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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

on Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:32 pm
At the spur of the mountain where the rumbling is coming from, massive worms, hundreds of feet long and dozens of feet thick, break through the rocks. Their mouths are essentially giant drilling machines, strong enough to crush the toughest rocks in their jaws. The human, Elf, and dwarf armies look on in shock. “Oh, come on!” Dain shouted in annoyance. The worms suddenly retreat into the tunnels they’d made through the mountains approaching the Lonely Mountain. As the mist clears, we see Azog and a few other Orcs standing atop a hill. Behind them are several massive contraptions made of wood, rope, and cloth, meant as signalling devices. “Come forth my Armies!"As Azog gives a sign, one of the wooden structures opens up in a particular position, and a horn sounds. Immediately, legions of Orcs begin pouring out of the were-worm tunnels. “The hordes of hell are upon us! To battle! To battle, sons of Durin!”

"I’m going over the wall! Who’s coming with me?” Kili said and started to climb over the rampart.
The other dwarves cheer and agree, preparing to climb down.
"Stand down!” Thorin said glaring ahead at the battle field for a moment be fore turning to walk away from the bewildered looks one his dwarves faces.
"What?” Bofur questions
"Are we to do nothing?” Kili asks angrily.
"I said STAND DOWN!” He snapped glaring at his nephew before turning again and walking away from the gates.
As Thorin walked away, the other look on in shock and surprise. Meanwhile, as Dain and a company of his dwarves rush toward the oncoming Orcs, the Elves stay right where they were. To Bilbo, it was clear that the dwarves were outnumbered.
"The elves, will they not fight?” Bilbo asked Gandalf who turned to Thranduil.
"Thranduil! This is madness!” Gandalf shouted at the king who
Thranduil looks back at the Iron Hills dwarves, who have stopped and built a shield wall with their massive spears pointed outward, lead by the chants of the leader. The orcs are fast approaching the shield wall. Suddenly, right as the Orcs reach the dwarves, the Elves leap up over the shield wall from behind, wielding their swords, and begin raining down blows on the Orcs. As the Elves press forward, the dwarvish shield wall is raised and the dwarves rush forward, cutting down Orcs with their spears. Dain rides furiously through the Orcs, smashing them left and right with his hammer.
As the remaining elves march toward the battle, Gandalf and Bilbo are standing in one place.
" Eh, Gandalf - Is this a good place to stand?" He asked nervously while holding sting defensively.!
At the top of the hill, Azog commands his Orcs.
"Send in the War Beasts!"

Back in Dale, Seldanna was aiding in helping the people to find a place to hide. The dwarves orcs had surprised them and she wanted to save as many as she could before they turned and attacked the city. "Hurry now. Get the elderly and children to safety!" She shouted while holding onto Yevanna tightly. Hearing Azogs voice in the distance unsettled her greatly but she would not allow him to frighten her or over power her any more.

Ailis stood in the darkness of Erabor, she could hear the fighting going on outside she couldn't live like this anymore as she would take a deep breath. "I will not stand here..." she stated as she would soon move through the halls, heading towards the doorway that had allowed them to enter Erabor to begin with. As she did, she went past the armory, hidden in the cove of it was a set of armor she had designed long ago and soons he was adorning it. The black scales gleming as she tied her hair back and she grabbed what she could. As she martched out she put her fingers to her lips and whistled loudly.

It echoed all around, and with it a roar rised with it as Azul rushed out from the woods and towards the mountain as he did, he opened his jaws and set a flame orcs before landing on the ledge. "on durin will fight this day..." she stated coldly glaring down at the gates where the other dwarves stood. "Mother!" FIli stated in alarm watching as his mother mounted Azul and took off into the fight.

The wooden signalling devices change their position to show a new signal. Gandalf, seeing the signal, looks toward the tunnels to see new legions of Orcs, including massive trolls and other monsters, come out. Thranduil shouts to his troops. “_ _ _” The Elves stop and pull out their bows. “They cannot fight on two fronts. Now we make our move. Attack the city!"

As a horn sound and the signalling device changes again, another legion of Orcs that had been waiting for the signal turn and march toward Dale, which is between the current battle and the tunnels. “Azog - he’s trying to cut us off” They see massive trolls, each large enough to carry multiple other dwarves and wooden structures such as catapults on their back, march toward the city along with the armies of Orcs. “All of you, fall back to Dale! Now!” Bard, the Lakepeople, Gandalf, and Bilbo rush toward the city, trying to intercept the Orcs. “To the city! Bilbo! This way!” The monstrous trolls approaching the city stop at a rise overlooking Dale. They bend over and plant all four legs on the ground, thus making their backs horizontal. On their backs are catapults loaded with large rocks; orcs on the trolls’ backs wind up the gears of the catapults. At a signal from their leader orc, who strikes the ground with his mace, the catapults are released, and the rocks fly toward Dale. They smash into the walls and towers, destroying everything they hit. As Bard, at the front of his army, rides across a bridge into Dale, we see the Orc army approaching the wall from another area. A troll with a giant triangle-shaped rock strapped to his head runs up to the wall and smashes into it headfirst, knocking it down and knocking himself out in the some motion. The orcs behind him rush into the city through the hole, entering the houses and killing whatever people they find.

Arabella turned and fired off arrows at orcs that came after them with Tauriel and Legolas helping to stop as many as they could. Seldanna was given a sword to protect herself for this very moment. "Sigurd take her!" She said and passed Yavanna off to her while she held Gilda's hand and Bain held onto an old sword he had found to protect his sisters and their little friend.
Seldanna turned and fought with her son and his friends. She realized that if she lived through this, she needed to retrain herself. But she refused to let her self lose. To be taken away from her family again.
"Momma! Momma! Com' back!" Yevanna cried out wanting her mother though she clung to Sigrid.
Suddenly a surge of orcs lung at them from out of no where. The girls scream and run off, while Bain blocks a blow and kicks the first orc away and then turns to go after the orcs that have gone after his sisters. "momma!"
Lhing roars out and lunges out an orc at his mistress when she turned at the sounds of the children's screams but found them gone and only orcs and humans to be seen with a mixing of elven soldiers in their place.
"Yevanna?! Sigrid!" She shouted. "We will find Mother! I swear it." He said. "But we must fight for them until then."

Across the city, bard and his fighters broke through one of the open gates and into a crowd of frightened people. He called out to them, "My children! Where are my children?”
One woman heard him and called back to him as she kept running for her life, "I saw them. They were down in the old market with the elf Queen!"
"The market?! Where are they now? Tilda! Sigrid!” He shouted desperately.
Percy, at that moment, runs up at the head of a company of the Laketown soldiers.
"Bard, Orcs are storming over the causeway!”
"Get the bowmen to the eastern parapet! Hold them off for as long as you can!”
"Archers, this way!” Percy shouts and runs off with his group. Bard turns back to his search, calling out for his children as he run for the market. As he runs, calling their names, more fleeing people run pass him shouting, "The orcs have taken Stone Street! The market’s overrun!”
"The rest of you, follow me!” He shouted determinedly to his group of fighters s that followed after him.
Bard and his group encounters the orcs as they begin pouring out of the Market and they begin fighting.

