trolls. WE discovered a camp of trolls and they have stolen four of our horses. Bilbo went to free them"

The dwarves would lok at one another before they would move to go and help out. elsewhere as Bilbo looked around before the trolls would speak "Muttton yesterday, mutton today, and blimey, if it don't look like mutton again tomorrow.." one would stated as another who was holding the ponies putting them down. "quit yer' gripping. THese aint sheep. These is West nags!" "Oh I don tlike 'orse. I never 'ave. Not enough fat on them." "Well, its better than the leathery old farmer. Allskin and bone, he was. I'm still picking bits of him out of my teeth"

The one would soon named William sneezes into the pot they have boiling over the fire. "Oh that's lovely, that is; a floater!" "Oh might improve the flavor" "Ah! Theres more where that came from" As the one would start to try and sneeve into it, he would be grabbed by the nose as Bilbo would quickly move unseen behind them and would start to cut at the ropes. "shh shh..." he stated before he would see that he needed to get a knife. He moved, and soon started to grab it though as he did. Wlliam would start to sneeze as he reached behind him to sneeze but as he did he grabbed hold of Bilbo and 'sneezed' into him only to yell in shock. "Arge!! Blimey!! Bert! Bert!! look whats come out of me 'ooter! Its got arms and legs and everything!" the one called Tom looked over his shoulder at the now snot covered Hobbit and asked, "What is it?"
"I dont know, But i dont like the way it wiggles around!" WIlliam said and tossed Bilbo to the ground. "What are ye' then? An over sized Squirrel?" BIlbo covered in 'snot' would shiver at the feeling before he would speak "I'm a burglar--uhh, Hobbit." "A Burgla-Hobbit?" "Can we cook 'I'm?" Tom stated putting his hankerchief aside as William spoke "We can Try!" the trolls would go to grab Bilbo who couldly moved aside only to be cornered by Bert. "He wouldn't make more than a mouthful, not when hes skinned and boned!" "perhaps there's more burgla-hobbits around these parts. Might be enough for a pie!" "Grab him!" "its too quick!!"

The trolls would try to catch Bilbo, he runs around tryining to dodge them. Bert would accidently hit William with his ladle, but as Bilbo runs around "Come here you, little....Gotcha!" he is caught by the legs by tom and held upside down in the air. "Are there more of you little fella's iding where you shouldn't?!" "Nope" Bilbo quickly lied.
"He's Lyishing." "No! No im not"

"Hold his toes over the fire. Make him squeal!" William said just before KIli, who had stuck close to bilbo and was waiting to jump out of the Hobbit needed help, Jumped out and cut williams leg, making his cry out in pain before falling to one knee.

"Drop Him!" Kili shouted.

"You what?"

"I said, drop him." Tom throws Bilbo at Kili; Bilbo lands on Kili, knocking them both down. The rest of the Company charges out of
the bushes yelling and brandishing their weapons. They begin fighting the trolls, hacking, slashing, and
hammering their legs. As the dwarves fight, Bilbo grabs William’s knife and cuts the ropes, freeing the ponies.
Tom, seeing this, grabs Bilbo. The dwarves stop fighting when they see the trolls holding Bilbo by the arms and
legs. Kili would panic some looking over at him then to fili "Bilbo!" he stated in a panic "Lay down your arms, or we'll rip his off!"

Ailis looked at the others, a bit unsure of what to do they couldn't risk Bilbo's life "put them down everyone" she stated as she would drop her own blade. Thorin met the frightend hobbits eyes before stabbing his sword into the ground which was followed by the others, even Ori throwing his slingshot down in a huff. Then the dwarves were collected and thrown into bags or onto a quickly thrown together Spit over the camp fire. One of them Was fili, tied just over Bofur and THorin was fuming and struggled to get out of his holds with every turn of the spit.

"We shouldnt bother cooking them. Lets just sit on them and squash them into jelly." William said as if he had had an enlighnted thought.

"They should be sauteed and grilled with a sprinkling of sage." Bert added with a thoughtful hand gesture. "Never mind the seasoning. We aint got all night!" Tom snapped irritated, "Dawn ain't far away, so lets get a move on. I dont fancy being turned to Stone"

Ailis was tied within another bag along with the others, not much in difference between them and her since they all had long hair. Though as the dwarves struggled Bilbo would take notice of what the trolls were talking about before Bilbo would soon yell "wait! you are making a terrible mistake!" he stated as Dori groaned "you can't reason with them, they're half-wits!" Bofur would snort "half-wits? what does that make us?!"

Bilbo would struggle but soon managed to Stand up, although still stied in the sack as he turned to the trolls. "Uh, I meant with the uh, with uh....with the seasoning!" "what about the seasoning" "well have you smelth them? you're going to need something stronger than sage before you plate this lot up." AIlis held back a snicker as she understood quickly wiath the Hobbit was doing, as the dwarves yell at Bilbo calling him a traitor. "What do you know about cooking dwarf?" Tom stated leaning down towards him, "shut up and let the uh...flurgaburburrahobbit talk." Bilbo would bow his head some "Uh...the--secret to cooking dwarf is um--" "come on..." "its uh...." "Tell us the secret!" the trolls getting annoyed "Ye...yes, I'm telling you, the secret is...to skin them first!" "Tom, get me the filleting knife." Bert said with enthusiasm.
THe dwarves began to shout and point and threaten bilbo.

"What a load of rubbish! I've eaten plenty with their skins on. Scuff them, i say, boots and all." Tom boasted while william stood and walked over to the dwarves. Neither noticed that a figure slipped passed behind them. "He's right! Nothing wrong with a bit of raw Dwarf!" WIlliam said as he scooped Bombur up by his feet and held him upside down and in the air over the open maw of the troll.

"NO! Wait! Not that one!" Bilbo shouted. "He's...He's Infected"

"You what?"

"Yes! He's got worms in his....tubes!" Bilbo turned back to William as he dropped Bombur back into the pile in disgust. "Infact they all have, They're infested with Parasites.Its a terrible Business. I wouldn't risk it, I really wouldn't"

THe dwarves began shouting at the hobbit again! How dare he make such accusations?! "I dont have Parasites! you have Parasite!" Kili shouted at him untill he felt his uncle kick him. All went silent.

"I have Parasites as big as my arm!" Oin shouted, trying to sound convincing. "I have huge parasites. Loads of Parasites" Kili shouted

Ailis would almost groan with Bilbo as the others began to still yell at him even more, it would seem none of them could get the idea what Bilbo was doing but she would 'nudge' Thorin who in turn soon got the idea before kicking his nephew. THe silence was helping as the dwarves soon began to argue yelling about the 'parasites' that were within them as soon Tom would speak. "well what would you have us do? "well..." Bilbo stated looking to the side as Tom would glare "you think I don't know what you're up to? This little ferret is taking us for fools!" Bilbo almost looked horrified "ferret?" Bert looked up "fools?"

Gandalf woud soon move upon the rock and would yell "THe dawn will take you all!" THe trolls looked up along with the dwarves as they where in good spirits to see the wizard "Whos that?" "No idea" "Can we eat 'him too?" Gandalf would soon take his staff slamming it into the rock as it split in half the sunlight pouring in behind and hitting the trolls skin. THe howls of pain filled the small clearing as the trolls slowly turned to stone. Gandalf would help the dwarves out as Bilbo moved first to Ailis "At least one of you understood me" "not to hard considering" AIlis stated as she would pat his shoulder. "well done Bilbo, at least some have a head on their shoulder here..." she was still upset with thorin so she would move away quickly and instead went to her son and nephew. "are you boys alright?" she asked. Singed, but fine...." Fili said not meeting his mothers gaze as he threw his coat back on. He didnt want her to know how what he heard his parensts say had affected him. "Are you alright?" He asked as he turned to her and did his best to hide his troubles.

Off aways, THorin approached Gandalf. "And where did you get off to, may I ask?" "To Look ahead" Gandalf stated as he would glance at him and then to AIlis noticing how he didn't go to his wife quickly then back at him with a slight raised brow. "ANd what made you come back?" He asked, followed the wizards gaze but said nothing.
"Looking behind. Nasty business, still they are all in one piece." he stated leaning against his staff some. "Bilbo at least had the nous to play for time. None but your 'wife' had the thought to do that...which is odd considering you and her are normally....among the same mind.." "Tred carefully Gandalf," he said and looked back at the Grey wizard with an icy glance.

“And since when do mountain trolls venture this far south?" He asked, glad to be off the subject of his wife, for the moment.
"Not for an age. Not since a darker power ruled these lands." He said and looked back up at the trolls. "But they could not have traveled in daylight."

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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"There must be a cave near by." The dwarves moved quickly as they would go to find the large cave nearby, as they grew closer a foul stentch began to grow and Nori would hold his his nose some. "Oh, whats that Stench?!" he said harshly as Gandalf would glance around "its a troll hoard.. Be careful what you touch." he stated. As they ever the cave, many of the dwarves cough and retch at the pugence. Inside, they find piles of gold and coins and other treasures in caskets. Ailis didn't bother stepping inside though as she waited outside Azul returned landing above the cave growling and snorting at the smell "Good morning to you as well myd ear one.....did you have a good night?" "Of! And where were you ya lazy lizard?" Fili asked playfully and nudged the dragon.

Thorin looked around the cave and stopped at a set of swords, two of them catching his eyes in particular.
"No trip could have forged these." He said and held one out to Gandalf

Sapphire: Azul would snort in Fili's face some but nudged him back, though as he lifted his head he seemed to sense something as AIlis came up to him as he had brought his harness as she began to strap it onto his back. Gandalf would look over the blades moving closer "Nor were they made by any smith among men..." he would soon draw the blade some from the sheath "these were forged in Gondolin by the high elves of the first age.." He could see Thorins anger as he would speak quickly "you could not ask for a finer blade.

As Ailis finished with Azul's harness she noticed the drake glancing about growling as she would look to Fili "go and gather the ponies...somethings coming" she said to her son quickly

The dwarves would look around as Bilbo would turn to look at Gandalf just as the old wizard would speak “Stay Together! Hurry now! Army yourselfves” he said as bilbo would draw the small sword that gandalf had given to him. However, as the dwarves gather around a figure in brown pulled by rabbits came in yelling “Thieves! Fire! Murder!”

Gandalf seeing it was Radagast would sigh but joy “Radagast! Radagast the Brown. Ah. What on earth are you doing here?” “I was looking for you, Gandalf. Something’s wrong. Something’s terribly wrong.” Gandalf move closer to him “Yes?” Radagast stood there opening his mouth only to close it, “Oh, just give me a minute. Um, oh….I had a thought, and now I’ve lost it. It was…it was right there, on the tip of my tongue.” he would curl up his tongue but would look stunned. “oh, its not a thought at all; its a silly old…” Gandalf would pull the stick from Radagast mouth. “-stick insect”

After a bit the dwarves would calm down and AIlis sighed shaking her head, as the wizards spoke before Radagast would speak “The greenwood is sick, Gandalf. A darkness has fallen over it. Nothing grows anymore, at least nothing good….the air is foul with decay. But worst are the webs..” “webs? what do you mean?” “Spiders, Gandalf. Giant ones. Some kind of spawn of Ungoliant, or I am not a Wizard. I followed their trail. They came from….Dol Guldur.”

Ailis would turn some when she heard about the Greenwood….and Dol Guldur, the worry on her face clear as Balin placed his hand on her shoulder. “I’m sure its nothing lass….im sure they are fine.” he stated trying to ease her mind. Gandalf would speak keeping his voice soft “Dol Guldur? But the old fortress is abandoned.” “No….Gandalf, it is not…” Radagast stated as he began to explain what he had found in that old fortress. “A dark power dwells there, such as I have never felt before. It is the shadow of an ancient horror…..one that can summon the dead.” he shuddered taking a deep breath. “I saw him, Gandalf. From out of the darkness, a Necormancer has come.”

Gandalf had to calm Radaghast down by letting him take from his pipe before the brown wizard continued, "now, the Necromancer. Are you sure?"
Reading his friends, and fellow wizards, gaze and search of proof, the brown Wizard produced a leather bound object. "This is not from the world of the living." He said as Gandalf paused for a moment in his unwrapping of a dark blade. A blade of Mordor.
Gandalf met Radaghasts gaze again before a sudden howl echoed around them and chilled everyone there to the bone.

"Was that a wolf? Are....are there wolves near by?" Bilbo asked suddenly very worried.
"Wolves? That is not a wolf." Bofur said with panic in his voice as suddenly a large and vicious warg leapt out into the midst of the dwarves. Suddenly all dwarves were upon it and Thorin delivered the death blow wth his newly claimed sword. "Warg scouts! Which means an orc pack is by far behind!"

Gandalf turned to Thorin and firmly asked, "who did you tell about your quest, beyond your kin?" "No one." "Who did you tell?!" "No one I swear!" He said strongly. "What in earth is going on?" "....you are being hunted."

“We have to get out of here” Dwalin stated quickly as he stood there and Ori along with Fili and Kili ran up “we can’t!…We have no ponies…they bolted” he stated in panic and Radagast would speak “Ill draw them off” Gandalf turned to him “These are Gundabad wars; they will outrun you.” “These are Rhosgobel Rabbits; I’d like to see them try.” he stated as AIlis would speak as well “Ill help you out…Azul and I will take them from the skies” she said firmly as she moved to Azul who hissed happily ready to fight. "Mother no. It too dangerous. You should fly off ahead." Fili said with worry for her and wanting her to be safe and having heard before of her last encounter with orcs and wargs from Gundabad.
She turned back to her son gently cupping his cheek, “mind your father Fili….keep him from doing anything stupid for me” she said with a warm smile before she mounted dup onto Azul’s back, the drake moved quickly then jumping into the air with a roar just as Ailis drew her sword. Radagast took that as a cue and bolted form the forest infront of the wars “Come and get me!” he called laughing as the rabbits took off.

Gandalf would watch looking at the dwarves “Come on!” The Company rushes across a rocky plain. In the distance, Radagast is being chased by the Wargs. One of them crashes while trying to catch him. As the Company runs across the plain, they see the Wargs not too far from them, so they hide behind the rocks. Azul would soon be flying down as the wargs came at them, and soon the heat of fire behind them before the sound of a blade slicing through flesh as Ailis sliced the head off one of the orcs. “stay away from my family!” she stated coldly as Azul took down the warg growling over his kill and daring the other orcs to come close. “Stay together” Gandalf called as Ailis and Azul held off some of the wargs that didn’t go after Radagast.

The dwarves ran and hid and evaded the orc. After sometime, Thorin looked up at Gandalf, "where are you leading us?"
[3/3/17, 10:35:23 PM] Sapphire: Gandalf doesn’t answer. As the Warg scouts chase Radagast, one of them stops and scents the air. The dwarves take cover behind an outcropping of rock. The scout and his Warg appear on top of the outcropping, scenting the air. Thorin looks at Kili and nods; readying an arrow, Kili quickly steps out and shoots the Warg. The Warg and the orc on it fall near the dwarves, and the dwarves kill them. The sounds of their fight carry quite far; the other Wargs and Orcs stop chasing Radagast as they hear roars and screams from behind the rocks. Yazneg the leader of this pack turned and growled “The dwarf-scum are over there! Get them!” the Warg scouts howl as they stop and turn to chase after them.

Gandalf see’s this and speaks “Move. Run!” he yelled as they rush across the grassy plain but just before they are surrounded from all sides Azul lands ontop a few of them as Ailis jumps off slicing into one. “Move!” Ailis yelled as Gandalf nodded “this way quickly!” moving further as Ailis continues to fight to by them time. Thorin ushered the others of the company into the cave and called to kili, "kili! Come on!" He shouted and looked to Ailis. "Ailis!" He called up to her and waved her to join them.

Ailis gripped her sword tightly, it was soaked in blood as she heard Thorin’s call and she turned but as she did a warg snuck past Azul’s lashing claws. The beast rushed up and as Ailis heard the growl she turned just as the beast jumped at her, her blonde hair flowing around her as her body hit the ground with the warg on top of her. Her yells could be heard as the warg tried to snap its jaws around her as she held it off with her sword in its mouth, “Thorin! G…Get GOING!” she yelled only to cry out in pain as the warg claws dug into her skin, Azul being over run by wars and orcs.
"Ailis!" He shouted he jumped out and ran after her and used his sword to battle his way through till he reached her. He picked her up and held her close. "Hold onto me." He said as Fili and kili came back out of the cave and attacked the wargs till azul was freed. "Mother!" He said and helped his father in getting her to her feet.

She kept pushing the warg back, breathing heavily just as Thorin came rushing out and soon the others began to fight the wargs pushing them back. Ailis leaned against Thorin as she was bloody, her clothing torn up. "Kili....shoot them!" one of the dwarves called out , as they moved towards the rocks. Kili would shoot back some of the wargs and look around before speaking "Where is Gandalf?!" "He has abandoned us!" the dwarves gather close to each other near the rock before Gandalf would appear "This way you fools!"

"Fili! Take your mother down.dress the wound, do it quickly!" He said as he helped ease her down with fili to brace her. Oun was there to help as the company's healer "azul! Fire!" He shouted to the Drake who, in anger for his rider, spat balls of flame at the advancing orcs and wargs. Soon all dwarves and hobbit were down on the path before he too jumped down just before a horn was heard coming over the hill and the sound of hooves over head. An orc gave a shout of pain before falling into join them, dead. Thorin ripped an arrow from the orc as azul just managed to fit inside the cave. "Elves." He said either disgust

Ailis would lean against the wall in pain as she held her side, Oin would look her over, "hold still milady....." he stated as he quickly worked on bandaging her up. Though hearing the horn she would look upa s the others slid in, Azul snorted some looking back as she wold then look at Thorin. Gandalf would watch "Ailis are you able to walk?" "Ill manage.." she said softly just as as Dwalin spoke "I cannot see where the pathway leads. Do we follow it or no?" Bofur snorted "follow it, of course!" Gandalf nodded moving ahead "I think that would be wise." he said as Azul gently helped pick up Ailis as Oin held the bandages on her, "she needs proper aide than we can give her..." the older dwarf stated.

The company would follow the path, it was rather narrow but wide enough to allow even a drake to move through. though as they further walked the pathway soon opened up revealing a valley....within it was the city of Rivendell. Gandalf would speak "we can seak aid for Ailis within...The valley of Imralids. in the Common tongue, its known by a another name." Bilbo would look out in awe "Rivendell..." Gandalf nodded "here lies the last homely house east of the sea" "You haven't heard of Halovenieth then." Balin said softly before he and the others began down the path. Thorin went up to the wizard. "This was your plan all along. To seek refuge with our enemy."

"You have no enemies here, Thorin oakensheild. And any ill will to be had is what you bring your self."

"You think the elves will give us their blessing? They will try and stop us."

"Of course they will. But we have questions that need to be answered. If we are to be successful, this will need to be handled with tact and respect and no small degree of charm. Which is why you will leave the talking to me.” Fili would move beside his mother holding her hand, "hang in there mother...." he stated as she winced some. Gandalf looked back at her then to Thorin, "they are also the only ones that will be able to help your wife...." he said reminding him of his wifes condition right now. The group would continue to move down towards Rivendale as they would son travel across the bridge a few elves wuld look towards them as one dark hared elf would move towards them. Bowing his head, "Mithrandir" Gandalf would bow his head "Ah, Lindir!"

The dwarves would seem uneasy as they moved around to protect themselves before Lindir would speak softly in elvish "We heard you had crossed into the valley...rather easy to spot your company when one travels with a drake" Gandalf would nod his head, "his rider is badley injured, we must see Lord Elrond." "My lord Elrond is not here" "Not here? Where is he" he stated quickly as soon the elvish horns from earierly can be heard."Close ranks!" Thorin said and in defense of his mistress, azul crouched low and used his wings to cover her and wrapped a tail around Bilbo, having grown fond of the handling who gave him treats and bits of food from his meals, and growl threateningly at the elves who rode around them in circles. One the riders stopped, one dark haired rider stopped and looked at Gandalf. "Gandalf." He said I. A happy surprise before dismounting.

“Lord Elrond. Mellonnen! Mo evínedh?” -My friend! Where have you been?-
"Farannem ‘lamhoth i udul o charad. Dagannem rim na Iant Vedui.” -We’ve been
hunting a pack of Orcs that came up from the South. We slew a number near the Hidden Pass.- he spoke with a smile and embraced the old wizard warmly.
"Strange for Orcs to come so close to our borders. Something, or someone, has drawn them near." Gandalf would shift "Ah, that may have been us." Elrond would look over the elves and would notice the drake, seeing Ailis on his back and would speak "have them put down their arms to allow my kin to take Ailis....blades from an orc are not the cleanest of things...." he stated before moving towards the dwarves. "Welcme Thorin, Son of Thrain..."
Gandalf would shift "Ah, that may have been us." Elrond would look over the elves and would notice the drake, seeing Ailis on his back and would speak "have them put down their arms to allow my kin to take Ailis....blades from an orc are not the cleanest of things...." he stated before moving towards the dwarves. "Welcme Thorin, Son of Thrain..." Thorin hesitated at first but nodded to Fili who turned to Azul and got him to release his mother. Elf girds cane and gently scooped her up and took her inside. "I don't believe we have met." He said to Elrond as he watched his wife being taken inside
"You have your grandfathers bearing. I knew Thror when he ruled under the mountain."
"Funny. He never made mention of you."

