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Naoko Nara Empty Naoko Nara

on Wed Dec 13, 2017 8:32 pm
Naoko Nara Nao

N i n - F i l e

First NameNaoko
Surname Nara
Nick NameNara-Kun
Titles The Crow of the Leaf Village (Karasu no Konoha)
Clan Nara Clan is a Leaf Village clan that holds no Kekkei Genkei, but holds a special clan techniques known as Shadow Imitation Tech.
- Father - Sato
- Mother - Yoshi
- Brothers - None
- Sisters - None
- Cousins - Kaede

Personality A young man of little to say about himself, Though is fiercly loyal to his teammates, village and friends.
Quirks Slightly Perverted, and always looking for pretty girls, Recently has shown a suddenly change in mentality "reforming" himself from his -lazy- ways.
Marital StatusSingle
Sexual OrientationStraight - Heterosexual
Current Location
- Country - The Land of Fire
- Village - Konohagakure - The Hidden Village of Leafs
Birth Location
- Country - The Land of Fire
- Village -
Konohagakure - The Hidden Village of Leafs
Village AlleigenceKonohagakure - The Hidden Village of Leafs
Occupation Shinobi
Ambition To Become a Strong Shinobi and be able to Protector the Hokage, Family, and Friends and the village.

N i n j a I n f o

Registraion ID0048 - 23778
Current Rank Jounin
Nin Team
+ Team +
- Chunin-
- Genin -
Rank History
- Became Genin -
- Became Chunin - 15
- Became Jounin -

Mission History
- E Rank - 375
- D Rank - 241
- C Rank - 175
- B Rank - 112
- A Rank - 1231

- S Rank - 111

T h e A n a t o m y

Gender Male
Age 17
Birthday April 4th
Bloodtype O+
Height 5' 6" (158cm)
Weight 124 lbs (56 kg)
Hair Medium Length Black Silk smooth soft Hair, worn with topknot or ponytail with a Headband.
Eye ColorBlue
Skin Tanned
Physical ConditionAthletic but Lean.
Jewelry6 Total Earings
- 2 total - 1 per Ear (loop style with Nara symbol in them)
- 3 total - 3 nose studs on bridge
- 1 total - 1 lip stud
Misc Description
- Nails - Painted Black
- Makeup - Gold Eyeshadow, Black Eyeliner, Gold Stripe under lower lip.
- Distinguishing Marks - Wears a "Headband" with Leaf insignia around Right Arm.
Handed Ambidextrous (Stronger with Right)

E q u i p m e n t

- Armor/Clothing - Custom Nara/
Konohagakure Uniform
- Arm Holster - Chakra Senbons

Other Items
- Holster - Chakra Kunai & Chakra Shuriken
- Holster - Holds 8 Total Scrolls (4 x Weapon Storage 40 x Chakra Kunai, 40 x Shuriken,  40 x Chakra Senbon, 1 x Chakra Fuma Shuriken) - (2 x Blank Scrolls) - (2 x Summoning color=#808000]] Showers thousands of Chakra Senbons down on target area.)
- Holster - Holds 25 Tags & 4 x Reels of Chakra Metal String
- Holster - 2 x Chakra Knife Knuckles

- Pouch -
Basic Medical Field Kit
- Pouch -
Basic Poison/Venom Kit
- Pouch -
Basic Anti Poison/Venom Kit
- Pouch - Smoke Bombs (25x)
- Pouch - Flash Bombs (25x)

T h e B a t t l e I n f o

+ Chakra Info +
Main Chakra - Shadow
Sub None
- Shadow Imitation Technique. -

+ Weapons +
Melee Weapon(s)1 x Chakra Kodachi (Guardless)
Projectiles 20 x Chakra Shuriken (Holster) - 30 x Chakra Kunai (Holster) - 10 x Tagged-Kunai (Holster) - 20 x Chakra Senbon (Arm Holster)

+ Fighting Style +
Hand to Hand Style Naoko has basic skills in hand to hand combat, Mostly using his enemys attacks agains them, with grabs, throws and tosses. Though when serious he has learned to use The "Crows Shadow Method" wich focuses on physical attacks such as punches kicks, chops and other direct means of combat and he combines them with his Shadow attacks.
Swordsmenship StyleNaoko has basic skills in swordsmenship, using simple thrust, slashes and blocks, combined with his Shadow attacks.