Elsewhere in Dale, Gandalf and Bilbo are also fighting the orcs. A group of townspeople run toward the orcs, and Alfrid is running with them.

"Charge! Onward! To the death!” He shouts just before stopping, panting for breath, he ducks into a door way to hide one he is sure no one or thing sees him.
But just after ducking into his hiding spot, Sigrid, Tilda and a crying Yevanna run passed him screaming as orcs chase after them. Bain, using the many ally's and streets, got around the orcs and jumps out and runs his sword through and kills the lead orc. Sigrid and told turn after their brother killed and first orc, but were to late in warning him as the second orc gives him a kick to his side and knocks him to the ground. The orc swings at him, only to get his sword caught on an old tree overhead. Bain uses this chance to thrust his sword into the orc, killing it as well. He jumps up to his feet and takes Tildas hand in free one and he and his sisters run round a corner and see their father fighting further up the lane, uphill from them.
"DA!” Sigrid shouts.
"Da! We’re down here!” Tilda joins in while Bain waves his arms to get his fathers Attention. "Here!”
Bard hears them and turns to see them, looking relieved. However, his expressions changes to shock when he sees a troll enter the lane behind the children, throwing men many feet away with a single blow of his mace. The troll sees the children and growls, causing them to turn and the girls scream. Yevanna turns and buried her face into Sigrid shoulder.
Bain jumps infront of them and held his sword out in defense as they all quickly try backing away.
They are too far away for Bard to reach them in time, and he looks around frantically. As the troll approaches the children, Bard tilts upright a cart that had been laying sideways in the courtyard. He scrambles into it and launches it down the avenue toward the children. The troll raises its mace to smash the children, but pauses in surprise when it sees Bard hurtling toward it in the cart.
"BAIN, SIGRID - GET DOWN!” He shouts.
They throw themselves to the floor as the cart bounces over them. It then smashes into the troll and sends it flying; Bard is also thrown forward, and he manages to thrust his sword into the troll’s heart in a flying strike. The troll with a grunt of death slides down the wall and onto his side, bars going with him but manages to stay on his feet. He turns to his children who scramble into their fathers arms and they embrace tightly. "Come on." He says as the sounds of raging orcs begins to get closer and they turn to run.
They manage to find a place to stop for a moment and he turns to them, not realizing that Alfrid is there in a new hiding spot, listening.

"Listen - I need you to gather the women and children. Take them to the Great Hall and barricade the door.” He said and take Bain sword from him, needing to take it himself, having realized that he left his in the troll.
"You must not come out for any reason!”
"We wanna stay with you!” Gilda cried. Alfrid like the coward that he was, saw this as an opportunity to get get somewhere safe and to protect him self.
He steps out, "Show your father some respect! You leave it to me, sire. " he said and grabbed the girls arms. "You heard him, we make for the great Hall!”
"Alfrid, women and children only. I need every man fighting. See that you return!” He says and shoves the sword at him.
"I’ll get them to safety, sire, my sword is yours command.” He said and then notices orcs coming their way and he rushes the children to move. As they go, he begins rounding up the people he sees., "Get up!” He shouted to an older man who could not fight. Before Bane goes, bars reaches and holds Bain’s face earnestly.
"Look after them!” Bain nods and turns to go after them.
"Shift it, granny!” Alfrid said as Bain catches up to him and Alfrid rudely tosses him the sword after they out of sight of Bard, who goes back to the battle at hand.

"Hurry! We have to get to the great Hall!" Bain said calling for it to the women, children and the elderly to Safety.
As they approach the Great Hall, Alfrid runs and pushes his way through the people, knocking many of them over in his haste to reach the doors.
"Out of my way! Abandon the cripples!”

As more and more orcs and trolls enter the city, Thranduil rides his elk into the city by crossing one of the bridges. As he crosses, his elk tramples many orcs. The elk lowers its horns and spears five orcs at the same time, lifting them up so that Thranduil can behead all of them with one swing of his sword. As they thunder into the city, the elk is killed by multiple Orc arrows to the chest. As it falls, Thranduil leaps clear and rolls. He comes up from his roll to find himself surrounded by orcs. He pulls out both his sword and begins fighting them, soon reinforced by his elven foot troops.

In the city, the men, elves, and orc all fight each other, and the orcs seems to have the upper hand because of their massive numbers. Azog watches from his hilltop vantage point. “They cannot hold the city. The Dwarves are almost spent." In the plains in front of Erebor, the Iron Hills dwarves are being driven back by the orcs. Orcs manage to kill Dain’s war pig. “You buggars!” He begins killing orcs left and right with his hammer and by headbutting them. “Where’s Thorin?! We need him! Where is he?” Ailis would land beside Dain as Azul lashed out at the orcs, "Holed up in Erabor....we should fall back Dain!" she stated her sword bloodied and orc blood coating her face.

From his vantage point, Azog gloats as both battlefronts are being won by the orcs. “Let these lands run with blood! Slaughter them all." Bard would yell out to the others “FALL BACK!”

Meanwhile, in Erebor, Thorin is merely sitting on the throne. Dwalin approaches him. “Since when do we forsake our own people? Thorin, they are dying out there.....your wife is out there fighting for us!....for you!"

"There are halls beneath halls within this mountain - places we can fortify.” He said while pacing about in consistently.
Dwalin looks disappointed and angry while Thorin whispers to himself. "Shore up, make safe. Yes…Yes - that is it. We must move the gold further underground - to safety!”
Thorin begins walking away, but Dwalin angrily calls out to him, "Did you not hear me?! Dain is surrounded! Ailis out there! They’re being slaughtered, Thorin.”
"Many die in war. And Ailis made her choice siding with that theif. Life is cheap. But a treasure such as this cannot be counted in lives lost. It is worth all the blood we can spend!”
"You sit here in these vast halls, with a crown upon your head, and yet you are lesser now than you have ever been!" It pained him to say so, but seinf Thorin like this was awful.
"Do not speak to me as if I was some lowly dwarf lord…”
As he speaks, Thorin is clearly mentally affected.
"As-As if I were still...Thorin...Oakenshield." He voice broke and he seemed to break just a bit more before snapping around on Dwalin, "I AM YOUR KING!”
Thorin roars and pulls out his sword; however, he is so unbalanced that he almost falls over.
Dwalin was unmoving and sad, "You were always my king. You used to know that once. Dwalin bows his head in sorrow, "You cannot see what you have become.”
Thorin straightened out and shouted, "Go! Get out...before I kill you.”
After looking at each other for a while, Dwalin turns and leaves without saying a word. After another moment, Thorin turned and left the throne room, he gab pacing through the halls till he came to the room where they had smothered the dragon in molten gold.
As he walks, he hears the many voices spoke to him, words that he spoke or were spoken to him

"You sit here...with a crown upon your head...you are lesser now than you have ever been..."