Elrond would smirk some as he stood there, "no but I'm sure your wife has" he then would turn some what ignoring the dwarf now as he began to speak to his servants. Gloin not hearing well would speak "what is he saying?! Is he offending us?" "No, master dwarf, he's offering you food and shelter" Gandalf stated. The dwarves spoke among themselves as Gloin responded, "ah well, in that case...lead on."

It would be just a bit after as the dwarves are sitting around an elven court eating, not far one could see Azul being treated for his own injuries, next to him was Ailis who was laying against the soft blankets of the bed she was laid in. Her arm rather cut up, along with a fresh cut over her other eye leaving a bandage over it, her side covered as Elrond would speak to her in elvish the two speaking within that tongue before Elrond would notice Thorin not far. "rest for now milady, I shall leave you in good hands." he stated nodding to Thorin before leaving.
Thorin at least had the decency to nod his thanks. "Hot are you faring?" He asked from where he stood, not venturing closer incase she was still upset with him. She would look over at him, her one eye showing as she could see him staying back. "still with all my memories" she stated with a faint smile towards him. "though Elrond doesn't think ill be able to travel anymore at least not for awhile....Azul's one wing got torn so he can't fly at least not till its healed." "He is a Drake..and like his rider, I'm sure will heal quickly and be well soon." He said and, after a moment let out a deep sigh. "I am sorry Ailis. It is my fault this happened"

"Thorin, what happened is not in your control....Azul and I could take on more of them than you and the others could. It was lucky for us that Lord Elrond was out scouting. Hate elves all you want, they tend to show up when you need them." she shifted pushing herself up some as she winced a bit, "have you shown him the map yet?" " not yet and you know my.....reservations." He said and crossed his arm as he went up to the foot of her bed. She nodded as she would sit there, “Elrond can read them, if you don’t want him to know the ‘reason’ say its just for knowledge….let Balin handle that part since he is rather good with our history" "That's if he can get a word in edgewise with Gandalf handling the negotiations." He said. There was a knock at the door before it inched open and Fili stuck his head in. "Father, Balin is ready for you." He said and looked to his mother before walking inside. "Mother, how are you feeling?" She chuckled “gandalf is that way….” she stated with a small smile, before she would hear the door open and she glanced over to see Fili. She looked at Thorin, “ill be here when you get back” she said warmly then spoke to fill “i’m doing fine, but I’m afraid i cannot travel anymore with you and the others..."

Thorin nodded and walked around to her and gently kissed her forehead. "Rest my Azyungal." He turned and patted his sons shoulder as he passed his son and went out of the room. Fili pulled up a chair to the side of her bed, "so....are you two alright now?" She would close her one eye as she smiled at Thorin, then when she heard Fili’s words she looked at him “we are, sometimes those we love make you rather angry Fili…just make sure that after things have calmed…you work it out….cause you can’t take back words or actions.” "Alright." He said and sighed. "Can't believe how I acted or felt! Like a dwarfling who hates to see his parents fight." He said with a light hearted chuckle. "Then you were injured.....and...." his hand reached out and squeezed hers gently. She would grip his hand in return as she would then raise her other to gently press it against his cheek, “I’m sorry we put you through that Fili….as for me being injured…iv had worse” she stated rubbing her thumb against his cheek. “just mind your father in all this, he is doing what he thinks is best…and ill trust him"
"Feel rather foolish to be honest." He said and nodded. "I'll mind, still not a kid though" chuckled as she leaned forward and kissed his forehead, “then make this adventure prove it to us” she said with a warm smile at him, “you will one day be king beneath the mountain if we reclaim Erabor…a king is a heavy burden”

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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Several months would pass by and much had happened in that time, the company had left Rivendale after Lord Elrond had read the moon runes that had been left upon the map to the Lonely Mountain. Of course what the dwarves where wanting to do did not go unnoticed, many eyes were upon the mountain and the counsel had decided that the dwarves should not return but again before they could enforce it…the dwarves had snuck out. Leaving behind an injured Ailis and Azul, she knew they would leave as Thorin had spoke with her and she was able to say farewell to them. From that much happened as the dwarves had journeyed across the lands going from dealing with trolls and then out running Azog the definer who proven that he was not dead…and far from it only missing one arm.

But it was not just orcs that the company had to deal with, a large skin changer by the name of Beorn had showed himself to be a rather good ally, allowing the dwarves to borrow his ponies and travel all the way to the mirk wood. The very forest that Radagahst had warned Gandalf of, but as they neared one of the paths a covered statue of a women stood there, Balin looked upon it then would turn to Thorin “It would seem an old face welcomes us…” he stated as it was a statue of Saldanna, “though…in its state i do not think this path has been tended to….we should find another way” “not unless we go two hundred miles north, or twice that distance south.” Gandalf stated though he could feel the sickness within the wood. He would then turn to leave, grabbing up the horse he had to attend to something. “Stay to the path, do not leave it. If you do…you willl never find it again.” he said before turning and left.”

The company would journey through the forest, the sickness was maddening hardening within the dwarves mind. It would cause them to slid from the path, even though they were told not to. They kept moving in a daze till they would run into the very reason the forest was getting sick. The spiders had attacked, gathering up each dwarf and hobbit but thanks to Bilbo’s quick thinking and the use of the ‘ring’ he had found in gallium’s cave he saved them. The dwarves have defeated their spiders, and are running through the forest. More spiders jump down on threads of silk in front of the dwarves and hiss at them. Thorin raises his sword in preparation to fight, but pauses and looks up. A blonde Elf, Legolas, runs through the treetops, then swings down a spider’s silk in order to land on it and kill it. He slides on the forest floor under the spider facing Thorin, slicing it in half, and comes up kneeling with an arrow nocked in his bow and pointed at Thorin. Several other Mirkwood elves appear, drawing arrows and pointing them at the dwarves.

One of them was a blonde haired elf pointing a bow at them as he would speak coldly “Do not think I won’t kill you, dwarf. It would be my pleasure.” he said as the dwarves looked around as they were surrounded and outnumbered by Mirkwood Elves. What they didn’t know is that a few days prior another had journeyed to the forest…Ailis and Azul had recovered enough to travel and had gone to one place she knew they would wind up, at first Ailis was welcome with open arms by the very king Thranduil and his son Legolas.

Legolas would gather the dwarves with the others moving them into the forest, though he would recognize the one…Thorin. He would turn to a red headed elf and would speak “My aunt’s husband….keep an eye on them.” he said firmly he had a warm good connection with his aunt..but with other dwarves not so much. Though in the faint distance the dwarves could hear growling and hissing, and Fill some what knew it as he would move to his father speaking softly in dwarf. “Father…I think I hear Azul’s cries….” he stated as they were taken into the mirk wood.

Bilbo, invisible, is running along the bridge and toward the gate. Legolas turns, sensing something, and looks down the bridge. Seeing nothing after a few seconds, he turns and walks through the gates as they closes. Bilbo, unseen, slips through the gates before they close. The dwarves are led through the raised wooden walkways of the Woodland Realm. The entire place is built out of tree roots in a subterranean cavern. We see the King of Mirkwood, Thranduil, Legolas’s father, sitting on his throne. The dwarves are pushed, protesting, into several cells. Though Thorin was brought before the king…a long time acquaintance as King Thranduil stands there, seeming to know why the dwarves came through here.

The Red hair elf maiden, tauriel, nodded to her prince and kept a close on on the dwarves. Thorin looked to a Fili for a moment and looked around the forest and heard the same sounds. "But she can't and shouldn't be here.....she should be back in Rivendell." He said
Soon though, the elves got the dwarves stripped of their weapons and other gear and stuffed into cells, save for Thorin who was taken to the throne room.
"This is not the end of it! You hear me?” Dwalin shouted threateningy as his cell door slammed shut.
“Let us out of here!”
"Get off me!"
An elf in charge of Fili, a brunette lady guard stopped him and removed yet another knife. "So many blades. One would think you are compensating for something you lack." She said and smirked before turning him and nudging him into his cell and locking the door.
Kili turned to Tauriel. "Aren’t you going to search me? I could have anything down my trousers.”
Tauriel smirks, "Or nothing.”
Tauriel shuts his cell and turns to her fellow lady gaurd, Arbella. "Cheeky things aren't they?" Said the brunette. They two chuckled till they were coming up to Legolas. “I Nogoth amman e tîr gin? Tauriel?” -Why does the Dwarf stare at you, Tauriel?-
"Ú-dangada?” -Who can say?- she said and glanced back at Kili and turns back to her path at the top of the stairs with a kind of dreamy smile.
"E orchal be Nogoth.” -He’s quite tall for a Dwarf.- she said and suddenly realized what she was doing and what she was saying. "Pedithig?” -Do you not think?- she haistily said and went down the stairs
"Orchal eb vui, mal uvanui en.” -Taller than some, but no less ugly.-
Legolas if he's and looked back at the cells, kilos in particular with a glare, before turning and walking away. After her and the other guards left, the dwarves began kicking, beating and slamming against the cell doors.
"Leave it!" Balin shouted. "There’s no way out. This is no Orc dungeon; these are the halls of the Woodland Realm. No one leaves here but by the king’s consent.”

Meanwhile, in the throne room, Thorin was placed at the base of the throne stairs by two guards as Thranduil stood there with his back to the dwarf prince.
"Some may imagine that a noble quest is at hand. A quest to reclaim a homeland and slay a dragon. I myself suspect a more prosaic motive: attempted burglary, or something of that ilk.”
He had began to say? His voice having taken a cold and sharp tone over the many years that had passed since they had last met. Thranduil turned to face Thorin as he spoke and walk around him with his arms behind his back, "You have found a way in. You seek that which would bestow upon you the right to rule: the King’s Jewel, the Arkenstone. It is precious to you beyond measure. I understand that. There are gems in the mountain that I too desire. White gems of pure starlight. I offer you my help.”
"I am listening.” Thorin said carefully. Thranduil would stand there “I will let you go, if you but return what is mine…..what your own wife knows is mine as well” he stated as he would watch him, though in that moment Thorin would know that something was done with his wife….Thranduil wouldn’t have brought her up other wise. "So it was Azul that we heard in the forest." He said with a glare, "where is she?" “do we have a deal King….Under the mountain” he stated not answering him. Thorin swallowed the growl in his throat and turned away, "a favor for a favor? Thranduil would nod his head some as he watched him, “You have my word. One king to another….one…friend…” the word was bitter on his tongue but he used it. Thorin stops walking. Still facing away from Thranduil, his annoyance? Anger and pure hatred finally came to a head.
"I would not trust Thranduil, the great king, to honor his word should the end of all days be upon us!”

He said and listened to his voice echo through the great hall. He spun around and pointed an accusing finger at Thranduil. "You! Who lack all honor! I’ve seen how you treat your friends. We came to you once, starving, homeless, seeking your help, but you turned your back. You turned away from the suffering of my people and the inferno that destroyed us! Now my Wife, your friend, aunt to your son, Friend and sister to Seldanna, you have poisoned! You do her dishonor! Do Seldanna dishonor! And if I find you have harmed her, there will be no place in this earth where you can hide from me! Imrid amrad ursul!” -Die a death of flames!- Thrnaduil would leap down from his throne and put his face right to Thorins glaring at him. “Do not speak of me of dishonor…nor of dragon fire. Know its wrath and ruin….I have faced the great servants of the north.” As he speaks his face contorts and his face is covered with burns and scars. His left eye milky and unseeing as he would then draw away and his face returns to normal. “I warned your grandfather, as did your wife of what his greed would summon….but he would not listen.” he would then turn and walk up the steps to his throne. “You are just like him.”

He then motions the guards who would grab Thorin and haul him towards the dungeons. “Stay here if you will, and rot. A hundred years is a mere blink in the life of an elf. I am patient. I can wait.” Thorin would soon be thrown into a cell beside the other dwarves, and his taller walks away with the ring of keys. Ballin would stand there “did he offer you a deal? what of Ailis….Fili said he heard Azul” "She is here. I know it. But he has not said where. He did....I told him he could go ‘Ish kakhfê ai’d dur rugnu!’ -I spit upon your grave!-him and all his kin!” He said and his voice carried through the dungeons.

"Well that's it then. That deal was our only hope." Balin said sadly.

"Not our only hope." Thorin said to himself.

She sighed some as she would listen to him, she wasn’t sure if she could down right hate Thranduil but she would speak “they have af ew among their ranks that are still trust worthy Thorin…one elf should not decide your hated for all of them.” she stated and would gently take his hand. “for now….we should try and figure out how to get out of here....” "Bilbo was not captured. He may yet find us a way out of these cells." He said optimistically, "but will your....nephew.....not aide us?" He asked, speaking thickly around the word. There was once a time that he could remember having held the boy in his lap when visiting or being visited by the Mirkwood royals. Playing with him or telling him great dwarven fables in which the young prince watched in amazement and wonder. All that over when those same blue eyes, once joyful and innocent, were stained down at him with cold and indifferent malice while aiming an arrow at his head. “Legolas is much like his father, I did my best to give him the love he needed that Seldanna could give but….since her death Thranduil himself was never the same.” she said as she would stand there, “if we can think of nothing else I can try and speak with legolas….or our son and own nephew could speak with the elven maidens that they so are interested in.” “We are not!” came their unison voices as she chuckled, “you can fool your uncle and father…but you cannot fool me boys”

The silence that followed was accusing, though in their cells, kili sat silently wondering while Fili had crossed his arms in a huff, 'an elf? Really? She even accused me of lacking my own manhood.' “I don’t know…i mean…their not that…bad looking..” Kili stated as he looked at his cousin. "Oh don't you start." Fili said and looked at his cousin accusingly while altogether being in convincing himself “what? you don’t think they aren’t interesting…i mean the red head…wow" "......those green eyes were pretty nice....." he said softly before shaking his head. "They're elves Kili! Elves!" He said and turned to his cousin. "Interesting or not they locked us up and may keep us here with out any hope of reaching the mountain.” “and thats a bad idea because?….beautiful women….comfy living arrangements…besides Aunt Ailis might be able to pull some strings too.” "The blonde one? That's the kings son! He won't help us! He aimed an arrow at my father face and said he'd take pleasure in killing him!" He said loudly and he was certain his mother would hear. Thorin turned back to Ailis after he himself heard their sons statement Ailis would look over at Thorin when she heard that from Fili and would speak “Legolas needs to get out of these woods….its poison to him…” she stated. Kill would shrug “who knows…he could…” he stated "Perhaps but it also may not be that simple." Thorin said

At that moment, Legolas was in his room, sitting in a window seat and in his hand was the silver leaves his mother wore, the chain still wrapped around his neck. He recalled how she would sit with him here and tell him tales of Drakes and Halovenieth. Or sit there and hold him and sing him to sleep. These were one of the few and rare moments that he would allow himself to feel and be vulnerable. Otherwise he would hold his emotions in firm check and was cold once more.

She understood Thorin was right so much has happened that some things couldn’t be fixed. Though as the dwarves sat within their cells another would move through. Bilbo who still wore the ring would sneak around as he came around a corner Thranduil would seem to notice him making Bilbo stand still “I know you’re there. Why do you linger in the shadows?” Bilbo frozen in fear would soon almost sigh with relief as Tauriel the red headed elf stepped out “I was coming to report to you.” “I thought i ordered that nest to be destroyed not two moons past” Thranduil said with annoyance. “We cleared the forest as ordered, my lord, but more spiders keep coming up from the south. They are spawning in the ruins of Col Guldur; if we could kill them at their source-“

Thranduil without much of a hesitation would speak “That fortress lies beyond our borders. Keep our lands clear of those foul creatures, that is your task.” Tauriel would stand firm “and when we drive them off, what then? Will they not spread to other lands?” Thranduil not seeming to care “Other lands are not my concern. The fortunes of the world will rise and fall, but here in this kingdom, we will endure…..” he said proudly, he would though soon turn his head as he heard a noise called by bilbo. Tauriel would bow her head and soon walk away “Legolas said you fought well today.” she would smile “he has grown very fond of you.” Tauriel looks away, a bit shocked and embarrassed. “I assure you, my lord, Legolas thinks of me as no more than a captain of the guard. “ Thranduil would slightly move around her. “Perhaps he did once. Now, I’m not so sure.” Thranduil walks past her to pour himself a cup, she remains rooted in her spot toking worried. “I did not think you would allow your son to pledge himself to a lowly Silvan elf. “ “no you are right. I would not. Still, he cares about you. Do not give him hope where there is none.”

In their cells Fili and Kili would sit with one another as Kili inspects the shiny black stone with engraving in his hand. He flips it in the air and catches it on the back of his hand. Tauriel who came down to check on the prisoners, she pauses at Kilis cell. “the stone in your hand, what is it?” Kill looked up “its a talisman. A powerful spell lies upon it. If any but a dwarf reads the runes on this stone, they will be forever cursed.” he would hold the stone towards her and Fill would snicker some as Tauriel backs up some a bit in shock as Kili would laugh some “Or not, depending on whether you believe that king of thing. Its just a token.” he said smiling making her smile in return. Ailis moved towards the door of her cell watching with a warm smile at her nephew. “its a rhinestone. Mother mother asked my aunt to give this to me. So i’d remember my promise.” “what promise is that?” Tauriel asked. “that I will come back to her….she worries. She thinks I’m reckless…” “are you?” Tauriel asked with a faint glow in her eye. “Nah..” he would flip the stone up in the air to catch it again but misses. It would slid from the cell as Tauriel picks it up inspecting it as she would soon slid it back to him as the sound of elves laughing in the distance. “Sounds like quite a party you’re having up there.” “It is Mereth-en-Gility, the feast of starlight…” she would step away “all light is sacred to the eldar, but wood elves love best the light of the stars.” “I always thought it is a cold light, remote and far away.” Tauriel would look back at him. “It is memory, precious and pure. Like your promise.” the two would continue to talk for some time before Tauriel walks away. As that happens Bilbo who still remains invisible walks through the wine cellar and would soon see the rings of the cells. The mumbling of the elves and their drunken state none seemed to pay mind when one would suddenly be falling over as Bilbo grabbed the keys and races off down the stairs.

The dwarves hearing the laughter would continue to talk “I’ll wager the sun’s on the rise. It must be nearly dawn.” Ori would sigh “We’re never going to reach the mountain are we?” Bilbo would appear before Thorin and Ailis cell holding up the keys. “Not stuck in here you’re not!"

The dwarves began to chatter and cheer for Bilbo before he shushed them. "There are guards near by!" He hissed and went about open the cell doors. Once each dwarf was free, Bilbo managed to get them to follow him down the stairs. But they were not prepared for what await them. "I don't believe it, we're in the cellars!"kili hissed in a whisper.
"The cellars? Your supposed to be leading us out, not further in!" Vogue said angrily at Bilbo “will you just trust me?” Bilbo stated quickly as he would keep going “i know what I’m doing…this way” he stated motioning them to a large room which several barrels are stacked sideways down the middle of the room. All the barrels have one end open, “everyone, climb into the barrels, quickly” “Are you mad!? They’ll find us!” Dwalin stated in irritation. Bilbo would shake his head “No, no they won’t, I promise you, please..please you MUST trust me!” AIlis would grip Thorin’s hand and would move up towards the barrels with a smile to Bilbo. “you have my trust Mr. Baggins" Thorin looked at her and the hobbit before turning to the others, "do as he says." He said. The others began to climb into the barrels but Fili turned to Ailis. "What about Azul?" He asked “don’t worry, I’m sure he’s been playing he’s defeated. Thranduil does not know the true might of a drake…” she stated with a smile towards her son. “lets quickly get inside”

"Half his face melted off and he doesn't know a Drakes might?" Her husband teased before they climbed into their barrels. "What do we do now?" Bofur asked as Bilbo stood next to a lever. "Hold your breath."
"Hold my breath? Wha--"
Bofur was cut off when the hobbit pulled it and the barrels riled down the trap door and into a river waiting below

Bilbo pulls the lever, and the part of the floor that the barrels were on tilts downward into an opening; the barrels roll out the opening and fall several feet into a river that runs beneath the Woodland Realm. The dwarves yell as they fall, and the barrels make loud thumping noises. The elves sleeping around the table stir and begin to wake up. Bilbo triumphantly looks around, then realizes that he forgot to get out himself, and that the trap door has closed.

