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on Sat Sep 29, 2018 9:48 pm
So before we begin our tale, some explanation....this has been a story to possible become a novel I have been working on for a VERY long time. It’s my baby whom I have added little details to but no girth to the story. I can think of none better to help me fill in the rest of this story then my friends ^_^ thank you for at least taking a peek and adding to it if you wish. If not, no hard feelings. I have the original off to the side somewhere and am only posting this first actual bit. Hope you like enough to add to it or to critique.

The hum of the car's engine was like white noise by this, their now second hour on the road. Only just drowned out by the music playing in the cars stereo, and from the blips and beeps that emanated just to Michas right. In the front passenger seat of the old Cougar, sat 10-year-old Luca who was immersed in the handheld gaming device he’d been playing on since the trip began. Out of the corner of his eye, Micha could see his brother's tongue sticking out and his brow furrowed in concentration while frantically tapping the buttons in rapid succession. Micha smiled softly before he looked into the rearview mirror to look into the back seat where his other sibling, Lizza, who was also 10, sat doodling into a black sketchbook that had looked to be well used and well loved. A random and colorful collection of Stickers or decals decorated its cover from front to back, each hand selected by the girl herself from either sticker collections she found in a store, to one of those coin-operated machines that sat in most entryways at convenience stores. They ranged from flowers, to glittering hearts, a small chubby unicorn to a random anime character she had once talked about nonstop that had long blonde pigtails that had these little orbs on top of her head, The character, if Micha remembered correctly, Lizza has explained that the sticker was a ’Chibi’ version of the character and was a ’Sailor Guardian’, whatever that meant.
Luca and Lizza were a pair of Fraternal Twins.  Luca being the eldest by two full minutes. He also stood just a bit taller, not that Lizza ever cared or that Luca would ever boast about. Both had chestnut brown hair, though Lizza’s had more of a red hue to it. Fair, yet freckled face complexions and matching dark eyes.
Micha was the oldest at 18, he had dark hair and hazel eyes that were so light, many mistook him for wearing gold contacts. His mother always said that he had a heart of gold and that his eyes just reflected that.
One couldn't tell if looking from the outside, since they all looked more like their mother, that they were half-siblings, not like it mattered to any of them. The twins father, Daniel, had taken to Micha the moment his mother, Nora, had brought him on lunch date when he was still very young. They became fast friends. While growing up with Daniel, get was never introduced as ”my step-son Micha.” or ”this is Nora’s son Micha.”  No, whenever meeting someone new, or introducing Micha to others in Daniels circle of Family, Friends, or Coworkers, Daniel would always put a loving hand on Michas' head affectionately and say, ”Have you met my Son?”  they had been extremely close. So close that Daniel had first asked for Michas permission to marry his mother and had served as best man for the ceremony months later.
Micha missed him greatly. Was going to miss him all the more as the years would go on.
Daniel had died several months prior to this trip that Micha found himself navigating. Daniel had been out for a run along the path of the Water Front Park. His normal everyday path that he would take no matter what. Rain, sun or snow. That day was particularly wet even by Portland standards. Investigators concluded that his death had been accidental. That when taken when he had left the waterfronts path the taken the path and begun crossing over the Morrison Bridge when he had lost his footing and fell over the railing. That due to the sheer height Daniel had fallen, his impact with the water may have incapacitated him and drowned when he was unable to swim to shore.
The news had been devastating. Lizza went into herself and had all, but stopped speaking entirely. If she was upset, angry or sad, she would put her emotions into her sketchbook. Micah had once found her writing in it a week or so after the Funeral. The worlds filled out the empty spaces between random sketches, photos she attached to the pages, random assortment or other things like pressed flowers or leaves. It had become less of a sketchbook and more of an extension of herself. While looking over her shoulder, Lizza had looked up at him and snapped her book shut and hurried away. He hadn't gone after her and hadn't asked what it was she was writing and she could rarely be seen without it or her bag that she would put it in along with her assortment of pens, colored and standard pencils. It was her way to work through their dads’ death and when she was ready to share or to talk, mocha would be there to listen.