"....but a treasure such as this cannot be counted in lives lost...”
".....a sickness lies upon that treasure...”
“...the blind ambition of a mountain-king…”
“...this gold...is ours...and ours alone...”
“...I will not part with a single coin...”
“...he could not see beyond his own desire...”
“...as if I was some lowly dwarf lord…”
“...a sickness that drove your grandfather mad...”
“...this is Thorin, son of Thrain, son of Thror...”
“...I am not my grandfather…my grandfather.”
“...you are the heir to the throne of Durin...”
“...they are dying out there.”
“...take back...take Erebor...”
“...Dain is surrounded... surrounded...is surrounded...Dain is surrounded...”
“...take back your homeland…”
“...you are changed, Thorin...”
“...I am not my grandfather…”
“...is this treasure truly worth more than your honor...”
“...I am not my grandfather…”
The voices suddenly stop, and Thorin looks down and sees the shadowy shape of Smaug sliding beneath the gold.
"......this treasure will be your death…”

Thorin screams as the gold beneath him turns into a sinkhole and he begins drowning, surrounded by gold. He screams as he tries to escape, but keeps getting pulled down. As he disappears beneath the gold, his hallucinations end there and he is left standing in the golden court. He yanks off his crown and throws it to the floor. He has finally comes back to his senses.

"Oh Ailis.....forgive me...." he sighed and turned back to run back to the gates

Ailis was breathing heavily as she would look at Azul, the dragon struggling "Azul get out of here!" she yelled looking at the drake who would shake his head. "get out of here!" she wanted to protect someone as she soon swung her blade slamming it into an orc cutting them down as the orcs were starting to close in. Dain looked over to his cousins wife before yelling “FALL BACK! FALL BACK! TO THE BARRICADE! FALL BACK!.....Ailis you must get out of here!” "I will not leave you all to this fate Dain!...." she stated standing by him.

The remaining dwarves begins retreating toward the gates of Erebor, with the orcs in pursuit. Azog growled out with a grin on his face“Now comes their end. Prepare for the final assault." A signal horn sounds, the the orcs regroup to march on the dwarves. Just inside the gates of Erebor, the dwarves of the Company sit desolately, hearing the cries of battle outside but unable to help their kin. They rise as they see Thorin approaching from further in the mountain, sword drawn. He is no longer dressed in his royal robes and arbor, but in a simple leather outfit. Kili rises and begins shouting. “I will not hide behind a wall of stone, while others fight our battles for us While my aunt fights out there for us!!” Thorin and Kili continue to approach each other. Kili turned to his uncle“It is not in my blood, Thorin...”
Thorin stopped in front of him and looked him in the eyes. "No, it is not. We are sons of Durin. And Durin’s folk do not flee from a fight.”
Thorin lays his hand on Kili’s shoulder, smiling. Kili smiles back at him through his tears. They touch foreheads and Thorins goes to Fili, "there is nothing I can do or say as your father to begin to make up for my actions."
"You were not yourself. Make up with mother and all is forgiven between you and I. But strike her again and I may not be so forgiving." He said with a smile and Thorins smile back, "agreed." They each put a hand to the others shoulder and put their foreheads together before Thorin turned to the rest of the dwarves.
"I have no right to ask this of any of you. Nor do I expect you to do this, but will you follow me one last time?”
The dwarves rise and raise their weapons gladly, clearly able to see that their king had returned them and were ready to follow their leader and friend again.

On the other side of the barricade, Dain and his remaining dwarves stood together facing the hoard of orcs. "Twas an Honor my lady and my queen, to die this day with you." He said and gave her a soft sad smile.

The orcs began to charge when suddenly a horn sounded from the mountain. A large golden bell broke through the wall and caused the dwarves to look in awe and the orcs to stop in shock. On the bells swing back, Thorin and the company came running out, shouting out to arms.
"To the king!" Daub said in happy surprise.

Ailis would look at Dain "I'm not your queen....I am an equal to you and the dwarves that fight with us this day..." she had no right to be a queen, she woudlnt even stand by her husband but she would look back at the orcs reading herself as Azul growled weakly the drake was getting weaker but would not abandon his mistress. Though when the sudden blast of the horn all turned in shock before the blast as the golden bell ripped through the wall, tears soon streamed down her face when she saw Thorin and the others rushing out "Thorin..." she said with a warm smile on her face as she turned to rush to him, Azul raising his head as he roared loudly before a blast of fire left his maw striking down more orcs as Ailis ran to him as Thorin cleared a few orcs she stepped up "your late..." she stated with a smile to him.

In Dale, Bilbo and Gandalf look out at the plain from an abandoned causeway. The dwarves! They’re rallying!” They watch as the dwarves, fighting with new vigour, destroy the orcs. Gandalf looked on with joy “They are rallying to their king!” Bard speaks to his remaining men. “Any men who want to give their last - follow me!” They charge through the city and clash with the orcs, fighting with reckless abandon now that they know the dwarves are back at it.

"Well I had to clear my head." He said and while the others fought for a moment he turned to her, wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her close and kissed her deeply, passionately, unlike he had in some time. "You have dealt with so much from me and more then I deserve Azyungal." He said softly. "Will you forgive me one last time?" She leaned against him, tears still running down her face as she would raise her bloodied hand and gently ran it against his cheek as she smiled. "the moment I heard the call.....I forgave you Thorin...Oakinshield...." she stated kissing him again as Azul soon lashed his tail out striking down an orc and she would speak "we have a war to win...." she pulled back gripping her sword tightly. "and you have an Orc to kill"

He smiled at her and turned back to fight along side his kin again for some time before calling out to his Cousin.
"Thorin!” Dain called back, "Hold on! I’m coming!”
They continue killing orcs, all the while getting closer to each other. "Hey cousin, what took you so long?!” Dian said as they great each other and hugged each other quickly.
"There’s too many of these buggars, Thorin. I hope you’ve got a plan.”
Thorin looks up to the hilltop on which Azog’s wooden machines and signalling orders and glares.
"Aye - We’re going to take out their leader!”
"Though she can handle her own, look after Ailis."
"In my honor." He said as Thorin strides forward and mounts a large goat that Dain’s army had brought.
"I’m gonna kill that piece of filth!” He said and other rams were taken for dwalin, Kili and fili
"Lead on!”

Ailis would turn some, "you all handle the things here, Azul and I will take to Dale...Dain can you hold them off here?" "Of course milady!" he stated as Ailis looked at Thorin, "bring back his head Thorin" she called to him with a smile before rushing to Azul who soon took off towards Dale roaring loudly before letting loss another torent of flames over the orcs.

Back in Dale, Gandalf watches human spearmen and archers kill a massive troll. “We may yet survive this.” “GANDALF!” Gandalf kills an orc, then hurries over to where Bilbo is standing at the wall and watching Thorin, Dwalin, Fili, and Kili ride up a spur of the mountain to where Azog is. “It’s Thorin!” Gandalf turned watching “And Fili, Kili...and Dwalin. He’s taking his best warriors!” “To do what?” “To cut the head off the snake.” Atop the hill, Azog hears the sound of goat hooves, and he snarls. Thorin and Co. reach some ruins on top of the hill, killing orcs along the way; there is a frozen river between them and where Azog is.