Legolas having not seen his aunt much since her arrival would head down towards the cells, he wanted to at least see her..talk to her. Though as he strides to the empty cells he would blink before turning to the elven guards. “Where is the keeper of the keys?!” he stated quickly. In the cellar, Bilbo fratically runs back and forth and stomps on the ground, trying to make the floor tip again. As Legolas, Tauriel and the other run towards the cellar the floor tips and bilbo fans into the river yelling. He surfaces and grabs onto NOri’s barrel. The company still in their own barrels had been waiting for him.

"Well done master Baggins." Thorin said with a smile before he turned and used his hands to paddle himself forward with the river that lead them outside.
Arabella followed Tauriel out as Legolas stormed outside, "close the gates!" He snapped and Arabella pulled up her horn that she kept on her belt and called to the guards at the rivers gates. "No!" Thorin shouted as the gates were closed just as he reached them. The dwarves barrels began to pile into the little aclove and all unawares of the coming threat that was about to come over the walls. Ailis would curse some as she held onto the barrel and would soon gasp when a black arrow came sailing as several orcs swarm over the guard post, killing the elves. Multudes of orcs in from the bushes including one with armor on his chest and face….Bolg. Ailis would look up as she would almost gasp some, the eyes on the creature or at least the one that she could see most….looked like Seldannas eyes. Bofur would speak “watch out! Those are orcs!

Bolg would snarl before speaking “Gorid Zib Goridug! (slay them all!)
Kili knew they were sitting ducks and so climbed out of his barrel to fight the orcs with the blade of a fallen elf and made his way to the lever that would open the gates. While he did, in defense of them, Arabella and tauriel shot off arrows and fought the orcs as well did Legolas and other elves. Arabella would see an orc aim at Kili and would soon rush forward, slamming herself into the orc and slamming the blade into its gut before its body hit the water. The orcs begin throwing themselves at the dwarves in their barrels; Bilbo manages to kill one with Sting, and Dwalin elbows another in the face. Kili looks up and sees the lever the elven guard had pulled earlier. He manages to get out of his barrel and runs up the stairs toward the lever. Unarmed, he ducks as an swings at him. Dwain would soon yell “Kili” Dwalin, who had managed to grab a sword from one of the elves or orcs, throws it to Kili, who then fights his way to the top of the stairs. As Kili fights an orc, another one leaps up from behind him, raising its spear to stab him. Fili throws a short sword or dagger and kills the orc, allowing Kili to fight his own opponent and kill it. Bolg, noticing Kili, pulls his bow and arrows from his back. As Kili reaches for the lever, Bolg fires an arrow, which hits Kili in the calf. Kili stops short, panting.

Fill looked up in shock as he saw his cousin get injured “Kill!” Kili groans in pain and strains to pull the lever, but falls over onto his back. Bolg strings another arrow.

"Kili.." Thorin felt cold fear run through him as he could not see what had become of his nephew and worried.

"Tauriel!" Arabella shouted and got her attention on to kili as orcs on the bridge were closing in in the injured archer.

Tauriel took aim and took down the orcs closing in on him. Bolg growled in anger, he shouted for them to kill the two women. Legolas then emerged from his own skirmish and fired his arrows at the orcs that turned and dared to go after Tauriel and Arabella. The elves continued to fight as Kili would grab hold of the leaver for the gate, with some straining he managed to pull it open only to fall as he did. Ailis the closest woukd grab hold of her nephew the sickining sound of the arrow snapping could be heard as she pulled him into an open barrel. "Hang in there Kili!" She stated as they went down the river once again with orcs and elves giving chase. "After them!" Bolg commanded in the black speech and began to chase, passing by Legolas who looked up and like Ailis, thought of his mothers eyes as he looked at the beast of a pale orc. Said orc gave him a look of utter and pure hatred as he ran passed after his prey. "Follow them!" He shouted to his men and they too gave chase

The dwarves continued down the river moving quickly with the flow of the water, orc elf and dwarf fighting but it seemed a two sided battle against the orcs. Ailis would soon put her fingers to her lips as she whistled loudly hoping to get Azul attention, in the distance Azul heard it and growled before soon pulling hard on the chains that held him and with a hard jerk the drake took to the skies and shot towards his mistress call.

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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Kili manages to slide himself off the ledge and into his empty barrel below. As he lands in it, the shaft of the arrow in his leg breaks off on the edge of the barrel, Ailis would gently run her hand against her nephew's face "hold on" she whispered, as Azul would roar over head lashing out at the orcs and even a few of the elves in anger. "Azul! clear the way" she called to the drake who snorted but would take off grabbing at any orcs that where trying to cut ahead . Tauriel distractedly looks over at him and is attacked by an orc, but manages to kill the orc. The remaining dwarves and Bilbo plunge over the waterfall and continue floating down the rushing river, as Bolg and his orcs follow the river on land. The dwarves try to paddle and steer with their hands, but to no avail; the river is running too wild. As they come to a narrow part of the river, orcs on either side begin shooting arrows at them. Meanwhile, back at the guardpost, Tauriel continues fighting orcs. Legolas leaps to the top of the guardpost as well. In the river, an orc leaps at Thorin in his barrel, but he manages to kill it with a sword he grabbed earlier. Tauriel, Legolas, and the other elves run after the orcs chasing the dwarves, shooting them. An orc jumps from an overhanging tree branch toward Balin, but throws his sword and pins the orc to the tree; as the orc drops its weapon, Thorin catches it while floating beneath him, and he throws back to Bombur, who throws it to Nori, who throws it to Fili, who kills an orc with it. An orc leaps onto Dwalin barrel, only for Dwalin to headbutt it off and steal its axe. The dwarves see a low-hanging tree branch stretched across the river in front of them, with several orcs on it. Thorin will yell out to the others to 'cut the log' As he floats under it, Thorin hits it with his sword, then Bofur hits it with his weapon, and Dwalin, right behind him, hits the branch with his axe, breaking it and causing the orcs on it to fall into the river. Bilbo manages to climb atop a floating barrel. “Bombur!” Dwalin called out to him before throwing his axe to Bombur, who kills an orc that had just jumped onto his barrel. The Orc’s spear ends up pinning it to an overhanging tree branch; the other end of the spear catches onto Bombur’s barrel and catapults it through the air and onto the riverbank, where the barrel rolls and tramples multitudes of orcs. The barrel flips through the air to the other side of the river, where it tramples more orcs. Eventually, the barrel comes to a stop, and orcs surround it; however, Bombur kicks out the bottom, then sticks his arms holding axes through the sides. He then starts spinning rapidly with the axes extended, mowing down all the orcs around him. He then runs toward the river, tosses his axe to one of the floating dwarves, then gracefully jumps into an empty barrel.

Meanwhile, Legolas, Tauriel, and the other elves have caught up to the dwarves and orcs, and they fight the orcs. At one point, Legolas leaps over the river and lands with a foot on the heads of two dwarves, from this vantage point, he shoots orcs on either riverbank. He aims carefully, and manages to skewer two orcs through the head with one arrow. Legolas continues fighting orcs, using the heads of floating dwarves as stepping stones to get across the river. While he is preoccupied fighting an orc, another orc runs up behind him and raises its sword to kill him; Thorin, from his barrel in the river, throws his sword and manages to kill the orc behind Legolas. Legolas and Thorin look at each other with some sort of understanding; Legolas stops pursuing them as the dwarves continue floating down the river. It seems like all the orcs are dead. However, as Legolas watches the dwarves float away, an orc draws its bow and aims at him; it shoots, but its arrow is suddenly deflected in the air by Tauriel’s own arrow. As Legolas spins around in surprise, Tauriel attacks the orc and forces it to its knees. Just before she can decapitate it with her knife, Legolas stops her. “Tauriel! Dartho! Ú-no hono. Ho hebo cuin.” [Tauriel! Wait! This one we keep alive.]

Bolg and his remaining orcs continue chasing the dwarves. “Ban khozdai-go! Sha-mogi obguryash!” [After them! Cut them off!] Legolas stares after the dwarves for a second, then turns and heads back toward the Woodland Realm. Tauriel watches the dwarves floating away, being chased by orcs, and looks conflicted as to whether or not she should follow them or Legolas. Legolas would look at the orc he had captured but his mind would go back some to the one clearly in charge of the others...those eyes the creature Bolg had, they where so much like his mothers and he shook his head, there was just no way...it was impossible. The river has calmed down, and the dwarves paddle along in their barrels with their hands. Ailis would grab onto Kili's barrel helping him out with the aid of her son Thorin would call back “Anything behind us?” Balin spoke “Not that I can see.” Bofur stated “I think we’ve outrun the orcs.” “Not for long; we’ve lost the current.” Dwalin spoke quickly “Bofur is half drown.” Thorin’s gruff voice cut through the roar of the water“Make for the shore! Come on, let’s go!” The dwarves and Bilbo paddle to the riverbank; they climb out onto a slab of rock jutting out a bit into the river. “Come on!” When Kili is on the rocks, he falls to his knees in pain from the arrow wound in his thigh; it has been bound with cloth, but blood is seeping through. Bofur looks at him concernedly. Ailis gently holding him only to be pushed her back some “I’m fine, it’s nothing.” Thorin glanced back as he would then look ahead “On your feet.” His Son Fili would look on in alarm “Kili’s wounded. His leg needs binding.” “There’s an orc pack on our tail; we keep moving.” Balin blinked and looked around “To where?” The young Halfling Bilbo would somewhat motion ahead “To the mountain; we’re so close.” “A lake lies between us and that mountain. We have no way to cross it.” Ailis stated quickly. “So then we go around….maybe use Azul to help Kili across the river” Dwaling grunted out wringing out some of the water. “The orcs will run us down, as sure as daylight. We have no weapons to defend ourselves...and in these parts a drake is not something one would want to see…I say keep Azulhidden” “Bind his leg, quickly. You have two minutes.”

While they bind Kili’s leg, some of the dwarves sit down and Ori kneels by the river to empty his boot of water. Azul landing not far as Ailis tended to the drake, “you fly ahead…stay out of sight…and do not go into the mountain” she stated as Azul whined gently nudging her. Unbeknownst to them, a man, Bard, sneaks up over the pile of rocks and aims an arrow at Ori. As the dwarves realize a man is there, they jump up, and Dwalin, holding a branch, leaps in front of Ori. Azul looks over at the man and opens his mouth to shoot flames only for Ailis to stop him “no don’t…you’ll hit the others!” she called as soon Ori raises the branch and begins to charge the man, but the man shoots his arrow and it embeds itself right in the middle of the branch, between Dwalin’s hands. Kili raises a rock to throw, but the man shoots the rock out of his hand too. The human would speak coldly “Do it again, and you’re dead…..” Balin, who is standing near the edge of the group, sees a barge floating in the river behind Bard. He talks to Bard, approaching him slowly with his hands held in the air. Azul still growling as Ailis gently ran her hand down his snout. Balin glancing from him to the barge would speak “Excuse me, but, uh, you’re from Laketown, if I’m not mistaken? That barge over there, it wouldn’t be available for hire, by any chance?” The human lowers his bow but keeps his attention towards the black scaled drake but would soon move back to climbs aboard his barge as the dwarves approach. “What makes you think I will help you?...specially when you have a drake” Balin shifted and nodded before glancing at his feet “Those boots have seen better days.” The human would begins loading the dwarves’ empty barrels into his barge. “As has that coat. No doubt you have some hungry mouths to feed. How many bairns?” “A boy and two girls.” “And your wife, I’d imagine she’s a beauty.” “Aye. She was.” Balin’s smile fades. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to-” He is interrupted by Dwalin whispering loudly to Thorin. “Oh, come on, come on, enough with the niceties.” “What’s your hurry?” “What’s it to you?” “I would like to know who you are and what you are doing in these lands…and why a drake of all things travils with you” Balin glanced at Ailis some then back to the human “We are simple merchants from the Blue Mountains journeying to see our kin in the Iron hills…the drake….is our companion he wont hurt anyone unless he feels threatened….his mistress will also send him ahead and out of sight..wont you Ailis?” Balin called back as she nodded in return. “We know drakes aren’t welcome in this area…Azul was just going to head out to hunt” she said as she patted Azul’s neck. “go on…stay out of sight..” she whispered as the drake hissed before moving away and soon taking off opposite direction of the mountain. “There the drake is gone….We’ll need food, supplies..weapons. Can you help us?” Thorin stated once Azul was out of sight

Bard looks at the barrels and examins the various dents and nicks they recived during the fight with the orcs. “I know where these barrels come from.” Thorin’s eyes narrowed some, “what of it?” “I don’t know what business you had with the elves, but I don’t think it ended well. No one enters Laketown but by leave of the Master. All his wealth comes from trade with the Woodland Realm. He will see you in irons before risking the wrath of King Thranduil.”

He would turn and start to board his barge and tosses a rope to Balin. Thorin would mouth to him “Offer him more..” Balin grunted “I’ll wager there are ways to enter that town unseen. “ “Aye. But for that, you will need a smuggler..” “For which we will pay double” The human looks up at him with questions.

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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"Such is the nature of evil. Out there in the vast ignorance of the world it festers and spreads, a shadow that grows in the dark. A sleepless malice as black as the oncoming wall of night. So it ever was; so will it always be. In time, all foul things come forth.” Thranduil said as he stared down at the Orc that had been captured by his son and captains. Said orc was on his knees before the king, held there by the prince with a blade held to the creatures throat.

"You were tracking a company of thirteen dwarves. Why?"

"Not thirteen; not any more." The orc said with snide tone. Tauriel a face visibly fell and Arabella turned to her friend before looking to the orc, "Explain, filth." Arabella snapped.
"The young one, the black-haired archer, we stuck him with a Morgul shaft." Tauriel feels her stomach drop and the worry is written all over her face. The orc smirks and is quick to react.
"The poison’s is in his blood. He’ll be choking on it soon."

"Answer the princes question, filth.” She snapped in turn, not wanting to hear another word of the orcs lies.
" hakhtiz khunai-go, Golgi!” -I do not answer to dogs, She-Elf!-
He yelled at Tauriel and struggled against the grasp the hold the prince held in him. Tauriel brandished her weapon and stared down the beast.
"I would not antagonize her." Legolas said, not as a warning but as a promise that he knew she would fulfill.

"You like killing things, orc? You like death?" She asked and arabella gripped her blade with in hand. And the other was ready to grab her friend and fellow captain, just incase if anything should happen.
And before she knew it or could respond....."Then let me give it to you!” And Tauriel lunged forward. Arabella's hand shot forward and just grabbed her shoulder when their king spoke.
“Farn! Tauriel, ego! Gwao hi.” -Enough! Tauriel, leave! Go now.- Thranduil said with a snap and scowl. He looked to Arabella and nodded for her to take Tairiel away from the throne room. "Come, tauriel." Arabella nodded and lead tauriel away. "What will we do now?" Arabella asked after they were a distance away and tauriel turned to her, "I'm going after them.

"I do not care about one dead dwarf. Answer the question. You have nothing to fear. Tell us what you know and I will set you free.”
"You had orders to kill them - Why? What is Thorin Oakenshield to you?”Legolas asked
"The dwarf runt will never be king.”
"King? There is no king under the mountain, nor will there ever be. None would dare enter Erebor, whilst the dragon lives.”
[Orc:] “You know nothing! Your world will burn! Your brother, the halfling, will see to it!" The orc said and began to chuckle.
Legolas froze for a moment and looked to Thranduil who also looked confused. The prince looked to the orc again.
"What are you talking about? Speak!”
"The pale orc you saw....Bolg. His eyes are striking. Like his mothers.....like your mothers. Oh how your queen begged for it...."the orc said and pointedly stared at Thranduil.
"You lie." He said softly, Legolas almost missed it because of his now racing heart. "My mother is dead! And you will not speak of her with your fowl tongue!" Legolas hissed and pressed the blade so tightly against the orcs neck that some blood headed around the blade.
"Perhaps....but not before birthing my masters seed!" He said and began to laugh.
"Our time has come again. My master serves the One. Do you understand now, Elfling? Death is upon you. The flames of war are upon you-”
Thranduils eyes widened in a mix of anger and horror and he whipped out his blade and struck the Orc. The orcs head remained slack jawed in his sons hand while his body fell twitching beside him. Legolas looked to his father, "Why did you do that? You promised to set him free."

"And I did. I freed his wretched head from his miserable shoulders.” He stated and proceeded to stomp on the orcs twitching arm.
"There was more the orc could tell us. He could have told us about mother. What if....what if she-"
"No. Orcs speak nothing but lies." He said and swallowed hard at thought of his wife, sweet Seldanna, forced upon by those such as Azog. If it were true then he himself had sentenced her to a life of torture and subjugation.
"Besides, there was nothing more he could tell me.” He said and turned away and began to walk out of the thrown room and sheathed his sword as he went.
"What did he mean by the ‘flames of war’?” Legolas asked as he followed after his father, dropping the orcs head on his body.
"It means they intend to unleash a weapon so great it will destroy all before it.” He turned to look at his guards and waved them to clean the mess of the orc that was left at the base to his throne.
"I want the watch doubled at all our borders. All roads, all rivers. Nothing moves but I
hear of it. No one enters this kingdom, and no one leaves it.”

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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In the depths of the fallen kingdom the sound of orcs and wargs running about echoed all around, deep within the caves and ruins tucked into a black 'cell' where two forms. A small figure could be seen moving about, grabbing hold of the bars and using them to climb slowly skin pale like the moon with black hair that fell down around their small body, it was a child...a female child but as the child climbed footsteps could be heard almost 'stomping'. The child looked up and soon turned and ran back moving behind another figure...a female with blonde hair, the stomping continued till a familer face showed up. Azog with his one arm stared into the cells snorting some growling, before speaking in black speech "your 'sons' will soon be down to one" he stated coldly but with a small smirk, as his eyes slightly darted down to the small figure of the child and glared a bit. "a useless runt that will serve nothing...."

Legolas would shake his head still trying to wrap his mind about what had been said, his mother? She couldn't still be alive, his father told him he had seen her body torn apart could he have beenw rong? Is that why Lhing never returned to the forest? Questions continued to dance in his mind as he went to give the orders once there he would speak "Holo in ennyin! Tiro I defin hain na ganed en-Aran!" (Close the gate! Keep it sealed by order f the king!) he would turn to walk away till one of the gaurds speaks "Man os Tauriel? Arabella?" He would stop short and looked back "Man os sen? (what about them?" "Edevin eb enedohor na gu a megil. En u-nanodell." (They went into the forest armed with bow and blade...they have not returned" Legolas would move towards the gate, as the guard points out thwards the forward in the direction the girls went. Legolas looking anxious.

"If it is to be so, then it yours that will fall. I shall mourn him for the son he could have been, not for the one you created." Said the woman who turned to him and the light fell upon the face of Queen Seldanna.

Between the woods and the city of Lake town., arabella came across the remains of a deer. It's body ripped to shreds. "Such beasts. Death and distraction where ever they go." She said to Tauriel who was beside her

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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Azog would stair at the elven queen he had captured long ago and had made scream for mercy time and time agin. Of course he had gotten oen good 'spawn' from her the second attempt ended up in a weak 'girl child' but he allowed her to keep it as it kept her 'tamed'. "not after we make your woods burn..." he stated and turned leaving. The child gripped her torn dress and would look up at the retreating form of her 'father' and soong rowled baring sharp fangs...

Bolg and his orcs arrive at the rock where the dwarves had meet bard, and soon one of the orcs taste a pool of liqud. "....nash! Agra-yi! (Dwarf-blood! They were here), the one with scars moved up Bolg sniffing the air "Nuzdi-arg nash...hum an bunish!" (there is another scent...man flesh! They have found a way to cross the lake)

"Hush sweet thing, he has gone." She said and hugged her baby to her chest. "Some day....someday we shall be free of him" she said and whipped away a stray tear that slipped. She tried to be strong for her little one and to never let Azog see her cry. A few times he had even laid her infrint of their children to assert himself with them and where Bolg had followed his father in true orc fashion, she was glad for the girl. It would mean that she could keep her and try and raise her to be more then orc.

She looked up at her mother as she was hushed but she would nod her head, the child had never known a life outside these cells and had learned 'black speech' before ever learning elvish. It was almost a curse to be reminded of but the child was rather quick to learn, absorbing everything she taught her, she would point past the gates of the cell "who come?" she asked confused not seeing anyone coming. Seldanna glanced at the small child "Azog? Or do mean who will come?" She asked. "If someone would come, I am not sure. It has been sixty years since I was placed here...," She shook her head growling at the name of her father, though she would soon think some trying to remember names before running over to a wall with drawings on them. She would tap one, pointing a a blonde haired figured, the name 'legolas' over it "they come?" she pointed at her half brother

"I don't think so my little Star" she said sadly. "It has been....a long time." She said and joint her daughter and put a hand over the images and sighed sadly. "They think mommy is long gone, not even sure your brother even remembers me." She said "lhing do" she stated as in the distant a faint roar could be heard, as the panther attempted to onc aegain enter the ruins but was chased out. "lhing come...""Lhing has never given up. He is a good and loyal friend....but he cannot do it alone."

