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The Land of Zenith Empty The Land of Zenith

on Wed Aug 30, 2017 1:29 pm
*50 Years Ago*

In the realm known as Zenith, multiple cities and the different races within them lived in relative peace. The land consisted of 5 vastly distinct cities with one or two dominant races living happily. In charge of those cities there was the Royal Family, and the current ruler, nicknamed the Happy King, for the peace and propsperity he had ushered into the Kingdom for almost 200 years. However while there was happiness on the surface ,darkness grew in the underbelly. A former apprentice to the King's High Priest was jailed for researching a dark, forbidden magic known as Necromancy. However, being jailed did not stop him and he developed a following of the other criminals and those the king had imprisoned as well. This Necromancer known simply as Night, recruited members from across all 5 cities and taught them the ways of Necromancy and dark magic in an effort to rise up and take down the Happy King. However the King had 5 Champions, one from each of the cities, known as the 5 Pillars step forth to stop the spread of darkness. The Pillars consisted of Truth, Justice, Light, Peace and Love and through their combined efforts, they managed to dispell the dark forces and save the King's family for a dark demise. However, those times would not last forever, as those already dead, may never die.


On a fair and fine afternoon, a day seemingly starting out like any other, a dark shadow began to eclipse the sun. The sky grew dark and with it, an ominous wind began to blow. The ground seemed to shake and rumble with an unknown pressure as from beneath it, skeletons, zombies and ghouls of all types began to rise once again. With that, a blight began to spread, as crops and trees began to die as a famine began, and the air filled with plague and pestilence. The temperature rose, a drought began and supernatural weather phenomenon began all over the kingdom.

At the main palace, more terror and disaster arose. The Necromancer Night appeared before the king to exact his revenge. Having slain the King and most of his family, a single princess ,the youngest of the royal lineage, managed to escape with one of her servants through a series of underground catacombs leading out the castle. Now off on her own in the dangerous filled with aggressive beasts and the undead, the Princess seeks to restore her family name and ward off the evil found within the Kingdom once and for all
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