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

on Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:33 pm
Legolas, Arabella and Tauriel arrive back in Dale on a horse; they charge through the streets, killing orcs on their way. They come to where Gandalf is standing. “Gandalf!” “Legolas... Legolas Greenleaf!....like your mother you are a sight of good fortune!” “There is a second army! Bolg leads a force of Gundabad orcs. They are almost upon us!” “Gundabad…This was their plan all along. Azog engages our forces, then Bolg seeps in from the north.” “Wha...the north...where is the north, exactly?!” “Ravenhill.” Gandalf turns and strides over to the parapets to look at the hill where Thorin went; that is Ravenhill. “Ravenhill…Thorin is up there! And Fili and Kili - they’re all up there!” At the sound of Kili’s name, Tauriel is alarmed. Together, they all look out toward the top of Ravenhill, which is shrouded in mist. Thorin and Co. are still fighting in the ruins across the frozen river from Azog’s stronghold. Having defeated all the enemies at present, they look out across the river at the ruins in which Azog was last seen; his wooden signalling machines are visible through the mist.

"Where is he?” Thorin asked in suspicion as he looked at the empty platform.
"Looks empty. I think Azog has fled!” "I don’t think so...Fili, take your cousin, Scout out the towers. Keep low and out of sight. If you see something; report back, do not engage - do you understand?!”
"Yes father..."
"I mean it. You get back here." He pat his sons cheek before dealing called his attention.
"We have company; Goblin mercenaries. No more than a hundred.”
They look back the way they came to see goblins running over the ruins toward them.
"We’ll take care of them. Go! Go" Thorins said and urged them to go while he dwalin took a stance, "Come on!” Dealing shouted as he grabbed the first goblin and head butted him.

Thranduil watched the orcs and looking over the lives of his men on the ground he could not risk anymore, as he would turn "Call them back" he stated he would risk no more lives as he turned to one of his generals "begin the retreat" "yes milord" he stated bowing his head. "Seldanna" Thranduil turned towards his wife sensing her, "gather those you can and head back to the greenwood." "What? Thranduil no!" She said and climbed off Lhings back, both covered in their enemies blood. "We have to help them. We have to find Ailis and Thorin and make sure that they are at least alright!" "they make towards Ravenhill, there is no need to go there...it would be suicide and I've risked enough elven blood" he stated as he stood there, "I will allow the humans shelter within the greenwood...and offer protection there but no more of this.." he motioned to the dead

"So is what Legolas told me true? Have you changed so much from the man I married? The kind and noble friend to all who crossed his path? Where has he gone because i certainly do not recognize you!" She said. "Their deaths are sad and I shall mourn for them, but they did it in service of their king and people to rid a world of evil......you risked their lives for cold and pretty gems." She said and when he looked at her in shock she glared. "I heard you when you rode in. At first when I heard you speak, coming to reclaim something of yours.....I had the briefest of hopes that it was me you meant."angry tears welled in her eyes. "But how could you have known I was there? I thought on that for a moment then you spoke of gems and I hoped...I prayed it wasn't real....but then you confirmed it for me last night....you didn't come for me. You didn't come to aide the people of lake town! You didn't even come for your son when he went headlong into danger!" She snapped as Tauriel and Arabella and even Legolas came into the street where his parents stood, "so when I found out you took everything of me....my medicines, my books.....painting and even my clothes and put them away......I died, al over again. You did everything but send Legolas away to be rid of me....you forgot me Thranduil.....you do not love me.....there is no love in you." With that said she turned away from him

Thranduil stood there watching her, hearing her words it struck something in him as he would speak "I had a kingdom to rule....and I could not in constent mourning of you" he said as he watched her. He had no words that he could express to her, he was not a man of such words at least not anymore....looking upon the dead and seeing his son and the two other elven maidens who even after all this time continued to remind him of his wife... with almost anger he would soon speak "Legolas your horse now" he stated as Legolas blinked but wuld hand him the reins as THranduil mounted up, "gather a number of men...." "father where are you going?" "Ravenhill" he stated turning the horse just as Azul came crashing down weak from the fight as Ailis ran her hand against his neck "easy now....easy..."
Seldanna turned when her husband said that he would go to ravenhill for she new that Azog would be there and she fears for her husband. Though he may not love her.....that was not true for her.
Then Azul and Ailis dropped before them and she gasped. "Ailis!". Thranduil would look back at Seldanna before looking to his son, "There is an army riding from the other end...the one leading it...the obomination Bolg....deal with him." "yes father" legolas stated as he would grab another horse to ride off with his father.

AIlis would turn hearing her name but was soon in stunned shock "s...Seldanna?!" Seldanna gave a quick glance at Tauriel and Arabella, knowing that she need not saying anything, they mounted their own horses and rode off after them.

Seldanna turned back to Ailis and rushed up to her and Azul, Lhing trotted up to Azul and licked his face in comfort and worry. "Are you alright? Are you hurt?" She asked practically frantic, reminder Ailis and herself of Ailis's mother. Ailis was in shock as she was soon being held by her dear friend she thought long gone, but soon she would speak "your sounding like my mother" she stated looking up at her before she started laughing. "oh my dear friend you truly were alive....I knew Lhing would not abandon you...."

"Yes and there is much to talk about, but first we must get you and Azul rested and i must go after my son and...husband..." She said, not sure if after all that had happened that he was still hers anymore. "Azog and...bolg," She said roughly around their names, particularly Bolgs, "Has a second legion coming over Ravenhill and I fear they may be over run."

AIlis would push herself up as she spoke "Ill be fine....besides I must see this through....I still have something to tell Thorin" she would look up at her friend, but when she looked of after Thranduil she would speak "he does still love you greatly Seldanna..." she said, "you know hes an elf lord that loved you deeply, I watched for 60 years him struggle anything of yours he may have locked them away...but to him it was all he could do to redeem himself for failing you....to protect what he had left...those jeweles were the same....if he could protect those...he could make up for failing you"

"But he didnt....and knowing what azog has done...." She stopped herself and shook her head. "Now he goes to rid the world of him and send my sons to one of their deaths....I have to get Ravenhill. Will you come with me?" She asked as she climbed onto Lhings back once more

Ailis would nod her head as she looked at Azul who was struggling to open his wings, "not you my friend." she would gently ease his wings close, "go and aid the humans, and protect them till I return" Azul whinned some pressing his nose to her, "i know...you wish to fight with us...but you wont make the flight do what you can here" Azul shifted before getting to his feet but nodded before turning taking off towards the great hall.

Ailis looked back at Seldanna and would then climb behind her, "lets go protect our husbands" she said with a warm smile to her friend. Lhing gave a roar and ran off and out of the ruined city and towards Raven hill, the ruins of what was once home to the Ravens of Erebor, who were the prefered messangers of the Dwarven people. Up there, fili and kili had reached the old tower and had begun to explore. Fili had told his cousin to take the lower half and he would take another. As they explored though, Fili had been cornered and captured

Fili would fight against the orcs that cornered him, beating against his body but as one was about to run a blade through him Arabella would appear firing and arrow through the skull of one. "you will not harm him." she stated stringing another arrow into her bow firing the arrow before jumping down drawing her blade as she kicked Fili's blade towards him "arm yourself" Fili smiled welcomly and grabbed his blade and fought against the orcs, "What are you doing up here?"
"Came to make sure you didnt get yourself killed....Seems i made it just intime."
"Does this make us even then?" He asked and turned to her when they had a respite. "I hope so, I knwo you dwarves take your life debts very seriously." Arabella would smirk some at him as she stood there, "lets just end these filths" she stated as she would move the two fighting in unison as they attacked the onslaught of orcs coming towards them.

