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The Posting Process Empty The Posting Process

on Sat Mar 19, 2016 5:27 pm
Alright so we all know how posting goes, you click on 'reply' and whip up a quick thing for a response. Well when it comes to role play forums there a bit of a different aspect to it, listed below are a few do's, donts' and how to on the proper way of doing things.

The Dos!
1. When entering a role play its always a good thing to kinda give a base summary on your character and how they are entering the 'world'/post you are placing them in.
2. If the role play is based on an anime, book, movie, etc.. please do some research or have prior knowledge on the setting people don't want to have to sit and explain to you what you can learn for yourself.

The Donts!
1. Don't post one liners...this is a forum not a messenger or chat room show the readers and the host of the role play you have some ability. If you can't think of anything to post just hold off and post another time.
2. The Persons! Alright this is a big issue for many probably more myself than anything, please please please post in the Third Person this is a role play unless stated other wise we are playing characters not living as the characters.
3. Don't add commentary to the role play, just email or message the person if you have a compliment, question, etc...
4. No criticizing the role play! can't express this enough just because someone doesn't like it does not mean you ruin the whole thing for everyone else.

How To...
1. First Person: I, Me
2. Second Person:
3. Third Person: She, He, Them
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