Her head tilted some still confused but she was still only a child, she was clever but wishfull thinking hadn't done anything but put false hope in ones eyes. Though soon growls could be ehard as another orc came by, shoving in two plates of food that weren't exactly fresh or refined but at least it was food. "stop your talking elf scum...." the orc stated coldly before walking away as the little girl ran forward picking up a more 'raw' piece of meat and tore into it, the more 'savage' side of her showing.

"Little star...." Seldanna said and moved over to her child and took her own plate. "Come sit with me." She said and patted the minimal padded bed that was theirs to share in their cell. She looked at her mother, a bit of 'blood' running down her face but she would move over to sit by her mother tilting her head even though she was half elf...Seldanna knew the orc nature still came through “Chew your food." He said and tried to show her to eat slowly so not to choke on the food. She tried to let her child express her orc nature some times, but she didn't want the girl child to become like the orcs around her. She couldn't save Bolg, but she would save her daughter, the child seemed to snort at her for that but would start to take smaller bites, was stubborn she had to give the girl that...as she pulled at the meat, she had sharp canines and besides that she looked very much like a normal elf child...it was her strength and personality and teeth that made her an orc

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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She smiled down at her and ran a hand over her dark hair before picking at her own food, she ate very little herself before putting her hat was left for her daughter. She ate just enough to keep herself going and made sure with what little there was, that her daughter would not go hungry

The child looked up at her mother, seeing her not eating much again she would shift there before she dug through her food and soon pulled out what probably had been a fruit and held it up to her mother. A warm smile at her mother, one of her ‘fangs’ poking over her bottom lip. "No yavanna, I'm fine. You eat." She said and smiled sweetly down at her and was glad to see her so kind. Yavanna would look at the fruit but would take a bite out of it, it was clear her child didn’t like fruits but she ate them to please her mother. Though even as the two had their private times together it was never for long as the orcs and some of the wars came by…taunting them and trying to get the child to get close to the gates….but she always stayed out of their reach. They would spit their curses at her and Seldanna would say it back at them to irritate them and they would leave. None dared to go into their cell in fear of anger in the Pale orc. Yavanna growled and hissed at them coldly, and when they left she would rush up to the gate yelling out something in black speech….it seemed natural for her to speak such as she growled coldly. Though even among orcs…’bolg’ who was her older brother did seem to have a soft spot for the young child and on occasion…brought her treats of fresh meat.

Seldanna held a....certain sort of feelings for bolg. He had been sweet once, like yavanna was at present. But not long after he had reached the age of 5 or 6, Azog had come and claimed his son. She hadn't seen him for almost a 3 years later when he had been injured in his....training. That was the first she saw of his temperament change. He no longer called her mother, no longer held the live as it had once been for her. Now she only saw him when ever he brought something for his sister or was hurt. Some of the orcs would let her heal them. She had even treated Azog when he lost his arm. He himself put the hook into his stump but she was to keep him from or she herself would be killed. Some part of her wished she had killed him when she had the chance and let them kill her...save herself and get family the shame of becoming a tool...a toy for Azog. Defiler for him properly. But the ever dwindling hope of seeing her husband and son at least once more gave her a reason to continue. As did raising Yavanna.
It would be a dark day for the two of them as the sun barley peeked through the clouds and down into the ruins, but with what little bit of sun in the distance Seldanna could still hear Lhing the cat had not stopped in 60 years, so hope still remained..

Back upon the lake the company sat on the barg as it moved across the waters, the human paddles them across as it pushes aside ice floats. A large stone formation appear out of the fog as Bofur yelled “watch out!” The bars moves quickly, between the formations which turn out to be ancient ruins. Bard managed to swing the the barg around the old ruins of an anceint stone peers. "What are you trying to do? Drown us?" Thorin asked with a snap.
"I was born and bred on these waters Master Dwarf. If I wanted to drown you, I would not do it here." He said as he navigated their way around the stone pillars.
"Oh I've had enough of this lippy lakeman. I say we throw him over the side and be done with him. Bilbo made an annoyed sounding sigh, "Bard, His name is Bard."

"And how do you know that?" Bofirs asked. "Simple. I asked him." He said and checked over the side of the boat and saw Azul following as best he could. He was too big for the boat and there was no where for him to hide abord.

Ailis would sigh shaking her head at Thorin, "you and the fear of water..." she muttered some as she would then look towards Bard, "forgive them, its been...some time since they've been around caring people" she stated as Balin would speak "we do not have to like him, we simply have to pay him...Come on now, turn out your pockets" he stated as the dwarves began to pull out their money and valuables. Dwalin soon leaned over towards Thorin and whispered "How do we know he wont betray us." "We don't." Thorin said as Balin finished counting the stack og coins that all of them had between them. "There's, um...just a problem. We're ten coins short." He said. Slowly all eyes turned to the more tight fisted of their company.
"Gloin." THorin said, "Come on. Give us what you have." Gloin sat ther eand would speak quickly "Don't look to me. I have been bled dry by this venture! And what have I seen for my investment? Naught but misery and grief and-" He stops in his rant when he realizes that the others have slowly stood up and are looking at something in the distance. Ailis stood there her hazel eyes upon the home they lost so long ago....the Loney Mountain. Gloin gulped as he would pull out a sack of coins "Bless my beard....Take it...Take all of it!" he stated before Bilbo coughs causing the dwarves to turn to look at Bard who was approaching them "The money, quicky, give it to me....if you value your freedom, you'll do as I say....There are guards ahead."
Balin quickly bagged it and gave them to him. He instructed them to climb into the barrels. He docked his ship and walked over toward a Man.
"What is he doing?" Dwalin asked. Bilbo looked through a hole in his barrel. "He's taking to some one.....and he's....pointing right at us." He said panicked
[3/9/2017 10:18:36 PM] Sapphire: Everyone was being a bit uneasy as Ailis would look at the others before BIlbo spoke "now they're shaking hands" "what?!" "That villain he's selling us out!" one stated in anger as the dwarves sat in their individual barrels listen anxiously, suddenly, dead fish are poured into the barrels. The dwarves all splutter in surporse as bard moves his barge toward the gate of the city, on deck all the barrels are full of fish with a dwarf or hobbit inside. "oh god..." one dwarf said holding his nose. bard kicks the barrel closet to him. "quiet! We're approaching the toll gate..."

"Halt! Good inspection! Papers please." Shouted a gate keeper.
"Oh! It's you Bard."
"Morning Percy." He said as he stopped the barge beside the gate.
"Anything to declare?" Percy asked with a smile.
"Nothing other then that I am cold and tired and ready for home." He said and held out his papers to Percy, who signed it and was ready to send him on his way when another hand snatched the papers away. "No. So.fast." The rather gross looking man named Alfrid looked over the papers before looking at his load. "Consignment of empty barrels from the Woodland Realm. Only, they're not empty, are they Bard?" He tossed bard the papers ito the wind and moves towards him with some of the soldiers behind me. "If I recall correctly, you're licensed as a bargeman, not a fisherman."

He picks up one of the fish from a barrel and holds it up to Bard. He doesn't seem Bombur's eyes looking up frm the gasp where the fish had been.

"That's none of your business." Bard said with a glare at the little weasel of a man."
"Wrong. It's the Masters business, which makes it my business." He said with a sneer.
"Oh come on Alfrid, have a heart, people need to eat!"

"These fish are illegal." He said and through the fish into the lake. "Dump the barrels over the side." He ordered

"You heard, over the side." Said the captain of the guard, Braga, said.

"Folk is this town struggling. Times are hard and good is scare. "
"Not my problem."
"And when the people hear about the Master dumping fish back in the lake? When the rioting starts? Will it be your problem then?" Alfrid would raise his hand to the solders. "Stop" the men would stop as he would look back at bard. "ever the people's champion, eh Bard? Protector of the common folk? You might have their favor now, bargeman...but it wont last" he stated as he turned and walked away. Percy waited for him to leave before speaking "Raise the gate!"

The large portcullis blocking the channel is raised, and Bard begins to pole his barge through. As he passes, Alfrid turns around and shouts to him. "The master has his eye on you; you'd do well to remember. We know where you live." Bard would shoot back. "its a small town, Alfrid; everyone knows where everyone lives. Bard keeps moving and docks his barge and after looking around he knocks over one of the barrel snad a dwarf falls out along with a pile of fish. Bard continues knocking over barrels, As he reaches Dwalings the dwarf poked his head through "Get your hands off me." The remining dwarves and Bilbo struggle ot of ther barrels and look a greasy and slimy from the fish as Ailis shuddered. "ugh...I need a serious bath.." she stated shuddering. Bard would move towards the keeper of the dock "you didn't see them, they were never here...The fish you can have for nothing." before he would lead the company away. "follow me..."

Through lake town the dwarves followed after him. Only one of two of the people seeing the dwarves. Soon a boy of no more then fourteen, came running yup to Bard, "Da, our house....it's being watched." Bard would glance at the company thinking some before he would soon hatch a plan with the others, before he and his son would move back home. As he did he would soon call out to the men watching him "tell the master I'm done for the day" he called and stepped inside. Once inside his children would move up "da..Where hae you been!!" Father we've been so worried." Bard hugges his daughters and would hand the bag to his eldest. "heres something to eat...bain, get them in" he stated as his son nodded running down below and soon running to what is an outhouse as and knocks three times. Dwalin's head appears through and he grumbles "if you speak of this to anyone...Ill rip your arms off." "Dwalin! hes a child" Ailis stated quickly after him glaring at the dwarf. as they would head up the stairs

The dwarves are wrapped in blankets as AIlis sat by a window some looking out seeing Azul's figure settling near the forest. "i should have told him to go further off....he'll cause a scene if he gets close.." she stated as Bilbo looked at her, "hes probably just worried....loved ones tend to do that" Ailis chuckled, "we worry for you to Mr. Baggins, far as I'm concerned you've got family ties with all of us" "That is....very kind if you Ailis. If I'm honest, I feel quite the same. This adventure has given me a lot more then what I began with." He said and smiled at her. "As for azul I agree. This close to a dragon infested mountain, seeing what is essentially a dragon could cause a panic." He said "Something else has gotten his attention." She stated as she watched him, she looked back at Bilbo. "He senses something I have a feeling I know what he senses....but...he hasn't seen Lhing in 60 years.." she stated as Fili heard his mother bring up Lhing. "you mean Seldanna's guardian?" he asked as she nodded. "he hasn't left Gundabald from what Thranduil told me....which gives me an unsettling feeling as to why..."

"I was to busy to make sure your mother was well, I honestly had no idea where he had gone off too." Thorin said as he looked out the window with them. "Image should be fine. He knows to stay out of human villages....but being this close? Would he go after Lhing?" Thorin asked his wife. She would glance back at Thorin, "its possible, I may have raised Azul doesn't mean I know everything that goes on in his head." she stated as one of the girls turned, "you raised a drake?1" it was the youngest as she moved over towards Ailis looking at her in wonder. "that's amazing!! I thought drakes were all scary and mean" "they can be...just have to learn that some are just protecting their homes." AIlis stated with a smile. "You know much about the creatures?" Bard asked as he stoked the fires, trying the soggy group of dwarves. "I come from a village far in the north, where both dragons and drakes live...." she stated with a smirk as Fili would soon speak up, "my mother is the only known person to ever kill a dragon." "Drake fili...dragons are near impossible to kill considering their sizes."

"You haven't met her mother." Thorin said with a smirk. He took the smack his wife gave him gladly and fili chuckled.
Ailis would chuckle shaking her head at him, "you know after this we are going to go visit her..." she said fainly as the dwarves would continue to keep warm till bard would speak "all this may not be the best fit...but it will keep you warm" he stated as Bilbo nodded 'Thank you very much." the hobbit stated. Though when Thorin glanced out the window, atop a tower is a widlas a giant cross-bow type weapon with four arms. Ailis would blink "a..dwarvish wind-lance..." she stated

Bilbo looked at her and then to THorin, "you look like you've seen a ghost..." Balin would speak "they have...the last time we saw such a weapon...a city was on fire. It was the day the dragon came.....the day that Smaug destroyed Dale...Girion, the lord of the city...ralled his bowman to fire upon the beast....but as Ailis stated a dragon is very hard to kill....its hide is tough, tougher than the strongest armor. Only a black arrow, fired from a wind-lance...could have pierced the dragons hide...and few of those arrows were ever made..." Ailis would shift some. "I still remember making them....but without the proper ore...I couldn't produce any."

"You did what you could." Thorin said softly to her, "but had the aim of men been true that day, much would be different." He said as Bard stepped up. "You speak as if you were there."
Thorin gracefully dodged the accusatory tone and eyes, "all dwarves know the tale." Bards sone Bain would speak up quickly "then you would know that Giron hit the dragon. He loosened a scale under the left wing. One more shot and he would have killed the beast!"Dwain would chuckle "hahaha! That's a fairy story lad. Nothing more." Thorin walked up to him, "you took our money. Where are the weapons?" He asked and bard swallowed hard. "Wait here." He said and walked back outside of the hut and pulled out a leather skin wrapped around a verying items that he had hid in the water and went back inside. While Bard goes off to get the items the few dwarves would gather quietly together "Tomorrow, beings the last days of autumn." Balin nodded "Durin's day falls morn after next. We must reach the mountain before then." "And if we do not? If we fail to find the hidden door before that time?" Kili asked looking ot his father then to his cousin. "Then this quest has been for nothing"

As they said that Bard returns and lays the package on the table as the dwarves stand around it. He loosens the wrappings and reveals a couple of hand-made weapons. The dwarves look at them in shock, then pick up the weapons and look at them in disgust.
Thorin picked up a weapon. "What is this?" He asked as he looked at the weapons or rather the sorry excuses for weapons, "a pike hook. Made from an old harpoon."
"And this?" Kili asked picking up one as well. "A crowbill, we call it. Made from a smithys hammer. It's heavy I. Hand I grant but in defense of your life, it will serve you better then none."

"We paid you for weapons!" Gloom blusterd. "Iron forged swords and axes!"
Ailis looked over the weapons as she stood there, "with a proper forge...I could alter some of these..." she stated as she looked them over, while the dwarves all bickered. Bofur snapped "its a joke" he stated thoriwng his weapon back to the table the dwarves following suit. "You wont find better outside the city armory. All iron-forged weapons are held there udner lock and key." Bard stated quickly Dwalin and Thorin met glances and silently agreed that a plan would be forged to retrieve those weapons. "Thorin." Balin said, unaware of Bards sudden take back at hearing the princes name, as well as the confusion of why that name sounded familiar. "Why don't we just take what was offered? I've made do with less. So have you." Balin said as the ever voice of reason. "Your not leaving." Bars said. Dwalin turned with a faint growl "What did you say?" "There's spies watching this house and probably every dock and wharf in the town. You must wait till nightfall" he stated as the dwarves began to settle down. Kili leaning on a pole as he looked like he was in pain and thens tarted to couch. Ailis turned to see her nephew holding his leg but she stayed silent for now.

Bard stood ont he porch talking to himself trying to recall where he'd heard the name 'Thorin' before before he would soon turn around and looks at the Lonely Mountain in the distance as he does this Bain opens the door looking at him. "Da?" "Don't let them leave" Bard stated and would hurry downt he steps and into town.

Meanwhile Tauriel and Arabelle in pursuit of the orcs come to the a rocky end of the river and at the banks of the lake. Far across the lake, Laketown is visable. The rocks are have pierces of a deer that the orcs had shot and ripped apart. Hearing something Tauriel turned her head slightly while Arabella reaches for something at her side. As she whips around some steps behind is Legolas as Tauriel sighed. "Ingannen le Orch" (I thought you were an orc) Arabella sighed as well as she shook her head some. "Cí Orch im, dangen le.” -If I were an Orc, you would be dead.- he said and smirked but only for a moment
"Tauriel, you cannot hunt thirty orcs on your own.”

"But I’m not on my own.” She said and smiled at him and he smiled back. "You knew I would come." He said and sighed before turning to Arabella. "And you should have known better then to let her go. Or go yourself for that matter.
"Forgive me for not trying harder, but she wasn't exactly pointing her bow at my head." Arabella said with her own smile. He shook his head at them and gave another sight
"The king is angry, Tauriel, at both of you. For 600 years, my father has protected you, favored you. You defied his orders; you betrayed his trust.” He said , looking between them. You two are all that he has to connect to my mother that he has not locked away, he even sent away those she taught in her healing practices." He looked back up into their eyes, "Dandolo na nin...e gohenatha.” -Come back with me...he will forgive you.-
"Ú-’ohenathon. Cí dadwenithon, ú-’ohenathon im.” -But I will not. If I go back, I will not forgive myself.-
"Nor will I."
"The king has never let orc-filth from our lands. Not since your mothers Passing. Yet he would let this orc-pack cross our borders and kill our prisoners.”
"One in injured terrible, but he could still be saved if we could just reach him."Arabella said worried not only for tauriels sake, but also of that of the golden haired Dwarf. He had a certain...charm that struck her and kept his smile in her minds eye.
"It is not our fight.”
"It is our fight." She said in a form voice, locking his gaze on her. "Your own aunt is in that party. She could be hurt or killed. And you know it will not end here. With every victory, this evil will grow. If your father has his way, we will do nothing. We will hide within our walls, live our lives away from the light, and let darkness descend. Are we not part of this world? Was your mother not part of this world? She would not want you or your father to live in the shadow of her death or that in the dying wood"
"Tell me, Mellon." Arabella said and put a hand in her princes and friends shoulder, "when did we let evil become stronger than us?” Arabella would look at the two before speaking, "things have not been the same since the fall of the queen....even in the times that Lady Ailis came to the woods...the king still would not see to reason..." she stated as she then looked back to Laketown, "if we do not change things now....we will forever be stuck in darkness's grip."

Bard would move towards the storekeeper as he looked around, and would soon grab hold of one looking upon the names and memebers of the line of Durin...sewn into it. THough as he does this he overheards a women speaking. "There were dwarves, I tell you. Appeared out of nowhere. Full beards, fierce eyes; I've never seen the like." "What are dwarves doing in these parts?" a fishmen asked before another spoke "Its the prophecy" "Prophecy?" "The procphey of durins folk"

bard traces through the lineage of the tapestry and he finds the last entry. Thorin...he looks up thinking "the prophecy...prophey.." he muttered. THe people of laketown however begin to talk about the dwarves "the old tales will come true" "vast halls of treasure" "can it really be true? has the lord of silver fountains returned?" Bard listens to this as a phrase soo jolts within his memory. "The lord of silver fountains, the king of cavern stones, the king beneath the mountain shall come into his own. And the bells shall ring in gladness at the mountain kings return...but all shall fall in sadness and the lake will shine and burn..."

Bard would run quickly back to his house, the setting sun causes the lake to glow orange as he recites the last line to himself as he bursts into the house the dwarves are no where to be found. Bain came up to him "Da! I tried to stop them-." "How long have they been gone?" he asked. Within laketown the dwarves are sneaking through the town toward the armoy, hiding from watchmen. Dwalin grunts "Shh! Keep it down." Ailis would look around "are you sure we should do this....we could just ask..."
Legolas sighed and gripped his mothers necklace through his tunic, "very well. We will go. I put my trust in you both for this long.....be a pity to stop now." He said. The two women smiled in triumph and the trio turned and made their way to LakeTown.

"I doubt in a town where a leader who makes his people call them master, lets his people starve and taxes them as he does would not be very eager to help us." Thorin said, having heard the conversation between bard and Alfrid. Also seeing the state of the people and the houses, that the guards acted like brutes and took what they would with out paying, no. This 'master' was not to be trusted. "It's best we just take just what we need from the armory and go. As quickly and quietly as possible." He said as the dwarves put their plan into action and created a sort of 'ladder' in which Bilbo then ran up to the window and climbed inside. He went down to the door and let them in and the dwarves began to pick through the weapons and Thorin gave kili one last item to carry out and he noticed his nephew was struggling.
"Are you alright?"

"Yeah." Kili lied, his leg hurt something fierce and his body burned. But he did not want to be left behind or to slow them all down, so he kept it quite. "Yeah I can manage and he turned to go down the stairs. He only managed to make it down and a few steps before his injury gave out and he fell down the stairs, making a huge racket as he went. Dori would turn quickly "Run!" he stated as the dwarves still outside began to run but are stopped by two watchmen poinint pikes at them. Bilbo and the dwarves within the armory grab weapons, but seeral other guards point pikes at them too. The captain of the hold is holding Kili with a dagger to his throat as AIlis yelled "do not harm him!" she yelled as Kili glances at his aunt then sadly and guiltly at thorin.