Kili would continue to fight as soon Tauriel come out into the open as she would smile "Kili!" she said as she would start making her way towards him. Kili turned as his joy showed on his face "Tauriel!" the two began to make their way towards one another. But as she does Bolg would jump from behind Tauriel and would suddenly getk icked hard into a rock. Kili angrily defeats his opponents and begins making his way toward her. Tauriel manages to slip out from Bolg’s grasp and begins attacking him with her knife; he manages to grab both her arms and twists them, causing her to shriek in pain; he then smashes his fist down on her head, felling her. Thorin continues fighting orcs while Legolas helps. Kili rushes desperately as he hears Tauriel’s groans. Bolg raises Tauriel up by the throat; she manages to kick him in the knee, causing him to fall. He grabs her and throws her bodily against a wall. As she lays stunned on the ground, he raises his mace for the kill; suddenly, Kili leaps from a parapet onto him. They fight, and Kili manages to slash him, but Bolg grabs Kili by the head and raises the pointed base of his mace to stab him through the chest. Tauriel shout and jumps on Bolg from behind.

Bolg throws kili away and tauriel tries to crawl over to him and bolg smirk evily and walks around to her and spes on her back and raises his mace again to strike when Legolas fires an arrow , hitting the handle of the mace and causing it and bolgs balance to go off to one side and he stepped off of tauriel. Bolg turns and glares at Legolas who glares back and was ready to fire again. "So...brother.....come to kill me?" Bolg taunted

Tauriel would gasp some as she laid there looking over to Kili and began to move towards him, just as Legolas would stand there looking over to see Tauriel was alright and then would speak. "for the honor of my mother you filth...I will kill you" he stated as he moved. However as he did a troll from earlier would slam against the tower He leaps off the top of the tower and plummets down holding his sword out; he manages to stab the troll in the head, and it hobbles around in pain. Twisting the sword, he manages to get the troll to charge forward, smashing head first into the already-weakened base of the tower. Bolg looks up to see the tower fall over and make a bridge over the chasm in between Legolas and Bolg. Bolg and Legolas charge at each other over the makeshift bridge. They begin fighting. As they fight, Bolg swings his heavy mace at Legolas and misses, hitting the floor and causing it to crumble and fall into the chasm.

As the two fight Seldanna and Ailis moved through the chaos, nearing the fighting forms of their allies. Arabella turns just before an orc comes to rush her, Thranduil steps out slicing the orc in two and would speak "if you are two fight along side one another...then do not let the others guard distract you" he said when he saw his wife. "seldanna...what are you doing here!" he demanded as Ailis would jump off Lhings back. "Fili!...where is your father?" she asked her son, when he pointed she nodded as she took off she needed to find Thorin.

"I have come to give aide." She said and looked into his eyes. "Thranduil....about what I said...."She was cut off by the sounds of the crumbling tower and saw her sons batteling over the precipice. "Legolas!" she gasped

Fili and dwalin turned in their fighting, hearing the name. "Seldanna? Mothers friend?"
"She lives?" Dwalin asked in shock. He had been there that day as one of the guards for Ailis and Thorin and he had seen the Warg drag her away to her death. Arabella would speak "we can tell you later for now...we have orcs to kill" she stated as she would slid up behind Fili looking down at him with a smirk, "and here I thought you'd have more than one blade hidden on you" she was teasing him some making FIli chuckle. "I never said I didn't" he stated pulling out a dagger andt hrew it hitting a orc in the chest.

Thranduil would slid up beside his wife, grabbing her around the waist before she would attempt to run towards them. "it is far to dangerous, we must find another way."

Her heart was racing and she looked around hastily before spotting the other tower. "There. the east tower. We can reach him from there." She said and tok his hand and ran for the ower with Lhing on their heels. "Kili....kili please, keep your eyes open...." Tauriel said after she had managed to reach him and hold him gently, too fearful to move him any furthur and to cause him more pain. Kili was gasping, as he held his side looking up at her a faint smile on his lips "you....you came..." he stated raising his hand to gently run it against her face. "You...saved my life once before....yet I cant...seem to repay you the debt."

Meanwhile, Thorin manages to stab an orc in the knee; another orc rushes up and smashes into him, causing him to slide across the ice all the way to the edge of the waterfall, directly over Legolas and Bolg. Bolg knocks Legolas over, but as he raises his mace, Thorin manages to knock an orc over the edge of the waterfall; it lands on the bridge behind Bolg, breaking through the stones and causing him to fall under a pile of rubble. Another orc approaches Thorin, who is lying on his back, partially hanging over the edge of the waterfall, defenseless. As it raises its sword, Legolas manages to throw Orcrist into the orc’s chest, killing it. As it falls over the edge, Thorin manages to reach out and grab the sword, saving it from going over.

As Legolas is watching Thorin, Bolg leaps out of the rubble and swings at Legolas, but Legolas dodges and pulls out his two knives, fighting Bolg with them. Thorin stands and looks in wonder at his blade come back to him; he looks up and sees Azog, alone, facing him. Thorin and Azog approach each other slowly; suddenly, a horn blows, and Azog smiles as a hill in the distance behind him becomes covered with approaching orc help. Azog charges forward and swings a large rock attached to a chain at Thorin, who ducks under it. As Azog is unbalanced by the swing, Thorin manages to get behind him and slash him. Azog angrily swings the rock at him again, and as Thorin dodges, the rock smashes into the ice, cracking it.

Meanwhile, Bolg throws a huge stone at Legolas, and it smashes the bridge beneath him. In an amazing and inhuman feat of agility, Legolas manages to run up falling rocks and leaps at Bolg. As they fight, Legolas manages to stab at Bolg, but Bolg grabs the knife between his arm and armor, just like in their encounter in Laketown. "LEgolas!" he could hear his name as his father and mother came rushing towards the tower but the young elf prince would only smiles and uses the knife as leverage to swing atop Bolg’s shoulder; he then stabs Bolg through the top of the head, killing him; Legolas leaps back onto land as the bridge falls to the ground, carrying Bolg’s body with it.

Ailis watching the fighting as she kept racing up towards the icy lake that Thorin was on, battling the orc Azog. It was long over due of a battle and Ailis would not wish to see her husband fall. As the ice cracks beneath Thorin's feet she would yell 'Thorin!" she called out, and kept moving. Azog hearing the call of the female would only grin "fitting....that you will die....shall I remove her head before your last breath?"

"You shall not touch her, filth." He glared and lunged at the orc who sung the stone and chain at him with his one hand. His other arms pike had been replaced with a swords blade and looked threatening. Thorin was able to dodge each swing of the stone that every time it hit the ice, it broke away more of the ice till they both stood one loose piece. at one point, Azog tried to swing for him, but it caused thbalance of the slab to go one way and he quickly hopped back. He glared at the dwarf king till he saw something over his shoulder and it made his features fall.
Eagles. The large eagles who had halped in Thorins previous escape from him, now flew over head at to his approaching army. He and thorin watched in awe as they began to make quick work of his army. While distracted, thorin felt the ice hit a firmer part and he dropped his sword. Hearing it hit the ice, azog turned just in time to catch the stone end of his weapon and thorin, who simply stepped off and left him to fall into the ice.