”No no no no no! Augh! Dammit!” Luca suddenly snapped as the game let out a ’Bwoop-bwoop-bwoop’ the game characters death knell.
”Luca, watch your mouth.”
”Yeah, whatever.”
Luca had become hostile and angry at the world. Moody and irritable, he turned to video games and music to drown it all out. Sometimes Nora or Micha would have to practically shout at the top of their lungs while standing within a few feet of Luca to get his attention.
Micah….he wasn't sure how he was processing everything. The months since the accident had been a whirlwind of emotions, arrangements, visiting with lawyers and banks. It turned out that Daniel had left a life insurance policy, but the insurance company east withholding the funds till it could be proven, without a doubt, that he hadn't jumped off the bridge. On top of that, there was no will left in place as Daniel was still fairly young and he and Nora hadn't thought it would have been necessary to have one made. There was also the final expenses that had to be paid as well as paying the mortgage, other bills, and other various expenses. But Daniel had been the sole breadwinner of the household and wanted Nora to have time to take care if the family and have time for herself and to have hobbies.
So being a housewife with not too many job skills that many employers sought after. Also with younger, faster, more experienced job seekers in the market that she was competing against made her options very limited.....if there were any left.
That made making payments rather difficult and they had begun to stack up. That made for some sobering and rather hard decisions to make. Their house was put of for sale mocha and his siblings finished out the year and were sent back to their mother's hometown to stay with their uncle while their mother stayed back to finish with then the sale of the house.
”How much longer?” Luca said with a very visible hint of annoyance, as he stared out the window.
“According to Uncle Nolan’s directions, it will be another half hour or so.”
“Ughh! Why did we have to come out here!?” he snapped.
”you know why Luca. Mom needs time to settle things back in Portland. We need to be out here, out if the way….and help settle in.”
”We don't even know this Nolan guy...all mom's ever said about him was that he worked as a handyman and lived in the same house that they grew up in. That they don't speak because they had a fight. Why would he take us in?”
”Because we're family. He may not be much, but he's all we go. Dad didn't have any living family in Portland and I think mom might need some family right now.”
”Yeah….family. She sends her kids away to go stay with her brother that no one's ever heard from or seen in years. AND who lives out in the middle of nowhere in some small podunk of a town.”
Micha sighed and leaned on his elbow that say in the window of the car. ”None of us asked to be here Luca. But we have to make the best of it okay?”
”Whatever. Those whole things crap….dude better have wifi.” he said and reached to pick up her game. The smooth surface of the device often made it difficult to grab. This was no exception.
As he started to lift it off the armrest that was between the brothers, it managed to slip and land on the floor behind Michas' feet.
”Luca.Seriously..” Micha said annoyed as he tried to reach as best he could to grab it while doing his best to keep his eyes on the road. Luca did the same to try and get it back. While fumbling around, the two would hit the others hand. “Move your han, dLuca.”
“You move. I can get it. You should be looking at the road anyway.”
“No, you can’t reach it from there. Let me…”
“Micha!” Lizza suddenly shouted from the back seat, making both boys suddenly sit up and look and loom ahead. Some hulking figure was crossing into the road. It was hard to see in the fading light of the sun and condensing of a tree that cast their shadows into the road.
“Shit!” He snapped and slammed his foot on the brakes while laying in the horn, hoping to scare whatever it was out of the way. But his attempts were in vain as there had been not enough distance between it and the car to avoid hitting it, even with the animal trying to jump out of the way.
The tires screeched against the pavement and there was a hard and resounding thud from the impact with the thing in the road and the sound of crunching metal. Following that there were two consecutive loud pops and the car came to a stop.
Whatever it was they had hit, it rolled up the road a few feet and off the side and into the bushes.
Catching his breath from the shock of it all, mocha spun around to his Luca and Lizza. ”Are you both okay?”
”yeah…” Luca said as he stared straight ahead in shock. Lizza nodded and be can to remove her seat belt. Micha held up his hand to her, ”no….you two stay here. I'm gonna go see if that thing still there.”
”what if it was a bear? Did you see how big that thing was?”
”it's probably run off already,” he said.
”hopefully.” Luca added skeptically
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