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Road trip to Knighthood Empty Road trip to Knighthood

on Sun Sep 30, 2018 10:30 am
Cassie suddenly sat up in her bed, drenched in a cold sweat.
Just as she had every night for the past month.
She slowed her panicked breathing, running her hand over her chest in a soothing motion she had come to do out of habit to calm herself. Also to feel her raging heartbeat and rapid breathing. She looked to look at the clock on her nightstand that read 2: 45. It always seemed there dreams that woke her always to happen at 2:45.
She rook a final deep breath and reached over to the bedside lamp and switch it on. She picked up a journal and pen that were sitting next to it and pushed her self up into a sitting position against her headboard and began writing in the journal.
Recently with her dreams and sleep became so irregular, she had sought the help of a Therapist who specialized in sleep and dream studies, who recommended that she write down her dreams to try and help herself work through them.


It was that dream again.

I'm standing in the middle of a burning wasteland. There are people running around me in all directions. They seem to be attacking each other and all wearing armor. I can't see any of their faces.
I'm also in armor and holding out a sword. The sword and armor were different this time. More detailed.
The metal armor is made of what looks to be a pale gold colored metal. Etching in the metal seems to be that of a dragon in flight going around my chest. The same is on my gauntlets. The sword I'm holding, it's hilt is that of a dragons head with it mouth open and a burst of flames that then gives way to the blade of the sword. Like in mid breath. The dragon breathed blades instead of fire.

Anyway....i looked up and there is that same nodded figure in front of me. Tall and lanky and threatening. A purple orb in their hands that js glowing. Their speaking to me but I can't make out what of the roar of fire and fighting going on around me.

But instead of attacking me this time....something different happened this time.

This time...someone saved me.

Someone in silver armor with etchings of wings and floating feathers appeared. A blue cape and blue feathers in the helmets plume ran forward to block the path of this magic. They had turned to look at me when the blast hit.....then I woke up.

Cassie sighed and closed the journal before standing and heading out of her room and into the kitchen. She reached for a glass out of the cabinet and got herself some water. The sound of moment behind her made her turn to see her roomy walking out of their room. ”hey....sorry. Did I wake up?”
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