Alfrid would poke his head out of the door to the masters mansion to see the commotion and sees the soldiers dragging the dwarves to the mansion. Peple gathering behind and soon the dwarves are some what let go as AIlis moved to her nephew "Kili...are you alright?" she asked gently holding him up, "its that injury isnit ?" she asked softly. Dwalin would yell "Get off me!" he stated coldly to the guards. Though not soon after the doors to the mansion open and the master storms out. "What is the meaning of this?!" Braga, the captain of the gaurds, stepped forward. "We caught 'em stealing weapons Sire." "This is a bunch of Mercenaries if ever there was, Sire." Said Alrif, ever pandering to his Master like a snivveling dog. Dwalin glared and took a few steps forward, "Hold your Tongue!" He snapped, "You do not know to whom you speak. This is no common criminal, This is Thorin! Son of THrain, Son of Thror." He said and his chest swelled with dwarvish pride as he gestured to his friend and leader.
Thorin stepped forward and slapped a hand onto Dwalins shoulder in thanks before stepping forward, "We are the dwarves of Erebor."
Whispers and excited chatter began to flow around them as the gathered crowd of Townsfolk watched on. "We have come to reclaim our homeland." He said and turned to face the people of LakeTown, "I remember this town and the great days of old. Fleets of boats lay at harbor, Filled with Silks and fine Gems. Alive with light and laughter. Feasts of plenty." and for a moment, he and the people of the Lake could see it again.

"This was no forsaken town on a Lake! This was center of all trade in the North!" the people began to nod and call out in support of Thorin, feeling pride in their past and their Ancestors. "I would see those days returned. I would rilight the great forges od the dwarves and send wealth and riches flowing from the halls of Erebor." And suddenly a great roar of cheers and appluading were heard through out the town. The master looked out amoung the people, over the dwarves. thinking to himself how and what he could gain of their venture. To have the wealth of the mountain at his disposal.....

Ailis stood there listening to the roar of the people but her eyes seem downcast, as she would glance at her husband...the wealth of Erabor she saw what it caused and deep down she almos some what didn't want this to even happen. Bard would hear the roars of the people and would even notice the look on Ailis's face...she knew what came with that mountain. "Death!...that is what you will bring upon us! Dragon-fire and ruin....if you awaken that beast...it will destroy us all." he stated coldly as people would whisper anxiously. "your wife knows what lies within that mountain and has warned you....see to reason...even her own drake dares not go near that mountain!"

"My wife is none of your concern and you have no say in the matter." He whispered back. "You can listen to this naysayer, but I promise you this; If we succed, all will share in the wealth of the mountain. You will have enough gold to rebuild Esgaroth ten times over!" The people yelled in excitement and they applaud, but bard would not have it as he spoke "All of you! Listen to me! You must listen! Have you forgotten what happened to dale?! Have you forgotton those who died in the firestorm?" the people yelled out 'no!' "And for what purpose? The blind ambition of a mountain-king so driven by greed he could not see beyond his own desire!" he stated coldly looking at Thorin, "I believe you call it....dragon-sickness" he stated as Ailis moved to thorin placing her hand on his shoulder, hoping to make sure his temper did not get the best of him.

However it was the Master who spoke next "Now, now, we must not, an of us, be to quick to lay blame. Let us not forget that it was Girion. Lord of Dale, your ancestor, who failed to kill the beast!" the master stated pointing at Bard as the crowd begins to whisper. Bard looks away before alfrid spoke "its true, sire. We all know the story; arrow after arrow he shot, each one missing its mark!". The crowd begins to yell angrly at him and bard would soon stire towards Thorin "you have no right, no right to enter that mountain!" "I have the only right." With that he turned to face the Master, though he still strongly disliked this pig of a man, he had the power over this city and could give them what they needed to get to Erebor, "I speak to the Master of the men of the lake. Will you see the Prophecy fulfilled? Will you share in the great ealth of our People?"

Ailis watched this and she would look to bard, but she would move over towards him while Thorin addressed the master. The cheers of the people filling the air around them as she would speak, "if something happens....I'll send Azul to gather you and your family, he can take you to my homeland its a port village like this they could use a good navigator" she stated trying to help him some. "i fear that dragon as the others should....iv never told Thorin this....but smaug was the one that nearly killed me years before I meet him..." "Then you should know not to enter the mountain. Please stop him. He will rain fire upon us...." he said before the Master spoke up to them. "I say ontp you.....welcome! welcome and thrice welcome, King under the Mountain!" THe master opens his arms and the crowd errupts into cheers. Bard shook his head and stepped away from Ailis and turned away and went back to his home "I've tried once.....it cost us the life of our first born" she stated as she stood there, with a shaky breath and would look at Bard as he headed back to his home. "forgive us..." she whispered.

As morning came the people crowd among one of the main channels as a boat is loaded with supplies for the dwarves to the mountain. Ailis glanced around wondering if she herself should go with them, as BIlbo soon spoke "you do know we're one short; wheres Bofur?" "if hes not here, we leave him behind." "we have to, if we're to find the door befor enightfall. We can risk no more delys."

They mark along the pier and the dwarves begin to board the boat. They are fully stocked in armor but Thorin soon stops Kili and AIlis paused looking over to him. "Thorin...what are ou doing?" "not you. We need to move with speed and you will slow us down." Hew said and motioned to his leg. He looked sory for what he had to do, but he couldnt risk getting to the mountain in time.
kili scoffed, thinking that Thorin was joking, "What are you talking about? Im coming with you."
"No." He said softly.
"No...Im going to be there when that door is opened. When we first look upon the halls of our fathers, Thorin." "No Kili. Stay here, rest. Join us when you are healed." Ailis stepped off the boat watching this as she saw Thorin laying his hand on his shoulder before turning to get into the boat as Fili spoke "Father! we grew up on these tales of the mountain. Tales you told us, You can't take that way form him!" Fili stated as Ailis looked at Thorin as Oin stepped out "Ill stay with the lad. My duty lies with the wounded"

Oin moved to Kili as he would start to look over his injured leg and Fili would speak "I' will carry him if I must." "Fili. One day you will be King, and you will understand. I cannot risk the fate of this quest for the sake of one Dwarf. not even my own kin no matter how much it may pain me." Fili glared at his father and turned to join kili and Thorin grabbed his arm. "Fili, dont be a fool, you belong with the Company."
Fili yanked his arm free while still glaring at his father unbelieving. "I belong with my brother." He then stomred over to kili and Oin to help the older dwarf take Kili somewhere to rest.

Ailis heart sank seeing her son and nephew being left and she soon shook her head, "wait..." she stated before the boat could push off she stepped off as Balin spoke "ailis we need you..." "no you don't Balin...all you need is one thing from that mountain...but I wont abandon my son and nephew for gold and jewels" Thorin took her hand, "Ailis..." He said, "you should be there with me when the doors open. "as should your son and nephew....but fate does not always give us what we desire" she stated as she looked back at him. "you know enough about dragons to get by well enough, just be safe" she said warmly to him and then kissed his forehead as she pulled back. "Thorin we have to go..." Dwalin stated as they would push off.

As the dwarves left Ailis sighed till Kili would groan in pain and would fall over. Fili would catch him as he yelled "kili...Kili!" Ailis turned as Oin would examine him. Though no one would seem to help them as Bofur would pick him up as they race around laketown. They would rush to Bards door and soon the bargemen would try and close it "No...I'm done with dwarves..go away" Ailis would speak "wait please!...kilis sick...please..." she stated as Bard looked at her then to Kili before he would pull the door open for them. "only because your one dwarf I care to help" he stated to Ailis as bofur, oin and fili carry Kili inside. Bofur helped them get kili laying down comfortably. But from there, everything went down hill from there. The morgal arrows poison had began to cause him severe pain.

Night was soon fallingand Thorin and half the company were at the mountain, orcs were climbing the rooftops of lake town.

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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What was left of the company would move towards the mountain closer and closer, the deterimination to find the doorway was clear. Everyone was getting on one anothers nerves, but it wasn't long when Bilbo pointed out what appeared to be a path, allowing them to climb up glancing around looking upon the wall. The sun was already starting to grow lower and lower upon the horizon, but nothing changes on the wall. "nori!" the dwarf nodded and ran to the wall and begins tapping in different places trying to hear what he could the sun only getting lower. "we're losing the light!" Thorin called out as Dwalin moved up "Come on!" he began to kick at it as Nori yelled back. "quiet! I can't hear when you're thumping" "I can't find it! its not here...its not here!"

The franticness of the dwarves was clear as they hit and bashed at the wall till Balin spoke "Its no good! The door's sealed. It can't be opened by force...Powerful magic on it" he stated as Dwalin growled. "Thorin call Azul! he listens to you have him bash it" he stated speaking of the drake who was ordered by AIlis not to go near the mountain.
[3/11/2017 10:29:39 PM] stephanie murry: "He is too far to call and He will not come near the mountain." He said, but with the light fading he turned and called out for the Drake in desperation. When he didn't the Drake instantly, he turned to the wall and pound his fist against it, "no!" He shouted. "What did we miss?" He said to himself softly before looking to Balin, "what did we miss Balin?"
[3/11/2017 10:33:34 PM] Sapphire: Balin shook his head all the dwarves looking on in despair. "we've lost the light...There's no more to be done. We had but one chance..." he stated his voice sounding depressed. They would all turn even as Bilbo stod there yelling at them, telling them not to give up. Bilbo turned looking over everything as he began to resight the prophecy. "Stand by the grey stone....when the thrush knocks..." he looks around, "The setting sun...and the last light of Durin's Day will shine...The last light...Last light.." He would then look up as the clouds would soon reveal the moon. It hung there before the sound of a 'knock' came as he turned his head, a thrust hitting a snail against the grey wal...then the moonlight hits the wall.

Upon the wall it would start to illuminate a keyhole as Bilbo yelled. 'The Keyhole!! Come back...Come back!! Its the last light of the moon! The last moon of autumn!" he called looking around for the key. Bilbo is looking frantically around on the ground in the clearing for the key, suddenly, his foot hits it and it goes flying from the clearing. Just before it falls off the side of the mountain, a boot steps on the string and stops it. It is Thorin. Bilbo sighs in relief. Thorin slowly reaches down and picks up the key, then examines it. The other dwarves step up beside him. They all smile in relief at Bilbo.

Ailis stood by a window looking out towards the mountain, seeing the moon in the sky "I hope they understood that it was the moon...." she stated softly, but deep down..she also hoped they failed.."I hope your husband found some sense and has turned back" bard said as he looked through the house looking for items to help with Kili

"Hes a dwarf...hes hard headed" she stated looking back at Bard as she looked over to the others who where trying to help Kili. Kili groaned in pain as he strained on the table covered in sweat. Bofur fills a bowl of hot water and rushes to him as Fili spoke frantic. "Can you not do something?!" Oin glanced up "I need herbs, something to bring down his fever.."

Ailis stood up trying to find something as Bard look at what he had "I have nightshade...feverfew..." "there' no use to me. Do you have any kingsfoil?" "No its a weed...we feed it ot the pigs" Bofur looked up "Pigs? weed? Righ!" he would then bolt out of the house. As Bofur runs around a sudden reverberation reaches as far as Laketown shaking the house as AIlis turned in shock, she knew that feeling, the horror in her eyes made Fili look at Bard "You should leave us. Take your children....mother will let Azul take you ad your children out of here."

"And go where? There is no where to go." He said as Tilda came up to him. "Are you going to die, da?"
"No darling."
"But the dragon.....it's going to kill us." She said absolutely scared.
That was it. He set his jaw and reached up above the table, "not it I kill it first." And he pulled, a black arrow was firmly in his hand that had been hidden in their home.
Ailis turned seeing the black arrow, she knew it well as she looked at Bard as Bain staired at it "a black arrow? why did you never tell me?" "Because you did not need to know.." he stated as he would leave the house with Bain following after him. The two moved across till Bard is spotted by the guards who soon yelled out to him "halt" bard would push his son forward with the black arrow. "you are under arrest" on what charge?" bard yelled allowing his son time to get to the tower. "any charge the master desires."

Bard turns and sees that he is surrounded. He then turns back and suddenly punches Braga in the face, then punches his way through the soldiers and runs with the soldiers in pursuit. Bain, seeing the soldiers chase his father, jumps into a boat and hides the arrow beneath some ropes and fishing gear. Bard runs through the town; he leaps across a channel using boats as stepping stones. He uses his momentum to cause the last boat to slide several feet across the water until he can step onto the opposite bank. A soldier trying to follow him slips and falls out of a boat into the water. Bard runs down an alley, but a foot is suddenly stuck out of a doorway and Bard trips over it, falling into a pile of wood. As he sits up, dazed, Alfrid steps forward, followed by the Master. As Bard struggles to get up, the Master lifts a wooden pole and hits Bard in the head with it, knocking him out.

With bard elsewhere the orcs had finally made it to Laketown as Bolg and his orcs sneak around among the rooftops. Sniffing the air as bolg speaks "The filthy dwarf rats are somewhere here...I can smell them." as they search Bofur continues to find kings foil before finally seeing some as he turns to run back to bards. An orc spots him and speaks "Dwarves!" Bolg growls softly as they follow him back to bards. Sigrid leans outside the balcony door looking around thinking she heards a noise unsure where her father is "Da? Is that you Da?" she called out but sees nothing she turns back to walk inside when and Orc drops behind her. Sigrid screams and attemps to slame the door as the orc hits it with his sword.

Ailis turns hearing the noise as she would soon grab hold of Tilda "down here!" she called to the girl pulling her below the table hoping to keep her safe as the orcs attack while Sigrid hits back trying to help save herself and those inside. THe dwarves react Fili yells out attacking as Kili though weak attempts to beat them back. Though as they fight Tauriel, Arabelle soon appear killing the orcs quickly. One orc would feel the house jumping off the balcony and yells to bolg who strides towards the house. "Oakenshield has gone!" the orc growls and bolg replies "fall back! regroup at the bridge!"

In the house, Legolas stabs an Orc and trips it, and it falls backward over the balcony railing and lands in the boat below. The boat acts like a seesaw and sends Bolg’s lieutenant orc, who had jumped into the boat earlier, flying up into the air, where Legolas slices off its head with his knives. As the orc’s body falls into the water below, its head still looks at Legolas. Legolas releases the head and it falls. Legolas looks and sees the remaining Orcs running through Laketown after Bolg. Bofur daized gets up and grabs the kingsfoil infront of him as Bain stared at Tauriel and Arabella in amazement "you killed them all..." "There are others...Tauriel, Arabella...come" Legolas leaves but Tauriel soon pauses as she looks to kili lays on the floor and oin calls "we're losing him"

Legolas glances back as Arabella moves after her prince but not after faintly looking to Fili "Tauriel" legolas calls. Tauriel remains standing. Legolas jumps over the balcony and onto a bridge, then begins running. Tauriel looks away and begins to head out the door to follow Legolas. Just as she reaches the door, Kili moans in pain, and Tauriel turns to look at him. Legolas catches up to the Orcs and shoots one at point blank; the arrow goes all the way through its head and into the wood planking behind. Tauriel looks after Legolas, then at Kili again. Hearing a noise, Tauriel grabs her knives, then sees Bofur running up with the Kingsfoil. Her eyes open in shock and she takes the leaves from Bofur’s stunned grasp. "Athelas..." she stated examining it before bofur speaks "wh...what at eou doing?" "I'm going to save him.." she stated. Tauriel washes and tears apart the Kingsfoil in a tub of water held by Tilda. Fili, Oin, and Bofur pick up a moaning Kili and lay him on the table and try to hold him down "Hold him down" She approaches with the bowl of water and examines Kili’s wound. Seeing how black and festered it is, she looks away in worry. As the others look on, Tauriel closes her eyes and begins chanting in Elvish while she kneads the soaked Kingsfoil in her hand, then presses it to Kili’s wound.

“Menno o nin na hon i eliad annen annin, hon leitho o ngurth.” [Rough translation: May the blessing that was given to me be sent from me to him, may he be released from death.] Kili screams and thrashes in pain, and Sigrid jumps in to help hold him down. She calls her sister to come help as well. Sigrid yells “Tilda!” as Ailis slides from beneath the table watching as Tauriel continues chanting; Fili looks at her strangely, and Oin listens in amazement through his fairly dented hearing trumpet. Kili begins calming down. In his hearing, it seems as though Tauriel’s voice has become echoing and all-encompassing. To his vision, she appears to start glowing like a star. He stares at her, glassy-eyed.

Arabella struggled a moment befor turning and aiding tauriel in her healing of the dwarf prince, her hands ghosting over kili or brushing against Filis till the young dwarf was healed. The children and dwarves began cleaning up from the mess. "I have heard tales if Elvish medicine." He said to Fili who kept his eyes locked in the dark haired elf maiden. "That was a pleasure to witness." He finished saying and looked to Ailis. "Your friend was a healer too. I shame I could not have met her myself, I would have had many a great conversation." He said and smiled softly.

"Tauriel..." kili said weakly. Tauriel looked down at him while Arabella stepped away and left them to speak privately.
"Lie still." She said softly
"You cannot be her." He said, his voice wistful. "She is far, far away from me. She walks in starlight." And while he spoke, his hand reached out for hers, "do you think she could have loved me?"
Ailis looked to Oin as she nodded her head sadly, "she was...quiet gifted.." she stated sadly as she would look over to Fili and Kili. Arabella glances at Ailis and would soon bow her head to her, "it is a pleasure to see you again Lady Ailis" she said in elvish as Ailis would return the jesture speaking to her in return. "you've grown quiet skilled yourself Arabella.." she said making the others turn to look at her. "you...you know elvish mother?" Fili stated in shock as Ailis glanced at him, "of course I do...my homeland bordered upon the edge of the greenwood....you tend to learn the language when growing up along side them..." "I bet Thorin didn't care for that..." "No..drove him nuts actually that he couldn't understand Seldanna and I when we spoke" she said as Arabella chuckled but it wasn't long when sddenly....a loud eruption is heard.

Everyone turns quickly to the windows as Suddenly, the side of the mountain breaks as an enraged Smaug smashes his way out. He flaps his wing and lifts off into the sky, spinning and causing the remaining gold on him to fall off in a golden shimmer. He swoops off toward Laketown. In Laketown, people see the fire and light coming from the previously closed gates of Erebor, and they shout and cower in fear. Bard grabs the bars of his cell in shock. In Bard’s house, the dwarves, children, and Tauriel look about in fear.

Bilbo runs out of the destroyed gates of Erebor and climbs up some ruins, looking after the flying Smaug. He falls to his knees. Bard yells to Braga and the soldiers, who are partying in their barracks nearby, but they ignore him. “Listen to me! You don’t know what is coming!” Smaug soars through the air toward Laketown, talking to himself. “I am fire. I am...DEATH!”

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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"I warned you. Did I not warn you what would come of dealing with dwarves?! Now they’ve done it! They’ve woken the dragon. They brought the apocalypse upon our heads! Come on! Quickly! Quickly!” The master shouted while watching his servants and guards load his boat with his gold and valuables. A guard stops and looks at the master. “Faster now! I’m trying to evacuate myself here! Careful, men. Never mind the books! Get on, get the rest of it!”
"But Sire, should we not try to save the town?”
The master looked on at him in disgust, “The town is lost! Save the gold!”
"You heard him.” Said Alford and pushed more gold into the guards arms and made him take it to the boat

"Come! We need to leave." Arabella said and grabbed hers and Tauriel things while oin took Ailis to the boat. "Come on, up you get." Bodies said while he and fili tried to help kili stand. Ailis would help gather the girls, "come along quickly." she stated as Bain would speak "we're not leaving. Not without our father." he stated as Tauriel glanced back at him, "If you stay here, your sisters will die. Is that what your father would want?" as they quickly moved to the boats and Ailis would look at the others she could hear the beating of the wings as she stood there almost frozen and looked up just as Smaug swoops low the sounds of the townspeople screaming.

Smaug soars high above and away from the town, then turns and dives steeply toward the town, building up fire in his chest. As he gets over the town, he unleashes his flames, and he breathes his fire in a line all the way across the town. People scream and fall and die in the inferno. Bard smashes at his cell’s bars with a pail, but to no avail. Smaug breathes fire over another section of the town; a man, on fire, falls out of his house and into the water. "Mum." Fili called as they are going down the stairs. "My lady we souls go" Arabella called

The look of fear in her eyes stayed there, to remember the day that he had come...as her hand slid up to her scared face till she would soon feel Sigrid grab her hand snapping her out of it. She blinked before moving quickly to the boat, the flames wrapping around the town. THe sonds of people screaming and the homes falling into the waters.

Bard managing to free himself from the prison continued to move across from roof to roof. Tauriel hides her boat under an overhang until she sees that it’s safe to go on. Bard climbs rapidly up the winding steps of the bell tower. Once at the top, he pulls all the arrows out of his quiver and looks out at the sky. As Smaug soars by, Bard shoots an arrow at him; however, the arrow merely bounces off Smaug’s scales and falls to the ground. Bard, standing directly below the ringing bell, gets nauseated by the booming sound, so he pulls out his dagger and cut’s the bell’s rope, silencing it. He shoots another arrow at Smaug, but this, like the first bounces harmlessly off. In the canals below, Bain, on the boat with his family, the dwarves, and Tauriel, notices his father at the top of the tower. The children turning and yelled out in joy "Da!" they watch as Bard shoots yet another arrow...but it does nothing.