At the tower where he had landed, legolas looked over the edge at where Bolg had fallen. he sighed and turned intime for his mother to suddenly embrace him and cling to him tightly. Legolas would stand there and would soon wrap his arms around his mother, holding her close "forgive me....I know he was your son..." he stated hoping she could forgive him for the act. Thranduil stood there watching but his attention soon drifted to Tauriel holding the young dwarf in her arms. He was struggling and he would speak "Seldanna your aid is needed....or the young dwarf will die of his wounds." not wanting to end the moment between mother and son but time was not on their side.

As Thorin bends down to pick up Orcrist, he sees Azog through the ice, being pulled slowly by the current toward the frozen waterfall. Thorin slowly walks above him, and they stare at each other through the ice. Azog closes his eyes. Suddenly, he opens them, and he manages to stab Thorin through the foot, through the ice, with his blade arm. He leaps through the ice and pins Thorin down. As he stabs his blade arm at Thorin, Thorin manages to stop it from piercing his chest by sliding Orcrist in one of the forks of the blade. Azog, using gravity and his superior weight and position, slowly pushes his blade further and further, and Thorin struggles to keep it away. "Thorin!" AIlis screamed rushing towards them, Azog would only grin that much more pushing his weapon further and further down. Ailis watched in horror though as Thorin glaced at her and her heart sank as she watched Azog's blade sink into Thorin's flesh. "NO!" she screamed. Thorin using that change he moved, his sword stabbing Azog through the heart causing the orc to freeze and soon fall to his back as Thorin forces the blade all the way through to the ice. Azog would die...with THorin ontop of him.

His own blood running down his side as he struggles to get up and Ailis kept running soon managing to get her to her husband catching him. "no no....Thorin stay with me...please..." she said holding him. BIlbo soon was running up and was shocked at what he was seeing, hearing AIlis speaking "Bilo...g...go get Seldanna hurry!" she stated looking back at the hobbit then back to her husband. "dont be....its....not that i once didnt care for him. I pityed him for what Azog turned him into.Im only sorry that it had to be you to do it." She said before Tauriel called for her help. She quickly wipped away a stray tear and rushed to her. "We need to get him back to Dale, quickly." She said, "Take Lhing and keep tight pressure over his wound." She said as she usde her own sword to cut away a strip of the fabric from her clothing. she pressed it tightly to kilis wound and then made tauriel hold onto it.

Kili was struggling as he laid there gasping some, looking at the others as Tauriel nodded gently holding Kili pressing her hand to his injury. "stay with us Kili..." she stated just as Arabella and FIli came rushing over. Fili seeing his cousin in that state would grip his weapons tightly as he would look at Tauriel who gave him a sorrowful look but he would speak "you take care of him...." she nodded as Lhing would then wait for Seldanna to get on his back as well before taking off.

Ailis pressed her hand firmer to Thorin's injuries, "Thorin...stay with me..." she could feel his body getting colder and she shook her head "no...please..." she leaned close to him, pressing her forehead to his "do not leave....I need....I need yout o help raise our child..." she whispered to him her bloodied hand taking his to press to her stomach.
thorin looked up into her eyes as blood trickled down the corners of his mouth. "Ailis.....what a fool I was.....When i sought after gold and treasure.......blind was I to the treasure that I had.......Forgive me, My Azyungal......" He struggled to say.

"Seldanna! Seldanna wait!" Bilbo called after her as she was bout to mount Lhing. She turned to him. "Master baggins what is it?" She asked. "Thorin.....ailis.....Help....." He said near out of breath. Not needing to here any more, Fili ran out of the room quick as a flash. Seldanna paled and looked Legolas. "Get tauriel and kili to healer, quickly....Tauriel I will be with you and your dwarf as soon as I can, I promise that he will be alright with you beside him." she said and sent lhing off with her and Legolas befor following after bilbo and Fili with arabella and Thranduil at her side. She stopped at first when she saw the corpse of Azog at the adge of the water fall, but he did not matter and she rushed to Ailis and Thorin. "Ill forgive you when you pull through this....I wont forgive you if you die Thorin." she stated holding him, "pelase...I cannot be without you..." leaned her head down and pressed it against his forehead, tears running down her face. "our unborn child needs its father..." she stated looking down at him just as Seldanna and the others came rushing over. "Father...." Fili dropped to his knees beside them and held his mother. "My son....look after her.....your sibling and....that folish cousin of yours."
"No..youll be there to look after them.....WE just need to get you to dale.....Seldanna can help...." He said and looked to the elf queen. "Right? You can save him?"

I......I will do my best...." She said and looked to the kings wounds and this would take alot of healing magic....some of it she used as a glamour on herself. she closed her eyes and began to chant and hold her hands over thorins wounds. She hissed out words as she felt her glamors going away while thorin gave a sigh and feel unconcious to his own pain.

"Thorin...Thorin!" she yelled as he fell unconscious, she wouldn't leave him gripping his hand tightly she couldn't loss him een as Fili would hold his mother gently. He never had seen his mother like this as he looked at Seldanna. Thranduil watched before he would spot the dwarf healer Oin. "you...elder one...can you give aid to your king?" he asked as Oin would move towards them. "i can do what I can.." "ah.....bi..bilbo....the wizard......get him." Seldanna said as her old wounds came to the surface as her magic was focused on thorin. Oin knelt beside seldanna and pulled out his own kit to try and help staunch the bleeding while bilbo saught gandalf.

Arabella gasped as her queens drastically changing appereance. when they had found her...she had looked almost no different save from the signs of slight aging and one or two pale scars that would have contributed to the injuries she sustaned from her capture. But her changes now....scars apperead and littered her arms. ranging from bites to cuts and burns. At her neck was signs of rope burns and bruises no more then a few days old in the shapes of hands and fingers. upon her face though was a more noticable set of scars across her eye that left it blind, much like his own after the dragon. Thranduil would soon kneel down beside his wife, gently placing his hands on her shoulders. He steddied her as best he could as Oin worked, before he would speak "do not push anymore milady....you've got him stable but we must get back to dale or even into Erabor. There are medicines in there still usable." he said as Balin came up nodding, "yes stored very well enough to help everyone...and save Thorin."

They all nodded as the dwarves helped getting Thorin into a quickly made stretcher to carry him back to dale. time was not on their side as they all moved. The death toll was almost outnumbering the living much like the day in moria....but this time it was more orcs than it was any.

Several days would pass Dale was being reconstructed and Erabor was once again a crowning jewel as dwarves moved. Clearing up the treasure and splitting it up equally between elves, man and dwarves. Ailis though did not leave her husbands side, he laid in their old bed chamber they shared so long ago. Her fingers running against his face, hoping he'd wake up.

Thranduil remained in Dale it allowed his wife to work but also so that he could provide his own support, but as she came in from caring for another he would wrap his arm around her pulling her close to him. "your straining yourself again..." he stated as he kissed her forehead, smiling at her. "Yevanna fella sleep at your bench" he motioned over to the sleeping child on her work bench. "Since the battle, she doesnt venture far." She said and leaned into his hold, looking over at the child sleeping there. Lhing was curled up beside the desk, sleeping as well. "how are the repairs coming along?" She asked

"Kili stop picking at you bandages." Tauriel said and took his hand away from his chest, "Your going to open your wounds again.