J u t s u s

General Jutsus
- Tree Climbing Tech.
- Water Walking Tech.
- Generic Sealing Tech.

- Exploding Tag Tech. (Snake)
- Sealed Bomb Square Release (Monkey → Horse → dog → Sheep
- Chakra Seal Tag Tech. (Bird)
- Blinding Tag Tech. (Monkey)
- Barrier Encampment Method Tech.
- Body Replacement Tech. - (Ram → Boar → Ox → Dog → Snake)

- Clone Tech. (Ram → Snake → Tiger)
- Transformation Tech. (Dog
→ Boar → Ram)
- Cancel Tech.
- HIding in Shadow Tech.
- Cloak of Invisibility Tech.
- Rope Escape Tech.
- Summoning Technique (Senbon Shower & Crows)


- Shadow Shuriken Tech. (Tech. Specific Hand Seal)
- Finger Engraving Seal Tech.
- Manipulated Attack Blades Tech.
- Manipulating Windmill Triple Blades Tech.
- Manipulated Shuriken Tech.
- Body Flicker - Shadows or Crows - Tech.
- Sleeve Cutting Tech.
- Crow Clone Tech.
- Scattering Thousand Crows Tech.

- None

- Basic Kenjutsu
- Moderate Kenjutsu

- Basic Taijutsu
- Advanced Taijutsu - Crows Shadow Method
- Using the shadows created by the user and his foe at close range he is able to Strike with extra attacks with molded shadows.

- None

Elemental Jutsus
+ None +
- None

Clan Jutsus
- Shadow Imitation Tech. (Rat)
- The user extends their shadow on any surface (even water) and as far as they want as long as there is a sufficient area and shadow. Once it comes into contact with a target's shadow, the two merge and the target is forced to imitate the user's movements.
- Shadow Sewing Tech.
- The users materialised shadows are used to attack and bind, instead of merely immobilising and controlling. The user changes the shape of their shadow into several sharp needles and controls each separately.
- Shadow Shuriken Imitation Tech.
- The user infuses the blades with their chakra beforehand, when used with the Nara clans abilities they are given the effect of the shadow techniques.
- Shadow Molding Tech. (Rat→Snake)
- Allows the Nara user to mold the shadows they control with Shape Transformation, this allows them to create new things.
- Shadow Senbon Shower Tech. (C-Rank)
- User uses their shaping to create thousands of senbon he rains them down on his targets using the shadows.

- Shadow Sand Tech. (C-Rank)
- Using Shadows that are at the targets feet A Nara can make the shadows act like a slow acting quick sand usually binding up to the knees.
- Shadow Quick Sand Tech. (C-Rank)
Using Shadows that are at the targets feet A Nara can make the shadows act like true quick sand and usually binds up to the neck.
- Shadow Void Tech. (B-Rank)
Using Shadows that are at the targets feet A Nara can make the shadows act like true quick sand usually binding the target Entirely putting them in a void of darkness.
- Shadow Gathering Tech.
- Using materialised shadows that are at their disposal a Nara can use these "Tendril" like shadows to do minute control and is much more accurate compared to Shadow Sewing Technique.
- Shadow Neck Binding Tech. (Dragon → Tiger → Rat) (C-Rank)

- Using materialised shadows that are at their disposal a Nara can use these "Tendril with hands to strangle or interact with a victum.
- Shadow Puppet Strings Tech. (B-Rank)
- The user uses the shadow to attach them to body parts, both his own or others to control their actions like a puppet.

≡ Jutsu's Learning

- Shuriken Shadow Clone Tech. (Ram → Rat → Bird → Boar → Tiger) (A-Rank)
The user creates a thousand shadow clones from one shuriken, striking down the enemy.

- Shadow Walking Tech. (A-Rank)
- The user is able to enter nearby shadows and travel through them like networking.
- Shadow Puppet Death Tech. (S-Rank)
- The user binds the target with Shadow imitation. Instead of holding them restrained the user uses a sword to cut the shadow of the targets head off to kill the target.

- Shadow Clone Tech. (Tech. Specific Hand Seal)(S-Rank)
- The user creates clones of the users self, However these clones are actual copies, not illusions.

- Body Replacement - Shadow Clone - Tech. (A-Rank) (Snake → Dog → Tech. Specific Hand Seal)
- Same as Body replacement just creates a Shadow Clone to prolong the death scene for main to escape.

S t o r y

Clan History
- Coming Soon!

Life History
- Coming Soon!

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