Kili siting up some spoke with some hope in his voice. "He hit it! he hit the dragon!" Ailis shook her head "no..." her voice trembling, Fili never even heard his mother sound so scared "but he did Aunt...he hit his mark I saw..." "His arrows cannot pierce its hide....I fear nothing will" she stated in fear.

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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Bain looks around after their father shot more arrows. He soon found what he was looking for, the boat where he had hidden the black arrow . All he had to do now was get to it. He looked around and saw a loading hook coming up and he reached up and grabbed it and looked as pulled out of the boat. His sister screamed for him and Arabella grabbed his legs. Unfortunately her footing was off and she was dragged into the lake.
"Arabella!" Fili called out. "I'm fine! Keep going! I'll find you." She called after then and turned to go after the boy
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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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Ailis would keep the girls down while her son tended after Kili, Tauriel continued to move them through the water while Oin slowly paddled to move them forward. The cries of the people around them was clear, but they could do nothing for them...death and fire all around them as they hide beneath buildings upon Smaugs attacks as the great beast flew over head...crushing those beneath him and all around.

"I'm so sorry children..." Ailis stated as she looked at them, "to have this befall you all again...I truly am sorry..." it hurt to know that in some way...they were responsible for all of this...if the greed of dwarves had been kept in check then maybe Smaug would never have graced these parts..

At the top of the tower, Bard reaches for his arrows, only to find one left. He hesitates in fear, then grabs it and shoots Smaug. This time, Smaug passes so close to the tower that the wind knocks Bard over. Smaug howls, feeling the arrow, although it didn’t hurt him. Suddenly, Bain appears at the top of the bell tower, shocking Bard. “Dad!” “Bain?! What are you doing?! Why didn’t you leave?! You were supposed to leave!” “I came to help you.” “No! Nothing can stop him now!” “This might.” Bain holds up the Black Arrow. His father gratefully looks at it, then stroke’s Bain’s face. “Bain - you go back. You get out of here now!” Looking beyond Bard, Bain sees Smaug approaching the tower rapidly, Smaug having determined where the arrows were coming from. “DAD!”

Smaug smashes through the top part of the bell tower. Bard finds himself lying down on the remaining top of the tower. “BAIN!” Bain is hanging by one arm to the remains of the tower; he has the Black Arrow in the other. Bard grabs Bain’s arm and hauls him back up. Meanwhile, Smaug lands closeby in the town, crushing buildings underneath him. He is directly in the way of the Master’s boat. “Stop! Stop! Halt! Halt!”

Bard pulls the Black Arrow out of the hands of the petrified Bain and stands up, facing Smaug. Smaug looks at him. “Who are you that would stand against me?!” Bard grabs his bow, only to find that it was broken in half when Smaug smashed into the tower earlier. “Now that is a pity. What will you do now, Bowman? You are forsaken. No help will come.” Bard looks around frantically, but there is nothing to help him. Smaug begins walking toward him, crushing the buildings beneath him. The Master sees his chance and yells to his oarsmen. “Now’s our chance! Go! Go! Into the open water!”

Looking at the tower, Smaug growls and licks his lips. He continues speaking to Bard. “Is that your child? You cannot save him from the fire. He will BURN!” As Smaug continues to approach, Bard fixes the two broken halves of his bow into the walls of the belltower, with the bowstring taut between them. He fixes the Black Arrow to the bowstring, and lays the front end of the Black Arrow on the shoulder of Bain, who is standing in between the fixed pieces of the bow and facing Bard. Bain pants in fear since he can hear Smaug approaching from behind him, but can’t see him. “Stay still, son. Stay still.” “Tell me, wretch - How now shall you challenge me?!” Bard notices a missing scale on Smaug’s chest, the scale that was broken by Girion, Lord of Dale. A small smile crosses Bard’s face. “You have nothing left, but your DEATH!” Smaug howls, approaching more rapidly. Bain looks over his shoulder at the dragon, but Bard calls him back.

“Bain! Look at me. You look at me.” Bard strains with the effort of holding the Black Arrow taut. “A little to your left.” Bain shifts a little to his left, moving the tip of the arrow to the right, toward the spot where Bard noticed the missing scale on Smaug. “That’s it.” Bard releases the Black Arrow and it flies off at high speed from Bain’s shoulder. It hurtles through the air and sinks all the way to the feathers, almost 6-7 feet, into Smaug’s chest through the spot without a scale. As Smaug leaps forward in pain and fear, Bard grabs Bain, just as Smaug careens into the tower. Bard and Bain fall with the tower into the water as Smaug rolls and slides through the town, destroying everything in the town. He struggles to fly into the sky. With massive effort, he manages to flap a few hundred feet up, screaming and wheezing in pain, then gasps for breath. His eyes lose their light, and he falls back down upon the city, dead, with the end of the arrow sticking out of his heart. He lands directly upon the Master’s boat, crushing it and presumably killing everyone on board.

The sound of Smaug hitting the ground echoes throughout the land, all the way to the dwarves on the mountain. They jump up in surprise. Oin turned towards laketown “What was that? What happened?” “It fell. I saw it.” They all peer out at the town in the early morning light. Bilbo in shock spoke loudly “It’s dead. Smaug is dead!”

Thorin, still staring at the Lonely Mountain and not at the town, has a strange expression of happiness cross his face. Gloin would look up and gazed at the sky “By my beard! I think he’s right! Look there! The ravens of Erebor are returning to the mountain!” Several birds can be seen cawing and approaching the Lonely Mountain. Oin smiled proudly “Aye - Word will spread. Before long every soul in Middle-earth will know - The dragon is dead!” As the dwarves laugh in glee, Thorin hurries down from the lookout point and approaches the gates of Erebor.

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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Arabella saw them and the tower go down and once the water settlers she dove down to help them. It was hard to see but the flames above the water helped some. She pulled out a gift she had received from her travels, a glowing vial that was said to hold a star. With it, she navigated the tangled remains of men, women and rubble. Bain and bard were tangled within the the towers fallen frame and bard was struggling to free his panicking son who was partially pinned under the the tower. Her light startled them before she got to themS though bard was confused at her presence, Bain's panicking lightly subsided. But air was growing short and she hurried to their aide. With her help and elvish ways, they managed to remove Bain from his prison and swam for the surface. But as they broke the surface and gasped for air, the body of Smaug was falling upon them. "Look out!" She shouted and raised her hand, shouted some kind of elvish word then his the water with her raised hand and a wave pushed father and son out of the way, leaving the maiden alone to suffer the blow when it hit, but rather then killing her, she was merely a rendered unconscious and floating to the bottom

Fili turned watching as Arabella was aiding Bard and Bain, but seeing her sink below the waters all he could think was to go after her. Dwarves where not strong swimmers infact some said they didn't at all but he did not even hesitate as he would suddenly dive into the water. "Fili!" Ailis stated in horror as she tried to reach and grab him, but her son 'vanished' beneath the waters. Her heart sank as she kept screaming while Oin and Kili held her back from going after him, but as she stood there in shock soon with a 'burst' from the water Fili surfaced holding Arabella.

A faint 'roar' was heard over head as people screamed in panic as Azul soared over head before diving down, as Fili held out his arm the drake grabbed him pulling both from the lake and carried them to the shore landing while Fili quickly began to work. "Arabella!" he yelled, shaking her, checking her airways before soon he would lean down his lips to hers as he began to push air into her lungs and then press down on her chest. "come on....come on!"

Arabella surged forward and gasped for air and turned onto her side and coughed up what water had made it into her lungs. Fili sighed in relief, the only happy sound at the moment amongst the cries for help and pain and screams for loved ones. She turned to lay on her back again and she looked up at him. "Thought dwarves sank like stones..." she said as a soft joke as Tauriel and the others got their boat to shore.

"to be honest...thought we did too but...I couldn't leave you there" Fili stated dripping with water as soon Ailis was running towards them. "Fili Havathor!!" she yelled as she would soon wrap her arms around her son. "don't you ever do that again!..." she stated in worry as Arabella would watch with a faint smile pushing herself up. "thank you master dwarf.."

On the banks of the lake are refugees and wreckage from Laketown. People are screaming and crying, and some of the wooden things are on fire. There are dead bodies washed up on the shore. Alfrid comes crawling up out of the water, screaming. “Will somebody help me? HELP!” He clambers over a dead body, only to realize that the person is still alive. Alfrid rolls over him into the water, screaming. “HELP!” Meanwhile, some of the survivors begin helping each other and salvaging whatever supplies they can. Tauriel, Sigrid, and Tilda walk about, looking for Bard. “DA!” “DA!” “DA!” Alfrid screams up into the sky. “WHY ME?”

There is still screaming and crying all about, as people pull the bodies of their loved ones out of the water and onto the shore. The dwarves, Oin, Bofur, and Fili, grab a boat and begin to push it out into the water. Kili approaches Tauriel. “Tauriel.” “Kili, come on! We’re leaving.” Fili stated as he finally got his mother to calm down apologizing to her, though his eyes never left Arabella who would give him a faint smile, as she rung out her hair. “They are your people - You must go.” Tauriel looks at Kili both sadly and guardedly, then walks past him. Kili looks distraught for a second, then whirls around to face her again. “Come with me. I know how I feel; I’m not afraid. You make me feel alive.” Tauriel turns her head away. “I can’t.” Kili reaches out and grabs her arm, then says something in Dwarvish. “Tauriel, amralime” (“Tauriel, my love”) Hearing this, Tauriel looks at Kili, shocked and surprised. “I don’t know what that means.” Kili smiles. “I think you do.” Tauriel smiles and begins to lean toward Kili, but then suddenly straightens up and makes her face blank. She addresses Legolas, whom she sensed approaching behind her.

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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"Hîr nín, Legolas.” -My Lord Legolas-Kili looks with hostility over Tauriel’s shoulder at Legolas, he looks a just hostile at the dwarf.
"Maewado i Naug.” -Take your leave of the Dwarves.- he said and looked from tauriel to Arabella. "Boe i nadh egeno.” -You are needed elsewhere.-

Tauriel looks at Kili sadly before turning to go with the prince. Kili turns to go back to the boat but stops and rushes back to Tauriel and slips his naming stone into her hand. "Keep it. As a promise."

They smile at each other, then Kili runs toward the boat. Legolas looks on, confused. Tauriel looks down at the stone in her hand, then looks after Kili and the dwarves in the boat; her eyes are wet. Kili looks back at her for several moments, then begins rowing. Ailis would place her hand on Kili's shoulder as she would speak to him, "you'll see her again Kili....you durin's have a tendency to leave impressions" she stated warmly.

Fili, Kili, Bofur, and Oin climb up the Lonely Mountain. As they approach the gates, they stop in shock and fear as they see the destruction caused by Smaug as he smashed through the front gate to fly out of the mountain. They look at each other, then run into the halls of Erebor. Bofur calls out, his voice echoing in the silence. “Hello! Bombur? Bifur? Anybody?” They clamber through the halls, looking for their kin. As they run down a staircase, Bilbo runs up toward them from another part of the city, calling out. “WAIT! WAIT!” “It’s Bilbo! He’s alive!” “Stop! Stop! Stop!”

They meet each other in a corridor. “You need to leave. We all need to leave.” “We only just got here?!” Bofur stated as he helped Ailis through so she wouldn't stumble “I have tried talking to him, but he won’t listen.” “What do you mean, laddie?”Oin asked in question “THORIN. Thorin. Thorin. He’s been out there for days. He doesn’t sleep. He barely eats. He’s not been himself - not at all. It’s this - It’s this place. I think a sickness lies on it.” "Dragon sickness..." AIlis whispered beneath her breath she had never explained it to anyone...and int he past it only angered Thorin to even hear it.

As Bilbo speaks, Fili looks past him and sees something that causes him to wrinkle his face in consternation. Kili looks at him confused “Sickness? What kind of sickness?” Fili walks past the group and starts heading further down into Erebor, looking at something. Bilbo and the others run after him, trying to stop him. "AIlis please...do not go in there" AIlis looked at Bilbo then back to the mountain...she feared this as she would hear Bilbo yelling after her son. “Fili. Fili. Fili!” As they continue heading down, a golden light begins to be visible on the walls. They round a corner, and stop short at the sight of Smaug’s treasure, heaped so high over the floor of the cavern that the ground is barely visible. As they stare, they see Thorin, dressed in ornate robes and covered in jewelry, stride slowly out of a doorway. Thorin begins speaking softly, apparently to himself. He looks strange, almost possessed, and the dwarves look at him in surprise.

"Gold....gold beyond measure. Beyond sorrow and grief." He said and looked up to them. "Behold the great treasure hoard of Thror." Thorin said, dropping the few coins he held in his hand and made a sweeping jesture to Kili and Fili. "Welcome my son and sisters son, to Erebor"

Ailis would stay some what hidden in the corridor, the gleaming gems and gold all around it almost made her sick to see it. Hearing Thorin's voice, how it echoed the 'lust' within it as she gripped her arm tightly as she remained hidden for now. The other dwarves would move down seeing the others as they gave them hugs, calling out happily to see each other. But it was short lived as soon they where searching through the piles of treasure...seeking the Arkenstone.

Bilbo walks out onto the ramparts of the front gates, near the hole Smaug made in the wall. He paces back and forth for a while. Then, after looking around to see that no one is watching, he sits down. He thinks back to his encounter with Smaug, when he is standing near the Arkenstone and Smaug is speaking to him. Once more checking than no one is watching, he reaches into his tunic and pulls out the Arkenstone. He stares at it, as it glows with patterns of light from within. As he stairs at it, Ailis would step around making BIlbo stumble with it hiding it as she would soon speak "keep it from him..." she stated, the pain in her eyes the sorrow that was within them. "i don't care what you have to do Bilbo....but he must not have it.."

"Would keeping it from him be wise?" Bilbo asked. "He's been waiting to get a hold of it for 60 years."

"I've seen it turn a mighty king to nothing but a greedy imp" she stated as she looked at him, "you've seen what greed causes....what desire can do...it does nothing but burn everything it touches.." for a moment it was almost as if she was saying she knew about Golum...and the ring he stole from the creature. "so please....do not give it to him....Ill send for Azul...have him take you back to your home...that way your far from this...." she turned slowly, she looked almost defeated as she started back towards the others having still hide from Thorin till now but all this time...he had been driven to look for that stone and didn't seem to notice that his wife had not shown herself.

Azog is riding his white warg at the head of a vast company of Orcs, all armed for battle. They are crossing a rocky plain, with the Lonely Mountain in the distance as their destination. Bolg, riding his Warg, charges in from Laketown to deliver his message to Azog. “Woodland Elves!" “The King’s son and a She-elf - They tracked us down to Laketown."

Azog raises his arm, the hand of which Thorin cut off but is now replaced with a large blade, and the legions of Orcs stop. “And you killed them?" “They fled squealing like cowards" “You fool! They will return with an Army of Elves at their backs!" “Ride to Gundabad." “Let the Legions come forth." Bolg grunts in assent and rides off. Azog turns and faces his Orcs, raising his bladed arm. “Elves! Men! Dwarves! The Mountain will be their tomb!" He turns and begins riding toward the Mountain. “To war!"

Tauriel, Arabella and Legolas stride through the Laketown camp. “You saw something out there.” “The orc I pursued out of Laketown - I know who he is. Bolg - a spawn of Azog the Defiler. A warg pack was waiting for him on the outskirts of Esgaroth. They fled into the north. These orcs were different from the others. They wore a mark I had not seen for a long time. The mark of Gundabad.”

Tauriel stops in shock and turns to Legolas. “Gundabad?” Legolas(inlove) “An orc-stronghold in the far north of the Misty Mountains.” An elf from Mirkwood rides up on a horse and addresses Legolas. “Hîr nín, Legolas. Celin ’winiath o adar lín.” [My Lord Legolas, I bring word from your Father.] “Cân i hi danwenidh na le.” [You are to return to him immediately.] “Tolo, Tauriel, Arabella” [Come, Tauriel, Arabella.] “Hîr nín. Edlennen Tauriel en Arabella.” [My Lord, Tauriel and Arabella is banished. “Edlennen?” [Banished?] The three elves, Legolas, Arabella and Tauriel are surprised. “You may tell my father: If there is no place for Tauriel, there is no place for me “Legolas. It is your King’s command” “Naw aran nín, mal ú-gân innas nín.” [Yes, he is my King. But he does not command my heart.] Legolas turns and walks away from the elven messenger. “I ride north. Will you come with me?” “To where?” “To Gundabad.” Tauriel, Arabella and Legolas ride out of the Laketown camp on Legolas’s horse. The townspeople, carrying their possessions and stretchers with their sick and injured, begin the long trek around the lake and toward the Mountain.

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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Thankfully, another horse was provided for Arabella as she followed Legolas and Tauriel. "Legolas......Gundabad.......will you be alright?" She asked, knowing what Gundabad meant for him.

"No....I cannot abandon you all now. Especially you and those boys." Bilbo said and put a hand on her shoulder. "There can still be hope for him.....he isn't his grandfather........" "It has hit me for years....as to why father never purged those ruins when we had the chance....why mothers guardian....why Lhing has remained there all these years....somethings there" he stated as he gripped the reins, "if anything I will free mothers greatest friend of his despare.."

She would look away some, "he doesn't even notice I am not with him Bilbo...he swore to me that this...this would not consume him....that Fili, myself...the others...he would not lose sight of them....he sees nothing but what this mountain holds....its not a kingdom....its a tomb" "Perhaps then what he needs is a reminder of what is important again." He said. "Though he may seem troubled now, he has had good intentions in mind when he planed to reclaim the mountain."

She sighed some as she stood there, but she nodded "keep it hidden for now....if he proves he can handle it...then maybe..." she said knowing that stone was nothing but a curse deep down, she would soon start towards the treasure room hearing Thorin's voice as he continued to order out for them to search for the stone. She would soon step out from the shadows as Fili rather exhausted looked over to see her, "Mother, there you are" he stated happily "where di..." "Just reliving some old memories Fili...this place hasn't changed" she stated tring to sound reassuring.

"Let us prey then that he can still be saved then my lord." Arabella said. Soon they reached a point to leave the horses aside and climbed up to a vantage point to look upon the red gates of Gundabad

They would move closer to the gates, the three of them silently as they didn't know what to expect. The sounds of wargs and orcs in the distance but soon a loud roar as Lhing would come from the side looking at Legolas scars lining the cats body from the years of fighting. "Lhing...." he said in awe. The sight of the large cat had always been a sight to behold, even as a young elfling. His mass and power were surpassed by few other creatures but his gentleness was what made Lhing a true and noble beast. Lhing growled deeply at them even as Legolas stepped closer to him and held out a hand with an offered palm.Arabella and Tauriel though hoped the queens gaurdian would not harm the prince, they would not hesitate should he strike. Lhing stood there watching the elf, his eyes blazing with years of anger and having to fight but as he held out his palm. Lhing sniffed the air, letting him eye the elf before him before spotting not only Legolas's eyes but the necklace he wore. The feline moved closer before soon turning to the side offering his back to him as Arabella smiled "he....hes wanting you to join him Prince Legolas!"

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

on Sun Mar 12, 2017 11:31 pm
"I will go. Stay close behind with the horses." He said and waited for them to get the horses close, though the horses were hesitant. Legolas climbed into the cats back and once both were comfortable, Lhing took off. Lhing seemed to know where to go, moving quickly as it would seem most of the orcs were 'gone' those they did encounter where quick to be cut down. The sound of fighting could be heard as Yevanna would tilt her head, moving slowly towards the gates as soon Lhing's roar could be heard as the feline soon rushed back, ripping into the throat of a warg that had come by, before soon turning towards the child. The girl growled back before soon rushing back to her mother just as a blonde haired elf came into view.

legolas would look at Lhing who was gazing into a cell, he turned and only paused as he saw the figures within. The child and...."Mother!?" Legolas stated in alarm "your....your alive"

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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Seldanna turned slowly to the gates and stared in shock of not only seeing Lhing and elves, but what appeared to be Her son. Tears sprang into her eyes and she let out a shuddering breath. "Li....little leaf?" She asked as her emotions made her begin to shake

Yevanna glanced up at her mother as she shook, "momma?" she was confused wondering what was happening as Lhing soon would back up growling faintly before soon charging as he slammed his body into the cell door. It rattled a few times before finally caving in as Lhing backed up some snorting allowing Legolas to reach in "come mother...." he said warmly to her so happy to see her after all tehse years.

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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Seldanna needed no further prompting and flung herself forward and wrapped her arms around her son. The tears spilled over, the dam of her emotions having collapsed. "Your here.....your real." She said as Lhing jumped over and rubbed against the back of her legs to further comfort here. "For so...so long I dreamed of the movement I could hold you again....see your father again........please don't let me."
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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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Lhing would purr happily feeling and just seeing his mistress, for 60 years the feline had not given up hope that she was alive. Legolas was over joyed as he tried not to break down and cry but as he pulled back to turn them from ththe cells he would spot the small child, his eyes meet the girls then back to his mother. "Is she...." he didn't want to say it let alone acknowledge the fact that he had a half sister that was spawned by the very orc that took his mother.