Kili would groan some, "but they itch so badly" he stated as he looked at her, the wounds healing nicly after putting him to a near death state. Though he would soon speak "though...if you would be ever so kind id be forever in your debt" he grinned and Fili soon stepped in, "you already are in her debt you fool...." he shook his head, the young 'prince' loking rather nice all cleaned up and Arabella would chuckle some. "wh...shut it Fili just cause your not laid up doesn't..." "ya ya, I'm just stopping in before I go see mother andf ather....Tauriel do ou know if mothers eaten? Balin says she hasent...and in her condition..."

"my lady seldanna has taken lady ailis food herself. Shes resorted to sitting with her herself sometimes if her duties permit."She said and put a hand on his shoulder. "Shes worried for your father, Fili. I know that he and your mother will both come around soon given time." looked at Fili and would gently place her hand on his shoulder, "lets go and see them, perhaps today Thorin will awaken..." she said trying to reassure him some. She looked at Tauriel, "get some rest on your own Tauriel,...that is if you can get this one to behave" she stated towards Kili who rolled his eyes, "i do behave"

Ailis would move around the room as she pulled open a curtain that looked out towards Dale, taking a deep breath trying to think of what could wake him up as she moved back to Thorin's side. She gripped his hand gently in hers. "so much is happening Thorin....you should see Erabor now....its becoming the jewel of our people once again....a wonderful home to all..." she whispered

Ailis stared at Thorin as she sat there, a sigh leaving her lips that he still wasn't waking up. She wold soon turn leaving him for a moment as she would move to the water bowl, grabbing a cloth she would soak it in the water jus as she heard a knock. She turned just as the door opened and Fili walked in, "Mother....has..." "no not yet..." she stated moving back to Thorins side, taking the rag she gently squeezed some water into Thorin's mouth, "mother maybe you should..." "how are things going?" she asked looking back at him, avoiding the subject she knew he was trying to bring up. "fine....Cousin Dain is helping out quiet a bit and....Aunt Dis has already sent word that she and a few other dwarves are coming from the blue hills with supplies..." "good...hows Kili?" "complaining he cant get out of bed yet and ever still flirting with Tauriel"

AIlis chuckled some, "well...he's a durin, you dwarves havea tendency to do such when near a maiden you fancy" she said smilng. "I'm sure father was much like that..." "He still is, even in his sleep he still charms me." "mother maybe it be good to leave for a bit....Seldanna says you havnt been eating and you look like you havn't slept at all." "Fili...we've been through this..." "it makes no difference mother...what good will this do if you die of starvation....your with child of all things, at least eat for them..." "i will once your father wakes up" "what if he doesn't!" he shouted quickly. Arabella hearing this soon stepped through, grabbing Fili's shoulder. "fili...come on..i think that's enough." FIli started at his mother who soon went back to tending to Thorin as he shook his head. Leaving as he did he would speak, "ask seldanna if she has anything that can put mother to sleep...she needs the rest." "ill ask....go and see to Balin and Dwalin..." Arabella stated.

Ailis slid back into the chair beside Thorin her attention sliding to the window as she saw the sun starting to set and the stars starting to appear. As she did she would soon look back at Thorin, her lips parted and she began to sing softly.

Thorin softly began to stir as her voice and words filled the room. "Ailis...." he whispered as his hand reached out blindly, not sure just where she was or where he was. She would pause some when she heard his voice, it was weak and she was soon turning towards him more. Her hand grabbing his as she would speak "thorin....thorin your awake!....your here..." she stated in joy as tears started to run down her face. "Ailis....am i living or is this what death looks like?" He said weakly and while looking up at her weakly

She would chuckle some as she would place her hand against his cheek, "your very much alive Thorin....your in Erabor...in our old home" she stated happily. "i thought I lost you..." "After Smaug and sixty years and dragon sickness.......you can be rid of me as easily as a sword to the chest." He said and cupped his hand over hers

She laughed shaking her head at him, "the day we married, I promised no matter what I'd remain by your side....and you have a son to ready to be a king and..." she slid his hand down to her stomach. "another to raise within these mighty walls of erabor." "Another in the line of durin....yo honor me my love.....but I would thank after all of this you would not wish to remain within the mountain."

She gripped his hand and would run her hand against his cheek, "I lived here once before beneath your grandfathers rule....I think I can survive yours" she chuckled at him, "i do plan on resuming my craft in Dale that will not change." "No arguments here my love." He said. "It was an odd near death though....as I lay dying on the ice I spur our friend Seldanna, trying help and heal me to keep me here with you......" "Well....that's because its true" she stated as she stared at him, "Seldanna was kept alive by Azog....bolg was one of the children that she was forced to bare....the other is the cutest little girl you've ever seen. She drives Thranduil up the wall" she chuckled some at him grinning at him. She leaned forward and kissed him softly, "let me go and get Seldanna..." she would move from him for a moment as she opened the door only to see Tauriel. "Tauriel....is everything ok?" "Yes Fili asked me to make sure you ate" she stated holding a tray of food. "I will but go and get Seldanna, Thorin's awake" she said happilyas Tauriel soon nodded and handed AIlis the tray before leaving.

It was not long till Seldanna wold show up and Ailis would smile at Thorin, "see...I told you she was alive..and looks like shes brought someone." she turned seeing Yevanna clinging to her mothers skirt, sniffing the air some before looking at her mother and speaking in black speak 'it smells like blood' "we still have to work on her not speaking in that tongue..." "She is young and does not yet understand. But soon she we will know elven" she said as they walked in. "Seldanna truly it is miraculous to have you with us again." He said from where he lay and looked at the child. "With out seeming cruel my lady, but why keep her?" "Because she is mine. She did not ask for how she came to be, nor will I blame her for it, just as I did not blame Bolg." She said as she placed Yevanna on the bed beside Ailis. "Her name is Yevanna....after the goddess who gave her to me. For she was my saving grace in Gundabad." He nodded and even smiled at the girl. "Greeting small one. I would stand to greet you properly had your father not tried to kill me." He said but the girl giggled at his jest. "Thankfully though she shares your distaste in Azog."

Ailis would gently push some of the girls hair from her face, "come now lets show your uncle those beautiful blues you have." she said warmly, as Yevanna smiled happily her fangs poking out but she sat happily watching as her mother would start to exiamine Thorin's injuries. As she cleared away the bandages the horrible wound was exposed and Ailis grimaced seeing it, but the flesh around it was pink showing it was healing well. "I've kept it as clean as possible, we are fortunate it didn't go allt he way through.."