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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"Yes." She said and he saw a layer of shame cloud her features. "As is Bolg....they are the children of Azog." She said and turned to Yavanna and held out her hand for the child. "Come little star. We are finally free."
"My lady..."Arabella spoke up, "is it wise to bring an orc child with you?"
"Tell me, have you in your many years fighting orc? Have ever met or fought an orc woman?"
"Then that should tell you something. Women in orcs are rare and are viewed as weak. Orcs, like elves, live long lives. They reproduce only to add numbers to their ranks. Women are taken from other races to help fill their ranks." She said and stood, scooping Yavanna up. "Azog let me keep Yavanna as a way of making me....more compliant." She said with a hard swallow. "But I never stopped thinking of you Legolas. Not your father. But I fear he has have of me.....otherwise he may have come for me...or I was right in you all thought I was dead and rightly so. The injuries i took that day...and have taken since, have been very great." She said as adjusted the rags she wore to try and cover the scars, both in and under the surface.
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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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"I will go. Stay close behind with the horses." He said and waited for them to get the horses close, though the horses were hesitant. Legolas climbed into the cats back and once both were comfortable, Lhing took off.

Lhing seemed to know where to go, moving quickly as it would seem most of the orcs were 'gone' those they did encounter where quick to be cut down. The sound of fighting could be heard as Yevanna would tilt her head, moving slowly towards the gates as soon Lhing's roar could be heard as the feline soon rushed back, ripping into the throat of a warg that had come by, before soon turning towards the child. The girl growled back before soon rushing back to her mother just as a blonde haired elf came into view.

legolas would look at Lhing who was gazing into a cell, he turned and only paused as he saw the figures within. The child and...."Mother!?" Legolas stated in alarm "your....your alive" Seldanna turned slowly to the gates and stared in shock of not only seeing Lhing and elves, but what appeared to be Her son. Tears sprang into her eyes and she let out a shuddering breath. "Li....little leaf?" She asked as her emotions made her begin to shake

Yevanna glanced up at her mother as she shook, "momma?" she was confused wondering what was happening as Lhing soon would back up growling faintly before soon charging as he slammed his body into the cell door. It rattled a few times before finally caving in as Lhing backed up some snorting allowing Legolas to reach in "come mother...." he said warmly to her so happy to see her after all tehse years.

Tauriel would look at the child and could see the pain and sorrow that her queen had sustained, though Tauriel would soon move up as she looked at the child; Yevanna. "you are quiet the warrior milady....in helping our queen" she stated giving the child a warm smile, to show that just because of what she was...she did had a great part in keeping Seldanna alive. Arabella watched before soon speaking "we should leave quickly....the orcs will know something is up with how quiet it is..."

Legolas nodded and helped his mother and....sister onto the back of Lhing before they hurried back outside. Once there he climbed in behind his mother while Tauriel and Arabella took the horses and they road off and away from Gundabad forever. Seldanna had tears in her eyes as she felt the fresh air, giving away to chill of incoming winter, on her pale skin. Her hands clenching and unclenching in Lhings soft fur. The warmth of her daughter and son that both embraced her. The sounds of the world around her and the looming forest ahead that was once her home. "We....I should take you home mother. The forest is not the same as you last saw it. Much has changed." They were all unaware that at this time, Thranduil readied supplies for the people of lake town and with it, and an army, he was riding off into battle. Thorin in his paranoia built a wall in the gaping whole that the dragon left in his wake to keep the humans out.

Yevanna stayed silent as she held onto her mother, to the child...all of this was new...she hadn't seen anything beyond the cell door and she clung to her mother. The fear in her eyes, but Arabella would soon speak as she road up beside them, "we should make for the ruins of dale....from there perhaps lady Ailis will be able to give us a way through the forest and to your homeland my lady" she said to Seldanna.

Ailis watched as Thorin demanded the wall to be built and she soon would speak "Thorin! what are youd oing?!" she stated quickly to him, he still hadn't even noticed her..."those people out there helped us..."

"I want this fortress made safe by sunup. This mountain was hard won - I will not see it taken again.” He said and turned to his wife, "I am keeping us and our home safe Ailis."
Kili looked up, tired and irritated.
"The people of Laketown have nothing. They came to us in need. They have lost everything.”

"Do not tell me what they have lost. I know well enough their hardship." He said as he turned back to the old city of Dale, alight with torches and new life. "Those who have lived through dragonfire should rejoice. They have much to be grateful for."
But his smile and mockery fell quickly as his eyes glazed over. "More stone! BRING MORE STONE TO THE GATE!” He shouted. Bilbo who witnessed this just turned and walked away while shaking his head. He stopped when he heard sniffelinf and found Balin hiding away in what was once an apothecary. "Balin? Are you alright?"

Ailis stared at her husband as she would turn her head and looked at Fili holding her hand up behind THorin's back telling Fili to just stand down. She would turn and walk away her heart heavy.

Balin turned to look at him "Dragon-sickness.....Ailis was right....I've seen it before. That look. That terrible need. It is fierce and jealous love, Bilbo....it sent his grandfather mad."
"Balin," Bilbo stopped, wondering if telling Balin what he had found and decided against it. In stead he asked, "if-if Thorin...had the Arkenstone...if it was found - Would it help?”
Balin a expression spoke volumes. Understanding and knowing what Bilbo had and had done to prevent Thorin dragon sickness. The old dwarf sighed and said, "That stone crowns all. It is the summit of this great wealth, bestowing power upon he who bears it. Will it stay his madness? No, lad; I fear it would make it worse. Perhaps it is best that it remains lost.”

Once they reached Dale, Legolas dismounted Lhing who had knelt down for his mistress to dismount easily. She stood with her sons help but her legs and arms were weak from years.... decades of abuse and malnutrition. " dale.....what has happened here? Why haven't we gone to Mirkwood or the mountain?"

Yevanna stayed on Lhing's back still scared and the cat didn't seem to mind as he glanced back at the child purring faintly to reassure her. Arabella would step up "Some time after we lost you my lady....a dragon from the north named Smaug attacked....he burned all and took the mountain....sending both man and dwarves to the winds....including the friendship that elves and dwarves once had" she said sadly.

"Smaug is name well known to me.....he is the dragon that I had saved Ailis from. He had almost killed her and his attack left a scar across her face and nearly took her eye.....oh..Ailis! Is she still alive?" She asked desperately, "yes my lady." Tauriel said. "She, her husband, their son and kinsmen have ventured back to take the mountain from Smaug. In doing so the dragon attacked again, this time the village in the lake." Arabella continued, "but a grave bowman struck him down and saved the remainder, including his own children. Smaug now lays at the bottom of the lake and the people of lake town seem to have come her in seek of shelter and aide maybe in the mountain." She said and curious lake men and women ventured over when they heard voices, one of them was Sigurd who was going around and helping to feed the people with what meager food they had. "Lady Arabella! Lady Tauriel! Your back!" She said and jogged up to them and gasped at the site of the large cat, "what is that?"
"That is Lhing. Don't let his appearance fool you though, he's a softy." Seldanna said with a tiny and sad smile. "Young lady, who is in charge of your people? Why haven't they gone to the mountain yet?"

Before Sigrid could say anything a dark haired man walked up, it was Bard as he glanced at the elves before speaking "It would seem I am....I am Bard" he stated looking at Seldanna, "as for going to the mountain...the dwarves have walled themselves up into it...." he stated in some anger about the whole thing. "I should not have aided them, the dragon would still be slumbering"

"No. His awakening would have been inevitable." She said and stepped forward, "I have dealt with dragons and Drake before or at least their after math. I am Seldanna queen....or rather once was.....of Mirkwood. I am a healer and I know how to treat the wounded. I would like to help if I may.." she said and stumbled a bit. "Mother.... you should rest....Ailis will help you..."
"Of that I am sure, my son....but at present these people need more help then I. I only ask for a possible change of clothes and a place for Yavanna and Lhing to rest."
Bard listened to her and would blink he had heard of the queen of mirkwood but before he was born she had been lost, but as he stared at her he saw the resemblance of the statues that marked the safe paths through mirkwood...he would nod his head turning to his eldest "Sigrid, see to it they are looked after...have your sister help as well" "Yes da" Sigrid said with a smile as she looked at the others, "come I think we have some spare cloths that should fit you milady..."

She would lead them to what looked to be a rundown old building but Seldanna would recognize it amost instantly...Ailis's old workshop.

"Ailis smithy......she would spend many a day in here....perfecting her craft." She said fondly. "Lhing... see if it's still there....the fire pit. " she pointed passed the front and the cat hopped over to the pit and dug around for a moment before giving a soft growl that drew her forward and she remove a stone with runes etched into it. "What is it?" Sigurd asked as her sister brought her some clothes. "A time stone. A dragon stone actually. Ailis would use its magic to burn a fire so hot that it melted dragon scales. Should I find her I shall return it to her...fit now it may aide me in my new task....thank you dear." She said and took the clothing. "Could you light a fire please?" The wood here is still good and the tinder box is just there." She said and turned to Yavanna and picked her up and took her to a small room in back for them to change. When they were changed and washed as best as could be, they emerged back to find a fire burning and Lhing lounging. And her son and the two lady elves waiting with Sigurd and tilda. " mother I say again you should be resting...."

"And I say your worry is sweet but not necessary." She said and began digging through the old chests and shelves. "Not necessary? You were locked up by orcs for sixty years! You look like you haven't eaten in days! I only just found you again and I cannot...!" He stopped and looked in the verge of tears but refused to let them fall all while clinging to her necklace that had come out from under his tunic. Seldanna walked up to him after she had stopped her searching through the shop. She went up to him and placed a hand on his cheek. "Little leaf, look at me." She said softly and he did look up at her. She smiled softly, "you have your father flare for the dramatic that's for sure." She said, "but you have my compassion..,,I know you do. I promise you will not lose me so easily to exhaustion.....I promise that I will rest when I feel I need to or can. As for food, they need it more....I've lived on less for sixty years." She said and kissed his forehead. "I love you my sweet boy."

Yevanna sat to the side watching still feeling a bit uneasy being so far from the only 'home' she ever knew as Lhing would move to the girl sniffing her before laying down and just being close to give her some sort of comfort. Arabella would give a small smile to both mother and son before she would speak, "i will return to the wood....tell King Thranduil the news I'm sure he will bring aide to help those here in Laketown." "But we are banished Arabella. He will not listen." Tauriel said and looked down when her queen looked to her. "Banished? Had Thranduil changed so much in this time?" "Yes....father has....become closed off of troubles not his own. He has shit the elves away sine your..death." Legolas said. "I see...no. I will need your help for now...once we are done here I will correct this wrong my friends....for now I need to know if any of the dragons remains are above water. I will need some of his blood if we are to gel as many as we can."

A faint growl would be heard as soon a loud 'slam' could be heard a few people yelling out in panic but Lhing was calm, and soon a black scaled creature stuck its head into the shop. It was Azul, growling faintly before seeing Seldanna and soon he would press his head against hers nuzzling happily. "t...that's a drake!" Sigrid stated in terror as she began to back up.

Tauriel stood there gently placing her hand on Sigrids shoulder, "that drake...is lady Aili's dear friend he must have smelled Lhing...no doubt Ailis still does not want him near the mountain.." "Please everyone, be calm. This is not another dragon and he is as gentle as a house cat." Seldanna said and rubbed his snout. "Hello Azul...I've missed you too. I've missed your rider. Can you help me?" She asked softly and he nudged her. "Now I know you have only let one other ride you.....but you are faster then a horse my winged friend." She said as she guided him to Arabella. "Will you take her back to the lake and help her find Smaug? I need something of his."

Azul would glance at Arabella, snorting some before nodding as he would start to back up and would hiss faintly towards Arabella. The elven maiden would move towards the drake bowing her head towards the beast, "you honor me with this lord drake" she stated and would then slid onto his back, the drake would open his wings before soon rushed forward and soon surged up into the sky towards the lake.

Yevanna would watch in awe as she stood outside after having run outside, her black hair flowing around her and she would soon turn pointing "momma!" she said happily, as her fangs would show making Sigrid gasp "sh...shes half orc!"

Seldanna turned and scooped her up afraid what other might do. "Yes my dear. She is. Conceived with out much choice....but she is my daughter and I love her no less. She had no choice in how she was made nor do I blame her for who her father is." She said and smiled at Sigurd, "she also very sweet and quite friendly when shown kindness." She said. "Yavanna...momma has to go and help others. I'm going to have to ask you to stay here, with Lhing and Tilda. Do you understand?"

She would look up at her mother and would soon nod, "YeYe be good..." she stated still havint issues saing her own name as she would hug her mother with a warm smile. Lhing would yawn loudly stretching out having quiet enjoyed that he would get to rest now after so many years of trying to get his mistress back, Tauriel would soon bow "I will go out and do what I can to aid others..." she stated turning to leave. "Tilda, can you look after her? Other then my son and good friend Lhing, I would trust no one else." She said and knelt down to the girls level. "I'll do my best...." she said hesitantly and gently took the half orcs child hand. "She's...kinda cute." Tilda said and smiled at Yavanna. Tilda went back inside with Yevanna and Seldanna followed only for a moment to grab and bag made from hide, a few tools that she felt would come in handy. "When looking through the old city, was an apothecary found?"
"Yes and we took everything we could from it and put it together with what we salvaged from Lake town.....it's with the wounded but there are no real healers

Yevanna tilted her head towards Tilda, since she was still small she wasn't sure about others as she would soon follow the young girl back inside where Lhing could easily keep an eye on the two. Bard would move back towards them as he had some supplies "I've brought a few things for you all, I could scavenge little....we could use the aid if you are able" "Thank you my lord. You have no reason to trust or be kind to me but I am grateful." "I do. Your son and his friends saved my children. For that I am in your debt eternally." He said

In Dale, and the people sit around, as the healthy tend to the wounded. Infants can be heard crying. “These children are starving! We need food!” “We won’t last three days!” “Bard, we don’t have enough.” “Do want you can, Percy” “We need more water.” “The children, the wounded and the women come first.” Bard walks over to where Alfrid had been standing guard. Alfrid was actually napping, and he wakes up as Bard speaks. “Morning, Alfrid. What news from the night watch?” “All quiet, sire, I must report. Nothing gets past me.” Yawning, he gets up and follow Bard outside, only to find that Bard has stopped suddenly in the archway. “Except an army of elves, it would seem.” Outside, the courtyard is packed full of Mirkwood elves dressed in full battle gear, standing in perfectly ordered lines. The people of Laketown begin coming out of their buildings and see the elves. Bard walks down the steps and approaches the elves, some lines of which turn and step back to make a pathway for Bard. As he exits out the bank of elves, King Thranduil rides up on his steed, and all the elves turn to face him. “My lord Thranduil; we did not look to see you here.”

"I heard you needed aid.” He said and waved an arm back to the way he rode in and a wagon full of food and water and medicine rolled in and a few elves helped began to pass it to the people of lake town who came to receive it.
Bars approached Thranduil greatfully and smiled up at him, "You have saved us! I do not how to thank you.”
While all of this was going on, Seldanna was helping to treat the wounded when Legolas came up to her in haste. "Mother.....he is here."
She froze after she looked up at him. "What? How....why?"
"I don't know.....but he brought aide." He said and took her hand and pulled her along and she went blindly. But she stopped just out of sight when she heard his voice.
"Your gratitude is misplaced. I did not come on your behalf.”
His voice was cold and hard and her eyes were widened.
"I came to reclaim something of mine.”
"He can't know....he....couldn't know...."

"There are gems in the mountain I too desire. White gems of pure starlight. One of the last things of my late queen and I will not have them in the hands of Dwarves." Legolas stood there listening to his fathers voice as he would then look at his mother, "show him you are still here mother....he didn't abandon you I remember the day....he swore he saw you killed by wargs..." he stated wanting to make her feel better, to know that she was not forgotten but as that happened laughter could be heard as Tilda ran past. "Yevanna!! no come back here.." she stated as the Seldanna watched as her young daughter ran by moving towards Thranduil laughing as she ran playfully from Tilda.

The child would move through the crowd, but as she neared Thranduil who sat atop his nobel companion the great elk turned stardled by the scent of orc and would rear up almost tossing Thranduil from his back as the great elf king turned in anger his sword being drawn. Tilda gasped as she grabbed hold of Yevanna and bard yeld "No milord!" "Thranduil stop!" Seldanna shouted and all turned to Seldanna who jumped out after Tilda and Yevanna. The elves in armor froze before parting to let her pass and either remained in awe or bowed as she passed, her eyes on her husband.

Thranduil would pause hearing that voice and would turn further when he saw her, his wife. "Imp....impossible..." he stated he swore he saw her die, ripped apart and he would move from his elk and began to move towards her. "i saw you.....how..." he was in shock as Yevanna stood there being held by Tilda. "you were alive this......" "Tilda...take her back to the shop please." She said before Thranduil came up to her. "Yes....held within Gundabad." She said as Tilda pulled Yevanna quickly away

The elves would move around some what hiding them from the rest of the view, after all for them to see the king this way was well..unheard of. Thranduil moved closer, as he slowly raised his hand to gently press it against her cheek "my starlight...." she could feel his hand trembling, but as Tilda pulled Yevanna away the child wouldn't have it as she soon ran forward "momma!" as she gripped Seldanna's leg happily. Thranduil glanced down at the child noticing the key features of an orc as he looked at her. For a split second anger flashed in his eyes but he would close them as he calmed the anger...everything within him before speaking "my starlight I am overjoyed to see you have returned to me....and no words can express my failure in protecting you that day.."

She took his hand from her cheek. "There is no blame my sun and stars. But there is much to discuss." She said and swallowed the lump in her throats when she saw his flash of anger. She feared for a Yevanna now more then ever. "My lord Bard, please excuse us for a moment." She said took her daughter into her arms and held lead Thranduil away to and enclosed ruin that was empty. Legolas followed. Arabella and Tauriel made to follow him, but he lifted a hand to let them know that it was alright and Lhing followed after. "Little star...." she spoke to the orc, "you remember those stories I told you. About the king and he's noble steed and the little prince?" When Yevanna nodded. "Well momma needs to talk the king, can you wait here and play with Lhing?"

Thranduil would follow after her and would nod his head staying silent as he listened to her, glancing down at the child as she would soon nod her head, "yes momma..." she stated as she would turn to go and play with Lhing the feline rolling over and playfully swatting at her as Thranduil would look at her. "the child is a spawn of that....creature isn't it?" he stated coldly.

"Yes. So you know then? Of Bolg?" She asked with out turning back to him, her eyes in Yevanna. After a moment of silence, Legolas spoke up. "He lead a pack through Mirkwood. They were hunting for Thorin and his company. We captured an orc who......spoke of you. What has happened to you......but as we thought you dead...." he swallowed hard and couldn't finish his sentence.
"When you thought I was dead." She turned back to them. "On that day......after I was taken away, the last thought I had before I thought death would come for me......was how sorry i was I couldn't hug my son and husband one last time. But I woke in the cells of Gundabad. My wounds poorly treated to......and Azog standing over me." She said and shuddered. "He said that I should not expect to be saved. That even if his trick didn't work, that no one would dare to enter Gundabad to come after me." Thranduil stood there listening, his eyes closed and his arms crossed. All he could do was think it over before he would soon move forward gently placing his hands on her shoulders, "Noting I can say can...take away what pain I caused you...." he whispered, he could see the child was dear to her and he would speak, "this will take...time for all of us...." he stated faintly.

She closed her eyes and leaned relaxed her shoulders, one hand reaching up and putting it over his. ".....I have missed you greatly, Mello nin." She said as her emotions started to get the better of her and she began to cry, turning into him and clinging to his chest. Thranduil would pull her close to him, and Legolas could see his 'old' father some what as he gazed at his wife. But the last 60 years had been harsh...unforgiveing to all o fthem as he would then speak "we have much to do....but first...we have some unruly dwarves that must answer to the promises they gave..."

His attention though did go to the sond of laughter as he watched the half orc child, "I will ask you forgive me now my starlight when it comes to....that child but she will forever have a home within our realm for I see it was she who gave you the hope that you would return to us."

"Only if you forgive me for my own transgressions. Never did I stop loving either of you no matter what Azog did. Yevanna....even Bolg, for a time, gave me reason to live and hope to return to you one day. It will take time for us all to heal." She said and pulled back to look up into her husbands eyes. "Thank you for bringing her into our home. I know she is not your child and her coming into this world was not with out its strife. It means so much to me that you will let her stay with me."