Seldanna, Thranduil and the rest of the elves were ready to return home. Her first time back in the green wood in Sixty years. She looked forward the waters and woods and to run free through it again with Lhing. They were at the base of the mountain along with bard, his children and an envoy. It had been unanimous that bard had been given the title of King of Dale and was given both support from the dwarf and elven king as well as a grey wizard. "Again I can not thank you enough my lady for the aide you, your king and your people have given us in medicine and food..." bard said and turned to Thorin. "...and thank you as well for keeping you word.....eventually."
"You could leave it at Thanks." He said from where he sat, both Ailis and Oin making him sit though he felt fine enough to stand. "The stone....you still have it?"
Bard nodded hesitantly and looked to Ailis before he spoke again, "good.....drop in the lake and let it rot there with Smaug. Many lives were ruined or lost over what it brought to us.....many of it my own doing or my grandfathers.....a blame I shall carry." He said and sighed and waved to Fili. "Many years too late and will not mend our wrong, king Thranduil, but this is yours as was agreed and though we may not.....like each others company, this was commissioned for you and made on my word. I will see it returned to you." He said, "besides my Waite making me do this anyway." He said and fili walked up toward Thranduil, holding out an all to familiar chest and opened it and inside were the gems and jewels he had made for Seldanna.

Thranduil sat upon a white horse looking at them, keeping his mouth shut for now as he would some what bow his head towards Bard, though when he heard Thorin speak to him and then brought up the box he glanced at the white gems within. Ailis would speak up "I made sure that they were all there and polished" she smiled warmly as Thranduil would soon raise his hand, reaching into it as he pulled out the necklace. He slid off his horse at that point, looking at it for so long he desired these and soon he turned as he moved over towards his wife and would speak. "they pale against you....but...happy birthday my love" he said as he would soon latch the necklace around her as AIlis grinned happily and nudged Thorin some. Fili would almost roll his eyes but Arabella gave him a look making him blush and look away "t..they look stunning on you Lady Seldanna.." the young dwarf stated making sure that the elf maiden he loved didn't get mad at him.

Seldanna smiled sweetly at him and placed a hand over the necklace and she leaned over Lhings side and kissed his cheek, mindful of Yevanna in front of her. "Thank you love." She said and chuckled st her friends and the young princes blush. Kili wasn't very happy. Tauriel and Arabella were returning to the forest and he wondered when he would ever see her again. "Do you really have to go?" He asked

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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Tauriel would look at him, as she would speak "for now yes...we still have much to do in our woods the spiders still dwell there...and if we wish for it to return to the peace that it once held...we mst do what we can." she stated looking at Kili, "it should not be for long.". Thranduil would glance down at Yevanna before he would turn back to his horse, it was clear that he didn't care to much for the child but he would not toss her aside in fear of losing his wife. "say your good byes, tauriel....Arabella" he mounted his horse again.
"We will come to visit as soon as we can......till then...." Arabella leaned down and kissed Fili on the lips and held the kiss for sometime. While she did he would feel her remove one of his knives and when they parted he witness her cut a braid from her hair. "May you keep this token....and I will keep this till my return.....when I may give it back." She said tucking the knife into her belt as she stood. "Guren níniatha n'i lû n'i a-govenitham." -my heart shall weep till we meet again.-

Fili stood there a bit stunned as his cheeks turned a faint red and Ailis would smile a bit looking over towards Seldanna with a wink, Tauriel would smile as she would grip something in her hand that Kili had slipped to her...it was his naming stone. "you all take care of yourselves.." Ailis stated as Thranduil would soon nod his head and turned giving the order to move out. Seldanna smiled at her again and turned to go while Yevanna waved good bye. Arabella smiled sadly as she turned and outed her horse and rode away with Legolas who looked sadly at Tauriel but understanding and rode away. Tauriel held the stone and quickly turned to give the stone back. "Before I forget..."
"No...keep it. It, as everything else I am, is your Amaralime." Tauriel stared at him and would nod her head she would hold it close to her heart as she bowed, before she slid her hand up moving it thorugh her hair and soon pulled out a leaf pin and held it out to him. "it is not much....but I have never gone a day without it....keep it safe for me.." "I will....and you be safe...." he said and as he took the pin he grabbed her hand and kissed her knuckles gently.

They all watched as the Elves would leave, it was bittersweet but they had their own home they had to restore because of Thranduils actions in the past. Ailis would look at her son and nephew as she would soon move up between the two of them, "Enough with the love doll eyes boys, your prince's lets have just a tiny bit of dignity" she stated to them making both of them blush and speak "y...Yes Ma'am" they said together. "good oh and Kili...your mother will be here tomorrow prepare for that lecture."

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

on Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:51 pm
"Which one? Near dying and how could you do that to me? Or the when am I going to meet this elf? When will court her and give me grandchildren?"

Thorin sighed annoyed as he stood. "I can't believe my nephew fell in love with an elf. Even my own son!" He said, mostly teasing and they new it, "at least it was thranduils child there I would have drawn the line.” "who knows Thorin, if we have another son you have the young girl Yevanna" she stated as she saw Thorin's eyebrow twitch with that one, "oh yes do think that one through dear husband..." she chuckled a bit before she looked over to Bard bowing her head to him. The Human king returned it "we look forward to seeing your shop open once again milady...." he stated warmly as he then turned taking the Arkenstone with him to toss into the lake to remain at the bottom.

Once returned and settled in again, Yevanna went to run around with Legolas and Lhing, giving brother and sister a chance to truly meet and get to know each other. Yevanna was told and mourned Bolg in her own way for he had treated the girl truly special. Seldanna mourned him in her way as well. She prayed for his soul to find peace but did not cry. Seldanna and Thranduil now were in their chambers Thranduil having ordered his wife's things returned to their chamber and her pictures put back and word had spread of her return andblord elrod as well as Galadriel and celeborn wrote that they would visit and celebrate her return. It was a lot to take in and Seldanna was feeling over whelmed. She still hadn't apologized for her words nor had Thranduil forgiven her nor denounced her claims. He simply seemed to go back to how things had been before her capture. She now sat at her vanity fiddling with her new necklace while staring off at nothing. Thranduil would notice her actions and would soon move beside her as he would gently place his hand against her cheek, "you have a lot on your mind my dear...." he said softly as he looked down at her. "what is it that troubles you?"

Yevanna would laugh happily as she ran through the small bit of the forest that was within the gates, Lhing jumping infront of her as she spun and laughed her black hair flowing behind her, though a few of the guards who did not know her would soon step in the way on accident as she jumped back. They looked down at her in shock as they yelled out 'orc' making her growl at them baring her fangs.

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

on Sat Mar 18, 2017 11:58 pm
"You would speak to one of my mothers blood so?" Legolas snapped and the guards jumped back into attention. "No my lord Legolas. Forgive my pertinence."
Legolas waved them to leave and he looked down at his......sister. "Yevanna. I know it's part of your....nature. But you mustn't growl."

Seldanna looked up at him before taking his hand from her cheek. "Just....seems so easy for you......to go back to how it was....."

Yevanna would stand there still growling a bit as she would look at Legolas, before struggling to speak some of it a mixture of elvish...most of it was black speech. "YeYe half orc....momma....say...it ok....so why no growl?"

Thranduil would look at her, "i mearly wished to try and restart where I had lost you....hoping to allow you to heal. Much has happened, much I wish I could take away and remove from your life....protect you where I had failed." he said with a heavy sigh as he closed his eyes. "we cannot go back to how things were...but my love for you has never faultered even from that day"

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Re: The Unexpected Adventure through Middle Earth

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