Thranduil nodded his head, after all he knew that if he denied the child his wife would leave him...again but he still had a matter to attend to. Now more than ever did he wish for the gems that he had wanted to give to his wife and he would soon turn some "I am glad you are back with us my dear....but there is still some matters to attend to. Remain here in dale and care for those injured...Legolas stay with your mother." he stated and would move past them as soon the order to move out the troops as they began to head towards the mountain.

Bard turned watching and soon would call out "wait....please wait! you woud go to war?" he stated in shock "over a handful of gems?" "The heirlooms of my people are not lighty forsaken..." Thranduil stated as he mounted up on his elk. "We are allies in this. My people also have a claim upon the riches in that mountain! Let me speak with Thorin" Thranduil eyed the human named bard "YOu would try to reason with a dwarf?" "To avoid war? Yes..."

The dwarves lay down their tools, pick up their weapons, and follow him up the stairs they’ve created in the blockage, all the way to a platform they have built at the top of the gate from which they have a vantage point over the plain in front of the gate. They see the walls of Dale filled with Elves ready for war. Bard rides up the path to the gate on a horse, and stops in front of the gate. “Hail Thorin, son of Thrain! We are glad to find you alive beyond hope.” Why do come to the gates of the king under the mountain armed for war?” He asked with a glint of anger in his eyes as the morning sun gave a glint off the crown of the king. "Why does the king under the mountain fence himself in? Like a robber in his hole." "Perhaps it is because I am expecting to be robbed.” He snapped back and Bard could tell that the curse of the gold had already gotten its claws into the hide of at least one dwarf.

"My lord - We have not come to rob you, but to seek fair settlement. Will you not speak with me?” He asked, hoping that the king was not too far gone to see reason.
Thorin thought for a moment before nodding and walked out of site. Hard dismounted his horse, loaned to him from the elves, and approached one of the small openings.
Once he found thorin he stopped and Thorin didn't even give him the curtesy of turning to him while over head, a caw caught his attention and he looked up to see a crow fly off and thought nothing of it.

"I’m listening.”

On behalf of the people of Laketown, I ask that you honor your pledge. A share of the treasure so that they might rebuild their lives.”

“I will not treat with any man while an armed host lies before my door.” “That armed host will attack this mountain, if we do not come to terms...do this to protect your kin....your wife and son!” “Your threats do not sway me.” “What of your conscience? Does it not tell you our cause is just?! My people offered you help. And in return you brought upon them only ruin and death!” “When did the men of Laketown come to our aid, but for the promise of rich reward?!” “A bargain was struck!” “A bargain? What choice did we have but to barter our birthright for blankets and food? To ransom our future in exchange for our freedom? You call that a fair trade? Tell me, Bard the Dragonslayer…” Bard looks up, surprised. “...Why should I honor such terms?” “Because you gave us your word. Does that mean nothing? What your wife has done for you mean nothing!?” Thorin turns away from the hole, disappearing from Bard’s view. He leans back against the blockade and for a moment looks tired and weary. He then looks at the other dwarves and Bilbo, who are all standing there. He shouts back to Bard. Thorin Shouts“Be gone, ere arrow fly!”

Bard slaps the rock angrily, then mounts his horse and rides back to Dale. The company watches him go from the top of the platform. “What are you doing?! You cannot go to war.” “This does not concern you.” Excuse me?! But just in case you haven’t noticed, there is an army of elves out there. And not to mention several hundred angry fishermen. We-We are in fact outnumbered.” Thorin turns to look at Bilbo, smiling. “Not for much longer.” “What does that mean?” “It means Master Baggins, you should never underestimate dwarves.” Thorin turns to the whole group. “We have reclaimed Erebor - Now we defend it!” As Thorin strides down the steps, Bilbo and Balin looks distressed.

Bard rides back to the gates of Dale, where Thranduil is waiting. “He will give us nothing."

"Such a pity. Still, you tried.” He said sarcastically. He honestly had hopped for this out come, save for possibly Ailis. He wanted to see an end to these dwarves.

"I do not understand - Why? Why would he risk war?”
They look back toward the Mountain in time to see the dwarves dislodge the head of one of the massive stone statues, causing it to fall and break the raised bridge to the gate, thus disabling any attackers from approaching the gates.
"It is fruitless to reason with them; they understand only one thing.” He said and pulled out his sword and gazes at it. "We attack at dawn! Are you with us?"
Seldanna stood not to far away and called out. "Let me go to them.....let me talk to Ailis and try to reason with them."
"No. This is the only way." Thranduil said. "But Thranduil....."
"I said no!"

"There is little that dwarf will listen to...I doubt even his wife he heeds" Thranduil stated, "I will spare her life....only because she still holds a place among us." he would then walk from them.

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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Ailis hearing Thorin demands would come storming down, she moved right up to him and soon she swung. Her hand going across his face, tears in her eyes as she stared at him "Snap out of this Thorin! this is NOT you...this is not the King you are meant to be! end this madness....those people out there helped us....helped YOU reclaim Erabor" He grabbed her wrist roughly and the other grabbed her shoulder. "They helped themselves to gold that was not there's!" He said as Fili and Kili jumped to her aide after he released her. "They did nothing of the sort! we gave them our word Thorin....the word of your house!" she yelled at him. "Mother..."Fili stated holding her some as he stood there, "calm down please..." "This mountain is nothing more than a tomb....and I will not see us buried in it!" she turned quickly leaving.

He didn't seem too heartbroken over it and turned and walked away aswell in another direction, heading toward the armory where he called the dwarves to get themselves ready for the upcoming battle.

Once there, Thorin and the other dwarves had begun fitting themselves with armor and weapons. "Master Baggins, come here!” He called out to the hobbit who was away from and witnessing the utter madness.
"You are going to need this. Put it on.” In Thorins hands was a glistening white chain mail shirt. It glittered beautifully in the torch light.
Bilbo began to remove his coat.
"This vest is made of silver steel - “Mithril” it was called by my forebears.”
Thorin aided the Hobbit into the chain mail."No blade can pierce it."
Bilbo looked down at the metal over his too big shirt and over at the other dwarves who watched for a moment before going back to getting ready. "I look absurd." He said looking back to Thorin. "I’m not a warrior; I’m a Hobbit.”
"It is a gift. A token of our friendship. True friends are hard to come by.”
Although he had started off smiling at Bilbo, he gave a quick glance toward the other dwarves and frowns, then grabs Bilbo by the shoulder and pulls him away where the other dwarves can’t hear him.
"I have been blind. Now I begin to see. I am betrayed!”
"The Arkenstone.”
Bilbao's mouth suddenly becomes dry and his heart began to beat near out of his chest as Thorin moves closer to him.
"One of them has taken it.”
Bilbo almost sighs audibly in relief as Thorin looked away to make sure that there was no one listening.
"One of them is false.”
"Thorin...the quest is fulfilled. You’ve won the mountain. Is that not enough?”
".....Betrayed by my own kin.”
"No eh...You...You made a promise...to the people of Laketown. Is-Is this treasure truly worth more than your honor? Our honor, Thorin. I was also there, I gave my word.Ailis and your son as well....."
"For that I’m grateful. It was nobly done. But the treasure in this mountain does not belong to the people of Laketown! This gold...is ours...and ours alone. By my life I will not part with a single coin!" And in that moment, Bilbo knew.....Ailis......Balin......Smaug......were all right and Thorin was lost. "Not...one...piece of it!”

Bilbo had to leave."
So much was happening around Erabor, chaos, sorrow, death....it was all rolling into one large blast ready to hit all at once. Ailis wouldn't go near the treasure room or the gates, she wanted out of this...but she could not abandon her son...and the rest of her kin. Peaking out a window that over looked to Dale she could see the figures moving around it, the elves making for war and her heart sank even further. "Seldanna....I need your strength in this hour....please...help me....I need guidance dear friend..." she stated closing her eyes.

In Dale, the people are preparing for war, sharpening swords and collecting supplies. They jump out of the way as Gandalf gallops into town on his horse. “Let me through! Make way!” Gandalf dismounts in the main courtyard and looks surprised to see men drilling with swords and companies of elves marching by. Alfrid comes up to him, upset. “No, No, NO! Oi! You - pointy hat!” Gandalf turns to look at him. “Yes, you. We don’t want no tramps, beggars nor vagabonds around here. We got enough trouble without the likes of you. Off you go! On your horse.” “Who’s in charge here?!” Bard walks up. “Who is asking?”

A little bit later, Gandalf is meeting with Bard and Thranduil in a tent. “You must set aside your petty grievances with the dwarves. War is coming! The cesspits of Dol Guldur have been emptied. You’re ALL in mortal danger!” “What are you talking about?”“I can see you know nothing of wizards. They are like winter thunder on a wild wind rolling in from a distance, breaking hard in alarm. But sometimes a storm is just a storm.” “Not this time. Armies of orcs are on the move. And these are fighters! They have been bred for war. Our enemy has summoned his full strength.” “Why show his hand now?” “Because we forced him! We forced him when the company of Thorin Oakenshield set out to reclaim their homeland. The dwarves were never meant to reach Erebor; Azog the Defiler was sent to kill them. His master seeks control of the mountain. Not just for the treasure within, but for where it lies, its strategic position.” As Gandalf talks, they have left the tent and walked outside to a spot from where they can clearly see the gates of Erebor. “This is the gateway to reclaiming the lands of Angmar in the north. If that fell kingdom should rise again, Rivendell, Lothlorien, the Shire, even Gondor itself will fall!” “These orc armies you speak of, Mithrandir - Where are they?” Gandalf is unable to answer.

"You should listen to him." Seldanna said, making her presence known. She now wore elven garb brought for her upon the kings request and for the first time in a long time , after helping and healing others, she began to feel like herself again. "Mithrandir....." she greeted and bowed to him and he in a shocked return. "My lady.......you are...."
"Alive. Yes that seems to be the consensus." She said sadly. "But a story for another time my friend." She said and looked to Thranduil. "Having spent so many years as his prisoner I may not have seen everything but the wizard is right. Azog has built an army and just before Legolas freed Yevanna and myself, he sent Bolg to empty it out of near all life there."

Thranduil would listen to his wife, glancing at Gandalf and would speak "Even if the orcs did come...they stand little chance again my army." Gandalf confronts Thranduil. “Since when has my council counted for so little? What do you think I’m trying to do?!” “I think you’re trying to save your dwarvish friends. And I admire your loyalty to them, but it does not dissuade me from my course. You started this, Mithrandir. You will forgive me if I finish it.” Thranduil exits the tent and calls to one of the elves. “Are the archers in position?” “Yes my Lord.” “Give the order. If anything moves on that mountain - kill it!” “The dwarves are out of time.” It is night; at the blocked off entrance to the gate, a rope is suddenly thrown over the edge. Bilbo clambers hand-over-hand down the rope, slipping along the way. He manages to climb across the moat using some of the rubble. He begins running toward Dale.

Gandalf approaches Bard. “You, Bowman! Do you agree with this? Is gold so important to you? Would you buy it with the blood of dwarves?!" As the speak, Bilbo sneaks past some of the Laketown guards. “It will not come to that. This is a fight they cannot win.” Suddenly, Bilbo appears and addresses both of them. “That won’t stop them. You think the dwarves will surrender - They won’t. They will fight to the death to defend their own.” Gandalf turns“Bilbo Baggins!”Bilbo smiles happily.

Back in Thranduil’s tent, Bilbo is presented before Thranduil. “If I’m not mistaken, this is the halfling who stole the keys to my dungeons from under the nose of my guards.” "Yeeesss......sorry about that." Bilbo said awkwardly before clearing his throat. "I came to give you this." He said and placed an item on the table and unwrapped it. What lay there was a stone the shown with a bright self luminescence and Thranduil stood in awe and bard and Gandalf stood in shock. "The arkenstone." Seldanna said from her husbands side.
"The heart of the mountain. The kings jewel."

"How is this yours to give?" Bard asked and looked at Bilbo.
"I took as my 14Th share of the treasure.""

Gandalf smiles slightly. Bard looked at the hobbit “Why would you do this? You owe us no loyalty.” “I’m not doing it for you. I know that dwarves can be obstinate and pigheaded and difficult, suspicious and secretive…with the worst manners you can possibly imagine, but they also brave and kind...and loyal to a fault. I’ve grown very fond of them, and I would save them if I can. Thorin values this stone above all else, even his wife and son. In exchange for its return, I believe he will give you what you are owed. There will be no need for war!”
Seldanna smiled softly at the hobbit, who had not yet learned who this woman was but she seemed familiar to him for some reason. Gandalf smiled and nodded to the kings and queen. "Come Master Baggins. Let us find you a place to rest for tonight."
Seldanna watched them go and looked to her husband. "This could be a good thing my love. We could avoid any unnecessary blood shed and hopefully gain the aide promised to the people of lake town." She said. "Though.....you never said what was in the mountain that you seek...why are you so angry with Thorin? What has he done?"

Thranduil watched them leave and would theng lance back at his wife, "I had asked them to create a gift for you....a year after we thought we had lost you...I went to retirve the items...so that in a way you would be forever among your kin" he stated glancing from his wife to the mountain. "Thral....saw to it to keep them from me...betraying our trust and our bond all for the sake of jewels....even with the protest of lady Ailis he still did nothing....I knew what lay in that moment....I knew what was to come and when Smaug attacked I would not risk the lives of our people to that creature...."

"Oh Thranduil.....I can.....understand that decision.....Ailis must have been so distraught and Thorin wanting to bring his people back to their home.....but I would think that helping them after their loss would have quelled that." She said, but didn't know that he had not offered aide "I knew for some time that dwarves are far to stubborn I will always welcome Ailis that will never change." he stated, "for now go and rest my dear....im sure you and....the child are weary from your years."

Early the next morning, we see that the plain in front of the Mountain is covered in legions of Elves and men, armed for battle. The dwarves, also prepared, watch from above the gate blockade. Alfrid comes to wake Bilbo up, carrying a bowl of food. “Wakey, Wakey, Hobbit. Up you...get.” He pauses as he realizes that Bilbo is not in the room where he had left him.

Thranduil and Bard ride together to the front of the armies and approach their side of the broken bridge over the moat. From above the blockade, Thorin draws a bow and shoots an arrow at the ground directly in front of Thranduil and Bard, who immediately halt in surprise "I will put the next one between your eyes!” The dwarf king shouted and his allies cheered and laughed as Thorin drew again.
Thranduil stares at Thorin angrily, then slightly tilts his head. Instantly, several rows of Elves near the front of the army pull out their bows, nock their arrows, and aim at the dwarves, all in one fluid motion. The dwarves’ cheering cuts off abruptly as all of them but Thorin duck behind the ramparts. After holding the pose for a few seconds, Thranduil raises his hand, and the elves easily put away their arrows. Thorin is unmoving.
"We’ve come to tell you: payment of your debt has been offered...and accepted.” He said smugly as Thorins face contorts in confusion and anger. "What payment? I gave you nothing! You have nothing!”
"We have this.” Bars said as he reached into his pocket and pulled out the Arkenstone and held it above his head for the dwarves to see.
Thorins eyes widen in shock and confusion, this wasn't possible....

"They have the Arkenstone? Thieves! How came you by the heirloom of our house? That stone belongs to the king!” Kili shouted after he and the others had stood

"And the king may have it - in our good will." Bard said as he put the stone back into his pocket. "But first he must honor his word."

"They are taking us for fools. This is a ruse, a filthy lie.” Thorin said softly for only those near him to hear.

Balin looks on worried at Thorin, worried that his mental state had truly deteriorated so far that even seeing the real stone as a fake would drive him into further madness.
"THE ARKENSTONE IS IN THIS MOUNTAIN! IT IS A TRICK!” Thorin shouted from atop the ramparts. He glared deeply at the two kings till a voice spoke up, one he hoped would never say to him what he would hear.
"It-It’s no trick. The stone is real. I gave it to them.”

Ailis had come down from where she had been when she heard the speak about the Arkenstone, she moved closer till she would soon hear BIlbo speak, she moved quicker knowing that in Thorin's state he would be driven to rage as Bilbo continued "I took it as my fourteeth Share..." Ailis moved quicker and she would speak "Thorin....calm down" she knew his anger was getting to him, she needed to get between him and Bilbo. "You......you would steall from me?” Thorin asked, his voice grave and angry and hurt while below Bard and thranduils looked between each other in confusion and concern for the hobbits safety.

"Steal from you? No. No. I may be a burglar, but I like to think I’m an honest one." He said in his Hibbity manner and squared his shoulders as he faced down the mountain king. "I’m willing to let it stand against my claim.”
"Against your claim?!" Thorins eye twitched. "Your claim!" He jaw clenched. "You have no claim over me you miserable rat!” Thorin threw down his bow in anger and began storming toward Bilbo.
"I was going to give it to you. " Bilbo said taking a single step back and Thorin stopped as Ailis got between them "Many times I wanted to, but...”
"But what, thief?!” He snapped while Ailis and Fili kept him from harming Bilbo or something else he may regret.
"You are changed, Thorin! The dwarf I met in Bag End would never have gone back on his word! Would never have doubted the loyalty of his kin!”
"Do not speak to me...of loyalty!” He shouts and looked to his dwarves, "Throw him from the rampart!”
Bilbo is stricken at Thorins order, as are the others. No one moves, they stand their looking at Thorin incredulously. When no one moves, Thorin is livid. "DO YOU HEAR ME?!”
Thorin grabbed Fili’s arm to push him towards the hobbit and force his son to do his bidding, but Fili shakes him away and glared at him.
Thorin glared back before turning to Bilbo and stormed after him again, "I will do it my self!"
He lined at Bilbo and grabbed him by his collar and pushed him against the cold and unforgiving stone.
"CURSE YOU!” He shouted
"No! Father stop!" He shouted and leaped onto his father to stop him. Ailis did the same, shouting at Thorin to stop and in his anger and hatred ran ramped, he swung back and hit her. Ailis would fall back, her eyes wide Gandalf having seen enough would soon yell "If you don't like my burglar..." his voice amplified and powerful "Then please don't damage him. Return him to me! You're not making a very splendid figure as a king under the mountain, are you? Thorin son of Thrain.....specially hitting your wife"

The other dwarves would rush to Bilbo's aid as bofur would gently push Bilbo towards the rope he had hung the night before. "go...quickly..."

"Mother." Fili went to his mothers side and helped her up and Oin went up to her. "Let's take her from here." The healer spoke softly while Thorin, like a crazed animal was shouting over the ramparts, "Never again will I have dealings with Wizards or Shire-rats!” He shouted while Bilbo made his way to the Grey wizard, looking back up at the gates in horror and sadness.
"Are we resolved? The return of the Arkenstone for what was promised.”
Thorin, breathing heavily, looks to a ridge in the distance, as if looking for someone or something. He did not answer. He paced a bit and almost looked defeated and about to give in to bards demands.
"Give us your answer! Will you have peace or war?”
As Thorin bows his head in defeat, a large raven flies up to the ramparts and perches beside him. Thorin and the raven stare at each other. And that look of dark madness returns
"I will have war!”
Coming over the hill just under the rising sun, a battle horn blasted calling the armies attention to the hill.
"Iron foot." Gandalf said in dismay

The Erebor dwarves begin cheering and screaming as they see their backup arriving. “Ribo i thangail!” [Rush the shield-fence!] Thranduil rides through his army as his Elves and the Lakepeople turn away from the gates of Erebor and begin marching quickly toward the oncoming Iron Hills dwarves. Gandalf strides along with them, Bilbo rushing to keep up. “Who is that? He doesn’t look very happy.” “It is Dain, lord of the Iron Hills - Thorin’s cousin.” “Are they alike?” “I always found Thorin the more reasonable of the two.” The two armies halt a short distance from one another, and Dain rides his pig onto a rocky overlook to address the Elves and Men. “Good morning! How are we all? I have a wee proposition, if you wouldn’t mind giving me a few moments of your time. Would you consider...just sodding off!” The townspeople, clutching their weapons, step back in fear, while the Elves pull out their swords and step forward. “All of you - right now!” Bard shouts to his men“Stand fest!”

Gandalf strides forward. “Come now, lord Dain!” “Gandalf the Grey. Tell this rabble to leave, or I’ll water the ground with their blood!” “There is no need for war between dwarves, men and elves! A legion of orcs march on the mountain. Stand your army down!” “I will not stand down before any elf! Not least this faithless woodland sprite!” He gestures toward Thranduil, who looks angry. “He wishes nothing but ill upon my people! If he chooses to stand between me and my kin - I’ll split his pretty head open! See if he’s still smirking then!”

Thranduil smiles furiously, and the Erebor dwarves cheer. “He’s clearly mad, like his cousin!” “You hear that, lads?!” He turns and rejoins his army. “Come on! Let’s give these ***** a good hammering!” A dwarf yells out a command, and the Iron Hills dwarves raise their weapons and cheer. The Elves perform a complicated maneuver to put their shield-and-spear bearers at the front of the army, while the arches stand behind them. As both armies prepare to fight, a rumbling is heard at the base of a spur of the mountain. The armies grow silent as they turn to look. Gandalf whispers to himself. “Were-worms!”

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